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♡ bts as boyfriends  [ jungkook ]

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- pairing: jungkook x reader

- warnings: fluff with a bit of smut which has been made clear, please skip past if this makes u uncomfortable!

seokjin - yoongi - namjoon - hoseok - jimin - taehyung - jungkook

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  • jungkook invented being a big fat SOFTIE who’s head over heels in love

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Agents of SHIELD AU where it's the same but Robbie Reyes was there from the start
  • *Robbie and Lincoln are in the Quinjet. Daisy is sleeping to the side*
  • Robbie: So...you and Daisy?
  • Lincoln: Yeah.
  • Robbie: When?
  • Lincoln: Few days ago, before the whole raid on Gideon Malick's fortress. Why you ask?
  • Robbie: Nothing. Just needed to confirm to myself.
  • Lincoln: *chuckles* Not jealous or anything, right?
  • Robbie (lying): Hell no, I was just asking.
  • /
  • /
  • *Robbie slams Grant Ward to the wall. This is in season 2, when Ward was in custody*
  • Ward (provoking): Go ahead...prove to everyone that you're just a monster. Prove to Skye she was wrong about trusting you.
  • *Robbie lets go of Ward*
  • Robbie: You're lucky everyone wants you alive. I promise you...if you ever put the team in danger again...I'll personally drag your ass to hell.
  • Ward: Sounds lovely.
  • /
  • /
  • Daisy: I don't know when but...one of us is going to die.
  • Robbie: Eh, I already died. Not too scared, to be honest.
  • Daisy: *glares at him*
  • /
  • /
  • Hunter: My ex-wife, she was a raging she-devil. One time-
  • Robbie: Metaphorical devil or literal devil?
  • Hunter: Why you ask, mate?
  • Robbie: Because I've met the actual devil so I should know from first-hand experience.
  • Hunter: *stares, dumbfounded*
  • Trip: ...bro, you are weird. Cool but weird.
  • /
  • /
  • *Fitz is trying to open the Monolith*
  • Robbie: Damn it man, get away from there!
  • *Robbie tries to push Fitz away but Fitz pushes him back*
  • Fitz: Get away from me!
  • Robbie: Dude, I'm just trying to help-
  • Fitz: You wanna help, Robbie? How about you open a portal to whatever is on the other side!
  • Robbie: I told you, it doesn't work like that! I need to know where I'm going-
  • Fitz: Then you're useless!
  • *pause*
  • Fitz: I'm sorry, I didn't mean what I said-
  • Robbie: Nah, it's cool. I get it. Don't worry man...we'll find a way.
  • Fitz: You haven't given up on her like everyone else?
  • Robbie: Not yet. I mean...I'm living proof that you can come back from anything...even from death.
  • /
  • /
  • Daisy: So there's me, you, Lincoln, Joey, and Elena.
  • Robbie: A.k.a. Yo-Yo.
  • Daisy: Exactly. Time to put this Secret Warriors project to the test.
  • Robbie: You know I'm not Inhuman, right? Me being part of the team is technically cheating.
  • Daisy: Shh...the less the public knows, the better.
  • Robbie: Yeah but what kind of Inhuman can melt their face off and possess objects like a demon?
  • Daisy: You never know. I mean...the Hive lives inside people's corpses and Andrew Garner turns into a bluish monster thing.
  • Robbie: ...fair enough.
Passing Detention Notes


Zack sat in a desk near the back of the class for detention. His desk usually faced the back wall, but Zack usually sat on the chair backwards and observed the class or randomly tapping along to whatever song he was listening to. He noticed that his friends generally actually got some work done during this time. He watched Kimberly pull out her Biology textbook while Billy pulled out some maps and colored pencils. Jason was furrowing his eyebrows at a math textbook, and Trini was reading a book that was assigned in English.

Zack sighed. He had gotten his work for class done already. His teammates found it surprising that he was still able to be a student at Angel Grove High since he was never in class. In all honesty, he got much of his work from his teachers through emails, so he was able to get some work done. After all, there wasn’t much to do up in the mines. He usually sat inside the abandoned train car and got some work done, just enough to make sure that he would be able to graduate. The school didn’t like it, but Zack thought that as long as he was still passing, it would be alright. 

Now that he was back in school with his friends, he actually did quite well in classes. He still spent a lot of time in his hideout, so he got a lot of work done. 

Zack was bored out of his mind. Detention wouldn’t be over for another 2 hours or so. He smiled and took out a piece of paper from his bag. The other rangers were still concentrating on their homework, but Zack was sure they would notice what was about to happen. Sure enough, when Zack tossed the folded up paper at Jason, he instinctively reached up and caught it between his fingers.

He looked back at Zack, confused. Zack just smirked and gestured at Jason to open it. 

And so it began: The Epic Detention Note String.

Zack: Hey! I’m bored, so we’re gunna play a little game of catch with this slip of paper. Write down a note with your name and pass it on! If you miss a toss, miss a catch, or end up getting caught, you lose! Just keep passing till the paper runs out of space! Doodle if you want!

Jason: I’m busy, so don’t blame me if I miss.

Billy: Sounds fun! Totally gunna sabotage.

Kimberly: Drawing time! Sorry it took me forever.


Trini: My girlfriend’s better than all of you.

Billy: My turn!

Jason: LOL accurate. How are you people drawing these things so fast?!

Billy: I don’t know. How are we passing this paper around at superhuman speeds?

Kimberly: He has a point. (NICE BILLY)

Trini: … Kudos.

Zack: I’m not sure whether to be flattered or insulted.

Kimberly: *doodles Go Go with power rangers lightning in corner*


Jason: And the first person drops out!

Kimberly: She looks so angry LMAO



Billy: LOL. Vaseline.

Jason: Woah. That was really slippery. The paper’s still in pretty good shape though….


Zack: Agh, too bad. At least he isn’t smearing it anymore, being left handed and all.


Zack: BILLY! STOP! I FUCKING DROPPED IT! DAMN! Welp, Zack-Attack is out!

Kimberly: Did he seriously call himself “Zack-Attack”

Billy: … *doodles bees in the margin of the paper*

Kimberly: We should start a band! *Doodles power ranger lightning bolt with power ranger colors*

Billy: Yes!


Jason: We just passing it around now?

Billy: DANG IT!

Trini: Told you she was better than you guys.

Zack: Yo! Go Hart!

Jason: Guys, team meeting tonight by the campfire. We are discussing this band thing…. I call lead guitarist!

Trini: No fair! We are totally hashing this out tonight. 

Zack: Ok ok. I think the writing should stop. We’ll just pass it to everyone to keep everyone updated. If it gets back to me. I’ll put the paper away. We are doing this again!

Trini: I’ll win next time…

Zack smirked down at the page in front of him. His teammates wrote everywhere on the paper, marking where the next line was with arrows and dashed lines. The paper looked like a road map full of words and little drawings. His friends were all looking back and forth from each other, silently chuckling. Zack took out another sheet of paper and wrote all their names down in separate rows. He gave Kim a “point”. Oh, I am totally crushing them next time. He put away the paper they wrote on for safe-keeping. He wanted to remember these moments.

The detention bell rang, and all the students began gathering their things. The rangers burst out laughing and immediately gathered. Zack displayed the scoreboard he made and they all laughed and commented on different types of games they could play.

They exited the building, and Zack thought to himself as the sunlight beat down on them. He was glad he met them. They were good for him.


Eggsy x Reader

Code Name:  Gawain

B don’t forget! - Eggsy - Galahad + Roxy - Lancelot (don’t mix up again)

“Eggsy you’re not working with Roxy on this one i’m afraid.” Merlin said through the headpiece as Eggsy headed up to the room that had been on the note he’d been sent.

“Oh yeah then who’d you set me up with?” Eggsy asked half joking as he readied himself for some grumpy older Kingsman.

“Gawain.” Was all Merlin said.

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glitch // stuart twombly

Summary: Stuart & Y/N’s feelings for each other could end up costing them their jobs 

Requested: no

Pairing: Stuart & Y/N

Warning: no, mature language and themes throughout 


“I’m confused.” He grumbled, looking up from his phone. “Could you run it by us again?”

“As interns, you’ll be training the nooglers this year.” Lyle explained to the group gathered around the conference table.

“But why us?” Neha asked.

“Because, you’re the team that won last year.” Lyle explained. “The other interns are going to be mentors too.”

“I’m still confused.” Stuart mumbled.

“What do we get if we win?” Nick asked, leaning back in his chair.

“I’m glad you asked.” Lyle smiled. “The winning team mentor gets a promotion into their desired field.”

“Wait, what?” Stuart asked sitting up and setting his phone down. All heads turned to him as he suddenly shared in interest in something that was pixilated in front of his face. 

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Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reader

Warning: swearing, kinda violence? Very rough play fighting. lot’s of kissies and implied smut.

Word count: 3600+ (oh boy it’s a long one)

Lemme know what y’all think.

Part 2???


I was the newest member of the Avengers.

Parker being the second newest given his recent recruitment only 6 months before me.

Romanoff said something about that being the newest people we’ve had since Vision, Wanda and Bucky.

They all joined officially when their Civil War (as Parker liked to call it [nerd]) issues and reformed.

Bucky was still dealing with all his issues and apparently, I didn’t help.

He and I clicked immediately.

But while I flirted A LOT, he would merely be civil and friendly.

At first, I thought maybe he wasn’t interested, seeing as he could be flirty with Natasha and sometimes even Steve, but then I started to catch him watching me train.

I’ve often offered to spar with him but he always turned me down.

I guess he hadn’t figured out what I was capable of.

In fact, no one had.

Stark was the only one who knew of my mutation.

I had asked that he keep it a secret from the rest of the team purely for being able to shock and surprise them one day.

The most they knew was that I was stronger than an average human and had wicked combat skills.

I’m able to go toe to toe with Natasha purely for what she lacks in strength, she makes up for in her quick reflexes and speed, often using my strength against me.

Which obviously I let her do.

And so, I took it upon myself to seek out further explanation from the only person who knew Bucky the truest.


  “Heya Cap’n,” I jokingly saluted as I stood in the doorway to Steve’s room.

  “Hey kiddo,” he smirked at me. “What can I do for you?”

  “I just have a question,” I stepped into the room and shut his door behind me to avoid anyone else hearing. “About Bucky,”

  “Okay…?” he looked at me quizzically, clearly suspicious as to why I closed the door. “Ask away,”

  “Does he dislike me?” I asked very quickly.

Steve looked at me, dumbfounded. “No?”

  “Are you sure?” I pressed.

  “Yes, I’m sure,” he chuckled nervously. “Why are you asking? Has he said something rude to you?”

  “No no,” I said hurriedly as I sat down next to him on the edge of his bed. “He’s always very polite and nice. But that’s why I’m confused. He’s always silly and flirty with the other. Is it because I’m new? Is it because I haven’t told you guys about my abilities?”

  “He doesn’t dislike you Y/n,” Steve looked at me with ‘Dad Face’. “In fact, it’s quite the opposite,”

  “I’m sorry, what?” I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

  “He knows how much you like him,” Steve chuckled. “He’s very observant like that. He’s spoken to me about his thoughts of you and they’re all good thoughts,”

I stared at Steve beside me, completely unsure of how to respond.

  “He likes you just the same,” he added. “He’s been trying to get a read on your abilities out of curiosity. And he often asks Natasha about you. What kind of movies and books you like. That sort of thing,”

  “Then why is he so distant?” I asked quietly.

  “Because he’s afraid of hurting you,” he smiled softly and bumped my shoulder with his. “His past frightens him and he knows how incredibly strong he is now due to HYDRA’s experiments so he’s afraid of hurting you. You know he was kind of a player back in the day-”

  “Bucky was a fuckboi?” I interjected.

  “What?” He looked at me and frowned at my language. “I don’t really know what that means but I don’t think so,”

  “Alright,” I nodded. “Go on,”

  “Anyway,” he huffed. “He’s gained strength from the serum, and he’s got his arm. He’s told me he doesn’t want to pursue a relationship with you out of fear that if it gets physical, he might literally break you. His words not mine,”

  “You’re kidding,” I laughed. “Oh, this is hilarious!”

I chucked as I thought of how silly this was.

  “Why is it funny?” Steve asked, clearly confused.

  “I’ll explain later,” I jumped up from his bed and started for the door. “It’s time I told the team what I can do,”

I opened the door and ran down the hall to the elevator, all the while hearing Steve call out for me to explain my weird behaviour.

I made my way through the facility to find Tony and practically shouted at him when I found him.

  “STARK!” I yelped as I caught my breath in the doorway to his lab. “Team bonding night tonight. Rec room. Seven o’clock ON THE DOT,”

  “Alrighty,” he laughed as I sprinted out the door.

  “FRIDAY,” I shouted to the AI as I made my way to my room. “Can you notify the team of what I just told Tony. Rec room Seven pm. Team bonding night,”

  “Can do,” she responded smoothly.

Alright now all I must do is wait for the team to assemble for some games and revelations.

Seven o’clock came right on time as I had showered and put on my comfy clothes.

I was making my way to the rec room when I ran into Natasha in the hallway.

  “Yo,” I smiled.

 “Hey,” she grinned back. “Are you the one who organised tonight?”

  “Yep,” I nodded happily. “I figured it was time for some fun bonding rather than getting to know each other’s fighting patterns. Y’know?”

She smiled as we stepped into the elevator.

  “That’s sounds perfect,” she smirked as she pressed the button for the floor that was used as our recreational area.

We exchanged recounts of our day to each other as we rode up and before we knew it, the elevator dinged and the doors opened.

The rest of the team was already there, sitting around on the many couches drinking drinks. I noticed a very unhappy Peter Parker sitting with a little kiddy bottle of orange juice.

  “Seriously you guys?” I gestured to him. “I know he’s a minor but he couldn’t just have water or a coffee? Something normal?”

The team broke out in chuckles and Parker continued to sulk on the far end of the couch.

  “Alright so what is the point of tonight’s bonging extravaganza?” Tony asked dramatically.

  “I figured we could drink, play some games, that sort of thing,” I explained as I sat down on the floor by the coffee table and reached for the nearly empty bottle of vodka. “I’m using Peter and I’s newness as an excuse to get you all drunk and lighten up,”

  “Really now?” Clint eyed me and snatched the bottle from my hand and took a long swig. “I don’t need an excuse to drink,”

  “Calm down Barton we only just got here,” Natasha took the bottle from him and handed it back to me.

  “Okay cool,” I grinned as I took Peter’s orange juice from him and poured some vodka into one of the glasses that had been laid out on the table and topped it off with Peter’s juice, handing the half empty juice bottle back to him. “Who’s got a game we can play??

The first game suggested was a trivia game. The topic was each other and we used peanuts from the bar as a point system. Natasha won of course. Knowing the most about everyone. Bucky was a close second.

Then we played truth or dare.

Everyone picked dare to try and seem less of a pussy and they were all getting super weird.

Natasha dared Clint to dance on the table, which of course he did.

Clint dared Steve to sing the National anthem and he did rather well I will admit.

Bucky dared Sam to imitate someone on the team and make us guess who it was.

He just scowled and everyone guess it was Bucky. We were right.

Then Wanda dared Peter to cling to the ceiling until his next turn.

Then it was my turn.

From the ceiling, Peter ask me to pick either truth or dare.

  “Dare,” I smiled, knowing full well what I was going to be dared to do.

  “I dare you to show us the full extent of your abilities,” He said, gaining a round of cheers from the team.

  “Alright, alright pipe down,” I chuckled as I stood up. “Nat, you got a gun on you?”

Sam laughed at this. “you seriously think she carries a gun with her all the time- oh look she has a gun…”

Everyone laughed at Sam as Natasha pulled a gun from a holster on her ankle.

  “What do you need my gun for?” she eyed me curiously.

  “Oh, I don’t need it,” I moved to stand by the bar and gestured for her to get up too. “You need it,”

  “Why?” she moved to stand opposite me, a safe distance from the team who were watching eagerly.

  “Shoot me,” I grinned.

  “What?” she looked over at Tony nervously.

  “Shoot her,” he shrugged in response. “Parker get down from there you’re going to want a good view of this. One that isn’t upside down,”

Natasha looked at me warily as Peter dropped from the ceiling and made himself comfortable on the back of the couch.

I looked over and saw Bucky watching my intensely so I sent him a wink.

  “Shoot me Natasha,” I said slightly louder. “SHOOT ME-”

the gun went off and Wanda screamed in surprise.

Both Bucky and Steve leapt to their feet out of instinct and shock and everyone else just stared.

I stumbled back a little from the impact of the bullet the centre of my chest.

I grinned as I reached into my cleavage and pulled the crushed bullet out and showed it to the team, pressed into itself like an empty soda can.

  “What the fuck?” Steve breathed, much to the amusement of many team members.

  “Guess what guys?” I chuckled as I stared directly at Bucky. “I’m indestructible,”

There was a long moment of silence before Natasha cleared her throat and put her gun back in its holster.

  “Neat,” Clint remarked as he chucked his empty drinking glass at me.

It collided with my head and shattered before pattering to the floor in little pieces.

  “You’re cleaning that up,” I frowned at him.

I moved to sit down on the couch and looked across the room to where Bucky sat, staring at his left hand, deep in thought.

  “Also, my enhanced strength?” I added. “A lot more enhanced than I let on,”

At this remark, Bucky looked up from his hand and looked directly into my eyes.

  “You mean you let me beat you all those times in training?” Natasha sounded hurt.

  “No not all the times,” I admitted. “you’ve truly kicked my ass at least twice,”

She smiled proudly and took a swig of her drink.

And with that we continued to play truth or dare.

Peter was instructed to get back on the ceiling as he hadn’t had his turn yet.

The games were fun.

I kept look up at Bucky who sometimes was looking at me too or he seemed deep in thought.

I looked up to watching him again but saw he was no longer in his seat.

I briefly caught sight of him slipping down the hall and decided to follow him.

I snuck away from the team and crept my way down the hall after Bucky.

He didn’t notice me until I was on his back.


I snuck up behind him and jumped onto his back.

His instincts kicked in and he flipped me over his shoulder into the ground and held me in place with his metal hand on my clavicle.

His eyes widened in shock and fear when he saw it was me.

He jumped back and brushed his hair from his face.

  “Y/n” he whispered. “I’m so sorry I didn’t know it was you. You shouldn’t sneak up on me like that I could have seriously hurt you. Are you okay? I’m so sorry-”

I cut him off by using my legs to swipe his out from under him and manoeuvred myself over him and pinned his flesh arm over his head with one hand and used the other to hold myself up on his chest.

  “Now that you know you won’t break me, will you give me chance?” I whispered to him, leaning closer as I stared at him intently.

He didn’t answer with words.

He just chuckled and shoved me off before jumping up and smirking at me.

I smirked back and launched myself at him, knocking him back into the corridor wall which cracked and crumbled, leaving a Bucky sized dent in the plaster.

Team POV

  “Where’d Y/n go?” Peter asked.

  “And Bucky,” Steve added.

Before any could share their theories on their missing team mates there was a loud thump from down the hall.

A crash echoed and some laughter followed.

  “Found them,” Wanda chuckled.

  “Parker cover your ears,” Tony shouted.

  “I don’t need to I’m an adult,” he shouted.

  “No, you’re not,”

  “You’re still a child,”

  “Shut up and drink your juice,”

Another crash from down the hall sounded, interrupting the group’s banter.


I laughed at the damage we were causing before jumping into Bucky’s arms, knowing him into the wall again, my knees on either side of his hips holding myself up with my shins resting on the top of his thighs.

He helped hold me up with his hands pressed into the back of my ribcage, more holding me close to himself than supporting me.

  “You won’t break me,” I smiled as I ran my fingers up the sides of his face and into his hair.

  “I might hurt you though,” He wasn’t backing out, he was just making sure I knew.

  “Well I’m sure you have noticed by now,” I looked around the hallway at the huge dents in the walls we had cause and pulled a piece of cracked plaster from his hair. “I like it rough,”

He smirked at my words and gently tossed me up so his hands were under my thighs and my legs wrapped around his waist.

I gripped hard onto his hair and roughly crashed my lips onto his.

He stepped back and leaned against the wall.

I slipped my legs back down to the ground so I was standing on my own two feet.

Bucky had to lean down as to not break the kiss. But I broke it anyway.

I stepped back a little as I grabbed his shirt and pulled him with me, when I was leaning against the opposite wall I tugged him hard into myself and his chest hit mine with a strength I could only dream of.

He put out his metal hand to stop himself from landing on me completely but his hand went straight through the wall and he face was a lot closer to mine than he expected, which I used to my advantage, kissing him again.

He brought his metal hand from the hole in the wall but left it there to hold himself up.

His other hand slid down the length of my body as I wrapped my arms around his neck and tugged on his bottom lip with my teeth.

He glided his hand all the way down to my knee and he lifted my leg up around himself as he stood between my legs.

I chuckled and pulled away to look at him with a sly smile.

  “How strong are you Bucky?” I asked, lust dripping off my words.

  “Pretty strong,” he replied with a smirk. “why do you ask?”

  “Just curious,” I grinned as I pushed him off me into the wall behind him.

I kicked of the wall I leaned on to propel myself forward harder.

I crashed into him and pressed my mouth against his.

He kissed me back briefly but pushed me off and stood tall so he was looking down at me, holding my face.

I gripped his shirt hard and pulled him to me gently as a plan formed in my head.

He leaned his face down to kiss me once again and I stood up on my tip toes to meet him.

It was soft and gentle but rough and hard at the same time.

Sultry but messy.

I moaned as his mouth worked against mine and he groaned in response when I placed my hands on his stomach, holding onto his body rather than his clothes.

I grinned and giggled into the kiss.

He smiled back, knowing what I was about to do.

He opened his eyes and watched me as I shoved him into the wall again, but in out kiss we’d turned slightly and we almost missed the wall entirely, toppling to the ground.

We both laughed as I landed on him and he pulled me down to press my chest against his.

Team POV

  “I swear,” tony sounded pissed but he was grinning. “They’re trashing this place more than Bruce did when he beat the shit out of Loki,”

  “Well yeah,” Natasha chuckled. “Bruce beat Loki into the ground a whole bunch. These two are trashing an entire level of the building,”

  “How many times have you had to patch up these buildings?” Wanda asked.

  “Why does it matter?” Clint laughed. “He’s a billionaire it’s not like he can’t afford it,”

Wanda shrugged and let her question go.

  “It’s not the money that matters to me Robin Hood,” Tony glared. “It’s the complete disregard for other people’s property-”

More crashing came from down the hall, it sounded like it was getting closer.

  “Are they fighting?” Steve asked.

  “I feel like they wouldn’t be laughing if they were,” Vision added. “although maybe they’re play fighting?”

  “Well if they’re hooking up I don’t know why they’d be moving closer to us,” Peter chimed in. “Although maybe they’re so into it that they have no idea where they’re going,”

Everyone thought about what Peter was saying.

  “You think they’re hooking up?” Tony asked.

  “Yes tony,” the team all replied at once.

  “Y/n and Bucky have been eye fucking each other for months,” Clint stated plainly.

Peter chuckled and piped up once again. “And now they’re actually fuc-”

  “DON’T YOU DARE FINISH THAT SENTENCE!” Tony shouted. “I will have child of mine using such awful language,”

  “He’s not your child though,” Steve commented loudly over another booming crash that sounded as if it were just around the corner.

  “Shut the fuck up,” Tony faked a hurt expression. “He is my son and-”

He was cut off by yet another crash as Bucky was thrown into the room straight through the door that leads to the hallway.

The team all stayed silence as the watched him regain his steady footing and stare down the hallway.

He was covered in dust and plaster pieces.

Everyone watched as his face changed from “I just got tossed through a door” to “Do it again” as Y/n came into view in the doorway looking just as disheveled as Bucky.

The whole team watched as she ran at him, leaping into the air and landed safely in his embrace.

It would have seemed sweet until they started sucking face.


Bucky’s hands roamed my legs and ass as he supported me in his arms.

He stepped back until he was leaning against the bar and it creaked and cracked under the pressure of us.

He turned around and placed me on the bench top.

I gripped the edge of the bench and felt the marble crumble in my grip.

Using my legs around his waist, I harshly pulled him closer to me so our bodies were even closer together.

He crashed into the bar and we heard it crack at the force

I moved my hands to his hair and brought his face down to meet mine in a rough open-mouthed kiss.

Fighting for dominance which he eventually granted me.

I was leaning back onto the bench to, wanting more of his weight on me when we were interrupted.


We broke apart quickly and looked at our audience.

The whole team was staring at us in disbelief.

Tony was holding his arm over a struggling Peter’s eyes and he looked very unhappy.

He let go of Peter and continued to yell at us. “What the hell if going on here?”

  “I told you,” Clint sighed. “They’ve been eye fucking each other FOR MONTHS. Seriously it about time,”

  “Yeah,” Peter chuckled. “It’s about time you start actually fucking each other,”

  “Parker!” Steve shouted at the crass-mouthed teen.

Tony moved to him but Peter jumped onto the ceiling and scurried a small distance from Tony.

I slid off the bar and took a firm hold of Bucky’s metal hand.

  “My room?” he suggested.

  “Yeah let’s go,” I broke into a sprint down the hall, dragging him with me.

Team POV

They were left dumbfounded as the two sped away like rebellious teens.

Some more crashes sounded from above, suggesting they had taken the stairs rather than wait for the elevator.

  “Should we go to a bar?” Clint asked.

  “Yeah, I don’t want to listen to this,” Tony grumbled as a rhythmic thumping echoed around them.

  “YEP!” Steve practically shrieked as he jumped up from the couch and sped his way to the door. “FUCK IT WE’RE LEAVING!”

The rest of the team knew it must be serious if Steve was shouting profanities and promptly ran after him.

  “We’re changing Avengers facilities again,” Tony shouted as he ran after Steve. “AND WE’RE LEAVING THEM HERE!”

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So what about y/n teasing archer jeon that he's not as good as he thinks he is (but we all know this kid's good at everything let's be honest) and he challenges her to a match but she sucks and he tries to get some moves on by teaching her how to shoot and what do you know she manages to get a bulls eye! -archer anon

“already you have your head up in your ass. you don’t need to see me fail to boost your ego,” 

“c’mon, you were so head on about learning a thing or two earlier,” he hands you his spare bow, along with a pouch of arrows, “getting cold feet?”

he should’ve known you were the competitive kind, seeing the spark in your eyes rekindling to your ego.

“…you’re on.”

fifteen shots later (with an accidental shot over the fence and almost shooting someone in the butt), you’re more than willing to raise the white flag to signal jungkook’s the victor in all of this. he’s the school’s top archer for a reason and he has a tag for korea on his chest for the clear skill he has to be able to hit the bullseye fifteen times in a fucking row.

“okay, jeon,” you remove the pouch and throw it to the floor, the second after he picks it up and laughs at your defeat, “you win. what do you want me to do? run across the field with ‘i heart jungkook’ painted across my face?”

“you really think i’d make you do that?”

“i’ve seen the shit you’ve made taehyung do over a bet. so i’m pretty sure i’ve talked enough smack to get my share of your dark mind,”

he gazes up to the sky and taps on his chin, something about the motion makes him look like he’s deep in his thought when he could be thinking about macaroni and cheese for all you know. it’s not until you fold your arms and exhale deeply, the will to knee him in his abdomen runs high when you move your leg. he dodges it before it even happens, grabbing onto your shoulders and turning you to - “i get it, jungkook. i can’t shoot an arrow to save my life,”

“no,” he tuts, placing the bow in front of you and with the cocking of your brow, meeting his straight face you have no other choice than to hold onto it. he adjusts your position and you click your tongue, eyeing his hands over yours, “this is pointless, you know,”

“think again,” he murmurs into your ear and if there was one thing jungkook loved about you the most it was how honest you were even if it meant bringing up things people usually won’t.

“this isn’t about to get sexual, is it? i’m not into that life out in the open here,”

“oh my god shut up and focus, will you?”


“straighten your back,” jungkook’s voice trails down your shoulders, “keep your grip firm - not too tight,” his fingers overlap yours, “not too loose,” and he lets go. 

“close your left eye and align your arrow to where you’re looking at,” he slowly backs away when you manage to remain in the pose he’s set you up in. gulping, with his cue of let go when you’re confident, the end of the arrow slips past your fingers and cuts through the air to strike on the board.

having both eyes opened, you can’t quite believe you’ve just - “bullseye!”

“oh my fucking god! i did it! yo! if i break a leg and get removed from the running team, i could join archery!”

“let’s not get carried away there, y/n,” jungkook snorts, taking the bow from your hands to put his arms around you. something he’s used to that you’re used to that requires no skill whatsoever.

“eh, you’re right. i’d do much better a water boy.”

anonymous asked:

hi! if you're ever looking for a sad dex prompt, think of foster kid dex with a little sister who he loves more than anything, who bounce from foster home to foster home, some worse than the others, but none good. But Dex ages out of the system(1/2)

(2/2) and he gets separated from his little sister, and just angst when Ransom talks about his big family and the team finding out, and a little nurseydex maybe? I don’t know, I really love your writing though


Yo, I’m ALWAYS looking for sad Dex and/or Nursey prompts.  And I love this one.  and thanks! 

Thanks for the prompt! Enjoy! :-) xxxx


“Promise me you’ll look out for your sister.” Will’s mom had asked once.  It was Joy’s first day of school, and she wanted him to check on her during the day.

“Promise Mom.” Will had said, mouth full of toast.  She had smiled, and gone back to putting on her make up.


It was a promise he did his best to keep, no matter where they were.

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Family Troubles Part 1

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Pairing: Sebastian Lund x Reader (featuring the NOLA squad)

Word Count: 1,989

Warnings: angst

A/N: There are four parts to this mini series! This will not be a fluffy series lol. There maybe be fluff at the end to compensate for the hurt feelings, but other than that RIP YOUR FEELINGS. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Part 2

Sebastian was sitting in his lab, working on forensics for cases unrelated to NCIS.  He was glad that he wasn’t working on anything for NCIS right now.  It would remind him of you, and he hadn’t seen you in over a week.  You were apparently taking some personal time and that worried the forensic agent.

Loretta came into the lab, bringing stomach contents with her.  She could tell that something was wrong with Sebastian.  He wasn’t as talkative as he usually was.  The coroner set down the jar on the counter behind Sebastian.

“Okay what’s got you so upset,” Loretta asked, concerned evident in her voice.  “Every time I see you, you’re moping.”

“I’m not moping,” Sebastian mumbled.  “I just-  I’m concerned about [Y/N].”  Sebastian sat up straight and faced Loretta.  “There has to be a reason that she took off this much time.  What if she doesn’t come back?  What if she leaves like Merri did?”

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Screw The Rules - Stuart Twombly (The Internship)

Pairing: Stuart x Female!Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request:  Hii I hope you’re not to busy at the moment. I’m really loving all your writings. Could you maybe write me a Stuart one set after they went partying and Stuart is thinking abour asking you out? Love you

Warnings: none

A/N: So sorry this took me so long, but I hope you enjoy it! and I love you too darling<3 ENJOY!


Originally posted by intrepidkid-blog

*gif not mine*

«Expressing your feelings won’t make you less cool, you know. So how was it?» Nick inquired as he stood beside Stuart looking at the scenery in front of them. 

«It was the best night of my life.» Stuart smiled. It felt good to finally be able to say it, to tell the truth, just letting it go. 

 Although Stuart could never do the same in front of you. To just drop his facade and let you really know how he felt about you. 

 «What’s on your mind, Stuart?» Nick asked, yet again drawing his attention from the view. 

 «Nothing.» Stuart shook his head, looking down at his shoes. They were slightly dirty from the sandy ground they were standing on. 

 «There is one thing life has taught me through all these years and that is when a person uses nothing as the answer to such a question; it never is nothing.» Nick prompted, patting Stuart on the shoulder. 

 «It’s this girl. Y/n.» Stuart showed his hands into his pocket as he kicked a small rock on the ground over the edge. 

 «The girl who works in customer support?» A huge smile broke out on Nicks face as Stuart nodded. 

 «Yeah, I’ve been wanting to ask her out, but I just can’t seem to do it. Plus of course it’s against the rules and all.» Stuart rambled as Nick’s smile just grew bigger and bigger. 

 «Screw the rules! You like this girl, right?» Nick asked, throwing his hands in the air as Stuart nodded once again. 

«Then who cares about the rules. You like her, we don’t know if she likes you too, but how can she not? You’re Stuart!» 

 «Thanks, Nick. I think I’ll ask her. Tomorrow, at work.» Stuart smiled, looking over at Nick who had his eyebrows raised. «She’s asleep, and she hates being interrupted…» Stuart explained to which Nick nodded understandingly.

Stuart stood a couple of meter away from you, twinning his phone around in his hands. You were sitting at a table alone, your computer in front of you as you ate lunch. 

Despite his slight hangover, Stuart was going to go through with it. Plus Nick had been bothering him so much about it all day that even the rest of the team had gotten to know about his crush on you.

 There was no turning back now. 

 Especially seeing Nick and Billy were «hiding» behind a glass wall behind him, Lyle, Neha and Yo-Yo standing a little bit behind them again, looking more casual like they were just having a conversation, but really paying very close attention to Stuart and Y/n. 

 Stuart took a deep breath as he walked over to you, putting his phone in his pocket.

 He wasn’t going to back out this time, despite the rules. Because as Nick had said; «screw the rules».  

Tell me what you think? 

AoS 4x22 Thoughts

All right.

 So, after last night’s AoS season finale, I’ve seen a lot of Chicken Little-ing going on around the FitzSimmons fandom. And while I see why people are disappointed, I thought I’d share reasons why I don’t think it’s as dire as some others. Whether people care to read them is another thing entirely, but I’ve included them below the cut to help people stay spoiler free for the season four finale.

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27yo female status post last 24hr call of intern year and ready to start inpatient family medicine tomorrow morning.

Interval events:

  • saw a classic “steeple sign” on an x-ray for a child with croup
  • met a toddler with an incredibly rare congenital anomaly (~5 documented cases where the child has survived the first week of life) that I will probably never see again in my career
  • met a child with an extensive collection of toothbrushes of every variety including one shaped like a peeled banana
  • made a fussy baby stop crying and mom looked at me like a superhero
  • explained gallbladder/pancreatic anatomy to a 14-year-old
  • had a follow-up appointment with a clinic patient
  • met literally the cutest 2-year-old ever - he took my stethoscope and put it to his own chest
  • let a dad listen to his child’s heart murmur
  • worked with an amazing team of peds residents

Assessment: 27 yo female intern who has successfully completed 2 months of family medicine residency including inpatient pediatrics


  • starting inpatient family medicine tomorrow
  • looking forward to being back with my co-residents
  • worried about the increased patient load and keeping up with my medical learning/reading about patients
  • trying to maintain a work-life balance

savageorcacaptain  asked:

It had been quite a while since Makoto had left for Tokyo and it felt like even longer since he'd been back home. He wondered if any of the old team was even around anymore and decided to stop by the pool for old times sake. It seemed to still be in good shape, after all the hard work put in to fix it up and a very familiar figure on the other side of the entrance warmed his heart. Waving casually Makoto approached his old team mate, the new Iwatobi Captain and smiled. "Yo! Rei, how are you?"

It was a calm weekend afternoon in Iwatobi. Rei had informed Nagisa that he would stop by the pool to clean up some things that the other swim members didn’t even bother to clean up so that the team could have more time to practice once school starts up again on Monday. It was peaceful until Rei heard the familiar voice of his upperclassmen. Rei quickly turned around and spotted Makoto. Rei grinned as he jogged over to Makoto. “Makoto senpai! It’s been so long since I have last seen you. How have you been?”

More Than a Team

Author: criminalized-writing

Word count: 1,010

Pairing: Slight Spencer Reid x Reader if you squint

Warning: None

Summary: The team returns home from a case on the reader’s birthday. Reader is convinced that the team has forgotten her birthday.

A/N this is my first CM fic and it’s probably terrible. Oops.

     (Y/N) sighed as she entered the elevator in her apartment building and pressed the button to her floor. The doors closed, meeting each other in the middle as the button pressed moments before illuminated itself. She ran a hand through her hair, disheveling it from its place for it to fall in a new way across her shoulders and down her back. She tightened her grip on her go-bag and yawned. She and the team had returned from a case in Houston earlier that day. (Y/N) had stayed at the office later than the rest of the team in order to get a jump start on paperwork from the case.

     The elevator yelped with a small ‘Ding!’ as it reached her floor of residence. She stepped out, her heels clicking against the floor. (Y/N) pulled her keys out of her coat pocket and slid it into the keyhole, lifting the tumblers. The slipped the keyring back into her pocket and set her go-bag by the doorway and her messenger bag of work-related files on a small table in the hall. Closing the door, she kicked off her heels. She sighed in relief as her once elevated feet came in contact with the flat ground. The profiler reached to flip on the hall light when she heard shuffling from deeper within the apartment. She quickly became tense and pulled off her coat, laying it on top of her go-bag. She heard it again.

     ‘The kitchen.’ She thought to herself.

     Instinctively reaching for her hip, (Y/N) pulled out her gun. She took feather-like steps across the hall floor, her gun raised and finger ready to pull the trigger if need be. Stalking across the floor, she held her breath. She could feel her heartbeat quickening in her chest with every step she took. She stopped hesitantly before the kitchen and released the breath she was holding. She turned the corner into the kitchen wh-

     “Surprise!” (Y/N) jumped as the lights flickered on and she was met with the faces of her team.

     “Oh my god!” She yelped, a hand flying to cover her heart while the other lowered her gun to point at the floor. She noticed multicolored streamers hung around the kitchen perimeter and dangling from the ceiling. “What the hell are you guys doing here?” Her question was laced with soft laughter.

     “You’ve been working so hard lately, and it’s your birthday. We wanted to surprise you.” JJ smiled. (Y/N) set her gun down on the counter and smiled herself.

     “But I thought yo-”

     “Forgot?” Rossi finished for her. “How could we possibly forget your birthday?” He kissed the youngest profiler on both cheeks and reeled her in for a hug.

     “So (Y/N), how’s it feel to be twenty-six?” Emily smirked, leaning across the kitchen island where a cake and multiple candles waited to be put to use. “God, I’d give anything to be twenty-six again.” the team laughed.

     “I’d have to get back to you on that,” (Y/N) chuckled. Garcia poured her a glass of her favorite red wine and passed it to her. (Y/N) thanked her with a smile and looked around at her team, all with glasses of their own.

      “To (Y/N),” Derek began, “the best little sister anyone could ask for.” (Y/N) smiled with a small blush apparent on her cheeks as she saw Aaron nod in agreement. They clinked their glasses together, all smiling. Emily and Garcia set their glasses down and began to place the candles in the sheet cake. (Y/N) downed her wine quickly and trotted across the kitchen to open a new bottle. After pouring the beverage into her glass, she turned to be met with Spencer.

     “Hey Spence,” she greeted. “What’s up?”

     “Hey, I, uh, got you a little something.” he reached over to his bag dangling off the back of one of the stools sat at the island and pulled out a present wrapped in royal blue paper, complete with a petite white bow. He held it out to her with a smile.

     “Spence, you didn’t have to get me anything,” (Y/N) graciously took the gift from him, a blush creeping up to her cheeks.

     “Go on,” Spencer urged, his cheeks pink with a touch of embarrassment, “open it.’ (Y/N) tore away the paper to reveal the back cover of a  book.

     ‘Typical Reid.’ She thought. The wrapping paper fluttered to the floor as she flipped the book to the front and ran her fingertips over the hardback cover.

     “War and Peace?” She flipped through the pages, her eyes gazing over the words.

     “I remember you saying that you wanted to read it.” He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, “We were on the jet coming back from that case in Oregon.”

     “That was over a year ago, Spencer. How did you remember that?”

     “I pay attention when you talk, (Y/N).”

     ‘Thank you.” She brought him in for a hug, both content. (Y/N) pulled away from Spencer when she heard Garcia say her name. The candles on the cake we lit and the kitchen lights were dimmed, creating a new atmosphere. Emily pushed the cake to the edge of the island closest to (Y/N), JJ encouraging her to blow out the tiny specks of fire.

     “These better not be trick candles.” (Y/N) joked, the laughter of her friends- no- her family rippling through the room mixed with her own.

     “Go on, Pretty Girl. Make a wish.” Derek patted her on the shoulder. (Y/N) leaned forward and closed her eyes before blowing on the candles. The team watched and cheered after they all flickered out. (Y/N) laughed with them.

     “What’d you wish for?” Garcia interrogated excitedly.

     “Nothing.” She paused for a second, seeing Garcia’s confused expression. “I already have everything I want.” She smiled for the millionth time that night as her team realized what she meant. All she wanted, was her team. And boy, did she already have that.

GoT putting in work

Beginning of season - Captured by Khal Moro and brought to Vaes Dothrak.
End of season - Solidified control over Slavers’ Bay. Has an army of Dothraki, Unsullied, Ironborn, and Dornish supporters + dragon babies are no longer babies. IS FINALLY SAILING FOR WESTEROS.

B.O.S - On the run from Winterfell with Theon.
E.O.S - Won back Winterfell, killed her abuser/rapist, shut down one of the most powerful men in the world, and looked damn good while doing it.

B.O.S. - “I need to be less of a bitch”.
Middle of season - “Nah, I’m a bitch”.
E.O.S - “Fuck this shit I’m out”.

B.O.S. - Finally comes back. Knows less than Jon. Stubborn as hell.
E.O.S. - Finds out about how the White Walkers came to be, inadvertently caused the death of two of the characters that he loves most, becomes the Three-Eyed Raven.

B.O.S. - Hodor! + “… And lowers it when he’s going to dodge mi'lady”.
M.O.S. - *puts team on his back* HODOOOOOOR. *holds door*

B.O.S. - Loves Dany.
M.O.S. - Loves Dany.
E.O.S. - Loves Dany.

B.O.S. - Thinks barbaric slave traders will conform to Westerosi ways of living.
E.O.S. - Finds out he was wrong. Gets named Hand of the Queen anyways.

B.O.S. - Loses the woman he loves, his most loyal servant, and his wife.
E.O.S. - *Fulfills lifelong dream of becoming Purina Dog Chow*

Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3: Hi
Episode 4:
Episode 5:
Episode 6:
Episode 7:
Episode 8:
Episode 9: Bye
Episode 10:

B.O.S. - *brings back Myrcella’s dead body* “yo sis, let’s get it on”
E.O.S. - Sees the Mad King reborn. Has a really, really awkward boner.

B.O.S. - Saves Sansa from imminent death. Pledges her sword to her again, fulfilling her duty to Lady Catelyn.
E.O.S. - Still looking back every so often to see if Jaime is following her.

B.O.S. - Gets mad.
M.O.S. - Falls in love.
E.O.S. - Takes a crash course on battle strategy.

B.O.S. - Blind, homeless, basically done for.
E.O.S - Somehow kills the waif. Somehow makes it back to Westeros in like a day. Somehow finds a job working in the kitchen at the Twins. Somehow makes me forget all that. Feeds Walder Frey his own sons. Cuts his throat. Bows for the applause.

The High Sparrow:
B.O.S. - Still living in robes. Most powerful man in King’s Landing. Needs a bath.
E.O.S. - “There’s no way the super conniving, vengeful woman that I wronged last season is trying to get out of this trial and blow me up”. *A few seconds later, “Oh fuck”.

B.O.S. - Looks at Jon’s bloodstain for a while to make fans theorize about how it means something. Misses Stannis and Shireen.
E.O.S. - Cries manly tears and gets Melisandre booted from the dream team. Calls Jon a king literally a few days after talking with Tormund about how he’s not a king.

B.O.S. - Road trip. Oblivious that his best friend was stabbed. Puking a lot.
M.O.S. - Asks question, “Is my dad still an insufferable asshole?” Gets answer: “You betcha.”
E.O.S. - Joins Fraternity. Struggles to fit in.

B.O.S. - Still recovering from walk of shame. Rocking pixie cut in spite of her abusers.
E.O.S - Heart is ice. White Walkers are scared of how cold this bitch is. Gets new bling.

B.O.S. - Taking a well deserved nap.
E.O.S. - Helps Sansa win back Winterfell. Gets to slap Ramsay around. Learns how to be better with adorable yet ferocious young girls. Gets a new nickname. Misses Ghost. IS A FUCKING TARGARYEN.

This is a re-posting of my re-appropriation art that was previously taken down by Tumblr administration for reasons unknown to me, I was never notified.

However, I do believe a certain NFL team owner had something to do with it being removed.

In Defiance I’ve put it Back UP.

I re-appropriated the image of MY Native Ancestor from Dan Snyder’s Racist Washington Redskins NFL Team.

I DEMAND that Dan Snyder not only changes the Redskins name, but that he also Stops using a Native American as a Mascot.

Please (share) to show your solidarity.

Thank you.