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Passing Detention Notes


Zack sat in a desk near the back of the class for detention. His desk usually faced the back wall, but Zack usually sat on the chair backwards and observed the class or randomly tapping along to whatever song he was listening to. He noticed that his friends generally actually got some work done during this time. He watched Kimberly pull out her Biology textbook while Billy pulled out some maps and colored pencils. Jason was furrowing his eyebrows at a math textbook, and Trini was reading a book that was assigned in English.

Zack sighed. He had gotten his work for class done already. His teammates found it surprising that he was still able to be a student at Angel Grove High since he was never in class. In all honesty, he got much of his work from his teachers through emails, so he was able to get some work done. After all, there wasn’t much to do up in the mines. He usually sat inside the abandoned train car and got some work done, just enough to make sure that he would be able to graduate. The school didn’t like it, but Zack thought that as long as he was still passing, it would be alright. 

Now that he was back in school with his friends, he actually did quite well in classes. He still spent a lot of time in his hideout, so he got a lot of work done. 

Zack was bored out of his mind. Detention wouldn’t be over for another 2 hours or so. He smiled and took out a piece of paper from his bag. The other rangers were still concentrating on their homework, but Zack was sure they would notice what was about to happen. Sure enough, when Zack tossed the folded up paper at Jason, he instinctively reached up and caught it between his fingers.

He looked back at Zack, confused. Zack just smirked and gestured at Jason to open it. 

And so it began: The Epic Detention Note String.

Zack: Hey! I’m bored, so we’re gunna play a little game of catch with this slip of paper. Write down a note with your name and pass it on! If you miss a toss, miss a catch, or end up getting caught, you lose! Just keep passing till the paper runs out of space! Doodle if you want!

Jason: I’m busy, so don’t blame me if I miss.

Billy: Sounds fun! Totally gunna sabotage.

Kimberly: Drawing time! Sorry it took me forever.


Trini: My girlfriend’s better than all of you.

Billy: My turn!

Jason: LOL accurate. How are you people drawing these things so fast?!

Billy: I don’t know. How are we passing this paper around at superhuman speeds?

Kimberly: He has a point. (NICE BILLY)

Trini: … Kudos.

Zack: I’m not sure whether to be flattered or insulted.

Kimberly: *doodles Go Go with power rangers lightning in corner*


Jason: And the first person drops out!

Kimberly: She looks so angry LMAO



Billy: LOL. Vaseline.

Jason: Woah. That was really slippery. The paper’s still in pretty good shape though….


Zack: Agh, too bad. At least he isn’t smearing it anymore, being left handed and all.


Zack: BILLY! STOP! I FUCKING DROPPED IT! DAMN! Welp, Zack-Attack is out!

Kimberly: Did he seriously call himself “Zack-Attack”

Billy: … *doodles bees in the margin of the paper*

Kimberly: We should start a band! *Doodles power ranger lightning bolt with power ranger colors*

Billy: Yes!


Jason: We just passing it around now?

Billy: DANG IT!

Trini: Told you she was better than you guys.

Zack: Yo! Go Hart!

Jason: Guys, team meeting tonight by the campfire. We are discussing this band thing…. I call lead guitarist!

Trini: No fair! We are totally hashing this out tonight. 

Zack: Ok ok. I think the writing should stop. We’ll just pass it to everyone to keep everyone updated. If it gets back to me. I’ll put the paper away. We are doing this again!

Trini: I’ll win next time…

Zack smirked down at the page in front of him. His teammates wrote everywhere on the paper, marking where the next line was with arrows and dashed lines. The paper looked like a road map full of words and little drawings. His friends were all looking back and forth from each other, silently chuckling. Zack took out another sheet of paper and wrote all their names down in separate rows. He gave Kim a “point”. Oh, I am totally crushing them next time. He put away the paper they wrote on for safe-keeping. He wanted to remember these moments.

The detention bell rang, and all the students began gathering their things. The rangers burst out laughing and immediately gathered. Zack displayed the scoreboard he made and they all laughed and commented on different types of games they could play.

They exited the building, and Zack thought to himself as the sunlight beat down on them. He was glad he met them. They were good for him.


Eggsy x Reader

Code Name:  Gawain

B don’t forget! - Eggsy - Galahad + Roxy - Lancelot (don’t mix up again)

“Eggsy you’re not working with Roxy on this one i’m afraid.” Merlin said through the headpiece as Eggsy headed up to the room that had been on the note he’d been sent.

“Oh yeah then who’d you set me up with?” Eggsy asked half joking as he readied himself for some grumpy older Kingsman.

“Gawain.” Was all Merlin said.

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glitch // stuart twombly

Summary: Stuart & Y/N’s feelings for each other could end up costing them their jobs 

Requested: no

Pairing: Stuart & Y/N

Warning: no, mature language and themes throughout 


“I’m confused.” He grumbled, looking up from his phone. “Could you run it by us again?”

“As interns, you’ll be training the nooglers this year.” Lyle explained to the group gathered around the conference table.

“But why us?” Neha asked.

“Because, you’re the team that won last year.” Lyle explained. “The other interns are going to be mentors too.”

“I’m still confused.” Stuart mumbled.

“What do we get if we win?” Nick asked, leaning back in his chair.

“I’m glad you asked.” Lyle smiled. “The winning team mentor gets a promotion into their desired field.”

“Wait, what?” Stuart asked sitting up and setting his phone down. All heads turned to him as he suddenly shared in interest in something that was pixilated in front of his face. 

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anonymous asked:

So what about y/n teasing archer jeon that he's not as good as he thinks he is (but we all know this kid's good at everything let's be honest) and he challenges her to a match but she sucks and he tries to get some moves on by teaching her how to shoot and what do you know she manages to get a bulls eye! -archer anon

“already you have your head up in your ass. you don’t need to see me fail to boost your ego,” 

“c’mon, you were so head on about learning a thing or two earlier,” he hands you his spare bow, along with a pouch of arrows, “getting cold feet?”

he should’ve known you were the competitive kind, seeing the spark in your eyes rekindling to your ego.

“…you’re on.”

fifteen shots later (with an accidental shot over the fence and almost shooting someone in the butt), you’re more than willing to raise the white flag to signal jungkook’s the victor in all of this. he’s the school’s top archer for a reason and he has a tag for korea on his chest for the clear skill he has to be able to hit the bullseye fifteen times in a fucking row.

“okay, jeon,” you remove the pouch and throw it to the floor, the second after he picks it up and laughs at your defeat, “you win. what do you want me to do? run across the field with ‘i heart jungkook’ painted across my face?”

“you really think i’d make you do that?”

“i’ve seen the shit you’ve made taehyung do over a bet. so i’m pretty sure i’ve talked enough smack to get my share of your dark mind,”

he gazes up to the sky and taps on his chin, something about the motion makes him look like he’s deep in his thought when he could be thinking about macaroni and cheese for all you know. it’s not until you fold your arms and exhale deeply, the will to knee him in his abdomen runs high when you move your leg. he dodges it before it even happens, grabbing onto your shoulders and turning you to - “i get it, jungkook. i can’t shoot an arrow to save my life,”

“no,” he tuts, placing the bow in front of you and with the cocking of your brow, meeting his straight face you have no other choice than to hold onto it. he adjusts your position and you click your tongue, eyeing his hands over yours, “this is pointless, you know,”

“think again,” he murmurs into your ear and if there was one thing jungkook loved about you the most it was how honest you were even if it meant bringing up things people usually won’t.

“this isn’t about to get sexual, is it? i’m not into that life out in the open here,”

“oh my god shut up and focus, will you?”


“straighten your back,” jungkook’s voice trails down your shoulders, “keep your grip firm - not too tight,” his fingers overlap yours, “not too loose,” and he lets go. 

“close your left eye and align your arrow to where you’re looking at,” he slowly backs away when you manage to remain in the pose he’s set you up in. gulping, with his cue of let go when you’re confident, the end of the arrow slips past your fingers and cuts through the air to strike on the board.

having both eyes opened, you can’t quite believe you’ve just - “bullseye!”

“oh my fucking god! i did it! yo! if i break a leg and get removed from the running team, i could join archery!”

“let’s not get carried away there, y/n,” jungkook snorts, taking the bow from your hands to put his arms around you. something he’s used to that you’re used to that requires no skill whatsoever.

“eh, you’re right. i’d do much better a water boy.”

AoS 4x22 Thoughts

All right.

 So, after last night’s AoS season finale, I’ve seen a lot of Chicken Little-ing going on around the FitzSimmons fandom. And while I see why people are disappointed, I thought I’d share reasons why I don’t think it’s as dire as some others. Whether people care to read them is another thing entirely, but I’ve included them below the cut to help people stay spoiler free for the season four finale.

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Screw The Rules - Stuart Twombly (The Internship)

Pairing: Stuart x Female!Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request:  Hii I hope you’re not to busy at the moment. I’m really loving all your writings. Could you maybe write me a Stuart one set after they went partying and Stuart is thinking abour asking you out? Love you

Warnings: none

A/N: So sorry this took me so long, but I hope you enjoy it! and I love you too darling<3 ENJOY!


Originally posted by intrepidkid-blog

*gif not mine*

«Expressing your feelings won’t make you less cool, you know. So how was it?» Nick inquired as he stood beside Stuart looking at the scenery in front of them. 

«It was the best night of my life.» Stuart smiled. It felt good to finally be able to say it, to tell the truth, just letting it go. 

 Although Stuart could never do the same in front of you. To just drop his facade and let you really know how he felt about you. 

 «What’s on your mind, Stuart?» Nick asked, yet again drawing his attention from the view. 

 «Nothing.» Stuart shook his head, looking down at his shoes. They were slightly dirty from the sandy ground they were standing on. 

 «There is one thing life has taught me through all these years and that is when a person uses nothing as the answer to such a question; it never is nothing.» Nick prompted, patting Stuart on the shoulder. 

 «It’s this girl. Y/n.» Stuart showed his hands into his pocket as he kicked a small rock on the ground over the edge. 

 «The girl who works in customer support?» A huge smile broke out on Nicks face as Stuart nodded. 

 «Yeah, I’ve been wanting to ask her out, but I just can’t seem to do it. Plus of course it’s against the rules and all.» Stuart rambled as Nick’s smile just grew bigger and bigger. 

 «Screw the rules! You like this girl, right?» Nick asked, throwing his hands in the air as Stuart nodded once again. 

«Then who cares about the rules. You like her, we don’t know if she likes you too, but how can she not? You’re Stuart!» 

 «Thanks, Nick. I think I’ll ask her. Tomorrow, at work.» Stuart smiled, looking over at Nick who had his eyebrows raised. «She’s asleep, and she hates being interrupted…» Stuart explained to which Nick nodded understandingly.

Stuart stood a couple of meter away from you, twinning his phone around in his hands. You were sitting at a table alone, your computer in front of you as you ate lunch. 

Despite his slight hangover, Stuart was going to go through with it. Plus Nick had been bothering him so much about it all day that even the rest of the team had gotten to know about his crush on you.

 There was no turning back now. 

 Especially seeing Nick and Billy were «hiding» behind a glass wall behind him, Lyle, Neha and Yo-Yo standing a little bit behind them again, looking more casual like they were just having a conversation, but really paying very close attention to Stuart and Y/n. 

 Stuart took a deep breath as he walked over to you, putting his phone in his pocket.

 He wasn’t going to back out this time, despite the rules. Because as Nick had said; «screw the rules».  

Tell me what you think? 

savageorcacaptain  asked:

It had been quite a while since Makoto had left for Tokyo and it felt like even longer since he'd been back home. He wondered if any of the old team was even around anymore and decided to stop by the pool for old times sake. It seemed to still be in good shape, after all the hard work put in to fix it up and a very familiar figure on the other side of the entrance warmed his heart. Waving casually Makoto approached his old team mate, the new Iwatobi Captain and smiled. "Yo! Rei, how are you?"

It was a calm weekend afternoon in Iwatobi. Rei had informed Nagisa that he would stop by the pool to clean up some things that the other swim members didn’t even bother to clean up so that the team could have more time to practice once school starts up again on Monday. It was peaceful until Rei heard the familiar voice of his upperclassmen. Rei quickly turned around and spotted Makoto. Rei grinned as he jogged over to Makoto. “Makoto senpai! It’s been so long since I have last seen you. How have you been?”

More Than a Team

Author: criminalized-writing

Word count: 1,010

Pairing: Slight Spencer Reid x Reader if you squint

Warning: None

Summary: The team returns home from a case on the reader’s birthday. Reader is convinced that the team has forgotten her birthday.

A/N this is my first CM fic and it’s probably terrible. Oops.

     (Y/N) sighed as she entered the elevator in her apartment building and pressed the button to her floor. The doors closed, meeting each other in the middle as the button pressed moments before illuminated itself. She ran a hand through her hair, disheveling it from its place for it to fall in a new way across her shoulders and down her back. She tightened her grip on her go-bag and yawned. She and the team had returned from a case in Houston earlier that day. (Y/N) had stayed at the office later than the rest of the team in order to get a jump start on paperwork from the case.

     The elevator yelped with a small ‘Ding!’ as it reached her floor of residence. She stepped out, her heels clicking against the floor. (Y/N) pulled her keys out of her coat pocket and slid it into the keyhole, lifting the tumblers. The slipped the keyring back into her pocket and set her go-bag by the doorway and her messenger bag of work-related files on a small table in the hall. Closing the door, she kicked off her heels. She sighed in relief as her once elevated feet came in contact with the flat ground. The profiler reached to flip on the hall light when she heard shuffling from deeper within the apartment. She quickly became tense and pulled off her coat, laying it on top of her go-bag. She heard it again.

     ‘The kitchen.’ She thought to herself.

     Instinctively reaching for her hip, (Y/N) pulled out her gun. She took feather-like steps across the hall floor, her gun raised and finger ready to pull the trigger if need be. Stalking across the floor, she held her breath. She could feel her heartbeat quickening in her chest with every step she took. She stopped hesitantly before the kitchen and released the breath she was holding. She turned the corner into the kitchen wh-

     “Surprise!” (Y/N) jumped as the lights flickered on and she was met with the faces of her team.

     “Oh my god!” She yelped, a hand flying to cover her heart while the other lowered her gun to point at the floor. She noticed multicolored streamers hung around the kitchen perimeter and dangling from the ceiling. “What the hell are you guys doing here?” Her question was laced with soft laughter.

     “You’ve been working so hard lately, and it’s your birthday. We wanted to surprise you.” JJ smiled. (Y/N) set her gun down on the counter and smiled herself.

     “But I thought yo-”

     “Forgot?” Rossi finished for her. “How could we possibly forget your birthday?” He kissed the youngest profiler on both cheeks and reeled her in for a hug.

     “So (Y/N), how’s it feel to be twenty-six?” Emily smirked, leaning across the kitchen island where a cake and multiple candles waited to be put to use. “God, I’d give anything to be twenty-six again.” the team laughed.

     “I’d have to get back to you on that,” (Y/N) chuckled. Garcia poured her a glass of her favorite red wine and passed it to her. (Y/N) thanked her with a smile and looked around at her team, all with glasses of their own.

      “To (Y/N),” Derek began, “the best little sister anyone could ask for.” (Y/N) smiled with a small blush apparent on her cheeks as she saw Aaron nod in agreement. They clinked their glasses together, all smiling. Emily and Garcia set their glasses down and began to place the candles in the sheet cake. (Y/N) downed her wine quickly and trotted across the kitchen to open a new bottle. After pouring the beverage into her glass, she turned to be met with Spencer.

     “Hey Spence,” she greeted. “What’s up?”

     “Hey, I, uh, got you a little something.” he reached over to his bag dangling off the back of one of the stools sat at the island and pulled out a present wrapped in royal blue paper, complete with a petite white bow. He held it out to her with a smile.

     “Spence, you didn’t have to get me anything,” (Y/N) graciously took the gift from him, a blush creeping up to her cheeks.

     “Go on,” Spencer urged, his cheeks pink with a touch of embarrassment, “open it.’ (Y/N) tore away the paper to reveal the back cover of a  book.

     ‘Typical Reid.’ She thought. The wrapping paper fluttered to the floor as she flipped the book to the front and ran her fingertips over the hardback cover.

     “War and Peace?” She flipped through the pages, her eyes gazing over the words.

     “I remember you saying that you wanted to read it.” He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, “We were on the jet coming back from that case in Oregon.”

     “That was over a year ago, Spencer. How did you remember that?”

     “I pay attention when you talk, (Y/N).”

     ‘Thank you.” She brought him in for a hug, both content. (Y/N) pulled away from Spencer when she heard Garcia say her name. The candles on the cake we lit and the kitchen lights were dimmed, creating a new atmosphere. Emily pushed the cake to the edge of the island closest to (Y/N), JJ encouraging her to blow out the tiny specks of fire.

     “These better not be trick candles.” (Y/N) joked, the laughter of her friends- no- her family rippling through the room mixed with her own.

     “Go on, Pretty Girl. Make a wish.” Derek patted her on the shoulder. (Y/N) leaned forward and closed her eyes before blowing on the candles. The team watched and cheered after they all flickered out. (Y/N) laughed with them.

     “What’d you wish for?” Garcia interrogated excitedly.

     “Nothing.” She paused for a second, seeing Garcia’s confused expression. “I already have everything I want.” She smiled for the millionth time that night as her team realized what she meant. All she wanted, was her team. And boy, did she already have that.

GoT putting in work

Beginning of season - Captured by Khal Moro and brought to Vaes Dothrak.
End of season - Solidified control over Slavers’ Bay. Has an army of Dothraki, Unsullied, Ironborn, and Dornish supporters + dragon babies are no longer babies. IS FINALLY SAILING FOR WESTEROS.

B.O.S - On the run from Winterfell with Theon.
E.O.S - Won back Winterfell, killed her abuser/rapist, shut down one of the most powerful men in the world, and looked damn good while doing it.

B.O.S. - “I need to be less of a bitch”.
Middle of season - “Nah, I’m a bitch”.
E.O.S - “Fuck this shit I’m out”.

B.O.S. - Finally comes back. Knows less than Jon. Stubborn as hell.
E.O.S. - Finds out about how the White Walkers came to be, inadvertently caused the death of two of the characters that he loves most, becomes the Three-Eyed Raven.

B.O.S. - Hodor! + “… And lowers it when he’s going to dodge mi'lady”.
M.O.S. - *puts team on his back* HODOOOOOOR. *holds door*

B.O.S. - Loves Dany.
M.O.S. - Loves Dany.
E.O.S. - Loves Dany.

B.O.S. - Thinks barbaric slave traders will conform to Westerosi ways of living.
E.O.S. - Finds out he was wrong. Gets named Hand of the Queen anyways.

B.O.S. - Loses the woman he loves, his most loyal servant, and his wife.
E.O.S. - *Fulfills lifelong dream of becoming Purina Dog Chow*

Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3: Hi
Episode 4:
Episode 5:
Episode 6:
Episode 7:
Episode 8:
Episode 9: Bye
Episode 10:

B.O.S. - *brings back Myrcella’s dead body* “yo sis, let’s get it on”
E.O.S. - Sees the Mad King reborn. Has a really, really awkward boner.

B.O.S. - Saves Sansa from imminent death. Pledges her sword to her again, fulfilling her duty to Lady Catelyn.
E.O.S. - Still looking back every so often to see if Jaime is following her.

B.O.S. - Gets mad.
M.O.S. - Falls in love.
E.O.S. - Takes a crash course on battle strategy.

B.O.S. - Blind, homeless, basically done for.
E.O.S - Somehow kills the waif. Somehow makes it back to Westeros in like a day. Somehow finds a job working in the kitchen at the Twins. Somehow makes me forget all that. Feeds Walder Frey his own sons. Cuts his throat. Bows for the applause.

The High Sparrow:
B.O.S. - Still living in robes. Most powerful man in King’s Landing. Needs a bath.
E.O.S. - “There’s no way the super conniving, vengeful woman that I wronged last season is trying to get out of this trial and blow me up”. *A few seconds later, “Oh fuck”.

B.O.S. - Looks at Jon’s bloodstain for a while to make fans theorize about how it means something. Misses Stannis and Shireen.
E.O.S. - Cries manly tears and gets Melisandre booted from the dream team. Calls Jon a king literally a few days after talking with Tormund about how he’s not a king.

B.O.S. - Road trip. Oblivious that his best friend was stabbed. Puking a lot.
M.O.S. - Asks question, “Is my dad still an insufferable asshole?” Gets answer: “You betcha.”
E.O.S. - Joins Fraternity. Struggles to fit in.

B.O.S. - Still recovering from walk of shame. Rocking pixie cut in spite of her abusers.
E.O.S - Heart is ice. White Walkers are scared of how cold this bitch is. Gets new bling.

B.O.S. - Taking a well deserved nap.
E.O.S. - Helps Sansa win back Winterfell. Gets to slap Ramsay around. Learns how to be better with adorable yet ferocious young girls. Gets a new nickname. Misses Ghost. IS A FUCKING TARGARYEN.

Chapter TwentyNine


My cheeks began hurting at all the smiling I had endured in last hour.  Isaiah has been a ball of pure energy all thanks to the excitement of watching Tyson play in the first game of the season for Miami.  From the moment both Tyson and Zay woke up they have been running around the house like they have eaten nothing but sugar the past few days.

Now sitting in our courtside seats, Zay sat bouncing his knees up and down as his gaze continually searched around the massive stadium that was filling up with people by the second, “Daddy play now?”, He asked as he looked up at me with wide excited eyes. He looked absolutely adorable in his baby jersey that had ‘Brown Jr’, with Tysons number underneath.

“Yea baby, daddies playing soon. You gonna cheer him on?”, I whispered in his ear before kissing his cheek and sitting up straight, “Yes Im going to yell really, really loud”, He said causing me to chuckle as I wrapped my arm around his small waist and brought his body closer to mine, “Girl I refuse to go back out there, them lines are something serious”, Jasmine sighed as she approached where we were sitting with Briana following close behind her.

Taking a seat on the other side of Zay, Briana handed him a small bucket of popcorn while Jas came and took the seat on my other side, “I don’t know why you guys don’t just go up to the VIP section”, I grinned as I took the beer she had brought me out of her hands.

“Briana insists she gets the greasy food from where the public get it”, She shrugged as I looked over and laughed lowly at Briana who was chowing down on a sloppy hotdog while handing hot chips to Zay on the low.

“Girl you stay spoiling him”, I smirked as I pulled out a tissue from my purse and wiped the tomato sauce off from around Isaiah’s mouth. Briana had to be the worse of us all when it came to Zay, there was not a time she came over where she didn’t have some sort of gift or bag of candy for him, “Pshhh whatever Nala, you know that’s my boo”, She shrugged before looking down and winking at Zay as she feed him some of her hotdog.

Shaking my head as I grinned at my always-hungry boy, I turned my attention back over to Jasmine who had been unusually quiet today, “What’s wrong with my blondie”, I muttered lowly as I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and brought her closer to me only to receive a face full of her curly mane, “I think someone’s stealing my birth control”, She whispered just as I took a sip of my beer causing me to choke as I pulled away a little and looked at her confused.

“Of all the weird shit Ive heard this has to top it”, I chuckled although I quickly stopped as I realized she was dead serious, “Okay what the hell do you mean you think someone’s stealing your birth control?”, I muttered seriously as I sat my drink under my chair and turned my entire attention to her, “Okay not someone, it’s Jeremiah. I mean it has to be, who else?”, She stressed as a frown graced her usually flawless face.

“Ohhh ok. Im not following, why would he steal them?”, I asked confused as I turned my attention towards the court, trying to make sense of what she was telling me. Before she could say anything else, realization hit and I looked back at her with wide eyes, “Oh my god. Jeremiah you are the man”, I whispered before resting my forehead on her shoulder and laughing hard at the thought of J trying to knock Jas up on the down low,

“Nalaaaaaaaaa, its not funny”, Jas dragged on before finally chuckling while I lifted my head up a little and wiped the side of my eyes, “Oh come on Jassy, he wants a baby with you and his trying to do it on the DL”, I smirked as I shook my head with amusement before looking back over at Zay to make sure he was okay. Of course, him and Briana were too busy stuffing their faces to even realize what was going on.

Turning back around, I could tell Jas was all up in her thoughts, not wanting to startle her, I linked my arm with hers and gave her a little squeeze of reassurance, “You don’t want to have a baby with him?”, I whispered with seriousness as I knew this wasn’t all fun and games, “I don’t know Lani, Im so confused and he hasn’t even tried to talk to me about it? Isnt this something people discuss?”, She stressed as she looked over at me with a torn expression instantly making me feel bad at her situation.

“Jas let me be honest, yes his approach is definitely not ideal and honestly Im surprised someone as smart as J would try that approach rather than talk it out BUT it just goes to show how much he wants this with you”, I told her honestly causing her frown to ease up and instead be replaced with a small smile.

“You’re right, that was definitely some stupid shit he tried though”, She giggled lowly as I started laughing again at the thought of Jeremiah stealing her pills, “Thats like some type of shit Ace would pull, well that is if he ever wanted kids”, I chuckled as I shook my head while Jasmine nodded in agreement.

“Girl it most likely WAS Adrian’s idea, I should whoop J’s ass for even thinking about getting advise from him”, She whispered lowly making sure Briana couldn’t hear us making fun of her man, “Just talk to your man after the game. Tell him how you feel”, I said softly as I squeezed her hand just as Isaiah stood up and dusted off his jeans.

“You okay sweetie?”, I asked as I leant forward and helped him tie his shoelace of his Jordan’s that he chose to wear today.

“When daddy playing mama?”, He pouted as I sat up and pulled him closer so that he was now standing in between my legs, “In about 5 minutes baby”, I muttered as I kissed the top of his head and let him rest his weight into my chest.

Wrapping my arms around his small body, we watched the stadium come to life as the commentator announced the arrival of the Miami players just as they began jogging out on to the court. Isaiah looked back at me with wide eyes causing me to chuckle at the sparkle in his behind them, “Keep watching baby, daddies coming out soon”, I whispered as I nodded my head to the front of us and watched as he quickly turned his head back to the front and towards the court.

“Uncle J!”, He beamed as he pointed towards Jeremiah who jogged out followed by Ace, “And look uncle Ace”, I pointed at Adrian as Isaiah’s excitement built by the second.

“DADDY!”, Zay squealed as she began jumping up and down while clapping his small hands, “I just cant deal, I wanna eat him”, Briana pouted as she slid across and sat in Zay’s seat before leaning down and kissing his cheek a few times. Jasmine on the other hand had pulled out phone and was filming Isaiah’s reaction.

“Daddy! Look at daddy, Mommy look at daddy!”, Zay rushed out all at once causing us all to chuckle at the sight while my eyes roamed the court and landed on Tysons body for the first time tonight.  Lowly licking my lips at the sight , I couldn’t help but grin at the sight of the tall, handsome man that I called mine.

As if clockwork, Tysons eyes locked on mine and the small frown that permanently graced his face soon vanished and was replaced with a lazy grin at the sight of Isaiah and I. Kissing Zay’s cheek without removing my eyes off Tysons, I held onto Isaiah’s small wrist and waved to his daddy which made his grin wider.

Sending us a wink, he caught the ball that was sent his way and jogged off to the right side of the court where his teammates were warming up. Isaiah’s gaze never fell short of his dad’s body and instead stood there watching his every move., “Lani look up”, Briana chuckled as she pointed to the massive screens above the court, causing us all to turn our attention to it only to find the camera being put on us four.

“Oh my god”, I muttered lowly in embarrassment while Jas and Briana took in the attention by smiling wide and waving. Chuckling at the girls antics, I tapped Isaiah’s thigh to get his attention and pointed up at the screen so he could see himself on the big TV.

As expected his eyes got wide and he looked back at me with excitement for a second before looking at the screen and waving big causing around of applause and cheers to erupt in the stadium. Giggling at his cuteness, I tore my eyes away from the screen and over to Ty who was watching the screen with a proud look.  Soon enough the camera started moving through the crowd and began their normal ‘kissing cam’, while us four turned our attentions back onto the court.

Unintentionally, one of the balls the heat was using bounced off towards the sidelines near us and it was Tyson who jogged over to grab it.  Dribbling the ball between his legs, he took the opportunity to come over and lift Isaiah up in the air which sent Zay into a fit of giggles, “You cheering for yo pops?”, Ty smirked as he kissed Zay’s cheek and set him down on his feet, before leaning over and pecking me lips.

Ignoring the sudden flashes of the camera, Zay seemed oblivious to the attention that was now put on us and instead wore a cheesy smile, “I cheer daddy”, Isaiah beamed as he hugged Tysons leg tight before letting go and resting his body back in between my legs, “Number one fan huh”, Ty grinned as he messed with Zay’s hair and winked at me before jogging back towards the team as they were now gathering so they could start.


“Yay daddy!”, I cheered as I held onto Isaiah’s small hands and clapped them together. The entire stadium was up on their feet cheering like crazy at Miami’s first win for the season. Beginning Tysons first game since breaking his shoulder, the spotlight was on him and of course my baby delivered as always. Quickly joining in the hype, I stood up on my feet and picked Zay up in my arms so he could cheer along with the rest of the crowd.

It wasn’t until 10 minutes later that the crowd had finally calmed down and began leaving that we decided to get up and head home, “Daddy coming?”, Zay asked as he snuggled his face in the crook of my neck. My poor baby had been cheering so much that he had exhausted himself out, “Daddy is going to meet us at home baby”, I told Zay as the girls and I headed out of the court and towards the VIP car park.Since it was the first win for the guys, we knew that they would be in the locker rooms for a while celebrating and since I had Zay I didn’t want want to keep him waiting for ages.

“No come now?”, He frowned with a sad pout causing me to mirror his pout at how adorably cute he looked, “He cant right now baby, how about we go get you some nuggets and than we can watch cartoons in bed until daddy comes home?”, I reasoned with him causing him to think about it for a second before  looking up at me with his big brown eyes, “We getting daddy nuggets too?”, He ask causing us girls to chuckle at his bargaining for his dad, “I think we can do that”, I grinned as I kissed his chubby cheek a few times and walked through the car park and towards Tysons porsche panarama that I had convinced him to let me drive today.

“Okay mama, Ill call your sexy ass tomorrow”, Briana cheesed as she hugged me from behind before coming around and groaning at the sight of Zay snuggled in my hold, “How can a kid be this adorable”, She sighed dreamily before kissed all over his face, sending him into a fit of giggles, “Bye my favorite man”, She winked before turning to Jas and giving her a hug and a slap on the ass.

Chuckling as I watched her make her way towards Ace’s range rover, I turned my attention to Jas and gave her a massive hug goodbye before handing her Zay so she could also kiss and part ways with him, “Be good for yo mama okay?”, She cooed as she kissed his head causing him to nod as he yawned tiredly.

“Drive safely Nala and msg me when your home so I know you guys are okay”, She said over her shoulder as she headed towards her BMW and got in. I nodded my head as I waved before turning back around and opening the back door and strapping Zay into the toddler seat in the back.

Kissing his cheek before closing his door, I jumped into the drivers seat and didn’t waste a second backing out of the spot and out of the car park, “Try and stay awake for mommy okay, baby?”, I told Zay as I looked through the rearview mirror and found him closing his eyes while yawning. I knew my son was tired and ready to crash but he still needed to eat something for dinner and I didn’t want him falling asleep in the car as I knew he would just wake up once I pick up and take him inside.

It wasn’t until 30 minutes later that we had got our dinner from McDonalds and arrived back at home. Thankfully Zay managed to stay awake and as soon as I sat him on his feet he was once again buzzing at the thought of eating nuggets in bed while watching SpongeBob, “Come one my little hyped man”, I giggled as I held onto his hand and walked into the silent mansion.

Quickly putting the alarm code in, I turned the lights on as we headed towards the kitchen. Sitting my purse on the kitchen counter, I sat our nuggets, chips and juice boxes on a tray and re held onto Isaiah’s hand as we headed upstairs to my bedroom.

Thankfully we had both showered before leaving for the game today, therefore I sat the tray on the bed and headed to Zay’s room so we could change him into his onesie pajamas.

Once I had him dressed in his pajamas, I grinned at the sight of him,“You are sooo cute”, I gushed as I sat him on his feet and walked beside him as we made our way back towards my bedroom, “You too mommy”, He said sweetly causing me to look down at him while cheesing at his adorable self.

“Come here you little charmer”, I cooed as I picked him up and squeezed him tight as I entered into my bedroom and playfully dropped him on my bed so he bounced a little. Rolling around as he giggled, he climbed up to Tysons spot and sat back against the pillows with his legs stretched out in front of him just like Tyson usually does, “Mommies just going to her pajama’s on”, I told him as I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV and played SpongeBob for him.

Quickly stepping into our walk in closet, I headed straight for my chest of drawers and pulled out a simple silk lingerie playsuit and proceeded to let my hair down from the tight ponytail it had been tied in.  Once I had successfully taken my entire makeup off, I made my way back into the bedroom and dimmed the lights before grabbing the tray of food and getting into bed next to Zay, “Im so hungry”, I muttered as I sat up right against the pillows and brought Isaiah closer to my side so I could help feed him, “Me too mommy”, Isaiah said as I handed him a nugget and opened up his juice box.

“Feed you?”, Zay asked sweetly as he held the nugget up to my mouth causing me to grin as I bent down a little and took a bite into the nugget, “Thanks baby”, I mumbled as I sat back up and opened up my own juice box.

It wasn’t until half an hour later that Isaiah and I had finally finished feeding each other and got out of bed to wash our hands, “Come on baby boy”, I yawned as I held his hand and took him into the bathroom, “Where’s daddy?”, He frowned as I lifted him up on the basin and turned on the water while sighing at the paranoid state my son had been ever since Tyson left for those few days.

Though Zay didn’t say it out loud I knew he thought that Tyson had left us and didn’t want him anymore. Now when Zay didn’t see Ty for a while he would always question were his dad was and wanted reassurance that he was coming back.

“He should be coming home soon baby, lets go cuddle in bed and wait for him”, I yawned once again as I felt sleep creeping up on me by the second. Sluggish drying both our hands on the towel, we exited the bathroom and raced to the bed before collapsing on it in a fit of giggles, “I won!”, Zay squealed causing me to laugh as he rolled around.

The sound of a deep laugh caused us both to jump as well as letting a squeal escaped my lips, “Jesus Christ Ty”, I breathed out as his tall frame was casually leaning on the doorframe watching us with a grin on his face, “DADDY!”, Zay squealed with excitement as he stood up on the bed and began bouncing up and down. 

Dropping his Miami duffle bag on the floor, Ty made his way straight over to the bed and caught Isaiah in his arms just as Zay launched himself off the bed, “Damn I missed my little man”, Ty chuckled as he squeezed him tight and proceeded to kiss all over his face causing Isaiah to break into a laughing fit.

“We got nuggets for you daddy”, Isaiah continued to beam in excitement although the sleepiness was evident in his appearance, “Oh shit, you always looking out for yo man”, Ty smirked as he let down and pecked my lips, “Actually, it was Zay who insisted”, I chuckled after I received a few thank you kisses. Sucking his teeth he playfully pushed me further up the bed and collapsed on his side with Zay still in his arms.

“You did amazing tonight baby”, I muttered as I scooted over until I was snuggled up to his side, “You have no idea how good it feels to be back on that court. I didn’t think id miss it this much”, Ty confessed as he sat upright and placed Zay on his lap so he could take his shirt off.

“Well Im glad your back to playing”, I told him sincerely as I slipped out of bed and went over to the tray that was still holding Tysons 20 packet of nuggets, “Want me to go down and heat them up?”, I asked as I bit into one of his now cold nuggets and made a face of disgust at the taste, “Na baby its all good, hand them over”, He grumbled as he reached out and took the packet.

Crawling back into bed, I rested my head against the pillow and found my eyes falling heavily by the second, “Don’t be falling asleep on me, Lani”, I heard Tysons deep voice rumble causing me to pry them back open and look up at Ty with a frown.

“Im tired Ty”, I groaned causing him to roll his eyes on the low while stuffing his face with nuggets. Noticing Isaiah had fallen asleep, I pouted at how cute his sleepy face looked before sitting up and mentally encouraging myself to get up and put him into bed.

“Where you going?”, Ty mumbled with a mouth full of food, “Im gonna put him to bed, poor baby was fighting sleep all night so he could see you”, I yawned as I once again began sliding out of bed, “Hol up baby, Ill go put him you just stay here”, He yawned as he wiped his hands on a napkin and lifted Isaiah’s sleeping self in his arms and began making his way out of his room.

With low eyes, I watched as he left the room before scooting over more to Tysons side and resting my head on his pillow as it always smelt just like him. The faint sound of the TV, along with the sound of the waves crashing was the only sounds that could be heard in the bedroom.  Feeling peaceful, I felt my body falling into a deep sleep but once again I pulled out of my sleepy state at the sound of Ty re entering the room, “What I say? Don’t be falling asleep Lani”, His raspy voice boomed throughout the room.

“Shhhhh, Im sleepy”, I muttered as the feel of Tysons cold hand came in contact with my half revealed ass, “Damn I love it when you be wearing sexy ass lingerie”, He muttered lowly causing a wave of goose bumps to erupt against my skin, “I know what you’re doing and I’m too tired and sore”, I pouted as I snuggled my face deeper into his pillow.

“Come one Lani, a nigga just won and now he be wanting celebratory sex”, He groaned lowly as he snaked his arms around my waist and flipped me over in one go,”Imma be inside you whether you awake or not”, He shrugged simply as he covered my lips with his own. Moaning as he slipped his tongue in my mouth I melted in his embrace and let him have his way, as I knew better than anyone that what Tyson wants, Tyson gets.


Though I was physically and emotionally drained and tired, the only thing that had been on my mind since the moment the game ended was being inside Lani. Now being home and finding her lounging in our bed in nothing but some sexy ass silk had me all the way gone. Though I was beyond happy to see my little man up and waiting to see me, I couldn’t help but feel a little glad he knocked out so quickly.

Spreading her legs open, I rested my body in between them so that my face was leveled with her vanilla scented neck, “We have sex way too much”, She mumbled lowly causing me to pull back and look at her with a mug, “Fuck you mean we have too much sex, if anything we gots to be having more”, I smirked as thoughts of having sex with Lani all day filled my mind.

“Baby we already have sex almost three times a day, any more and im going to be bed bound from not being able to move”, She giggled as she shook her head while I just licked my lips at the sight of her perky breast thinly covered by black silk, “Shit if I could keep you in bed all day then you know I would”, I lazily grinned at her before resting my face in the crook of her neck and closing my eyes as I took in her scent.  

“Let me be on top”, She moaned lowly as I began sucking on the sensitive spot of her neck that always seemed to make her weak. Giving her want she wants, I flipped us back over so that she was now straddling my waist, “Its my turn to look after you”, She whispered lowly as she brought her lips down on mine and kissed me passionately.

Placing my hands on the side of her hips, I fought to take charge but Lani wasn’t having any of it and instead placed her hands on my chest and pushed my body back down into the bed, “Damn baby, ight do you”, I smirked as I placed my hands back behind my head and relaxed as I let Lani do her thing.

Without warning she scooted down my body and swiftly pulled my basketball shorts down, resulting in my already hard dick springing free.  Looking down with a small smirk, I raised my eyebrow at the way she was eyeing out with a hungry gaze, “You gonna keep staring at it or you gonna do something with it?”, I muttered huskily while licking over my bottom lip with amusement.

“We gonna see who’s the one smirking when I’m done”, She muttered under her breath before looking up and locking eyes with my own. Nothing but lust danced behind her big brown eyes and I knew then and there I had stirred something up inside her. Waiting with anticipation, I kept my eyes on her as she began moving to her lower until her moist lips brushed over my strained tip. Before I could cuss her out for the teasing I knew she was about to put me through, I quickly ran my fingers through her loose hair and pulled her head back, “On the floor, on your knees”, I grumbled roughly causing a wave of excitement to flash across her face.

Scrambling off the bed she immediately dropped to her knees while I sat up and shifted so that I was sitting comfortably on the edge. Without even having to tell her twice, Lani wrapped her hand around my length and sent her tongue from the bottom of my balls all the way up to the top. Groaning at the feel of sudden contact, I gripped the edges of the mattress and watched as she took my entire length without struggle.

Before I could even attempt to enjoy it, she removed my length just as quickly as she took it, ”Stop fucking with me Lani”, I groaned in frustration as I needed to release a nut one way or another, “Stop be impatient baby”, She muttered as she twirled her tongue around my tip that oozed a little pre cum, “I love tasting you”, She muttered again this time causing a grunt to escape my lips, “I swear to the fucking devil, if you ain-“, I grumbled out to be cut off as she wrapped her lips around my dick and began lowly sucking me thoroughly.

Tilting my head back so I was staring up at the ceiling, I closed my eyes and blocked out any other thought or feeling and focused on the pleasure my woman was currently delivering.

Hundreds and hundreds of women I have been with over my 22 years of living and not a single one of them could ever make me cum the way Lani could. Matter of fact none of them could make me cum period. Every time I was in one of them nameless hoes, it was Lani’s face I saw and it was thinking I was in her that made me blow.

Removing my length was again, she ran her tongue up and down my dick before rounding her tongue around my balls and slowly began sucking causing my hips to buckle, “Shit baby”, I grunted as she replaced her mouth with her hands and cuffed my balls as her mouth found its way back, wrapped around my tip.

“Make me cum Lani”, I groaned as she wrapped her hand around my shaft and began stroking it as she bobbed her head up and down rapidly.  Hitting the back of her throat, I mentally thanked the blunt I had smoked prior to coming home for the intensified horniness and pleasure.

Not being able to hold off for much longer, I placed my hand on top of her head and guided her against my thrusts as she moaned around my pulsating dick, “Fuck”, I gritted out as she continued to deepthroat the fuck out of me while my breathing picked up signaling I was close, “Cum baby”, Her muffled voice murmured sending a vibration down my dick and balls.

“Imma bust”, I grunted as I jerked my hips harder and clenched my sheets tighter. Letting out a long groan, I felt my body shudder as I finally busted the large nut that had been building up since the last time I was inside her. Not even flinching, Lani swallowed up every last drop and even went as far as pulling my now semi hard dick out of her mouth and licking up the cum that was dripping down my length.

“I feel sorry for the niggas that aint ever going to get bomb ass head from you”, I muttered causing her to chuckle as she looked up and licked over her lips, “I don’t know whether to be offended by that or complimented”, She said with amusement before slowly standing up and giving me a full view of her body wrapped in silk.

“Complimented, definitely complimented”, I mumbled lowly as I eyed her out and watched as she slowly reached up and pushed the left side of her strap off her shoulder. Immediately the silk fell down until it revealed her perfect sized breast causing my mouth to water as my dick jumped. Pressing my lips along her collarbone, I traced my fingers up her arm until they found the right strap and again gently pushed it off.

Once her top half was revealed, I leant down until I wrapped my lips around her erect nipple while she began grinding her hips into my once again hard dick, “I need you inside me”, She moaned as she wrapped one hand around the back of my neck and lifted her legs up so I could pull down her outfit, “You gonna ride this dick baby?”, I grunted as she wrapped her hand around my shaft and began rubbing it up and down her wet center.

“You been playing too much tonight”, I grumbled as I slap her hand away and grabbed my dick so I could position it right at her opening. Placing her other hand around my neck so she was now holding on, I placed my own hands on her waist and without any warning slammed her body down, sending my entire length inside her.

Letting out a scream of surprised, she tilted her head back and chuckled as I slapped her ass hard for being so loud, “You gonna have to keep that shit down, Zay’s sleeping”, I grunted as she sat balls deep on my dick and began grinding her hips, “I cant help it Ty, you feel so good”, She moaned out as I lifted her body a little and began pumping into her. Resting her face in the crook of my neck so she could muffle her moans, I continued to fuck her as deep as I could go, “You gonna cum on this dick baby girl?”,  I muttered huskily before biting down on her bare shoulder.

“Harder Ty, go harder”, She cried out as she tilted her head back and arched her back. Forming a O with her perfectly, full lips I smirked with satisfaction at the pleasure she was currently receiving. Knowing she was close, I used one hand to grip her hip tight so I could continue to pump her while I moved the other hand to her right breast. Grabbing it tight, I sent a slap across it causing her to moan out loudly while her nails clawed at my chest. Know matter how much she denied it, Lani lived for the rough and aggressiveness’ that I sent her way and she was by far the only girl who could handle it without tapping out.

“Shit baby, Im about, Im about to –“, She stammered as I moved my fingers down to her clit and began rubbing her soaked center as I felt her walls tighten around my straining dick. Few more hard strokes and a few minutes later, Lani wrapped one hand around my neck and held tight as she arched her body all the way back and released her own nut.

Groaning at the feel of her wetness dripping down my shaft, my thrusts became slower as I let her ride out her orgasm, “Nothing beats watching your face when I make you cum”, I grunted as leant down and covered her nipple with my lips, “That felt amazing”, She whispered breathlessly causing me to smirk as I softly bit down and tugged on her once again erect nipple.

Slowly she began to grind her hips causing me to look up at her with a raised eyebrow and a slight smirk, “Your turn”, She whispered as she licked over her lips and placed her hands on my shoulders. Watching her closely I removed my mouth from her breast and sat back while she lifted herself a little, making sure I still stayed deep inside her.

Lifting one leg, she turned her body so she was now sitting on me reverse cowboy.  Just the very sight of her ass swallowing me up, caused my dick to jump inside her, “Oh you in for it now”, I grunted as I sent a hard slap to her ass and wrapped my arms around her waist. Lifting her up, I stood up from the bed and turned around. Roughly placing her body on the bed so she was on all fours, I gripped both her ass cheeks hard and slammed into her without any remorse.  It was about to be a long night.


“J stop it”, I mumbled as I turned my head and lifted my bra strap back over my shoulder, “What you mean stop, a nigga wanting some after the win”, He chuckled as pushed my curls behind my ear and attempted to kiss my lips. Once again I dodged his kiss so that his lips landed on the corner of my mouth, resulting in him letting out a frustrated sigh.

“Ight, whats up you, Barbie? You been dodging me all day and night”, He huffed in a irritated tone while I sat Indian style on the bed, playing with the bottom of my sweater.  Not knowing how to bring the subject up, I kept my head down and mentally wished one of our phones rang so we could get out of this discussion.

“Oh you just gonna ignore a nigga now?”, He grumbled as he got off the bed and began pacing the floor in front of me, “J please, we’re both tired. Lets talk about this tomorrow”, I sighed as I tried to reason with him although it only seemed to irritate him even more, “Na lets talk about it now Jasmine. You acting like yo man cant even touch you now?”, He stressed as a frown presented itself over his handsome face.

Feeling bad for making him think I didn’t want him to touch me, I uncrossed my legs and slid off the bed. Making my way over to his pacing body, I grabbed onto his arm to spot him from walking and stood in front of him. Letting out a sigh as he looked down at me with a frown, I pouted at his frustration and melted my weight into his body so I could hug him.

Though it took him a few more seconds then I would have liked, he finally un-tensed and wrapped his arms around my body. Pulling me closer to him he rested his head on top of mine as I closed my eyes and took in his scent, “How we suppose to take the next step when you blocking me out?”, He blurted out causing us both instantly tense at the mention.

“So it was you!”, I accused as I pulled away and pointed my manicured nail at him, while he stood there froze and mouth hanging open before finally grinning lowly.

“How you know?”, He asked casually as he licked over his lips and as if it wasn’t a big deal, “Well because Ive misplaced three bottles of birth control in the past week and considering no one else is in the house I guess it narrows my suspect list down, don’t you think?”, I asked sarcastically causing him to chuckle as he shook his head and went over to sit on the edge of the bed.

“So whats the big deal?”, He shrugged while I just looked at him with my hands on my hips and a frown, “The big deal J, is that this isn’t some pet we’re talking about this is a BABY”, I stressed as I shook my head and took a seat next to him.

“Yea I know that Jas, what you aint want a kid with me?”, He huffed out in a offended tone while I just rolled my eyes at his childishness, “Its not that J, it’s the fact that you haven’t even thought to talk to me about it! You went behind my back and tried to knock me up. That’s some type of shit Ace would pull, not you. Your smarter then that”, I frowned as he looked over at me while shaking his head.

“I know you Jas and I know you using my approach to this situation as a excuse to cover what you really feeling about this. You aint want a kid with me, do you?”, He chuckled bitterly as he stood up. I on the other hand, finally letting my tears flow freely as I tried to block out the hurt I heard in his voice.

“Jeremiah, just listen”, I cried as I stood up and held onto his arm only to have him shrug me off instantly, “Na Jas save all that bull”, He muttered as he shook his head his head.

“Stop it J, you don’t get it! Its not that I don’t want to have babies with you its that -!”, I yelled as a last attempt to get him to understand me, though he cut me off before I could finish, “Na I get it, I get that Im out here looking like a little bitch. Talking to my boys bout how I found the one, how she got a nigga nose wide open but most of how I want her to give me my firstborn. Only to find out she ain’t even want to”, He chuckled bitterly causing me to feel even more guilty by the second.

Before I could even say anything else, Jeremiah grabbed his keys and stormed out of the bedroom, only to hear the front door slamming close a few seconds later.  Falling back onto the bed, I dropped my face in my hands and began crying hard at the thought of losing Jeremiah permanently.

It wasn’t until an hour later of crying and trying to call him, that I finally stood up and grabbed my jacket and handbag. The thought of sleeping in our bed without Jeremiah just hurt to much, so instead I needed to get out of there even though it was hitting 2Am. Locking the apartment, I power walked to the carpark and got into my bmw. Once pulling out of the driveway, I grabbed my phone and dialed Lani’s number, hoping she was some how still awake.  Wiping my tears as I set the phone on louder speaker, I silently prayed for her to pick up as the ringing tone filled the car.

“He-llo?”, I heard her answer breathlessly causing me to feel bad at waking her up, “Lani?”, I sniffed as I jumped on the freeway and headed towards her place, “Fuck you answering the phone for Lani”, I heard Ty grunt causing me to frown in confusion.

“Shut up Ty, it may be importanAHHHH”, She said only to moan out the last bit causing my eyes to go wide as realization hit in, “Oh shit, Im sorry girl. I didn’t know you guys were, well you know “, I stuttered awkwardly only to shake my head at how stupid I sounded, “Okay, Ill just speak to you later”, I quickly mumbled as I hung up not giving her a chance to reply.

Sighing as thoughts of just heading to a hotel filled my mind, I jumped a little at the sound of my phone-ringing coming through the speaker. Seeing Lani’s name, I quickly answered only to start apologizing instantly, “Nala, Im so sorry don’t even worry about me okay”, I sniffled only to be greeted with Tysons husky voice.

“Jas you ight?”, He grunted as Lani’s moans filled the background. Narrowing my eyes at the phone, I shook my head at my crazy friends before letting out a sigh, “J and I had a argument, he left and Im worried about him and I have no where to go”, I whispered only to be met with Tysons heavy breathing and the sound of ass slapping.

“Shit, ight come here. Imma try reach him and make sure he’s okay”, He groaned before muttering something incoherent, “Damn it Lani, come ride a nigga again”, He grumbled as I frowned at how perverted they were, “Ill just talk to you when I get there, y’all are nasty”, I mumbled causing him to let out a laugh, “Oh you have no idea”, He reply with amusement laced in his voice. Rolling my eyes playfully, I muttered a goodbye before hanging up.

It only took me another 15 minutes before I pulled up at Lani and Tysons beach front mansion. Parking the car, I rested my forehead on the steering wheel and took a few deep breaths before mustering up the will to get out. Wrapping my arms tighter around my body due to the chilly Miami weather, I jogged up the stairs and quickly sent Lani a text telling her I was outside.

Not even a few minutes later, the door swung opened revealing a shirtless Tyson who was readjusting his manhood while puffing on a cigarette, “Ew Ty”, I groaned as I shook my head and side hugged him before walking into the house, “Aint nothing ew about this godly statute”, He muttered as he looked down at his body and back up at me with a smirk, “So gone damn coincided”, I chuckled as I shook my head before heading to the kitchen and placing my handbag on the counter.

“Where’s your wife?”, I asked as I sat on one of the kitchen stools and ran my hand through my wild hair, “She recovering, she’ll be down soon”, He smirked as I just shook my head and accepted the glass of water he handed me.

“So you wanna tell me why my boy wasting his dollar bills on some dirty hoe, right about now?”, He asked as he pulled out some milk from the fridge and oreos from the cupboard, “You got in contact with him?”, I asked with wide eyes and a fast beating heart. I needed to hear that he was okay, “Na I didn’t “, He mumbled with a mouth full of oreo’s, while I just frowned in confusion.

“Wait so how do you know his at a strip club?”, I asked with curiosity causing him to stop chewing and look at me with a ‘are you serious face’, “Where does every nigga go when his chick wildin out?”, He said with a ‘duh tone’ while I just frowned at his response.

“You’re an asshole”, I heard Lani chuckled as she limped into the kitchen causing Ty shrugged his shoulders, “I get that a lot”, He grinned as he slipped off the stool and wrapped his around Lani’s waist. Kissing her on the lips,  he pulled away and slapped her ass hard, “Ouch nigga!”, Lani gritted out as she swatted his arms away and made her way over to me, “Hey baby girl, how you feeling?”, She sighed as I let her hug me tight and kiss my cheek.

“Im okay, just worried about him you know?”, I shrugged as I let out a sigh and played with my fingers, “What happened?”, Lani asked as she sat on the stool next to me.

“You aint want his kid huh?”, Ty said casually before I could say anything. Feeling tears swell in my eyes, Lani leant over and slapped him on the back of the head, “Stupid ass”, She muttered as he frowned at her while rubbing the spot she hit. “I tried to talk to him about it, but he just jumped to conclusions, he thinks I don’t want a child with him”, I found myself crying. Lani was instantly wrapping her arms around me as she rubbed my back, “So you do want a kid with him?”, Ty asked with a confused tone causing Lani to suck her teeth.

Before she could start cussing him out, I started to explain the real reason, “I do, I do want a baby with him but I may not be able to give him a child”, I cried as I wiped my cheeks.

“You use to be a man?”, Ty asked seriously causing me to look over at him with amusement while Lani once again sucked her teeth, “The hell did I find this nigga”, She muttered to herself lowly before pointing her finger at him, “Not another word”, She warned causing him to stuff a oreo in his mouth quickly and held up his hands in surrender.

Shaking my head at their banter, I bit back my lip in amusement before continuing on with my explanation, “The doctors always told me I had only a 20% chance of ever falling pregnant. J thinks I don’t want to have a kid with him but in reality I’m scared to get his hopes up and not fall pregnant”, I sighed as I brought the glass water up to my lips and took a sip.

“So why you aint just tell him that?”, Ty asked another one of his dumb question although I knew he was being dead serious, “That’s it”, Lani pulled away from me and began rounding the counter so she could attack him, though I quickly grabbed the back of her shirt and held her back. Holding his stomach Ty began laughing at his crazy woman while I couldn’t help but chuckle at how adorable they were.

 “Ight, ight Imma get outta here before I get my ass beat”, Ty chuckled as he grabbed his shirt off the chair and put it on, “Hol up baby where you think your going?”, Lani immediately asked as Ty grabbed his phone and keys, “Why you questioning me ?”, He smirked as he came over and give me a hug before towering over Lani who was tapping her feet while resting her hands on her hips.

“Where are you going Tyson Brown?”, She asked sternly as both Ty and I bit our lips with amusement at the cutest that was Nala, “Im going to throw some stacks with my boy”, He muttered as he licked over his lips and quickly leant down and pecked her before she could abject.

“Don’t make me hurt you!”, She huffed as she stomped her foot on the ground causing a chuckle to escape my lips, “You go get J and you bring him straight back. Don’t you dare even think about staying longer than necessary”, She said sternly as Ty nodded his head, “Yea, yea give me some”, He muttered as he wrapped his arm around her waist and lifted her off the ground so he could kiss her.

“Mmm ok enough”, She said breathlessly as she pulled away and looked at him all dreamily. Placing her back on his feet, Ty sent a head nod my way before slapping Lani’s ass and mumbling a ‘I love you’ as he walked out.  Letting out a sigh, I playfully rolled my eyes at how crazy in love these fools where and soon frowned as J filled my mind.

“Oh no, don’t even think about it! Ty will go get Jeremiah and you can work it out, then kiss and make up and then try make babies. Now come on lets go watch season 3 of supernatural”, Lani cheesed, instantly making me feel better at the thought of our girls night that is filled with nothing but junk food and drooling over Sam and Dean Westchester.

Standing up, I held my arms out and gathered all the chips, lollies and dip she had laid out before chuckling at the bottle of white wine she grabbed from the fridge, “We aren’t going to be sitting on your bed are we?”, I asked hesitantly as we began making our way up the stairs, “Yea of course we are, why?”, She asked with a confused tone.

“Well no doubt you and Ty just spent the last few hours fucking on it”, I chuckled as she looked over while wiggling her eyebrows, “Oh you have no idea”, She winked as I playfully pretended to gag.

“But you’re right, its filled with cum, sweat and sex so lets head to the spare room”, She laughed as I groaned at the mental image that she had just given me. Heading straight to the room that J and I usually sleep in when we crash here, I set out all our junk food while Lani went over and put the DVD in. Jumping into bed at the same time, we giggled as we hurried and got under the covers as the show began.

“You do know that we wont be seeing the boys until the morning?”, She suddenly said causing me to frown as I checked my phone only to see it a 2:30am, “What? But you told Ty to get J and come straight home”, I reminded her causing her to laugh slightly while looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh please, its Tyson we are talking about and want to bet that Ty is calling Ace up right now to get him to go too?”, She chuckled causing me to laugh as she was most likely right.

Before I could even say anything, the sound of Lani’s phone went off indicating she had just received a message. Picking up the phone she put in her passcode and held it up so we both can see

Briana <3 :

    Ty just bout to pick up Ace to go to the stripclub. I’ll be over in 15 xx

Reading the message we both looked up and over at each other before busting up with laughter. They may be a pain in our ass, but they were OUR pain in the asses and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is a re-posting of my re-appropriation art that was previously taken down by Tumblr administration for reasons unknown to me, I was never notified.

However, I do believe a certain NFL team owner had something to do with it being removed.

In Defiance I’ve put it Back UP.

I re-appropriated the image of MY Native Ancestor from Dan Snyder’s Racist Washington Redskins NFL Team.

I DEMAND that Dan Snyder not only changes the Redskins name, but that he also Stops using a Native American as a Mascot.

Please (share) to show your solidarity.

Thank you.



cyberprincesstwilight-deactivat  asked:

Why does Lopez need a helmet if he's metal and not affected by the plague clouds? Or is it just because everybody has helmets and it's just weird as hell for anyone to run around without one?

Grif looks at the robot, Lopez it had named itself, and shakes his head slowly. “I don’t know Sarge….it looks kind of creepy with just the head and eyes like that…”

“No one asked you, Grif.” Sarge says flatly.

“No, I think Grif is right, sir.” Simmons says, “Like…it looks like a skeleton head. Imagine walking around the base at night and then you turn the corner and there Lopez is! Skeleton head and unblinking eyes!”

“Simmons, the way you say that sounds like it has happened to you before.” Grif comments.

“It was a dark time…” Simmons murmurs ominously.

“All right, all right you pansies. Let’s go find Lopez a helmet then. That should solve the problem, right? Cheap, easy, effective!”

“I think I saw one in the garbage the other day out on second and Fledging drive. I’ll go see if it’s still there!” Simmons says and runs out of the base.

An hour later Simmons comes back with a brown helmet. It’s broken and not at all functional, but it works for the purpose they need it for. “¿Por qué no me sorprende que es un casco de color marrón? Todos ustedes planeaste esto. Lo que sea, yo no soy exigente.” Lopez says and puts it on. 

“There! No more skeleton head! Sarge nods, proud.

"Another question though Sarge, why does it only speak Spanish…?” Grif asks.

Sarge shrugs, “The only working voice box I could find out here. Maybe we’ll come across an english one, but till then welcome to Red Team Lopez!”

“Voy a tener que arreglar este casco, así que puede ver a los idiotas que me crearon. Ya me odio a todos.”

‘Created Equal’: Aaron Tveit, Edy Ganem Co-Starring, Bill Duke to Direct
By Dave McNary

Aaron Tveit and Edy Ganem are starring in the legal drama “Created Equal” with Bill Duke directing. Production is underway in New Orleans. Lou Diamond Phillips (“Longmire”) and Greg Alan Williams (“Greenleaf”) are also starring.

Duke is directing from a script by Richard Kletter, Michael Ricigliano, Theta Catalon and Joyce Lewis, based on the novel by Roger A. Brown. Producers are Theta Catalon of T-Cat Films and Karlas Powell. Brown is executive producing.

“Created Equal” centers on a woman who’s desperate to become a priest in the Catholic Church. She turns to an up-and-coming lawyer who files suit against the Archdiocese of New Orleans for sex discrimination without justifiable cause. As the trial unfolds,  an extremist threatens to kill the woman if she doesn’t back off.

Ya Gotta Believe

By Zac Vierra

There is no doubt that Tuesday’s come-from-behind win was the biggest victory for the 2015 New York Mets. Throughout the duration of the night, there were multiple times in which things did not look good for the Mets. But this team proved yet again that no deficit is too large to overcome. Mets fans are quickly learning that with this team, sometimes “Ya Gotta Believe.” 

Washington got off to a hot start scoring a pair of runs in the first but soon Captain America came to the rescue. David Wright led off the top of the second with a moon shot to left to restore faith.

The good feelings would not last long as the Nationals grabbed a run in the second and put up a four spot, in part to an error by Yoenis Cespedes, in the sixth.

It was looking more and more like Washington would cut the Mets division lead to four games as the Nationals win probability was as much as 99.2% when Travis d’Arnaud popped up for the second out of the seventh inning. 

But that 0.8% chance of winning was enough for the Mets to not give up. Walk, single, and walk and just like that it was a 7-2 game and Curtis Granderson stepped up with the bases loaded. Like he has done all year, Grandy worked the count into his favor and drew his 75th walk of the year to cut the deficit to four.

Then it was redemption time.

Cespedes atoned for his error as he cleared the bases with a double. As the month of September continues it is becoming increasingly clear that Yo is not human; the guy is unbelievable.   

With the Mets trailing by one, there was no reason not believe in this team. And sure enough Lucas Duda, fresh off the DL, drew another bases loaded walk to tie things at seven.

On a night in which the impossible became reality, it was fitting that the hero was Kirk Nieuwenhuis. In a season in which he was traded from the Mets only to end up back with the team, Nieuwenhuis destroyed a Jonathan Papelbon pitch over the fence in right to put his team in front….for good. 

What a moment.

In the ninth things got shaky when the Nationals got the lead-off man on. But with Jeurys Familia on the mound, it was time to believe in the closer. Sure enough, after a failed sacrifice attempt, Familia got a double play to end it.

Safe to say he was fired up.

Noah Syndergaard said it best after game.

Tug McGraw would be proud. With this team Ya (always) Gotta Believe.