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The Horror Section is Haunted

Original Imagine: Imagine Dean kissing you to keep you quiet when you start panicking while hiding during the middle of a hunt

Word Count:1844

Warnings: A kiss, it was only a kiss

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Working in Bookends, while highly enjoyable (thank you, employee discount), is still work. There are boxes of books to sort, books to shelve, shelves to organize and all the cleaning to keep up- and that doesn’t even touch on the customer service side of the job. Regardless, you’ve put your all into it. You’ve become friends with your coworkers, you take on extra tasks to help out when you can and you even willingly deal with Sheila, an elderly customer that drives you around the bend (and that’s just on her good days).

You had been sure that you were in fairly good standing with your managers.

At least, you thought so, until Dean St. Hubbins and Sam Smalls strode into Bookends while you were the only employee on the closing shift.

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