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There’s been a lot of discourse from anons about writing lately… I just want to say that I’m extremely thankful for this fandom. So far for me it’s been a positive experience, even though I brain very different things to the fandom. (I’m going to hold on to being labeled as a queen of dark fics forever, by the way.) If you don’t think enough people are reading your fics, please don’t stop putting them out there. There is so much to digest in this fandom, so much to try and keep up with, that it can be a little overwhelming. I’m sure someone out there wants to read it - heck, I do. I want to read everything honestly. My point is please keep writing, whoever you are. And please don’t be afraid to say who you are, but if you’re going to stay on anon, please be nice to my friends. They try really hard and they’re really great. Thanks.

OMG OK LET ME LEARN Y'ALL A THING. My friend told me about this guy named Sufjan Stevens and all I can say is WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HIM.

Okay so first, he is such a pure lil bean. He’s a Christian but get this– HE’S NOT SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC, TRANSPHOBIC, RACIST, ISLAMOPHOBIC, OR APHOBIC. I know right??? He just loves Jesus a whole hecking lot and it’s so freaking cute. He’s also this cute shy lil mouse boy and he barely does interviews because he has anxiety. Just a lil flower boy with no time for neurotypical BSery.

SECOND. He writes the most ADORABLE, PURE, SQUEE-WORTHY mlm music. Like seriously, put that shit on your fic-writing playlists and you will be writing some cute-ass fluff in no time. He just loves boys a lot and it makes my heart so big and full.

THIRDO. He is a STEAL. Seriously, I have high standards and I would go frickledy-frack on him in like three seconds flat if I was even in the same room as him. Those blue-green eyes. Those delectable lips. Whew, is it sweaty in here or is that just me?

FOURTHERLY. He and his gay opera friend Nico Muhly are way too cute for words and I am frankly disappointed that the Tumblr fandom crew hasn’t made any ship content whatsoever. If they aren’t dating I am going to be literally shattered. My poor heart can’t take all the cuteness.

IN CONCLUSION! Listen to Sufjan Stevens or the Tumblr gods will smite you.

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Can we stop the idea that fanfiction is just a niche and has zero effect on its readers whatsoever and that it’s okay to use and promote offensive tropes in fanfiction? I know I’m not the only one who mostly reads fanfiction rather than books, it’s shaped the way I perceive human relations and sexuality more than I care to admit, it’s a fucking huge part of the lives of many young people and especially teenage girls. Fanfiction should be treated like any other media and we shouldn’t drop all standards when it comes to judging fanfiction.


“Kreacher serves the Master, and Kreacher serves the House. If the House seeks aid, Kreacher goes to the Master; if the Master seeks aid, Kreacher goes to the House. If both seek aid, Kreacher must find another Master, or another House, to answer the call.”

What We Pretend We Can’t See by @gyzym

Growing up in internet fandom in the 00s, remembering:

1. ff.net banned NC-17 fics

2. The moment you signed a disclaimer for reading fics that you’re 18 years old when you’re actually 18

3. Trying to keep up with the threads on Yahoo mailing lists

4. Exploring fanfic archives through “Web rings” of fic sites

5. Livejournal: drabbles, ficlets, vignetts, comment fics, lj communities, when OkCupid was funny personality quizzes

6. Learning about society (and social psychology) through Fandom_wank

7. Discovering ships via ship_manifestos: also, words like “plotbunny”, “squee”,” guh”, “squick”, “plotsheep”

8. Yuletide fics is Happy Holidays for EVERYONE- fic recs everywhere

9. Wanting fanfic Awards in the form of icons you can put on your fic site and respecting the fics that had those icons

10. The joy of browsing fics via Del.icio.us (TAG SYSTEMS RULE)

anon requested ladrien with 20

“You need to wake up, because I can’t do this without you.”

Adrien, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth and breathing even against her thigh, didn’t respond.


No response.


Ladybug wondered if his breathing slowing and shallowing was just her panicked imagination.

“Chat please…

Her heart was so tight she nearly cried when his eyelids twitched. “Chat?”

Her partner pried his pretty green eyes open and blinked fuzzily up at her, mumbling, “L'dybug?”

And then gave a quiet oof when she folded herself down on top of him, and cast around his waist and tears stinging her eyes.

“Don’t scare me like that,” she hiccuped to his stomach, fingers tightening in his cotton clothing.

One cautious, clumsy hand stroked the back of her head. “Okay.”

They’re sitting on Patton’s bed, Patton’s hands are folded together on his lap, his eyes downcast.

“Please say something.” He whispers.

An leans forward and takes his hand, “what do you want me to say?”

A humorless chuckle escapes the older man’s lips. “Well based on my experience after telling people my sexuality. ” a forlorn look crosses his face, “you’re either gonna tell me that I’m just confused, or ask me if I was raped…or say” he purses his lips together, “ ‘challenge accepted’ ” the last one comes out in a soft voice, tone uncertain as him.

“No.” An shakes “Fuck no. I’ll never.” He leans even closer and takes Patton’s face in his hands, “I will never say those things to you. Never.”

Patton leans into the touch, “I’m sorry, An.” He sobs as he lets the tears run freely. “I’m sorry.”

An catches the tears, sofly wiping them from his lover’s face, “ Why are you apologizing?”

“Because I’m..because I don’t.”

“You’re asexual, Patton.” An speaks, “you don’t experience sexual attraction. And that’s what that is. That’s who you are. It’s not gonna make me love you any less.” His expression turns serious, “it shouldn’t even be a reason for me to love you any less.”

The tears have stopped falling now but Patton was still sniffling. “You’re…you’re not gonna stop loving me?” He asks eyes staring hopefully.

“Baby” An breathes movie forward to press a gentle kiss on Patton’s lips, “nothing in the whole universe will ever make me stop loving you.”

Attention Fanfic Writers!

Okay, so I was randomly having a conversation with a friend who’s had her fics reposted on weird sites before, and she told me she’s made a habit of googling sections of her fics to check for any more instances of that. So I thought, hey, why not, let’s google my fic. 

Apparently there’s this really weird Russian Fanfiction site called fanfics.me that is doing automatic uploads of fics from popular sites including FFN and AO3

From what I can see they’re either posting these fics in their entirety in their original language or they’re creating epubs of these fics translated into Russian. Here’s an example of my fic:

They link directly back to my fic and cite me as the author, but I didn’t give any permission to anyone to upload my fics to this site. 

I’m currently in the process of figuring out how to report fics on this website to ask that they all be taken down, so if you have any information about this site or have had experiences dealing with it in the past let me know. I’m personally very not okay with these fics being up. 

That I know of @thelastpilot @bullysquadess @siderealsandman @skaylanphear @geek-fashionista and @baneismydragon also have either their full fics uploaded or translated epubs available for download on this site. I wanted to let you all know just in case you all aren’t okay with your fics being put on this site in this manner. 

I’m currently doing a search of other writers in my fandom that I know of and will let them know if I find anything, but I suggest anyone with an AO3 or FFN account do a site search for their usernames and see if you have any material on here. 

Again, if anyone is familiar with this site/knows how to report fics on this website please let me know. I’d very much like to get my fics off this site if at all possible. 


I saw a post with the idea and hey, why not

Title:  Remember those walls I built? Baby, they’re tumbling down. 

Fandom: Sanders Sides [Thomas Sanders]

Pairings:  Moxiety


By some miracle, he allows himself to be brave. No, wait, let me rephrase that, he allows himself to be stupid.

“I…I was..I mean. I want you to be my boyfriend. I mean if it’s cool with you. If not then…whatever.”

An speaks in one breath looking at everywhere but the objection of his affection.

Then Patton speaks, “you’re asking if we could be boyfriends?”

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A Day in the Life

Pepperland. A place where everything and anything can and could be possible. The lives of four dedicated musicians intertwine and go about as if it were any other day. Except it isn’t, and never quite is. 

When the infamous Kite Theatre is threatened to be shut down, Sgt. Pepper and his band combine talents to help save it while navigating their feelings and relationships in the meantime. 

So sit back, take a drag of some efferflourescent powder, and enjoy the show. 

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smOL are you holding put on us??? More tododeku fic recs pls? Similar to your demolition lovers and the countless fics of pitviperofdoom where the stories are so good and soft, full of feeling and simultaneously destroys my soul or Ny fic recs pls my crops are dying

good and soft, full of feeling and simultaneously destroys the soul 

my dude. i gotCHU.

  • you called it home is a v recent tddk fic with pining shouto, and, in the author’s words, 2k words of todoroki waxing poetry about izuku as a person. there are SLIGHT spoilers for the upcoming arc in bnha season 2, so tread carefully
  • moving through cedarsmoke is pretty close to canon plot-wise, with a few exceptions; it has trans izuku and dis-associative shouto
  • Sunshine, Trapped in Our Hearts is actually the sequel of Guiding Light, which i recommended last time
  • Forehead Kisses is actually one of the first tddk fics posted on ao3. it’s soft and cute.
  • Crispiness of a Fucking Nerd is a classic lmao. it’s got established tddk and dumb boys tryna figure out how to kiss. the same author made Starting Line, which has cONFESSIONS need i say more.
  • Untitled Mornings is a tiny ficlet of izuku waking up next to his cutie of a bf
  • it could be worse should be something you’ve already read before what r u. it’s got presents and confessions and all that good shit. the same author made pax, a v long future fic which has murderrrrr
  • Burning Water do you like sad shouto who becomes a happy shouto?? i do too. 
  • Glimpses is about shouto hoping for a future with izuku
  • all this love is where shouto has an existential crisis because he’s caught Da Feels
  • i always expect for everyone to have read Hitsuzen but. if you haven’t. you better. inko plays a pretty big(?) part in it
  • all the choirs in my head; the fic where shouto likes to get choked (lmao this is the first explicit fic i’ve rec’d)
  • two sided feeling takes place after the sports festival, so i highly recommend this for new tddk shippers!! it’s got pining and so much kissing oml
  • sunburn is where shouto has conversations with his mother and she basically convinces him to confess to izuku; HOWEVER, there are spoilers for future events in the manga so do not read if you haven’t caught up to ch88.

i think that’s enough for now. I HOPE YOU ENJOY READING!!

Me on my death bed...

Me: Tell my family that I love them

Grandkid: Yes, grandma.

Me: And tell telanu that Truth and Measure is the best novel I’ve ever read.

Grandkid: I think you mean fanfiction, grandma.

Me: Did I fucking stutter?

Title: Something beautiful

Fandom: Sanders Sides [Thomas Sanders]

Pairings: Moxiety

A/N:  this is really bad. I don’t even know what this is. It’s mostly self indulgant. I don’t know…I just wanted to write it? I wrote this under 10 minutes and it’s not edited. 

Warnings: pointless plot and bad writing

I’m tagging @dan-yuna cause she likes this ship.


He chews on his bottom lip, eyes scanning the computer in front of him. Strong arms wrap around him and he melts leaning back to rest his head on a chest.

“go to bed, sweetheart” Patton murmurs before kissing him on the temple

A shake of head, “we gotta plan this seating arrangement, Pat. I don’t want to put anyone with anyone they don’t wanna be with” 

Patton pulls him from his seat and he has no choice to obey. But instead of pulling him back to bed, the older side takes a seat in front of the computer and pulls him into his lap. 

“Then let’s do it together.”  Patton says as he takes a look at what his fiance has so far. 

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Tips for Beginners

When typing this title, my phone autocorrected it to “Tips for Whiners” which is hilarious given the circumstances surrounding this post. However, my conscience got the best of me and I decided to title it differently even though there was peer pressure for the original title. However, not all beginners are whiners (by far) and I figured it wasn’t fair to lump people into a group. Plus, this post is meant to be far more informative and encouraging than it is critical and teasing.

New writers are always looking for help and tools to use to get their writing “out there,” wherever that is. They want to build their audience, which means gaining followers and notes on posts. They seek out help, work on their blogs, and write a lot.

However, some new writers fall into a trap of jealousy and complaining. They become frustrated, then turn their frustration into jealousy. They whine about not getting notes and followers, they complain about blogging cliques and unfair treatment, and they adopt an attitude of “Woe is me. The blogosphere is against me.”

This post is meant to be helpful to each group by providing both useful tips and reality checks. At no point do I actually mean to be hateful. Am I sassy, though? Yes. You can stop reading this post at any time, too. You can also take what works for you and throw out the rest. Nothing here is a blanket statement. 

But let’s just get on with it. ( And it is a long one)

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forget me not

Words: 13,500
Fandom: Moana
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui

Summary:  Look, normally Maui’s all for humans weeping over his injured body. Hey, he’s been demigod-ing for thousands of years, it’s nice to be appreciated every once in awhile, all right? But this one, this girl, acts like she knows him. He disregards it, because that’s just creepy, until he realizes that he has a tattoo of her - and no clue how he earned it.

Alternate title: “?????? ?? ???”

Main idea co-developed between myself and @paperjam-bipper, title credits entirely to her. For some reason, she has made it her mission to tear out my heart on a regular basis. Thanks, Paper.

A couple of quick notes, i.e. I’m putting the abridged glossary at the top this time: The ‘ava ceremony is a formal one used for a variety of occasions, included but not limited to: bestowing the title of Chief (matai) on a new Chief, welcoming visiting tribes to the island, honoring guests, etc. 
The siva tau is a traditional Samoan war dance, used in the modern-day before sporting events. 
The ailao afi is also known as the fire knife dance. Literally, you take a knife, wrap it and cloth and light it on fire. Performed to demonstrate battle prowess. As the daughter of the Chief, Moana would have had familiarity with it even before the movie. I have a headcanon that Moana and Maui, the two giant dorks that they are, looked at this incredibly dangerous dance and went “time to make a duet out of this!!” They would.

When Maui opens his eyes, there’s someone holding his hand.

Which makes waking up way more awkward than it needed to be. Sure, he’s a demigod of many talents, but he’s gotta say that hand-holding isn’t one too often requested.

Then the situation abruptly gets about a hundred times more uncomfortable, because as soon as he opens his eyes this girl decides that his pecs are a good pillow, wrapping her arms around his chest and wow, she’s got a surprisingly strong grip for a mortal. She’s pretty much squeezing his breath out of his lungs, which is impressive, since he’s got a pretty solid pair. Used for anything from hakas to grand story-reenacting. Not a pair like it this side of Lalotai.

“Hey,” he says jovially, trying to prise her off and failing. Good to know he was missed during his millennium off. “Look, kiddo, I know it’s not every day you meet your hero, but you wouldn’t want to make a bad first impression, now would’ya.”

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