put that body away

actual behind the scenes info for the Bye Bye Man:

  • the bye bye man’s backstory was going to be that he was a black man with albinism for no reason. it got cut because the director thought it was too “intense” and racially complex. i don’t know what that means.
  • the director does not think police can follow trains or figure out where trains come from. she said, “the reason he rides the train is because when he was murdered, his body was put on a train and sent far away so [authorities] wouldn’t be able to track the fact that the people who murdered him murdered him.” 
  • the choo choo man drops coins throughout the film. it is never explained why. apparently, they coins are psychically connected to his meat dog’s eyes and allow it to watch people.
In Which You Surprise Yourselves

Peter Parker x Reader

Prompts: “You’re really soft.” “You look incredible in that.” “Can I kiss you?”
Or in this case: touch that sets your nerves on fire.

Summary: Peter asks you to Prom. All of those accidental touches finally peak, building over the years and finally turning into something more. 2.5k words

Peter is 18.

Part I  Part II  Part III  Part V

Warnings: We gettin’ a little hot and heavy in this one folks. But not cliché, so don’t get too excited, you hear? [Y/N] too good for lovin’ on Prom night. Respect yo self.

Not going to lie, little nervous about this one, so, be nice.

It was the night of Senior Prom. Your nerves were in tangles, stomach doing flips as you took one last look at yourself in the mirror. Initially, you’d gone around telling everyone that you weren’t going to this stupid dance; you didn’t want to go. You’d even made plans with your mom, expressing to her that no one was going to ask you anyway, and you didn’t want to spend the money on the whole dress thing. You had been trying to sell it to yourself. You had every intention of sticking to your guns until Peter had asked you to go with him.

You looked up from your book and over the tray of food in front of you to see Peter standing across the table. His hands shoved into his pockets, bouncing on the balls of his feet, the headphones around his neck rebounding up and down off his chest in time with his movements. You smiled at him.

“Hey, Pete,” you offered, becoming curious and slightly nervous when his answering smile looked incredibly uncomfortable. You almost wanted to laugh. You were glad you didn’t. He shocked you with the words that tumbled from his mouth.

“So do you maybe want to go to Prom?” The speed at which the words left his lips would have impressed you if you weren’t suddenly a ball of nerves yourself. “You know, with me?”

You probably looked ridiculous: eyes wide as your mouth flopped open and closed a few times before you managed to respond. “Umm, O-OK,” you nodded your head, the prospect of going to a dance with Peter finally working itself into your brain, “yeah, yes, yes.”

He had stopped his bouncing in favor of a smile. “OK, cool.”

“OK.” You were still holding your book awkwardly almost in front of your face, too afraid of moving to put it down.

He gave you a nervous smile, turning his body away from you, stopping again, his hands coming out of hiding and gesturing to the line of people waiting to get their food, “OK, I’m just gonna…” he said before walking away in the direction his shaking hands had motioned.


You couldn’t have hid your smile if you’d tried.

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Like, like.

Hi, I thought there are quite a lot of blogs that are still accepting requests!! I have never heard of the song before and after you sent the ask, I gave it a listen to and I so agree with you. It definitely gave me the ‘this feels like it could be Peter’s song’. Anyways, thank you for sending in this request and hope you enjoy?


Originally posted by parkrpeters

Sometimes Peter feels a little bit bad for doing this but at the same time, he really can’t help himself. Every single time he is in front of you, he turns in to this bumbling mess and always end up either weirding you our or making a fool of himself. It’s mostly the latter though and Peter sometimes think he should probably just stop trying because who would even want him as a date never mind a boyfriend?

When you made a move to turn towards the window, Peter immediately throws himself on to the bed, heart racing against his chest. “Seriously, Peter.” He groans at himself as he rolls on to his back to stare at the metal structures that is supporting his bunk bed. This crush on you is seriously starting to get the best of him. He probably should break this habit of his before you think he is even weirder.

You live in the apartment building beside his and Peter must have saved the world or something in his previous life to be blessed with your room being directly across of his. In other word, his bedroom faces yours. Peter doesn’t even remember when he started to just casually stand in front of the window in his clothes that may not be in-season (Sometimes May even wonders why he is still wearing sweaters when it’s too humid and hot outside), watching you from his window. Though every single time you are about to undress, Peter always run away because he really cannot stand to look at you undressing.

“Maybe one of these days,” Peter murmurs to himself before shaking his head and sitting up. He grabs his bag pack and pulls out his suit. Now’s probably not the time to be thinking about that, he reminds himself as he quickly pulls his curtains together – Spiderman’s identity is still a secret – and begins to get dressed. He’s got things to do right now.

“Hey, Karen.” Peter lets himself swing on the web-hammock he had made prior to putting away the rest of the body suit, leaving only his mask on. “Do you think I should confess to Y/N?” He clicks his pen a few times as he writes calculations on his notepad.

“Hello, Peter. May I know who Y/N is?” Karen asks back. “Perhaps, maybe you should confess to her if you think highly of her.” Peter blinks a couple of times as he tries to explain who you are to Karen.

“Y/N’s this girl… that I like, like but every single time I try to talk to her or greet her, I just end up embarrassing myself and then I can’t bring myself to see her after that.” Peter can’t count the amount of times he has done this; stop you from walking to try and greet you but he only manages to sputter his words and occasionally slurs his words together before rushing away to his class, mentally apologizing at you.

“Y/N is this fellow classmate of mine. She sits in front of me in Chemistry and I don’t know.” Peter sighs before throwing his notepad and pen towards the top bunk bed and jumps down from his hammock. “What do you think I should do? I mean, I don’t even know if she – if she, you know, knows that I exist.” Peter begins to pace – even though he has stopped you multiple times, it doesn’t really mean he is automatically registered in your brain. For all he knows, you could label him as ‘that weird guy’ or something. He groans.

“Well, Peter, if you want my advice: I would say you should just go up to her and tell her you like her.” Karen advices and Peter stops pacing when he vaguely hears you closing your window. He peeks through his curtains and a smile appears on his face when he sees you twirling around in your room, looking like you are having the time of your life as you sing along to the song you are listening to.

“Is that Y/N, Peter?” Karen asks, catching Peter by surprise. He momentarily forgot that he still has mask on and he flushes slightly before nodding his head. “You should confess to her.”

Peter smiles sheepishly. “If only it’s that easy, Karen but thank you.” Peter pulls off the mask and throws it toward the pile where he has the body suit on and falls back on the bed. Maybe he should actually do something about it tomorrow. Peter reaches for his pillow and hugs it to his chest, eyelids starting to feel extremely heavy. The last thing Peter remembers before he falls asleep is the beautiful smile on your face and how he wishes to see it directed at him.

“Hey, Peter.” Ned greets his best friend and Peter pulls away from the locker, giving Ned a small smile and a nod. “Will you be busy tonight with your…” Ned looks around before he leans in to whisper, “your internship?” He pulls away with a satisfied look on his face and Peter blinks a couple of times.

“How many times have I told you to not talk about that in school,” Peter hisses quietly at his best friend and Ned shrugs his shoulders. Peter sighs before nodding his head. “Yeah, I think I will be – why?” Ned is unresponsive for a few seconds as he stares at something behind Peter and Peter furrows his eyebrows and turns to look at where Ned is staring at.

Only to trip over his own feet, slamming the back of his head on the door of his locker, causing three things to happen almost instantaneously; Peter has to bite the inside of his cheek from letting out a swear, everyone turned their heads to look at the loud noise and you reach forward to place your hand on his arm, a concern expression on your face.

“Are you alright, Peter?” You ask him and Peter stares at you before moving his gaze from your face to your hand and you flush slightly before you pull it back. “Hi, Ned.” You greet your other classmate. Ned nods his head dumbly at you and you almost want to chuckle if it wasn’t for the fact that you are still pretty concerned over Peter. “That sounded like you hit your head quite hard.” You comment.

Peter nods his head. “Yeah, yeah – it hurts, kinda but,” Peter glances at Ned and gulps before he turns to stare at you. The stinging on the back of his head isn’t too much of his concern right now. His concern is that you are currently standing in front of him – you actually went out of your way to look for him. “Did – Did you want something, Y/N?”

You tuck your hair behind your ear, smiling shyly as you nod your head. “Um, I notice that every single time you try to talk to me – things, they don’t go too well?” You ask and Peter closes his eyes, letting a look of regret pass over his expression before he opens his eyes to give you a sheepish smile. “I mean, not that it was anything bad because I actually think it was adorable – I mean, you are adorable so,” You gulp before staring at him right in the eyes, “yeah, I like you.”

Ned lets out a gasp and Peter can only stare at you in shock. You can feel the tips of your ears turning red.

“I mean, I just wanted to tell you that.”

Peter shakes his head when you make a move to walk away. “I like you too! Like, like.” He repeats, in case you aren’t too sure of what he means. “Do you?” He can’t even seem to finish his sentence anymore but it seems as if you understand him enough because the smile you give him is so bright.

“I like, like you too, Peter.”

The smile on your face is really beautiful and Peter suddenly realizes that he is the cause of it and his heart races a mile a minute. He can feel his palms starting to feel very sweaty so he rubs them on his pants before nodding his head. Ned nudges him, mouthing ‘walk Y/N to class!!’, with a lot of exaggerated eyebrow movements.

“Do you want – to – want to, walk class?” Peter frowns before he clears his throat. “Can I walk you to class?” He asks, a little bit proud of himself that he didn’t mess up his sentence. You giggle softly and nod your head. Ned gives Peter a thumbs up causing you to giggle once more. “See you in class, Ned.” Peter tells Ned who wriggles his eyebrows instead of replying. Peter turns back to you. “Let’s go.”

BTS Reacts - Skinship & Having A Platonic Crush On You

Min Yoongi: He used to be bothered by your brushes against his skin, unsure of what to think of your forwardness. The closer you got to each other, the less he seemed to mind - now, he almost expects you to initiate physical contact when he sees you. Of course, he’s going to keep acting like your bubbly demeanor doesn’t affect him, but the moment you put your hands on his body, he’d burst into a wide grin, squirming away from you. He doesn’t know when or how it happened, but somewhere along the road, he found himself wanting to be in your presence more. Maybe it’s the skinship, maybe he’s gone mad - maybe it’s the fact that he’s actually found immense happiness in your platonic relationship.

“Yah, pabo! If you keep tickling me, I’m going to actually murder you - unless you take me out to dinner later.”
( Yoongi flinches when you poke his sides once more. ) 

Kim Namjoon: Just before an interview with a web-zine, you’re massaging the knots in Namjoon’s shoulder-blades, easing the tension in his muscles. He doesn’t mind that your hands are down the back of shirt - he’s known you for the longest time, he’s comfortable with you touching him. Even though you’re relatively handsy with him, he holds only a platonic admiration for you, as you do likewise, for him. He finds this change of pace refreshing - there’s no rules saying that two souls meant for each other have to be romantically involved. He’s loving his friendship with you, and he doesn’t care that it’s not sexual at all. When the interviewer asks him a painstakingly commonplace question, he laughs, throwing a glance your way while replying:

“If I had a dollar for every time someone’s asked me that question. No, we’re not dating.”
( You’re always seen together, though? )
“They’re my best friend. Why wouldn’t I want to be with them, every moment that I possibly can?”

Jung Hoseok: It’s not routine of you if you don’t start some sort of bear-hug war or tickle fight with Jung Hoseok. When you see him enter the room, you scramble up to him and tackle his body, running your hands wildly across his stomach. He bounces back in retort, yelling at the top of his lungs. He sees you as a bright ray of sunshine - he adores your energy and passion when it comes to your physical affection toward his being. The electricity in your excitable skinship with Hoseok sparks a fire in him that he craves on a daily basis. If it’s even possible, he wishes he could get married to you out of friendship, so you’d always be around to keep him spirited. When you’re out of the picture, Yoongi asks Hobi if the both of you are more than just friends.

“Huh!? N-No, we’re not like that at all! We’re just… really playful with each other, is that so bad?”

Kim Seokjin: Seokjin loves how open you are with your skinship. He wants to spend all day with you, talking about anything and everything while you caress his upper arm. Your doting touches make him feel safe; his presence appreciated, so he’s eager to open up to you about the worries in his life that he’s learned to hide so well. You’ve pulled him into a world where he can be completely as ease with himself, and he wants to be with you as much as he can because of that. He’s developed a non-romantic infatuation with you, he truly wants to be by your side whenever he can, whether it’s for yours or his emotional support. He’s savoring the strokes of your fingers on his hand, when he gets the urge to address an important issue:

“____________-ah…. I hope you’re not bothered by all these dating rumours about us. I know we’re not lovers, but I can’t let go of you just because people want us apart.”

Jeon Jungkook: You almost zoom past the recording studio without hesitation - but you stop in your tracks as soon as you see one slumbering Jeon Jungkook in front of his laptop. You sneak in, and as soon as you reach him, you tickle the skin under his chin. Kook is fond of you caressing him; he sees it as a sign of warmth from you. Jungkook’s never thought about how lovey-dovey the two of you may seem, because the two of you naturally worked best as inseparable friends, and that’s all he saw in your relationship with him. It is chaste and pure. When he feels lonely and ignored, he knows he can turn to you, his one and only platonic crush. A cheeky smile emerges on his face as he takes your fingers and pulls them away from him.

“Aish, why is it that I can never sleep peacefully with you around!?”

Kim Taehyung: You’re casually scratching the skin beneath the lump in his throat, lining the curve of his neck with your index finger. He is unfazed by your seemingly intimate advances; he knows it’s platonic. Your friendship with him runs so deep, that you’d both be comfortable sleeping in the same bed with nothing but undergarments on, and not feel any awkwardness when doing so. Taehyung personally likes it when you touch him, he’d do the same to you if not for the thousands of eyes on his every move. Because of you, he can’t go a day without seeing you, not having your fingers on his skin. He just wants to be with you all the time, and he has you to blame for it; his partner in crime. Hoseok calls the two of you out on your closeness:

“You two need to cut it out - you’re going to start dating rumours!”
( You stare at each other before Taehyung jokingly speaks, winking at you before suppressing his laughs. )

“Us? Dating? Hey, should we call each other ‘jagi’ now, to mess with people?” 

Park Jimin:  A boy that’s absolutely taken by you. He’s never had a friend he’s able to relate to as much as you have. You smack his cheeks with both your hands, squeezing them, making his lips pucker like a duck. Normally, he’d get annoyed by your blatant touches, but lately, he relishes it - especially when you flick at his earlobes to tick him off, or when you wring your arm around his strong neck and nuzzle your face into it. People often mistake your friendship for romance, and they’re not exactly wrong - after all, he does love you - everything you do, everything you are, everything you stand for. You’re everything to him; it’s clear as day in his eyes. He realized that when Namjoon had asked him about his relationship with you.

“Me and ____________? We’re just friends - best friends - but there’s no way I can imagine my life without them in it.”

Phew, this one was actually really hard to do! I was stumped for quite awhile, but I hope it turned out okay for you, anon. Enjoy this react! <3

EXO reaction: You getting catcalled

Note: Catcalling is a public thing, and because these guys all have images to uphold as idols, i don’t think any of them would react extremely. 


Minseok is definitely going to bristle if he witnessed someone catcalling you. I don’t think he’d be able to not react; he’d turn sharply to look at who’d said something disgusting to you. He wouldn’t even be thinking about it; his first instinct is to protect you. He’d most likely mumble something under his breath (”Say it again”), holding eye contact with the offender to make sure he knew he was caught and on thin ice.


Junmyeon is very protective and takes great interest in your comfort. So, if you were to be catcalled in front of him, not only would he have an issue with the act itself, but with the fact that some stranger had effectively taken your comfort. If he weren’t already holding your hand, he’d grab it quickly, frowning. He isn’t likely to get physical; he’s very mature and would feel that doing so would embarrass you. Instead he apologizes for the idiot and keeps walking with you. If the caller happened to be persistent, Junmyeon has no problem telling them to knock it off while escorting you away.


Yixing is going to be straight up aghast that somebody would dare say something like that to you, especially in front of him. “Is that really how you’re going to talk to a woman?” He’d be quick to defend you, going so far as to put you on the other side of his body, further away from the offender. “I can’t believe people as disrespectful as that are still around,” he’d huff to you, holding your waist or hand tightly as he picks up the pace, tuning out whatever the cat caller had to say in response.


He’s retaliating instantly. There is absolutely no way that somebody is going to get away with talking that way to you. He’s quick to shoot back a snarky comment to the caller, throwing his arm over your shoulders in an almost cocky way. “If only stupidity looked as good on you as this dress looks on her, right?” He’s not trying to get into a fight, but he certainly won’t leave the area unless he’s had the last word. 


Yelling. You can bet that Jongdae is absolutely going to yell at the person that catcalls you. Unlike some of the others, he would stop whatever he was doing to verbally rip this chump apart. Who does he think he is, talking to you like that? Is his mother proud of the way he treats women? Did he not think he’d say something? Jongdae would go on and on until he runs out of breath. Then he’d just grab you and tug you along behind him. He’d most likely be cranky and whine for quite a while after. 


Chanyeol has zero interest in sharing you. At first, when he realizes that you were being catcalled, he’s going to feel taken off guard and a little awkward. You were walking right beside him. Like, right there. Was holding hands with you not making it clear enough that you’re dating. Initially he’s surprised, but that quickly morphs into anger. “Excuse me? Do you want to try repeating that?” He’s going to turn around and walk towards this person. While he doesn’t necessarily want to get physical, he absolutely won’t let this person slide without apologizing to you. His large frame is definitely going to intimidate most into doing so. 


Despite what we see between Kyungsoo and his members, I don’t see him as the type to get physical unless in an extremely serious situation. Kyungsoo would wrap an arm around your shoulders and toss the offending cat-caller one of his signature glares. He’d most likely usher you out of that kind of situation, only focusing on keeping you from being any degree of involved with people like that.


Jongin is absolutely going to snort and put his hand in the back pocket of your jeans. He isn’t about to get involved with some manner-less stranger, especially when you’re with him. Instead, he’s going to hold you more intimately and act like he didn’t hear anything, even though his skin his crawling with displeasure. After a few moments he’ll turn to you, “Should I go back and kick his ass?” It wasn’t enough to make him violent, but if you wanted him to go do something, he would.


Sehun hadn’t ever considered what he would do in this kind of situation. I think his first reaction would be to feel awkward. How he reacts depends on you. If you keep walking and act like nothing happened, then he’ll do the same. But if you look embarrassed or uncomfortable, he won’t be able to let it slide. He’ll stop walking and turn to the cat-caller. “Mind your business.” He wouldn’t be yelling, but he’d be very calm and firm in this kind of situation.

i. falling in love is a change of pace. it’s being accustomed to your own company and then suddenly letting someone else take charge of your happiness. it’s falling asleep with your foot on the gas pedal. it never ends, it never ends, it never ends. it keeps going even when you beg it to stop.

ii. falling in love with you was like lighting a match and watching it devour my whole house. i didn’t mean for this to happen; believe me, i didn’t. but i was still the one who held the flame.

iii. falling in love doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself in the process. falling in love shouldn’t hurt. pain doesn’t mean it’s real. pain is a stop sign. when you put your hand on a hot burner, your body jerks you away. remember you don’t have to stay.

iv. sometimes you love and love and love and you are not loved in return. don’t let that stop you from loving.

—  four things i learned the day after i watched you walk out the door
You Saved Me - Part 1

Request from @fandom-rpblogHey can I make a request? Can you write one in where after the events of winter soldier, (ignoring civil war as I haven’t seen it yet), Bucky has been re-introduced to the world and is recovering slowly and he and reader are sort of a thing as she was the one who found him after the events of winter soldier and she find out she is pregnant and fluff, and stuff. Please.

Note: Okay, so, as you can tell from the title this is going to be a series. Probably only about three parts though; this is because I couldn’t stop typing when I wrote out their initial meeting and there’s only so long a post can be! :) This is almost an introduction just so you know how they met before we go further into it. It was a great request so wanted to do it justice….which I felt could be done more by making it a series. Hope you enjoy! <3 Going to put bits of their past in each part too to flesh their relationship out more. 

Bucky x Reader

Words: 2027

Warnings: Violence and swearing.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4(End)


For the third time that week you found yourself walking through the doors to The Smithsonian; you didn’t know why you were visiting once again because nothing had changed since the last time you graced the halls of this place but ever since your first visit here as a child you found that you could escape in here, forget about the worries that always seemed to creep up into your life, instead you could immerse yourself in the history of other people and simply…..forget.

The Captain America exhibit was the newest addition to the institute and, personally, one of your favourites. It wasn’t every day that you were able to see into the personal life of someone that saved thousands of lives and given that he had saved yours during the attack on New York you felt like you liked to see just what it was that had made him such a brave and courageous individual.

Some bits made you laugh, others brought a tear to your eyes, but most of all you simply found yourself smiling from ear to ear at the fact that an ordinary kid from Brooklyn had become a treasured superhero. Seemed anything really was possible.

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you know what to do (part two)

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut, oh my god just smut what

Description: Young’s tongue piercing isn’t just for the aesthetic, and he’s going to prove it.

Warnings: Praise kink, oral, unprotected sex, Yoongi’s mouth uh

The sexual tension could be cut with a fucking knife, no, scrap that- a fucking chainsaw. It was thick, almost choking, and for a moment, you wondered if he didn’t actually want to pursue anything with you. For a moment, that is. “Come here, baby.” His voice was deeper, with the resemblance of a growl. Fuck, is it possible to be sexually attracted to someone’s voice? Moving closer to him, he suddenly pushed you down onto your bed, hovering over you with a malicious grin. “Hey,” he murmured, licking his lips slowly, letting the glint of metal poke through his mouth. “Hey,” you replied, welcoming the kiss he planted against your lips. It was fierce this time, hot, almost melting the barrier of skin between you too. It didn’t feel like a kiss, it felt purely like him, him and sex and the taste of getting what you’ve wanted for so long. The nervousness in the pit of your stomach ebbed away slowly, as you took in his floppy brown hair, a reminder that this is Yoongi, the boy who always made you coffee, the boy who always placed your bag on the kitchen bench so you wouldn’t forget it. The boy that was currently trailing kisses down your neck. You moaned softly, and he perked up, cooing to himself. “Such pretty noises, fuck.” He swore, moving to remove your shirt. He grinned at the sight of your bare chest, silently thanking god for the fact you barely wear bras around the house. His mouth formed a tight ring around one nipple, sucking hard and almost bruising. The feeling alone made you want to cry from pleasure, moving your chest up for more attention. With that, he introduced his tongue, the cold metal tickling the warm skin. You moaned his name, louder this time, and he smirked, pushing away from your body. He put his hands to work, and if you weren’t currently, you know, having sex, maybe you’d joke that he was finally working some part of his body. Now wasn’t the time, and you are reminded of that as he stripped you of your pants and panties in one go. “Fuck, you’re so wet, all for me, hmm?” You nodded frantically, bucking your hips, embarrassed under his strong gaze. “Words, Y/n, baby.” He demanded, and the tone of voice made you shiver.                               “All for you, Yoongi, please, I swear, just for you, always just fuckin touch-” Not a single syllable later, and his mouth was on you, kissing your inner thighs towards your dripping core. The fire in your stomach was amplified, as he pressed a slow kiss to your centre. You bucked upwards, and he chuckled, the vibrations making you moan. With that, he opened his mouth, licking the sensitive skin. The dynamic of metal and flesh felt heavenly, the heat subsiding with the cold silver nestled in his tongue. He started slowly, teasing you with small movements, pressing against every inch except your clit. “Yoongi, please, I need-” His ministrations amplified, and he circled your clit with the metal, pressing against it lightly, before gathering it inside his mouth and sucking harshly. You screamed with pleasure, the fire in your lower abdomen blazing, as he continued to eat you out with the ferocity of someone who hadn’t eaten in months. The piercing added to the pleasure, and with a few more movements of his mouth, you were cumming, the feeling so absolutely euphoric you felt as though you might pass out. He licked you thoroughly, making you blush with shame. “Yoongi, please just come up here and, kiss, kiss me.” He moved away from your core, grinning happily as he moved up your body, ducking to kiss you. God, you swore you’d never kiss someone after they did shit like that, but you also swore you’d never let Yoongi do something like that, so in all honesty, your preexisting values were out the window. He nuzzled your neck almost shyly, before you noticed the harsh tent in his sweatpants. “Yoongi, I wanna,” Yoongi gazed at you, before realising what you meant. He nodded hastily, removing his sweatpants and boxers hastily. He was leaking with precum, and looked painfully hard, as he spread your legs once more. Pumping himself once, he gazed up at you, before slowly pushing in. “Fuck, Y/N, you’re so fucking tight, baby.” He growled, allowing you to adjust. You moaned back, the stretch pleasant and leaving you feeling full. You’d been wanting this for too fucking long, and the thought of staying still another second sounded like a terrible idea. Pushing back against him, you added friction, allowing him to enter you further, and pull out again. It created a pace that made your head spin wildly, and you almost forgot that it was sex. It felt like a fucking dream, the way he was groaning, muttering dirty things that would send you both to hell. “So good baby, you take me so good. You like that, yeah? Like me fucking you like this?” The feeling in your stomach was back, and growing with every thrust and every syllable. “Please don’t stop, Yoongi, feels so good, I’m gonna, ah-” his fingers pressed against your clit, rubbing figure eights as his pace quickened, hurrying to aid your release The stimulation was too much, and without a missed moment, you were cumming again, spasming around him. “I wanna finish in your mouth, baby, can I? Can I cum in that pretty mouth of yours?” You nodded, groaning as he pulled out, and settling on your knees in front of him. His cock slipped through your lips into your mouth, as you sucked the tip slowly, before opening your mouth wider and taking more in slowly. The feeling of him made you almost gag, alluding a moan of pleasure from him. He grasped your hair, pushing into your throat deeper, slowly but surely. “Fuck, baby, your mouth is so good. So pretty sucking on my cock, who would’ve known?” You swallowed around him, once, twice, three times, and he was cumming, releasing down the canal of your throat, as you sucked and milked him of every last drop. He pulled away slowly, and leaned down, kissing you carefully. “I really do love you.” He muttered, as he pushed you back softly into the bed, gathering you against him as he kissed up your bare neck. You smiled softly, nodding. “I know, loser. I love you more.”

Maybe tongue piercings are a good tactic, Yoongi thought to himself. Thank god for Kim Namjoon’s interest in piercings and giving head.

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In Need of Fixing - Dean Winchester


Summary ;; part II of trapped. y/n and dean are struggling to get back to the way they were before as reminders of what happened previously keep haunting them.

(y/n) = your name

(y/n/n) = your nickname

(y/e/c) = your eye colour

Warnings ;; angst, hallucinations, panic attacks

Words ;; 2.9k

Published ;; 12th april, ‘17


Stay safe + ily☁️

Two weeks later.

The past two weeks had been full of sleepless nights and lonely hearts for the both of you and Dean. And tonight was no different for you in particular as you lay wide awake, staring up at the plain, white ceiling for hours on end as Dean, assumingly, slept soundly next to your restless body.

You didn’t even need to glance away from the plaster above you to notice the fair amount of distance that you had subconsciously put between the two of you in your shared bed. That acknowledgment alone caused a sad sigh to escape past your parted lips.

A quiet yawn emitted soon after and you wanted nothing more than to close tired and weary eyes and drift off to sleep but deep down, you knew it wasn’t that easy. You couldn’t even remember the last time you had a proper, full nights sleep, said sleep usually being plagued by various nightmares that often woke you up accompanied by a scream or broken sobs.

At that thought, you couldn’t help but lightly trace your fingers on the still sensitive skin of your neck; the bruises and swelling had healed but the memories behind the incident proved to be harder to get rid of.

With another quiet sigh, you sat up and slide the covers away from your frame. Being careful not to wake Dean, you threw your legs over the side of the bed and stood up slowly, tiptoeing toward the door. You glanced over your shoulder, your (y/e/c) eyes landing and lingering on his peaceful persona before you rid yourself of longing thoughts and exited the room.

You quickly made your way to the spare room in which you had spent most of your nights in the past thirteen or fourteen days. No one blamed you for being scared; they both understood why you felt the way you did. You were absolutely terrified of waking up one day with Dean next to you, his eyes black and void of emotion and his hand around your throat once more.

“I wanted to see the fear trapped in your eyes whenever you saw me.”

You let out an involuntary shiver as his words from before played in your head like a loop before wrapping the blanket tighter around yourself as you settled on the cold, unfamiliar bed that you had barely grown accustomed to even after all that time.

You just wanted everything to go back to normal. You wanted to be around Dean without the memories flooding in and distancing yourself further away from him. You wanted to be with him, like how it used to be. But something was stopping you and you couldn’t seem to get around that.

“Because you’ll end up dead.”

That was the final, dreaded thought that lingered in your head as you slipped into an uncomfortable and unwelcome slumber.

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Fatigue (M)

Character / Genre: Min Yoongi x reader (oc) | Smut, Fluff

Prompt: “Let me spoil you tonight, Princess.”

Summary: He has a special way to help you wipe away your fatigue after a long day. And tonight, it is all about you.

Warning: Fingering, soft Yoongi, bath tub scenes

a/n: I have so much writings piling up in my draft and this one was actually one of the oldest (lmaooo I am so lame), I wrote this in the middle of my packed deadlines but then I have been too busy and tired to re-read and edit this. Plus I ended up posting Heat which had almost the same topic *shrugs* Sorry if this is lame, it’s just a simple fantasy when I just wanted to be spoiled by my dear beloved Min Yoongi. Enjoy! 

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(requested by anon)

word count : 3 487
warning : smut (overstimulation)
summary : Kai sees Reader dancing with another guy and then punishes her.
*not my gif

‘Come to the party with me. It will be fun.’ she had said. And it had been fun when they were dancing together , her hands hooked losely around his neck and her body pressed against his while his hands were holding onto her waist. Kai loved seeing her locks dance around her shoulders , her smile , her wide eyes and hearing her laugh. He spin her around in vampire speed having her press her back against his chest as she’d move up and down to the beat. Kai had gone to get them both beer and a few moments later some old classmate of hers had shown up out of nowhere. Y/N danced with him while waiting for Kai who appeared to have gotten pushed away by the crowd and he ended up having to watch her dance that guy who couldn’t keep his hands off her. Y/N kept pushing them away but he didn’t take the hint and Kai tried very very hard not to act like the jealous boyfriend and rip the guy’s head off in the middle of the party. Not that anyone would’ve noticed if he had. Everyone appeared to be either drunk or high or about to be either of those things. Part of the reason why Kai had agreed to go with her , had been this - to keep her safe from anyone putting something in her drink or anything like that. He didn’t know if it was paranoia or overprotectiveness , he just knew there is no way he’d let anything happen to her. Y/N was everything to him. He loved her with every cell in his body , more and more each day.
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair jumping up and down to the beat with a cup semi - filled with beer in her hands with her back to the guy while he kept placing his hands on her waist pulling her towards him. Her empty cup fell on the ground and she turned towards the guy keeping him an arms lenght from her , glancing at Kai who was standing not too far away with a cup with beer in his hands. He raised his cup for a moment , not taking his eyes off her. Another song started to play and finally Kai couldn’t take another second of it. He pushed his way through the crown and grabbed her wrist pulling her away from the crowd. As soon as they were in the small hallway , he backed her against the wall , bracing his hand on it and leaned towards her. It was hard for him to keep his anger under control but he tried his best to do so. It wasn’t time or the place for him to let it all go.
Y/N was looking at him with wide eyes , lightly slipping down the wall and Kai had to wrap his arm around her waist , keeping her up.
“Whoops.” she laughed. “I m-may have a bit more to drink. I’m not drunk though -”
“I know you are not sweetheart.” he said calmly. “I wouldn’t have let you get drunk even if you wanted to.”
“My knight in shining armour.” she smiled at him , tapping his nose or at least she thought it was his nose. Kai was slightly blurry at the moment.
Kai laughed under his breath.
“You will sober up pretty fast after we get home, trust me sweetheart.” said Kai brushing his fingers against her cheek. Y/N looked at him with puzzled expression and then started to giggle. She wasn’t drunk exactly , more like lightly buzzed. In a few hours it would all be gone and her mind would be clear once again. He smiled devilishly at her and lifted her up bridal style , carrying her to the car. The entire ride home his girl spent singing along to the radio and trying to get him to sing with her too. Except he felt far away from singing with her in that moment. He kicked the gas pedal harshly , breaking all speeding limits and they got home like 15 minutes earlier than usual.
Kai helped her get out of the car and carried her into the house. Her hands hooked around his neck and she tapped his nose , smiling at him. The sound of the front door closing with a bang making her jump up a bit.
“Too loud.” she muttered squeezing her eyes shut for an instant.
“Sorry princess.” he said quietly. “My hands are full. Couldn’t close it quieter.”
“You are so nice to me.” she said starting to wonder why that was. Her mind had started to clear from the colder air outside and very slowly things were starting to figure things out. “Why ?”
Kai reached their bedroom and let her down on their bed gently , taking her shoes off for her. Something was up and Y/N tried to be on alert but it didn’t work out like she had wanted. She ran her fingers through her hair and propped herself on her elbows as he crawled over her until their eyes were on the same level.
“Sweet innocent Y/N.” he said with a devilish smirk on his face , brushing his fingers against her cheek. “Tell me , did you have fun tonight? Because I didn’t.”
Y/N’s mind started to wake up slowly , sensing the danger and anger heating up the air around Kai in that moment. He appeared calm but that just meant he was even more upset with her than she had thought. It started making sense. Y/N had danced with someone else , someone else had put their hands on her body even though she had pushed them away.
“Kai I’m sorr -”
“Shhhh sweetheart.” he shusshed her , brushing her hair away from her face. Kai reached under their bed pulling ot a thin rope. “Seeing you dance with that guy tonight - Even I am surprised how jealous I got , even more surprised at my self control actually.” he thought for a moment. “No one gets to touch whats mine. Or did you think you’ll get away with letting someone get near you like that ?”
Thought had crossed her mind , but Y/N knew better.
“I spent the entire night trying to figure out the perfect punishment for you.” he cooed. “Forbidding you to touch me never works for long. Forbidding you to touch yourself doesn’t seem to get the lesson in your head either. Who knows. Maybe this time , the lesson will stick and after this you will think twice about letting anyone else who isn’t me touch you or even breath near you..”
Y/N gulped but before she had had time to say a word , Kai’s lips smashed against hers and he drowned her in a kiss. He gripped on her dress , tearing it right off her , and pinned her hands over her head while his hand slipped into her panties. His fingers brushed against her clit drawing slow eights with his thumb while pushing two fingers inside her , pumping them slowly. Y/N looked at him with confusion. If that was to be her punishment every time she did something maybe she’d do it on purpose. No , something was not right.
“I’m only warming up , baby girl. By the time I am done with you , you will feel like you’ve been thrown straight into Hell.” he cooed.
“Wha-what ?”
Kai pulled out his fingers , licking them clean and tore off her panties and her bra tossing them on the ground , then used the thin rope he had pulled from under the bed to tie her wrists together. He left sloppy wet kisses all the way down her neck onto her chest making her arch her back. Y/N tried to move her hands and touch him but he pushed them back up almost instantly.
“No , no , no..” he chuckled. “Don’t move your hands or I will have to double your punishment. God, this will be so much fun … for me at least. You will feel quite sore in the morning.”
Kai parted her legs , brushing his fingers across her heat and spreading her arousal around before burying his head between her legs. His tongue lapped around her clit and then straight down the middle. Y/N closed her eyes fighting the urge to reach her hands and tangle her fingers in his hair , pushing his mouth closer to her.
“Am I being punished or rewarded ?” she wondered, only Kai didn’t answer.
At first he went at a slow steady pace , sliding his tongue inside her in and out while his nose brushed against her clit until she reached her first orgasm. Somehow she managed not to move her hands , holding onto the headboard instead as her back ached off the bed. It was all down south from there. Kai placed his hands on her thighs , holding them apart so tightly there were bound to be bruises the shape of his fingertips later on. Kai sucked and tugged on her clit like crazy , devouring her with a knew kind of hunger , turning her moans into small screams before pushing in two fingers inside her , curling them around slowly and pumping them in and out faster and faster each time , digging in deeper inside her hitting her spot almost every time , getting her to lose whatever self control she had.
“Fuck Kai -”
Kai moaned in response , still sucking on her clit while his fingers assaulted her faster and faster , sending her over the edge again. He didn’t stop or slow down. Somehow he had found a way to go even faster. Y/N’s head was spinning or maybe it was the world spinning , she wasn’t sure which one was the truth. Her whimpers were starting to mix with her screams , his names rolling off her tongue the entire time. Her hips pushed down on his face , wanting him to go faster. Kai was driving her completely mad in that moment. Each time his fingers curled inside her it felt as if he had thrown her into a wild fire and was only adding gasoline to it to make it bigger and bigger. Her walls clenched around his fingers again and another orgasm tore through her body , more intense than the previous one. Y/N’s breathing was all over the place and her heart was beating like a hummingbirds wings. Kai’s eyes were fixed on her the entire time , watching her throw her head back , her eyelids drooping constantly while her mouth hung open. He loved the view before him way too much to stop now or ever.
Y/N reached her hands trying to push him away for a minute only , so she can catch her breath but it was useless. First - she wasn’t strong enough in general , let alone in that moment when all her bones felt as if they had somehow melted , second - Kai used magic to pin her hands over her head again before she had had the time to reach him. He wiped his mouth with his thumb , glancing at her. He could hear her heart beating like crazy and see her back had arched so high off the bed there was space under her to place a pillow , maybe even two one on top of the other. Kai placed his hand on her stomach and pinned her down to the bed without stopping for a second.
“K-Kai s-stop.” she whimpered , feeling another release approaching fast. Her walls contracted around him again and the burning feeling between her legs had build up so much there was a chance she might spontaneously burst into flames.
Kai shook his head. “You didn’t. Why should I ?”
“No.” he said sternly , replacing his fingers with invisible ones , only slighly slowing down from the speed he had been going with , as he stripped down quickly. His fingers wrapped around his shaft , pumping himself seeing his girl getting closer another orgasm. A smile spread across his face seeing the wet spot on the sheets. Even with him between her legs cleaning up her arousal , there had been enough of it to drip down. “I might switch up your punishments permanently to this. You look so hot right now , coming undone over and over again under my touch - ”
He crawled over her in vampire speed and entered her at once making her scream out. His eyes met hers for a second here and there as her eyelids kept dropping and her eyes were rolling in her head. Her walls contracted around him again and a groan escaped his lips at the feeling.
Y/N was starting to see white and the world around her slowly started to dissolve as she reached another orgasm coming around Kai , who kept thrusting in and out of her , rougher and deeper each time - cheating every few thrusts using his vampirism to go even faster , hitting her spot almost every time. On top of that , he pressed his thumb on her clit drawing rough eights matching his thrusts , pushing her towards another orgasm. The longer this went on the clearer it got what her punishment was , only somehow it kept slipping her mind until finally the thought pushed its way through to the surface. He wasn’t going to stop until she passed out.
“K-Kai .. I c-can’t” she begged him again , a tear falling down her cheek.
“Should’ve thought about the consequences , sweetheart.” he grunted , his lenght twitching inside her. Kai wrapped his fingers around her neck lightly holding her in place, his thumb lightly brushing her cheek right after wiping the tear away. The closer to her next release she got , the more the world started to dissappear around her. Y/N felt as if she was floating on a cloud made out of fire , an impossible concept but one that felt very real to her in that moment. Her heart was pounding like crazy while Kai kept pumping in and out of her , feeling his lenght twitch almost at the same time her walls contracted around him. Her swollen clit was starting to hurt to the touch and there was a slight pain starting to show up between her legs from Kai’s rough thrusts. It all felt incredible but Y/N’s mind wasn’t clear enough to enjoy it completely. Somehow Kai had managed to cloud it completely. Her hands dropped over her head unable to hold on to the headboard anymore , feeling numb from the strain.
Kai’s next words came to her ears as if from underwater.
“Just a little longer sweetheart.” he said , wiping away another tear from her cheek.
A few moments later another orgasm tore through her body , but she couldn’t keep herself awake anymore and the world around her turned black.
Kai kept pounding in and out of her for a few more seconds until he reached his high , finishing off both of them before collapsing onto the bed next to her. For a few minutes he caught his breath , listening to Y/N’s heartbeat very slowly starting to return to normal. He pulled the covers over them and turned to his side , not taking his eyes off her. His fingers untied her hands and brushed against her cheek for a moment.
“I hate that you made me do this to you.” whispered Kai , trailing her jawline with his fingertips and then her soft lips. “I’ll make it up to you , I promise.”

* * *

A few hours passed and Kai stayed awake watching over her. Not only he had gotten his girl to pass out from pushing it too far , but it appeared he had drained all energry from her body and instead of waking up , she had drifted off into sleep. Y/N woke up nearly at sunrise , squeezing her eyes a few times before opening them only to find her boyfriend leaning over her with a worried look on his face.
“Hey babe.” said Kai softly. “How are you feeling ?”
Y/N stared at him for a few moments , not saying a word. The answer to his question was sore but amazing , but the longer she didn’t answer him the more Kai started to panic. She tried very very hard not to give away her reaction and to keep a poker face. Kai snaked his hand around her stomach and Y/N shivered a little , feeling her skin still super sensitive after everything that had happened the night before.
“I made you vanilla chocolate chip cupcakes with blue frosting and I got you your favourite gummy bears.” he said. “You know , those blue ones. The guy at the store was very upset I had demanded just blue gummy bears. What is it with you and blue food anyways ?”
Y/N bit the inside of her cheek trying hard not to start laughing. It was all because of a book series she liked , somehow it had transferred into reality and now whenever she saw blue food , it would take her back to a happy place and remind her of that book character she loves. However , she had never told him the reason why , not matter how many times he asked her. It was her little secret.
“Anyways , I compelled him and now every single blue gummy bear is waiting for you right there along with a couple of those cupcakes I made you. I even decorated them with tiny white sprinkles and a couple sugar made sea shells.” he said smiling , pointing at her nightstand. “And I’m making you breakfast… and lunch. But I am not letting you leave the bed or touch the gummy bears before you answer my question. H-how are you feeling ?”
“Like I want to bite the head off every single blue gummy bear.” she smiled at him.
Kai sighed and smiled back at her.
“I’m glad you want to bite their heads off and not mine for wha-”
Y/N brushed her palm against his cheek kissing him softly. Kai responded immidiately , pulling her closer to him deeping the kiss. For a moment his girl flinched in pain , clearly a little sore from the night before. Nevertheless , her lips never left his and she kissed him more demanding by the second , as if trying to pull the air from his lungs , tugging at his lip at the end of the kiss.
“Never again.” she said feeling out of breath , gazing into his sexy blue eyes. “I’m never ever again letting anyone other than you get close to me. But you still owe me … like two more packs with blue gummy bears - only.
Kai started getting up and Y/N grabbed his wrist pulling him back onto the bed on top of her. His yes sparkled like never before and he was smiling widely at her.
“Not now.” she laughed , tangling her fingers in his locks. “Pass me a cupcake please ?”
He brushed his nose against hers , kissing her forehead gently and rolled onto the bed next to her , helping her sit up before reaching for one of the cupcakes. Kai picked the one with the sugar sea shells. Y/N reached for it but he didn’t let her.
“Nah-uh.” he said taking the cupcake away from her , watching her pout. “I’ll feed you or you will get frosting all over your face like last time.”
“No , I won’t.”
Kai tilted his head and both of them stared at each other until finally Y/N gave up. He let her take a bite , resulting in blue frosting sticking to her nose. He couldn’t helpt but laugh. “Whoops.”
Y/N swiped some of the frosting from the cupcake with her finger getting ready to tap his nose , reaching his lips instead.
“I love you , I love you , I love you - You are the best boyfriend ever.” she said smiling while Kai licked her fingers clean and wiped the frosting from her nose with his thumb. “Kiss me…”
Kai smiled at her and leaned in towards her , not realising Y/N’s fingers had reached for the cupcake in his hand. In the end the cupcake smashed against Kai’s face instead of her lips. His girl looked at him innocently.
“Whoops. Now we’re even.” she said winking at him. “By the way… what you did last night -”
“Yes?” said Kai smashing his lips against hers in a surprise attack getting frosting all over her face too.
“ - was awesome.” she finished.
Kai grinned at her. “You are not going to get me jealous again just to get me to punish you like that , are you ? Cuz if you want me to set you on fire like that again , all you have to do is ask.”
A mischevious spark flashed in her eyes for a second and she brushed her fingers through his soft hair, seeing his eyes widen with excitement at her next words.
“I’ll keep that in mind for next time.



there’s nothing you can do;

anonymous requested:

Could you do one where Justin has problems with Seth again and reader is pretty hot headed so she storms into there and Justin tries to stop her but since she’s black belt in taekwondo she beats Seth up and when she turns her back he attacks her? Thanks!! I love your writing so so muchhhh

author’s note: honestly. oh my god. I am sorry it’s a bit late? hopefully it was worth the wait man but it was a real experience writing this one!! AAAAAA i don’t think i will babble much on this note buT THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING THIS! also is this long idk im sorry

Originally posted by itsme-hannahbaker

I knew today wouldn’t be any different. People passing by and greeting others, classes where I can barely keep my eyes a little bit open, and of course, like the past week, Justin not making an appearance even on the last period.

I knew very well where he was. Knowing him like I do, I probably know as well what he is doing currently. The only thing I didn’t know, was the reason behind of the disappearance.

Walking down the hall I noticed the group of people I was aiming at since the start of the day. Not missing a second, I immediately walked over there and saw how Dempsey spotted me right away, the look on his face was a mix of worry and tiredness.

“Where is he?” I asked the whole group and they stared at me, not wanting to expose their friend’s hiding place. Waiting a little while before letting my temper get over me, I clenched my fists and sighed, “Okay, knowing where he is, why is he not here?” Monty was opening his mouth until Bryce shushed him out.

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Originally posted by why-jaehyun

Anonymous: “Could you do a scenario with Jaehyun from NCT where he thinks you’re cheating on him but with a happy ending☺”

BOOIII when I read this request I literally ran to my laptop and cried :’) I love me some angst/fluff and i’m ALWAYS thirsty for some Jefferey!!! 💦👅😏 pls send in some more NCT scenario requests :) 

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Characters: You x Jaehyun

Word Count: 2.6K

Plot: Jaehyun thinks you’re cheating on him when you spend all of your time with your co-worker. 

(Y/N) = Your Name

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The Firefighter (Part 3)

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Summary: Dean and reader get a little intimate…

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,000ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: A little wrap up of firefighter Dean…

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anonymous asked:

Sam Sam, I just read your post-camping catalogue and if you don't mind, can you please explain how to fit and strap backpacks correctly? Thanks in advance!

I will share my knowings with you! 

Bear in mind: I am not an expert, and aside from some dry runs I have been backpacking once, and that was yesterday. So this is all the result of Internet Learnings and Asking Random People I Met On Trail. But I successfully put them into practice and I knew the theory behind them, so take that for what it’s worth. Putting this behind a readmore because it got looooong.

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