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Because of some bad experiences with kin, I've had to start putting "do not tag as kin or me" on my drawings. And because of that, I get flack from all kinds of kin about how I'm being rude for not "letting them reblog pictures of themselves." Like fuck off, you're not the character so get over yourself. A few of them have even reblogged my stuff with kin tags just for spite, and blocked me so I can't contact them about it. Why are kin so fucking rude and stupid?

I dunno bruh. Entitlement probably.

Are you a Zane or a Kai person?

A Cole or a Jay person?

A Funny Switch Dance or Triple Tiger Sashay person?

Please reblog with your favorites. :) (or put it in the tags)


ok, so first of all, i never know what to say in those things?? but i think i should start thanking you guys for following me??? cause like, i know how annoying i can be most of the times(especially if one of my faves do something) and like, a lot of you dont even like 1d and have to put up with me being extra about liam and zayn a lot, so you know haha thank you!! 2015 was kind of a roller coaster in both fandoms and idk i guess i should just thank you for still following me and for making my dash a nice place(not everytime tho theres been a few times that i got annoyed with a few things but you know…..it happens). To the people that have been putting up with me even more( i mean the people that i constantly annoy…you probably know who you are),  thank you for listening to me when i want to be extra about something(cause like its not surprising that i’m extremely annoying sorry) and for just making me laugh even when i wanted to cry about some stupid things, y’all made some of my days better ok? And to all of you, thank you for sometimes reblogging funny things and like, i honestly laugh reading your tags about your faves, because its really cute how you guys get happy because of picture or a video. If thats not obvious, of course i dont have a nice way with expressing what i want to say, but just, thank you for reblogging my stuff and just being nice to me, it means a lot(like, i honestly dont know why some of you still follow me so). I hope y’all have a nice christmas and a blessed new year ok? I hope 2016 surprise everyone and end up being a better year(and hopefully it will be):

 @zayniepaynie: listen here dummy, thank you for listening to me ranting about so many things(and we both know how annoying i can be), for giving me advice, and you’re so funny when you’re annoyed pls i honestly laugh really hard, and like, you’re one of the few that understand how i feel about some stuff and allow me to talk to you about it without judging me, and i honestly love hearing your fic ideas ok(hopefully you’ll end up posting one of these someday who knows). ily a lot and i’m so glad we have so many things in common and that we can always be bitter about stuff together lol ily ali
@camilajauregui: amy, i know you’re not that active on here anymore and i dont even know if you’re gonna see this, but you’re one of the few people that always talked to me and you were always so nice and like, i truly miss seeing you on my dash a lot :(( hope you’re okay tho come backkkk
@zainschevron: lets hope that in 2016 youre not posting anything gross liam related?? just accept its not happening ok, otherwise im gonna get tumblr to delete ur blog????? hope you’re aware of that. but honestly lex, i love seeing ur posts cause i laugh a lot and everytime i tell you something and you reply, you make me laugh when i shouldnt be laughing lol its really nice to go off to you about something cause we always ending up talking about liam(idk how this happens but im glad it does)
@ziamasf i’m not sure what to say about you since you’re always cheating on me but!!!!! thank you for supporting me and for being funny without trying idk talking to you makes me want to make you laugh too and thank you for doing posts whenever i ask(its nice to know i got you whipped) i honestly dont know why i didnt follow you before but im glad i did
@ziamhell: you’re honestly so so so so sos os os soos ososofdsofos talented okay and always so sweet to me whenever i annoy you on your asks and i just wanna thank you for this
@snakeliam: thank you for being patient with me?? and for being really nice, like, ever since we kind of started talking and ily okay its nice to know liam has a stan like you <3
@ziamsbatman: elif!!! thank you for always talking to me okay i really hope next time you’ll get 5h tickets and i’ll freak out a lot cause i’m gonna be really happy for you(and it’ll be soon hopefully) just thank you really you’re amazing
@bows-n-beanies: sam, i just wanna say that im so happy for what you’ve accomplished this year and i’m so happy you’ll finally have a chance of seeing the girls next year okay you’re always ALWAYS so cute whenever we send asks to each other(even tho its not that often) and i just with you the best

so i wanted to write something for everyone but i dont think that would be possible??(and it’ll probably take a lot of time so) my fave blogs are in bold(cause like i wanted to write a cute message for you but i would probably be really embarrassing and just repeat the same things cause my vocabulary its not that great but) and idk thank you <3(some of these are non mutuals but like, thank you for reblogging people that i like seeing on my dash)

@-allybrooke  @allysbrookes
  @allysnbrooke  @beyurlonce  @billielourd @bralessgomez @brookekordei @cabelloisms @camilaandthecabellos @camilacabello   @camilascabello @caminah @camz-cabello @capricornzain  @cawren  @c4bellos  @dinahjaen @dinahjane97 @dinahkorbae @fifthharmonys @fifthtomatoes @harmonizzer @hercamz @heykordei  @janedinah97 @jauguari @justinftdrake @kmilacabello  @korday @kordei  @laurenjauregues @laurenjaureguo @laurenjauresgui @laurenmjauregui  @laurenrsjauregui @laurensboss  @laurensjauregui @laurinah @liamfalsettos @liamzquad @lifecamz @llaurenjauregui  @liamsforehead @loszayngeles @lovingliam @malikspaynes @marvelsziam  @meanlauren @milasbello @mohawkpayne @myfifthharmony  @newromantis                             @nk-hamilton @normanihs @normanikordei @normanimalik @norrmanikordei @ohziall @omglaurenjauregui @piningziam @pvrisharmony @pvrisjauregui @saintregui  @skinnymani @sinfulpayne @stybellos @surfregui @thirstyforziamm @ukliampayne @unfortunate17 @verseziam @ziamchapel @ziamwithdrawal @5horbust @5hydemi @420normani  @5hsquad 

scrolling through tumblr
  • Me: wait I'm not even in that fandom
  • Me: *reblogs anyway*
  • Me: why the fuck does this sweater have 450,000 notes???
  • Me: oh look my OTP they're so cute
  • Me: *agreesively puts story in tags hoping someone will read it*
  • Me: this joke is so stupid
  • Me: why am I even laughing
  • Me: *reblogs*
  • Me: why is there porn on my dash
  • Me: it's not even fandom porn
  • Me: I didn't sign up for this
  • Me: *feels inspired to fanart*
  • Me: *remembers I can't fanart*
  • Me: *keeps scrolling*
  • Me: *tries to make funny comment*
  • Me: *loses followers*
I’m starting BOTM back up!

I like doing BOTM. It’s fun, and you get to recognize amazing blogs!

To apply for BOTM of May-
-Must be following! s-empiternity
-I don’t care what blog type you are.
-I don’t care how many followers you have
-Pretty much reblog this post. It’s that easy.
-I guess to be recognized a LOT, you can reblog multiple times or send a shoutout to the tag #SEMPBOTM

Obv if I pick you, I’ll tell you. There’s no poll, they are stupid. I’ll give you some promos and put a link on my blog. Maybe some surprises will be thrown in there as well.
- ENJOY! Message me with questions,

On the Care and Feeding of Your Favorite Fanfiction Writers

In making the transition from avid consumer of fanfiction to avid creator of it, I have learned a few things that have surprised me. When I first started reading fanfiction, I regarded great writers with the reverence normally reserved for bestselling authors. Their writing was lovely and I thought about their stories all the time, often re-visiting and re-reading them months after I found them.

Never did it occur to me to reach out to those writers and tell them how much I was enjoying their works. Quite the opposite, in fact. I assumed that they didn’t care what I thought.

I have read thousands upon thousands of pages of fanfiction. I’ve probably read in my lifetime more fanfiction than actual literature. And never once did I reach out to my favorite authors to tell them how much I appreciated them.

In late summer, I finally started writing my own fanfiction in earnest. I learned about AO3 and made an account there. I started running my fandom sideblog. And slowly but surely, I started to realize how incredibly important interaction with my readers is!

So here is a quick guide to giving back to the authors who give you incredible fanfiction. No, you don’t owe them anything. However, if you, like me, simply don’t know how to interact, here is a good primer!

Make an account. Whether it’s on AO3 or tumblr, make an account where you can interact with your favorite authors using your own handle. This lets your writers know who you are and see what you enjoy. On tumblr, they may even enjoy following you back!

Leave comments, kudos, or likes. If you read something, acknowledge it! Even if it wasn’t your favorite, it’s a lovely thing for an author when someone acknowledges a piece of their writing. It only takes one click to leave a “heart” on tumblr or a kudos on AO3–and think about the amount of work that takes verses the amount of work it took for the author in question to write what you just read!

A comment or reply is always better than a kudos. Even if it’s just to say “Wow!” or “Great chapter!”–it can make someone’s day. This can get a little arduous, and you might think that your comment won’t make a difference. But if you get into the habit of commenting on what you read, you’ll find that many authors go through and reply to every comment and are so happy to receive any feedback from you.

Don’t know what to say? Tell the author your favorite part of the story (“I loved the joke Susan made at the end of the scene.”), tell them your favorite part of their writing (“You totally nailed the characters’ voices.”), or just tell them how you felt at the end (“Omg you crushed my soul and I hate you!” or “I’m going to go crazy until the next chapter…”).

Think they won’t care? You’re wrong. Are you reading something they wrote three years ago? They’ll still love to hear your thoughts. Are you reading something that already has a hundred comments on it? One more comment could still make the author’s day!

Reblogs: the end-all, be-all of compliments. If you really loved something that you see on tumblr, reblog it. It’s one of the highest compliments you can pay to your favorite authors. And leave a note in the tags! Notes are just like comments–they can be silly or serious or just whatever is in your mind. But it will be totally treasured by the person who you’re reblogging. I have made entire friendships based on the funny notes that people have left in their tags.

If you can find room on your own blog to reblog a fic, it’s a totally amazing experience for the person who wrote the story. Plus, it puts their story in front of new eyes who may not otherwise be exposed to their writing.

Asks and messages feel great too. It takes thirty seconds to write someone a piece of fanmail. It doesn’t have to be profound. And no, the author isn’t going to think you’re stupid. No compliment goes unread and unappreciated.

Build on their works, if you want! You’ll want to get permission, but most writers are totally excited for you to add to their works. Whether that means writing a poem, writing a scene inspired by their story, drawing something, or creating a fanmix. If they sparked creativity in you, let them know!

Offer to share your talents. Are you a great proofreader? Do you like to edit? Let your favorite authors know that you’re down for the challenge, and they may be excited to have your help.

A note to authors, too. Did someone help you by proofreading a fic? Did someone let you bounce ideas off of them at 3 a.m.? Tag them and thank them when you post the fic. Yes, you did most of the work by writing it–but don’t forget that helping you took actual effort and real time. Don’t snub the people who are willing to help you! They’re often your biggest fans!

Also, just because you’re a writer doesn’t mean the above doesn’t apply to you. Giving out compliments, likes, reblogs, etc won’t take away from your own writing–so don’t be stingy.

Enjoy fanfiction. Interact. Compliment. Read. Create. The more we speak to one another, the more we spark better content and a more caring community.