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Wait did she actually say to put an end to the Karlie rumors? Affifkljdhsukn Kaylors are going to be so mad

hi. kelsea here.

so taylor actually looked us in the eyes– she told us there was something we were allowed to say about a song. she said that people would likely start rumors about who the song was about. she told us that we were to state who the song was accurately about. that person is joe. her current boyfriend. 

Gorgeous is about Joe Alwyn. and thats the tea.

Dating Jungkook would be...
  • itd probably be alot like best friends but with kissing and couple-y stuff
  • gets pouty if you ignore him to do work
  • but he gets over stuff really quick unless you’re actually mad lmao
  • fights happen not often but also it’s not rare either
  • sometimes he’s been stuck in the dance studio all day trying to get a choreo down and comes home grumpy
  • thus leading to two grumpy people in one room
  • you usually make up like an hour later tho its cool
  • there are days when he’s soft and needs love and will cuddle you until you die and days when it’s endless banter
  • he would be one to go “oh my god bECKY THOSE SHOES WITH THAT DRESS N O” and then get smacked by you
  • “says the one who only wears the same pair of timberlands everyday”
  • he is shooketh
  • you would thrive off each other’s presence tho??
  • it wouldn’t matter if y'all are throwing insults back and forth you’ll still be smiling like idiots in love
  • crazy in love ahahshdhsbsjfjx
  • when he sings a song you know in the shower you’ll join in and soon you have 5 noise complaints mostly of “stop having shower duets im trying to eat dinner in peace thanks”
  • it doesn’t matter whether youve never heard of something he likes before bc soon he’ll make you obsessed
  • and its the same the other way around
  • hes probably stolen your hoodie when you were gone bc he missed you
  • theyre not aesthetic pictures but they’re cute lmao
  • it could be you on the floor laughing your ass off and then him doing that full body laugh
  • thats honestly so cute someone slaughter me
  • 80% of your dates are food
  • at this point I’m pretty sure your wedding invitation will be something like “you’re cordially invited to jeon y/n, jeon jungkook and food’s wedding”
  • idk how wedding invitations work sorry
  • alot of cursing
  • unless you don’t curse
  • yall will be playing overwatch and all your neighbors will hear is “oh fuck oh shit what the hell fuck you you bitch”
  • gives the best????? hugs????
  • will smother you in his arms and kiss your head and it’s really cute ok
  • is always rocking the boyfriend look
  • he doesn’t get really jealous alot it’s mostly just playful “why did you talk to jimin so much? im your bf aren’t I?”
  • he will steal all the blankets from you
  • sometimes you get pissed bc he’s so good at everything
  • “what the fuck stop finishing my art piece”
  • “i cAnt hELp iT”
  • will refuse to kill the spiders for you
  • okay he will eventually but then he’ll wave it in front of your face afterwards
  • he pranks you alot too
  • to the point where you’ve come accustomed to getting water dumped on you and shitting your pants everytime he scares you
  • when he first started tho if you cried he would feel really bad
  • if you cry for anything at anytime he will feel bad
  • even if he’s on the other side of the world and it’s about a tv show
  • this baby just loves you alot
  • facetimes you while he’s eating just to make you hungry and annoy you
  • pinches your cheeks alot and squishes your face lmao
  • probably will take pictures of your squished face
  • he is a baby but also calls you his baby
  • like he won’t come up with those cheesy sappy nicknames “my pumpkin cheesecake egg baby yolk remote control love”
  • he’ll just call you babe or smth simple like that
  • nothing is simple with this boy he’ll throw your heart into the sun bye
  • he will die for you
  • but hes not gonna get the remote control for you 
  • what is it with me and remote controllers ugh
  • we know kooks is good at drawing 
  • why is he so talented i wanna stab him i love him
  • he’ll probably be doodling and then force you to draw something on it
  • it can be a stickman or a simple dot or heart whatever he’ll cherish it
  • knowing him, he’ll be extra and make it the focus point of the entire piece
  • he’s a sweet baby pls take care of him
  • squish his cheeks daily and take care of him and pamper him all the time
  • he likes taking care of you but he is also the maknae of bangtan so you gotta become his mother for a lil 
  • he also really annoys you when he comes home at 2 and starts making ramen bc hes hungry and too lazy to make anything else 
  • you stumble out into the kitchen and start grumbling at him
  • rinse and repeat every few months or smth
  • it doesnt happen often bc he knows youll be pissed
  • you guys are p blunt with each other
  • he is the biggest fan of you
  • i mentioned that already didnt i
  • nah i didnt maybe i did and missed it idk sorry if i did
  • hes the most extra bitch when he wakes you up
  • plays bangtan songs in your ear while shaking you and screaming
  • if you get grumpy and pry the phone away to turn off the music he’ll resort to something softer
  • jk lmao who do you think he is 
  • will kiss your face with slobbery nasty kisses until you roll out of bed
  • literally
  • you just plop on the floor 
  • your relationship is a real like version of 
  • *pulls back shower curtain while wife/hubby is in the shower* are we- stop screaming- (insert problem or stupid comment of choice)
  • iconic
  • if you turn down a snack he’s offering you he gets real worried in about 0.001 seconds
  • “what why are you eating enough whats wrong youre not mad right you know i love you so why arent you eating you should be healthy and happy and chubby and cute wHY ARENT YOU EATING”
  • whoa this is almost a 1000 words i told myself i’d go to 900 jfc
  • i think im overusing the strikeout option too much
  • peanut shut up oh my god
  • he will buy you stuff randomly
  • like its not too often but he’ll buy you stuff if he finds you looking at something longingly for a while or you keep looking at the same things on amazon idk
  • okay im gonna wrap this up real quick 
  • oh also he’s talk you into getting a dog who he’ll love more than you
  • but yes you two are the cutest couple and professor trelawney said you’ll be happy for eternity together

(A/N): thanK TO THE ANON WHO REQUESTED!! also i cant see the gif i put at the end??? idk man -peanut

Sorry no Abysstale for today

 I know I was suppose the put the new pages of Abysstale chapter 2 half remake today. I was too busy with the stuff and feel less motivated the Abysstale chapter 2 half remake comic. Slowly I do one pages at the time. so far I finish 10 pages ,but not in the order. they are  random pages except I finish the end of the pages. There’s only  8 pages that need to be coloring.

But in the meantime. I drawing a few pages sketch of Abysstale Chapter 1 remake. I know it sound pretty long what I do. But ,this the way to give me more time to drawing something else and the rp.

the next week, I’m going to put new pages Abysstale  chapter half remake. it need to be finish before I continue the chapter 1 remake.

Osomatsu-san PS Vita game translation - Todomatsu 04 - It’s a Toilet World

Todomatsu: Hmm…? Hey, Choromatsu-niisan. 

Choromatsu: Hmm? 

Todomatsu: I… want to go to the toilet. 

Choromatsu: …Hah. Well, there’s no helping it, I guess… 

Todomatsu: Yeah… 

Choromatsu: Oi, you’re dragging your feet a bit there. Are you sleepy? 

Todomatsu: Yawn… I’m alright… 

Choromatsu: I’m not going to go with you inside the toilet, you know. 

Todomatsu: Yeah… It’s ok… yawn… 

Todomatsu: I kinda wanna do a number 2 now. Here we… go. Uwah!? The toilet seat is so cold!? Or rather, there isn’t any seat at all! H, huh!? My butt is stuck and I can’t get it out! 

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aaaah your Madison headcanons were so amazing! I would love to hear more about Neil and Andrew's parenting and how they gain Madison's trust, or some Madison POV for the first few weeks of living with them... or even Nicky and Aaron's reaction! (In other words I agree you should totally write a fic of all this)

Thanks! So, I know this has been sitting in my inbox for a while but I still love Andreil + Madison and I’m definitely going to write a fic but in the meantime, here’s a tiny little preview that I might end up putting in the fic or might end up scrapping later:

Madison’s first evening in the house was too quiet. Neil wasn’t sure what he was expecting and he knew a grand celebration would just make an already strange situation so much more uncomfortable for Madison.

Still, he had thought that there would be something more than Madison sitting in silence the entire drive to their house and holing herself up in her new bedroom with her one slightly overfilled backpack that Neil doubted she was unpacking yet the moment they showed her which room was hers. Andrew had installed locks that let her lock the room from the inside so she would feel more safe. Neil wasn’t sure if the door was locked now or just closed, but he would guess she had locked the door on impulse like he had used to lock his dorm the moment he got inside it, back when he was at PSU rooming with Matt.

She didn’t come back down until the pizzas Andrew ordered arrived. Andrew sent Neil upstairs to tell her it was there while he paid for the pizza.

The mention and smell of the pizza was enough to draw her out of her room temporarily, but she didn’t speak a word during dinner and she ate like she wasn’t sure when her next meal would be after this. When she disappeared upstairs again the moment she was finished, Neil wondered if they were making backwards progress and she already regretted being adopted by them.

The silence of the house was deafening and even the skitter of cat claws across the kitchen tile sounded too loud in comparison. Of course, Andrew picked up on Neil’s worried expression and he told him coolly, “She came down to eat. That’s more than I was willing to risk my first night in most foster homes.”

“We’re not a foster home,” Neil pointed out. “This is permanent.”

“She’s used to new houses being new threats,” Andrew said. “And we both know she doesn’t really believe this is permanent.”

Andrew was right. Even with the leap of trust she had shown them after they had told her they wanted to adopt her if she would have them, Neil knew she didn’t trust that this was real and permanent and safe. She’d been waiting for the other shoe to drop back then, he had seen it written all over her face, and it was going to take a lot for them to convince her that drop wasn’t still coming.


victoria & armand // storm [whouffaldi au]

it’s kind of a long story…

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Victor and Coaching

So, I have something I want to put to rest. Every time someone brings up wank about how the show ended with Victor returning to skating, one thing I see pointed out again and again was that no one “believed” Victor could be a coach and that by having him return to skating he is agreeing with the other coaches who made fun of poor Vitya and wouldn’t let him play in their reindeer games.

Except, I feel as if reading the show in this way ignores that the China Cup arc, which I posit was primarily about Victor growing and proving himself as a coach.

First off let’s take a look at people not taking Victor’s desire to become a coach seriously:

First is Minako, who after being baffled as to why Victor is here at all, she reasons that most likely he’s there to take a vacation. Which is not entirely unfair since he showed out of the blue (from their perspective). But even if Minako doubts his motives initially, we never see her criticizing Victor as a coach (except she does point out he’s a little overdressed in episode 5) and she seems happy to support them as a pair.

More seriously in the beginning of episode 2 we see Yakov replying to reporters questions about Victor leaving to become a coach, and he replies that Victor is too selfish to become a coach.

You know who also called a skater running out on his coach for personal reasons without discussing it first selfish? Victor himself.

I’m confused by people who say that Yakov is entirely wrong in this case, Victor deciding to take a break suddenly without any apparent prior discussion with his coach of over ten years is pretty selfish. Yes, it was totally Victor’s right and we see in episode 11 that he was unhappy with how his career was at that point, but it is also one of the things that Victor learns over the course of the show is how to genuinely express his feelings to people, and not just play a role for them like he is clearly doing to Yakov in the beginning of Episode 2.

Then we get to episode 4 which contains two comments towards Victor’s coaching ability. The first is Celestino, Yuuri’s old coach who tells Victor to stop playing at being coach. Which reads similarly to Minako’s comment about Victor just using Yuuri to take a break.

By this point Yuuri hasn’t even participated in sectionals, so no one really has a clear idea of how seriously Victor is taking his coaching position. Celestino, as an outsider, only knows that Victor agreed take a break from skating and try coaching because of a viral video.

Also this is Yuuri, one of Celestino’s previous students and Celestino knows first hand just how challenging Yuuri can be to coach. If a seasoned coach like Celestino had a difficult time with Yuuri’s barriers, it’s not hard to imagine he’d be skeptical about a brand new coach being able to handle Yuuri, especially if the coach in question might only be interested in this as a stunt to re-energize his career.

I can’t blame Celestino for being dubious of Victor when his motives are still very unclear, but note that he also does everything he can to help the pair by answering their questions honestly, despite the fact that they’re technically competition.

Then we have Yakov making a comment in his head that it was good for Yuri to leave Victor’s side. This is a sort of vague comment, and not necessarily critical of Victor’s coaching ability? Instead I read it as by leaving Victor and Yuuri, Yuri is energized to prove himself.

We don’t really hear much about Victor as a coach until we arrive at the China Cup, and here it’s very quickly established that Victor’s validity as a coach is the big question of the arc, with Yakov at the very beginning dismissing Victor as a serious coach.

Can we also appreciate that the night before a competition Victor has Yuuri visit hotpot, tries to make him eat raw food which Yuuri says doesn’t agree with him,

gets drunk with another coach (Celestino also doesn’t have anything to say about Victor’s seriousness as a coach by the way, he already accepts Victor by this point)

and there are pictures of him draped over his student all over the internet by the next day. Is it terribly surprising the Yakov might still not think of him as serious by this point?

Then at the end of episode 6 he refers to Victor as a “third-rate” coach to the cameras, when asked about his skater’s chances.

Once again, by this point he clearly doesn’t take Victor very seriously, after all in the Kiss and Cry Victor was acting more like a skater than coach. Compare Victor in the Kiss and Cry to Yakov (and you can go and look at all the other coaches who are equally less performative than Victor is here).

However, at the end of episode 7 when both Yuuri and Victor are clearly emotionally strained after dealing with Yuuri’s breakdown we have Yakov actually critiquing Victor’s coaching.

You know what Yakov is known for? Being critical of his students. Victor himself at this point finally admits he probably needs some help in becoming a better coach.

This actually marks Yakov’s acceptance of Victor as a coach. From there on Yakov never makes any denigrating comment towards Victor as a coach.

When episode 8 comes around all the “third rate coach” trash talk is entirely absent, despite Victor’s eccentric behavior continuing unabated. Yakov even criticizes Yuuri at the end of his skate in episode 9 for not fully showing to best advantage the program that Victor had clearly worked hard on.

Notice how taken aback Yakov is at the end of episode 12 when Victor says he’s returning to skating compared to even episode 8, by this point he has fully accepted Victor as a serious coach. 

So, does Victor returning to skating at the end of episode 12 completely undo Victor’s arc and prove everyone right that he could never be anything more than a skater? No, because he did prove himself as a coach, and even earned Yakov’s critical recognition. Not to mention that episode 12 concludes with Victor to continue being a coach as well as a skater, so he is not backsliding in his development.

I certainly understand not being entirely satisfied with episode 12, but this argument that it undoes Victor’s entire character arc comes across as willfully misreading the text.

How I cope with my Emotional Nonsense

My brain comes with the fun little perk of really intense, overwhelming emotional reactions. My emotions are a series of on/off switches and it’s either blinding painful intensity or complete numbness. So here’s how I try to manage it:

  • Clean my room. Not like… calm gentle reorganization. No. I dump as much as I think I can handle onto the floor and put it back in its place. It’s intense. There’s usually loud angry music. Things almost always end up only slightly cleaner than they were but I feel way fuckin better afterwards.
  • Play video games. Preferably those ones where you’re way OP and just slice through enemies like butter. Or something you just plain can’t lose at, like Stardew Valley.
  • Watch vine compilations. Seriously, just search RIP Vine in youtube, click on the mix playlist, and you’re set forever.
  • Listen to podcasts. I like audio dramas. If you want recs, message me. I’ve got a list.
  • Take a walk. I’m confident in my ability to keep myself safe in doing so, so I will start walking and just not stop until I calm down. Usually I’m doing better after about half an hour for me.
  • Make something. Draw, knit, write, paint, make a fucking hand turkey. No one cares if it’s good. And even if I decide to throw it out, I usually feel better once I’ve actually made a thing.
  • Blanket fort. Really. It helps. Use a paper towel tube as a fake sword. Just… be silly and childish and imaginative. Those aren’t bad things to be.
  • Cut/dye my hair. Usually this takes a little planning but I always wind up deciding to do it during a breakdown of some sort.
  • Eat something. Sometimes a bag of gummy worms is all it takes to remember that the world isn’t entirely awful.
  • Go back to bed. Sometimes, I just don’t have the energy to put up with the world’s bullshit. And that’s okay. It’s not wise to pick this one every time, but sometimes the world can wait. I bury myself under the covers, put my phone on do not disturb, and either take a nap or listen to music.

Sometimes, I’m stuck. I can’t distract myself, and I can feel the wave coming, about to pull me under and turn me into a massive shitlord. Because I am an absolutely AWFUL person to be around when I’m in emotion-hell. Believe me, I hate myself during it too. Haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet, but if I’m with someone I try to warn them that I’m really upset and just need a moment to freak out a bit. Then I try to just… let it pass. It’s a bad idea to talk to people you have strong feelings about, no matter the feelings, when you’re in this. Impulses are hard to manage. I tend to just ramble my feelings in a private post on tumblr or I talk to someone I don’t know that well and consequently don’t have strong feelings about. Just… keep breathing. It passes.

So yeah. Things I try to keep in mind:

  • Nothing is permanent. Our lives are short and, on a cosmic scale, relatively insignificant. The decisions I make aren’t actually that important, so I may as well have fun.
  • Our lives are the most important thing we experience. This is how we are, right now. It is so very real, so very vivid and meaningful and shapes future iterations of us. We are very much here.
  • Two opposing statements can be true at the same time. We are complex, beautiful creatures capable of complex planning and deep thought. We’re also  bumbling apes who will ingest toxic substances because we like how they feel and frequently giggle at the thought of farts.
  • People in general are too busy worrying about what everyone else thinks of them to actually notice that a bit of someone else’s hair is sticking up or that their shirt was on inside out. It happens. We’ve all had those days.
  • There is no such thing as grown-ups. Only people who have gotten very good at pretending they know what they’re doing. We learn the rules by conformity, by watching everyone else and doing what they’re doing, even if we don’t actually know what the fuck is going on. It’s okay. There’s probably someone else just as confused as you in the same room. You’ll be fine, and if you’re too lost to pretend you know what’s going on, either ask someone who looks like they know, or bullshit it and hope for the best.
  • There is good in the world. If you need evidence, look at this dog. All dogs are good.
/ / I'm  —  CRYING,  I've  finally  finished  my relationships  page.
Literally  added  all  the  people  that  liked  my  shipping call ( who
also  replied  the  private messages I sent them ) and I considered
proper to develop a thing with. HOWEVER! They aren’t something
permanent.  I might end removing a few people if the rules I put on
the post aren’t fulfilled, or if they don’t click at all.

BUT DON’T PANICK, FELLOWS — I might add more people as well,
or  modify  stuff.  This  is  a  page that will be constantly updated ‘cus
you  know  this  topic is very important to me. Everything depends on
how things flow between our muses & that / So fear not my friend !!.

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yall fuckin cute as hell


The Tragedy of Darkiplier and Warfstache

My heart is pounding as I write this.

(Gifs from @markired.)

Darkiplier isn’t evil.

Considering the Colonel’s breakdown as his last shred of sanity finally giving in, it makes total sense why he runs from us.

Wilford is scared. Celine and Damien? They were his only support system. They were the only ones he considered friends. The only ones he thought he could trust.

They truly did care about him.

They knew they couldn’t leave Will alone, so they took one more shot at life to see if he could live without them.

It’s obvious now that he can’t.

Wilford has no one left. No more support system, no one left to keep him grounded.

Why do you think Damien thought he had to relay the news of Mark’s death to him? He had to do it carefully so he wouldn’t lose it– but was surprised at the fact that he didn’t. That’s why Damien snapped at him (“You come find me when you pull your head out of your ass!”), and almost immediately apologized after taking a moment to think (“I lost my temper, and it wasn’t right”). That was because Damien cared enough to make sure he got the information from someone he knew was safe and trustworthy.

Darkiplier is Celine and Damien’s last physical chance to make sure Wilford will be okay.

Darkiplier was born out of love.

Think about it.

He doesn’t like giving people choices anymore because Damien and Celine were forced to be selfless if they ever wanted to see Will again.

He sits at the opposite end of the ego table because he knows Wilford is dangerous, but will still put himself at something of a risk as an attempt to keep him from going too far off the rails.

He chooses his words carefully and speaks calmly when talking to him just to make sure nothing he says will trigger him again, to be certain that Wilford knows he means well before saying anything else to him that might set him off.

His figure shatters because his shell can barely handle the physical agony of having two souls trapped inside of him.

Damien and Celine are still in him somewhere, but can’t take another risk at losing their only chance to make sure Wilford is okay.

The mirror shattering was his heart breaking into a million pieces, because no longer could he allow himself to love his friend and be there as Damien and Celine once had.

Darkiplier was born out of love.

You know what I love most about Who Killed Markiplier

The fact that none of us seen these tragic backstories coming. We’ve heard that Dark is bad, that he manipulates people, that he’s got a shell to keep his anger in. We’ve heard that Wilford Warfstache doesn’t see much when it comes to murder, that it’s the only way in his mind to deal with a situation. 

We never expected Dark to be broken, to be a victim of anger, possession, vengeance. We never expected the fact that Wilford was once sane, that an accident drove him into madness, that he lost everyone that he loved and even when others left, he refused to leave his friends. And that was his downfall in the end, as he became Dark’s first victim. 

Most of all, I’m proud of Teamiplier. I’m proud of the master piece they put together, how it was well thought out and how it didn’t end happily for any of the characters. It was something we never seen coming, and I think that’s the true magic of it all.

Because for once, Mark took us by surprise – we theorized and had hope, but the very ending was something none of us expected in the least. 

We're Already Married

So, I am supposed to be working on a chapter of a story and an angsty oneshot. But this fluffy drabble had to be written. It just had to.

               “Draco, we need to talk.” Lucius told his son firmly as he and Narcissa walked into the room.

                “Mhm. Go ahead.” Came the little three-year-old’s distracted voice.

                Lucius rolled his eyes before stepping behind his son and peering down. “What in heaven’s name is that?”

                That had Narcissa circling the table and looking at her son’s face. His tongue was peeking out of his lips, eyes were narrowed in concentration while brows were furrowed and he seemed to be drawing something on a spare piece of parchment. She blinked uncertainly at the pure disaster of scribbles that were everywhere. If it wasn’t supposed to be a ball of rubbish, she honestly had no idea what her son was attempting to draw.

                “It’s Dobby. Can’t you tell?” Draco looked up with a wobbly lip and sad eyes as he pointed across the room to the house elf. As if the thought of it not looking like Dobby was a disaster.

                Lucius looked over for the first time and noted that the elf was in an odd pose with an apple balancing on his forehead.

                At his arched brows, Dobby hurried to explain. “Master Draco asked Dobby to be his muse.”

                “Is that so?” Lucius drawled with a heavy sigh. “Draco, you can’t order Dobby to play with you.”

                “Why not?”  

                Patience was not Lucius’ strong suit. He looked to the ceiling briefly before shaking his head. “We will have this conversation at a later date. There are more important things to discuss.”

                Draco hummed a little before looking up with wide eyes. “Am I in twouble? If so, Dobby did it.”

                A soft surprised noise emitted from the elf and Narcissa couldn’t help but laugh lightly. “No, you aren’t in trouble and don’t blame Dobby for things he didn’t do.”

                “Sowwy.” Draco apologized as he looked down at his hands.

                “Sorry.” Lucius corrected. For some reason, pronouncing R’s were hard for his son.

                Draco’s brows were pinched in confusion. “That’s what I said.”

                “No, you said—” Lucius paused as he decided to let it go. “Nevermind. What I have been trying to tell you is that we have come to discuss a pureblood tradition with you.”

                That had Draco’s expression souring. “No thanks.”

                Narcissa covered her mouth as she tried muffling her laughter. Salazar, she loved her son.

                “Draco.” The hard tone of his voice had his son straightening up and giving him a serious look. Finally.

                “When you come of age, you will be drawn into a marriage contract. This is something that most purebloods do and it is a standing tradition of the Malfoy family.” Lucius shot is wife a look when she crossed her arms. He knew that she didn’t agree and wanted Draco to find his own spouse but that wasn’t the plan.

                “I’m alweady mawried.” Draco interrupted excitedly!

                Lucius blinked rapidly. “You want to run that by me again?”

                “Hawwy asked me to mawwy him today! I said I would if he let me have his pudding. He did!”

                “And who pray tell is Hawwy?” Lucius shuddered at the pronunciation.

                “Hawwy is my best fwriend. He has pwetty eyes and he said I do too! We are mawried.”

                Narcissa smirked at her husband. “You hear that? He’s already married. Looks like that marriage contract is moot.”

                “Narcissa, you can’t possibly—”

                She stood up rapidly, holding out her hand for her son to take. “I can and I will. You want to explain to your son why he can’t marry his best friend? Because if so, you can deal with the aftermath.”

                Draco looked between them rapidly. “But…” His eyes filled with tears. “We alweady mawried.” The sniffle he released had Lucius closing his eyes. “Tomorrow’s the anni- anniver-” He scrunched up his nose as he looked to Narcissa for help.

                “Anniversary?” She offered picking him up and holding him close.

                Draco nodded rapidly as he wiped his eyes. “Yes. I want to give him a gift.”

                Narcissa smiled softly. “How about we go see if we can have one of the house elves cook him something. What kind of desserts does he like?”

                “Tweacle tawrt.”

                Lucius watched his wife and son walk out of the room with a shake of his head. He looked over and noticed that Dobby was still in the same awful pose. “Cease that at once.”

                When the elf let out a noise of relief, Lucius rolled his eyes. “What are the chances that I’ll get my way in the end?”

                He knew that Dobby couldn’t lie to him, so he was interested in hearing the response.

                The *pop* of the elf’s departure was heard and it had Lucius putting his face in his hands. “That’s what I was afraid of.”

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Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert

Yeah. Well. In case you didn’t know, this is one of the most beautiful piece of theatrical orchestrations ever to exist. Also, I’d like for this to be played at any (and all) of my major life events in the future, mkay.

LIBRA: Occasionally you have to fake it until you make it. I know that this is a cliche you’ve heard many times before, but have you ever actually tried it? Cliches don’t become ‘cliche’ unless a lot of people believe in what they’re implying. Feel free to test this, even if it’s just for a day or two. Pretend that you’re in the right career, pretend that you haven’t been sad at all for the last few weeks, pretend that you’re powerful and comfortable and know exactly who you are. Sometimes a little confidence, even if it begins as a front, is the final piece to the puzzle.

SCORPIO: You’ve had chains wrapped around your ankles for so long now that you hardly ever notice their weight anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful that you’ve found a way to cope with the things that try to drag you down. But it seems like you’ve become so complacent in this state of being that you’ve given up on escape. Like you’re an audience member to your own existence. But you aren’t, even though life comes at you so viciously sometimes. You are in charge of your body, and in charge of what you do with it. Now use it.

SAGITTARIUS: There’s always something about the early days of autumn that make you feel as though anything is possible, and this year you should take advantage of that. Now is not the time to play it safe or rein in your grand ideas: now is the time to give them life. You’ve become an expert at putting things on hold for circumstances that are outside of your control and putting an end to that is overdue. The world isn’t always going to give you a green light to move on, sometimes you have to build it yourself. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

CAPRICORN: The world is already cruel enough without adding your own self-doubt into the mix. I think it’s time that you start being kinder to yourself. You’ve been through so much, after all; nobody is expecting you to be perfect or be immune to making mistakes. Take some time to reward yourself for the positive things you’ve accomplished. Buy that coffee, watch that movie, put your feet up and relax. You are so good at making the people around you feel content, apply that talent to your own life.

AQUARIUS: There’s been so much in front of you lately, both positive and negative, that you’ve been letting everything behind you fade into the background. And while moving forward is necessary in order to survive, the things you’ve already experienced are learned lessons that you shouldn’t forget so easily. Do you remember the last thing you cried over? Do you remember why it made you so sad? Now, put that feeling in a bubble and don’t let yourself make the same choices that led you to that feeling. Your past matters, but it will never own you. There’s a difference.

PISCES: Life can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, can’t it? You aren’t overreacting if lately you’ve felt as though the planet has been taking a toll on you. Just remember, it’s good that you’re busy and that you’re involved with what’s going on around you. There was a time when a past version of yourself wouldn’t have dared to lay their heart out as boldly as you do now, and your progress is cause for celebration. Take everything one day at a time, if it’s getting to be too much. Breathe. Take breaks when needed. Persevere.

ARIES: Everything in your life feels like a big quilt of sorts, every event and person and memory connected to another by a few threads and some time. Lately you’ve found yourself wondering about what the significance of all of that is. But maybe the meaning isn’t within the connections themselves, but in the person that’s tied them all together. You have created a vast network of friends and feelings and you’ve brought positivity and good vibes to every link in this chain of relationships. These interconnected moments all call your heart home. Embrace their warmth.

TAURUS: So, you’re still attached to a lot of things that you thought you’d be disconnected from by now. There are still regrets and past lovers and half finished letters stuffed underneath your mattress and you’ve accepted that this is how it is. You’ve grown resigned to the fact that some things are impossible to move on from. But I’m here to tell you that nothing can keep you in its grasp unless part of you is letting it. If you own a pair of scissors, why aren’t you using them to cut the strings that are tied around you? What possible reason is there to keep suffering?

GEMINI: It’s easy to look in a mirror and point out the parts of yourself that make building relationships difficult. You find yourself constantly having to relearn how to touch people without hurting them or yourself in the process. It isn’t your fault that you’ve tried to give affection to people that are unworthy of it, it’s their fault for fooling you into thinking they deserved what you were providing. Just because this hasn’t been working out for you lately, doesn’t mean that it won’t ever. You are lovable even when nobody is loving you.

CANCER: Enjoying your accomplishments without thinking about the people that should be there celebrating with you is something that you still struggle with from time to time. It’s okay to be sad that there are certain moments you’ll never be able to share with those that would’ve understood your happiness; it isn’t fair that you’ve had to mourn so many missed opportunities. But don’t let what’s absent diminish your successes or make you feel as though you aren’t allowed to be proud of yourself. You’re thriving despite all of that negative space and it’s beautiful.

LEO: Nothing comes as a surprise to you anymore, but despite that you still find yourself stuck with unrealistic expectations at the end of the day. Either you know that you deserve better and you don’t want to admit it, or you’ve become so comfortable with being disappointed that you’re scared of being anything but. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. Maybe you know what you want and you know that you shouldn’t want it so you’re self-sabotaging any chance you’re given at obtaining happiness. I think that something inside of you knows the answers to these maybe’s. Let it out.

VIRGO: Self-preservation is an art form you’ve become incredibly dedicated to depicting. If your heart were a gallery, there’d be sculptures of brick walls lurking around every corner and self portraits donned with armor cluttering up the walls. There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first, in fact I would encourage you to always do so. But be careful; there’s a fine line between prioritizing yourself over others and knowingly hurting others in the quest to better yourself. You have to find a balance between the two.


Season 4 complaints

I’ve seen some people posting about how season 4 just ignored all the development in season 3 and yada yada so I decided to make a post about my view on the most popular complaints.

  • “Shiro’s headache and the whole it must be a clone theory was totally put aside because now he pilots Black again!”

Shiro going back to being the black paladin wasn’t him just saying “well let’s try this again just because” and the black lion going “one time is not enough but TWO times hell yeah u my paladin”


The team was in danger, Keith was away and was constantly showing signs that he would end up leaving the team. Another thing, Shiro had to convince Black to let him pilot it.

My point is: Black would not let the paladins fucking die if it could do something to save them. After letting Shiro (or clone Shiro) pilot it Keith decided he was going to leave and BUM there’s no return now and Shiro (or clone Shiro) had to be the black paladin.

Besides, if the clone builds connections with the team and loves them as much real Shiro it will be 1000000 times more heartbreaking to show real Shiro coming back.

  • “Lance’s and Keith’s relationship development was completely thrown away!”

Those kids are at a war. That’s what they’re doing in space, they’re fighting a war. You guys really think Keith (the guys who’s been fighting with all his strength the whole time, who has put his friends in danger just for the possibility of attacking Lotor, who trains more than anyone) is going to focus more on a crush we are not even sure he really has than on the fight against the Galra?

Voltron is not a show about two boys finding more about themselves and slowly falling in love with each other. Their relationship is a SUBPLOT, let the main plot run its course for God’s sake.

  • “Lance’s character development was ignored and now he’s back to the way he was in season 1!!”

Lance didn’t really open up for the team about his insecurities. He had one good talk with Keith, who left, and that’s it. Lance may be self-centered but he’s not self-centered enough to put his problems above the war they’re fighting. The whole thing about Lance’s character is that he hides his insecurities behind a mask of confidence and jokes.

Moreover, being insecure doesn’t mean being sad all the fucking time. He genuinely enjoyed being an actor and doing performances and flying around so let the boy be happy.

He never stopped being a flirt either.

  • “Lotor’s generals would not turn on him like that!”

We don’t know that. In fact, we know close to nothing about Lotor’s relationship with his generals.

As much as I love the idea of all the characters getting good development I know that’s not really possible. The show is not about Lotor and his generals, is about team voltron.

Besides, we might get some more information in the future, just like how it was done with Zarkon’s backstory.

  • “Keith leaving the team ruined the dynamic season 3 built!”

Firstly, Keith never wanted to be the leader and after the talk he had with Lance it was obvious he would not claim Red back when Shiro came back. Secondly, the Blade kind of represents a family to him in a sense, they’re a connection to his past. With Shiro being back and Red having a good pilot, Keith saw the possibility of helping team Voltron and the Blade at the same time. He took the opportunity.

In season 3, Keith wasn’t the leader because he wanted to, he was the leader because he had to. Now he can do something he really wants to do instead of being stuck in a position he doesn’t consider his own. Be happy for the guy.

  • “Lotor has barely been introduced as a main antagonist and is already having a redemption arc!”

Lotor’s intentions were very different from Zarkon’s intentions. He wasn’t after Voltron like crazy, trying to destroy the Lions or get them for himself. Lotor had a very specific plan and just used his position as the new leader of the Galra empire to to help him with it.

The talk he wants to have is not a “Wow I’m suddenly a good guy”. Lotor’s is an enemy for the Galra now and if wants his plan to succeed he needs allies. My enemy’s enemy is my best friend. Team voltron kind of has a debt to Lotor now that he literally saved everyone so he has an advantage.

Lotor doesn’t want to become a hero, he just wants his plan to work.

That’s it. Might do a part 2 later.


So let’s see :
- Only Makoto seems to study here.
- Only Makoto has a jacket on him.
- Haru is sleeping in front of him.

My conclusion?


True facts *nod nod*

One of the most striking things to me about being poor is the guilt.

You feel guilty for getting government money, or for asking for help.

But you also feel guilty if you ever have a moment of comfort. If somehow you cut back and you juggle and you have, somehow, just a little left over.

You get near to the end of your pay and you have twenty dollars left over. A huge feat, and you could put it in savings, but you’re not supposed to HAVE savings because you’re poor.

You could buy yourself a little something nice but you’re not supposed to do that because you’re poor.

You shouldn’t have the money but you shouldn’t spend it. The guilt.