put on my pjs and curl up in my bed


Chapter Thirteen

Warnings: Language/ angst / nightmares

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there are a lot of things on this hellsite i dont approve of but tbh probably the most concerning is this tendency to just slap a “you are valid!!” sticker on everybody’s mental illness symptoms instead of like…… suggesting anyone make any effort towards actual recovery

like ive been depressed longer than some of yall have even been alive and i can tell you that, yeah, curling up in bed in my pjs with a bowl of ice cream and a marathon of the lion king franchise sounded like as much effort as i was willing to put in to much of anything today

but my cat still needed to be fed, my recycling needed to be taken to the center, the litterbox needed to be emptied, the carpet needed to be vacuumed, dishes needed to be put away, and the fruit flies thatve invaded my kitchen needed to be murdered viciously and with great prejudice so thats what the fuck i did today

dont get me wrong, having self-indulgent self-care days is fine every once in awhile, but like, lying around wallowing isnt going to help your illness At All, sometimes You Just Gotta Do Shit