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endless list of characters who deserved better [ 1/? ]
↳ Jack Benjamin (Kings)

*braces for hate mail*

*coughs*  Aang, in canon, was a subpar father, and Zuko was portrayed as a very good father. Not Aang bashing here. I love Aang, but… they both had very huge responsibilities, and people tried to kill Zuko all the time, and he still managed to have time for his daughter… my point here isn’t to compare their parenting, but to say that if Katara had been with Zuko, just using canon here, she would have had more time to accomplish things. Zuko seemed to somehow manage a work-life balance because knowing his own upbringing, I’m sure it was a priority to him. Have you seen the way he interacts with Kiyi, his baby sister? It’s setting Zuko up to be a wonderful, loving father– and it shows in LoK with his devotion to his family, and his family’s fondness of him in their words. If Katara and Zuko had married, Zuko could have granted Katara more time to have her own career aside from motherhood. It seems she was stuck in the home as a traditional housewife because of Aang’s incapability to give enough time to his family and home life. Katara had no choice. Aang was the avatar. Katara is by far no mealy mouth, but if Aang is away doing avatar shit 24/7 and says he has to she can’t really be like “you can’t do that”. He’s the AVATAR. It should be Aang’s responsibility to maintain that. Not saying it’s easy, but I’m sure it was just as hard for Zuko. The world was out to get him from the get-go on his coronation. So, Katara probably wouldn’t have been designated to housekeeping and changing diapers only if she had Zuko who probably, taking in canon context, pitched in more as a parent.

She would have had more time to be like a diplomat between the Fire Nation and Water Tribe. I always thought it would have been awesome to see Katara as an ambassador if zutara was canon… would’ve been a great ending. SiGHS. don’t drag me man I’m not dragging Aang I’m talking canon here and speculating based on it and hypotheticals  

Forging of the Silmarils

Fëanor: I’m so angry I’m going to forge Silmarils.

Fëanor: I was so angry I forged the Silmarils. Look at my work. My work is amazing.
Melkor: It sure is. You should probably never let nasty Valar touch them.
Fëanor: Obviously. Get out of here loser.
Varda: It would be pretty neato to put them in the sky js.
Fëanor: Absolutely not.
Melkor: You could hide them in the Halls of Mandos.
Fëanor: Hmmm …
Mandos: It is an option.
Fëanor: Fuck no.
Melkor: Yeah that’s dumb. Mandos is a Vala.
Fëanor: I’m just gonna lock them up. *to the lockbox*
Melkor: BTW I heard your dad is making Fingolfin king.
Fëanor: wtf you’re shitting me. nopenopenopenope *zoom*
Melkor: I’m just gonna go ahead and … take all this. *steals the silmarils*