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Female actions and expressions that makes your heart beat

BamBam→You know ladies will walk prettily right? But sometimes, they would forget that and walk a little strangely

YG: Sexy dance~
BB: Pls show
JS: Dance only in front of u? Smthg like this…
YG: U know casually lightly sexy
BB: Not on purpose sexy right

JY- when the girl’s hair falls and the action of putting in behind the ears

JS: How about two block haircut?
MK: in the past, cutting (the sides) was popular among girls
#SupportiveMark 😂😂😂

Youngjae likes girls who wear tight skirts👀🌚

JY: What about Mark?
MK: I’m curious of Jackson’s (answer)
(Me: Do you now Mark😏)
JS: I’m curious about Mark’s

Jackson - When doing yoga and stretching. The flexible body, good at exercising/athletism has a favorable impression

JB - None. If I like her then I like her.
MK- When the girl eats well (c)


whatever it is you don’t want ‘em to see or hear or know, you can bury it. you can bury it so deep, you won’t find it yourself anymore… but you’ll wish you hadn’t.

endless list of characters who deserved better [ 1/? ]
↳ Jack Benjamin (Kings)


Assholes who think they’re entitled to shit bc they compliment you. LOL and when you reject them they’re super butt hurt, All the sudden I become a “bitch” for not saying thank you. Makes sense haha. Also no I don’t “get dick pics everyday” I don’t let men get away with that disgusting shit. Js.

Also if you’re gross like this I’ll put you on blast . Js.
*braces for hate mail*

*coughs*  Aang, in canon, was a subpar father, and Zuko was portrayed as a very good father. Not Aang bashing here. I love Aang, but… they both had very huge responsibilities, and people tried to kill Zuko all the time, and he still managed to have time for his daughter… my point here isn’t to compare their parenting, but to say that if Katara had been with Zuko, just using canon here, she would have had more time to accomplish things. Zuko seemed to somehow manage a work-life balance because knowing his own upbringing, I’m sure it was a priority to him. Have you seen the way he interacts with Kiyi, his baby sister? It’s setting Zuko up to be a wonderful, loving father– and it shows in LoK with his devotion to his family, and his family’s fondness of him in their words. If Katara and Zuko had married, Zuko could have granted Katara more time to have her own career aside from motherhood. It seems she was stuck in the home as a traditional housewife because of Aang’s incapability to give enough time to his family and home life. Katara had no choice. Aang was the avatar. Katara is by far no mealy mouth, but if Aang is away doing avatar shit 24/7 and says he has to she can’t really be like “you can’t do that”. He’s the AVATAR. It should be Aang’s responsibility to maintain that. Not saying it’s easy, but I’m sure it was just as hard for Zuko. The world was out to get him from the get-go on his coronation. So, Katara probably wouldn’t have been designated to housekeeping and changing diapers only if she had Zuko who probably, taking in canon context, pitched in more as a parent.

She would have had more time to be like a diplomat between the Fire Nation and Water Tribe. I always thought it would have been awesome to see Katara as an ambassador if zutara was canon… would’ve been a great ending. SiGHS. don’t drag me man I’m not dragging Aang I’m talking canon here and speculating based on it and hypotheticals  


This wasn’t the first time Mephistopheles had dropped a task on him with minimal notice. Naturally, being the Devil’s near-constant companion, Faust was used to not being told the whole truth (if being told anything at all) before a situation arose where he couldn’t ignore it even if he wanted to.

Of course, it would have been nice to know that Ky’lar was going to visit before he’d gotten himself elbow-deep in a corpse he was examining. Seeing your grandmother covered in blood was sure to make for an interesting time.

Naturally, the servant that had notified him was met with a polite if curt thank you, which had been swiftly followed by the petite doctor scuttling off to the large sink he had set up in the disinfecting area of his laboratory. Cursing under his breath now that company had gone, he could only imagine that the Devil had planned the inconvenience that was a lack of proper notice.

And of course the cameras in his workshop would show a familiar car approaching out front just as the water had gotten scalding hot. Cursing again (and a bit louder this time, despite himself), Faust forewent his hastily-made plan in favor of being polite, which had always been his downfall, really.

He made surprisingly excellent time in reaching the door. Suddenly springing on his grandson in a bloody apron holding a knife, however? Unwise.

“I apologize, my boy, I wasn’t prepared for a visit just yet…”

Petition for Luke Garroway to receive the recognition he deserves as a main character and for Raphael Santiago to get the respect he greatly deserves from the shadowhunters



The last remaining heir to a crime syndicate renowned for arms smuggling, Thorin Durinson struggles to reclaim his family’s business ruined by a rogue anarchist over a decade prior. With few allies and even fewer tools to bargain with, he must assemble his father’s former associates and seek the aid of an admittedly sub-par hacker named Baggins. 

However, his efforts have not gone unnoticed by rival families, least of which the Oropherion syndicate controlling south London and the cocaine trade throughout the UK. As sides are swiftly drawn and more players find themselves pulled into a turf war, rumors begin to whisper that an unknown family in the east has set its sights on London, a family far more dangerous than anything seen before. One thing is certain, war is coming and there is no option but victory.

{featuring imogen poots & katie mcgrath as ocs because more women yes please. created by myself, roosebxlton, sopettyandtiny, libertinian & bornwithoutamask