put on a shirt you hippie

I feel like this is long overdue. I’ve wanted stuff like this in my game for so long so here it is! The Stoner Collection for your sims. This collection comes with 3 shirts and 2 hats for male and female sims, and 6 posters…and ALL of the CC in this collection is base game compatible! Thanks for reading and checking out my CC, if you have a request or just want to say hello, send me an ask! I would love to hear feedback/general friendliness.

**In the dropbox folder, there are separate package files and one MERGED file, which includes ALL of the cc. If you only want a specific item, find the separate and download directly from the folder.

Download under the cut!!

DOWNLOAD MERGED Shirt Pack HERE (Sim File Share, I do not use Ad.Fly!)


Thumbnail Credits/Extra Info:

  • Tattoo on 1st Row Model: Crybabies
  • **ALL credit for the poster designs go to the owners of the art. All of these were found on google if you want to know the actual URLs send me an ask :)
  • This CC is BASE GAME COMPATIBLE, no mesh is needed!

DO NOT claim as your own, repost without my permission, ect.

If you use any of the CC from this collection in a post please tag me @thesnootprincecc ! I would love to see my work put to good use so I encourage it :)


My school is telling me that the shirt I wore to school today that said “legalize gay” is inappropriate. They told me that I need to put something over it, and that it is offensive. I refuse. I am a child of artificial insemination and I was raised my my two mothers. I am a strong advocate for the LGBT community and the fact that my school and others are offended by this is sickening. I just wanted to share this injustice with you guys .

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do you know how i can get rid of like.... brown marks or scars? i have dermatillomania and have a lot all over my shoulders and back

me too honeslty the ordinarys vit c suspension is life saving but make sure you dont have any new scabs when putting it on otherwise it will sting like hell. A non stinging one would be probably any other vit c serum (like the mad hippie one, or PC, or drunk elephant) rosehip oil is also known to fade hyperpigmentation but youd have to put it on at night and either not wear a shirt and sleep on your chest or wear a shirt that can get stained because its naturally pigmented and it does stain. An AHA or a retinol would also get you rid of it but if you dont know shit about skincare DO NOT use them because thats hardcore stuff. educate yourself first. something that helped me get over it was the fact that i started wearing pretty and bright clothes, the fear of getting them stained with blood was too big for me to pick on my skin.

I type these words and I stare at my memo sheet. Routine. I reply to a message and stare again. Let’s talk about love.
So I met the ends of your skin with the ends of my nerves and there was fire and rain and all of the Van Gogh paintings stuff and then there was the horizon after the storm. I couldn’t move the entire time while you danced as if it was nothing new, you’ve been there before. Before.
Before my eyes could counterattack to the visions of fiefdoms of your experiences and spilled magic in the air and the metro gates closing shut as I hurriedly think about falling in love, debating whether a kiss complies or is this again, again just a little crush I realise I’m rhyming too much in my head so I stop. I stop to listen. Breathing.
Breathing like your tongue on mine could move icebergs from the night of April 14 of 1912 and save some lives, I’m mostly concerned about Jack even though I know he doesn’t exist. Believe.
Believe me when I say you rule my subconscious, believe me when I say it kills that we can never be together, believe it because you believe in your pizza delivery man, hey, love isn’t at all different from that. Place an order.
Place an order at the place, wait for it to love you back it’s not always perfect (okay, it is; love is not) but both end anyway. Cry over an empty pizza box or a break up because you’re empty and alone anyway. So.
So I’m not trying to trick you into it because I won’t even let you know, letting you know would be like letting the Niagra enter my house and so I will never tell you why, or how, I’ll just be around. Around.
Around your neck will be my fingers once in a while till you  start wearing collared shirts and I fracture my hand, it will be the same, till I tell you all about my love. Accept.
Accept my scars, you will I know but my mom won’t accept a lot of you, for starters you don’t like to stay and she has always hated hippies and long hair I always wonder why she still puts up with me. Well, I.
Well I am still there in the storm, it’s raging all over the Universes are colliding somewhere as you touch my hand I’m all the cheese from the pizza you ate last night honey, I’m still cold, take me home.
Take me home and unwrap me like a burrito I’ll take you in too, my fillings have been messing up the place a lot. I’ve been writing a lot. Tuck some of you with me while I sleep on a Sunday afternoon over my copy of Gone With the Wind, stay awake and watch me. Watch me before I crumble. Watch me breathe and take notes of my sounds. Believe in every curve of my body, run your hands around. Accept my sighs and farts and coughs and drools and clumsiness. I’m not directing you, I’m just telling you how I managed to fall in love with you.
Try patting my head. I am a fan of that. You knew it beforehand. Come on now, kiss me so we can save those people from that cold night in the ocean and maybe, there was some other guy if not Jack. Let’s save someone’s love story, while beginning ours.

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I need more of that brendon imagine oh my god it's adorable

(I’m guessing you mean the lazy Sunday breakfast imagine cx)

“Beebs, get up.” Y/N said, lightly tapping his shoulder.

“I’m still tired, go make breakfast without me.” He groaned.

“Get up you lazy bum.” She replied.

“Nooooo…” Brendon whined.

“Fine, I guess I’ll make pancakes and coffee for one.” Y/N retorted, sliding off of their bed and walking out.

She shut their door and waited for him, counting down from 5 under her breath. He came out of the room and took her hand.

“I hate you.” He mumbled.

“Love you too, babe.” She replied.

“What kind of pancakes are we making?” He asked.

“I’m thinking chocolate chip.” She said, bending down and opening up a cupboard.

“Alrighty. I got the music.” He said, switching on the radio.

‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ immediately began to play and Y/N laughed.

“I fucking hate this station.” Brendon said.

Y/N smacked his hand, “Don’t you dare change it!” she said.

Brendon wrapped an arm around her waist, savoring the warmth of her body against his shirtless torso. He rested his chin on the top of her head, swaying them softly back and forth. She placed a kiss on his collar bone, rubbing his back gently.

“I wish every day could be like this.” Brendon said.

“Me too. Mostly just because I like chocolate chip pancakes and sleeping in.” She replied, snickering.

“Okay, I’ll leave you to your pancakes then.” Brendon tried to pull away from her but she hugged him tighter.

“No! You didn’t let me finish.” She said.

“Then, please, continue.” Brendon said, kissing the top of her head.

“I was going to say that as much as I love those things I’d always love you more.” She said.

Brendon pecked her lips, smiling. She pulled away from him and poked his chest.

“Go put a shirt on, you hippie.” She said.

“Aw, I thought you liked seeing me shirtless!” He teased.

“We’re making bacon, too.” She said.

He nodded in understanding and walked back into their room, pulling a shirt on. She started preparing the pancake mix, whisking it as efficiently as she could. Brendon stared at the wall, zoning out. He smiled a little, thinking about her and the life he had. At times it was hard, especially when he had to go on tour or travel, but she never held that against him.

He would come home and she would be as happy as ever, never complaining. They’d go on dates, and cuddle in bed. As nice as his relationship had been with Sarah, it was nothing compared to this. Y/N made Brendon so inexplicably happy. She never nagged him or complained about things. She was optimistic and positive about things, regardless of how things were.

He thought about how awful he felt as his band members had left him, leaving him alone. It had left him broken inside, and he hadn’t been himself for so long. Until he met Y/N, who ripped the depression and loneliness out of him, replacing it with the endless amount of love they shared.

“Hey, babe? Are you doing okay in there?” He heard her ask.

“Yep, coming out now!” Brendon said.

He walked into the kitchen to see Y/N cooking pancakes and screaming out the lyrics to ‘Stressed Out’ by Twenty One Pilots.

“What happened? Fall in the toilet?” She teased.

“Something like that.” He replied, sprinkling chocolate chips onto the cooking pancakes.

She kissed his cheek, leaning into him as she flipped the pancakes over with her plastic spatula.

“You want me to make some coffee?” He asked.

“That’d be great.” She replied.

In a few minutes, all of the food was ready and they sat down to eat. Y/N and Brendon talked quietly, sipping their coffee and eating pancakes.

“I love you.” Brendon said, reaching forward and touching Y/N’s cheek.

“I love you too.” She replied.

“If you like, I’m a hippy or a flower person. I know I’m not. I’m George Harrison, a person. Just like everybody else, but different at the same time. You get to a point where you realise that it doesn’t matter what people think you are, it’s what you think you are yourselves that matters. Or what you know you are. Anyone can make it. You don’t have to put a flowery shirt on.”

- George speaking about self-realisation, in 1967.

i always imagine gamzee wearing those super loose scrunchy hippie dresses that you find at like state fairs and stoner shops. because like okay putting a t shirt and pants on takes probably two steps, maybe more. but throwing on some $10 tie-dye monstrosity takes exactly one step its basically the next easiest thing to being naked

If you like, I’m a hippy or a flower person. I know I’m not. I’m George Harrison, a person. Just like everybody else, but different at the same time. You get to a point where you realise that it doesn’t matter what people think you are, it’s what you think you are yourselves that matters. Or what you know you are. Anyone can make it [self-realization]. You don’t have to put a flowery shirt on.
—  George Harrison on self-realisation, Melody Maker, 2 September 1967
Some strategies for wearing costumes

Some people like to buy bagged costumes for costume stores, but that isn’t a good option for everyone.

Some reasons bagged costumes are not a good option for everyone:

  • Bagged costumes are often really expensive
  • They tend to have unpleasant textures, fabrics, smells, and seams
  • It might be hard to find one in your size, especially if you are a woman and don’t want to wear a sexualized costume.
  • You might not find one you like
  • The costume store might be too unpleasant or overloading to tolerate

Luckily, there are other options.

One option (probably the hardest one) is sewing your own.

  • That’s a lot of effort, particularly if you do not have a sewing machine
  • The advantage is that if you go to a fabric store, you can pick a pattern
  • There might be some less-difficult patterns available
  • There are a lot more non-sexual options for costumes in fabric stores than costume stores
  • Also, you can pick the fabric and make sure it’s a texture you like or can at least tolerate

Another option: Making a costume out of a box:

  • If you have a big cardboard box, you can cut out a hole for your head and your arms, then paint it or draw on it
  • The easiest box costume is to go as dice. You just draw the right number of dots on each side (or glue pieces of construction paper).
  • If you google “box costume”, you will get a lot of different options and instructions for box costumes.
  • This is fairly cheap and can be fairly straightforward (it can be complicated too, but it doesn’t have to be)
  • If you use paint, it will be messy. So either make your costume outside or put down newspaper or a tarp first
  • The major downside of box costumes is that they are unwieldy. They make it harder to move, and especially to use your arms. This might be very uncomfortable.

Another thing you can make out of a box or cardboard: flat cardboard costumes:

  • Cut out a piece of cardboard in a shape you like.
  • Some shapes that work well: Hershey’s kiss, star, Easter egg, rainbow
  • (You could probably make a Tardis costume this way too)
  • Decorate the shape you’ve made.
  • Some things that work well as decorations: aluminum foil (works great for a Hershey’s kiss or star costume), markers, colored duct tape, paint, stickers
  • Attach a string to the costume and hang the costume from your neck with ribbon or string. You can either poke holes in the top of the costume and tie on ribbon/string, or tape it on with strong tape (regular scotch tape will not be strong enough to hold it up for long)

Wigs or hats:

  • Buying just a hat/wig can be cheaper and more tolerable than buying and wearing a whole bagged costume
  • You can dress as a clown by putting on a big rainbow wig.
  • It helps to paint your face and/or use a clown nose, but it is not necessary.
  • You can wear a jester hat and go as a jester
  • You can wear a witch’s hat and go as a witch. (Wearing black clothing helps, especially a black skirt. Or, if your hat is not black, clothing can be the same color as the hat)
  • If you wear a crown, you can go as a king/queen. This works especially well when paired with velvet clothing.

Going to a party dressed like one of your friends:

  • Eg: if you usually wear tie-dye and flowing skirts, you could borrow clothes from a friend who dresses conservatively.
  • Make sure that this is ok with the person who you’re dressing like. If you show up in a them costumed and they think you’re making fun of them, it will end badly
  • Be careful about costumes that involve cross dressing. Make sure that you’re not making trans or gender nonconforming people the butt of a joke.
  • Be careful about dressing in clothing associated with an ethnic group or religion other than your own. That usually ends poorly.

Minimalist or pun costumes:

  • Costumes that aren’t really a full outfit, but will look like a costume.
  • If you google “last minute costumes” or “minimalist costumes” you will get a lot of suggestions
  • Eg: holding a sign that says “nudist on strike”.

A fairly easy cat costume

  • Get an old pair of tights to use as a tail.
  • Stuff one leg with newspaper
  • Tie the other leg around your waist to hold the tail on
  • Paint your nose pink and draw cat whiskers on your fac
  • (Preferably with face paint. You can use a marker for this, but it’s likely to be very annoying to get off later. OTOH, (non-toxic) markers might be more tolerable from a sensory perspective)
  • If you like, you can make cat ears out of paper and attach them to a headband or hair clips

Other things that look vaguely costumey:

  • A hat with flashy fake plastic jewelery
  • Spraying or dying your hair a bright unnatural color (this will create a smell though; it’s probably best to check if you can tolerate the smell before putting it on your hair). You can also dye your hair with koolaid if you hair is light.
  • A feather boa
  • Face paint
  • Zombie makeup can be particularly effective. Because you can wear whatever clothes you want and be like “A zombie college student” or wear a tie-dye shirt and be a zombie hippie (might be inadvisable around kids because could be read as a drug reference) or a suit/tie/jacket and be a zombie executive
  • A mask, even without other costume pieces (be aware that in some areas, it is illegal for adults to wear masks, or illegal to wear masks that cover your whole face)
  • A prom dress can look like a costume on Halloween

You can also go to a thrift store and find interesting stuff to wear or build a costume out of. That is usually pretty cheap.

Anyone else want to weigh in? What ways of wearing costumes have and have not worked for you?

ANASTASIAOFRP WRITES A GUIDE - About Hippies, and how to play a Hippie

Requested by Anon

The hippie (or hippy) subculture was originally a youth movement that arose in the United States during the mid-1960s and spread to other countries around the world. Under the cut you can find more information, and I hope this helps you out.

This guide was written by anastasiaofrp. Please like if you found this helpful or reblog if you are a RPH, and do not steal.

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Vancouver Truth: People Dress Poorly

People dress poorly in Vancouver. Here’s a list of fashion tips for Vancouverites.

1) Buy $100 jeans before $100 yoga pants. I can do yoga in ugly ass shorts.

2) Don’t make being poor an excuse. Your problem is a lack of taste or care. Basic lines. Clean cuts. Well sourced goods from thrift stores. Stop buying cat sweaters in disgusting fabrics. 

3) Don’t be a hipster. It will take perhaps hours to get people to understand why. But irony isn’t truly fashionable. Before you start messing with symbols such as trucker hats and nerd glasses, go back to the basics such as quality of dye, tailoring, material and so on.

4) Don’t be a hippie. Theoretically I love hippies. In fact some of my favourite people have hippie-isms. But all hippie manifestations basically have this overall burning desire to express “freedom” without a sense of class. People in the category are: burners, nudists, cyber hippies, festival hippies, yogis and straight-up hippies.

This may be something that might come off controversial … but you see for white people, which hippies mostly are, “freedom” is something you escape in to as a lifestyle. For people who are not white, “freedom” is something you fight, organize and die for and have to preserve your dignity through. The very notion of being able to dress like crap to be “free” is privilege at work. If you want people to be “free”, stop dressing like crap and show up to meetings. Change the world. Stop escaping it.

5) Stop thinking tattoos as a holy grail of fashion statements. It’s not. People put on a sloppy t-shirt and are like oh well, it’s edgy, since I have a tattoo.

6) Which leads to the next one. Stop trying to be edgy. “Edgy” is not fashionable. Edgy is basically the most immature trajectory of fashion you can take. 

Final thoughts. This isn’t over. I can go on and on and on ad on. I would just like Vancouverites to explore fashion outside of the narrow confines of hipster-isms and hippie-isms. There’s a whole world of looks out there from french casual to UK street to funky Tokyo. I don’t care what you say:


#ihatevan #vancouverfashion