put my finger in your mouth

hump me 👉🏿👌🏿👅💦 fuck me 👨🏽💕👨🏽 daddy better make me 👀👄👅 choke hump me 👉🏿👌🏿👅💦fuck me 👅👅💦 my tunnel love to 🍆💦👅 deep throat 👅👅💦 lick 👅💦 lick lick 👄🍆💦 I wanna eat your dick🍴 🍆👄 but I can’t fuck up my nails 💅🏽🙅🏽 so imma pick it up with chopsticks 👅🍆🍜 mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 like I was at the dentist 😷👄👅mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 put it so deep 👅🍆💦 I can’t speak a sentence 🤐👅🍆 my fingers 👆🏾💅🏽👆🏾 in it 🍆🍆🍆 gentle explore this 👱🏿👱🏿👱🏿 nigga mental imma write📝✒️✏️ my name on his 🍆💦 dick don’t need a pen 🖋 or pencil ✏️ all I need is my body 💃🏽👀👅 my pussy 🐱💦💕 pink just like salami 💦🌺🍔 don’t need a drink 🍺🍸🍷 to get naughty 😏👅💦 cause bitch I’m not Bill Cosby 🙅🏽👎🏿👴🏿 my pussy 🐱mean, 😠and it’s clean🚿🛁 i’m not a squirter💦, I cream💨🍦🍨keep it smelling👃🏼 like baby👶🚼 wipes I never smell👃🏼 like sardines🐟🐠🍣 this will never😡 fucking end ballerina💃🏽that dick🍆 when I spin🔁 I fucked 😏 this nigga 👱🏿 so good👍🏿I ain’t swallow one kid👶🙎🙇I think I swallowed twins👯👫👫hump me 👉🏿👌🏿👅💦 fuck me 👨🏽💕👨🏽 daddy better make me 👀👄👅 choke hump me 👉🏿👌🏿👅💦fuck me 👅👅💦 my tunnel love to 🍆💦👅 deep throat 👅👅💦 lick 👅💦 lick lick 👄🍆💦 I wanna eat your dick🍴 🍆👄 but I can’t fuck up my nails 💅🏽🙅🏽 so imma pick it up with chopsticks 👅🍆🍜 mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 like I was at the dentist 😷👄👅mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 put it so deep 👅🍆💦 I can’t speak a sentence 🤐👅🍆just come 😏 put it 🍆down my butt🍑 let’s shoot a movie🎥🎞, no cuts✂️ ride 🏇🏿the dick🍆, get my nipples licked👅👄that’s breastfeeding 💦🍼while we fuck👉🏿👌🏿finna get the dick🍆 wet 💦and firm🏋 you better sweat💦me out of my perm🙆 can’t wait ⏱⌛️till it’s my turn🔁 I wanna blow 🌬bubbles🎈🎈 with sperm💦wanna hit👊 it from the back🍑 let me arch my 🔙Once I arch my 🔙 that mean attack 🔫🗡this pussy🐱 don’t need a pornstar 🙎🍆cause I’m the moderin all my spit 💦on his dick🍆sound like I’m gargling💦💦💦 make him bust 💨three nuts🌰🌰🌰, is the task✔️my panties 👙stuck in my ass🍑so I pulled✊ them down ⬇️to show him the pearl🔮ade his pubic 🍆hairs💇 curl➿ fast🏃💨 fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱 come fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱come fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱

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i was at my fwb house and we were in his bed under the covers just talking after we fucked when his older brother walks in to talk to him. so they're talking while his fingers are rubbing my clit and slowly fingering me. it was so hard not to moan so loud. then, it got late so he asked me to stay the night. in the middle of the night i went to the bathroom. his older brother followed me there, closed the door behind us, put me on the counter & fucked me hard while covering my mouth


“What is it?” You ask Ivar worried, but he doesn’t answer.
Slowly you’re getting angry. Never he talks about when he’s clearly in pain.
“Does your legs hurt? I could make a bath with…”
“It’s not my legs.” He interrupts you harsh and you wince.
“My shoulders, my arms.” He adds whispering.
Wordlessly you stand up and pull his shirt over the head while he watches you confused.
“Lie down on your stomach.” You say quietly, not knowing if he’ll like it.
But to your own surprise he does it and you sit down on his butt before you start to massage his shoulders.
A groan leaves his mouth and shocked you take your hands away.
“No, it feels good.” Ivar says, his eyes closed.
Again you put your hands on his shoulder, kneading the flesh there while he let out little noises in enjoyment.
Your fingers feeling numb, but you don’t stop as he suddenly starts snoring.
“Ivar?” You ask and smile as you see his relaxed face and the open mouth.
As quietly as possible you stand up as he grabs your ankle and you nearly fall on the ground.
“Stay.” Ivar mumbles and you nod, lying down next to him.
He wraps an arm around you, his face snuggled in your neck where he murmurs a ‘thank you’.


How i wish i can lick your pussy ,finger fuck you,make u wet, put my thick cock in ur tebam pussy and ending it with a loads of cum in your mouth every single night before i sleep..


Thank God Felicity bought the comfortable, spinning desk chairs for the new Arrow Cave. In the old one, you didn’t even have a seat for when you came to visit. And now you get to sit comfortably AND spin around like the child you wish you still were.

“(y/n),” Felicity’s voice cuts through your internal monologue. “Time to put those little fingers to use.

You sit up in your chair and get to work on the second screen. She’s been running and working facial recognition for about an hour now to no avail. "My hands aren’t that small, Liss.”

She snorts. “Please. Compared to your hands mine are man-hands.”

“Or yours are just man-hands.”

Out of the corner of your eye, you see Oliver roll his eyes. The corner of your mouth twitches up in a smile. “So, who is this guy you’re looking for anyway?”

Oliver laughs darkly. “Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a name. All we have is a face.”

“Which is why,” Felicity growls, “he’s so hard to find.”

“Got him,” you announce. “He’s at thirty-fourth and Rochester.”

Felicity is left staring at you with her mouth open. Oliver nods and walks over to the table with his bow. “Alright, thanks little Smoak.”

“Are you sure you shouldn’t bring backup?” Felicity yells worriedly after him.

“I got it!”

Both of the Smoak sisters listen in silence as the elevator doors close. You study the way your sister’s pink lips are pursed. “You still love him, don’t you?”

She swivels around in her chair to face you with wide eyes. “What do you mean?”

You smile softly. “Liss, I may be your little sister but I know you better than you think. You still look at him the same way.”

Felicity pauses before casting her eyes down and swiveling back towards the screen. She puts her Bluetooth in. “Alright Oliver, what do you got?”

Pete| Bloodsport Teaser| Dunne

If I put my fingers in your mouth, would you bite them?
So many things that I would do if I had my way with you.  

“I am Mr. Regal’s eyes, ears, and right hand. When I speak, you are to assume that I speak with Mr. Regal’s full authority, because I do. I control the schedules, I control the flow of the work day, I control the access.  I am the goddamn gatekeeper. My opinion is important to Mr. Regal, and his opinion is important to Mr. Helmsley. You all would do well to remember that.”

In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good idea to get into Pete’s face shortly after my boss had a go at him. I was in the middle of verbally dressing him down when he grabbed the sides of my face, fingers curling into my hair, and slammed his lips against mine. I lost my balance on my heels and fell into him, gasping. I could feel him smirk before he took advantage of my parted lips, swiping his tongue against mine. The anger that had heated the blood in my veins shifted to lust so quickly that I was left dizzy. It took a moment to recover from the sudden shift in passions, but soon enough I was kissing him back just as violently.

“It’s Pete Dunne love.”

There will be no tenderness, no tenderness
I will show no mercy for you,
you had no mercy for me.

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24 - Kai Parker

[“You’re protecting me. Why?” With Kai please! Thank you 💕]


“You don’t have to do this.” I plead with Kai, struggling against the rope. “They’re going to find me and they might-”

“Shh.” He says, putting his finger to my lips. I fight my blush and he smiles. “Thank you, god your voice is so annoying.” I glare and he pats my head. “Cutie.”

Shaking my head, Kai laughs and stands up. “Kai, let me go.”

“Kai, let me go.” He mimics. “Listen Y/N, you’re just the bait. But if you want I can kill you and end the suffering for my ears.”

My mouth shuts and Kai nods. “Good choice.” He says, he sits down opposite me with a smile. “You’re just like a Salvatore.”

I roll my eyes, Damon and Stefan are my great something uncles. I just see them as older brothers.

“You know, I had a quite a big family growing up.” Kai tells me, resting his head on his hands. “Family isn’t a bad thing when you actually like them.”

My eyebrows fuse together. “You didn’t like your family?”

Kai shakes his head. “No, I mean some of them were alright but I hated majority of them.”

“So that’s why you killed them?”

He chuckles. “No, Y/N.” He pinches my cheek slightly. “You’re so innocent. You don’t the Kai Parker tale.”


“Well basically my family called an abomination during my childhood and well…that hurt my feelings.”

“So that’s why you killed them?”

Kai shakes his head. “No but we’re getting close.” He says. “Well in my coven we had a sort of rule thing, twins had to merge at the eighteen. The weaker dies but the stronger wins and takes their magic. And we’ll I wanted to merge with my sis Jo but my family saw that as a big no no.”


“I swear to god, interrupt me again and I’ll cut out your tongue.” Kai says, sounding irritated. I stick out my tongue and he raises a brow. “So then blah, blah, I killed them, blah, blah, I ended up in a prison world for a few years.”

“So they put a psycho in an empty world for years?”

“Hey sociopath.” He corrects. “But yes they did.”

“Why? That’s would drive you into even more madness. No one you’re like this.”

“Ouch.” He put his hand over where his heart should be, the heartless psycho.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I wanted you know.” He shrugs, patting my cheek. “I like you Y/N.”

“Is that a good thing?” I ask, confused. Kai laughs, standing up and brushing his clothes clean. “Are you letting me go?”

“Nope. And if my calculations are correct even though I was horrible at maths, your friends should be here in three….two…one now.”

At cue footsteps appear and Kai laughs. “I guess I’m not so bad.”

I roll my eyes. “Can I go now?”

“No, this is the fun part.”

“What’s happening?”

“Well if this goes wrong then I’ll kill you.” I tense and Kai smirks, crouching down in front of me. He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. “But if this goes right then we can all go back to our normal lives.”

“Step away from her Kai.” I hear Stefan say. “She’s has nothing to do with this.”

“I know.” Kai says, standing up and bringing me with him. I struggle and he chuckles. “Y/N, remember who has the knife now.”

I stay still and he smiles. “Well done.” He says, grinning.

“You’re insane.” I spit, Kai laughs. “I see why you’re family did the things they did.”

His laughter goes and I gasp, feeling a plunge in my stomach. “Y/N!” My friends yell, my eyes lower and I see the blood pooling around my wound.

Kai smirks, removing the knife and I gasp, my hand over it. “Y/N, I think this has been enough for one night.” He kisses my cheek and then goes, letting me fall but someone catches me.

Before I can even recognise who it is, my mind switches off.


“What ever happened to Kai?” I ask Elena, while I apply my mascara.

“You know how we all went to the prison world to get Damon and Stefan’s mother, Lily?” She asks, I nod. “Well Bonnie stabbed and left him behind.”

My eyebrows raise. “You just abandoned him?”

“He did that to Bonnie.”

I know she has a point. “But he leaving someone who is mentally ill alone again, isn’t going to help.”

“Y/N, who cares? He’s gone.” Elena shrugs, brushing her hair. I nod. “I thought you’d be happier, he did kidnap and stab you.”

“I know.” I say, my hand over where my scar is. “But I still think you could have done something else, he did change.”

“Y/N, don’t pity him. Kai was a psycho who deserved everything he got.” She says, before leaving the room.

It’s Jo and Ric’s wedding today and we are getting ready, I don’t know Jo very well but I know Ric and I’m glad to see him so happy.

“Sociopath.” I mumble, while applying my lip gloss. “He’s a sociopath.”


Groaning, I open my eyes and look around. “Y/N!” I hear Damon call, I lift my head up.

“Damon!” I yell but it muffles, my eyebrows fuse together and I realise my mouth is taped shut and I’m tied to a wall.

Struggling, I attempt to slide my hands from the rope but it only hurts. “Y/N.” I tense, hearing footsteps behind me. “Glad you’re awake.”

Kai steps in front of me, crouching down, he’s dressed in a suit. I turn away as he reaches to touch my cheek. He grins. “Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt you.”

I can’t speak so I don’t bother it look at him, with pleading eyes. “You see, I kind of enjoy our chats and I’d hate to accidentally kill you. So I brought you here to keep you safe.”

I give him a confused look. Why would Kai want to protect me? Kai tilts his head, pulling off the tape and I whine.

Moving my mouth, I speak after a while. “You’re protecting me. Why?”

Kai shrugs. “I guess it’s something from that merge.” He says. “Anyway, you need to stay here for a while.”

“Why? What’s going on, Kai?” I ask, he smiles and stands up. “Kai, what are you planning?”

“Nothing, Y/N.” He replies. “I’ll see you in a while.”

“Kai!” I yell, struggling. “Kai!”

He laughs. “Shh…..” He says in my ear, injecting something into my neck and everything goes black.


[End of imagine, part two hopefully up soon]

Stuff Your Mouth [Joe Sugg Imagine]

“Hi guys,I’m here with my beautiful girlfriend Y/N today.A lot of you have been requesting the Stuff Your Mouth Challenge and that’s what we’re going to do today!”,Joe smiled into the camera.

He finally got you to film a video with him again.In front of you was a bowl full of marshmallows placed.

Each of you were stuffing marshmellow after marshmallow in your mouth.
“I’m reapfy”,you said and started to laugh.
“What no,completely full!!”,Joe literally screamed “There’s still space left.”,and put his finger into your mouth.

“Jooooe.”,you whined. “That’s disgufstong”

“You ready?” “hm?” “Ihhf you’re reapfy” “Oh yeah.”,you laughed and held your thumbs up.

“Okay”,you started.
“The youtuber is tall.”
Your boyfriend held up a finger,so you’d stop talking. “Likes Fall??”,he asked what literally made you laugh.

“Taaaall!” “Ah tall?” “Yeah”

The video continued like that,you both laughed a lot and almost spit out the sweets.

At the end of the video was Joe’s turn again.
“She has pretty hair.”
“Ohhhh.”,you said and stuffed a marshmallow back into your mouth.
“Zoe?”,you guessed but he shook his head.
“She’s is gorgouzz,gor-geous.”
“Ugh.”,you whined.His words could describe literally everyone…Zoe,Tanya,Louise etc.

“And,she’s in front of me right now.”,he said after pushing a few marshmallows back in his mouth.

“Me?’,you laughed and before you could even say something else he put his hand on your cheeks and attempted to kiss you.
’‘Ughhh Joe.”,you squeaked.

He made a fake sad face before the marshmallows fell out and he said the used “thanks for watching and please give it a thumbs up.”

Artemi Panarin #3

Hiii! This was the request about Artemi Panarin and him having a young family/starting a family. I hope you like this! Enjooooy!! :)

Word count: 962

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The door creaked open and a sliver of light creeped into the room. You lifted your head just as Artemi poked his in, “hi,” he softly said, entering the nursery and quietly closing the door behind him.

You silently put your index finger against your mouth, “who won?” you whispered, a little bit bummed that you miss the Blackhawks’ first game of the season, “I didn’t get to watch.”

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Lip was headed for the Alibi, on the lookout for a drunken Frank who’d caused some chaos just an hour before. He was less than surprised as the smell of a fresh strawberry cigarette crept up on his senses, followed by two cold and red-polished set of fingers on each of his shoulders. “Good morning, idiot,” you laughed. “Jesus Christ, you got nothing better to do than follow me?” he sighed. “Uh oh, what did Frank do now?” you questioned. He scoffed, putting a fresh cigarette in his mouth. “Well, for starters he decided to come home instead of wander the streets like a bum,” Lip replied. 

You rolled your eyes as you walked beside him. “I brought my knuckle ring with me. Wanna borrow it?” you asked. He laughed slightly at the offer. “Save it for another time,” he answered. You smiled as he used your cigarette to light his. You two were friends—sort of. You had your roller coaster traits that went together perfectly, households equally at their full occupancy rate. It was hard not to find something in each of you that wasn’t likeable in the other’s eyes, however. You played pool at the Alibi every Sunday, too, like an unspoken commitment birthed from the friendship. You followed Lip into the Alibi and then all over the rest of town, listening to him bitch about how you wouldn’t quite bugging him—you loved it. 

You stopped on the edge of town near the deserted snowy trails by the lakes at the end of Chicago. “Well fuck, where is he?” Lip growled. “…Wanna do something better?” you asked. He looked at you as you tilted your head. “Wanna crash a rich peoples’ party? We can even make-out in front of everybody to make the old people uncomfortable,” you joked. He looked around in hesitation before he replied. “Let’s make sure they can see the tongue,” he responded. You were taken aback. You were kidding…sort of. You smiled slightly, waiting for him to say he was fucking with you, but he never did. Instead, he took you by the hand and dragged you back into town. Oh, and you did more than just make-out at the party.


On the counter in the kitchen, I approach her with a kiss to her neck. Catching her by surprise, I kissed her roughly as I started to undo her pants. I move down her neck with my lips, grazing my tongue over her collarbone. I shove up her bra to put my mouth to her nipple sucking on it gently and pinching it between my teeth. I shoved her back against the wall as I pulled off her pants and kissed down your stomach, ultimately putting her legs over my shoulders. I leaned forward and slid my tongue up the slit between her thighs. Pushing her legs up as I spread them, I spread my tongue over her clit then massaged it firmly. Making out with her pussy, I lick, suck, and tease her repeatedly. She moans and squeaks running her fingers through my hair. Her hips start rolling as she grinds herself over my tongue, her eyes rolling back as she does. With a moan and a biting of her lip she groans “I’m gonna cum” followed by her moaning uncontrollably as she cums into my mouth. She pulls me up to kiss her with a whisper “Thank you”

Claire’s history

I had not slept with many men other than my husband…

I supposed it would be harder if I found him unattractive; in fact, the opposite was true. Still, I had not slept with any man but Frank in over eight years.

– Claire, Book 1 (Outlander)


“I‘ve known men who, well…”

“Men? Was Frank not your first?” he demanded, surprised. 

I put a hand behind my head and regarded him. “Would it matter if he wasn’t?”

“Well…” Clearly taken aback by the possibility, he groped for an answer. “I suppose—” He broke off and eyed me, meditatively stroking one finger down the bridge of his nose. One corner of his mouth turned up. “I don‘t know.”

– Claire and Jamie, Book 7 (An Echo in the Bone)


If you read between these lines, Claire had other lovers before she married Frank. We know next to nothing about her life between her roving girlhood with Uncle Lamb and her marriage to Frank at age 19.

[[Side note: I would *LOVE* a short story or novella about Claire’s life during that time - much like how Diana Gabaldon chronicled Jamie’s time as a mercenary in France in the wonderful novella “Virgins”]]

Claire never (to our knowledge) shares her non-Frank romantic history with Jamie (save the dragoman’s son in Egypt who gave her her first kiss at age 9). On the other hand, we - and Claire - know everything about Jamie’s romantic history. There are memorable scenes in The Books where Claire asks Jamie to share everything about what passed between him and these women (e.g., Annalise de Marillac, Mary MacNab) - and he does.

Yet Jamie never asks Claire about any of the men she may have been with - even when she brings them up in conversation. Why? 

I think it goes back to the very first days of their marriage - their understanding that respect has room for secrets, but not for lies. Jamie has always recognized - and respected - that Claire had a whole other life and marriage before him. He doesn’t necessarily like it:

“Damn right I begrudge! I grudge every memory of yours that doesna hold me, and every tear ye’ve shed for another, and every second you’ve spent in another man’s bed! Damn you!”

– Jamie to Claire, Book 2 (Dragonfly in Amber)

But - Jamie respects her, and loves her, so he never asks her explicitly. He knows that she’s tied herself to him in every way possible, and he understands - rightfully - that that’s what truly matters between them.

time thought to have no end // peter maximoff x reader

title: time thought to have no end

pairing: peter maximoff x reader

warnings: abuse mention, alchohol mention, angst, its kinda long.

tagging: @jxbilationlee @kurtwxgners @quiskcilver @quicksxlvers


The lights in the small bar flickered, a groan coming out of the bartenders mouth. He shook his head in aggravation, putting the towel he was using to wipe the counter away, leaving through the door that was located right next to the bar. Your fingers tapped on the water glass you had in your hands. You weren’t drinking, you couldn’t. Even though you felt like you needed one, you know it wouldn’t be a smart choice, seeing the situation you’re in.

You winced as voices flooded through your head, your hands whipping to your forehead, noises indicating you were in pain escaping your lips.
When your parents found out you were a mutant, they treated your horribly. They became emotionally and physically abusive, every day a horror for you. 

So, you had come to a decision. You were going to run away from home. It was the only solution.

You slowly removed your hands from your forehead, setting one on the bar, the other rubbing your temple. You wiped the tear that had fallen down your cheek away, sighing when you felt someone sit next to you. 

“A beer, please." 

You had no interest in looking at the man next to you, for all you know if you so much as glanced at him he would try to hit on you. 

You took deep breaths, biting own hard on your lip, trying not to make a scene, but the feeling was back again. The voices, the pain in your head, the goosebumps you got down your spine and the shivers you felt in your ribs, you couldn’t get rid of that damn feeling.

You had looked up the symptoms to what you were feeling, hoping to find some explanation.

The voice in your head made you shake in fear, closing your eyes tightly and turning your head to the other side of you. The only things you got when you looked it up was mutation. You never thought you could be a mutant, you just, you just couldn’t.

But you were.

When you did more research on it, you found something out, what you had. You were a necromancer. 

"You alright?” The man next to you spoke, and you whipped your head around to look at him. The boy had silver hair and beautiful brown eyes, a sympathetic look on his face. He was rather handsome.

“Yeah-yeah! I’m fine.” You lied, fumbling with your fingers, a fake smile plastered on your face. He nodded hesitantly, holding his hand out. “I’m Peter." 

You looked him up and down before you shook his hand, raising your brow.


You told Peter the story this day, two days after you met him. He was the only person there, the only person you felt comfortable with. 

The raindrops poured on the tops of houses, laughs escaping you and Peter’s lips as you ran through the rain, your hands intertwined. You stopped as you reached Peter’s house, where you were staying. You stopped laughing for a moment, staring up at Peter. 

A small smile was on his face, his head tilted to the side like a puppy. You smiled, pulling him in for a quick hug. Once you pulled away, he looked at you with a confused expression. "What was that for?” He chuckled.

You rested your forehead on his, the side of your lips curling into a smile. “For being the nicest guy in the world.”

Those eight words made Peter’s heart flutter, the biggest, dopiest grin spreading on his face, His hand rubbed circles on your cheek, pulling you closer.

“Can I… can I kiss you?” His words were soft, serious. You nodded slowly, watching him as his face inched closer shyly, closing the space between you two for a kiss.


Have you seen me?

The poster crumpled in your hands, falling into the trash bin next to you. "I can’t believe those damned jerks are looking for me.” You hissed, your arms crossed against your chest. Peter merely shrugged. “I dunno. They were idiots to treat you like that, but I can see why they’re looking for you. Doesn’t mean you should go back to them, though. That would be stupid.” He pointed out, causing you to chuckle.

“Don’t even dare think about me leaving, ‘cause I won’t.”

If only that were true.


Almost a year.

You had been with Peter for almost a year.

The posters started appearing everywhere. You couldn’t go out, not knowing someone could recognize you and call your family. You couldn’t.

Tears streamed down your cheeks, trying your best not to make a sound. Peter was sound asleep on his bed, cuddling a pillow. You let out a small laugh at the sight, a sight you would never see again.

You smiled, a tear falling on your lip, a pain in your heart. You didn’t want to leave him, but it wasn’t your choice. It was the only way.

You put the last item in your bag, standing up and walking towards the door. You turned back to Peter, biting down hard on your lip, staring at the boy. The boy you were madly in love with. 

The first time you told him you were in love with him was three months after you first kissed. A memory you would always keep in mind. 

The tears that streamed down his cheeks, the way he choked out his words.

I love you too. So much.

The thought of that made your heart ache more, but you had to do this, for his safety.

Your hand grasped the door knob, looking back at him one more time.

“Goodbye Peter.”

  • me: *finger painting on the floor while daddy is half watching me* i wonder what pretty colors taste like
  • daddy: you are not going to put that paint in your mouth, understand?
  • me: *mumbles* hmmph whatever. um hey Daaddyyyy? could i have a snack please?
  • daddy: yes sweetheart i'll be right back *leaves to go to the kitchen*
  • me: *licks the paint off my hand* eeewwwwwwwwwwww
  • daddy: *rushes back to where i'm sitting* did you eat it?
  • me: uhhh, nuh uh
  • daddy: *raises an eyebrow*
  • me: okay fine i did
  • daddy: *scoops me up* you just earned yourself a time out, little lady
Seventeen as things my friend has said
  • (We keep a phrasebook of all the weird shit that he says)
  • S.Coups: wow this person made these tiny pancakes for their chickens can you make me tiny pancakes for my mouth
  • Jeonghan: screw your magic, I have money
  • Joshua: I've never smoked a weed
  • Jun: stop shouting you're about a 10 you need to bring it down to a 5
  • Hoshi: Put all the fruit on the floor!
  • Wonwoo: I love him he is bread and butter to me
  • DK: there's five of them, for all five of my hands
  • Woozi: why has God cursed me with tiny limbs
  • Mingyu: I got ice lolly juice in my finger crotch
  • The8: Can you not nail me please
  • Vernon: I just wanna eat space raiders until my mouth bleeds
  • Dino: A welsh chef stole my air mattress