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Heyo! Really want to fight Netflix on this cancellation too, but unfortunately, I've got horrible anxiety talking over the phone. Can you maybe give your followers a rundown of what you said as some kind of loose template? Luv ur fandom <3 (Also, if you could tag this with "anon" so I can find it aftwds, that'd be perf!)

Hi Anon!  THANK YOU for doing this! Sorry it took awhile for me to respond because I just saw it!

I didn’t say anything fancy. Just “Hi! I’m calling to complain about the cancellation of Sense8. Is this the right place?” My rep laughed and said it was, and that he’s had several calls already and just generally put me at ease. I am sure whoever you talk to will make you feel the same! 

When the rep asks you if there is anything you want to say specifically, I highly recommend the talking points posted by @kuchikiiichigo that I just reblogged here because I also agree that Netflix is thinking in terms of business. BUT I also recommend that you say whatever point moves you. For me, I thought it was stupid to cancel a show for lack of viewership 2 weeks after its release.  It was disrespectful of the loyal fans who’ve waited 2 YEARS. I also mentioned the show’s positive message, and how it moves people around the world. You can tell from the literally hundreds of thousands of people who’ve come together though the petition! 

Anyway, GOOD LUCK!!! Your voice is important!

PS: And thanks for the love:)


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