put me by a window and i'm happy

Don’t put your happiness in other people’s hands
They’ll drop it.
They’ll drop it every time.
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My favorite fuck customers moment was when at Wacdonalds, we apparently forgot to put a toy in a happy meal bag (a co-worker later informed me she saw the lady take out the toy when she first came around), and a said lady came back, telling us about the missing toy.I tell her 'sorry just to the second window' and a smol sap is handing out food while I'm taking orders. She comes by, gets her toy, and has the audacity to ask for another one because she had to come back. Are you fucking kidding me?

Those fucking things are like $1 if you buy it without the meal. Seriously. Fucking penny pinchers. And these days the toys are absolute shit. I know I sound like an old fart but the toys back when I was a kid were way better quality. As long as you didn’t leave them in the car in the summer… Poor Barbie ended up looking like her nose melted off after a bad nose job. -Abby

To be honest, it’s kind of embarrassing how long it takes Kenma to notice.

Of course, he’s known Kuroo for forever. He’s seen him as a baby, seen him cry when he was attacked by a pigeon, seen him with cake smeared all over his face because he fell asleep at his eighth birthday party, seen him vow to boycott Disney after Bambi’s mother had died.

That sort of thing is pretty hard to be attracted to.

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You asked for a happy story. So here you go. Me and my girlfriend are LDR. The first time we met we ended up being on wrong sides of the subway platform at the airport. So I'm texting her trying to find her when i look put a window and she's sitting there with all her luggage. I ended up screaming DON'T MOVE and needing to run across a street then double back to the platform. I ran up some stairs then ran right into my gfs arms. We are still awful at finding each other in public, but we manage.

Hahahahaha😂😂 Aww that’s adorable though!❤️ Love your message, thanks!😊😄

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So like I told you that you to hear soon from me again because I wanted to request something for my gf Since she loves Kuromahi so much I would like to request the number 7 from the autumn prompt Hhh she's gonna be such a happy little bean I just love her and her happy sunshine smile so so much Thank you for writing all these awesome things I'm sure this is going to be amazing as well

Hope this is okay!!! It’s so cute that you want to do something for your girlfriend thats?? adorable?? ahjsksjdkf i hope she likes this!!! Thankyou for putting up with me and requesting aha 

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Kuro loved nights like these. Light breeze filtered through the open window, prickling his pale exposed skin. The chilly cold room was completely silent apart from that of a birds hushed whisper and creaking of Mahiru’s bed as he tossed around. Kuro didn’t particularly need sleep, of course he was sloth, he was tired all the time. But on nights like these he couldn’t bring himself to waste the quiet peacefulness and gentle breeze.

“Can’t sleep?” A hesitant voice called from the door frame of Mahiru’s bedroom, anxiously pushing his messy brown hair out of his face and behind his ear.

“Nah, I just enjoy nights like these” Kuro said with a sigh that held no anger. “Sorry, is the cold bothering you?” He asked, turning away from the open window he had been aimlessly watching.

“Not particularly, but if you’re going to leave the window open I expect you to warm me up” Mahiru said with a playful smile and small giggle as he approached and sat down next to Kuro.

Mahiru shuffled up closer to Kuro, close enough for Kuro to hear his quiet soft breathing and the slow soothing beating of his heart. Kuro wasn’t complaining in the slightest. He reached over to grab a blanket from the couch, fondly watching as Mahiru wrapped himself up in it as if it was his life source. ‘The cold isn’t bothering me’ what bull.

Outside the window the dark sky watched, the trees swayed as the world fell to sleep including the two little blue birds nesting in the tree, it was almost as if they were the only two people awake. He blew out another sigh of content, knowing from Mahiru’s eyes that he thought it was beautiful too.

Kuro’s hand brushed against Mahiru’s warm fingers, wanting to hold on and never let go. The warmth almost caused him to retract his hand, heavily contrasting his own cold hands. Mahiru brought his hand back down, intertwining their fingers with a heated red on his cheeks and a kind small smile that meant more than he could ever imagine to Kuro.

“Did you come out here for a reason?” Kuro asked, unable to stop himself from using his free hand to pull Mahiru closer, he didn’t ever want him to leave.

Mahiru thought for a second before looking up at Kuro from his shoulder. “Nope, I just wanted to see you” Mahiru buried his head back onto Kuro’s shoulder. Kuro looked back down at him with a fondness and happiness he couldn’t describe, Mahiru had never left. Through everything, Mahiru was always there. Even after finding out about the horrible things he did, even after Kuro pushed him away and always messed up. Mahiru always forgave him, always visited him for no reason other than wanting to see him.

“…love you Kuro” Mahiru sleepily mumbled, smiling into Kuro’s shoulder.

“Love you too sunshine, get some rest you have school tomorrow.”

Kuro didn’t deserve the overwhelming love from him, but he wouldn’t trade it for the world. Cute and warm were just a few of the words that could be used to describe Mahiru, another would be beautiful. Kuro could never seem to take his eyes away, his breath stolen from every little movement or squeeze of his hand.

The moonlight shone on his face, his eyes starting to close as he drifted into sleep. Kuro smiled- a genuine smile. Maybe one day he could show Mahiru, show him how happy he’s made him. One day, maybe Kuro would even be able to repay all that Mahiru continually did for him.

But for now he was content with holding his hand a little tighter, resting his own head on Mahiru’s and letting the dark night and the sounds of Mahiru’s heart beating lull him into a deep sleep with Mahiru right by his side.

So anyways. Why I’m here… I’m here for Harry and his happiness, I’m here for Louis and his freedom and happiness, I’m here for HarryandLouis and their peace, and happiness, and freedom, and I’m here for One Direction; for Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam (and Zayn). That’s why I’m here. That’s why I joined, that’s why I stay. My tolerance for everything else; for angst, for discourse, for anything unrelated to those reasons above has long since gone out the window. Being happy for, and supporting, and loving my boys is what brought me here, and that’s all I’m here for. So. That’s just me I guess, but. I just wanted to put that out there. 

Things I want when I live alone:

- Cats.
- A huge desk where I can put all my art stuff.
- A piano and my violin.
- Huge windows so the house has a lot of light during the day.
- A few plants like strawberries or tomatoes and a balcony where I can sunbath.
- Queen sized mattress on the floor and a big ass mirror.
- Good black outs so my room is completely dark in the morning.
- Pillows!
-Wooden floors.

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:D so do you wanna :D write me some fs + their new apartment :D :D :D

The new bed they had ordered doesn’t arrive in time for their first night.

Instead, they push the mattress up against the wall where the bed will go once it finally does arrive and stretch the sheets over it, falling asleep to the sound of the rain against the window panes.

‘I told them the date,’ Fitz murmurs, his cheek resting against Jemma’s hair. Despite the memory foam mattress, he would have sworn blind that he could feel the floorboards pressing underneath his back. ‘I told them the date we were moving in and they promised me that the bloody thing would be here in time…’

Wordlessly, Jemma reaches behind her and takes his arm, pulling it around her shoulders. She kisses his palm and sighs.

‘Go to sleep, Fitz.’

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Reasons Wrestling makes no sense
  • Triple H: Brock Lesnar, you tried to end my career but I'm still so happy you're the face of our company.
  • Stephanie McMahon: Randy Orton, you DDT'd me and then kissed me in front of my husband, but I'm still gonna support you for some reason.
  • Seth Rollins: Dean Ambrose, I jumped off a balcony to protect you but I'm still gonna put your head through cinderblocks.
  • Me: WWE, you made me want to throw my television out the window, but I'm still gonna watch Raw every Monday.

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elisa, you've made me so emotional today, and now all i can think about is derek and stiles boning, slow and tender, and then having some nice cuddling afterward and just being gross boyfriends

Ah, Charlie. You asked. You shall receive.

Okay. YOu know that Derek is a big sap, right? He’s totally the kind of person that comes out as the grumpy, unfriendly guy at first but once you get to know him better, and ESPECIALLY if you win his heart, he will totally give the world and the moon and all the planets and stars and asteroids in the whole wide universe if you so much as mentioned that you liked it.


Like, it’s ridiculous what kind of sappy, gross, boyfriend stuff they do for each other, seriously.

Like surprising each other with little gifts because “I saw it and I thought of you” like when Stiles came home with a little black wolf plushie that Derek keeps on the desk and smiles at it like a goof every time he looks up from where he’s marking his students’ papers. And another time Derek came home with a new big red hoodie because Stiles’ old one got ruined years ago, and he knew how much Stiles had loved it, and Stiles of course wears it almost every time he’s not in the deputy uniform.

Sometimes, Stiles comes home super weary because of work and Derek takes his sappiness care routine for his boyfriend up to A LOT.

As he waits for Stiles to be over with the shower, he makes his favourite comfort food, and waits for him on the couch putting on Stiles’ favourite movie. And Stiles feels like crying every time, because he loves Derek so much and he can’t believe he got that lucky.

Other days, Stiles doesn’t want comfort food or a movie, he wants only Derek and he would come home, with his eyes a little blurry and wrap his hands around Derek’s middle. And then he’d catch Derek’s lips in a searing, searching kiss, touching him everywhere, as if he was making sure that Derek was actually there and real. And he would always ask Derek if it was okay and Derek would nod every time because when Stiles got like that, that need he felt on Stiles skin felt like it was transferring on his own, making him need in return to feel Stiles however he could.

And these times were always slow and careful, as opposed as someone could think. Stiles after the kissing in a frenzy, would always start to undress Derek extremely slowly, his hands shaking for how much slow he would make himself go. And he would touch every inch of Derek’s torso and watch his hands as he did so. Derek would watch Stiles and when he’d see him take a deep breath to stem off a sob, he’d take his face with one hand and kiss him gently caressing his cheekbone with the pad of his thumb, and his heart would ache every time he’d hear the hurt sounds and relieved sighs that came out of Stiles mouth.

Sometimes Stiles wanted to be the one to fuck Derek, sometimes he wanted to be completely enwrapped in him, and Derek would take so much care, kissing every inch of Stiles face as he said that he loved him and that he’d always be there for him. And Stiles would never take his eyes off of him, drinking in every expression and in every word, Derek told him. Believing every single one, because there was no one that he trusted more than Derek.

And after they would lie in bed wrapped in each other’s arms and fall asleep like that, for than wake up still hugging the other close.

And in the morning everything would be okay again, because Stiles would smile at Derek and run a hand in Derek’s hair as Derek stared in awe how the morning light coming through the window made Stiles eyes even more amber-like.

“Good morning.” Stiles would say with a little smile, full of love.

“Good morning.” Derek would reply with one happy smile of his own as he tipped his head a little to kiss his boyfriend on the lips.

They knew that as long as they were together, everything will be just fine.