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thankful for a home that has become a soft place to land, a safe place to exhale. thankful that my job has opened the door for me to minister to + walk with dozens of people i have grown to love immensely. for creative collaborations with my soon-to-be sister-in-law on a sunday afternoon, followed by dinner + drinks at my home with some of my favorite people. for words of encouragement, support, and appreciation. for brothers who won’t let me give up on my dreams and bring me flowers for no reason at all. for parents who call “just to hear my voice” and to remind me to take care of myself. thankful for an afternoon of external processing, prayer, and growth with my best friend. for morning walks through my neighborhood with my pup. thankful to have coworkers i can openly and freely share my heart with. to have spent this last weekend putting a retreat on for eighty high schoolers and being able to witness a change of heart in almost all of them. for fresh air, strawberries for lunch, a new album from ryan adams, and abundant mercy and grace from the Lord (especially when i’m being an idiot).

The fact that McGrunkle isn’t as common as I thought it was is actually surprising to me

Bitch Face

Request: 18. Can’t stand that bitch. 21. Bitch face 27. Oh, damn. With Jax

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You stood on the TM office, cleaning up the paperwork all over the desk. It was getting close to closing time and there was a party, as there was every Friday. You were cleaning the last of the paperwork as you heard a car door slam but you didn’t think much of it.

You went to the filing cabinet and put the last things in there before grabbing your things and heading towards the clubhouse. As you were walking over, you noticed a car. Not just any car either. Ima’s car.

You can’t stand that bitch. Specifically, since she’s tried to get in everyone’s pants, thinking she’s God’s gift to man. You squinted in annoyance as you started to walk faster to the clubhouse, thinking of just ripping that girl’s hair out of her head along with the fake tits. You got to the door and almost slammed it open as you started to look for something that just didn’t belong, which didn’t take you long to find the bitch.

“Hey, lass. How’s to goin’? Ya look like ya goin’ on a hunt?” Chib’s voice came to the left of you as you looked at him.

“Yeah, for some female dog. Know where I can get one?” You asked him sarcastically.

He laughed but didn’t answer, knowing you already found her.

You stalked to where she was as you started to notice who she decided to push up on tonight. Oh, no.

Not today. She was not gonna be pushing up on Jax tonight. He wasn’t encouraging it, which I was glad, but sort of pushing her away as she kept trying to wrap her arms around him. You made it in front of them as he pushed her away again. She pouted as Jax spotted you behind Ima.

“Oh, damn.” That was all he said as you grabbed the back of her jacket and pulled her down onto the floor.

You looked down at the girl on the floor. “I think you need to be going, sweetheart.” You said as you made your way into Jax’s arms.

“I think he was fine with me, bitch.”

I stopped an inch and turned around to look at the child that dare called me that name. You put on your best bitch face before speaking. “You were talking to me?” You said as you slowly took a step towards her.

“Well, yeah-“ She was cut off as you punched her in the face causing her to go falling back onto the floor. She let out a small scream as she fell and grabbed her face with both hands.

“Ugh!” She grunted before she shook her hair out of her face and lifted up her head to show the damage. Blood was flowing down her face and bruises were already starting to form. She stood up, uneven on her feet, and glared at you.

“I don’t think you should test me, little girl.” You told her as you felt your man come up and wrap an arm around your shoulders.

She huffed before stomping off to the door as you turned to Jax. “Damn, babe. What a punch.” He said as he pulled you closer to him. “Kinda hot.”

“I can’t stand that bitch.” You said before leaning in to lovingly kiss your man on the lips.

Okay, so this isn’t really an anti-Steroline post, but I’m tagging it as that anyway because even though I don’t see it that way, I have a feeling some super Steroline fans would see it that way. But I just have to say something. Also, it will be under the cut, and I’ve warned you that it’s coming up. I take no responsibility for things you might be offended by.

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How do I contact a man I haven’t seen in months to put together a last minute date? Like, I don’t miss him, but I need some time away from my responsibilities and I know he will take me away for a night. What do I say? Like, I know what to say, but what would y’all say? The sex is great, but I have my period right now, I just want to talk and drink alcohol that tastes like candy. 

A Screaming Race

So at the Team Event the other day, Race was the last wild horse standing. So, in an attempt to make the game interesting, i snitched on Race and told Frog Race’s every move.

So right as Race was putting up her last clue, Frog jump scared Race on a ledge near the winery. I was on Skype with Race at this time, so all i herd was silence and then a large scream from Race. I knew at that moment. Frog had won the game xDD

Oh btw, this is how Race is finding out I was snitching on her soooooooooooooooooooooooo, sorry Race but it was worth it xDD

- Savvy


Angry daughters concept art (◡‿◡✿)