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Today (August 18th), it’s been a year since Alan won the Kalos League thanks to the power of BURNING FRIENDSHIP X2

Happy anniversary, Alan~

For your win (and errrh, PeacefulPurposesThings™.)

flower cloak.

hobi was wearing today the shoes jin got him for his birthday!

anonymous asked:

request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!! 


make me choose ♡ will herondale or jace herondale

“Herondales.“ Zachariah’s voice was a breath, half laughter, half pain. "I had almost forgotten. No other family does so much for love, or feels so much guilt for it. Don’t carry the weight of the world on you, Jace. It’s too heavy for even a Herondale to bear.

(for @ravencalws​ )

want one?


Mostly-vegetarian Sero meets carnivorous Kirishima, loss of trust ensues 

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri