put it on your sleeve

Realistic Problems with Kurapika’s chains:

-Can’t put his right hand in a bowl of cookies without getting stuck
-Can’t put his hand in his hair without getting stuck
-They never stay in place
-*loud bang on the table as the spheric chain falls from his sleeve*
-You’re paying for stuff and suddenly a little sword slides out of your sleeve and you have to awkwardly put it back without staring at the shopkeeper
-Keep opening and closing his fingers to make rings clashing noises and bothers everyone
-”How the fuck did those two chains tied to each other what happened I barely moved”
-Typing on a keyboard aka “please chains stay in place how am I supposed to move my hand if you slide underneath”
-Getting stuck on doors’ handles while opening and closing doors

small flame.

who you should fight: Seirin edition

which KnB characters are you going to fight?  [GoM]

so you’re itching for a fight and you’ve decided that you want to rumble with some high school athletes.  well, the Seirin basketball team is as good a place to start as any.  here’s who you should and shouldn’t be trying to tussle with:

Kagami Taiga
who wins: Kagami (unless you are a werewolf)
Kagami’s known weaknesses are dogs, food, and tough kanji.  aside from those things, he’s pretty much invincible.  also, he’s always ready to fight.  he would be squaring up with you before you had time to finish rolling up your sleeves.  the only people to put a dent in Kagami in the entire series are Kuroko, Riko, and Kagami himself.  that’s a formidable trio, and it’s worth noting that Kagami never stays down for long.  he’s back on his feet and ready to go again in no time at all.  do not fight Kagami Taiga unless you are a Japanese teacher who is also a werewolf, and can therefore defeat him with both complex kanji and being a literal dog.

Kuroko Tetsuya
who wins: you, but at what cost?
Kuroko’s mostly weak, but be careful, if he lands a hit he could seriously damage you.  have you seen him punch the basketball across the court and call it a pass?  goddamn, you could get seriously injured if he tried that out on your squishy bits.  also, and this is important, do you have the moral high ground in this fight?  make sure you do beforehand, because if not, you’ve just gained yourself a nemesis.  he’s a fucking stubborn little bugger and he won’t let the injustice of your victory continue.  this is the boy who took down the GoM just to prove a point.  he’s patient.  he will wait.  only choose to fight Kuroko if you don’t fear retribution.

Hyuuga Junpei
who wins: does it matter
we both know you’re going to go ahead and fight Hyuuga anyways, so we might as well give up on speculating over who’s going to win this thing.  have you seen the guy?  he’s dying for some way to relieve all of the pressure of being captain of a team as ridiculously reckless as Seirin.  he needs this fight just as much as you do, it’ll be cathartic.  please take one for the team (ha) and fight Hyuuga.  it’ll do you both some good, you battle-crazed maniac.  hell, you might even part on good terms.

Kiyoshi Teppei
who wins: what are you doing?
why??  are you trying to fight Kiyoshi????  is your name Hanamiya Makoto?  because if it’s not, I’m not sure why you’re even reading this.  Kiyoshi Teppei has done nothing wrong and there is no situation in which you should be trying to fight him.  stop this nonsense at once.  go home, take a nap, or call Hyuuga instead.  honestly, what the fuck.  even ignoring the fact that there’s no reason for you to be fighting him, you should be afraid of him.  he has no sense of self-preservation and his hands are very strong.  he could probably do that thing where he puts his hand on your head and holds you away from himself, leaving your fists swinging through empty air and you looking like a fool.  do not fight Kiyoshi.

Aida Riko
who wins: Riko
you’re gonna fucking lose this one.  Aida Riko does not fear death and she certainly does not fear you.  prepare to be annihilated, you poor bastard.

Izuki Shun
who wins: you
Izuki is long overdue for a good smackdown, and you’re the perfect person to give it to him.  all those puns at inappropriate times???  how has this been allowed to continue for so long??? well, no longer, because today is the day that someone puts a stop to them.  you have to fight Izuki.  he probably even deserves it.  his eagle eye isn’t going to do shit for him when you’re right there up in his face and swinging, so don’t worry about it.  just take him down.  you can win this one, I believe in you.

Koganei Shinji and Mitobe Rinnosuke
who wins: they do
okay, so they have a two to one advantage on you, but if you really want to you can give it a shot.  I mean, it’s impossible to fight them separately, so you’ll just have to do your best.  oh, who am I kidding, Koganei would trip you while you were preoccupied with Mitobe and then they’d probably take you out for ice cream.  the actual fighting will be totally unsatisfying.  none of you will have any fun, so don’t fight Koganei and Mitobe, just skip right to the inevitable friendship instead.

Tsuchida Satoshi
who wins: Tsuchida
Tsuchida Satoshi is an enigma, a non-entity, some may even say he’s sort of like a cryptid.  Kuroko Tetsuya who?  Tsuchida is where the REAL mystery is at.  what do we know about him?  not much, which makes him incredibly unpredictable and dangerous.  one of the few truths we know about Seirin’s legendary back-up power forward is that he’s the only KnB character with a girlfriend - clearly he knows something none of the other characters do.  Physically, he’s fairly average - the only true weapons he has in his arsenal are his natural aura of side character mystery and the power of love, but they should be more than enough to take you down.  fight Tsuchida, I dare you.  we’ll see who’s just a side character after he’s through with you.

Furihata Kouki
who wins: you
go ahead and fight Furihata, you’re definitely going to win the first round.  he’s not especially strong and if you challenge him confidently enough he’ll definitely think you know what you’re doing, so you already have an advantage over him.  it’s important to note, however, that (like Kuroko) he’s a tenacious little bastard and he’ll definitely pick himself right back up and prepare for round two.  you can win and keep winning, but no matter how scared he is and despite his naturally cautious nature, he can’t seem to turn down a challenge, so over time he’s definitely going to improve until one day he’ll be the one inviting you to meet him behind the gym to throw down because you’ve created a monster and he won’t stop until he’s proven himself to you.  fight Furihata and you’ll have a regular sparring partner for the rest of the year.

Kawahara Kouichi
who wins: you, but why are you doing this
he’s a good kid, you really shouldn’t be fighting him in the first place.  shit, dude, his motto is “purely and honestly”, is that really the kind of guy you think deserves to be fought?  is Kawahara Kouichi, a simple oden and jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, the kind of person you want to meet in an abandoned parking lot at midnight?  no, you’re not allowed to fight him, pick someone else off the list to duel with.

Fukuda Hiroshi
who wins: probably Fukuda
it’s my personal belief that Fukuda is the character from Seirin most likely to be a vigilante in his spare time, so, when you get your ass kicked, don’t come crying to me about it.  I’m warning you right now: he has two older brothers, so he already knows every dirty trick in the book AND he’s got a lot of passion for helping out those in need, so I’d bet anything that he’s been in a scrap or two before.  it might be close, he’s not really that much stronger than Furihata, but he’s the biggest and heaviest out of the normal first year trio and he’ll definitely be the most challenging to defeat.  only fight him if you’ve fought Furihata and Kawahara first, and please know that I’m only saying this because how cool would it be to complete the set?  (so cool)

who wins: me
I’ll kick your fucking ass if you try to fight this dog.  I’ll fight Kuroko for the right to kick your ass, I don’t give a fuck.  if you even think about touching this dog with the intention of doing anything other than petting him, be prepared for me to physically manifest in your house and start kicking your ass.  do not fight Nigou under any circumstances.

bonus: Aida Kagetora
who wins: you
there’s no ifs, ands, or buts about this: you HAVE to win this one.  sure, he may be an adult and all that, but this man needs to be fought and you’re the one who needs to do it.  lose the first round?  get right back in there, champ, this ain’t over till it’s over.  if you decide you want to fight him, you’re not allowed to stop until you’ve come out on top.  I recommend doing this is a pro wrestling-style venue so you can climb up onto the ropes and take him down from above.  just imagine how satisfying that would be.  fight Aida Kagetora - you gotta.

Can you imagine yourself offering the clothes you’re wearing to your best friend, kid, partner when they sneeze to wipe their nose - in public?
Aren’t J2 just something else. They love to do that ‘I touched him, I need to clean my hands’ thing and jokingly gag and do 'gross’ faces at each other, don’t they?

But in a real situation where Jared got all shy and embarrassed, Jensen just offered his sleeve without saying a single thing or having a thought about trying to crack their usual jokes and doing gross eeew faces. He just looked at Jared and just … 'Here put your snot all over my shirt sleeve’.
And Jared was kinda embarrassed after doing it but Jensen still didn’t care … Just got him a tissue. And Jared totally leaned in to let Jensen wipe his nose before he remembered they were in public.

Why are they so grossly adorable? Jensen just really adores Jared, like the whole of him. There’s nothing off limits in their relationship man. Gosh, their relationship is so special.


Cable Knit Ombré Sweater tutorial!

1) Lay down the a dark, medium, and light color on the front, back, and sleeves. Most of the pattern is just repetition. If you don’t want the ombré then you’re done at this step!

2)Choose what colors you’d like the ombré to be, if you don’t know what to choose now, just go with very different looking colors so you can see where you’re putting them!

3) For the front and back: put the darkest values of them on top of the black line. I put my middle dark color 4 squares up and 4 squares down from the center, and the rest you can just use the paint bucket tool on either side
For the sleeves: Because the top of the sleeve stretches, put your medium color starting at the half way point and move up 8 squares

4) Now do the same with you medium values over the grey, don’t worry about the fading part yet, just 8 rows each.

5) Fill in your lightest colors

6) Now comes the fading in part! Get close up and put the magnifying square so that its at the right edge in the middle; you won’t have to fade outside of this box.

7)This is the difficult part for me, ad the time that I usually make my colors glaringly different. Starting at the end of the medium color and extending outwards you’re going to alternate the colors, one, three, one. Or purple purple purple blue purple purple purple blue. While keeping the value in mind. That is to say its blue purple purple purple blue…, but it may be Dark blue, light purple, medium purple, dark purple, etc

8) After you’ve got one row of the 1-3-1-3 done, your going to alternate every other, so blue purple blue purple, still keeping the dark medium light aspect for TWO rows.

9) Check to see if everything’s looking okay, and now is the time to play with your colors! Then once you’re satisfied you can pat yourself on the back because YOU DID IT!

*Remember this for when I put up the heart knit tutorial ;)

who you should fight: KnB edition

so, I hear that you all want to know who would win if you fought the KnB characters?  well, wait no longer, because I am here to give you the facts.  the truth, straight up.  the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  here are the do’s and don’ts of who you should fight:

Kagami Taiga
who wins: Kagami (unless you are a werewolf)
Kagami’s known weaknesses are dogs, food, and tough kanji.  aside from those things, he’s pretty much invincible.  also, he’s always ready to fight.  he would be squaring up with you before you had time to finish rolling up your sleeves.  the only people to put a dent in Kagami in the entire series are Kuroko, Riko, and Kagami himself.  that’s a formidable trio, and it’s worth noting that Kagami never stays down for long.  he’s back on his feet and ready to go again in no time at all.  do not fight Kagami Taiga unless you are a Japanese teacher who is also a werewolf, and can therefore defeat him with both complex kanji and being a literal dog.

Kuroko Tetsuya
who wins: you, but at what cost?
Kuroko’s mostly weak, but be careful, if he lands a hit he could seriously damage you.  have you seen him punch the basketball across the court and call it a pass?  goddamn, you could get seriously injured if he tried that out on your squishy bits.  also, and this is important, do you have the moral high ground in this fight?  make sure you do beforehand, bc if not, you’ve just gained yourself a nemesis.  he’s a fucking stubborn little bugger and he won’t let the injustice of your victory continue.  this is the boy who took down the GoM just to prove a point.  he’s patient.  he will wait.  only choose to fight Kuroko if you don’t fear retribution.

Aomine Daiki
who wins: Aomine
so he did knock Haizaki out with one punch which was pretty impressive, but also he’s a loser and he doesn’t go to practice.  and he probably smells - all boys about that age do.  fight Aomine Daiki.  tell him to do his homework and take a shower.  he’s strong and athletic and he’ll probably win, but, damn it all, this boy needs to be fought.  his teammates will thank you for trying, and you’ll get a nice feeling of accomplishment if you manage to get a hit in.  I say go for it.

Momoi Satsuki
who wins: unknown
this is a bad decision and you will regret it immediately.  no one has ever fucked with Momoi throughout the entire KnB series and there’s probably a reason for that.  do you really want to try this and find out why?  no, no you don’t.  fighting Momoi is a bad choice and I would recommend that you do whatever you can to avoid it.

Midorima Shintarou
who wins: YOU
Midorima is a fucking nerd and you should fight him at once.  he won’t want to risk damaging his hands, so punching is out, which means his only attacks are either slapping or kicking.  there’s barely any risk for you.  you cannot lose this one unless he tries to run away with his longass legs.  protip: corner him first to avoid this.  also, at no point should you try to fight Midorima when cancer is in first place according to Oha Asa - this is when he is naturally at his strongest.  try to schedule the fight for a day when your astrological sign is ranked higher than his.  it might not mean anything, but you will have a psychological advantage and winning will be even easier.

Kise Ryouta
who wins: who cares
look, I don’t know what your beef is with Kise, but do you really want to do this?  he makes money with his face.  he’s probably insured for, like, a lot of money.  he’s absolutely ready to fight if it’s necessary (see: that time he was ready to throw down with Haizaki), but you shouldn’t let him.  the lawsuit is definitely not worth it.

Murasakibara Atsushi
who wins: how tall are you?
Murasakibara is 6′10″ and if you are taller than that you automatically win.  congratulations on being a motherfucking giant, you absolute noodle, you.  if you’re not taller than Murasakibara, I’m sorry, he’s gonna crush you.  he’s alarmingly, deceptively competitive and there’s no way he’s going to let you waste his time by attempting to beat him up when he could seeking out and consuming sweets instead.  the longer you drag the fight out, the worse it’s going to be for you in the end.  if you must fight Murasakibara, just let him beat you right at the beginning and live to fight someone else another day.

Akashi Seijuurou
who wins: Akashi
look, we both know this is a terrible idea.  that’s not going to stop me from telling you to fight him anyways.  yeah, you’ll get your ass handed to you on a silver platter, probably by a butler employed by the Akashi family specifically for that purpose, but it’s worth a shot.  god knows he deserves a good ass-kicking.  you absolutely need to fight Akashi.  it’s for the greater good.  please do it.  imagine what it’ll feel like in the fleeting moment between your fist meeting his face and your soul leaving your body.

So roll up your sleeves, put your mind in gear, be totally ready to receive the gift that’s coming when Jesus arrives. Don’t lazily slip back into those old grooves of evil, doing just what you feel like doing. You didn’t know any better then; you do now. As obedient children, let yourselves be pulled into a way of life shaped by God’s life, a life energetic and blazing with holiness. God said, “I am holy; you be holy.”-1 Peter 1:15-16 MSG
Geeky Monster

“I don’t want to go to this fucking class!” You groan walking through the hallway with your friends.

“It’s not all that bad –.” Sarah you friend says to you as your heels clank through the hallway.

Every other class got canceled today. And every other college was out. But you, you got stuck going to Professor Namjoon’s class because he was to much of a bitch to cancel. You got up this morning put on a tight pink dressed that hugged your body deliciously. It was long sleeved and short extending down to the middle of your thighs. And you put on black high heels straightening your hair to show up at this class only to go home and change into a big t-shirt and some shorts. You rake your hand through your hair fustrated and pissed with your professor.

“Calm down – Namjoon is not a bad professor.” Your friend Lg says poking your sides.

“He is and he’s a fucking nerd. And a mean ass. Like does he even know what it’s like to fuck??” You ask them and they both laugh.

“Oh yeah because you had what ONE good fuck.” Lg says and you pout.

“You guys are supposed to be on my side. Yet your defending him.” You say pouting more.

“Because he’s a good teacher! And he’s nice when your nice to him. And I’m starting to sense you really want him to rip this dress off of you. Why else would you dress up for this ONE CLASS and you hate the teacher?? And don’t you know that call him daddy monster??” Sarah says winking at you and despite you wanting to punch her for that comment you can’t help but feel your insides melt. She’s right. You want him. But of course you’d never admit it to him.

“Psshh they should call him geeky monster.” You retort and they both laugh at you as you enter the class.

Namjoon sees you as soon as you come in. He bites his lips feeling himself getting turned on just by looking at you. The way that dress tightly hugs your body. Or those thighs that he just wants to open to get to your heat. That smart ass mouth. He knew what you thought of him. You called him a geek. A jerk. All that shit you talked because he challenged you. But he knows your type. Oh yes. You just wanted him buried balls deep inside of your tight little pussy. Your body laying under him as he draws gasps and cries from your lips. Your legs trembling as he pounds into you without restraint making sure you cum crying out his name. He clears his throat casting his thoughts aside when you both make eye contact. But he sees that look in your eyes. If only for a split second. You want him. And he’s coming for you.

“Today class we will be watching a movie. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it. It’s called Romeo and Juliett.” You groan as Namjoon stands up telling you guys about that stupid cute movie. It’s adorable to say the least but the fact that he made you come to class to watch that pissed you off.

“Wait so you made me come to class to watch a fucking movie?” You ask him your voice sounding harsher then what you intended it too.

“Well.. Considering that you could’ve took an absence since you have yet to miss a day in my class. You made the choice to come. And I know that I am your only teacher to make you come in today so if it was so much of a pain in your ass. Why did you come?” He asks you his dark eyes boring into yours,even through the glasses and you swallow thickly feeling your insides pool. The nerve of this man.

“T-they wouldn’t l-let me skip.” You say hating that your voice is wavering.

“Well next time be a leader child.” He says turning his back on you.

“CHILD?!?!” You scream whisper to your friends who laugh in shock and happiness of your professor.

Namjoon looks over his shoulder licking his lips as he watches you. Finally he shut your ass up. He couldn’t believe you came undone so quickly. That was a first time. But he liked it. He wondered where he could take you. Maybe he’d bend you over his desk and pound you from behind or maybe on your back. Perhaps he’d take you hard against his board your legs around his waist or his neck as he pounds harder into you without restraint. Or maybe just maybe you’d ride him. But either way you’d still be screaming daddy when he’s done with you. See most girls doesn’t know about his kink. His sadistic side. But it takes him mere seconds to make a girl wet. And in less then an hour he’d make you cum twice if not more. He smirks at you laughing when you yell at your friends more from what he called you. But he liked you. And he wanted you to be more to him. He’d take you on dates and spoil you. He’d give you the world. It’s just that right now he wanted to give you a good fucking. You haven’t had a real man yet. He knows it. He turns around starting the movie sighing when he sees the tent in his black pants getting harder. He shuffles his suit jacket straightening his tie.

“I’m going to talk to him.” You say looking at your friends five minutes before class ends.

“WHAT?!? Have you lost your damn mind? You can’t do that you’d get expelled.” Lg says looking at you like your crazy.

“I don’t give a damn. I’m not a child.” You say to them and they both sigh.

“Your acting like a whiny baby. Who needs to get laid…” Sarah says both her and Lg looking at each other grinning like fools.

“WHAT?!” You say to her and she shakes her head both of them standing up getting their stuff ready as they leave.

“Have fun with your. Talk.. We know you’ll be satisfied.” Lg says and they both walk off laughing.

You wonder what they are laughing at but they shut the door being the last two to leave. You look at Namjoon getting up from your desk walking to him.

“Oh — your still here?” He asks you and you glare at him not liking how he says your name. You just wanna grab his tie and kiss him.. Erm kill him.. Right?

“Yes I don’t like some of the things you said to me.” You tell him stepping closer to him. He sighs writing on the board not really paying you attention and you get pissed.

“Look. You acted like a child so I called you one.” He says as he presses the marker hard into the board. Namjoon is trying his hardest not to fuck you but you can’t see that because you won’t accept the warning signs you feel as you step closer to him.

“But I am not a fucking child. If anyone is a child its you. You could’ve cancelled class but no you wouldn’t so because of you I-”

“Shut the fuck up! This is what makes you a child. Not everything is about you —.” He says and you glare at him that stinging more then you wanted it too.

“YAH! Fuck you!” You say pushing him. You didn’t even notice how rigid his body was or how heavy he started to breathe before you laid your hands on him. You turn around about to walk off when rough hands grab you and slam you against the board locking you under a very pissed off Professor.

“No. I’m going to fuck you.” He says before he slams his lips down on yours and you open your eyes wide in shock not knowing what to do. You fight back a moan that you so desperately want to release. And Namjoon sees that. He bites your bottom lip harshly and you gasp giving him the perfect opportunity to invade your mouth. He flicks his tongue against yours tasting your wet caverns and you find it hard to breathe as your legs get weak.

You don’t know what to hold onto but you know touching him would be game over. You dig your hands into your dress pulling on it for dear life and he breaks the kiss looking down at you. Both of you are breathing hard. He licks his lips looking you over as you feel yourself getting wetter your legs threatening to give out just by how he’s looking at you.

“W-what are you doing?!” You ask him pressing on his chest as he moves closer to you trapping himself between your legs before you could close them.

“I’m giving you what you want.” He says biting hard on your neck making you release a gasp but you quickly bite your lips not releasing a moan.

“What I want or y-y-you?” You ask your voice almost going out as he attacks your spot his hands trailing up your thighs pushing your dress up.

“We both want it.” He states looking at you after he lets your neck go smirking at the hickey he gave you.

“I- I don’t-”

“Tell me you don’t want this. I won’t even prove you wrong. I’ll just let you go.” He says his hands grabbing at your legs, his nails raking over your skin making you shiver.

“I-If you think. I-I’m going to say I do or beg then y-your wrONG!” You scream out when he rolls his hips softly into yours. Your breathing becoming heavier as you feel his hardness right against your dripping pussy.

“But your not saying no either.” He says to you and you look off not wanting to agree with him.

“I’ll make you beg baby.” He says chuckling softly as he leans in biting harder on your neck his hands pushing your dress up over your ass. He slaps your ass he, himself almost moaning as he grabs at it biting harder on your neck. He feels you shake under him but your trying to fight it so hard you don’t even realize it.

He looks down at your body noticing you have on a black lacey thong. He smirks dropping on his knees spreading your legs wide and you try to cover yourself up with shaky hands as he licks his lips. He looks up at you a bit disappointed that you won’t give into him already. But the harder you fight the harder he’ll fuck.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way.” He says and you shake your head not liking either choice.

“Have it your way.” He says standing up. He leans against his desk removing his suit jacket revealing a buttoned up white shirt. You know you could leave. He’s giving you an open invitation. But your body and mind won’t work together. Your mind screams run but your body screams take me. You look at the door and back at him as he undoes the buttons at the wrist of his shirt.

“Do you honestly think I’d let you leave?” He asks you and your eyes open wide at him.

“No baby that pussy is mine.” He says deeply grabbing you and roughly bending you over the desk.

“N-namjoon!” You shout looking back at him and he gives you a smirk slapping your ass before he starts to spread your cheeks. He looks at your folds noticing they are wet and he trails one finger down your slit.

“Haa~!” You can’t help the sound that falls from your lips. You hope he doesn’t notice and when he doesn’t say nothing you think you got off. But he heard it, and it’s too late now. You’ve fallen in his trap.

Namjoon leans over pressing himself hard against you his dick pressed against your ass. He pulls your thong up making it enter your pussy as he grinds his erection into your ass. You bite your lips hard pressing your hands against the desk trying to not moan but it gets harder as he whispers shit in your ear making you not think clearly.

“You know you want me. Why are you fighting it?” He asks licking your neck and you throw your head back not saying anything knowing its over when you do.

“Admit. You want me to pound you. Right. Into. This. Desk.” He growls in your ear thrusting his hips against your ass with every word and the desk scoots up a bit. You just bite your lips harder trying to concentrate on something that will calm your hormones down. He pulls harder on your thong making you release a small whimper. And unintentionally you push your hips back against him hearing his groan. He gets away from you patting his member as he looks at your panting body sprawled out across his desk. He bites his lips seeing your juices run down your legs. He only just begun.

He rips your thong from you smirking like a true monster when he feels how dripping wet it is.

“Someone is so naughty. How can you say you don’t want me baby? Your dripping puddles onto my floor.” He says slapping your ass and you release a groan pressing your head down into the desk.

Namjoon leans down licking from the spot where your wetness stops at your calf’s until he reaches the inside of your thigh. He smirks sliding two fingers against your pussy finding your clit and rubbing it in slow circular motions.

“A-AHH!” You moan out loudly cursing to yourself. You both know he’s getting one step closer to making you beg for him. He’s breaking you slowly and your enjoying every bit of it.

“Say it.” Namjoon says to you and you shake your head. He smirks wickedly taking his hands from you slipping them in his mouth to taste your sweetness. He stands up unzipping your dress before he turns you over. You both meet eye contact and you throw your head back feeling a tremor of pleasure rock through your body.

Namjoon looks down at you seeing you panting even harder and he knows he can make you beg. He knows he can hold out but he’s so hard. He knows that when he gets inside of you he’s not stopping ever. He takes your dress off of you roughly careful not to rip it, because he likes it on you and he throws it across the room. He looks at your black bra and he trails his fingers over the designs rubbing his rough calloused hands over your nipples. You push his hand and he smiles down at you locking your hands above your head.

“Who would’ve ever though I would make you my submissive.” He says biting your nipple through your bra. You arch your back a sound between a mewl and a scream leaving your lips. He raises you up unclipping your bra still holding both your hands with one of his. He kisses you and you can’t help but to slightly kiss back showing him you want it but still trying to not give in.

“Your going to be a good fuck.” He says pushing you roughly on your back. You whine looking up at him and he trails his hands slowly up your body starting at your pelvic bones. He grabs your breast fondling them while he keeps your eye contact. He grabs your hips and roughly slides you to him the desk moving as well.

He leans down taking your left nipple in his mouth watching you try so helplessly to hold in your moans that he so desperately wants to hear. He bites into your left nipple letting his fat tongue rake over it slowly. He pulls back releasing it as he slowly circles your nipple with his tongue. You close your eyes but even with them closed you know he’s watching you. Still picking you apart very slowly. He trails little kisses and bites to your right breast giving you the same slow torture treatment of his mouth. He finally pulls back and idea popping in his head.

“If you don’t have feelings then you should be able to undress me right?” He asks you pulling you up and you catch your breath finding it hard to find spit in your mouth.

“W-why would I undress you when I don’t..” You stop yourself your cheeks heating up.

“You don’t what? Say it??” He says to you and you shake your head growling.

He knew he’d get you.

You pull him to you by his tie and he gladly comes to you raising your legs up, making your feet brace on the edge of the desk in the process. You undo his tie slowly keeping your eyes down. Your drop it on the floor. But as soon as you start at the top button he raises your head up by your chin making you look him dead in the eyes, your fingers stilling.

“Keep going.” He demands softly and your fingers find themselves doing as he commands. You bite your lips unbuttoning his shirt your hands trembling when you start to see his body being revealed to you. When you get to the last button of his shirt he kisses you again making your heart jump and your pussy leak out more. He braces his hands on both sides of you slidding his tongue back into your mouth dominating the kiss letting you know you are indeed his. He pulls back and you push the shirt over his shoulders looking at his body with awe and want. Your hands itch to touch him but you will them to stay down at your sides.

“I’m going to taste you.” He says sitting in his chair and you slam your legs shut.

“I-I never consented.” You say. He yanks your legs open making you drop your mouth in surprise.

“And I never asked for it either.” He says shoving his tongue into your pussy making you fall back against the desk. He sweeps his tongue deep into you eating you out like a meal. He grabs your thighs locking you into place as you hear him make slurping noises.

“Hnngg! M-monster!” You blush your eyes shooting open at what you called him. He looks up at your face his smirk playing on his lips as he continues to drive you crazy. He sees your eyes shut tight and when he feels you tighten up he pulls back wiping his lips.

“You won’t get off that easy baby. I’m not done taking you apart.” He says seductively. He stands up and you lean up on your elbows closing your legs shyly when he looks down at you.

“On your knees.” He says and when you don’t obey he grabs you by your hair making you get on your knees. You whine softly loving this man’s dominate side more then you’d like to admit. But who are you kidding? Your going to beg. You both know it.

“My pants needs to be undone.” He says holding your hair painfully tight causing you to wince a bit.

“O-ok.” You say softly and he slaps your hands when you reach for his pants.

“You will say yes sir to me. Got it?” He asks and you scoff trying to push back from him. Namjoon grins sadistically pulling your face into his crotch and you groan.

“Y-yes sir!” You words coming out muffled because of you being burried by his crotch.

“Good bitch.” He says slapping your ass.

You bite your lips reaching up undoing his belt. You slowly unbutton his pants looking up at him shyly before you unzip them. You pull his pants down to his knees and he moves side to side letting them fall off of him. You look at his boxer briefs seeing his length through the fabric. You feel yourself over flowing as you think about that size sliding into you.

“I don’t like to be kept waiting.” He says and you roll your eyes.

“I don’t like to be forced into fucking my teacher.” You retort back. You look up at him and he raises an eyebrow both of you knowing you just told a big lie. You sigh pulling down his briefs letting them fall with his pants and he steps out of the clothes kicking them to the side. You look at his angry red member that is standing proud and waiting for your attention.

Namjoon groans as he watches you. He sees you lick your lips something he knows your not meaning to do. But it’s too late. It was too late the moment that moan came out of your mouth. Your still trying to resist but your almost under him. He can feel it. He brings your face to his member fucking thrilled when you dart you tongue out to lick it. He moans softly in appreciation noticing the way your back arches at his moans.

You swirl your tongue around his head digging your tongue into his slit lapping up some of his precum. You slide your lips around his tip sucking harshly and he throws his head back a shaky breath leaving his lips. Namjoon looks to the side of the classroom and he sees two of his students looking through the glass window in the door. He doesn’t care though. Your his now. He pushes your head down on his length groaning as he feels your tongue wrap around his member.

He holds your hair but he lets you take over bobbing your head up and down at a slow pace. You watch him through your lashes, your insides burning when he looks back down at you. He grips your hair tightly sliding his length to rest at the back of your throat. You try to pull back since it feels painful but he keeps you in place smirking. He pinches your nose and you struggle more trying to breathe. He pulls out of you and you gasp for air spit leaving your mouth a trail from your lips to his dick. He slides his length back into your mouth swearing when you graze your teeth softly over his dick. He pulls out of you laying you back on your back looking down at you.

He opens your legs sliding two fingers inside of you raising his eyes at how tight you are. He looks down at you seeing you try so hard to contain those beautiful noises. He starts to move his fingers slowly. You buck your hips up thinking that your winning but he holds your hips down taking it at his own pace. He wiggles his fingers deeper his thumb slowly striking your clit making you arch your back. You groan not liking the torture but if this is as bad as it gets you can hold out a bit longer right? Wrong?

Namjoon is just playing with you. He scissors his fingers inside of you noticing how lidded your eyes are. Your rosy cheeks that are red from exhaustion. How your hair is sticking to your body sweat falling from you. It’s a fucking gorgeous sight in his eyes. He curls his fingers deep into you a grin splitting on his face when you scream his name in shock.

“It seems I found your spot?” He asks you and you roll your eyes sitting up, bracing yourself on your hands.

“You little shi-AHH!” You moan out throwing your head back your arms bucking as you look back at him and he watches you slowly. Tucking his bottom lip between his teeth just simply waiting for the moment you give into him. He keeps pushing against your spot slowly and he can tell by your eyes and change of breath that your close. And he lets you get ready, he lets you work yourself up only to slip his fingers from you the moment your high approaches.

“FUCK!” You shout falling against his desk. Your exhausted and sexually frustrated. You were right there. So close only to be denied by this man. He leans against the board knowing your next move before you even say it. He sucks on his fingers and you close your eyes swallowing your pride.

“Please?” You whisper softly and when you don’t hear him move you open your eyes slowly to see him staring at you a smirk on his face.

“What was that?” He asks you slapping the inside of your thigh a red mark forming there.

“Please.” You say a bit louder looking off not being able to take defeat well.

“Please what?” He asks you and you sigh.

“You know what!” You say fustrated your whole body heating from embarrassment.

“Let me hear those dirty words from your pretty mouth.” He says drawing circles on your thigh close to your pussy with his fingers.

“P-please fuck me..” You say softly your eyes watering in furry.

“Can’t hear you.” Namjoon says his voice raising a bit.

“I SAID FUCK ME DAMMIT! PLEASE!” You shout out feeling tears running down your face in want and anger.

Namjoon thinks your so beautiful like this. Spent and exhausted sprawled out on his desk crying and begging for him to take you. Who is he to tell you no?

He walks up to you climbing on top of the desk hoovering over you. He spreads your legs wide settling in between them his eyes never leaving yours. You brace yourself on the desk under him anticipation running hard through your bones. He leans down capturing you in a chaste kiss before he pulls back and pushes into you slowly. Your mouth falls open with a gasp and a silent scream leaving your lips. He watches your every move noting how hard you dig your fingers into his desk.

He moans pulling out and pushing fully inside of you waiting a second this feeling feeling to good for him. He could cum from just being inside of you. But he won’t. Oh no. He’ll make you scream and cum twice before he even releases. He leans down biting on your neck leaving more hickeys as he pulls out slowly and pushes back into you slowly. He keeps this slow rhythm up making sure you feel every inch he has to offer you. You don’t when or how but you find your arms around his neck and back pulling at his hair with one hand as the other hand digs into his skin making him moan and snap his hips harder into yours.

He leans one hand by your head his body flush against your as his other hand scratches down your thigh to grab at your leg. He holds it around his waist steady as he pounds harder into you. You take his glasses off setting them beside you but he wants all of your attention. So he grabs your hands with both of his raising them above your head. He looks down at you noting how beautiful cries of ‘yes’ and 'more’ just fall from your lips. Your eyes rolling back and he is only giving you half on what he has. He picks you up a few minutes later pressing you against the board.

You wrap both arms around his neck tugging his hair harder now kissing his lips first making him smile against your lips as he pulls out and slams hard into you. He wraps arms around your body one hand holding you at the middle of your back as the other holds you at the small of your back close to your ass. His hands sprawled against your skin trapping you to each other as he thrusts harder into you even with your lips on his you can’t contain your cries of pleasure.

You break the kiss first leaning down to suck on his neck and he moans pounding harder into you making you whine and try to hold him close if even possible.

“Nammjoonn!” You cry out biting your lips as he continues to make your head spin. His own head is light from every moan that you emit. He feels like he’s on cloud nine but he has to focus. You have to come undone first. After all he has to leave a good impression that keeps you coming back.

He pulls out of you pressing your stomach against the desk. You shake as your breasts hit the cold surface. He pulls your hips back a bit spreading your legs wider as he holds your hips steady. He thrusts roughly and fast into you making the desk move again as he doesn’t give you time to adjust he just pulls out grunting as he slams back into you.

“HNNNGGA!” You cry out your breathing coming in quick pants every time he strikes your insides your mind going black with pleasure. Namjoon swirls his hips hitting your spot and you cry out his name letting him know he’s doing good. He continues to pound into you bruising your hips with his hands his nails digging into you as your nails dig into the desk.

“I-I’m going to cum!” You shout out and he huffs keeping his same pace making sure to hit your spot over and over

“NAMJOON!” You cry out your walls clamping down on him as you cum.
He groans smirking with satisfaction before he leans down pressing himself back against you his hips brushing your ass every time he enters you. You whine as your orgasm slowly dies and builds back up as he continues to enter you hard and slow.

“I want you to call me daddy.” He says pressing one of your legs on the desk opening you up wider as he slides deeper against your spot making you weak. Your toes curl in your shoes and he trails his hand over your leg and to your pussy rubbing your clit as he pounds harder into you no space, just skin against skin.

“D-daddy.” You moan out completely becoming his submissive.

“Good girl.” He says rubbing your clit harder as he turns your head to look at him one arm wrapping around your neck as the other continues to assault your clit. You close your eyes not being able to stare back at him but he tsks.

“Look at me –. I want to see you when you cum again.” He says deeply. You whimper but you open your eyes staring at him. As he looks at you holding your gaze you can’t help but feel yourself coming undone sooner his eyes just seeming to see straight through you. He bites his lips as you open your mouth high pitch screams leaving your lips as you tense up. He knows your close by the way you squeeze your pussy tight around his dick your walls sucking him in.

“Are you going to cum for daddy?” He asks you in a husky voice.

“Y-yes.” You say nodding your head and he nods with you biting his lips.

“Yeah?” He asks you, his eyes darting to your parted lips as he rolls his hips deep into you. He picks up the speed starting to thrust harder and faster into you making you close your eyes and cry out your second orgasm approaching you.

“DADDY!!!” You scream out throwing your head back as he bites your neck pounding you into the desk his climax finally approaching him.

“—!!” He shouts out your name as he releases inside of you, his cum milking your insides.

He lets you go and you fall against the desk weakly rolling over. Your body trembles for a good five minutes your high taking a long time to calm down and your pussy starts to throb. You look down noticing that your pussy is red. You blush looking up at Namjoon who smoothly puts on his glasses and he plays in his hair.

Namjoon can’t contain how happy he is on the inside. But how does he ask you out is the question. Professors shouldn’t be loving on their students but he can’t help it. He’s been with a lot but no one has made him feel like you did. He starts to dress himself up putting his clothes back on slowly watching you the whole time wanting to know what your thinking.

You watch him as his gaze eats you up. You sigh in content siting up weakly on your ass telling him to come to you. You help him button up his shirt and you fix his tie. You pull him down by his tie after he gets his pants and boxers on kissing his lips softly.

“Professor I think I like you a lot.” You say blushing softly.

“Yeah?” He asks you jokingly and you punch him.
“Well I think I like you a lot. And I like being inside of you. So what are we going to do about that?” He asks you leaning over your still naked body and you blush at that fact.

“What do you want to do about it?” You ask him batting your eye lashes softly.

“Dinner and then my place?” He asks you and smirk.

“Are you asking me out sir?” You ask him and he nods his head.

“Only if you accept it.” He says and you smile widely.

“I don’t think you’ll have to force me into the date geek.” You say poking his cheek and he dips his finger into you making you moan and lean your head against his shoulder.

“You’re still naked. I have no problem with taking you on for round two.” He says laughing when you shake your head complaining about being sore.

He helps you get dressed and he throws your panties away carrying you outside to his car.

What i think of the signs
  • Aries: your heart is practically tattooed on your sleeve. You put your all in everything which probably fucks you over on a daily basis. you need give yourself a break.
  • Taurus: you're always so honest and sometimes too honest and it's literally one big roller coaster to be around you and it's fun but i wish you opened up more
  • Gemini: you try too hard despite the fact that you have this "i don't care about anything" persona. you're not fooling anyone and it's tiring to be around you for too long.
  • Cancer: you're either too quiet when you need to be speaking up or you're too loud when you need to shut up. btw you have a great sense of humor
  • Leo: you do so many shitty things all the time, but your loyalty to people you care about is what makes them stick around. your strength is really admirable & it's ok to cry
  • Virgo: you are not a machine and you need to sit down and relax or something. you'd be the best person to hang around if you weren't so uptight. you are #1 at worrying and over thinking
  • Libra: your sense of humor is so under appreciated but that's because it's borderline harsh and offensive. I never know when you're being serious and you're lowkey intimidating (you will probably also take that as a compliment)
  • Scorpio: people tend to throw their problems at you a lot and i 100% understand why you are the way you are. This is me understanding & not calling you a dick because you are not a dick.
  • Sagittarius: you're the best person to talk to when it's rainy and dreary and you have the best vibes. you're all about making the most out of any situation but i always worry about how you're feeling i hope you're alright
  • Capricorn: you are a million times more than what you give yourself credit for. you're always giving without second thought but stop forgetting about yourself. stop putting yourself down w your self deprecating jokes
  • Aquarius: you have good intentions and a heart of gold and you're really weird but it's ridiculously endearing and everyone is most likely in love w you. some people dont deserve your kindness though
  • Pisces: you always give until you're emptied out and that's both the best and worst thing about you. you are the friend everyone goes to when they need a shoulder to cry on

bold any fears which apply to your muse.    
italicize what makes them uncomfortable.

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thatmutepony  asked:

Yea! A Hoodie is an article of clothing that has a hood that you can put up over your head. A vest is like a Jacket but without sleeves... Now get this, a vest with a hood (basically a hoodie without sleeves) is still a vest, but might also be called a hoodie vest, or a hoodie (but that, actually, is weird to me) XD

( Thank you for this explanation ! Even I have even more questions now ;v ; but that’s enough for tonight) =w =

Cherrio, B

It’s 1 am but strangely I’m not tired. You know, i think I’ll always like you, even if everything turns out upside down,if it turns out you never liked me at all, if one day we stop talking. I’ll always like you (or perhaps love you).

There was that one time when you stopped to talk to me in the empty halls and your eyes were rimmed with red. Your hair was a bit ruffled in the back and you wore a grey oversized sweater that made me wonder how tired you probably were. I assume you were sick because you left for home after that. But even then I fell hard for you because your smile persisted and your eyes caught the light. Your sleeves were put up that time and i know you saw me staring at your tattoos but only because they don’t fail to intrigue me. I don’t think I’ve asked if they mean anything..

I think every thing you do suddenly becomes a magic act. And even if i find that the secret to it all isn’t me..I’ll still believe in magic and in love and in you. It’ll always be you.

Your hopeless romantic, C

anonymous asked:

Have you put your sleeves to use yet?

I have occasionally in the lab…I’m able to wear t-shirts now underneath my hoodies, and helps me to stay cool when needed.

I feel like a lot of people look at me and go ‘oh, you’re a skeleton, temperatures don’t effect you~’

Jack shit, buddy. I’m a hybrid, even if they don’t know it…

Okay, I wanted to start out this post by mentioning that you don’t have to wear the jacket that comes with every outfit set! I just automatically add a jacket because I am cold natured! While we are on the topic of jackets, I would like to point out some helpful hints:

- if you are feeling fancyyyy, you can drape it over your shoulders! (aka do not put your arms through the sleeves)

- emphasize your waist line by tying it around your waist (it also helps to hide a stain if you sit in something)

- or here is a revolutionary idea: wear it as you would normally wear a jacket!

Moving along, please send in requests! I would love to hear from you all!

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HOW DO YOU STEAL PALETTES? SO JEALOUS. like the grabbing two and dropping really works? i also dont really get what the phone does in the phone technique. like can't you just keep it in your fist and as your putting the duplicate away, you drop the one in your hand in the bag at the same time? also, for the sleeve trick, do your sleeves need to be really loose? thanks girrrrl

You get the palette and conceal in a blind spot. So the phone technique is just another way to conceal. It looks like you’re putting your phone in your bag. And yeah, you need enough room in your sleeves to hold stuff but not make it look obvious haha


Ask and it shall be delivered

A OPM!Saitama skin and a FMA!Edward skin, here they are! It’s kinda hard to do the Saitama one, ‘cause you know, he’s… well, not cool. It’s the base principle on which they build his character. He’s just the most uncool but awesome person. And also the color scheme is hard to work with… I’m actually not entirely happy with it. 

mainly because I cannot make Jack bald ahahaha

With the Edward one, I choose to include the cloak and the boots, to go for something more like the Jack we saw at that con… the Edwardhead!Sam is just a dumb thing haha God I need to seriously rethink these

here to find out more about idea illustration and requests!!!


Love. It’s all about passion, man. Love for my job, for my friends, for a girl, for learning new things. It’s all about wearing your heart on your sleeve and putting yourself out there. Throwing everything you have into something even if it means falling flat on your face and doing it all again. If you have a passion for something, even if it’s something I have no knowledge or interest in, I’ll like you, I’ll respect you. It’s humanity’s greatest gift.


rjradke: kiss me properly & pull me apart