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How to stay Positive 🐝

1. Be yourself. Live authentically. To quote Dr. Suess, “There is no one alive that is you’er than you.” Don’t try to be someone you’re not to impress people. You will always be happiest when you are being your true self.

2. Contribute to the world in any way that you can. Maybe for you that’s picking up garbage on your way home from work, or giving money to a homeless person on the street, but you will become a more positive person if you are giving back.

3. Be grateful. Acknowledge how fortunate you are and be thankful that you have simple things like heating, food, and shelter. If you are grateful you will always be able to think more positively.

4. Be optimistic. So maybe you missed your 10:30 showing of Beauty And The Beast, are there later showings? Can you plan a rain check? Wouldn’t coffee be nice instead?

5. Surround yourself with positive people. Odds are, if you spend your time with negative people you’ll become more negative. When we are around positive people we become more positive ourselves.

6. Don’t be discouraged. You will never fail until you stop trying!

7. Be a realist. Everyone has their bad days, everyone. Lest,  I remind you that Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, and Steven Spielberg, were all rejected before they ever succeeded.

8. Be like Elsa and let it go. Okay so Elsa may not have been the most positive person at first, but by the end of the movie she learned to make a positive out of what was once a negative situation! Don’t hold on to anger, fear, or hurt. Keep moving forward and forgive others and yourself.

9. Help someone else. It’s so easy to make someone’s entire day. Compliment someone’s new clothes or hair cut, hold doors open for people, smile at strangers and share inspirational quotes with friends. You will feel so much happier and positive if you make someone else feel that way.

10. Kick fear to the curb. Stop letting “what if’s” control your life. Be brave and trying something new, or do something that might scare you. Doing something is always better than doing nothing; you might just surprise yourself!

11. Stop and smell the roses. Appreciate everything around you: sights, smells, music. When we don’t take time to breathe we become stressed.

12. Put down those chips. Junk food might make you feel good for a moment but it will only make you feel unhappy down the road. Swap a milkshake for a smoothie, Soda for a glass of water or a cup of green tea, ice cream for a fruit bowl and so on. We can actually eat a lot more raw foods than processed foods without gaining weight or feeling bloated.

13. Get out there. Make plans! Stop scrolling through instagram and snap stories feeling bad about yourself because it’s a Friday night and you’re at home. It’s always nice to stay in every now and then but it’s also enjoyable to get out into the world and socialize.

14. Get your beauty sleep. 7 hours minimum to function and 8 ideally. It’s impossible to be positive when you’re cranky from not getting enough z’s.

15. Exercise. Find the exercise for you. Maybe it’s swimming, hiking, cycling, yoga, dance, or basketball. Working out will make you feel powerful, happy, and accomplished.

16. Don’t compare yourself to others. Other people’s beauty does not take away from your own. Yes, Sarah from math class has a really nice smile…but have you seen yours? Wow.

17. Accept yourself.  Change what you can change and love what you can’t.

18. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take yourself out of the situation. Is this really a big deal? Will it affect you tomorrow? What about next week? Next month?

19. Be empathetic. Your friend just cancelled your plans for the evening because he is feeling too anxious. What can you say to show him that you’re accepting of his situation? Can you offer up an alternative plan? People want to spend time with people who are kind and accepting of them.

20. Accept that life isn’t linear. There are always going to be ups and downs and that is absolutely normal! You just have to ride the wave  instead of letting yourself drown.

What if He Freaks? (B. Barnes x Reader)

Word Count: 2386

Warnings: smut, daddy kink.

A/N: I didn’t read this over, please point out any mistakes.

Steve had ushered you, Natasha and Wanda up to your room, telling you to “bond” and “relax” he was literally like the scolding parent. You all agreed that it would be nice to have a girls night and as most sleepovers go, you ended up drunk talking about your love lives and your impossible crushes.

Wanda was going on about Vis and how certain things would work, while you and Natasha were talking about Steve and Bucky, the dynamic duo.

“So, Natasha, if could sleep with either Steve or Bucky, who would you pick?” Natasha had to think, but she ended up picking Steve as you thought she would. Both your heads turned to Wanda, who blushed profusely.

“I’m spoken for.” She said, her light accent slipping towards the end of her sentence. Natasha wasn’t fazed, but you were momentarily shocked.

“I knew you and Vision had suppressed feelings, but you’re together now?!” She laughed and nodded and you smacked her arm.

“Tell me sooner next time, yeah?”

“What about you Y/N?” You had to think.

“Steve.” You answered after much thought.
“I feel like he’d be better. Bucky has been through… too much, he’d be … nervous.” You finished.

There was a pause and then Nat spoke up.
“I feel like Bucky has a Daddy kink.”

You nearly spit out your drink at the thought.

“Now, I really wanna call him Daddy, but what if he freaks out.” You said, recovering.

Both Wanda and Nat were laughing at the idea of the Winter Soldier freaking out over a silly nickname, but it was a serious concern. What if you called him Daddy as a joke and he got mad.

Why should you care? You decided you would do it.

“Alright alright, Y/N, truth or dare?” Wanda asked. You smirked, feeling brave.

“Dare.” The two girl exchanged looks and you knew you’d made a bad decision

“I dare you to ask Steve out.” You sighed in relief.

“Oh that’s not so bad.”

“With Bucky there, and you have to be flirty about it.”

“Well that’s a little bit worse, but I’ll do it.” They both watched you expectantly.
“N-not right now! Guys it’s two am!” You scolded. It was time to sleep, you’d all be nursing light hangovers in the morning, or afternoon, depending on when you woke.

None of you had hangovers as bad as you’d expected, except Wanda, who woke suddenly and rushed to the bathroom. After Wanda cleaned up and took some Advil she looked at you with pleading eyes.

“You should ask Steve out to dinner tonight, it’s Saturday and neither of you have any plans.” You agreed seeing as it was the only way to get the girls to leave you alone.

Your little trio took the lift down to the kitchen and you immediately spotted Steve and Bucky talking. You plastered a flirtatious smile on your face and walked over to the two soldiers.

“Hey Steve, can I talk to you for a moment?”
Both boys glanced at you for a moment before Steve answered.

“Of course Y/N. What’s up?”

“Are you free tonight, I was hoping you’d accompany me to dinner?” The intimidating super soldier was momentarily flustered.

“Y-you mean like a date?” Your smile brightened.

“Yeah, like a date.” He nodded.

“I’d love to. Uhm, I’ll come pick you up at 6?”

“That’s perfect.” You turned to the girls who were pretending not to listen. You sat at the table and they both pryed you for details. You answered all of their questions until eventually, they left you alone. You took the stairs this time, taking your time going back to your room. It was almost six and you needed at LEAST 15 minutes to get ready for your date. You didn’t bother showering, you had done that this morning, but you did put on makeup. You threw on the dress Nat had laid out for you and admired the finished product. You looked stunning.

Steve was on time, as you’d expected. What you didn’t expect was for him to be the perfect gentleman, he even brought you flowers. He held the door to your car after insisting that he drive because he already picked a restaurant.

When you arrived, Steve ran around the car to let you out, against your protests. He even linked your arm with his.

“For someone with no experience with girls, you’re surprisingly good at this.” His face flushed red and he thanked you, obviously pleased that you approved.

The date went smoothly, since you were already friends you discussed missions (wow what a great date topic) and your lives. You honestly had a great time and you were pretty sure Steve did too.
Since you didn’t have an apartment for him to drop you at, he walked you to the door to your room. You both stopped and turned to look at each other.
“I had a great time tonight Y/N, thank you for taking me out.”

“Oh, it’s no problem, I had fun too.”
He looked down at you and stepped forward, taking your hip and pulling youa bit closer, he leaned down and captured your lips in a soft kiss. You kissed back a bit harder, telling him it was okay. When you realized what was happening, you pushed him away.
“I’m sorry Steve, I-I can’t. I have to go.” You hung your head and retreated into your room. You stripped from your dress and put on shorts and a sweater.
You couldn’t sleep, you were tossing and turning, but you felt really bad. You tossed your blankets off and walked to your desk, taking parchment and a pen. You couldn’t just leave Steve hanging, so you wrote him a note.
Hey Steve, I had a great time last night and that kiss was great, but I don’t like you as anything more than a friend. I’m sorry that I lead you on like that and I hope we can stay friends.
From Y/N

You walked the hall, following the familiar path to Steve’s room. You slipped the paper under his door and made your way downstairs, maybe some tea would help you sleep.

You were relieved that no one was in the kitchen, otherwise you’d have to explain what had happened on your date. You grabbed a tea bag out of the box on the counter and put some water in the kettle. As high tech as Tony’s kitchen was, you preferred to do things the old fashioned way.
You were fiddling with the tea bag and almost jumped out of your skin when you looked up. Bucky was standing in the door frame. You cocked your eyebrow at him.

“What are you doing up?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” He said quietly. You moved out of his way so he could grab an apple from the fruit bowl behind you.

“How was your date?” He questioned, eyeing you out of the corner of his eye.

“I don’t know, I had a great time, but I don’t think I like Steve like that. I think I have feelings for someone else” Bucky halted his actions.

“But you kissed him?” Your face flushed red.

“You saw?” His jaw clenched.

“Yeah. You don’t like Steve because you have feelings for someone else, who would that be?” Your eyes widened a fraction and you flushed red, stuttering to find an answer. You couldn’t outright say it was him, that’d be too embarrassing. So instead you stuttered to find and answer.

Bucky smirked and you flushed even harder because it was evident that he knew.

“Oh c'mon, it’s just me, doll, nothing to be nervous about.” He took a step closer and your heart stopped.

“You can tell me.” He said, stepping closer and placing a hand on your waist. You back into the counter, your face was the color of flame and you couldn’t find the words to speak.

The kettle broke into a whistle and the air rushed back to you, you ducked out of Bucky’s constricting grasp and spun to grab your cup. You had your back turned to him, pouring the boiling water over the tea bag, you couldn’t believe how much you were shaking and you nearly dropped the cup when Bucky’s hand was placed over yours to help steady you. You placed the pot back on the stove and leaned on the counter, facing the man with the metal arm.

The smirk he gave you spoke volumes and you tried to smile back.

“I’ll just be going then, back to bed.” He said, turning on his heel. You debated whether or not to call after him, you wanted company, especially if it was his.
“Wait.” You called at his retreating figure.
“Stay.” You said, barely suppressing a whimper.

“Now that’s what I wanted to hear.” He said, his voice deep and gravely. He turned back around and walked towards you, he took the mug gently from your hand, placing it on the table a few feet away.

“Hey! I was drinking that!” I scolded.

“You’re not anymore.” He stated with finality. The dominance in his voice had the heat pooling between your legs and you knew you were done for.

He positioned himself between your legs and brought his hand to your waist, pulling you flush against him. You gasped at the sudden contact, almost loosing your footing. He brought his other hand up to steady you and slowly leaned down. He stopped when his lips brushed yours, asking for permission. You leaned up into him, giving him all the permission he needed. The second your lips touched he trailed his hands down your back until they were resting on the backs of your legs. A sign for you to jump. You did as he asked and he hoisted you up, hooking your legs around his hips. A soft moan escaped your lips when he attached his lips to the sensitive spot on your neck.

“We can’t do this here, sugar, let’s take this to my room.” He suggested. Words failed you, so you nodded, detatching yourself from him and taking his hand instead.

You abandoned your tea and walked hand in hand with Bucky down the corridor in complete silence, you didn’t need words. He was rubbing comforting circles over your knuckles.

He opened his door gently, making sure not to wake the whole tower. You smirked to yourself and slamed the door behind you, pushing him up against the door and capturing his lips with his own.

He gasped at your sudden dominance, grabbing your hips and pulling you flush against him.

He slid his hand up under your sweater and you raised your arms for him. He threw it across the room and then followed it with his own shirt.

He only let you marvel at his body for a moment before he brought himself back to you, picking you up. He carried you to the bed and dropped you, taking a step back to admire you.

“You look so good laying there for me, doll. Take your shorts off.”

You did as you were told, stripping yourself of the constricting garment. He watched your every movement with lust-filled eyes. He dropped his pants in one fluid movement, stepping out of them.
Your eyes dropped to the massive bulge in his pants and you heard him laugh. He straddled your hips, trailing kisses from your neck down.  You tangled your fingers in his hair and pulled his face back you yours, kissing him passionately.

One hand dropped from his hair to his boxers as you palmed him through the fabric, he groaned and you could feel him twitching beneath your touch.

“Fuck doll, you gotta stop” you did as you were told, instead, pulling down his boxers and wrapping your small hand around his cock. He inhaled sharply, tensing under your touch. He pulled your hand away and for a moment you were discouraged.

He laid a chaste kiss on your cheek and whispered in your ear.

“You first.” The bed shifted as he got off, kneeling next to the end. He adjusted you so that your legs were around his neck.

“I like this view.” He added and you blushed at the comment, choosing not to answer. He placed a kiss on your clothed core, causing you to buck your hips upwards. He laughed and removed your panties, placing another kiss, but this time he held your hips in place. He licked his way from your entrance to your clit, nibbling on the bundle of nerves.

His eyes never once left your face, when you moaned his name he stopped, you groaned at the loss of contact and opened your eyes. Bucky had a stern look on his face.
“What’d wrong Buck?’ You questioned.

“That’s not my name tonight. You call me ‘Daddy’, understand?” The combination of his deep voice and the dominance had you shell shocked.

“Y-yes Daddy.” You ignored the embarrassment of him obviously overhearing you and instead enjoyed his praise. He went to work on your chest, massaging your hardened nipples with both hands.

“Do you like that doll?”

“Yes, Daddy, please, more.” You begged.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m not done yet.”

He lined himself up with your entrance and slid himself into you. You gasped, adjusting to his size. He paused a moment, letting you adjust before he pulled out, slamming back into you not a second later. He transitioned between soft and hard, looking for your g spot, when he hit it you moaned his name, loudly.

“Tell Daddy how much you love to feel him slamming into you”

“I love it Daddy, please, harder."  He groaned and slammed into you at an alarming rate, both of you were chasing your high. The sound of your moans and the slapping of skin resonated through the empty room. The bubble that had been building in your stomach popped and you bucked your hips upward, screaming Bucky’s name. Not long after you felt the warmth if his seed on your stomach and his body collapsing next to you. You both sat, catching your breath.

Bucky spoke up in the silence.

"Let’s get you cleaned up, baby girl.”

“Yes, Daddy.”



Draco Malfoy and the Erratic Blender

After the incident with the toaster Draco was still wary of unknown kitchen appliances; wariness, however, hadn’t turned him away from learning and he had by now mastered most of the contraptions in their kitchen.

For one, he could now make the most perfect toasted bread. He also knew how to use the stove (easy enough as long as he thought about it in the line of: fire, cauldron, ingredient). He even perfected the use of the microwave. Well almost. He had not yet perfected his reaction to the obnoxiously loud ping!  that made him jump every single bloody time his back was turned. Ok, it sometimes made him spill his tea on his shirt too, but that wasn’t the point.

Today, unfortunately, was the day Draco Malfoy decided to use the blender. Harry never used it, because ‘only babies need their food in liquid form Malfoy’, but Draco watched Hermione use it once and it didn’t look too complicated, besides, the smoothie she had made with it was surprisingly tasty.

Draco prepared the fruit first; a banana, blueberries, strawberries… hmm that should do, right? He cut the fruit to manageable pieces, put it in the blender bowl, added some water, mounted the bowl onto the blender, plugged it in and–

Where was the lid?

Did one even need the lid? That surely wasn’t an essential part of the blender, right? Even cauldrons didn’t have lids and it’s not like smoothies exploded, he reasoned.

Draco apprehensively lifted his finger towards the ‘ON’ button. Here goes, he though when pressing firmly on it. A sudden roar came from the blender, then, before he could even react, he saw the contents surge upwards, upwards and out. Oh, shit. He saw a piece of banana flying towards his face when his eyes closed instinctively and he felt the sticky gooey pieces of fruit hit his face, his chest, his hair.

The lid, apparently, was a crucial part of the blender.

Draco’s eyes slowly opened, his nostrils flared and without even performing a cleaning charm on himself, he strode out of the kitchen and went to collect their owl sleeping quietly in his cage. Bloody fucking Potter and his bloody fucking kitchen shit, he will send him the worst fucking Howler he had ever received in his entire life and he will make damn sure he gets it right in the middle of the Auror offices.


Harry glanced at Bimbo, the kind but stupid looking owl that he and Draco had saved (from a pigeon attack) about a year ago. He was carrying an ominous red envelope that was already smoking at the edges. Uh-oh, Harry though. What had he done now? He swiftly took the envelope from Bimbo’s beak, rushed out of his cubicle and started sprinting towards the toilet. The whole department will not be privy to his embarrassment again.

Half way down the hall, the envelope exploded and the voice of an enraged and - what was even worse – extremely offended Draco Malfoy filled the Auror Department. ‘’YOU FUCKING WANKER! MY FACE IS COVERED IN STICKY GOO! IT’S IN MY FUCKING HAIR, POTTER. IN MY GORGEOUS FUCKING HAIR!’’ The voice roared and echoed around the level two. ‘’AND IT’S ALREADY BEGINNING TO DRY. IT’S CAKED TO MY FACE POTTER AND NEITHER YOU NOR YOUR SPITTING, EJACULATING TOY WILL EVER BE FORGIVEN.’’

Harry stood in the middle of the hallway, eyes wide, cheeks flaming, with the whole department’s worth of eyes staring at him. ‘’It’s not –‘’ he mumbled. ‘’It’s not what you think it is,’’ he whispered to no use as the whole department was consumed by mounting laughter.


Draco and the Offending Toaster is here

  • Godric: Guys, where should we put the kitchens?
  • Rowena: How about a little ridd-
  • Godric: Godamn it Rowena, the children are not answering riddles to get into a kitchen
  • Salazar: How about a nice simple door?
  • Helga: No, it'll be behind a painting of a fruit bowl
  • Rowena: Okay, fair enough but how-
  • Helga: You have to tickle the pear to get in
  • Godric: Tickle the pear...?
  • Helga: Yes
  • Salazar: Helga, in the nicest possible way, how high are you?
  • Helga: No Salazar, it's 'Hi, how are you'
  • Salazar: Oh Merlin

Fun Tips for Cooking with your Toddler! 

-Get your toddler in on the action by giving her a really high stool to stand on. Sure, she usually has the coordination of a hyena on roller skates, but this will probably be fine.

-Position her within arm’s reach of open shelving packed with expensive serving wear - just in case she does slip and needs something to grab onto!

-Place a bowl of brightly-colored fruit nearby so your toddler can sneak one bite out of each piece and then put it back when you’re not looking.

-Make sure your toddler is wearing clothes appropriate for the kitchen, like a fancy white dress! Then you can transition directly into, “14 Hours of Laundry with your Toddler.” 

Surprise (3/?)

Summary :  You die while being on a mission with the team. At least , that’s what you thought. What happens when you suddenly wake up alive ? What do you do now? & how will the team handle the news after thinking you’ve been dead for months?

Warnings : swearing, angst, violence , fluff( tiny, tiny bit for now).

Pairing, (so far) : Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader( No permanent pairing yet!)
* Bold is readers thoughts,  &  italics are memories. *

Surprise Master List          Marvel Master List


 You laugh at Tonys outburst as he pulls you to him, returning the tight hug. ” Welcome Back Y/n. “ He whispers into your ear . 

The rest of the teams welcome was the same, except Steve, Sam and Buckys. 

  Sam lifts you off the ground, swinging your around .” I fucking hoped it was you ! “ he cheers as he sets you down. You kiss his cheek and giggle. Bucky tugs you into a bonecrushing hug as he swears under his breath .  

” Hi Buckaroo “

  ” I cant believe its you Y/n. “ he admits as he steps back to look at you . A smirk forms on his face, ” Damn, looking as good as ever darling .“ he flirts. A blush blossoms over your cheeks.

 ” Bite me Barnes. “

” With pleasure .“ he shoots back with a wink. You roll your eyes .

Steve is still standing there with his eyes bugging out of his head.  ” Hi Stevie .“  your voice shy & quiet . 

” Oh my  God. “ he whispers, still staring at you .

Is he not happy to see me?

  Tears start flowing down your cheeks at the thought. When Steve sees the first one fall he steps forwards, swiping It away gently. He pulls you to him, wrapping his arms around your waist and burying his face in your hair. You swear he sniffs your hair, but you ignore it , hugging him tightly to you .

Originally posted by peoplealwaysleave-99

All too quickly his arms disappear , and he is stepping back from you . He doesn’t say a word, just walks out of the room like his life depended on it.You , Bucky & Sam all exchange confused glances at Steves behavior .What the hell? Bucky races after him, while Sam pulls you towards the bar.

  ” You know, he wasn’t the same after that mission.“ Sam tells you as  he knowingly watches you look for your friends.You sigh, bringing your glass to your lips. ” He blames himself for losing you . Me & Barnes have caught him sleeping in your old room a handful of times.  He wouldn’t let any of us pack up your things. “ Your heart breaks at the information sam feeds you ,I never wanted him to blame himself, dammit.

 ” Its not his fault though . He didn’t know-“

” You know you told him you loved-“

” Shut up Sam. “   

He starts laughing loudly , ” Damn , I missed you.“ 

” Yeah yeah , I missed you too bird butt.“  You hear him groan . You giggle, and pull him to the deserted dancefloor.  

” Come on Sammy!“ he doesn’t fight it, just lets you drag him  . The song changes to something a little more upbeat, and he starts twirling you around the floor. You giggle as you two dance, knowing you look anything but suave . 

Originally posted by giftedmotherfucker

  The team surrounds you two ( minus Steve and Bucky) and laughs while they watch you and Sam horribly dance. You manage to coax most of them into dancing, and before you know it the dancefloor is filling with people.   

    You take a break from dancing and weave through the crowd and back to the bar.  You see Steve and Bucky leaning against it ,so you dart towards them . 

” Can we talk?“ you ask Steve as you approach  .  He sighs, and nods towards the door leading to the balcony. Bucky sends you a symphathetic  look before you follow behind Steve.  When the door shuts behind you , you decide to make the first move ,

” Steve -“

” You died. I watched you die in my arms from bullets that were meant for me.“  You don’t know how to respond, so you don’t. 

” You’ve been gone a year , and ive spent every god damn day blaming myself.“ "It wasn’t your fault !  I- ”

“ Your right ,it wasn’t my fault. It was yours. What the hell were you thinking  jumping infront of me like that ! ” he bellows . You’ve never seen this side of him, hes never been angry with you before and its terrifying.

 " I was saving your damn Life Steve!“

” No one asked you to y/n! You aren’t enhanced, you weren’t even a part of the damn team! , I didn’t need you to save me!“Tears escape your eyes, his words sinking in .

 ” I couldn’t watch you die Steve.“ you whisper  

Steves POV

  I let out a dry laugh at her statement, ” So you made me watch you die instead? You were selfish and naïve. You had no place being there that day. You aren’t special  like the others on the-“ As soon as the words leave my mouth I realize just how bad they sound. Before I get a chance to rephrase she speaks,

Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

 ” I’m so fucking sorry , did I hurt your fucking ego saving your life?!“ she spits, her voice dripping with anger. 

 Fuck , I didn’t mean to - ugh I really need to learn how to not look like an ass.

” Y/n I didn’t-“

” Fuck off Rogers. I thought we were friends, i thought youd be happy to see me but clearly i was fucking wrong. “ She says before storming back into the party . ” I’m an idiot.“ i say to myself,

” Yeah you really are.“  I look seeing Bucky in the doorway . ” What the hell were you thinking ?! That girl saved your ass because she loves you ,Did you forget that ?  Or are you still trying to deny your own feelings . “ he barks  at me.

 ” I need to find her. “ I say as i push past him , I know he is right, i think about the fact that i never got to tell her how i felt about her everyday  .  I search through the crowd of people, but come up empty .

 ” Her and Pietro just left, it was a big night for her . Let her sleep it off.“ Sam says as he approaches me.

 Son of a bitch .


 You’re thankful Pietro is just as exhausted and overwhelmed as you  .He jumped at the chance to head to bed when you announced you were calling it a night. You’ve spent a lot of night together back when it was just the two of you , never in a sexual way though .    Tears start falling the second you step foot in your old room .  Everything was the same way you left it that day , except your bed. You always made your bed before you left,   right now though the blankets tossed to one side and the pillows are strewn across it. You step closer and Steve scent find your nostrils. He really has been sleeping  in here.

    You shake off the sadness that starts to form, and begin digging through your drawers for pajamas. You both switch from your party clothes into pj’s , then fall into your old bed. 

 ” P, even though its not just the two of us anymore, we are still going to stay close right? “ you question .

He pulls you closer to him , placing a light kiss on your forehead, ” You cant get rid of me that easily Y/n . I never really thought id be this close to someone other than Wanda , I don’t plan on giving it up.“    You lean up to kiss his cheek,

” Neither do I “ .    

  ” Sex must not have been that good, we didn’t even hear you doing it.“  

You groan , rolling on your back as you look towards your open door. Tony is standing there with a smug look on his face . You hear Pietro mumble as he stretches next to you .

"  For all you know Tony, I’m a quiet lover. ” you say through your yawns . 

He lets out a loud laugh , “ I’d love to find out. ”

You fake gag as you stand , all your bones cracking as you fully stretch  .“ What do you need ironballs?”

 " I wanna run a few tests on you two, see how your insides are looking.“ he simply states, you watch as his eyes go to your bare legs .

” Eyes up here perv. You want to do this now?“  You slide on the first pair of shorts you find. 

” Yeah , might as well get it out of the way .“ he shrugs  .You hear Pietro lightly snoring then look to see him asleep again and wrapped in your blanket.

"Seriously?"    you yank Pietro out of bed by his foot . He yelps as he lands on the floor. A strong of curses flows from his lips as he stands .

” We have to give Tony blood, stay awake for like 20 minutes then you can go back to bed ,lazy ass. “ He mumbles but follows after the both of you .      It doesn’t take long for Tony to poke and prod at the both of you. You decide to head to the communal kitchen,  your stomach kept grumbling while  you in the lab . As soon as you step off the elevator you hear laughter echoing through the floor. 

 You keep walking towards the sound, finding Sam , Bucky and Steve sitting on the couch watching cartoons. Are they watching Scooby doo? !

  You fight the urge to yell at them for not inviting you , you still don’t want to speak to Steve after last night. You walk straight to the kitchen  ,but since you have to pass by the couches Sam sees you .

 " Well good morning Sunshine!” he calls, you wave but keep moving.  

You go right to the fridge, finding a bowl of fresh cut fruit.God yes.

You grab it then hop on to the counter as you begin eating.  You moan at the taste of the strawberry ,

 " so that’s what gets you hot & bothered, huh?“  Buckys voice startles you ,causing you to almost drop your fruit.

 ” I’m putting fucking bells around your neck.“ you playfully threaten .

 He lets out a booming laugh while he walks closer to you . He opens his mouth , silently asking for a piece . You roll your eyes as you feed him a grape.   

" Why don’t we go  out and do something today ?” he asks,  you hum in agreement before adding,

“ If I don’t eat right now Barnes, ill be your worst nightmare."  He rolls his eyes at you with a chuckle.

 ” Shes not kidding, I’ve seen her up close when she hasn’t eaten Buck. I’m glad you found the fruit I left you . " Steve says as he enters.

Oh so now hes friendly? Fuck him and his dumb delicious fruit.

 You don’t acknowledge Steves words, or even his presence . You place the bowl of remaining fruit on the counter , hopping down from your seat . 

“ Y/n , can we -”

 " No, I don’t think we can Captain Rogers. “ 

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Bucky sighs at the two of you .

 ” Told you she wouldn’t talk to him !“ Sam yells from the couch . You snort, and grab an orange off the counter and lean towards the doorway to toss it at him. You hear a thud then Sam grunt.  Bucky bursts out laughing, and you can see Steve shake his head at your antics.

 ” I’m still kinda tired Buck, maybe we can go do something another day .“ you offer

 ” What about a movie day ?“  His puppy dog eyes on full display as he asks.Jesus, I don’t think anyone can say no to him.

” Damn it Barnes.  Fine. “   You invite the rest of the team for a movie day , but only Sam, Steve , Pietro and Wanda join the two of you .  The twins sat next to each other , laughing and teasing each other the entire time.  Watching the two of them made your heart swell with happiness. They both looks so complete in each others presence, you’ve never seen Pietro so happy  .   

Originally posted by e-dna-e-mod-e

” Mr. Stark is requesting everyone in his lab in 5 minutes.“ FRIDAY announces.

I wonder what new toy he wants to show us  .

    You make your way down, sitting next to Natasha on a stool .

 ” What did he build now?“ you whisper to her

” I have no idea, but whatever it is better not be alive. “ she hisses. You cant hide your snort at her comment. The team breaks out in smiles at the sound 

 ” I cant believe I’m going to say this , but I think I fucking missed your laugh snorting. “ Clint says . You hear everyone agree , making you blush  .

” Guys stop .“ you say bashfully.   

” So get this , “ Tony says as he strolls in .

” You know you’re the one that called us here , and YOU were late. “ you point out

” I do what I want.“ he says with a shrug. Of course you do Tony.

He has FRIDAY pull up two screens, one showing your blood cell samples, and the other Pietros . They looked drastically different, yet with some similiarities.  His have specks of silver in them, along spikey balls attached to some .Ewh is that normal?

  Yours is what makes your eyes nearly pop from your head, you had the same spikey balls , but they are blue, & multiplying every few seconds.

 ” Tony what the hell is that !“ You shriek

 ” Calm down .  Pietros looks the way it does because the particles that came from your TAHITI bonded with his already mutated ones from his enhancements. Weird bonded with weirder and seemingly complimented eachother well and balanced him out. You my dear, didn’t have the prior enhancement, but the program seems to have created some. “ It did what now?

” I’m sorry what? “ He clears off Pietros screen and zooms onto yours.   

” Tony what are you saying ?“ Steve asks as he watches your screen . 

” I don’t know how to make this anymore understandable. Speedy over there, already had mutated cells when TAHITI was administered. He is already enhanced so his cells were trying to heal him the minute he was injured, the program only slightly helped since they were already laced with all the mutation possible. Y/n, had completely normal cells , hence why TAHITI helped her heal so much faster. It seems it also mutated her cells. “  

 You all are still sending him ’ wtf ’ looks, Tony pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration . ” English Tony.“ you say, annoyance clear in your tone.  

” You . Are.Enhanced. Whatever abilities you have just haven’t surfaced yet.“   

  Your mouth drops open,  ” you- I - but - what?“  Your mind cant seem to stick on one question ,the team stays silent as they watch your face scrunch in realization .

 ” It’s going to be alr-“ 

” What the hell Tony !“ you bellow ” How did SHIELD miss this !?!“   

” They didn’t miss it , they sent it over to me  so I could get a closer look and see if I could trigger-“ 


  You hate this, you hate being left out of the loop , and you especially hate being left out when its concerning you . 

   ” Y/n, calm down -“ Steve starts, he puts his hand on your shoulder but you rip yourself out of his grip .

  "  Back the hell off Steve. ” you growl   

 " Sir, it seems Miss Y/n’s vitals are skyrocketing into dangerous numbers .“ FRIDAY announces.

  ” Y/n, you need to relax. “ Tony says as he slowly approaches you .   

” Wait , Tony did you know about Y/n and Pietro all this time?“ Natasha asks suspiciously .  

He hesitates before answering, ” I didn’t know about Maximoff, but I was informed about Y/n when she woke up and they saw the abnormalities in her cells. They sent me her bloodwork when their team couldn’t- "  

“ You knew ? ” Steve slams his hands against one of the tables.   

“ It was confidential ,and even if it wasn’t, I couldn’t risk telling anyone. What If something went wrong and she didnt come back? You’d all be heartbroken  !” Tony defends.

 " I WAS ALREADY HEARTBROKEN!“  Steve snaps at Tony.  At this point, all you feel is pure rage flowing through you .

How could Tony know ,and not even call me ?  I sat in that damn facility for months, and he fucking knew?! And who the hell is Steve to say he was heartbroken! Did he forget our conversation from  last night already! 

  You try to even your breathing ,but nothing seems to help .  You register your name being called but you’re so focused on not trying to kill Tony or Steve that you cant answer. They are still bickering about you like you aren’t even in the room .   ” SHUT UP. BOTH OF YOU , JUST SHUT THE HELL UP !“ You scream at the two infront of you .  They go silent, locking their eyes on you.

 ” Miss Y/n, I advise you take a seat your vitals are showing-“  You don’t hear the rest, everything goes silent  and your vision fades to absolute darkness.

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anonymous asked:

Greetings from a nervous first time baker who has been toying with the idea of making her first loaf of bread from scratch for a while now but is overwhelmed by the number of recipes available. Any recommendations for a good first bread? I'm pretty good at other forms of cooking but I've yet to attempt bread so I'm not scared of a complicated recipe, I just have no idea if what I'm reading will result in anything tasty.

Bread is actually way more forgiving than almost any other kind of baked good. I don’t even measure ingredients anymore, I just eyeball everything. You can’t usually do that in baking. 

A good starter recipe is the famous New York Times no-knead bread, which is how a lot of people learn. It’s very straightforward and fairly reliable, and it’s a good introduction to working with dough (you don’t really need to bake it in a cast iron dutch oven – it’ll bake just fine in a loaf pan, it just gets crispier in the dutch oven). When you’re ready to try kneading, if you’re not allergic to dairy or eggs I actually recommend my yogurt-egg bread – it’s a very high-protein bread which means that it’s super durable and it can survive a lot of screwing-up. 

There is no single hard and fast rule for bread – even stuff like keeping the yeast warm by using warm water and room-temperature ingredients only applies most of the time, not all of the time. While you want to bloom your yeast in warm water, you will get a more flavorful bread if it rises very slowly, and the colder the environment, the slower the dough will rise. When I want a fast rise I put my bread near my gas fireplace; when I want a slow rise I put it near the window. 

Once you feel comfortable branching out, you can do stuff like adding herbs to the oil that you use to oil the bowl when the bread does its first rise (rosemary is good but a little goes a long way). Or try making a simple foccacia or challah and then adjust the flavors to your taste. Or try kneading stuff into the dough –dried berries or chopped dried fruits are nice, and so are cheddar and chives.

Most breads are relatively cheap to make. There’s not a lot of expensive ingredients. Just get yourself some good bread flour (King Arthur brand is a favorite here in the US) and a jar of yeast, and remember that yeast is a living creature, and life is unpredictable. Don’t feel down if you fail now and again – I still have a dud loaf once in a while. Good luck and happy baking! 

Run Boy Run- Steve x Reader(f)

Authors Notes: Okay, I’m sorry. I can’t take complete credit for how terrible this is though. @oneshot-shit answered my ask for angst and they inspired me to write this. So, It’s not just me. I wasn’t able link to the post bc it was an ask :/ but I sent in a song headcanon ask for Run Boy Run by Woodkid.

Notes/Warnings: Death, Angst, Fluff, mentions of blood. (Reader dies so please do not read this if it makes you uncomfortable!!)

Originally posted by freakzter

“Come on, Pal.” Bucky lifted Steve’s head and gave him a frown. “You’re bleeding on my new shirt.”

 Steve inhaled slowly and tried his best to hold his head up on his own. He gripped Bucky’s shirt near the shoulder and grunted as his friend helped him up off the ground. Bucky slapped him on the chest a couple of times and grinned to the people passing by.

 “He’s fine.” He smiled to a woman walking her poodle. “Have a lovely day, Ma'am.”

 “Thanks for pitching in, Buck.” Steve mumbled as he prodded at his busted lip.

 “Nah, I didn’t do much.” Bucky lied. “They deserved it.”

 “All your boxing lessons are payin’ off huh?”

 Bucky chuckled. “Yeah, that’s it, the boxing. Come on, let’s get you home.”

 Steve stopped and forced Bucky to back step from his arm being around Steve’s small frame. “I can’t go home, not like this. Mom’ll kill me.”

 Bucky sighed and surveyed his surroundings. “(Y/N)’s house it is then. Good thing you picked a fight a few blocks away.” Bucky smirked.

 “I didn’t pick a fight.”

 “Oh, that’s right, the fights always pick you.” Bucky laughed and helped his friend across the street.

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No Hablo Espanol  (Jaime x Reader)

Requested: Yes
Congrats on 51 followers! Can I request a Jaime Reyes x reader where the reader is Bruce’s and Selina’s biological daughter and the reader asks Jaime to be her Spanish tutor and the bat boys spy in them while he tutors her
Jaime tutors you in Spanish. Once your assignment is complete he asks you on a date, despite Damian’s protest. 
Word Count
: 744

A/N: I do not speak Spanish and I actually barely passed my Spanish class when I had to take it. So I used Google translate to help me out, I put what it’s supposed to mean in English in parentheses. Sorry!

The red F written in marker on you Spanish test daunted you as waited for your father, Bruce Wayne, to come home from a day at the office. He wasn’t going to be happy. You may not be a scholarship student, but your GPA was very important.

“Sister, why do you have such a sad look on your face?” Damian asked as he walked into the room. He grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and munched into it. Damian was older than you by 3 years. He had graduated high school the year before and was working on a degree at Gotham University.

I failed another Spanish test,” you admitted and showed him the paper. He frowned as he looked it over.

Father isn’t going to let you go on patrol when your grades are suffering,” Damian stated the reason you dreaded the most. Patrol was the most time you ever got to spend with your father, even if it was as Batman.

I need a tutor,” you sighed and just as the words left your mouth, a light dawned in your mind. “Is Jaime busy?” you asked your brother. He and Jaime were fairly close after all the time they spent together with the Teen Titans. He shrugged.

“I can give him a call, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind giving you a few lessons,” Damian replied as he pulled out the special communicator the Titans had. He walked away as he started pressing buttons and you frowned turning back to your newest Spanish assignment.

It was about an hour, two cups of coffee, and seven new sheets of paper later when you heard someone approaching the breakfast nook where you had decided to hide while doing your homework. You perked up when you recognized Jaime Reyes’ familiar voice. Moments later, Damian led Jaime into the room. You beamed as you saw him. It hadn’t been a month since the last you saw him, but you couldn’t deny you had a very big crush on the Blue Beetle.

“Jaime!” you cheered as you stood. He chuckled as you attacked him in a welcoming hug. “Thank you so much for coming!” you smiled.

“Damian told me you were struggling with your Spanish class,” he said in a questioning tone. You nodded and brought him over to the table where your work was strewn.

“It’s just not clicking,” you admitted. “If I fail one more test, I might as well kiss my GPA good bye,” you added. He looked over the assignment as he took a seat next to the one you had stood from. You reclaimed your chair and noticed that Damian had vanished. You knew from experience that he probably did not go far.

Jaime broke down the assignment for you. He was a much better teacher than the grouchy lady that taught in school. You were very close to him before your homework was over and when you beamed up at him, finally understanding what he was telling you. Your eyes met his and you never noticed the depth in his brown eyes. His grin turned a little lopsided when looked at you.

“Quieres ir a una cita conmigo? (Would you like to go on a date with me?)” he asked softly. You paused, slowly trying to translate the words in your head.

No!” Damian spoke up from wherever he had been hiding. He was suddenly there, pushing to stand between the two chairs. You were almost knocked backwards at his outburst.

Damian!” you stood and narrowed your eyes at your half-brother. “What in the world do you think you’re doing?” you crossed your arms stubbornly. He rolled his eyes before glaring at Jaime.

No tienes permiso para salir con mi hermana (You are not allowed to date my sister),” he said fluently. You frowned, recognizing a few words. You tried to piece them together. Then it dawned on you.

Yes!” you shouted before Jaime could retaliate. Damian turned to face you, anger boiling in his eyes.

No!” he countered. You crossed your arms.

“I am old enough to make my own choices!” you argued. He paused, trying to think of an argument that would work, but there was none.

Jaime, would like to grab some food before you head home?” you asked kindly. He smirked and nodded.

I would love to, hermosa (beautiful),” he answered. He stood and you led him out of the room, leaving a silently seething Damian alone.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed reading it! I haven’t ever written Jaime before, so it probably stinks.


#260: He Makes You Breakfast


It’s little things in life that makes me very happy. And that also includes having someone to make me breakfast because I find it so sweet and also the reason why my birthday is my fave day of the year because it starts out with the sweetest breakfast ever made by friends and family :-)

Read When We Collide here //  Find my Masterlist here  


“I love this song.” You commented and leaned over to put up the volume of the song playing from the radio, hearing him hum in the background. His long body was leaning over the kitchen counter to reach for a package of strawberries after having rinsed them off in water. He had been cutting more fruits that you could count, the bowl was almost completely filled. The morning sun was streaming in through the blinds in the kitchen and warming the bare skin around your legs. His t-shirt was hanging loosely on your body and he was having a warm smile on his face. “I love you.” He chirped in and laughed quietly, leaning over to grab something from your behind and pressed his forehead against his. “I can tell.” You nodded your head towards the fruits and felt his lips press against your forehead lovingly, preparing the last bit before you were ready to eat.


“You didn’t have to do this…” You mumbled almost a little bit shy by his wonderful effort, looking down at the tray with so many things you weren’t sure if you would be able to eat it alone. “But I wanted to. And trust me, the smile on your face when you saw it was worth the 1,5 hours spent in the kitchen.” He took a seat on the bed and crawled under the covers, his body radiating against yours instantly. You were still pretty surprised, the tray contained everything possible and he had also brought a mini vase with a rose in it. “You know you’re the sweetest guy ever, right?” You asked just to be sure and kissed him on the cheek as he grabbed one of the French toasts and had a little taste of his long work himself. “I do. But it’s only because of you.”


”Hey Y/N, catch!” You barely got the chance to react before your face was connected with a flying pancake, a small giggle appearing afterwards. It was with fast reaction you grabbed it before it fell down to the floor, watching Michael hover over the stove with a not so innocent expression on his face. “I thought you said food wasn’t supposed to be played with.” You hummed and removed a bit of flour that had appeared on your shirt, the pancake quick taken out of your hand and into his mouth. “It’s not… But you know the first pancake is always the taste sample.” He ripped it into one last piece for you to taste, smiling gently and pulled you towards him. The whole kitchen looked like a mess and for once he had woken up before noon but the effort to make you smile already from the morning was worth everything.


“How many do you want? One, ten, I can make as many as you want.” He hummed against the stove and grabbed the package of eggs that was right in his reach, looking over at you with a soft smile. “I want a million.” You giggled and leaned over the counter to watch him properly, the plate in front of you empty but soon it would be filled. “I should take that as a challenge.” He commented and grabbed your plate to place the egg he had just prepared on the pan on top of a piece of roasted bread. You giggled by his words and watched him head back towards you but didn’t place the plate in front of you right away. “I take kisses as payment for breakfast.” He hummed with his forehead pressed against yours and you grabbed his neck to pull him in for a well good morning kiss.

☼ safe cookie recipe ☼

some easy, vegan/lactose free cookies for littles to make with their caregivers or for anyone really! since they’re free of eggs, littles who like eating raw dough while mommy or daddy aren’t looking don’t have to worry about getting sick & the frosting even combines one of their favorite things: juice! you can also freeze a few batches in air tight bags - when your little is good, surprise them with a one of a kind cookie they helped make weeks ago!

sugar cookies
- 2 c. flour (add extra flour at end if dough is sticky)
- 1½ c. powdered sugar or 2 c. white sugar for a harder cookie
- 1½ tsp baking powder
- ½ tsp salt (optional)
- ⅓ c. soft coconut oil or ¼ c. canola oil
- ½ c. coconut or almond milk
- 1½ tsp vanilla (omit if using sweetened vanilla almond milk)

heat oven to 350° then line baking sheets with foil or shortening. mix wet ingredients into one bowl, dry in the other then slowly add dry ingredients to wet while mixing. shape dough into round balls then place on baking sheet. bake for 8 minutes. do not let the cookies get golden unless you’re using white sugar, you want them to be fluffy. cool on rack once done.

- 2½ c. powdered sugar
-  2 tbs soft coconut oil or vegan butter
- any pure fruit juice for color & flavor or 1 ½ tsp vanilla (optional)
- coconut or almond milk for thinning (omit if using watery juice)   

beat base ingredients until creamy then add milk for thinner frosting if desired. spread on completely cooled cookies then decorate with sprinkles or candies! get creative, decorating is the best part!

☼ if you’re afraid baby can’t help out much, place them on the floor with a bowl of toy blocks & a mixing spoon then watch them mimic what you’re doing, it’s so cute! honestly, there are so many ways you can make cookies special so put your heart into it, have fun, & enjoy the bonding time with your little one!

Team Bonding Exercises CH 1 (Adrialyanette NSFW)

[Ao3 Link]

The low, pulsing beat coming from one of the nearby houses hammered in time with Alya’s heart as her cab pulled away, leaving her alone on the sidewalk as the sun set behind her. She could have easily had it drop her on Adrien and Marinette’s doorstep, but Alya needed a few moments to herself, if only to quiet the anxious anticipation that had been churning inside her all week.

Each echoing clack of her heels on the sidewalk brought her closer to her destination. She took her time, checking her reflection in the darkened window of one of Adrien’s neighbors to make sure the ride over hadn’t wrinkled her dress or mussed her hair too badly. Her reflection regarded her with a scrutinizing glare, eyes sweeping over the black dress that hugged every curve of her body and ended a few inches above the hem of her lacy black stockings. Her hands smoothed her dress anxiously, offering her reflection a resolute nod before continuing on down the street, eyes focused on the familiar red door a few doors down.

You can still turn back, a little voice in the back of her mind whispered. Things are never going to be the same if you step foot through that door.

Alya knew this as she kept walking down the sidewalk. She knew this as she was sitting in the cab on the way over. She knew this as she meticulously primped and fussed over her wardrobe in the hours before they were to meet at Chez Agreste. Whatever relationship she with her partners was going to change, for better or worse, the moment she stepped through their front door.

She wasn’t foolish enough to think she could sleep with her partners, and have nothing change.

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#flirting (an Olicity fic)

Here’s a ridiculous little celebrity/social media au one shot. I wrote it this summer and totally forgot about it but I found it today so… here it is! There may be a few more parts to this, idk. We’ll see!


She was standing in the kitchen, just finishing off her (disgusting) protein shake, when an alert lit the face of her phone.

@OliverQueen tweeted a photo.

She chugged the last sip—ugh!—and swiped the screen. A second later a photo of Oliver was staring back at her and she’d be lying if she said her breathe didn’t catch a little at the sight.

Tight t-shirt, crazy blue eyes, just the right amount of scruff… He was gorgeous, always, but especially standing on the deck of a yacht, leaning over the railing just enough to show off his muscular shoulders. The tweet said, “Fav pic from the @MensHealth shoot.” It already had over a thousand likes.

Felicity liked the tweet and threw her glass in the sink, maybe a little rougher than she’d meant to considering the way it rattled around.

It wasn’t that she was jealous. She was happy for Oliver; he worked hard to maintain his physique and anyone who worked that hard for anything deserved praise and a spread in Men’s Health was good for him, but ugh! Over a thousand likes in less than three minutes? Really? How was it possible?

Her phone vibrated and she looked down to see another alert.

@OliverQueen: @FelicitySmoak you should have come with. Missed you on the boat ;)

Felicity sighed and tapped out a return message.

@FelicitySmoak: @OliverQueen motion sickness, photogs and getting hit on 24/7? Yeah what was I thinking passing on that?

As was usual whenever she got into a conversation with Oliver on social media, her phone started blowing up. Likes and follows and retweets. Everyone wanted a piece of Oliver Queen, even if it was just in the form of stalking him on Twitter.

Even she had her claws in him in a way. It wasn’t like he talked to her on Twitter because he missed her sparkling personality. No, she was the Ronald Miller to his Cindy Mancini, using his popularity and social media prowess to Can’t Buy Me Love her way into the hearts of America. Or, at least, into the hearts of his millions of followers.

Her phone vibrated again, but this time it was a text.

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✨ Magic in Soaked Oats Smoothie Bowls ✨

 (These pictures are all mine) 

 There’s ways to incorporate magic into everything in your life. It took me like a while to realize I should maybe make a post about this cause I do this almost every single day (unless I’m craving something savory in the morning). The key to this is preparing and in the preparation is magic!!  ✨

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Tender Love and Care

Pairing: JacksonxYou

Genre: Fluff/Slightly suggestive

A/N: I was in my Jackson feels lately because of the whole ordeal of him being sick and stressed, and now it has even been revealed by Yugyeom that Jackson is anemic… so I felt like writing a little fluffy scenario about my king, and soon it’s also his b-day so yeah. Enjoy~

Jackson had just come back from his last schedule in China and he finally had a little over a week for him to relax and take it easy, and you were determined to make sure he would.

He was still in bed getting some well deserved rest after getting home at 10pm the night before; you were in the kitchen making brunch for him so that he could eat in bed, the clock on the microwave indicating that it was well past 11am.

You shuffled as quietly as you could in the empty kitchen, a few hums escaping your lips now that you were in the best mood possible, happy to have your boyfriend home. You moved expertly with the stove, pots, and other appliances, brewing some of his favorite organic green tea, making eggs, toast, chopping some fresh fruit, and putting in a small bowl of leftover rice with meat, veggies, and kimchi. You knew how long he could go without having a proper meal, and now that you were able to, you wanted to make sure he was properly fed.

When you were done, you placed everything on a tray and carefully carried it to your bedroom where Jackson was still sleeping. You gently pushed open the door that you had left ajar when getting out of the room earlier, the sight of your boyfriend laying on the mattress tugging at your heartstrings. You set the tray down on the nightstand temporarily and admired him: the sun rays that managed to get past the sheer curtains fell on his body creating various luminous patterns, some of them illuminating his now brown again locks. His chest was slowly rising and falling with every breath, an arm slightly plopped over the edge of the bed; soft snores escaped his plump parted lips and the whole scene almost made you giggle out loud. He suddenly scrunched his face and shifted a bit before he resumed his peaceful sleep. How could he be so adorable even when he wasn’t awake?

You sat down gently on the edge of the bed leaning close to his sleeping form to move a few stray hairs out of his face and called his name out softly to wake him up.

“Jack, wake up sweetie~”, you cooed as you caressed his face, but he barely budged. You tried again, only to get the same result.

Alright. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

You got on the bed completely, snuggling him, wrapping your limbs around him and leaving annoying kisses on his face and neck, squirming around and calling him obnoxiously.

“Baaaaaaabe~ Jacksooooonnn~”

He grunted sleepily, trying to recoil from you “Five more minutes, mom”

You chuckled and continued your sweet assault, this time being gentle and loving. His arms came around you to hold you close and snuggle you, his warmth enveloping you pleasantly. You pecked his cute nose and his lips automatically formed a pout asking for the same treatment as his nose. Who were you to deny him? 

“Wake up, honey. I made you food and it’s going to get cold if you just leave it” you told him a breath away from his lips. At that, he cracked open one eye and then the other to glance at you and then the food on the nightstand.

“Good morning”, you smiled at him.

“Good morning indeed”, he replied with his husky voice  a bit raspy from sleep, his good mood on the same wavelength as yours.

He briefly got out of bed to the bathroom before coming back in the room and get back in bed, this time sitting with his back resting against the headboard and grabbed the food tray. The room was now filled with the delicious aromas of the different things you prepared, completely waking Jackson up by the way his eyes twinkled at the sight of the banquet in front of him.

“Thank you for the food, babygirl~” he cooed in his Wang Puppy voice depositing a quick peck on your cheek. Then, he brought his hands together to make a quick prayer as he usually did before eating a meal. Soon after, he started digging in making appreciative noises here and there as he ate.

“Jacks, after you’re done eating you should get ready. I have something planned for you”, you announced. 

“Oh? What is it?”, he asked curiously, his cheeks full of food.

“Well, since you have some time off after two decades of schedules, I was thinking that you should get to have some fun and relax”, you replied as you sat next to him, texting your coworker to remind her about the reservation you made for later that day.

“Oh, I know how I can have some fun”, he said right before setting aside the rice bowl he was holding and pretty much assaulting you.

You barely had the time to register the change in the tone of his voice that you were pinned down on the mattress.

“Yah, Jackson!” you yelped when he got on top of you trapping you with the warm pressure of his muscular body, his teeth and lips nipping at your neck playfully and tickling your skin making you unable to contain your laughter, earning chuckles from him in response.

However, slowly his lips started leaving sweet kisses on your heated skin, his mouth expertly leaving love bites in spots he knew very well you would like.

“Jack…”, you breathed out, feeling yourself turning into jello under him.

“Mmh?”, he hummed close to your ear, his teeth nipping gently at your earlobe. 

“The idea was to get out of bed… not staying in it” you attempted meekly, almost trying to convince yourself more so than him.

“But I missed you~”

“I know, baby and I missed you too. A lot. I wish we could take our time right now, but we have a reservation. The sooner we get done with what I planned for you today, the sooner we can come back and ‘have fun’ “ you explained emphasizing the last two words by wiggling your eyebrows.

“Deal!”, he agreed eagerly before pecking your lips and getting off you and off the bed, directed to the bathroom to take a shower.

You laid there for a bit, a hand resting on your chest feeling the frantic thrumming of your heart in your chest before you got up with a sigh and cleared the tray to bring it to the kitchen to do the dishes.

Forty minutes later, you were both on your way to your first stop: the beauty parlor you worked at. You loved that place because it had everything: spa on the ground floor; skincare clinic, makeup and hair salon on the first and second floor.

“Welcome to- oh, hi!”, your friend Keziah greeted you after she had recognized the both of you walking in. She was the owner of the beauty parlor, but she preferred having more control on the spa and hair salon, leaving you a bit of control over the skincare clinic and makeup salon. But regardless, you both could work in whichever department without a problem.
You had reserved a massage room for Jackson right after him being pampered with some spa treatments.

“Hi there!”

“What’s up?”

“You’re here for your reservation, correct? I have it ready for you guys”, she said putting up the list on her computer screen.

“Yeah. There should be a reservation for the warm water pool, the dry sauna room, and the massage room”, you enumerated making sure everything was set.

“Perfect. You have room 5 for your sauna and room 28 for the massage.”, Keziah said before getting up to hand Jackson a locker key and a pair or slippers. “Here you go. You already know how everything works, right?”

“Yeah, I’m all good”, he confirmed. 

It wasn’t the first time he came to the spa clinic. The Got7 boys went there regularly to get skin treatments during their first year after debut. Now, they didn’t get to come as often due to their increasing popularity and consequently busier schedules, but that was how you and Jackson met. You did his facial treatments from time to time, and then something clicked between you two, and Jackson tried to schedule appointments whenever you worked.

“Ok. I’ll see you in a bit, babe”, you told him before you separated to go to your respective locker rooms. 

You both the required routine before getting in the spa: leave personal belongings in the locker, rinse the body with a quick shower, drink a glass of water, and change into the sauna attire. When you both were done, you met on the other side, the soft melody of nature playing almost unnoticed in the background.

Normally, in South Korea the jjimjilbangs (=bathhouse) were traditionally either just for men or just for women, no mixes; others had spa for both sexes in the same building, but different departments.

That’s why you reserved rooms that were in the private section of the spa, where generally couples went so that you could go in with your boyfriend without a problem and without other people in there.

You guys soaked and basked in the nice warmth of the hot water of the pool first, its magic working wonders on Jackson’s tired and sore muscles; then you immersed quickly in the cold water one. After a bit of rest in the sleeping room, you went in the dry sauna to sweat off some toxins, but didn’t stay a long time not just because it is not good, but because Jackson couldn’t stand the head for a prolonged time. Finally, after a quick cool shower, it was time for the massage.

“Jackson, you can go in room 28 and wait for me there, while I go put my uniform on”, you instructed and he went looking for the designated room.

A few minutes later, you walked into the indicated space, the nice subtle scents for the aromatherapy making the atmosphere welcoming and even more relaxing. The soft nature sounds along with some melodic notes was playing in the background, adding to the whole relaxation experience.
He was waiting for you laying down on his abdomen, slightly propped up on his forearms, his head turning in your direction you when he heard you open the door.

“Good afternoon, sir”, you greeted him jokingly as if he were just another client.

“Good afternoon, miss”, he smirked playing along.

“What can I do for you today?”

“I have been feeling some muscle stiffness and soreness due to lots of exercise and  I think I have overworked myself overall”, he explained putting his hand on his back with a fake expression of discomfort like an elderly person would.

“Awww, I see. That is not good. Well, you came to the right place and person. I will be taking care of you today”, you smiled professionally as you moved to grab an exfoliation glove and preparing the massage oils, along with a few hot stones.

“Yes. Please do take care of me”, his done dropping a few octaves hardly concealing the double meaning of his words as he looked at you biting his lower lip gently.

You smacked his butt playfully and chuckled when he made a little squeal.

“Behave, sir”

After a good massage and skin treatment, you went on a quick date at a local fair where you ate some good street food, admired the lights and stopped at some of the different entertainment installments.

Now, you were back home, cuddling on the couch, wrapped in each other’s arms and in the little cocoon made by a blanket. The movie you were watching was playing on the tv screen as you two were in a tight hug, limbs tangled like wild vines, the tv sounds a forgotten background noise.

Jackson’s head was on your chest, his face occasionally nuzzling in your neck and depositing light pecks on your soft skin, taking in your natural scent. He loved cuddling and cradling you as much as he loved being held in your embrace.

When you come back home, it didn’t take much for you both to find the other’s lips, hands roaming and searching for bare skin after clothes had been discarded in every which way. It wasn’t just sex, it was making love to one another, expressing physically how you felt about the other and how much you had missed each other’s presence, bodies so close as if you were able to become one, love so deep that it met no end.

“See? I kept my promise from this morning, didn’t I?” You teased making him chuckle in response as he remembered how you almost remained in bed that morning.

“Yup, a deal is a deal after all. Thank you for today. I really appreciate what you did for me I appreciate you”, he said seriously, his eyes meeting yours and giving you a loving kiss.

“You are very welcome. You deserve it and much more”, you replied, happy that he was enjoying his time home.

You both stayed in a comfortable silence, simply enjoying each other’s company, hands soothingly caressing skin. His hand movements gradually got slower and slower until they completely stopped. You took a peek at his face, and you him peacefully sleeping, his shoulders and chest slightly rising and falling with his slow, regular breathing. You smiled feeling your heart swell at the sight of him in your arms. If you could keep him like this forever, you would. You wanted him to rest as much as possible and you were pleased he was getting to do so. You brushed a few stray hairs off his face with feather light touches as to not wake him, so that you could keep admiring his beautiful features.

“Sleep well, my love”

Sunday Mornings

Jooheon squeezed at your hips as he climbed on top of you to kiss you good morning. You grunted, Pushing him off of you, “what?!” Your voice was full of sleep, and just as ornery as intended.

“Aish,” he hissed, “Jagi you’re so grumpy in the morning!” He rolled back over pouting.

You groaned, “Well no shit Jooheon, I just woke up.” You rubbed the sleep from your eyes, and giggled at his pouting face.

He smiled, and kissed you again. “Want me to make us breakfast?” You nodded, and as soon as he jumped out of bed you rolled over to go back to sleep.

Almost as soon as you had started to drift back to sleep Jooheon returned holding two bowls. You sat up, thinking there was no way you had even fallen back to sleep yet. Had you? Jooheon handed you a bowl, and you couldn’t help but laugh. “Fruit loops, Pabo?! I could have made this myself!”

Jooheon gasped dramatically. “Y/N! I put a lot of hard work and effort in to this breakfast! How can you be so ungrateful?!” He shoved a spoonful of Fruit Loops into his mouth, and continued to lecture you with his mouth full. “I just wanted to do something nice for you, but I guess I will just eat both bowls of cereal, and you can be on your own!” He muttered with full cheeks.

You giggled and smacked his chest before handing the bowl back to him. “Can I have a do-over?” You asked, with your best pout. He rolled his eyes, and handed you your bowl again. “FRUIT LOOPS?!” You exclaimed, “oh babe! You must’ve worked so hard on this magnificent feast! GOSH! I’m so spoiled!”

Jooheon clutched his chest as he spoke, “I’m flattered babe, but nothing is too good for my girl,” he chuckled.

Jefferson/Reader - Part 3

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Part One Part Two

Word Count: 6121

When your alarm went off the next morning you felt like you hadn’t slept at all. Your talk with Lafayette had done nothing except make you more frustrated. You had tossed and turned and didn’t quite remember falling asleep in the first place. A yawn and a good stretch later you wandered your way into the kitchen to rummage for a spoon and bowl. It seemed like a fruit loops kind of morning and as you ate you once again started thinking about what you had heard Laf say before you walked out the door.

Ils sont tous deux si obstinés qu'ils ne verront jamais qu'ils sont vraiment pareils.

As you drain the last of the milk from the bowl and put it in the sink you scoff at the thought. It was already creeping close to your first class of the day and you were still in your pajamas.

“Where does he get off saying that? I mean yes I’m stubborn, but Jefferson and I being alike? Please that’s total bullshit,” you say to your own reflection in your bathroom mirror as you brush your teeth.

You dressed quickly and as you shut the door your only thought was that you were going to prove Lafayette was wrong.

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Bunny 2

Part 1 

Pairing: JiKook
Genre: hybrid au, hybrid Jungkoook

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Jimin stood speechless for a few seconds. He really had no idea what to do or say. The boy, who couldn’t be anyone but Jungkook, finished eating the strawberry and turned around. He noticed Jimin at the door and his eyes immediatly opened wide with fear. Jimin tried to say something but before he could even open his mouth, Jungkook already run away. Jimin followed him to the bedroom and found him curled into a shaking ball on his temporary bed. Jimin crouched in front of him, he had to calm down the….hybrid. “Jungkookie” he started and was surprised when the boy raised his head, his eyes shining with tears. “S-sorry, I-I w-was r-r-really hu-hungry….” “It’s fine, bunny, you didn’t do anything wrong. I was just surprised. I didn’t expect a…hybrid” Jimin interupted him, smiling sligthly. “Y-you didn’t buy me?” Jungkook asked with a confused expression. Jimin shook his head. “I don’t even know where they sell hybrids and I definitely can’t afford one. But don’t worry, I’m not giving you back. Unless you want me too?” Jungkook blinked few times and then shook his head. “Cool. I should give you something to wear before you catch a cold” Jimin said and stood up to rummage through his closet. He took out a pair of boxers that were a bit too tight for him but should fit the hybrid well, a pair of sweatpants and a plain white shirt. He handed them to Jungkook. “Put this on. It might be a bit uncofortable cuz it has no holes for your tail” he said. “It’s okay” the hybrid replied, flashing him a smile and standing up to put the clothes on. “I’ll bring you the fruits” Jimin went to the kitchen, picked up half of them and put them in a bowl. He grabbed one bottle of milk and padded back to his room. Jungkook was back to sitting in the pile of blankets. “You don’t have to sit there, come here” Jimin patted a space on the bed next to him where he already made himself comfortable. Jungkook looked hesitant, eyeing the bowl with the fruits. But his hunger won and he slowly went to sit next to Jimin. The boy handed him everything with a smile and grabbed his laptop from the desk. “I don’t know much about hybrids so do you mind if I ask you few questions?” he asked, writing “bunny hybrid” into the search bar. Jungkook shook his head, too busy with an apple to use words. “Okay soo how old are you?” “17″ “Can you read and write?” Jimin questioned. Jungkook nodded, sipping on the banana milk. “Were you born like this?” The hybrid shook his head. “Did you go to school?” Another shook. “I don’t have to treat you like a pet, right?” Jimin asked, quickly checking the search results he got. Only after few seconds he realised he didn’t get an answer from Jungkook. He looked at him, surprised to see th hybrid staring at him with half of an orange stickinng out of his mouth and eyes widely open. “What’s wrong?” Jimin asked. He wasn’t sure what he said wrong. Jungkook quickly chewed on the orange and swallowed it. It looked exactly like a bunny would do it, which cute. “You don’t want be to be your pet?” Jungkook asked, his lips quivering a bit. “Jungkookie, I wouldn’t ba able treat you like an animal. I mean you’re mostly human so can’t I just treat you like………Jungkook?” Jiminn stopped mid sentence when he saw tears sliding down the hybrid’s cheeks. “B-but you’re my o-owner” Jungkook sobbed out. Jimin reached out to him and started wiping off the tears. “Please don’t cry, bunny, we’ll do it your way. Forget what I said, okay?” The hybrid nodded and went back to eating. Jimin decided to leave the rest of his questions for tomorrow and started reading what google showed him. He was so focused he kind of forgot about Jungkook sitting next to him until he heard him yawn. He closed his laptop and turned to the hybrid. “ Sorry, I got caught up. Do you want to go to sleep?” he asked, putting th device back on the desk. Jungkook nodded and get off the bed. “Where are you going?” Jimin asked him, surprised, Jungkook pointed to the temprary made Jimin made earlier. “You’re not sleeping there, it’s too small. You’re sleeping here with me” Jimin opposed, mentally thanking his uncle for getting him a double bed. The whole apartment was from his uncle, who bought it for him, once Jimin got accepted into the university, and despite all of Jimin’s protests.
Jungkook didn’t make a move to join him, he just stood there and stared. “Come one, Jungkookie, you’re too big to sleep there” Jimin repeated. “I can just turn back into a bunny” Jungkook finally said. Jimin shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. I’d feel bad if you slept on the floor. You’re sleeping here, no arguing” Jimin replied. Jungkook finally gave in and joined him on the bed again. Jimin noticed his cheeks were slightly red. He covered the hybrid and went to turn off the lights. He grabbed his phone on the way, he had to send a message to his uncle. He wouldn’t ask for it but with Jungkook living with him, he’ll have to spend much more money. 

20:36 My fav nephew 
Uncle, I’ve got some unexpected expenses. Is it really okay to use the card you gave me? 
20:37 Uncle Park
Yah, Jiminnie, how many times have I said this. It’s your money now, you can do whatever you want with it. Have fun with all the shopping ;)
20:38 My fav nephew
Thanks uncle! 

The emoji……..Jimin had a feeling that his uncle had something to do with Jungkook suddenly appearing on his doorstep. 
He turned the volume of his phone down and set the alarm for 9am. He slipped under the cover and put the phone under the pillow. Jungkook was already asleep and Jimin watched him for a while. His long ears were covering half of his face but Jimin could see that his lips were slightly open, showing his front bunny teeth. He smiled and caressed Jungkook’s black hair. He didn’t even realize how lonely he was in his big apartment before Jungkook appeared. He took the hybrid’s ear into his hands, he wanted to check if they were the same as when he was a tiny bunny. They were the same. He put it back and turned around. He tried to fall asleep but he somehow couldn’t. He didn’t know how long he just layed there before he heard Jungkook move and the hybrid was suddenly snuggled into his back. Now Jimin didn’t know what do to. He went for trying to fall aleep again, embraced by the warmth Jungkook was emitting.

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