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Random Marching Band Story #1

One time we had sections during Marching Band practice. We’re an all girl section and so honestly flute sectionals are pretty crazy.

So one of our drum majors (Connor) comes to help us because he’s bored and has nothing to do during this time and our tech said we needed help.

So he comes over and we’re doing our normal thing which basically consists of laughing every time we do anything, seducing a tree (true story), and basically doing anything that’s not what we’re supposed to be doing.

Then somebody realizes that we’re probably making Connor a little uncomfortable because… we’re an all girl section and we’ve kinda been talking about… all girl stuff. And honestly Connor probably wouldn’t have told us if we were because he’s the quietest DM and is literally just standing there smiling.

So our section leader is like “okay guys let’s ACTUALLY focus Sorry Connor” and then Connor goes “well, at least it’s better than period talks with Lauren” (Lauren on the only girl DM) and we’re like “wait whAT”

Moral of the story: good thing he didn’t get there ten minutes earlier because Ari was measuring butt sizes.

Kami: Hey Sero, did you know that I’m a scientist? Because you’re my lab~ (play on for “love”)
This was the thing i was hyped for
So here’s the first one for KamiSero, since it was drawn out of the hat first! :D

So after the BBC show and hearing Harry sing so well, and seeing how tight the band were, it was pretty obvious they’d been putting in some serious rehearsal time. But hearing these Live Lounge tracks, I’m even more convinced that (while haters have been wanking on about how he’s been shirking promo) Harry’s actually been working his tiny ass OFF behind the scenes. His vocals are so much improved, his technique is different, his breathing under control, and you can see it and you can HEAR it. And the natural soul in his voice is fucking killing me 😩 He’s answering the haters all by himself by just getting better and better and better, and I can’t even imagine how good this tour is going to be. And I’m sorry for the gushing but I just really really really needed to gush 😍😍😍

My modern teacher asked me to be in her professional company!!!

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Could you do "I remember practicing how to ask you out to the mirror.” with Peter Parker? I really feel like it's something he would do and I love your writing! I'm kinda scrolling through your blog right now (incase you didn't notice me liking most of tryout fics) like a weirdo...

It was a perfect day.

Rain drummed against the window and the distant sounds of thunder reached your ears, but you lay safe and warm with Peter in your arms on the sofa. An old movie played quietly in the background, but you’d both given up watching it in favour of lying looking into each other’s eyes.

You stroked Peter’s cheek lightly with your fingertips, loving the way it made him smile and revealed his adorable dimples. His fingers traced patterns on your waist as he cuddled into your side, his head resting on your collarbone.

As you nuzzled your face into his soft, chestnut hair and left a kiss on the top of his head, you heard him chuckle to himself.

“What’s funny?” you asked, furrowing your brow in confusion.

Peter chuckled again, before lifting his head so he could look at you.

“It’s nothing, it’s just…I remember practising how to ask you out in the mirror. I never thought we’d end up like this,” he explained, nodding at the way you were holding him.

You smiled lovingly, your heart warmed by hearing how nervous he’d been to ask you out. You cupped his cheek and pressed your lips to his in a tender kiss.

“Well I’m glad you put so much rehearsal into it, because I’ve never been happier,” you told him honestly, nuzzling your nose against his. He grinned at you, making your heart flutter.

“I love you so much,” he declared. “And I’m gonna tell you that every day for the rest of my life.”

A soft smile tugged at your lips, and you kissed him gently.

“I look forward to hearing that.”

Never//Shawn Mendes

I tried my best, this isn’t edited oops:)

Requested by: @letsstarsfalling

It had been years since you and Shawn had first got together, yet those butterflies from when you were a teenager still linger in your stomach, Shawn truly was the one for you, you two were the perfect match, but someone lit a flame and everything went up into smoke.

You knew the consequences of serving your country, you knew there was always a chance you would never come home, you could handle it but Shawn couldn’t.
He couldn’t see why you were so desperate to save people, if others could risk their lives to protect the ones they loved why wouldn’t you? It was your duty after all.

When you were called back to go fight in Iraq Shawn didn’t speak to you, maybe it was out of anger or possibly fear but in the weeks leading up to your reparture he only spoke to you when you had to say goodbye, leaving him was your first mistake, not telling him how much he meant to you was your second.

“You’re seriously going?.” Shawn asked, while you drove to the airport. It was clear he was hurt by this, you could see it on his face. But you needed to go and serve your country and save people. It’s your job.

“What do you expect me to do Shawn?” You sighed, an argument was bound to happen soon, this wasn’t the way you wanted to leave things

CHOOSE ME!“ He screamed, the anger in his voice made you jump, Though he wasn’t angry, he was distraught. There was a chance you would never return home and that scared Shawn more than anything.

You did the only thing you could in that moment, you
wrapped your arms around him and he hugged back tightly. His head flew to your shoulder in hopes of being closer to you, and maybe just maybe you wouldn’t leave him. You ran your hands through his curly hair, You placed a chaste kiss upon his forehead and prayed to god that you never had to loose this boy.

That day at the airport was the last time you saw Shawn for 7 months, the worst 7 months of both your lives.

When you and your team didn’t respond back to the calls your commander knew something was wrong, you had been gone for far too long and it never registered in her mind that you could’ve been dead, you weren’t though. But nobody knew that, they didn’t Know where you were or if you were okay. They had no choice but to declare you missing in action and leave it at that.

Shawn was the first person to be told, two tall broad men knocked on the door of his condo, Shawn opened the door with a kind smile, not knowing he would Receive the worst news of his life. But he wasn’t alone, Karen manny and Aaliyah had come to visit Shawn, they could hear the conversation and Shawn’s blood curtling scream, it wasn’t an angry scream, more of a plea for help. At first he thought it to be a sick joke, but nobody was laughing. Tears fell from his eyes and found Home on his hardwood floors, the floors you picked out..

Nobody spoke. it was so silent you could hear a pin drop, the silence was eating him from the inside out. But he had nothing to say. Tears fell from his eyes like waterfalls. Yet he had no energy to stop them.

The words played on a continuous loop inside his mind, mocking him. Making him into a fool.
“Y/n L/n never came back to camp. We spent a fortnight looking for her and the rest of the missing soldiers. There was no sign of them anywhere. I’m sorry to announce but she is MIA.”

He wanted to scream, to shout and to cry. But he didn’t.
It felt as though he world had drained him of everything, leaving nothing but a broken heart behind.

“is y/n ever gonna come home?” aaliyah’s worried voice rang in Shawn’s ears. If his heart wasn’t already broken he swore he heard it crack.

He wanted to say yes, he wanted to believe that She would come home to him. Fuck, he wanted that more than anything but he knew the chances of her still being Alive were slim to none, but he didn’t want to lie to Aaliyah either.

“We don’t know love. All we can do is pray and hope for the best.” Karen’s voice piped up. Rubbing her hands along Aaliyah’s back, they were worried. Not only for y/n’s safety but for Shawn’s sanity.

Time ticked by and people stopped wondering if y/n was ever coming back and started moving on with their lives, the only people who wouldn’t were the ones who desperately wanted too. Months had past but Shawn never thought of anything other than his lover. He went to bed every night without her and awoke without her.
Everyday was the same draining cycle. Until one day it ended.

Shawn had been on tour for 2 weeks, it had been a good distraction so far, it was your 5 year anniversary and Shawn wanted to give a big speech about how much he missed you. Tonight was not only special because of that but because you finally came home, Karen manny and Aaliyah greeted you at the airport with tears and hugs, Aaliyah didn’t want to leg go of you, Incase you left again but that wouldn’t happen. Your commander had granted you leave, you would never have to be put into that danger ever again.

It felt so good being home, but you missed Shawn more than anything, you would finally be with him again after so long.

The plan was simple, you would wait backstage for Shawn and when he was done his set you would surprise him. The thought of being in Shawn’s Arms again made all the time apart worth it.

Though Shawn has no idea you were safe and okay, his day so far had been painfully slow. The same old routine, he ate, showered and rehearsed. Put on a few fake smiles and shared some fakes laughs, thought about you and went to sleep. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take.

“You alright man?” Geoff asked Shawn, as he helped him with his mic, knowing it was your 5 year anniversary he didn’t want to sadden Shawn with too many questions.

Shawn replied with his usual fake smile. “Yeah I’m fine. Just nervous about tonight.”

Geoff pat Shawn on the back, bringing him into a short hug. Shawn wanted to fucking cry, he needed a hug so badly yet nobody once offered to hold the sad boy.

“Go out and do her proud.”

Cheers erupted when Shawn stepped out on stage, he gave a smile smile and looked around, all these people were here to see him. That made his heart swell.

He looked up to the sky and smiled, hoping that wherever y/n was that she was safe and happy. Silent tears made their way from Shawn’s tired eyes gliding down his cheeks and wetting the fabric of his favourite dress shirt. The one she loved so much.

“Hey guys! I need to ask for silence-thank you! I just wanted to say thank you for coming out it means the world to me that you all support me even after all this time, as most of you know today marks 5 years that I’ve been with my beautiful girlfriend Y/N. unfortunately she can’t make it tonight because she’s MIA. Although she isn’t physically with me she will Always be a past of me. So I dedicate my first song "never be alone.” To her.“ Shawn paused and looked up to the sky. "Baby where ever you are just know I’ve never stopped loving you. I adore you with my entire soul. I love you more than words can anything.”

a series of awhs and “I love yous” echoed through the gigantic arena, and for the first time since he lost y/n Shawn smiled a genuine smile.

Not knowing you were backstage crying your heart out into Karen, you were just so happy to see him again. You were terrified of loosing Shawn, he was your everything. You’d go crazy without him.
Time seemed to be ticking away slowly, each minute longer than the last. Shawn was so close you could smell him, that familiar scent you loved so much mixed with sweat and emotion.

Once he finished the last song he handed his guitar uncaringly to Geoff and walked into his dressing room.
He picked up a picture of you while you were in Paris last summer. He ran his finger over the photograph, it held so much meaning to him. He Hugged the picture frame so tight. “Wouldn’t you rather hug the real deal?” An oh- so familiar voice said.

Shawn thought he was going crazy, there was absolutely no way you could be here talking to him, though he wished you were. Arms wrapping around him pulled him from his thoughts, his eyes widened and his heart started beating like mad.

“y-y-y/n? Shawn stuttered, he could barely speak, so he did what he always did when words failed him, he Hugged the shit out of you.

You were both sobbing messes, Shawn had placed his head in the crook of your neck, his sweaty hair tickled you and you giggled like a school girl. You forgot how much you had missed Shawn’s warm embrace.

"I missed you so fucking much please never do that to me ever again, I wouldn’t be able to live without you.” Shawn choked out, his eyes were red and puffy but you knew he was crying happy tears.



Under My Umbrella

This is my first headcanon, have mercy. I had to! Thank you to @centixue whose artwork inspired this fic. (Click that link the images will change your life.)

Ballet!Peter, LipSyncBattle!Peter, Crossdressing!Peter, Spideychelle

  • So one day it just randomly came up that Peter knows how to dance ballet
  • Pick your reason why.
  • Maybe Ned and Michelle are joking around about how Michelle used to have to do ballet when she was five, and how she only stayed for two lessons. All she remembers are the stupid ballet buns that she hated being pulled into.
  • And Peter being the little shit he is walks up and mentions eagerly that he still danced ballet
  • And Michelle and Ned are like no you don’t
  • And Peter does a pirouette and a leap to show them
  • And Ned is like BLOWN AWAY and keeps asking him to do it again.
  • So Peter decides to try and teach them how to do it. While Ned is just having a blast, Michelle falls a lot. Peter is doing his best to stop laughing but finally she hits the floor face first and he just loses it.
  • And Michelle is like “if you’re so good at it, how many can you do?”
  • Being Spiderman, Peter says 100 which is impossible but he likes challenges. Besides, he’s Spider-Man, so he can do anything.
  • Michelle insists that’s impossible but since Peter disagrees, she decides to make it a bet. So she proposes Peter needs to wear women’s clothes and do a wild dance for her and Ned if he can’t do it and if she loses, then Michelle and Ned will swap clothes for a week. Ned isn’t okay with this part of the deal but Michelle insists because Peter will lose.
  • Peter is so confident about this, he just goes for it without worrying. He’s on 34 pirouettes when he sees Michelle staring at him. She’s biting her lip and looking very amused, almost too amused. As he spins, he starts wondering why. This matters soooooo much for some reason.
  • Suddenly his focus point, what he uses to keep his balance, becomes her face. So he makes eye contact with her for every spin and she starts giving him these really confusing looks. He wants nothing more than to figure out what this face means and why it’s making him blush. Is she checking him out?
  • That question is enough to startle him, he stops spinning, he nearly falls flat on his face.
  • While Ned asks if he’s okay, Michelle just smiles down at him.
  • “Make it a really good dance, Parker,” she requests before walking out like she got what she wanted.
  • Once his ego recovered, Peter decided he’d have to really go for this. He took a week to prepare. He went into Aunt May’s closet for her party clothes and he put together an outfit. He rehearsed every day, sticking more and more risque dance moves in the routine, knowing he’d really make his friends laugh if he made it scandalous.
  • They settled on meeting in Ned’s house. When he walks in, he sees an open box of monopoly.
  • Michelle’s there already and she is splitting all of the monopoly money between herself and Ned
  • “The entertainment arrives,” she announces when she sees Peter.
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “We figured we could toss money at you while you dance.” Fuck.
  • This is to be expected from her.
  • He ignores her to go change in the bathroom. Peter even gives himself a pep talk in the bathroom mirror.
  • Something like “You’re Spider-Man. You can do this.” bc this little shit has battled giant mechanical birdmen and lived, he stole Cap’s shield, he took a punch from the Winter Soldier. He is ready to dance like he’s never danced before.
  • As he comes out, Ned and Michelle raise their voices and holler at him, Michelle even wolf whistles. Peter gets really into the song, his prop umbrella becoming almost a partner in the dance.
  • He’s shaking his hips and gesturing at both of them. Ned is covering his eyes for most of the routine, and Michelle is grabbing onto Ned’s shoulder for help as she holds her stomach and laughs.
  • Peter keeps running through his routine because he’s practiced and he knows exactly how to impress them. He’s flexible af and he uses that to the best of his ability.
  • He even gets so cocky he starts mouthing the lyrics to the song.
  • Finally, Ned and Michelle come back to the present and just starting clapping whenever he does something impressive. There’s one part where the umbrella goes between his legs and they both cover their eyes and have another laughing fit before they throw the fake money at him.
  • Peter actually starts to enjoy that part.
  • Honestly, this isn’t half bad.
  • Finally, Michelle seems to recover and just watches him as Ned still can’t keep it together.
  • And in that moment, Peter recognizes a difference. She isn’t embarrassed anymore, she’s just watching him with this smug look on her face. Just like when he was spinning. He stops for a moment, suddenly very self-conscious about the experience.
  • “No one told you to stop, Parker,” she chimes jokingly.
  • They stare at each other for a second before Peter resigns himself to his fate
  • He continues the routine, putting his game face on, but regretting including the part where he grinds against the umbrella
  • Especially since his eyes naturally traveled towards Michelle to see if she was making fun of him
  • Instead, she was making smug eye contact, looking content with herself and watching him dance.
  • When he finishes, there is a long silence before Ned and Michelle pushed into each other laughing. Ned asks how Peter learned to dance like that, and Michelle just praises him for going all out
  • How Michelle went back to pretending she wasn’t watching him like that, he didn’t know
  • She was acting like nothing happened.
  • Peter just bowed, keeping up his good spirits as they applauded him
  • When they finally stopped laughing, ten minutes later, Ned asks him where he got the outfit
  • Michelle stands up suddenly.
  • “I’m going to be late for dinner,” she pipes up. She walks up real close to Peter and takes a good look up and down before smiling. “The look suits you.” She pulls up one of his dress straps and tucks in a small folded up wad of Monopoly money, letting the strap snap him when she let it go.
  • “Bye losers.”
  • Peter stares after her, wondering what he’d just done and how he’d let himself walk into this situation.

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Stage management will be inspecting actors’ feet on their way out of rehearsal every night to make sure they are not trying to steal their show shoes as they are quite taken with them and have spent every break considering which of their personal outfits they would go well with.
—  Things I almost put in the rehearsal report
break a leg: broadway!tom holland

tom holland x reader

A/N: so far i’ve gotten such an amazing response to i’ll take care of you so thank you so much for reading it! requests are open! I will be continuing this story in a series :-)


requested: nope!

Words: ~1500

Warnings: little bit of swearing. tom’s a bit of an ass in this, which is in no way indicative of what I think he’s like in real life!

summary: you didn’t make it to broadway by the age of 19 by slacking off. it seemed like tom, on the other hand, had gotten everything you could’ve ever wanted without much work at all, and nothing pissed you off more. Broadway AU because I still think Tom should’ve been in Newsies at least once in his life.

let me know if you’d like to be added to my (thus far non-existent) tag list!


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girls like you

pairing: im jaebum x you
rating: t (language)
genre: fluff, angst 

PROMPT - “you’ll always be number one.”

Originally posted by leader-jb

There was no doubt that the life of an idol was a harsh one. Being constantly surrounded with eager reporters and screaming fans, having the pressure to always look and act your best, and usually being too busy to spend time with your loved ones, because you were either working on new music or on tour. One would ask themself why anyone would want such a life.

Sometimes Jaebum wondered that too.

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‘Hazardous’ Headphones: Part 2

So some peeps wanted more of the thing I did from a prompt, so boom. Part1: Part3  

Chloe was startled. She had never been the direct target of Beca’s rage before. She wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. Even though she was small, Beca sure could be intimidating when she wanted to be.

Chloe felt trapped in her chair. She physically couldn’t get up with Beca being in front of her and their eyes were locked now. She knew she was in the wrong so she was surprisingly quick to back down. “Beca I’m sorry…” She said softly.

Beca took a step back still boiling with rage she swiftly slammed her fist into the wall, instantly regretting it as she could have sworn she felt something crack. It didn’t it was just painful. “Beca…” Chloe put her laptop aside and stood up. “I’ll call them and–”

“And what!? Say you want to take back your donation of ‘overly expensive headphones?” Beca glared at her as she held her fist to try and soothe the pain “You had no right!” Chloe averted her eyes “I know and I’m sorry, let me fix this-”

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Vote Regina for Best Musical Moment

Ok guys so I know many of us are mad at E for being assholes that profit off of wlw fandoms going to war with each other in their polls and then don’t even bother to give trophies to the winners. That said, whoever is in charge of these polls thought it was valid to include “excellent musical choices for epic moments” in the Best Musical Moment poll, which is code for “I want to shoehorn in my favorites so let me make up some bs criteria that doesn’t involve singing or performing.” 

Currently, Regina is losing to the finale of The 1OO, which was nominated literally for music that was playing on in the background while Clarke talked into a radio. It’s no secret I don’t have much love for Bllrke and I know these awards don’t mean anything, but what’s making me care is the side of me that has a lot of respect for musical theater and forces me to care about this stupid poll. If you think that other numbers from other shows deserve to win go ahead and vote for them, but Regina is the one with the best chance right now. I also truly, genuinely love Lana Parilla, and seeing her lose to background music while somebody talks into a radio really irritates me. 

TL; DR I love Regina. I fucking love Lana Parilla and she’s underrated af. If you also happen to love those two and respect the work that is put into composing, putting together, rehearsing and performing these musical numbers, please vote for her so that Lana gets some recognition. Hell, vote for any of the musical moments in other shows that actually involved singing and performing. 


Jonesy about the telephone on top of his keyboard : “ Well, it served no purpose really. It just was put there sometimes during rehearsals and soundcheck and just became stuck there and became sort of glued to the set. I really don’t know why it just sort of never got moved. I’m just glad it never actually rang during a number ! I wouldn’t know what to do !“

but i want to know what kind of music people listen to in the wizarding world besides the weird sisters and celestina warbeck like do you expect me to believe the wizarding community never had a boyband phase??

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Taylor Swift:

So I have wanted to write this essay for quite some time now and finally here goes. Since Taylor Swift’s 1989 era she has been getting a lot of unnecessary hate. It seemed to have become a trend to jump on this hate bandwagon. I really was surprised to see the extremes people go to hate on someone they don’t even know. Sad is what it all is, a person whose heart is full of hate can never truly be happy.

Let’s start with people that have been claiming that Taylor is terrible to her fans. Taylor is actually one of the most fan loyal celebrities out there. She has been that way since the start of her career, from free meet and greets, to inviting fans over to her house and sending care packages to fans going through tough times. If I were to list all the things she has done for her fans it would take up the whole post. People were claiming that Taylor doesn’t care about her fans because she supposedly was suing them for selling merchandise with catchy phrases from her music or her images. Let’s think about this logically whether you are a fan or not you can’t use someone else’s work to make money off as that isn’t right. Being a fan doesn’t give you a free pass to do so. Let’s put it this way say I am a huge fan of a writer, I myself am a writer and I decided to include two pages from a book that, that writer wrote and claim it as my own to go on and sale it. Does me being a fan justify my use of those two pages of writing that aren’t my own, it doesn’t. If it was justifiable that would give way to people who aren’t fans to claim to be fans just to make money using that artist’s name/work.  I didn’t see anyone bring up Beyonce’s name since there were articles talking about how her team shut down a fan site that was selling unauthorised merchandise belonging to a 15 year old who went on to twitter to beg Beyonce not to sue. It is rather hypocritical to attack one artist, but not the other for doing the same thing. So let’s not act like you care about the mistreatment of fans, when your true intent is to demonise Taylor. If you truly cared about the treatment of fans the statement would be general rather than targeted at a specific artist. Especially when it isn’t just a single artist preventing the selling of unauthorised merchandise.

There also were people who were attacking her by yelling ‘how could you sue your guitar teacher after he made you who you are today’. He taught her how to play guitar and that isn’t all her job role requires, so let’s not try reaching that high as clearly you are failing in your attempt. He did bad mouth her mother to the media yet had the nerve to use Taylor’s name in his websites url to profit of. It would have been acceptable to in the description section of his site to mention that he taught the likes of Taylor Swift.

Also people were making claims that Taylor was removing all the videos that featured her music playing in them. One of them said that she got all the vines featuring her music removed. Think about this, why share the vines and show appreciation if she were only going to go and have them removed. Luckily enough I had liked the most popular vines featuring her music and they were still there even after these false claims. So people were going to extremes and creating things that weren’t true at all to tarnish Taylor’s image and most of this was being spread by a bunch of Katy Perry fans. Labels always remove music that is published online without acquiring the proper rights to it, the only way you’ll find videos still remain on sites like YouTube is when the audio has been altered to some degree.

Coming to Katy Perry, Bad Blood is in no way a track that attacks Katy in anyway way even if it is about her. It is a song that describes lyrically what most of us go through, in which we thought a person was one that we could trust but ended up being exactly the opposite. The dancers were the hot talk in this situation and yes they aren’t an artist’s property in anyway. I also get that they had formed a close relationship with Katy Perry, but as a dancer when you sign up for a tour you go in knowing the amount of dates etc. If the dancers leave part way through a tour it does have an effect on the artists show as it is difficult to find dancers and then put them through rehearsals to learn the choreography part way through the tour. Katy being a friend should have talked to Taylor first and let her know that she was back touring and intended on asking whether the dancers wanted to come back to join her tour. That is what being a friend entails.

Then people criticised her for lyrics in ‘Better Than Revenge’ claiming that she slut shamed Camilla Belle, she didn’t call her a slut, the line ‘You’re better known for the things you can do on the mattress’ talks in terms of the popular perception of Camilla and not what Taylor thinks of her.

Now let’s talk about people calling Taylor a ‘snake’ because of Kim ‘exposing’ her. Taylor did give approval for Kanye to go ahead with the use of the lyrics he had informed her of in his song ‘Famous’, however she hadn’t heard the full song and was unaware of him relating to her as a ‘bitch’ until the album release. Think about it if Kim outing Taylor was authentic it wouldn’t have been done through snapchat using clips that were pieced together to only show what Kim wanted people to see. If she was going to release the phone call she should have released it in its entirety. Anyone with the slightest level of intellect should be able to figure that out.

Those that haven’t heard her full discography and just focused on the singles, and haven’t bothered to watch her interviews in order to comprehend her growth as a person and artist continue to ignorantly claim that she always plays the victim. I mean there are so many examples of her acknowledging when she has been in the wrong or made a mistake like ‘Back To December’ and then you will also notice lyrics in her song ‘Style’ that depict realisation of knowing that there are two participants in a relationship.  

Taylor gets criticised a lot for not always posting about issues around the world on her social media pages, even though she continues to do a lot of philanthropic work and act rather than tweet. Although she has posted on social media to show support and acknowledge issues on several occasions. She gets attacked when she does post on social media and when she doesn’t, so she can never win either way. The thing about posting about issues or current affairs is that it helps create awareness; however awareness is pointless without action. Yes I would love for Taylor to post more in acknowledgement of issues affecting the world, but you can understand why she could be put off from doing so. After all she is human too and she has feelings just like you and me.

The VMA situation last year when Nicki went on a rant on twitter also resulted in Taylor facing backlash for responding to what Nicki had said. If you did follow Nicki’s tweets from start to finish during that moment it wouldn’t have been too hard for you to piece things together. Nicki was obviously hurt by the fact that ‘Anaconda’ a video that did garner a lot of attention and surely went down as one of the biggest music videos during that year went unnoticed in the ‘Video Of The Year’ category. She near the end changed her tone and started to talk about the under appreciation of POC in the industry, which is very real and sad that people of colour aren’t recognised and awarded for their great contributions to the entertainment industry as much as those that are white. However when you take the full train of tweets in that rant you can make out that the she was going of more at the fact that her video didn’t receive a nomination in the major category. It is easy to see why Taylor would take the tweet, in which Nicki said that being white and skinny is the way you get recognised, as an aim at her. As out of the all the nominees that year in the ‘Video Of The Year’ category ‘Bad Blood’ was the only video that fit that description.

It is okay to dislike an artist, but that does not give you the right to be hateful or disrespectful towards them. The haters were going to extremes by conjuring up and twisting things in order to diminish Taylor as a person. Hate prevents a person from seeing the entire picture and just grasping to parts that play in the favour of the view of the hater. That is what a lot of people were doing in relation to what I have discussed above. There is so much more that I could have talked about which would have led this essay to turn into an entire book.

Regardless of being famous and wealthy, celebrities are still human beings just like you and me. They have feelings and they get hurt by things people say about them. On top of that you cannot use the line ‘Who cares they won’t see it so it won’t affect them’ as a way of justifying the posting of hurtful comment