put his arm around him

okay so the refusal to kiss the silver medal scene is really cool because is a throwback to how they each “met” each other. 

first is viktor all up in yuuri’s space. he really wants to kiss yuuri, because they clearly have a physical relationship, but yuuri is not into it at the moment (i wanted them to kiss too, but like, they’re surrounded by people who are staring at them). so viktor gets no kiss.

anyway, it is a direct throwback to this: 

where viktor is in yuuri’s space because he is under the impression that there’s mutual interest, clearly about to kiss him, and then yuuri scuttles backwards into the wall. it takes months of trust building after that for yuuri to let viktor touch him without nearly dying. 

but at the grand prix final something kind of surprising happens, and oh man, it made me so happy. yuuri turns the tables, pushes viktor back, puts his arms around his neck, and makes a request of him.

you know, like this:

the best part are the reactions though. the first time yuuri asks something of viktor, we get this, blushy, breathy sign that viktor is kinda smitten:

the second time? holy fuck. only tiger sweatshirts have elicited this sort of passion in this show. viktor’s never been this excited about anything.

the time limits for this episode were drastic, and i think a confirmed second season also kind of twisted things around a bit plotwise. but even though i kind of wanted them to retire, the juxtaposition in this scene was perfect.

i love it, and i want viktor to make that face every day (and also never again because it’s terrifying)

edit: okay so the ending did not mean the second season was confirmed (who knew) and apparently the ending was planned all along (side eyes episode ten) but i stand by the rest of this post.

BTS Reaction to Cuddling With Them

A/N: Guess who has wifi again? Huehue, sorry anon; this took way too long. But, I hope you like it anyways. (P.S. Yoongi fic coming soon) *credit to gif owners*

Jin: He was laying down on the bed reading a book when you decided to lay down with him, slowly crawling to his side and throwing your arm around him. He put his book down, happiness engulfing him in a flash. He pulled you into his chest, and you loved it whenever he did this. “I see you’re really lovable today.” He whispered and you laughed, digging your face into his chest. “How about some kisses, too?” You stayed quiet and he groaned, beginning to beg. “Please?”

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Suga: Yoongi narrowed his eyes at you when you decided to lay down with him and hug him while he was trying to think of new beats. “Excuse you?” He said, and you stuck your bottom lip out, slowly retracting from the man.

“Well since you don’t like it, I guess I’ll leave.” You nonchalantly said and he looked away guiltily; shutting his laptop and putting it away. He grabbed your arm before you could take your leave and pulled you flush against his chest. He loved cuddling with you, and you knew there was no way he would deny it.

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J-Hope: “Let’s cuddle?” You suggested and Hoseok’s face brightened, throwing himself onto the couch and having his arms spread out wide open for you to join. You walked over to him, laying against his chest and your hand slightly rubbed his best friend. Your face flushed immediately and you froze.

Hoseok chuckled. “Yeah,” he started, raising his fingers in quotations, “cuddle.” You smacked his arm and he smiled, embracing you tightly.

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RapMonster: Namjoon was surely tired, exhausted from the day. He saw you laying on the bed, watching Youtube videos on your phone contently; and immediately jumped on the bed, grabbing your phone and throwing it to the side before hugging you tightly to fall asleep. You frowned at him as he disturbed your entertainment and he winked with his eyes still closed, smiling slightly. “Please, just cuddle me.” He murmured and you wrapped your arms around him. Yes, he thought. This is what I need.

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Jimin: You were both eating pizza on the couch when you decided to lay it back down in the box. He looked at you worriedly and asked, “Is it bad?” You shook your head and hugged him, which made him become giddy inside. “Oh.” He teased, throwing his slice of pizza back into the box before snaking his arms around your waist. “So, do you wanna cuddle here, or the bed?” He laughed, kissing the top of your head while you dug your face into his chest in embarrassment.

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V: You were watching a movie when Taehyung arrived home, sitting beside you before trying to pull you into his chest which you stubbornly tried to stay in your spot you were comfortable in. “C'mon, let’s cuddle!” He begged, and you scoffed; giving in seconds later. He smiled brightly when you began to cuddle him and he wiggled his eyebrows. “Or,” he started, licking his lips, “we could do something more.”

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Jungkook: He was innocently playing video games on his bed when you came in, laying down and watching him play. He glanced towards you before staring back at the tv screen, smiling softly before he turned beet red. You were cuddling him while resting your head on his chest and he had to pause the game, his heartbeat quickening from how nervous he got from the sudden affection. “You okay?” You asked and he nodded, slowly embracing you with a small grin.

“Yeah, just enjoying this moment.”

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BTS Reactions

Dating Dean Winchester would include...

• being called “sweetheart”
• him putting his arm around you when other guys stare at you
• making him pie
• private games of strip poker
• the best burgers you’ve ever tasted
• making love in the Impala
• arguing over who’s the funniest Stooge
• fighting over being reckless on a hunt
• taking him fishing on a pier at a private lake when he needs a break
• wearing only one of his plaid shirts to bed
• him trying to distract you while you’re doing research
• him holding your hand when Sam’s not looking
• him flirting with you to make Sam uncomfortable
• him making you sit in his lap while he cleans you up after a close call on a hunt
• dressing up as an anime character for his birthday
• him holding your hand while you get your anti-possession tattoo
• nights cuddled together watching DVD’s
• him taking care of you when you’re sick
• him side-seat driving the first time he lets you drive his car
• competitiveness in the shooting range (loser cleans the kitchen for a week)
• making sure he knows how much you love him
• feeling like you are the most precious thing on the planet

tina letting credence stay in her and queenie’s apartment ………. queenie making him new clothes and cooking his favourite meals………. credence constantly insisting they don’t have to be so nice to him and the sisters just smilin at him and letting him know it’s alright…………….. one day credence breaks a vase and tina comes to see what happened ….. credence cowers in the corner and can’t stop apologizing ……. tina just sits down beside him and puts her arm around his shoulders n pulls him close ……… she starts smoothin his hair back and just says “we aren’t ever gonna hurt you here credence” ……… im fine ……… ev….erything is fin e ……..

things daveed did during hamilton that were absolutely incredible
  • refused to sit at the lil picnic table during aaron burr, sir, instead just hovered and beatboxed like a precious baby
  • sounded SO PROUD of himself when he figured out how to pronounce anarchy
  • during the story of tonight he kept trying to put his arm around oak and anthony and lin and they kept shoving him away to hug other people and he was just wandering around gripping their shoulders and looking like a third wheel it was so cute
  • attempted to hit on angelica until ham threw him out of the way and he shrugged and was like “ok i’ll go chat w peggy it’s no big deal there’s three of them” 
  • bopped to literally every song 
  • did the daveed special arm thing when he rapped to guns and ships (u know the one i’m talking about) 
  • jumped off of tables and bounced around while not missing a single beat bc he’s literally a beast i don’t understand
  • “you are the WORST BURR” was so aggressive like same, bro
  • when he came out for what’d i miss the crowd went insane and he was encouraging it!! like trying to hype everyone up and halting the song so he could listen to the applause
  • looked so offended when ham pushed washington out of the way. like “who is this lil bitch lemme fight him” 
  • constantly pushed on his hair so it would puff up and have more #style
  • he kept fucking GIGGLING whenever oak would say ANYTHING his little VOICE would GIGGLE i almost LOST IT
  • correction: i did lose it. i lost all of it.
  • “whaaaaaaaat”
  • refused to shake burr’s hand during the election of 1800, instead walked forward so his chest forced leslie’s hand to curl into a fist 
  • made it rain with the reynolds pamphlets
  • bounced around on his seat and GIGGLED. AGAIN!! i CANNOT with all of the GIGGLING!!!!
  • sounded so exasperated when he said “believe me, i tried” 
  • daveed just looked like he was having so much fun the entire time like i have never seen anyone be more infectiously happy ever. he was having the time of his life and so was i 

so if the team got elemental powers it’s slowly driving Lance and Keith insane with the hot and cold and they can’t sleep so Allura or Coran eventually tells them “you guys are meant to keep each other in check and balance each other out…blah blah… You have to cuddle.” So for the first few days after that they refuse to and it basically boils down to seeing who breaks down first. They end up cuddling and everyone finds it so funny because they’re insulting and arguing with each other the whole time that they’re cuddling till they pass out. Like a week or so later they’re always touching. Lance is taking to Hunk in the common area, Keith crawls right into his lap mid sentence. Keith’s eating and Lance just comes up behind him and drapes himself on him. They’re in a briefing and Keith walks up to Lance and wraps his arms around him from behind and puts his head on his shoulder. Keith fell asleep on the couch so Lance just lays on top of him. They bicker while holding hands. Since they’re touching so much they don’t have to cuddle because that was last resort stuff but they somehow find excuses to do it but always end up falling asleep so they eventually start sharing a room

Like I Do When I’m With You - Dexnursey

William Pointdexter is an affectionate and romantic boyfriend. He really is. He just doesn’t show it to everyone. The only one that was lucky enough is Derek, his Derek. He wants every whisper, every kiss and every endearment to be between the two of them. Only the both of them because that way the world wouldn’t disturb them, wouldn’t matter. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t hold his boyfriend’s hand when they walk, return the frequent pecks or lean closer whenever Derek puts his arm around his shoulder. He likes showing him off and he knows Derek likes to show him off too. 

The difference is that unlike Derek, Will doesn’t have enough spending money to pay fines so he restrains himself while around the team and sticks to fond gazes and smiles towards Derek that promised Yes, I’d kiss you right now but I’ll do that later, I promise.

So one day when Derek woke up on the morning of February 14th, he was fully expecting a romantic gesture from his boyfriend. 

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  • dan: “these are some tall dogs”
  • nobody thought it was a good idea for neil to go bc he could still barely move his hands least of all to steer a horse
  • nicky offered to have neil join him on his horse so he could put his arms around him
  • that got a Big No from one andrew minyard
  • neil managed to get on the horse with matt’s help and he didn’t really have to steer it kind of just followed the rest of the horses everywhere
  • kevin chooses a horse named Queenie ITS DEFINITELY A COINCIDENCE HAHAha
  • she’s super wild and scares kevin at first but then he’s just holding his head high and both he and his horse know they’re better than everyone else
  • nicky tried to get matt and dan to race his horse and he lost quickly
  • “it’s okay buddy you did your best i still love you shhh” nicky whispers as he pets his horse’s neck
  • andrew chose the biggest darkest horse bc it was the only way he would agree to climb on an animal (that and he had to keep an eye on neil)
  • his legs are so short they don’t come very far down the sides and the bigness makes him look even smaller don’t tell him that 
  • allison and renee decide they want to be those lesbians that have a ranch and raise horses it’s v brokeback mountain BUT ONLY THE GOOD PARTS
  • not only does neil’s horse only follow the rest of the line of horses on the trail but she’s a v old horse and more than a little slow
  • sometimes she just stops walking for a little while possibly out of boredom and neil just waits and gently pats her on the neck until she moves again 
  • andrew gets annoyed bc he keeps stopping when neil stops bc he insisted on riding behind him last in line
  • they catch up with the others eventually and when they climb off all of them are walking funny
  • nicky: “it’s been a while since i’ve had such a sore ass lol”
  • everyone else: “STOP”
Cuddling (Newt Scamander x Reader Imagine)

You and Newt sat on the small sofa in your apartment in New York. Your head was resting on his shoulder and his was leaning on yours slightly. Your hands were intertwined and there was a big thick blanket covering you. The fire in the fireplace was cracking softly while the cold wind was howling outside and the snow almost seemed as if it were dancing on it. You could feel Newt’s warmth and cuddled closer to him as he put his arm around your shoulder. You felt that you could stay like this forever. After some time you started to drift away and closed your eyes. When he saw that you were sleeping Newt kissed your head and whispered: ‘I love you.’

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After the war, Harry returned to the graveyard in Godric’s Hollow. Next to his father’s grave, he had another headstone placed. It read:

Sirius. 1959-1996.
“The ones that love us never really leave us.”

Harry was confident in his decision to leave off Sirius’ last name. Instead, there was an engraving of a large dog. One that, try as he might, he couldn’t help but still look for in the shadows. Harry placed a rolled up newspaper and a chicken leg at the foot of the headstone with a smile. Then he turned to the smaller one he’d added beside it. This one simply read:


“Thanks again.” Harry said to the empty grave. Then, he walked over to his parents graves and conjured each a wreath of ever-blooming lilies. He must thank Hermione for that spell. Turning, he put his arms around Ginny who was waiting for him. Together, they disappeared into the night.

Just a piece of paper

I wrote this one-shot in response to my sister’s engagement and the way she handled some things while planning her wedding. It actually shows my point of view on marriage and wedding that has only been reinforced since my sister got engaged. Since literature is the best way to think about those things, I figured why not voice my opinion through my favorite characters?

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“Ollie, I need to apologize.”

His best friend put his arms around his shoulders and pulled him close, so the smell of beer on Tommy’s breath met him right in the face. Oliver turned his eyes from the redheaded stripper to his slightly drunk friend. He quickly drank the rest of the beer in his glass and perked up his eyebrows.

“Apologize for what?” Oliver asked.

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“Love, date and pixie dust”

I heard boys outside my room toast to those words.  I am locked up in here because my brother and his friends decided it’s drinking night tonight.  So, I’m stuck here listening to their tipsy-almost-drunk nothingness.


There’s a drunk boy on my bed.  He’s drunk so he’s saying a lot of senseless things like “stay with me forever.” ; “I legit love you” ; “I want to hug you” and blah.  But it’s just the alcohol in his blood and nothing he says tonight is real.


The boy is still on my bed and he is violent red.  I lied down with him and he put his arm around me.  I closed my eyes and tried to sleep despite a drunken body next to mine.  We shared the same air as his face was inches from mine and I could smell the alcohol in his breath.  


This boy put my hand on his chest and told me that his heart was beating fast.  He intertwined his fingers with mine and kissed my cheek, my forehead, my nose.  And I let him.  In the morning, it will all be forgotten because in his drunken state, the alcohol will flood over his memories, his thoughts, his critical-thinking.

I fell asleep in his arms for a while and I felt secure and warm.  And I thought in that moment, I fell in love with a drunk boy on my bed.  But, then I realized that it was just the alcohol in his bloodstream.  It rid him of all his common sense and sanity.

I hate alcohol.

Dating Draco Malfoy would include

•always sitting with him at meals even if you aren’t in Slytherin
•"Draco, stop its not that bad"
•the whole school would know because Draco doesn’t want anyone making moves on you
•cheek kisses
•him trying not to call anyone mudblood because he knows you don’t like it
•you occasionally shooting Pansy mean looks to keep her away
•Draco smirking when he sees you doing that
•being the schools ultimate power couple
•being nervous to meet his parents
•being wary of Lucious but fond of Narcissa
•cheering for him in quittage(no matter what house you’re in)
•him putting his arm around your waist whenever he’s jealous
•being quite surprised when he hits it off with your parents
•so much PDA
•you playing with his hair
•him telling you to quit it


Keith being touched starved and constantly craving affection, but anyone touching him too much makes him jump and recoil. Lance catches onto it at some point and starts to really gently get Keith used to his contact. Touching his shoulder, letting their feet touch a little on the coffee table, sliding his hand under Keith’s, holding his hand, etc. Sooner or later, Lance is able to put his arm around Keith and Keith will lean into him willingly and then one day, after a really rough battle, Keith just plows his way to Lance afterwards and goes face first into his chest. Everyone is shocked and Lance is internally like, “dear God yes my hard work paid off,” and trying not to cry.

RFA getting ready to ‘get it on’ with MC for the first time HC

Okay so before I start I just want to to say that some of the content here has sexual themes so if you get triggered by sexy stuff DO NOT read on.

Here we go!


- You have been Yoosung’s girlfriend for about a month now so you decide it’s time to finally do it together

-you slide on a chair next to Yoosung playing games and you put your arms around him. He turns his head and kisses your cheek. 

-”Yoosung honey? I think it’s time we finally have sex!”

- OH BOY!! the moment you send that you felt his temperature rise through the roof…..he slowly turns his head and you see that he is completely red

-”Uhm…I…um…I would love…t-to…..”

-WHOOPEE TIME TO GET READY!! You give him a huge hug and run into the bedroom

-As you get ready, you see Yoosung slide into the bathroom and slam the door. But this didn’t faze you.

-You sat on the bed waiting for Yoosung to come out.

-THUD! Oh no 

-You run into the bathroom to see Yoosung on the floor. You run to him and ask him what’s wrong.

-”I’m sorry MC you must think I’m a wreck. It’s….It’s just that I’ve never…you know…before. I’m a little nervous.”

-”It’s okay Yoosung. We don’t have to.”

-”NO!! I wan’t to be strong for you”

-He get’s up and you both walk to the bed. You both get ready to start. 

-Yoosung starts kissing down your neck. He carries on to your breasts but then he stops and looks up at you.

-”I love you so much”  


-After the RFA  party you go back to Zen’s house and you both are kissing each other passionately.

-You fall onto the sofa and carry on. 

-Zen gives you a look that says “are we doing this right now?”

-You smile and nod making him super excited! He jumps right up and runs into the bedroom saying “omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg”

-You get up and go into the bedroom to find Zen butt naked on the bed in a sexy pose.

-”Why hello there sexy lady”

-you laugh and jump onto the bed keeping your eyes on Zen

-You Kiss him and look him in the eyes 

-”I guess the beast has awaken”

-He let’s out a loud howl and starts to undress you. 

-You both had a wonderful night and let’s just say you defiantly want to see the beast again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .


-She is super prepared! When you said you wanted to have sex she ran straight to the store.

-”OK!! so have we got the candles?”


-”Rose petals?”

-”Don’t really see the point in them but check!”


-”Snacks?! Why do we need snacks!??”

-”Encase we get hungry of course!”

-However, when you started sex talking she forgot about everything.

-”I’m gonna ride you like a pony” 


-You really did ride her like a pony that night.

WARNING! These next ones are much more sensual. PREPARE YOUR OVARIES!!!! 


-You had just gotten back from your wedding and you guys were super happy (a little too happy is you ask me)

-You was talking off your coat when you are suddenly pinned to the wall by Jumin.


- He started kissing you passionately. He slowly starting kissing your neck and he even bit you.

-While all this was happening you were unbuttoning his shirt giving you a chance to feel his abs.

-He unzipped your dress and pushed you harder on to the wall

-You started kissing his neck and whispering his name 

-He grabbed your wrist and threw you onto the bed. He walked over slowly as you caught your breath

-He crawled up on the bed making you back up.

-He carried on crawling up until he reached your legs and started kissing every inch of your body.

-Your moans made him go even rougher

-He reached your face and looked into your vulnerable eyes

-”Are you ready? my love”


-He had been in Rika’s apartment for a day now ‘protecting’ you and you were getting very frustrated 

-He just didn’t seem to notice any of your hints

-That was until one day when he started shouting at you


-You just snapped 

-”MC…what are you doing!?”

-You unzipped your skirt and slowly walked over to seven. You pushed him down on the floor and started taking off his jacket.

-”MC! Let’s talk this through..ah..ugh…stop!”

-You took his shirt of and started kissing his neck. As you did this you heard seven moan louder and louder.

-You went up to his ear and said “I take those moans mean you like it”


- you backed away and looked at him

-You saw him completely out of breath. He stared back at you and saw you starting to cry

-”Please seven”


- a tear fell down your cheek and you looked away from him


-you looked back and smiled. This Man had stolen your heart

Authors note: I died writing Jumin… ;3