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Humans are Weird: Spices

Alien: Today in my “Human Studies” book, I’m reading about human foods.

Human: Ooh, cool.

Alien: But I’m not sure this is accurate. It says here that humans purposely ingest a plant high in a pain-causing chemical, capsaicin.

Human: Oh, peppers? Yeah. Spicy.

Alien: But why would you want to eat something that causes you pain?

Human: Some people like the burn. I think it causes the same sort of reaction as drinking alcohol…?

Alien: That activity doesn’t make sense to me either. Can we discuss it after?

Human: Sure.

Alien: So, these “peppers.” Do you enjoy eating them?

Human: Me? Well, not by themselves. But I do like somewhat spicy foods. My brother, though, he likes them much hotter. He’s eaten some really spicy peppers, even ate a ghost pepper by itself.

Alien: Ghost pepper.

Human: Yeah, it’s the spiciest natural pepper. His face got pretty red, and he got the hiccups.

Alien: That… doesn’t sound like a healthy reaction.

Human: It just means that it’s a really spicy pepper. I mean, if I ate one of those, it might kill me, but he was fine.

Alien. Why would it kill you?

Human: Too spicy. You have to have a tolerance for capsaicin or it can literally kill you. And the ghost pepper is so hot that to handle it, you gotta wear gloves.

Alien: Your planet has plants that can KILL people, and which you can’t handle directly, and your brother ATE ONE, by ITSELF??

Human: Yeah.

Alien: …

Human: He says that when he gets desensitized to ghost pepper, he wants a Carolina Reaper.

Alien: I’m almost afraid to ask.

Human: …

Alien: What’s a Carolina Reaper?

Human: A pepper scientifically engineered for spiciness. It’s currently the world’s hottest pepper.

Alien: *stares at human in disbelief*

Alien: *stares at human studies book*

Alien: *stares at human again*

Alien: *whispers to self* How… how are humans real?

Put Me first.  Put My friendship above all else.  You cannot live without My friendship.  It is not good that you should be alone.  Seek My Face at all times and in all things.  Seek My open Heart present in the Sacrament of My Love.  I have called you to be My friend.  I have revealed Myself to you as the Friend whom you have always desired, the Friend who will never mislead you, never disappoint you, never abandon you.  Open your heart to My friendship.  Seek My Face.  Converse with Me.  Listen to Me.  Remain in My presence.  Know that at every moment My eyes rest upon you.  My Heart is, at every moment, ready to welcome you.
—  Jesus, as recorded by an anonymous monk in In Sinu Jesu, pg. 26

i dont think i ever introduced all my sonic gijinkas on tumblr but here they are..!

Painting practice with Ezra Amell 👌

170218 Yoongi’s Tweet

윤지네 엄마 #슈가형이야 #홉이생일ᄎᄏ #영혼의파트너 #솝 #슈가가리더면솝 #제이홉이리더면홋

Yoonji’s Mom #It’sSugaHyung #HappyBdayHobi #SoulPartner #Sope #SopeIfSuga’sTheLeader #HotIfJ-Hope’sTheLeader*
*T/N: This is a play on Yoongi’s and Hoseok’s name combination. Just like how Sope is Suga+Jhope, Yoongi writes 홋 in the last hashtag, which could be him putting the first syllable of Hoseok’s name (ㅎ) on top with the first syllable of Suga (ㅅ) on the bottom - hence the “If J-Hope’s the Leader”. That or Yoongi’s just calling Hoseok hot because he’s the sun. ^^;;

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Its has been a pretty harsh week for me, I need more loving Jumin as father on my dash :P Will update this AU once in a while

Also if anyone confuse, Junha is my OC , daughter of Jumin and MC. && I believe Jumin will spoil his daughter (rotten)

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Everyone at the watch point thinks that genji is super chill cause he meditates all the time and hes found perfect inner peace. Really every time hes mad and his dragon restless hes got a bunch of magnets that he tries to stealth stick to zenyatta without him finding out. Zenyatta knows this and genji knows he knows but still lets him do it.

When hanzo asked zen why he plays along, he just tells him that despite genjis youthful rebellion he never really had much chance at a healthy childhood did he and if this helps genji achieve peace its worth it.

The next week when mccree drags homself half asleep for his morning coffee in the kitchen after a tricky mission in hanamura, no one mentions the magnet stuck to the back of the cowboys arm. Nor the small snout poking out from under his serepe.

Sometimes you just need to blast worship music and refuse to fall victim to the lies Satan feeds you. Sometimes you need to claim the blood of Jesus as victory over any situation you may be going through. Sometimes you need to tidy your heart and make room for God. That is the only way you will ever feel better, by putting Him first.



Do you notice how Harry Hook’s eyeliner still stays on even after he jumps overboard, like it’s not messed up at all. Like dang, that boy’s eyeliner game is HELLA STRONG.
first link headcanons no one asked for
  • tall boy
  • anxious
  • stares a lot
  • Trust Issues
  • lots of scars
  • bad sleeping habits, is often found training at ungodly times 
  • dark circles under his eyes because this boy needs some rest
  • isn’t actually a boy, he’s already ~30 and therefore a Man
  • used to get around a lot in his golden days and gained a bit of a reputation, but doesn’t feel all that interested in other people after prison
  • besties with impa, would die for her but she wouldn’t let him
  • reserved and polite, but isn’t afraid to call you out on your shit if he feels the need to
  • pretty cynical but still tries to see the best in humanity and truly wants to make the world better 
  • sucks at putting his feelings into words, prefers to act instead
  • Cheekbones™
  • very good at dancing
  • will spend the entire night talking about deep stuff if you give him some leeway
  • gets embarrassed easily but tries his best not to show it
  • feels most at home surrounded by nature
  • loves to hold hands 
  • his weakness is getting his face cupped, will certainly melt upon contact
  • doesn’t smile or laugh a lot but when he does it’s otherworldly
  • would die for hylia, actually succeeds

Kolvina + Driving


This is a series, apparently.

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