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I can’t wait for the day when I’m walking home, down a tree lined street in Bayswater London, after a productive day in business, I walk into my apartment and light all of my candles, pump some Neo soul, run a bath, put my food that I cooked in the morning straight into the oven, open my draw full of pre-rolled spliffs and take out a handful and grab my ash tray and head back to the bathroom, get undressed, slide into the bath and message my man asking him how long he’s gonna be, share some memes with my girls and check in on my mum, then put my phone on silent and kick back!

Ready for my newest heart-wrenching T6T theory? Well too bad because here it is.

So we all just watched a clip of John and Greg making fun of Sherlock by comparing living with a baby to living with him. Sherlock does not quite understand the comparison. We also saw the teddy on the mantle and Sherlock putting on his suit jacket at the staircase to John’s room. Here is my theory as to exactly what is going on in this scene.

As i just posted, I believe because of the teddy and the fact Greg is joking about John’s “new” life with a baby that John is back living at Baker Street – and has brought the baby with him. That’s the brunt of the joke, afterall. “Living at baker street with a demanding baby must be SO different now!” – compared to “Living with your wife and raising that baby together in your flat must be SO different than living with Sherlock 4 years ago”. The second joke isn’t really a joke…. because the basis of comparison is gone. They don’t say either and allow us to guess. Most people assume John’s raising that baby with Mary at their home together but there’s no actual reason to believe that – especially considering Doyle didn’t write either scenario.

So the baby’s at Baker Street, at least part time. She must be sleeping in John’s room with him (let’s assume he’s back in his old room upstairs). He may even share his bed with her. Imagine he faces her when he sleeps, unlike how he’s always shown on his back. File that away for later.

Sherlock is over the moon with having John and his girl at Baker Street. She’s still very very young and can’t get into things – 221b isn’t a dangerous place at all. He adores having her around. He does everything he can to make sure she’s comfortable and cared for. However, he obviously doesn’t tend to her in the middle of the night or see her at her most messy. Sherlock has a pristine image of John’s baby that can do no wrong. This is why he doesn’t get the joke Greg and John make. They say living with a baby is hard, rowdy, thankless – things Sherlock obviously knows he is – however he never suspects the baby to be. How could John and Greg compare living with Sherlock to living with such a sweet child? It doesn’t make any sense. But the comparison is there, with a literal mirror, nonetheless. File that away for later.

Greg and John are together in the sitting room, John smooths his shirt because he just stood from his chair. Sherlock’s missing his suitcoat which is still upstairs from when he took it off when interacting with the baby earlier. He dresses at the foot of the stairs, and follows the men out. They obviously do not have the baby at 221b at that exact moment.

Ready for the hardest part? The one grueling thing we’re going to choke back sobs when we see? Recall the two parts you filed away: John’s sleeping position next to his child and Sherlock’s mirroring. We know from the books that Mary Morstan wasn’t going to last – but the baby isn’t either. Not even Sherlock’s excessive studying and worrying can save her. This is the 125 y/o spoiler they’ve been talking about. John Watson will once again be sleeping alone. There will be a hole in his heart that will not easily mend. We will see him cry in that bed and not because he woke up from a dream. He’ll be crying because of the nightmare that is his real life. Sherlock will hear him in the quiet of the night. He’ll ascend the staircase and hesitate at the door. Sherlock will push the door open to find John broken and sobbing. Sherlock will instinctually climb into bed beside him and take the place of his lost child, completing the mirror. John will curl into him and sob against his chest and Sherlock will try his best to be a sentinel of strength but we will see that facade drop, even if John does not. John will eventually sleep because Sherlock is near, but when he wakes Sherlock will be gone, another extension of that mirror. When John and Sherlock come together in E2 it’ll be the most natural thing in the world because we’ll have seen them reach for each other at their lowest points. We’ll be rooting for them after going through Hell like this. And that is precisely where series 4 is taking them.

Told you ya didn’t want to read my theory.


Prompt: Clash of social classes in which Luhan is poor

Genre: ??? I actually have no idea how to categorize this. Mild angst? Idek

Word Count: 1987

The first time you saw him, you had to do a double take.

Yeah, he had some dirt and grime smudged into his skin, clothes that had seen better days, and his hair looked like it hadn’t been washed in a while, but he was still cute. In fact, you didn’t look back at him because of his clothing status, or hair; there were plenty of other people on the streets like that. You looked back because he was handsome, and it wasn’t until you took the second glance that you noticed his ragged appearance. And putting both observations together caused confusion, or was it intrigue?

Whatever it was, it made you slow down because you began to stare.

He noticed.

You quickly looked forward again and began walking to the subway entrance a little bit faster, failing to see him duck his head to stare back at the ground as soon as your eyes met.

Every day, when you walked to the subway to go home, he was there, sitting against an old building, sometimes singing, and always a tin can for charity change which sat in front of him. Beside him, there lay an old, yet reliable backpack with rationed food, water bottles, a blanket, a jacket, and the money he received from yesterday.

Every day you’d pass by him, and every day the two of you would make fleeting eye contact.

It wasn’t until one day, a month later, that you got off work early and stopped to listen to him sing. He had his eyes closed, and he was leaning back with his hand folded over his chest. If he wasn’t singing, you’d think he was sleeping.

His voice was sweet and captivating and when he held out his last note, you found yourself wishing the song didn’t end.

He opened his eyes and looked up at you.

You startled back a step, blinking a few times, before clearing your throat and pulling out the first bill in your bag that your fingers felt to drop it into the can.

“You have a really nice voice,” you said with a friendly smile.

“Thanks. That took a while to say hello, though, not gonna lie.” He grinned back.

“Well…yeah, yeah it was. What’s your name?”

“Luhan. Yours?”

“Can I treat you to some coffee?”

It had been a couple weeks since you made acquaintances with Luhan, and every day on your way home, you would greet each other and whatever spare change you had was dropped into his can with soft, metallic clanking. Now you wanted to treat him to some coffee, spend a little free time together. He was cool.

“I don’t want to bother you with-”

“Nah, don’t worry about it, Luhan. I wanna hang out with you. Tell me a story or something.”

“Well…I guess, yeah. Sure. Thanks.”

“So where did you go yesterday?” You asked as he sipped his cup. “I didn’t see you at your spot.”

“I was at a hotel.”

“A hotel? Why?”

“To wash up. Once I save enough money, I can get a proper bed, a warm shower, TV, room service, though I rarely order it. I only get it if I really have enough.”

“So you only get to shower once every week or so?”

He took a long draw from the steaming cup before answering. “Warm shower,” he corrected. “I wash up whenever I can, and I take the little shampoo things from the rooms. But I go if I have enough. That’s after making sure I have enough to feed myself and get water and other essentials. Sometimes it’s choosing between a blanket or a bed. Winter can get pretty harsh, but people tend to be more generous around Christmas time. Sometimes I get enough to stay at a hotel for two days. Summer is the worst though. It’s hot and you’re all sweaty and gross and that just adds more negative appeal to your appearance.” He took another gulp.

You sat there, watching the steam rise and curl from your coffee, letting his words sink in.

“So you really are homeless?”

He chuckled. “Believe me. If I had a place to settle down, I would.”

“How long have you lived like this?”

“Hmmm…a couple years? I moved from my old spot because some of the guys there were getting troublesome and I like my face.”

“It’s a good face.”

“You know it,” he replied with a smirk. “But just so you don’t get the wrong idea,” his face grew serious again, “I don’t sit against that wall all day begging for money. It’s humiliating, honestly. Anyone who begs has to stuff down and even destroy whatever pride they have in themselves to ask strangers for money, and all we can be is thankful because without their charity…well, too bad the world revolves around wealth.”

“Would it…would it be too much to ask what happened?”

He shook his head. “Nah…not really. A lot of people actually have the same or similar stories.” He downed the last of his coffee and took a bite of the pastry you bought him. “Basically what happened was I made a bad investment at the worst time. I loaned my friend a good bit of money to help support him in his business that he wanted to start, and it had a good future if it wasn’t for the city’s economic downturn four years ago. His business was crushed, he couldn’t pay me back, a bunch of people like myself got laid off, I couldn’t pay for my bills or my home, and eventually I had to move out to the streets.”

“I’m so sorry that happened.”

“Yeah, I am too, but right now, the best I can do is just get by and save money as best as I can.” He took another bite and chewed slowly, staring at a spot on the table. “It’s funny,” he said after he swallowed, “most people who are homeless don’t actually live on the streets. Even I don’t stay out here for too long. I usually crash at a friend’s house, like most, but I felt bad for mooching all the time so I’m just…enjoying the fresh air…I actually know quite a few kids who are homeless too.”


“Mhmm. If parents lose their jobs, their homes, so do their kids. The sad thing is, since most places require a solid bank account and address and stuff, it’s really hard to get back on your feet once it’s gone. Believe me, not all of us are junkies or alcoholics. A lot of us are trying to get a home, a job, our lives back. Even people who work can be homeless too. I’m working, but housing can get really expensive in the cities so I’m saving as much as I can for a small apartment at least…sorry, I’m rambling.” He took another bite.

“No, it’s fine. It's…a bit of a perception change.”


“So what do you do.”

“Ambitiously washing dishes. My shift ends about half an hour before you pass by and then I sing a little sometimes, it helps.”

You finished your coffee. Here was this pleasant, friendly person with a nice sense of humor and a good heart, working as best as he could and still barely scraping by each day. A world revolving around money instead of character. And here you were working a solid job with great pay, with a huge inheritance from your family, and living in the penthouse suite of the chain of apartments your family also owned.

“Hey, Luhan?”


“I uh…my family actually owns quite a few apartment complexes, condos and such. I can see if we can give you an address to keep, I’m sure we can, and you can pay it off when you can and I can help you if you want. Please let me help you.”

He stared at you, wide-eyed and still processing. It took a few moments to for him to clear his throat to reply. His eyes hardened with cautious defense.

“Look, don’t take this the wrong way but homeless people can disappear easily and pretty much no one would notice. How do I know you aren’t gonna, I dunno, sell me or something. I don’t even know who you really are.

This startled you. “O-oh. Well, I…damn, I-I’m sorry. I didn’t think of how weird it might be for you but I, uh…”

You pulled out your phone and typed your family name into the search engine. You started laughing, unable to believe you were actually looking yourself up.

“Here. I know this is super weird and stuff but this is really me. I just, I just really want to help a friend out.”

He stared.

“What the fuck? You're…you’re rich? Like rich, rich! How-what?”

“I really-”

“No. Hold up. You’re super rich like, really fucking rich?”

“My family is. I still work.”

“But you-what are you, some billionaire philanthropist? What are you doing just talking with me over a cup of coffee? Shouldn’t you be living in some CEO penthouse suite for the rest of your life? Why do you use the subway? The fuck?!”

“My parents raised me to earn my money. My family is rich but I’m not so different from regular people either, and I guess I just got used to taking the subway. Seriously though, I…I wanna help you out.”

He chewed on his lip, turning the whole situation over in his mind.

“But I-I don’t have enough…well, enough anything to pay you back. Why would you-”

“Please. Don’t worry about it. Think of it like…like I’m making an investment. As long as you work hard.”

“You’re serious?”


“This isn’t some sort of joke, you’re actually gonna help?”

“Yes, I am. It’s just not fair for you, for anyone.”

He looked down. “The world isn’t fair, but damn.” He looked you in the eyes, his emotions swimming and you could tell he was forcing himself not to cry. “Thank you. Thank you so much. It’s been so hard when almost everyone passes by you without looking, and when they do it’s with pity or contempt or disgust. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really don’t know how to thank-” His voice broke and he began sobbing, biting back the sounds that wanted to escape from his throat. He just hid his face in his hands, as his shoulders shook with the weight of life being lifted off, even if it was just a little.

You had invited him to your penthouse suite for a warm dinner and a nice shower and the spare bed while everything got sorted out.

You changed into something more comfortable and when you left your bedroom, you found him standing close to the window wall. He looked down, watching the night lights of the city, the moving life so far beneath him.

“It’s beautiful,” he said quietly.

“Yeah,” you stood next to him and looked down. “Yeah, it is.” Seeing the city from so far up in his point of view, his view that was always on the stained concrete, it really was very beautiful.

“Maybe that’s why so many people in this position are ruthless, thinking they’re better than the rest of us,” he whispered mostly to himself. “They’re just so used to looking down on everyone. And everyone seems to have to look down on someone else to feel better about themselves…isn’t it sad?”

You could only nod and you stared at the breathing lights below.

“Thank you for not being that kind of person, and don’t let the fleeting image of money or power cloud your kindness. Because anyone. Anyone can become homeless. Who are we to put our security in bits of paper and the intangible concept of ownership. All our stuff will go to someone else sooner or later, so why should it matter so much?”

Imagine Steve Hating That You’re a Dare Devil.

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A hard kick to the chest the guy stumbles back going over the edge of the roof.

“That’s weirdly satisfying.” You grin at Buck, who shakes his head picking up his gun again. “I get why it’s Nat’s style.” You giggle lightly.

“Speaking of my style. Need another hand over here.” Nat clicks in your ear, Buck looks around.

“Where?” You nod.

“Two streets down.” You hear the faint crack of someone’s bones. You nod looking around, an idea coming to mind, looking over the roof edge you see Steve down on the street, fighting another man, looking at Buck and his metal arm you grin. Buck looks at you confused, before putting it together.

“Steve’s going to kill you.” He grins stepping back before waving you over.

“I’ll make it up to him later.” You jog towards Buck. “Sam, go long!” You grin, as Buck picks you up with his metal arm, pulling back.

“What wait?” Steve’s voice clicks in.

“Coming in.” Sam’s voice in both your ears.

“Throw me Buck!” You squeal, Buck launches you into the air, past the edge of the roof you soar.

Panic crossing Steve’s face, he slams the man’s head into the wall as he drops to the ground Steve looks up, searching the sky for a falling you.

Sam soars up, before dipping quickly, catching you holding you close to him as he gets closer to the ground, you giggle, in your ear you hear Buck laugh, and Steve sigh a relief, Sam chuckles.

“Rogers, catch.” You smirk at Sam who shakes his head, letting you go as Steve looks up, putting his arms out as you drop into them.

“(Y/N).” Steve sighs as you scramble out of his arms ready to run to Nat.

“I know, bad (Y/N), bad. I don’t think about my own safety, but it was fun, and Sam caught me.” You grin at him.

“I’m old, try not to give me a heart attack please?” Steve sighs once more looking at you.

“Oh sweetie, you’re very old, but we all know you’re physically not that old.” You tilt your head, patting him on the chest, you scrunch up your face. “Don’t be so dramatic.” You blow him a kiss, turning and taking off for Nat.

“That was fun though.” Sam and Buck laugh as Steve rolls his eyes sighing.

concept: simon putting himself in harm’s way to get raphael’s attention because he’s too proud to pick up the phone and knows this is a foolproof plan. if raphael calls him out on it simon shrugs and says, “you promised clary you’d look after me. you can’t go back on your word.”  meanwhile raphael plots homicide. 


A scene only in the script from Face the Raven: the Doctor carries Clara’s lifeless body into a back room in the infirmary, puts her down on a bed, stays with her for a few minutes, and then returns to Mayor Me and Rigsy.

This helped clear up the confusion to some who thought the Doctor just left Clara dead in the street. Upon first viewing, both my sister and I didn’t catch him coming through a different door. We were too distraught to notice such details. When the full script became available to download about a week after the episode aired, we found out the truth. It makes sense. Even though us the viewers didn’t see it, we know damn well the Doctor wouldn’t leave Clara like that. Not in 4.5 billion years. ;)

Jeffrey Dahmer’s second victim Steven Tuomi, Jeff met him outside a gay club and invited him back for drinks at his hotel room at the Ambassador Hotel, the date was 21st November 1987 - almost 10 years after his first murder, until this point Jeff was drugging men, he says he has no memory of the actual murder itself, but when he awoke, Steven was dead, beaten to death - by him and he had no memory of it, he also had no memory of where he placed a rum bottle from the previous night, he spent hours looking for the bottle and pacing the room smoking cigarettes before he went across the street to a store a purchased a large trunk to put Steven’s body in, after Jeff took a taxi with the body in the trunk back to his grandmothers house, he cut the body up then placed him in with the trash, no remains of Steven were ever found, Jeff was never officially charged with his murder because of this, so sometimes you will see Dahmer’s official victim count be 16, regardless of the fact he confessed to this 


Harry had run away from the wizard world soon after the war was over.

He believed that leaving and finding some fresh air would take away his nightmares, but he was wrong.
He hoped that starting over at a new place where no one knew him would lift the heavy weight he’s been carrying since he was eleven years old from over his shoulders, but it didn’t.
Harry thought that nothing in that town could bring back those dreadful memories from the war at full force, but he was so, so wrong.

It happened on his first New Year’s Eve away from his friends.

After hours of telling himself that if he stayed at home, he’d fall asleep and pass the year agonizing over bad dreams, Harry put on some clothes and dragged himself to the streets and into the cold night, wondering if he had made the right decision.
The clock was only a few minutes away from hitting midnight and Harry from realizing that the nightmares would have been more welcoming than what was about to happen.

As it usually happened in small towns, everyone was gathering at the beach to celebrate together. Harry followed them, but decided to stay a little far from the others and just watch families and friends have fun and make simple promises they wouldn’t keep. His chest tightened with the thought of Ron and Hermione at the Burrow with the rest of his family probably wondering what he was doing.
Harry knew they were worried about him, not knowing where he was or when he would go back to them. They always asked those same questions in every letter they sent, but Harry never really answered everything.
“It’s for the best” he’d tell himself every time another owl went away with a small piece of parchment and vague informations about his health and free time.

It was better for them to worry about how Harry might be than to actually see what he had become.
He loved them too much to stay and break them more than he already had done.

What they needed to know was very simple. Harry was safe and he was going to be fine.

Harry looked at the dark sky as people started to count and when the first explosion of green light came, Harry wished his heart stopping wasn’t just a feeling.
He wanted to cover his eyes and ears, he wanted to turn away and run, but no matter how hard he tried, his body wouldn’t listen to him, so Harry kept staring at the sky as that same light came again, and again, and again, and again and suddenly Harry wasn’t at the beach anymore.

Suddenly he was back at Hogwarts and the shouts of joy became screams of pain and the laugh of the children became Voldemort’s voice whispering in his head. Saying that all that was his fault.
Suddenly, Harry was, once again, surrounded by dead bodies and the green light of the unforgivable curse blinding him, leading him to his own death.

And he didn’t want to fight back anymore.

Harry could hear someone calling his name and shaking him, but his mind was also full of “Potter, help” and “Harry, please!” and “It hurts” and “Make it stop” and hands touching him, dragging him down with them, begging him for salvation.

And Harry was drowning.

He was drowning in his own tears, his own sorrow and no one could help him because everyone needed his help.

It was in that moment that Harry’s heart locked itself to the world. 

And when he finally closes his eyes, to open them again to the sight of one last green firework exploding up in the sky illuminating the haunted face of Draco Malfoy staring at him, Harry wonders if the man in front of him can hear the key to his heart sinking into a sea of regret.

This was based on @it-started-over-drarry‘s headcanon that Harry can’t watch fireworks anymore.

 The fact that Shaolin came from escorting and washing cars in the back of Les Inferno to being quite possibly the most well known runner on the streets and he still focused on his dream to become a mix master and didn’t get his head too caught up in the game amazes me. 

 His mother was a prostitute and his father some bum, so we can assume he raised himself.  And Shao got his walls put up for sure but we can still see that he’s strong and even though he might be damaged, he aint gonna let that shit from stopping him from being great. 

 Shao is fucking amazing man, I love him. 

Imagine: Jared being protective when guys hit on you

He’s walking along the streets of L.A. with you, his daughter, when some teenage boys pass by staring at you and whispering about how beautiful you are. While he agrees that your gorgeous, he knows their intentions are bad and turns around to stare and tell them off. They see the rage in his eyes and hurry away from you and him. He starts to go after them when you grab his arm and pull him back giggling at how over protective he is. He puts his arm around you for the rest of the walk.

“I should have ran after them and made them apologize. I could have taken them.”

“Of course you could dad.”

A Day in the Life of

Gaara (day off)

Gaara wakes up just as the sun rises up on the horizon. He doesn’t stay in bed long; he prefers to stand up immediately after waking. 

He makes a pot of green tea–he prefers to do it himself so he keeps the necessary things in his living space in order to do so. Gaara makes his way to the rooftop every morning to watch the sky. He will sip his tea quietly while watching the sun rise over Suna.

Some mornings he’s greeted by Baki, Temari, or Kankuro’s presence as they come up to join him. 

Most mornings, he’s alone in his thoughts. 

One time, Shikadai accompanied him, but he was too groggy so early in the morning. Gaara ended up having to take him back inside and put him back to bed. 

He begins his days by strolling casually through Suna, making sure that all is well in the streets. He’s greeted almost everywhere he goes, though there are the occasional hateful glances from the older folks of Suna. 

He eats a light lunch and heads back to his temple where he spends the next few hours making sure everyone is having a good day in their offices. He checks on his medical ninja and their patients, his secretaries, and his sentries.

In the afternoons, he writes to Temari to tell her how things are going in Suna and update her on his foster children. 

Then he’ll visit Kankuro, who has his own studio at this point in time. They usually grab dinner together or sit for hours and just talk about whatever. They enjoy each others company more than anything, really. 

Gaara will then keep a close eye on Suna as the sun goes down, when they are most vulnerable. He waits until the sun goes completely down and then stays up for another few hours just to watch and make sure that the village is truly peaceful. 

He will then retire to bed, after a quick bath and a few pieces of paperwork. He’s careful to pull the sheets back before sliding into them, not moving for the rest of the night.   

The MBTI Chronicles: INFJ on Defending Friends

INFJ: *notices ENFP and INTP are being harassed by a stranger across the street*

INFJ: *calmly walks over to stranger and ENFP and INTP*

Stranger: Yo back off dude. Or else I’ll hurt them.

INFJ: Shut up. *pistol-whips stranger and knocks him out*

INFJ: *puts pistol away* ENFP, INTP, you okay?

ENFP and INTP: *are speechless*

INFJ: *grins* You didn’t really think I was all rainy days and starry nights did you?

INTP: You’re not; you’re made of flesh and bone.

  • BBC Sherlock: "Exceptionally well-groomed men using a lot of hair product are gay"
  • BBC Sherlock: *constantly dresses Sherlock to the 9s, puts a lot of product in his hair*
  • BBC Sherlock: "Oscillation on the pavement always means there's a love affair"
  • BBC Sherlock: *Oscillates camera when John stands outside 221b, nervous to talk to Sherlock again*
  • BBC Sherlock: "Fire exposes our priorities"
  • BBC Sherlock: *Throws John in a bonfire, Sherlock dives in to rescue him*
  • BBC Sherlock: "All roads lead back to Baker Street"
  • BBC Sherlock: *Releases a S4 trailer and promos without domestic Watson life, shows Sherlock and John together like always*
  • Me: "It's like... they're trying... to... tell us... something...."
  • Antis: "Stop reading into things"

Today in what kind of fuckery is Donald Trump up to now?

- He had one of his advisers listen in on his national security briefing - a man who’s firm is a paid lobbyist for the country Turkey. Massive conflict of interest.

- His family was on 60 minutes and are now using that appearance to sell their branded jewelry that Ivanka wore during the interview. Profiting off of the position of president.

- He wants to work part time out of his NYC Trump Tower. This will be a massive drain on resources. The NYPD will have to be diverted from their job of protecting and serving the people of NY to secure Trump Tower. The building will be incredibly hard to secure as it is open to the public, has many apartments, is surrounded by highly trafficked streets on every side, and has a subway stop underneath. Him being there puts New Yorkers in danger. Not to mention, it’s a waste of our tax dollars to fly him back and forth on Air Force One. Waste of government resources.

- He wants his son-in-law both involved in running the country and his children running his businesses, which is a blatant conflict of interest and invitation for corruption. More conflicts of interest.

- He has now ditched the press corps twice. Part of being president, is that everything you do is now public record and open to press scrutiny. This is for a reason. We need to watch this closely. Democracy depends on a free press with access to government. This is a threat to free press and democracy.

- He has selected an antisemitic, wife-beating, white supremacist as his top adviser. Against the very foundations of all men are created equal.

- He has selected a man who has no science degrees, believes climate change is “silly”, and says that the majority of scientists don’t believe in global warming as the head of the EPA. THIS. IS. TERRIFYING. Against well, science and a threat to the Paris agreement and therefore a threat to international relations.

If you plan on calling your state’s senators and representatives or your electoral college members, don’t forget all of this. Yeah, Bannon is bad, but so far every single thing Trump has done has been awful, wasteful, an abuse of the power of the position of president, a threat to democracy, and a threat to our planet, honestly. And it’s only Wednesday morning…

The Year of The Dog

Inukag Fanfiction

Kagome takes home an injured dog and takes care of him, only to later discover he is not a normal dog, in fact he is not even a dog.

A Present for the lovely @grapefruitwannabe  Happy B-day babe!!

In ff.net and ao3 

Chapter 1. Starting the year

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On thanksgiving, I attended dinner with my best friend’s family. Just out side of their townhouse was a large train track who’s train came by every fifteen minutes or so. I, convinced to take ironic train track selfies, took a walk with her and sprinted towards the train tracks. She began to stare at me, wide eyed, mouth agape with horror. “Eva, no,” she said to me. Of course, being hellbent, I kept asking “Why not?” before taking a step closer. She just kept saying No. I look back on this and wish I’d stopped. No means no. After a while of asking, she cracked, telling me that her friend, Davie, had gotten killed walking besides her on those tracks. She had just left the path to go home and he put in his earbuds, preventing him from hearing the train behind him. I stepped back to her and just continued to walk. We went to a pet shop down the street, and by the time we were on our way home, it was dark. It isn’t exactly a pleasant city. You might just be more lucky with keeping your life in west philadelphia. When we got to the spot on the tracks it had happened, she immediately fell silent. I told her to ask if he was still there. She said the typical things. “Please, if you’re there, show yourself.” Nothing happened and the both of us stood rather sad and disappointed. Then, the street gates closed and we looked at eachother, then the bend in the tracks and tree line that concealed the train until i was only 100 meters or so away. We stopped in our tracks out of fear. This train went by FAST, and between cars I could see a man standing on the other side of the tracks. I stared into his shadowed face and dark eyes for a moment. My eyes began to water for both him and my friend. Church bells began to ring in the distance, and I felt touched by an outstanding friendship. Then, from behind me, my best friend whispered. “That wasn’t Davie.”

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 There are questions that I have.  This one got hella creepy at the end.  Thanks for sharing the scares!

I Love You

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Namjoon x Reader

Word Count: 1597

Genre: Fluff

You were screaming with your boyfriend for the umpteenth time. It seemed like every other day you were fighting about something. This time it was because you hadn’t put a plate in the dishwasher. He just lost it and started flipping out on you, calling you lazy and selfish and stupid. You knew he must have had a rough day at work, because this was the stupidest argument you’ve had in a while, but it didn’t matter to you. You didn’t deserve it and you let him know. You were screaming in his face and he was screaming back until you told him where he could shove his attitude and left, slamming the door to his apartment.

It wasn’t until you walked down to the street that you remembered he had picked you up last night and your car was at your house, over an hour away. You sat on the sidewalk, trying to hold back tears of frustration as you willed yourself to calm down. You felt your phone go off and pulled it out, ready to start the fight over thinking it was him messaging you. You looked at your phone and saw that it wasn’t your boyfriend, but your best friend, Namjoon.

You immediately called his number, not even bothering to read the text.

“Well I wasn’t expecting a response so soon,” his deep voice chuckled on the other end of the line.

“Joonie…,” you said, your voice cracking as tears welled in your eyes. That was all you had to say.

“Where are you?” he asked, his voice changing from playful to concerned immediately.

“I’m at (B/N)’s house,” you told him. “Please hurry.” Your voice cracked again and he hung up immediately. You pulled your knees up to your chest as the tears overflowed. You were sick of this. You were sick of fighting and feeling like shit all the time. You could barely breathe without him complaining about something.

‘Why am I even with him?’ you thought to yourself. It wasn’t always like that. You two had been dating for a little less than a year now, and when you first started dating it was great. He was sweet, and romantic, and always looked out for you. But as the months passed you started going out less, he wanted to stay home all the time. You started fighting more and more too. You kept telling him it was because you two never actually went out and did anything together, that you were feeling claustrophobic half the time, but he never listened.

You heard Namjoon’s car pull up at the same time you heard the apartment door slam behind you. You turned your head and saw (B/N) walking down the steps towards you, his fists clenched and his face red with anger. You stood, letting out a sigh, getting ready to start the next fight.

“What the fuck is he doing here?” he yelled, pointing his finger at Namjoon.

“I called him,” you said, your teeth clenched as you tried to keep your temper. You hated making a scene outside, and you especially hated fighting in front of your friends.

“So you’re calling other guys now? You stupid slut!” he started, and you took a step ready to let him have it, but Namjoon grabbed your hand and pushed you towards the car.

“Get in,” he said quietly. You looked at him and saw fire in his eyes. You’d never seen him so mad before, and you knew not to argue with him. You nodded and walked towards the car, your boyfriend yelling after you.

“Get back here you stupid bitch!” he yelled, walking towards you, but Namjoon stood in his way.

“I suggest you turn around and head back inside,” Namjoon told him, his fists clenched. You sat in the car and rolled the window down so you could hear everything that happened. You looked him up and down and saw that every muscle in his body was taught. He looked ready to spring any second. Your boyfriend turned and looked at him, a sneer on his face.

“Who the fuck do you think you are exactly?” he said, turning his attention to Namjoon instead of you. He pushed his shoulder hard, causing Namjoon to take a half step back, but he just smirked at your boyfriend.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” he said quietly. You could hear the rage seep out of his words as he lifted his arm. He swung his fist into your boyfriend’s face, hitting his square on the cheek. You could see his head snap to the side as he fell, catching himself on the pavement. He looked back up at Namjoon, his eyes wide, not having expected him to actually do something. He spit on the pavement and you could see the blood dripping from his lip. He sat on the ground and wiped his lip with the back of his hand.

“Fine, you want that whore so much, go ahead and have her,” he said, spitting again. You just stared at him wide-eyed. “You hear that bitch? We’re fucking done. Don’t come back here or you’ll regret it,” he yelled at you through the window, before getting up and heading back inside, slamming the door behind him.

Namjoon shook out the hand he had hit him with, clenching and unclenching his fist as he looked at his knuckles. You just sat there stunned, the tears welling up again. You weren’t sure what exactly it was you were upset about, but you expected it was just the entire series of events. Namjoon got in the car, slamming the driver’s door shut, making you flinch slightly before throwing the car into drive and peeling out.

He sped down the road, going almost double the speed limit, flying through intersections and lights. You were clutching the door, crying silently, not wanting to instigate him until he slammed on the brakes right outside of your house. You slowly let go as he said nothing, his hands gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were white, except the knuckle on the hand he had hit with. That one was bleeding. You hadn’t noticed until now and you were worried.

“Oh Nam..” you started but he slammed the steering wheel, interrupting you.

“Why (Y/N)?!” he yelled, finally looking at you. You could see the worry in his eyes as he yelled, and you understood why he was so upset now. “Why are you with someone like that? Huh? Why are you with someone who would call you names and treat you like shit! You think I don’t know about all the fighting? I can hear you when you step outside when we’re together! I hear you fighting with him! I see the pain in your eyes when you get back and how your mood changes! I notice EVERYTHING (Y/N)! And I don’t understand why you’re with him when I…” he stops mid rant and just shakes his head.

“When…when you what?” you stutter out, wanting him to finish his sentence.

He looked at you, his jaw clenched. You could see his internal fight as he decided whether or not to tell you. He finally let out a sigh and he just looked at you. He looked so vulnerable right then, like he was opening up everything to you.

“When I’m in love with you and would treat you ten times better than that..that jackass,” he said, looking away, unable to look at you without wondering whether or not he had made a mistake.

You sat there stunned. He wasn’t serious, was he? But he didn’t take it back. You reached out slowly and grabbed his hand gently, your own shaking slightly. He looked up at you, his head still down.

“I…I’ve loved you forever Joonie,” you confessed. “I just…I never said anything because I always assumed it wasn’t the same. I mean, you’re so kind and handsome and talented and…” he cut you off by leaning forward and pressing his lips against yours.

You were stunned at first, your eyes wide as you felt his full soft lips land on yours, but you soon realized what was happening. Your eyes drifted shut as you returned his kiss, your grip on his hand tightening. He pulled away slowly after a moment and just looked at you. You bit your lip, watching him analyze you.

“You love me?” he asked finally, his voice small and soft, but you could hear the hope within. You smiled shyly and nodded slowly. He leaned forward and pressed his forehead against yours as he let out a long breath he had seemed to be holding onto. You laughed softly and he smiled, giving you another gentle kiss.

“In that case,” he started, looking at you, his eyes filled with love. “Be mine (Y/N). Let me treat you like the queen that you are. Let me love you the way you should be loved,” he said, his hand caressing your cheek. You nuzzled his hand lightly as he spoke, then you nodded in response. His smile lit up the world, his deep dimples showing through the smile. You laughed as you leaned in and kissed him.

“Now let’s get you upstairs and clean this up,” you told him, taking his injured hand in your own. He nodded and you two got out of the car.

“I can’t believe you actually hit him,” you laughed, holding his hand as you walked towards your apartment.

“Neither can I, but it was worth it,” he said smiling down at you.

~Librarian Joon

I hope y’all like this super protective and sweet Joonie <3 I like to imagine that this would totally be him lol. Please feel free to leave feedback and comments and requests!

Questions Part Two (Credence Barebone x Reader)

Credence Barebone Imagine

 Ha I’m awful. Prepare for feels. Well here is your part two.  


 Credence sat in the wreckage of the New Salem Philanthropic Society church. In his hand he clutched Y/N’s silver and blue blood stained scarf, he slowly rocked back and forth looking up when he heard the footsteps. 

 Back in your apartment you sat in a lounge chair reading a book. It had been a day since the incident in the alley way. You hadn’t seen Credence since and you couldn’t get him out of your head. Despite just meeting the man you couldn’t help but be drawn to his mysterious personality and good looks. Having just opened your apartment window you heard familiar voices float up from the street below.

 Putting your book down you stood up and peered out the window, you spotted Graves and Credence walking on the sidewalk with a rushed pace. With your curiosity peeked you slid on your shoes and threw on a jacket before leaving your small cozy apartment, you took off following the two. You were constantly ducking out of sight to avoid being seen by Graves. There was a close call when Graves had turned about the third time,you had quickly rushed behind a nearby mailbox. When they finally stopped they were in front of an old empty looking building. After a short pause Credence stepped inside the building and with one more suspicious look around Percival Graves followed after him. 

Quickly you followed in after them, once you were standing at the bottom of the stairs you could clearly hear them speaking. “You’re a Squib,Credence. I could smell it on you the minute I met you.” It was Graves, His voice was harsh and impatient. You let out a small gasp, he was a squib how didn’t you realize it before. “What?” Credence said, crestfallen. “You have magical ancestry, but no power.” “But you said you could teach me-” Credence was cut off as Graves spoke. “I’m done with you.” You heard the loud thundering footsteps of Graves as he walked away. Credence’s shoulder hunched and his hands balled into fists he stormed up the last few steps and stalked off down the hallway. You crept after him trying hard to stay quiet.

 After passing a few empty rooms Credence turned into a room. You followed him and stopping in the doorway, crossing your arms you spoke up. “Credence?” He turned towards you with a harsh glare but his dark eyes softened as his gaze focused on you. “Y-Y/N?” He seemed to be struggling to get the words out like he was fighting something. “Are you alright Credence?” You spoke in a calm voice trying your best to settle the boy. “It’s-it’s inside. Of me.” “What? What’s inside of you Credence?” Instead of giving an actual answer he just uttered one word. “Run!” You paused and saw Credence continue shaking but then he stopped completely serene. Y/N backed away from the doorway stopping a few doors away, still succeeding in having a view into the room. 

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Wishbone- CHAPTER 1 Mark Lee (ff)

She was there. Right in front of him. She still looked the same yet so different he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Her hair still as dark as night and her smile still soft and the familiarity of it warmed him despite the -15 degree weather. She stood under a street light and her feet rocked back and forth as she hummed to herself. Her head buried in her scarf and  her hands hidden in her warm jacket pockets.

He stood away from her. Not too far but enough for him to just watch her without  seeming…creepy. He fiddled with his cold finger as he watched her look around. He crouched behind a row of cars trying to be conspicuous which was hard to do when a streetlight flickered on and off above him.

What was she doing here? She hadn’t talked to him in how long? Although, he hadn’t tried (more like he didn’t have enough courage) to text or call her either. He wondered if she still remembered his name-because he sure as hell still remembered hers.

He wondered if three years could change someone.

Too many questions ran through his head as he watched her from a far.
His ears perked up at the sudden call of his name.
“Mark,” a soft voice called. It only could have belonged to her.

He closed his eyes tight and cussed under his breath realizing that he’s blown his cover. Mark stood still and held his breath. He thought maybe, just maybe, if he stood still and didn’t breathe and didn’t move-she wouldn’t notice him.

Or so he thought.

She turned towards the direction where he was hiding behind the safety of the parked cars. Her smile now mischievous and yet again her smile brought warmth to him the familiarity hugged him, “Mark Lee, I know you’re watching me…” her tone was taunting, she stepped forward, but still standing a good distance away from him she called again “Lee Min Hyung, I can see you.” his name rolled off her tongue smoothly and she smiled again. She was always smiling. The fat of her cheeks perking up and pushing up her eyes making them appear a little smaller.

Well, that answered his question. She sure as hell still remembered his name

She giggled her mellow laugh, music to his ears. Her stray hairs fluttered in the wind and her cheeks pink as the cool wind brushed passed her.
Hearing her laugh was like hearing your old favourite song play after not listening to it for a while. Refreshing.

She let out a huff and her warm breath formed clouds of steam in front of her “Mark, I can see you.”

“No you can’t!” He nervously teased.

“Yeah, I can. You’re not very good at hiding,” she laughed at her own words as she recalled the past memories “then again you were never good at hiding back then either.”

A smile creeped onto his lips and he stood from his hiding place. His eyes finally met hers and he could only look away out of nervousness “Yeah. I sucked at hide and go seek.”

“What a bummer , huh? I’d always find you.”

“Yeah but that’s cause you cheated by peeking from behind your hands.”

“No comment.”She joked. Her smile was wide and she couldn’t help but feel so warm seeing Mark again.

His smile flattened and his lips pressed into a straight line “Why’d you come back home?” His voice was shaky and he couldn’t help but feel emotions as he looked at his childhood best friend stand in front of him.

“You sound upset? Are you not happy to see me?

He was upset, “I’m not upset.” His words came out less confident as he was hoping for. She knew he was mad, then again he had every right to be.

“Are you happy to see me though?”

He couldn’t quite answer the question. He couldn’t find the words to express his feelings. He just looked at her dead in the eyes and held onto the chain that hung around his neck.

October 2015


“Get up!”

There was a groan on the other line and he could feel her frustration, “It’s two in the goddamn morning Mark.” She grumbled. Her voice was muffled probably because her face was buried into her pillow.

He chuckled as he listened to her raspy voice “Come on I’ve got amazing news!”

“If you didn’t find a way for me to have an endless supply of French fries-then the news isn’t important.” She was always more snarky and aggressive when tired.

He rolled his eyes and let out a whine “Wren,” he breathed “if you won’t get up. I will personally go to your house.” He threatened.


“Wren? Come on this is important!”

You could only hear her breathing and a light snore come through the other line.

She fell asleep on him.

He groaned and stomped his feet gaining the attention of the boys around him. He sat on the leather couch, plopping down and letting out another heavy sigh. His feet tapped on the hard wood floor as he contemplated on what he should do.

“Aw what’s wrong with it maknae?” Taeyong teased and he took a seat beside him.

“Wren’s being annoying.” His arms flew into the air out of frustration and he kind of resembled a toddler having a tantrum.

“Hasn’t she always been?” Ten teased from across the room. Jaehyun and the other boys laugh at the comment and continue on spreading the good news to family and friends.

Mark sighed “She won’t come here for me to tell her the good news.” Mark’s body itched to tell her the good news.

“It’s two in the morning Mark.” Taeyong stated.

“Yeah but-” he sighed and got up into his feet “I’m going to go to her house right now.”

Taeyong stood up and grabbed the boys wrist before he could lurch forward “Wow-at two in the morning? You’re going to go to her house?”


Taeyong was astonished by the boys seriousness and commitment, “have you even told your parents yet?”

“Yes of course!”

Taeyong let go of his wrist but stayed close to Mark worrying that he’d just run off and leave before he could finish, “You,” he breathed “Mark Lee, would go to Wren’s house at  two in the morning just to tell her this.”

Mark wasn’t sure where Taeyong was going with this but he didn’t really care. The faster and shorter he answered the quicker he could leave “Y-yes.”

Taeyong arms crossed over his broad shoulders and the other boys watched in silence. The atmosphere was wary-it was as if Mark was the only one who couldn’t understand what Taeyong was hinting at.

“Okay.” Taeyong said as he turned his back and walked back towards the couch.

“Okay-what?” Mark was dumbfounded. He always hated feeling oblivious and left out.

He shrugged and his smile had turned into a smirk,“Nothing.”

Mark sighed. He realized they were teasing him again about her“Hyung-”

“Mark just go-the later you get to her house the more likely she will be to kill you.” He taunted.

Mark rolled his eyes and nodded. Before leaving he waved goodbye to his older now group members and smiled ‘By the way,” he cooed, “Wren’s just a friend.” and with that he was out the door and on his way.

“Just a friend my ass.” Doyoung huffed under his breath. He chuckled at how unaware Mark was to his own feelings.


“Wren,” he whispered. He sat beside her on her bed as she slept soundly. Mark bounced up and down slightly trying to wake her up-yet nothing. She was a heavy sleeper. The house could be on fire and she still would be hard to wake up.

“Wren.” He whisper shouted. Nothing. A groan escaped his lips and he got up from the bed and walked around towards the side she was facing. He sat on the floor and looked up at her. Her face was parallel to his and he couldn’t help but laugh as she slept with her mouth open. Mark sat on the ground for a while he just watched her sleep soundly.

He flinched when she murmured something and pushed her body closer towards the edge of the bed. Their faces were close in proximity and he couldn’t help but get a little uncomfortable. Of course they had been friends-really good friends for quite sometime, although they’d never been so close physically.

He squinted his eyes hoping she wouldn’t move any further. If she did she’d fall right off the bed and onto him.

She stopped moving and her snores filled the room again and Mark let out a low sigh of relief, although maybe it was too soon. Her eyes suddenly opened and her body sprung forwards falling onto of him, “Who are you?!” She yelled, picking up a pillow beside her she hit Mark and screamed as she did so.

“Wren!” He yelled at her.

Her hits came out with more force and he felt annoyed as his best friend practically beat him up with a pillow.

“God Dammit, Wren!” Mark raised his voice and suddenly the blows to the face stopped. Wren’s eyes widened when she realised she’d been beating Mark with a pillow. She immediately dropped the pillow and helped him up and pulled him onto the bed.

“Mark?” She couldn’t help but snicker. She pressed her lips into a straight line trying her best to hold the laugh in.

He glared at her as he held his sides “Why are you even laughing? That hurt. I’m pretty sure you stepped on my knee cap while you were beating me up with your pillow.” He massaged his right knee and let out a groan.

He had come here in a hurry to tell her good news-not to get hit.

“Okay but you snuck into my house.”

His mouth hung open “I told you I was coming!”

Her shoulders dropped and she hissed “Oh,” She said dragging out the ‘o’, “Oops, I forgot.”

Mark rubbed his knee and glared at her again “Yeah, oops.”

She rolled her eyes and grabbed a pillow from behind her and elevated his foot “How’d you even get inside?”

“Spare Key.” He groaned as he held his upper thigh. Wren’s eyes were apologetic although her lips twitched into a grin. Mark looked at her awaiting for her to burst out in laughter. He couldn’t help but grin back at her. He dramatically groaned and lied down on her bed “Wren, what do you have to say for yourself?”


His body immediately shot up “Just sorry-Ow!”Wren could no longer keep her laugh in and soon her laughter filled the room. Her laugh was more of a cackle that anything. Mark’s hand instinctively covered her mouth and he gave her a stern look and she realised that her parents were asleep in there room, which was right across the hall.

She pushed his hand away and her eyes widened.

“Wren is everything okay?”

There was a sudden knock at the door and Wren sprung up and practically flung herself off the bed.

The door inched open and she held onto the knob stopping the person on the other side.

Her mother peered  and  in that moment Mark had hid in her duvet and held his breath.

“Sweet heart I heard a loud thump are you alright?”

Wren poked her head out from behind the door and nodded. She wore a wide grin as her mother stared at her with droopy eyes. She stepped out of her room and shut the door behind her to explain.

Mark sat up and came out of his hiding spot and sat at the edge of her bed. Reaching under for a basket he grabbed a bag of chips that she had always kept in her room and began to snack on it. He grinned as he heard her deny the sounds and explain a different story to her mother.

He’d finished half the bag by the time Wren came back in. He turned towards her offering her some chips and she held up her hands as a no.

3:30 AM

“So what’d you tell your mom?” He asked as he popped a chip into his mouth.

“I told her I fell out of bed.” she shrugged.

“Sounds like you.” He teased as he sprawled out onto her bed. Copying his actions she lied down beside him and the two of them stared at her glow in the dark star stickers.

Mark had gotten them for her on her seventh birthday. Her and her family had moved out of their home and into a new one, where she could finally get her own room. As great as it was-she was afraid of the dark and had a really hard time falling asleep. So as a solution Mark had gotten her the stickers so she would no longer be scared.

A smile etched onto his lips and he looked over at Wren who was staring up at the ceiling fondly. The room was dark although, the stars above them provided some light.

 “Remember when I got you those?”

She nodded “Yeah. I remember opening your present and thinking ‘what is this?’ then I realized what it was and I then I immediately ran up the stairs and brought you with me.” she  giggled as she recalled the past memory, “I didn’t even finish opening the rest of the other presents, all the kids were cheesed because I postponed cake eating by fifteen minutes.” her eyes dropped and her words became slurred.

“Yeah I was pretty cheesed too. Like come on- how could you be so inconsiderate Wren?”

She playfully nudged his arm and shrugged “Then from there every single year for my birthday you get me another big star to add up onto the ceiling.” she yawned and her eyes struggled to stay open. 

The room was quiet and the two of them went back to staring up at the ceiling, suddenly they found their legs intertwining and it was comfortable.

Mark had forgotten his whole purpose of coming to her house.

He let his eyes close and his body washed over with a feeling of tiredness. He looked over to his side to see Wren asleep. She looked so peaceful. He loved spending time with her, whether it was doing something stupid or actually going out. With her it was always such a good and relaxing time. She was the person Mark could go to when life was stressful and when he was down.

It hit him. He had come to a realization that once training and endless hours of practice start, they would have less moments like this. Suddenly he found himself not wanting to tell her the good news. It made him nervous and his stomach did not feel right. Being away from made him uneasy.

He moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her torso. They lazily hung around her body and their faces were only centimeters apart. 

He loved moments like this where they could hold one another in each other’s arms without having it being weird. They were close to the point where nothing was weird anymore. His fingers brushed the hair out of her face and what he said next made him confused; “I’m sorry.” He didn’t quite know what he really apologizing for but he felt like it needed to be said. He looked at her with empty eyes and he couldn’t help but feel guilty. She sleepily moved closer and her arms hugged his body back. Mark sighed and closed his eyes, resting his head on top of hers.

He watched as her chest rose up and down and he could  hear her loud heart beat. He sat up and carefully pulled the duvet back onto the bed to cover the two of them. He hugged her tighter in his arms and his lips hovered over her forehead “I’m sorry.”


Hey cuties! Well I really hope you liked this first chapter, its more or less of an intro to the whole story. I’ve been anticipating posting this first chapter and now here it is…after like how many months of me saying I would post it.

As you can tell this story had a lot of dialogue and I hope that’s alright lol. But yeah its one of those stories.  I hope you like it and pls show the love and reblog and feel free to tell me how you’re liking it so far. Love you guys!