put her in the mood

I drink to forget.

Brownie would go easy on any egg we put her/him into a fathomless chaos of fugitive moods, memories, and impressions.

for the anon that requested ndrv3 girl’s reactions to their s/o being clingy n stuff! aaaa this one was my first fem ndrv3 request and i loved writing it!

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daringdarrington  asked:

14 for gaby and illya <3

hip kiss

Gaby is not, in general, a restless sleeper. she tends to cling like a limpet to anyone who sleeps besides her, winding around them like morning glory around a pillar. if by herself, she sleeps on her side usually, arms and legs tucked in close to her body, head resting on her arms.

Illya is watching her, because their lives are too busy to take moments of quietness for granted. even in sleep her face is focused, brow furrowed, mouth pursed. he wants to smooth the lines from her forehead, relax the tight corners of her mouth. it is early morning now, dawn just starting to lighten the distant ceiling of their shared room.

she isn’t a happy waker usually, either, so Illya has to get creative about ways to wake her up that put her in a (more or less) reasonable mood. 

it’s an easy thing to tug the fabric of her pajama pants down, revealing the curve of a hip, warm skin. she took a bath before bed the other night; she smells like jasmine and car oil, which is the first time Illya has ever liked that scent. he ducks his head down and places a soft kiss right where he likes to place his hand, if their cover requires it (or if he wants to feel her there, soft strength beneath his palm, or if he simply likes the shape of her, neat and perfect). it’s a gentle thing, until he places the very edge of his teeth into it and she uncoils into wakefulness, making a complaining sound as she does so. 
“are you part wolf?” she asks in German, voice thick and slurred with sleep. “stop that.”

“you liked it last night,” he reminds her, foolishly pleased at her drowsy, unamused stare.

she makes another grumpy noise. “I was awake last night.”

“you have to be awake now,” he points and soothes whatever leftover sting there might be with his lips. “time to get up, chop shop girl.”

“it isn’t even dawn,” she grouses, but one hand lazily tangles in his hair. “keep doing that and I might be alright with getting up.”

it’s a blatant stalling tactic, but if truth be told, he doesn’t feel like leaving the bed either.   

More Daycare! ;w;

This time, I decided to have Abbie and Morgana join the daycare if they had been itty-bitty kiddies. :D

Abbie would be very bubbly and active, always wanting to play with everyone no matter what. Not quite a teacher’s pet, but she is smart and likes to answer things. She is most excellent at science, since her powers are still intact. She can make anything grow and bring forth new life to any sick plants or insects or anything that could be found in the classroom or the playground. Even touching her puts a newfound energy in you and brightens up your mood. Abbie likes to help the skeles and anyone else in the daycare who is sad or otherwise ill. But of course, she respects everyone’s boundaries and doesn’t go near anyone if they don’t want to.

Morgana, however, is the opposite. She is sullen and quiet, and doesn’t like to talk to anyone who isn’t her twin sister. She is not socially awkward; she just doesn’t like talking to people and tends to find them annoying. She is very haphephobic and avoids close contact with anyone but her sister. Morgana’s powers are also intact, and if she touches anything, she absorbs their life force, causing it to die. For this reason, she doesn’t participate in science projects and stays inside most of the time for recess. Even touching her leaves you cold and weak, and prolonged touching can cause serious problems. Only Abbie is immune to this because her powers equally rival Morgana’s. 

PJ’s Daycare © @blogthegreatrouge 


Have some smiling Xenoblade X Nikkis! 

Considering all of the crap she’s had to put up with (i.e. losing her family, losing her friends, seeing her best friend murdered right in front of her, having her home world destroyed and feeling responsible for it *it wasn’t your fault Nicole!*, etc.) she doesn’t smile very often these days. I guess being included in some of the activities of other BLADEs has put her in a better mood.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dirty girls! 💋

It’s been a little while since I have shared a new chapter, so as a little treat today, I am giving you a short preview of the next chapter of Twin Flames: Negan x Samantha x Sabrina! Enjoy!

There was no run, other than a mad truck race out into the countryside so that Negan could get Samantha alone. He couldn’t decide if he was disappointed or excited that Sabrina was elsewhere. Their shower threesome had knocked his socks off but he had his eye on Samantha in particular. He was no one woman man but she seemed like she would have been a worthy match if he was.

“Negan, this is breathtaking!” Samantha breezed out of the truck and twirled around, arms spread wide, face to the sky. “You really know how to please a country girl.” The wind-swept field was filled with flowers and the fragrance put her into a romantic mood. The centerpiece was a majestic white oak tree, tall and wide.

Negan stooped to pick a small bouquet of asters and presented them to Samantha with a flourish. “Would you believe these were once believed to repel evil serpents?” He winked at her with a knowing gleam in his eye.

She smirked, raised her eyebrows, and lowered her gaze to the snake in his pants. “I guess we’ll see about that.”


I don’t know if she’d ever see this but I’d cry tears of cinnamon if she did.
Huge, ginormous shoutout and thank you to @oatsnjen for helping me TREMENDOUSLY with my recovery. Her videos opened my eyes into a completely different, positive look into eating. Without her, I don’t think I would’ve made any more progress, but she helped me move forward!
Everyday I’m feeling down or just out of it, i rewatch her videos and it instantly puts me in a better mood.
I never thought I would make it to this point, but she really helped me do it. ☺️ I couldn’t be more grateful!

Dog Sweater

A prompt request from @awordwhichmeans which could also be considered a follow up to Puppy 

Prompt: Dogs don’t wear clothes w/ Edward Nygma

Characters: Edward Nygma, Victor Zsasz, and Jitter

No real warnings 

*I think Victor may have upstaged Edward, sorry about that*

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Things I heard in the light/sound booth

“I want to kill myself”

“Can’t you not go because of your vampire and mirror fetish?”

“What the fuck, we’re at scene ten?! Where’d 8 and 9 go?”

“She got us icees and I bet there’s probably razor blades inside…”

“I have seven knives on me at any given time.”

“Dab for harambe.”

“Goddamnit, you put her in a good mood.”

The one with a button up, jeans, long brown hair and converse!
[Simultaneously:] WHICH ONE?”

“Are we going to do the summoning satan circle before show tonight?”

“Cheesy nipples.”

“If I just jumped out of the booth window, taking the board with me, would that be fucked up or what?”

“Blackout on my que. Ready? Go- oh wait shit, she was done. Okay, now go.”

“i’m so done. I’m just going to blow my brains onto the projector screen, but it’s just add to the effect.”

“we’re going to eat glass, okay?”

“Did you see that table fly, damn Treavor.”

“I’m going to murder the freshmen sound tech, who the flying fuck arm coils cables?!”

“We all know you lost your virginity to a water bottle.”

“Making it rain notes.”

“A rubber chicken is an important light tool.”

“Was that a journalism reference?
… Yes madam President.
OMG *groans*.”

“Welcome to the light side, we hate sound.”

“She just walked into the middle of a shit storm with icees…”

“literally everyone is crying backstage, even the cast.”

“you turned Lucifer into an angel.”

“Damn T! That table was NOT meant to go across stage.”

He treats her like a cigarette. He lights the flame in her, watches her burn, and ignores the ashes that fall. Every time he lets out some steam, her flame starts to lose it’s light. Three minutes later, he’ll crush the cigarette with his heal and her flame will be put out. He wasn’t in the mood anymore. He left her alone. He was moving on to another cigarette.

  • *in their hotel room*
  • Molly: *giggling* I had a lovely day. They really thought we were married.
  • Sherlock: *pouring drinks; smiles* We didn't give them any reason to doubt us.
  • Molly: *giggling* When they asked how long we'd been married and we both said nine years. How did you think of that?
  • Sherlock: *offering her drink; shrugs* First number that came to me.
  • Molly: *takes the drink* Haven't we known each other for nine years? *sips her drink*
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes; scoffs* Now, Molly, that would be quite sentimental of me *downs his drink*
  • Molly: *shaking her head* I suppose so *pauses* So what's the plan for tomorrow?
  • Sherlock: *replaces his glass; steps closer* A breakfast meeting with the suspect, a stroll on the beach, shopping - I told him you needed new jewellery - then, a meal followed by dancing in the evening *smirks* Sound good?
  • Molly: *smiles* Lovely.
  • Sherlock: *gently brushes her hair out of the way* There is something else that just cannot wait until tomorrow *kisses her* Thank you for agreeing to be my wife, Molly.
  • Molly: *biting back her smile* Now, Sherlock, that's quite sentimental of you.
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Yes. The thing is, I don't care *kisses her again*

the-wandering-pokes  asked:

It had been some time and Loyd was just coming out of the arena after taking care of a simple match he signed up to do. "Hmm now that thats taken care of, I wonder how Eira is doing?" The Dragon thought to himself as he decided to go and look around for the Gardekiss to see how she was holding up in all of this training to become a merc herself.

And now that she has returned again, this time with a newly found friebd, Eira finds herself bumping into Loyd once more. Her brief meditation was enough to put her in a good mood while Colette went on in her ear, but she soon stopped as she noticed Eira looking at the Latios with an endearing smile and blinked while looking back and forth between the two.
“Uh…you two lovers or something?” She would ask only for Eira to Giggle and shake her head.

“No no, miss Colette. This is my friend. He followed me here and I can’t seem to get him to go away so he’s a sorta-ish…bodyguard kinda. Loyd, this is Colette. We just met, but she’s a doll.”

“Eesh, dragon types. Aren’t fairies supposed to want to kill these guys on sight?”

“What?! No! Why would we do that???”

“Because you can.”

“Well just because I can doesn’t mean I should!”

“Whatevs. I’ve got better things to do than to get myself involved with dragons. I’ll see you around, Eira. You be careful around these guys. Dragons may act friendly, but it’s when your guard is down that they get ya.”

“… …” As Colette left Eira was left wondering what she could possibly have against the species and blinked a few times before glancing off at Loyd and clearing her throat. “Hi Loyd, sorry about that, I just met her so I didn’t know that would happen…erm…did you just get out of a fight? You looked all bruised up.”

12 Days of Jily- Day 7

“James can you put this one up there? I can’t reach.” Lily said, pointing up at a high spot on their huge Christmas tree, holding a small red ornament.

Her husband chuckled and nodded. “Of course love.” He said, taking it and putting it where she wanted. It was the day after her whole baking incident, and they were spending their afternoon finally getting around to decorating the tree. James was trying his best to keep her happy, but could still see some sadness in her eyes when she saw something sentimental.

“Alright, so we need to fill that area with some green. It’s too red.” She observed, looking at one portion of the tree. She moved a plain red ornament and replaced it with a green one, stepping back and admiring her work.

James smiled brightly. The tree was just about done and he had a plan to brighten her mood. He watched as she put one up that said ‘Baby’s First Christmas’, then transfigured two plain silver ones to an everlasting charm. They turned into a doe and a stag. “Where did these come from?” He asked innocently, holding them up and smiling.

She came over and inspected them, her face lighting up with a huge smile. “Did you make these” She asked quietly, looking up at him.

He nodded and smiled sheepishly. “Yeah… I figured we needed something that was more… Us.” He told her, kissing her cheek.

She beamed and took them, bringing them to a spot where she could reach, right at the front. She put them up so they were facing each other and stepped back. “I love them.” She breathed.

James went over and wrapped his arms around her from behind. “Merry Christmas Lily.” He whispered, kissing the side of her head. He pulled his wand out from his back pocket and cast another charm, one that him and Sirius had discovered back in fifth year. It was a mistletoe that, when two people were under it, they couldn’t leave until they kissed, and not just a peck either.

Lily grinned and turned to him. “Merry Christmas James.” She said happily. She tried to take a step away to get the angel to put on top, but was stopped by some sort of magical forcefield. “What the…” She started, then looked up and blushed. “Jamesss…” She whined, smiling sheepishly.

He shrugged and smirked at her. “Wasn’t me.” He lied, pulling her close again, looking at her eyes and smiling.

She sighed but couldn’t help but smile at her annoying, but charming, husband. “You’re ridiculous.” She whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck and moving closer to him.

“But you love it.” He commented, his arms tightening around her waist.

“I suppose I do.” Lily said, going on her toes and kissing him, gently at first.

James grinned and kissed her back, a bit eagerly, like he was back in sixth year and pining for her all over again.

She giggled softly into the kiss, deepening it a bit, like when she was in seventh year and realized she was completely, and utterly, in love with the bloke.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, just wrapped up in each others warmth, before James felt the magic of the mistletoe fizz away. “We can stop now, if you’d like.” He said softly, his lips brushing on hers.

Lily grinned and looked him in the eyes. “What if I don’t want to?” She asked, and kissed him hard again, the only source of light being the lit-up Christmas tree.

ironfanged-archived  asked:

Just slides up and stares at her acting angry until he cups her cheeks and then places his lips upon her own.

Honestly she’d been in her own little world at first. Reading a book, humming to herself- she’d managed to get the drop on teasing him that day and it had put her in a good mood.  So when he slid up to her table- it pulled her from another world and rather slow to register at first.

- … but then she leaned back.. angry-? She hadn’t.. made him mad? It was- others teased him and fought with him on a daily basis she’d hardly done a thi-

    O- h- …

That.. was…. certainly not the reaction she was expecting, but her confused tense body relaxed at the action and fingers slowly raised to grab at his fingers- quite unsure of where else to put them.

By the time it was over- mere seconds, but it felt much longer to her-  her face was bright red and a low, stutter escaped her lips.

       “I.. oh- erm- I just… hello?”

// @acciaioxnero

whenever my mom is in a bad mood, I just tell her I lost 5 lbs (even though it’s not true) and it instantly puts her in a good mood (and i’ve been doing that since 7th grade). the first thing she says to me every morning is “did you lose weight?”, because that’s all that matters. #growingupfat