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Fuck it. I’m just gonna put this out there and if I lose people, fuck em.
Especially if you’ve only been in to it for a hot second. I’m seeing a lot of people new to the company (admittedly, I’m one of those people. I’d followed very haphazardly for years, but only committed myself more to it in the last year.) all of a sudden deciding that they get to decide who is a real fan and what qualifies that.
That’s not okay. Fucking stop it. Quite a few of us are sick of that shit and I’ll happily be the one to say it out loud. IDGAF.
If you’re actually a fan of the COMPANY, does it really fucking MATTER what got eyes on it? These new folks are BOUND to discover the Japanese talent and how amazing they are and guess what? All you jackasses owe most of that to Kenny Omega and The Bucks and Bullet Club. It’s bringing in a FOUNTAIN of fucking money and viewers to NJPW.
Fuck. I’m just tired of seeing it. If you can’t deal with that OR the fact that YOU don’t get to decide why people like a certain thing…. get the FUCK off my Tumblr.

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                   some pothead keith hcs to think abt
    [ don’t tag as sh//eith. don’t take these too seriously. pls be cautious around weed. ]
        these are set in a modern au. keith’s shiro’s adopted brother. possible klance/heith
                                  but ofc u can play with these how u like.

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I know this meme is old but I’m posting these anyway

Weird/Fun Places for Sigils✨

Sigils are so much fun, man, and there are thousands of uses and places to put them. Personally, I’m a big fan of ones that are a bit more hidden, just because it gets tiring to have to explain to everyone what it is, and sometimes they relate to personal things. 

Here are some suggestions for places to put sigils and their possible meanings!

  1. Under your study/work desk to enhance motivation and to promote calmness
  2. On your keychain! Use the little name tags that you always seem to randomly have, and charge it to protect your home when you use the keys on the keychain :)
  3. Makeup bottles/containers, to help with glamours and self-confidence
  4. Nametags–some dorms have nametags on the doors. Try writing a protection sigil on the backside of it, so whoever enters your room means you no harm (and so you don’t get robbed, which has been happening a lot in my dorm lmao yikes)
  5. Textbooks! Sigils for letting everything you read fully sink into your brain!
  6. Notebooks, either for school or for other things! For when you’re reviewing for a test, or to make sure that your notes are organized and easy to understand.
  7. On your water bottle
  8. SNAPCHAT YOUR SIGILS!! I know this isn’t necessarily a place, but snapchatting to your coven/friends is an easy and efficient way of getting sigils to them fast. Screenshotting them is a possible way to charge them, too.
  9. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, some mechanical pencils have enough space that you can slip a piece of paper into them! Create your sigil, slip it into your pencil, and charge it or feel its effects as you write
  10. Another crafty place, if you’re so inclined, is the inside of your jackets/sweaters. You can sew a sigil into the inner layer of your jacket, hidden from view but still on your person :)
  11. More sewing! If you’re feeling EVEN MORE adventurous and artsy, make a quilt/blanket and imbue it with peaceful sigils
  12. Under your cups/on drink coasters (Like how Rylee does with this tea recipe)
  13. Backpaaaacks. To help make sure you never forget an assignment or lose anything
  14. Slip a sigil into your pillowcase for good dreams and fitful sleep, or even under your roommate’s bed to try to encourage them to have a restful sleep so they don’t wake you up (can you tell I’m a bit bitter)
  15. You can put them behind posters, too, for when you want a sigil to affect the room but don’t want people to keep asking questions about it.
  16. On your medication bottles, or those little weekly planning things for your medicine, so you don’t forget to take them and remember to refill them before you run out!
  17. On the corners of flashcards, to help you remember what you’re studying
  18. In the front of your book of shadows! To keep away nosy people, to ensure your spells/rituals will retain their powers when redone, or to help you remember what that darn shorthand you used means
  19. When I’m feeling nervous on the bus or any other public place, I draw out sigils just with my finger on any surface, focusing on not letting anyone bother me or get too close
  20. In the glove compartment of your car!
  21. On your laptop, so it may never crash and have you lose hours’ worth of work :’)))

I could honestly go on and on, and there would still be things I’m forgetting. Feel free to add more ideas!! It’s always so fun seeing where people put their sigils :)


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if hades children get fatigue from using their powers leading to eye bags, do you think aphrodite!nico would put makeup on hades!will's face to hide em?

people constantly ask Nico why he carries around really pale concealer and he responds with: “cause my man doesn’t know when enough is enough”

(it was more of Wills idea at first. He saw Nico doing his makeup and thought foundation could replace sleep but he immediately regrets it) 

✽ —— the labyrinth sentence starters.

’ i ask for so little. ’
’ give me the child. ’
’ just fear me, love me, do as i say and i will be your slave. ’
’ for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great… ’
’ for have fought my way here to the castle. ’
’ i  can never remember that line. ’
’ you have no power over me. ’
’ eh. huh? how’s that for brainpower, eh? ’
’ the way forward is sometimes the way back. ’
’ heh. will you listen to this crap? ’
’ it’s very rude to stare! ’
’ i was just wondering which door to choose. ’
’ it’s no good asking him/her, he’s/she’s deaf as a post! ’
’ don’t talk with your mouth full! ’
’ wait, wait, i can’t understand you. ’
’ oh, oh, it is so good to get that thing out. ’
’ you’re a wonderful conversational companion! ’
’ you can talk, all you do is moan! ’
’ what’s behind these doors? ’
’ knock, and the door will open! ’
’ hey! i don’t want that thing back in my mouth! ’
’ that’s all right, i’m used to it. ’
’ prince of the land of stench! ’
’ what did you have to go and do a thing like that for? ’
’ do what? you mean rescue you? ’
’ where are you going with a head like that? ’
’ hey, man! i know what we can do! ’
’ we’ll take the baby to the castle, and you will be free! ’
’ wherever you may be take this child of mine far away from me! ’
’ where did she/he get that rubbish? it doesn’t even start with “i wish!” ’
’ you have thirteen hours in which to solve the labyrinth. ’
’ you wouldn’t be so brave if you’d ever smelled the bog of eternal stench. ’
’ is that all it does, is smell? ’
’ ah, what have we here? ’
’ she treats me like a wicked stepmother in a fairy story. ’
’ it’s a crystal. nothing more. ’
’ if you turn it this way and look into it, it will show you your dreams. ’
’ what’d you expect fairies to do? ’
’ i thought they did nice things, like… like granting wishes. ’
’ okay, kay, let’s handle this thing logically. ’
’ i have sworn with my life’s blood, none shall pass this way without my permission! ’
‘oh.. you’re a worm, aren’t you? ’
’ say, come inside, and meet the missus. ’
’ everything i’ve done, i’ve done for you. ’
’ your eyes can be so cruel, just as i can be so cruel. ’
’ i move the stars for no one. ’
’ play with your toys and your costumes. forget about the baby. ’
’ ________, go back to your room. ’
’ oh don’t act so smart. you don’t even know what an oubliette is. ’
’ it’s a place you put people… to forget about 'em! ’
’ i have been generous up 'til now. i can be cruel. ’
’ generous? what have you done that’s generous? ’
’ everything that you wanted i have done. ’
’ you asked that the child be taken. i took him/her. ’
’ you cowered before me, i was frightening. ’
’ i have turned the world upside down, and i have done it all for you! ’
’ i am exhausted from living up to your expectations. ’
’ the only way out of here is to try one of these doors! ’
’ when your thing gets wild, chilly down, chilly down! ’
’ oh no! your majesty, not the eternal stench! ’
’ you have to understand my position. i’m a coward. ’
’ you say that so often, i wonder what your basis for comparison is? ’
’ what do you think of my labyrinth? ’
’ it’s so stimulating being your hat. ’
’ i can’t. don’t you understand i can’t? ’
’ turn back before it’s too late. ’
’ well, let’s see how you deal with this little slice… ’
’ all right then! i can conquer this mountain! ’
’ how you turn my world, you precious thing. ’
’ it’s only forever, not long at all. ’
’ i say, does anyone want to play a game of scrabble? ’
’ what do you mean “help”? we are helping. ’
’ well then, come on, which way? ’
’ well… since i’m pointed that way, i guess i’ll go down. ’
’ don’t pay any attention to them, they’re just false alarms. ’
’ i’m sorry, i’m just doing my job. ’
’ oh, please. i haven’t said it in such a long time. ’
’ for the path you will take will lead you to certain destruction! ’
’ if that is the way it is done, then that is the way you must do it. ’
’ whoa, not that way! you’re going the wrong way! ’
’ what’s the matter, my dear, don’t you like your toys? ’
’ what have i done? i’ve lost my only friend. ’
’ it’s against the rules to throwing other people’s heads! ’
’ it seems like we’re not getting anywhere. ’
’ try this one on for size, you big hippie! ’
’ the other door leads to the castle and this one leads to certain death. ’
’ i don’t know! i’ve never understood it! ’
’ they made it through the gate and they’re on their way to the castle! ’

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Who're your favorite villains?

Honestly my favorite type of villains are always ones who can physically match the hero in combat.

Cerebral villains have their place but to me personally I’ve always felt like, If this hero wanted to he could crush this guy without a second thought but then they let them go and they put em in a mental situation where innocent people die and im just thinking you couldve killed this dude easily so these deaths are kind of on you. and I’ve already explained that in depth in past posts so I wont rewrite that essay here.

I like villains that are matches for the hero. Ones that Outhink them and can KICK THE EVER LOVING SHIT OUT of them Physically and if they battle you dont know who’s going to win they encounter cause they are both powerful as hell! Also I really love villains that are INSANE FORCES of Nature with no rhyme or reason like Kid Buu and Doomsday and you cant talk to them they are just gonna Destroy because its what they need to do or what they enjoy.

My top 10 villains in No Particular order would be

1)  Kid Buu

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2) Nui Harime

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3) Carnage

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4) Doomsday

5) Bane

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6) the Shredder

7) Darth Vader

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8) Zarkon

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9)  Darkseid

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and as a BONUS 


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Huh! You’re right anon! It doesn’t appear that Matt’s wearing his ring!

Ultra beasts
  • Nihilego: Parasite that is probably the reason lusamine is batshit crazy. Behaves like a girl for some reason. Why does it look SO much like lillie like omg it's almost uncanny
  • Buzzwole: Totally wrecked that dump truck, who knows what else they've damaged. Flexes a lot, probably a living Jojo Bizarre adventure reference.
  • Pheromosa: neat freak who can run at sonic speeds.
  • Xurkitree: Wiggles chold who will steal your electricity in order to stay alive. Literal pun name. just like the skull grunts people would put music over em dancin.
  • Celesteela: Probably killed thousands of pokemon when it burned that forest down. What would probably happen if you combined a anime schoolgirl with a airplane/rocket
  • Kartana: Tumblr users thought the worse it could do was give you a paper cut but it can actually chop their arm off in a single blow. Why does it look so big in the promotion art where all the other utlrabeasts are- it's like a inch tall-.
  • Guzzlord: Probably has some kind of eating disorder, poopless. Everybody hates them for some reason, I don't get that.

I just realized, if you combine Lincoln and Robbie, you’d get what the fandom initially expected Ward to turn into (well…a very specific part of the fanbase).

Lincoln got to be Daisy’s one true love and sacrificed himself to save her and the world. Also, he redeemed himself when it’s revealed he did some bad things in the past. 

Robbie got to be the badass anti-hero with questionable motives, who also has a younger brother who looks up to him. Also, he’s the Ghost Rider (only mentioning this since people expected Ward to be Hellfire). 

Put em together and you get every “Ward is Hellfire”, “Ward redemption arc” story line ever proposed by the fandom.  

You come into my house, and tell me Naruto and Sasuke are straight?! (ง •̀ゝ•́)ง
Medicine (Next-Door Edit)
The 1975 // typical-healy

lets just imagine that youre next-door neighbors with matty healy. youre lying on your bed, and every night you can hear the familiar sound of the band playing so loud you can hear it through the walls of your bedroom.

see the rest of my the 1975 next door edits here and on youtube here 

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I've seen a few people in the reblogs of your betta post saying they want to rescue a betta now. I think you should def make a small reminder that "rescuing" doesn't mean taking em home and putting em in just a bowl...just so people know if they don't already, I guess, that they need more than that

I’ve seen those and it is really stressing me out. Fishkeeping cant just be picked up in one day and buying a pet spur of the moment is never a good idea. For a betta you need a properly cycled(this takes over a month) tank of 5 gallons or more, ideally. You need a heater to keep the betta above 78 degrees. You need the knowledge to treat illness and feed appropriate foods - remember, with fish you ARE their vet. If you buy a betta to “save” it without having the proper set up for one it is NO BETTER OFF with you than at the store.

The purpose of the post was to inform people of the way fish(and really any other animal sold at stores like Petsmart) are treated and why YOU SHOULD NOT SUPPORT THEM. I urge them to go back and read the post and ask themselves if they really want to “save” a betta by supporting the companies that do this to them.