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Batfam Masterlist!


Bruce wayne/ Batman:

    Damian wayne/ Robin:

    • That Todd
      Damian’s beloved gets hurt in battle
    • Hardened exterior 
      Damian comforts you after a particularly rough day. 
    • Big day
      It’s soon to be your and Damians wedding anniversary, and you have a couple of surprises up your sleeve. 
    • I’ll surely have to repay you (Smut)
      Damian and you have fun with a particular lasso. 
    • I know
      Jealous Damian to the rescue. 
    • I mean more then a friend
      you tell damian you love him more then a friend. 
    • Back early
      Damian comes home earlier then expected. 
    • Warehouse (Smut)
      When You almost get injured during a mission, Damian just can’t hold back at home. 
    • Condition
      Damian finds out you’re ticklish. 
    • have you ever…you know…had sex with anyone?
      Damians cocky attitude has gotten him in a sticky situation, Dick to the rescue.
    • I might have come off as offencive
      A bad pairing for a project ends with feelings being confessed.
    • Trying
      After a long time of trying to get pregnant, you break from the thought of being unable to provide Damian a long desired family.
    • Kiss the girl
      Damian and you have an awkward date, but Jason and Dick to the rescue.
    • Wake up
      Damian comforts you after a nightmare.
    • Disgrace
      After a criminal flirts with you, Damian is forced to confess his feelings.
    • If What
      Damian is flabbergasted when you can understand what he said in Arabic. 
    • I hope you enjoyed yourself, beloved (Smut)
      Damian repays for his pleasure.
    • In all seriousness (Smut)
      Jealous Dami shows you who you belong to.
    • Foil Packet
      Bruce walks in on you and Damian in a heated moment, when he only presumed you to be friends.
    • Get it yourself (smut) [Part 2] [Part 3] [Final]
      Damian shows you who’s boss after you’re rude to him, but things take a different turn when your moodiness becomes much more.
    • Wherever he goes (smut)
      Damian makes love to you at the hotel on your honeymoon.
    • You look amazing (smut)
      After spending the day with you in a sexy robin costume, Damian needs to show you how he feels about it. 
    • Killing a fly
      Stepping out in Damian’s defence in front of mother Talia, things get heated between the women. 
    • Second least favorite 
      You and Jason are both fond of the same type of music, which means frequent jam sessions together. Making boyfriend Damian jealous. 
    • The weak get thrown to the dogs
      After killing his pregnant wife while brainwashed, Damian turns his sword on himself. 
    • Asked for
      After a while of begging, you finally meet his family.
    • Languages
      Dami and s/o speak to each other in the others mother tongue.
    • Money man
      The beginning of a beautiful friendship.
    • Reunited in death
      Damian is driven over the edge after the death of his beloved.
    • Distraction (Smut)
      Damian gets turned on by you chewing on your pencil, causing a small distraction from homework.
    • Little Dancer
      years after leaving the life of being Jokers dancer behind, it comes back to haunt you.
      Damian’s s/o catches him masturbating by accident.
    • French girls
      Asking Damian to draw you like one of his french girls, causing a fit of laughter.
    • Time
      You and Damian travel to the future to meet an older version of you
    • Visiting Grandpa 
      Visiting grandpa Damian after not being able to visit for a while.
    • I’ll protect you
      After your dad gets put in jail, you feel as if you’re in danger.
    • That’s what fathers do
      Dad Damian gets out done in a pillow fight by the women in his life.
    • Ain’t no other man (Smut)
      Damian comes home early from a mission because you’re hanging out with Jon.
    • Never told us
      The family finds out that Damian has been dating someone for a while and hasn’t told them.
    • I can help
      Boss Damian has fallen for an employee but find out they’re being abused.
    • You live on
      Damian can’t cope with losing you in childbirth.
    • Pet Shop
      You have caught Damians interest, working at a pet shop, but it requires collaborative effort to get him to ask you out.
    • I’m not crying
      Damian mistakes your teary eyes for crying.
    • Is she going to make it
      A proposal turns into a fight for your life.
    • Fun with paint
      After getting paint on Damians face, the war is on.
    • It’s really you
      Searching for your best friend, a few years after he left the league.
    • Shadow people
      After a nearly lethal fight, you end up dating and getting engaged to the target.
    • Useful
      Your body image issues are getting to you, and Damian is there to make it all better.
    • If I knew (Smut)
      After a difficult patrol, Damian finally makes a move.
    • The battle
      Damian got annoyed with you, putting a stop on your sex life, but you’re not too fond of it.
    • Bring your child to work
      You meet the super sons for the first time, but the young Wayne boy doesn’t seem to impressed.
    • Why wasn’t I aware
      Damian finding out you have adamantium claws.
    • Lose my mind
      Exam season is taking a toll on you.
    • Same to you
      You and Damian realize that you’re both vigilantes.
    • Masks
      Trying something different to cheer up Damian.
    • Amnesia
      Damian doesn’t understand why he’s hurting but you seem to be fine.
    • Sorry doesn’t mean squat  
      Damian wants you to forgive him after he raises his voice at you. 
    • Let her go
      Damian breaks up with you because he fears putting you in danger.

    Jason Todd/ Red Hood:

    Dick Grayson/ Nightwing:

    • Energetic (Smut)
      Dick needs to rid himself of excess energy.
    • Coat
      Dick comforting you after a breakup.
    • What if I fuck up?
      Telling your brother Damian that you like Dick a bit more then you should.
    • Work sucks (Smut)
      After a rough day at work, Dick needs to blow off some steam
    • Treating you right (Feat. Jason)
      The boys are catching feelings, and you need to talk to them about it.
    • Screams
      As your baby gets hurt, Dick to the rescue. 

    Timothy Drake/ Red robin:

    General batfam:


    Someone bet me I couldn’t and I’m a real jerk, so I did. 

    DISCLAIMER: I made most of these gifs but not ALL and tumblr search is legit terrible so I am super super sorry in advance if I used your gif, if I did let me know and I will credit you. 



    Originally posted by the-beautiful-1

    2. The boot grab in Darling Nikki

    3. The sad face he makes at the puppet.

    4. 80s Dorito bag with the chip window.

    5. Splits bounce in “I would die 4 u”

    6. “Don’t get my seat all wet.”

    7. Lace veil in Computer Blue

    8. This dance:

    9. The shimmy into crotch rub in i would die 4 u

    10. The look and point directly at the camera in baby I’m a star

    11. when he puts on the hat in Baby i’m a star

    12. Purify yourself in the waters of lake minnetonka

    13. Wendy’s literal interpretation of “die” as a gun in i would die 4 u

    14. Jerome throws that poor woman in the dumpster (Y THO)

    15. foot piano playing/jumping in Let’s go crazy

    16. Smashing all mom’s spaghetti sauce in the basement with a hockey stick (very Minnesota authentic)

    17. apollonia’s titty cape

    18. fire hazard clown basement

    19. “man I just got my coat out the cleaners!!!”

    20. “Whatsa matter your shoes on too tight?!? Let’s gave some action. I need some asses wiggling. I WANT some perfection!!!”

    21. The unneccesary spin during “ANSWER ME MOTHER FUCKER!”

    22. here take my costume jewelry, we’re dating now

    24. the arm stroke in darling nikki

    25. choreographed guitar playing at the beginning of computer blue

    26. this look

    26. Francis L having major issues about the house being clean (maybe if there weren’t all these broken jars of spaghetti sauce lying around….)

    27. computer blue power slide beej

    28. Mrs L never getting to have any fun

    29. The backwards roll into/out of the splits in baby I’m a star

    30. regrets montage to doves cry

    31. Having a job where you play one song a night with 2 other bands and thats it forever, and then at the end you win getting to keep your job

    32. Morris day announcing last call during “the bird” (so is it doors at 7, the time at 8, last call at 8:15?)

    33. this line dance in i would die 4 u

    34. Pensive Prince Pre Purple Rain

    35. synchronized guitar jumps in lets go crazy

    36. when he goes to commune with nature and wears black studded pants a black studded bedazzled jacket and a scarf to hang out by a lake and strikes a curious pose

    37. the “eww!” signature prince grunt as he is tossing all the sheet music

    38. “i don’t have anybody right now” therefore we’re together

    39. literally finding a phone number on the stairs in darling nikki

    40. COME BACK NIKKI COME BACK!!!!! (yes, okay, fine, whatever you want, honestly its fine)


    42. Apollonia’s job application is “Apollonia, 5'6”“. End of list.

    43. amplifier dry hump

    44. Lisa being real tired of the Kid’s shit and saying “fuck it wendy” and walking out.

    45. Wendy’s deadpan “but I’m here to tell you… there’s somethin’ else.”

    46. the doctor always being dressed like a doctor, but like an OR doctor with a surgical mask, not some pedestrian physician or something.

    47. OR DO YOU WANT ME??? (yes)

    48. Morris’s window not working

    49. Jerome with the mirror on stage during jungle love

    50. Morris day vacuuming his apartment before the show in a trademark prince turban!

    51. When he leaves the stage after Darling nikki and is bouncing off the walls as he walks in the hall of pipes

    52. the jump down from the impossibly high stack of monitors in baby i’m a star!!!! my knees hurt every time i watch that!!!

    53. The jungle love dance

    54. The Bird.

    55. purple rain guitar solo

    56. The microphone under the leg juggle in Baby I’m a star

    57. the stanky little side shimmy in baby I’m a star

    58. FUCK OFF!

    59. I mentioned it earlier but that was just the splits, so this one is his face during the splits in I would die 4 u.

    60. The end of the beautiful ones where he’s laying on the ground omg

    61. I tried to stop you.

    62. The amount of pleather Apollonia has to remove to purify herself in the waters of what is not actually lake minnetonka.

    63. When morris day exits the car and puts both feet on the ground at the same time, which is not a way any human exits any vehicle.

    64. Computer blue guitar spin

    65. When Apollonia waves at him from the stage after “sex shooter” and he’s like, naaaaah.

    66. “Next thing you know, she’ll want to borrow your motorcycle!”

    67. What’s the password, onion head??!!!

    68. And the nominees for best actress are….

    69. If we get married….. Would that be cool??? (god yes)

    70. the phallic guitar at the very end jazzin’ all over first avenue

    71. When apollonia sells her boot chain.

    72. When he plays the guitar she bought him in purple rain.

    73. “What do YOU dream about ?”

    74. Computer blue guitar three way circle jerk

    75. “This is a bidniss!”

    76. Chalk outline of a not dead body

    77. Take a picture sweetie, I ain’t got time to wait!!!!!

    78. Morris day and Jerome jamming out in the crowd

    79. The trust fall into the crowd!!!!!

    80. Giant bug eye mirrored sunglasses

    81. Dropping apollonia off in full Ruffled shirt regalia instead of like, throwing on some sweats or something.

    82. Where Lisa and Wendy at? *silence*

    83. The backlit part in lets go crazy

    84. “Hi!” “Hi.” *weeps*

    85. The balcony dancers in parachute pants and cop hats

    86. Piano top guitar shred in lets go crazy

    87. The Doctor talking about how God got Wendy’s periods reversed (IT MAKES NO SENSE, MATT FINK)

    88. When apollonia says she’s from new ORleans and then proceeds to speak with a minnesotan accent (furst avenew)

    89. “No, nooooo, you looked greeeeeat.”

    90. Wendy’s THICK ASS Minnesota accent and extremely hard R’s despite growing up in LA.

    91. (Brings guitar shaped box) “what is it??”

    92. When the faces watch them trade earrings in the clown basement.

    93. The rag tag trio that is apollonia 6

    94. “I’m gonna be honest with you, I think you’re being full of shit.”

    95. Billys velour sweatsuit and briefcase.

    96. “Where’s Jerome?” “IN EES SKEEEEIIIN!!” (A joke used AGAIN in under the cherry moon!!)

    97. “I have something for you. ” “what, a subpoena?”

    98. Double spin in I would die 4 u

    99. Synchronized squat spins in Baby I’m a Star


    anonymous asked:

    Hi, I just read Lovestrung by laeur and I wanted to ask if you have any more fics with the same writing style and also with ballet? Not necessarily dancing but just ballet would be good. Thanks :)


    Anonymous said:Hi, if its possible, could you update the dancer/singer tag? I don’t even know if it is a tag.. haha. But if it is, can you update it?:)

    It looks like that fic has been deleted. Where is everyone going!? So we can’t judge writing style but here’s some ballet fics. (I know it’s not technically an update but enjoy anway second anon) Here’s our dancer!Derek, Dancer!Stiles tags. - Anastasia

    Originally posted by thenextfamous

    Insured by the Mafia by Lovehatress

    (1/1 I 1,251 I Mature I Sterek)

    A series of short one-shots that details Mafia Boss Derek’s relationship with dancer Stiles. Each one is a mini ficlet which I wrote to a song. The name of the song is above the ficlet that it corresponds with.

    Who Knew? by RougueShadowWolf

    (1/1 I 1,612 I General I Stackson)

    Watching Stiles dance was like watching glory in its human form, like seeing the beauty of nature and life that could mend the wretched wounds life carved into ones heart from the first day of a child learns of pain or disappointment. And Jackson who had never believed in higher power swore for the first time that he saw Gods hand in work.

    If You Want Me To Stay by orphan_account

    (1/1 I 2,314 I General I Sterek)

    The one where Derek is a fine arts student and Stiles is a dancer, practicing in the same Beacon Hills Police Department shirt his mom used to wear when he watched her practice in the living room.

    En Pointe by MellytheHun

    (1/1 I 2,991 I Teen I Sterek)

    Derek as a ballet dancer? Him in thights! Like some “Step Up” AU? Stiles is dancer too. And so a ballet academy AU was born.

    Life imitates art, right? by countrygirlsfun

    (1/1 I 3,179 I General I Sterek)

    Stiles is practicing.

    Surprise, surprise. He’s the lead dancer in the new ballet rendition of The Little Mermaid and they open in just over a week so it’s not unusual that he’s putting in extra hours.

    To be honest he needs the hours in the studio alone to finally get away from all the tension between him and Derek and Kate.

    I’ll dance with the wolves by artemis69

    (1/1 I 3,213 I General I Sterek)

    Derek is used to life changing moments. They are his sad, sad specialty.

    But nothing in his life has ever prepared him for the vision of Stiles entering the vast dance studio clad only in pale, tight pants and old dance shoes.

    Stiles sends them all a look, rolls his eyes, then turns his back to them and starts stretching.

    dancing shoes by redhoodedwolf

    (1/1 I 3,967 I Teen I Sterek)

    Derek Hale is the most ruthless ballet instructor in Northern California. Rumor has it that Abby Lee Dance Company along with the show Dance Moms were looking to collaborate, even give him his own show, and he turned them down.
    Stiles isn’t so sure about the Dance Moms rumor, but he does know that Derek Hale is a force to be reckoned with, because the man glares at him the entire time Stiles is interviewing for the position of studio receptionist. It’s not the glamorous dance teacher job he’s been dreaming of, but it’s a step up. If he gets hired, he’ll be working alongside the Hale family, one of the most well known names in dance. Just even having that title on his resume will allow him to be a shoe-in anywhere he wants.
    He just has to, yanno, not die under the force of Derek Hale’s glare.

    The Chance to Come Through by clio_jlh

    (8/8 I 7,569 I General I Sterek)

    Derek’s auditioning because Laura talked him into it, though he’s not sure a ballet dancer is really what a televised dance competition is looking for. Stiles is auditioning because it seemed like a fun thing to do with Scott on a Saturday morning, and maybe he’d get to dance with Comfort, his favorite female hip hop dancer. They both end up getting a lot more than they were looking for.

    You Can Do It (Put Your Back Into It) by p1013

    (1/1 I 10,324 I Teen I Sterek)

    “Oh, ballet. I used to dance, when I was a girl. Are you a dancer?” She’s looking at the magazine he’d grabbed at JFK and stuffed haphazardly into his carry-on on his way out. You can barely see the title, but BALLET is in full block letters on the front.

    “I used to,” Derek says, then stuffs the magazine further into the bag.

    “That’s a shame,” she says, smiling. “You look like you’d be a wonderful partner.”

    “Yeah.” He feels himself flushing and turns away. “Not anymore.”

    affettuoso by bleep0bleep

    (1/1 I 13,066 I Explicit I Sterek)

    Derek mentally kicks himself for just standing there like a lovestruck fool, but it’s been exactly forty-six days since he saw Stiles, and he still remembers the taste of his skin, how Stiles feels underneath him.

    Birds of a Feather Fuck Together by calrissian18, maichan808 (maichan)

    (1/1 I 26,114 I Explicit I Sterek)

    Laura is a crusader without a cause, Stiles dances like the whole world’s betrayed him and Derek’s having trouble getting both feet outside his door.

    En Pointe With You by Welsh_Woman

    (8/8 I 26,608 I Explicit I Sterek)

    The day that Stiles Stilinski barrels into Derek Hales life, he figures he’ll just get another brother out of the whole deal.

    Growing up with Stiles doesn’t necessarily change that thought.

    It’s only after a trip to New York that Derek comes back to realize what had been under his nose the whole time…

    He Doesn’t Bite. Much. by Mihiaasaurus

    (18/? I 26,181 I Not Rated I Sterek)

    Undercover Deputy Hale meets the elusive and shy Stiles Stilinski. Now all Derek has to do is survive this operation, get the omega to notice, and make sure no one else dies of the drugs circulating his hometown.

    But will the innocent looking Omega notice the all infamous Bad Boy?
    Will the deputy be able to solve the case?
    Will more lives be in danger?

    Tchaikovsky’s Nightmare by fshep

    (1/1 I 30,089 I Mature I Sterek)

    After a week of rehearsal, Stiles is convinced that there’s no way this production is going to end in anything other than misery.

    Beacon Hills Classical Ballet Academy performs a variation of Swan Lake where all of the swans are males, forcing Stiles to partner up with Derek Hale. Things go about as well as one would expect

    Just A Good Time by Dexterous_Sinistrous

    (6/8 I 55,960 I Explicit I Sterek)

    Stiles was used to getting called at, most of them men offering him money for sex. He had even accepted a few times, pinched for cash while having a stone-hearted landlord meant that he didn’t have a lot of options.

    Deep down, he knew he could always go home—that despite the fight, his dad would always let him come home, even with James. That was why he hated himself more every time he accepted the cash.

    (Or, the one where single parent Stiles strips and prostitutes himself out to feed his kid.)

    Love Story Duet - Requested

    As the lights went down and the music started playing, Sherlock found himself immerse in his own thoughts. He was putting his violin inside the case, knowing that he was meant to leave the party before anyone noticed.

    He had made the announcement, or at least he had felt it as an announcement, by telling John and Mary about their future baby. The couple were ecstatic, dancing around like a pair of love birds ready to grow their nest. It was so romantic Sherlock had to walk away and stop watching.

    Of course, leaving the party hadn’t been precisely his first choice. He had thought of dancing – because he was an excellent dancer and he actually enjoyed it – but Molly had a boyfriend, Mrs. Hudson had been paired up by John with his grand-father and Janine was nowhere to be found.

    Sherlock had also thought of sitting with someone to chat until John payed attention to him again, but the only single person there that Sherlock actually knew about was Lestrade and Sherlock didn’t feel like exchanging any sort of conversation with him and his awfully low-functioning self. Socializing with someone new was definitely off the list.

    Therefore, Sherlock looked for Janine all around the party, only to find out that she had actually listened to his advice and was now dancing with one of the five bachelors Sherlock recommended. She looked happy, she was truly enjoying that man’s company and the only attention she gave to Sherlock was a mouthed “thank you” from afar.

    Sherlock then realized that he had already played his part on that show and was now time to leave the scene. He was no longer required there, at least not for the night, that is. And so he took his violin case, got his coat on and tied his scarf.

    “Care to dance?” A female voice asked shyly. Sherlock turned around to meet a beautiful, doll-faced woman expecting for an answer.

    Keep reading

    Red Lips and Creamy Thighs (Newt Scamander x Reader)

    Summary: Y/N is a carefree flapper in the Roaring 20s and dances regularly at the speakeasy The Bling Pig. Newt is merely passing through the city and eager to leave when suddenly the sight of a young dancer ties him down slightly to New York City.

    A/N: Sorry if I did some history errors, I researched the 20s but not in depth. Plus I’m Canadian so I know nothing of American history to begin with 😊

    Originally posted by olga-4711

    “Y/N! I dare say your lipstick looks mighty fine today.”

    “Why thank you Eileen and I see it is certainly not me who did that eyeliner on your eyes, it is too smoothly drawn!”

    Y/N chuckled back at her friends while she laid back in her chair and watched herself take a puff of cigarette in the mirror surrounded by golden lights.

    She was a flapper and a dancer. Once upon a time, Y/N grew up in a tight household where she was the youngest of five children, and the only girl. All her brothers were either into MACUSA or further magical education once they hit age 18. When it became her turn however, her parents told her she was to go nowhere but into a husband’s arms.

    “You are to be married to a nice rich man who will take care of you.”

    “But mom I want to study Magizoology!”

    “Magizoology? Pff where is a young girl going to end up in a field like that? That is barely a job at the moment, and even less a WOMAN’s job.”

    And so she fled, and ended up into the streets where she was fortunate enough that nothing bad has happened to her. Instead she started frequenting jazz clubs and speakeasys and got noticeable attention from young wizards. She started to dance a lot at the Bling Pig and would watch the nightly flapper performances. She soon caught the attention of Gnarlak, the pub owner and earned a spot in the dance team. Five years later and still looking 18, she became lead dancer at the club thanks to her avant-garde choreography.

    “Hey Y/N, would you mind showing me the steps again to the foxtrot again?”

    “Of course!” Y/N took a last swig of whiskey before hopping up from her chair.

    Y/N moved with ease, dance coming naturally to her. She had been able to boost the business at the Blind Pig considerably with her skills in choreography, offering the customers combos never seen before.

    “Wow, I still won’t get over how you can think of that!” The young dancer told Y/N.

    “Thank you darling, you just have to think :”what has nobody done before?”

    “Y/N!” The sly raspy voice of Gnarlak rang from the bottom of the stairs.

    “Coming!” Y/N said, running down the stairs which led to the stage on the main floor below the dressing rooms.

    “Hope you have something new tonight, the regulars are getting bored.”

    “Oh don’t you worry sir, I’ve got something planned.”

    “Good. Now get ready, it’s almost 9. Make me some money, girl.”

    Y/N rolled her eyes as she clambered up the stairs.

    Flappers were very often looked at as whores, who wore makeup and showed nothing but skin. But in reality, they were more than promiscuous jazz dancers. They were feminists. All of Y/N’s fellow dancer friends were women who longed for equality and the disappearance of misogyny. They shortened their dresses, for who were men to say that they couldn’t show their calves on a hot day when they walked around in shorts? They smoke and drank, for who were men to say that they were the only ones who earned a little break? They were loud, confident and sexy, for they were far too far in history to just be wallflowers and do what they’re told in silence.

    “Girls!” Y/N gathered up her group of friends. “’Lizabeth, are you drunk again?”


    “Whatever, you still dance equally as well luckily for you. Anyway, so goblin-face told us to spice things up for the old customers. Let’s put on our costumes and see what we can do.”

    The girls undressed from their daywear and put on their shiny sequined dresses, the sight of fringe shaking around everywhere.

    “Hmm.” Y/N looked. The dresses arrived mid-calf, which was already pretty scandalous. She grabbed a pair of scissors and cut through the dress of one of the girls, so the hem arrived mid-thigh.

    “Ooh I like it!” Exclaimed one of the girls.

    And so the half a dozen girls grabbed scissors and tailored their dresses.

    “I like how it looks very much.” Said one, winking and lifting her leg so it rolled up and exposed more thigh.


    This was Y/N’s favourite part apart from the show of course. The getting ready and the goofing off with her friends whom she called sisters. They did each other’s makeup, told stories of their mysterious lovers from the night before… Y/N didn’t have any to share but listened. After each “performance”, she would of course asked to dance by a gentleman along with the rest of her friends, but she did not go home with any of them.


    “Oh c’mon Newt, it’s time we had a little fun.” Queenie clapped.

    “Yeah, a wizard bar? I fancy what that’s like.” Jacob said, already tying up one of his shoes with a pastry in one hand.

    “Look Newt, not even I like to indulge, but the Blind Pig is quite some fun.” Tina said.

    “It’s dark, and jazzy and great for meeting strangers.” Queenie winked but pouted slightly when she still didn’t see Newt nodding to her idea. “Oh come on we only have one more creature to find! It can wait a night.” And then she whispered, “I bet he’d like the flappers.” closely to Tina’s ear which made her chuckle.

    Before he knew it, the quartet were changed into evening wear and out the door. They were soon face to a poster with a red-headed lady and the words “Enchanting, beguiling, alluring” written on the bottom.

    Queenie knocked and the poster separated and revealed a dark pub. They walked right in before the singer stopped and announced some dance number.

    Soon, the dance floor cleared and a round of applause broke out, especially from male clientele, Newt noticed.

    He felt a hand force his shoulder down into a seat and the man sat beside me.

    “You look like a lonely fella. You won’t want to miss this then, trust me.”

    Newt raised his eyebrows and turned his focus back to the dance floor.

    The girls one by one descended the staircase onto the center of the pub, heavy fur coats on. Y/N followed behind without a coat, hidden behind her friends.

    “break a leg ladies” she whispered behind them as the music started playing.

    It was a slow sultry jazz song that began, sung by the woman-creature. The girls started slowly moving, together forming a big bundle of white fur with their boats.

    Newt merely contemplated lightly, not finding a bunch of girls moving suggestively very interesting. Until, she came out.

    The music suddenly changed and the ladies shimmied off their coats and kneeled down, revealing Y/N.

    They carried on dancing popular dances with a sensual twist. They shimmied, hopped, shook their hips. The whole time, Newt was completely entranced by the lead dancer who seemed to stand out a lot, at least to him. Everything about her was perfectly sculpted; the way her face was designed, her deep red lips he would kill to kiss and bite, her sharp eyes fluttering under a bird’s wing like set of eyelashes, her velvety smooth thighs… he looked at every detail in close, and her entire body as a whole. How it moved, swayed. How her waist would look when she put her hands on her hips. Her red as blood lipstick. Her smooth as cream thighs…

    For the first time in his life, Newt felt this weird animalistic desire in him. It resided deep inside his abdomen and all he could think of was her flesh and his lust to feel it.

    Queenie sitting beside, looked at him astonished. She didn’t imagine Newt having such thoughts, but she liked this side of her friend and decided to give him a little helping hand. She excused herself from Jacob and wandered to Newt’s table.

    “Fancy any of them?” She winked.

    Newt blushed a deep red and didn’t respond. His focus remained on Y/N who’s skirt was now clutched in her hands so it revealed her quick feet, and even higher up of her thighs.

    “She is lovely. She moves like a bird.” Queenie commented. She turned around and got two drinks and gave them to Newt. “for the nerves.” She said. “You know, when you ask her to dance once the performance was over.”

    “I-I’m not going to ask-“

    “You should, or someone’ll beat ya to it.” The man beside him suggested. “Suppose Y/N’s the one you’re staring at. The one in the middle with the hella beautiful red lips?”

    Newt nodded shyly.

    “Yeh after the show men just throw themselves at her. Well at all of them actually, but mostly at her.”

    The Magizoologist’s gaze went back on her who was laughing a sexy laugh. He brought his cup to his lips and took a couple gulps.

    Too soon to his opinion, the show ended and the singer came back and started singing as people stood up to dance. He saw indeed that men would go towards the fringe-covered girls and buy them drinks. He wasn’t too sure how to feel about this Y/N, for she was gorgeous but he could assume the reputation flappers had. To him, and most foreigners, they looked like young girls dancing and drinking their days away, and seducing their nights away. He pushed that possibility of Y/N out of his mind and could not deny that he was extremely attracted to her nevertheless.

    Y/N cheered and down a shot with her friends.

    “Amazing tonight ladies.” Her friend said.

    “Hear hear!” Another cried out, before being led to the dance floor by a black-haired gentleman.

    Y/N watched her friends get picked up by men one-by-one and sighed. There were cons to her life as a flapper, true, but it was way better than being a housemaid. It was fun. Just then she saw a man with honey curly locks looking at her from a table at the far end.

    He seemed…different from the usual customers she usually saw. He seemed innocent, and almost kind. He was neatly dressed in a blue coat and a yellow scarf she didn’t recognize.

    She decided to go toward him.

    Newt was still admiring Y/N when slowly her figure drew bigger and bigger and before he could escape, he realised she was coming right at him.

    “Hello sir.” She said, accepting a seat from the three men who stood up for her.

    Her voice was fruity and playful, and words seemed to ooze off her tongue slowly. Everything about her screamed sex appeal. But the thing was, she acted in no way suggestively to give off that impression.

    “Please, call me Newt.” He said, confidence slowly rising inside him from the influence of alcohol.

    “Newt. That’s now a name I hear every day.”

    “And yours is?”


    Newt watched her say it, in a way a rose would say it was a rose.

    They resumed with small talk, a bit of where are you from, and this and that but nothing too in depth. Eventually Newt grew tired of conversing and felt the urge to touch her again. He stood up and offered her his arm and went onto the dance floor.

    “I must warn you, I am terrible at dancing.”

    “You don’t have to worry about that, Newt, I think it’s cute.” Y/N winked.

    Newt soaked in the feeling of the sound of his name in her voice, for this may be the last time he saw this girl. They danced and danced and laughed and drank and laughed some more. Newt’s eyes the entire night were turned in one direction only.

    The night closing in and the pub emptying, it was finally time to go. Y/N watched her friends follow their newly acquired men home.

    “Well it was pleasure meeting you Y/N. You are a delight.”

    “Wait, you’re not asking me back to your room?” Y/N looked at him in stupor. Never once did a man dance with Y/N to not want her in his bed the next day.

    Newt misinterpreted this. He sighed to himself.

    “Look, I’m sorry. I know you are a beautiful lady and are young and go home with a guy each night but I’m just erm not that kind of guy.” He felt bad for her really, and longed to see her again if it weren’t for this promiscuity.

    “I beg your pardon?” Y/N practically shrieked. So he thought she was a whore then? Wouldn’t be the first time. But still, she thought he was different.

    “I’m really really sorry, Y/N. I genuinely don’t want take you home with me. I see you’re mad at that-“

    “And I see you willfully misunderstand me. Good night.” Y/N stormed off.

    How dare he think all she wanted was to sleep with him?

    Newt stood aghast. All he was trying to do was help her, why did she get so mad at him? He tried to shrug it off for he probably wouldn’t see her ever again. Yet his body told his mind otherwise, for it yearned for those creamy thighs and red lips.


    Originally posted by flores-de-verano

    103 larry fics over 20k & are completed

    this took so much work and i’m so happy with the outcome. there’s both bottom louis and bottom harry, if you aren’t sure which is which and you need to know ask me and i’ll tell you.

    bold are my favorites.

    starred are recently added ones

    20k-49k words:

    this house no longer feels like home: harry and louis have been together for 20 years. harry cheats. louis cries. harry is given a year to fix their marriage.

    purer than water (like we were): louis is a merman and harry is a boy. the lake is a good place to fall in love.

    Keep reading

    Sansa & Theon parallels

    DANCING (and how their new persona cannot dance)

    Sansa loved to dance, but Alayne…

    The Prince of Winterfell had been a graceful dancer, but Reek with his missing toes would be grotesque


    “Brother, surely you are mistaken. Your place is at Winterfell.” Her smile cut. “And where are all your pretty clothes? I heard you fancied silk and velvet against your skin.” 

    Soft-spoken sweet-smelling Sansa, who loved silks, songs, chivalry and tall gallant knights with handsome faces.

    HANDSOME/BEAUTIFUL (both according to popular opinion, but more specifically by Jeyne Poole)

    “I used to watch you in the yard, playing with your swords. You were so handsome.”

    “I was never beautiful like Sansa, but they all said I was pretty.” 


    Reek, Reek, my name is Reek. He had not been born with that name. In another life he had been someone else, but here and now, his name was Reek. He remembered.

    “You are Alayne, and you must be Alayne all the time.” [Littlefinger] put two fingers on her left breast. “Even here. In your heart. Can you do that? Can you be my daughter in your heart?” 


    He can make me look at the heads, she told herself, but he can’t make me see them.

    I must not let him drive me mad. He can take my fingers and my toes, he can put out my eyes and slive my ears off, but he cannot take my wits unless I let him.


    He’ll have you up there no matter what, so give him what he wants. She forced herself to take King Joffrey’s hand.
    A cold knife scraped along his spine. Be careful, he told himself, be very, very careful. He did not like his lordship’s smile, the way his eyes were shining, the spittle glistening at the corner of his mouth. He had seen such signs before. You are no prince. You’ re Reek, just Reek, it rhymes with freak. Give him the answer that he wants. 


    All it would take was a shove, she told herself. He was standing right there, right there, smirking at her with those fat wormlips. You could do it, she told herself. You could. Do it right now. It wouldn’t even matter if she went over with him. It wouldn’t matter at all. 

    Theon drew the dagger. All I need do is turn and stab him. The knife is in my hand. He knew the game by then. Another trap, he told himself, remembering Kyra with her keys. He wants me to try to kill him. And when I fail, he’ll flay the skin from the hand I used to hold the blade.


    He remembered a time when he had thought that Lord Eddard Stark might marry him to Sansa, and claim him for a son, but that had only been a child’s fancy.

    No one will ever marry me for love. But lying came easy to her now.


    In the songs, the hero always saved the maiden from the monster’s castle, but life was not a song.

    Life is not a song, sweetling. Someday you may learn that to your sorrow.

    And:  There are no heroes here, only whores //  There are no heroes…in life, the monsters win


    “You’re like one of those birds from the Summer Isles, aren’t you? A pretty little talking bird, repeating all the pretty little words they taught you to recite”

    “You have forgotten more than you know. And you are a great fool if you believe your lord father will ever hand these holy islands over to a Stark. Now be silent. The ride is long enough without your magpie chatterings.”

    Meeting Got7′s Jackson

    So, me and a friend(A) ended up going to a mv shoot for a secret artist. We didn’t know who it was till we got to the mv site. I was tryna figure out who the artist was before even getting there. I was thinking it may be Taeyang (<3), Crush, Zico, or even GD. They all had stuff coming out around that time. Even though it wasn’t disclosed I decided to go to have a new experience. Me and A saw a few friends we knew when we got to the shooting area. One of the girls ended up telling us it was Jackson. Now, I don’t really listen to Got7′s stuff. I knew of Jackson, but didn’t keep tabs on him cuz there’s just other groups and artists I tend to listen to. I knew he was a cool person, but not really much on him at all.

    When we got inside the area we saw my friend Kai, and later a couple other friends showed up too. We see them with a long table set up with a bunch of food. Then some horses. Everyone was standing around talking and one of the Japanese dancers waved and said hi to us. I called him over and asked a few questions about him and his crew. He was definitely the bold one of their group. The others stayed on their side and were being shy. I told him they looked familiar and he said they were the dancers from Chris Brown’s Kriss Kross video. They were so adorable! 

    A little later while I was hanging with A she spotted Ben Baller. She asked me if that was him. I said I didn’t know and called his name. He didn’t hear at first so I Wayans Brother bird called him then called his name again. This time he heard and came over. We said hi to him and started chatting. He was really cool. Like, really cool. Him and A even started debating about the best restaurants in Texas. These two were really arguing over some Pappadeaux.

    The shooting with the extras finally began after some delays. All of us went on set. There were probably around 50 of us or so. We all lined up on the sides and Jackson, Ben, and his manager were set up in the middle where there was a small round table with some wine glasses and an empty champagne bottle. They told us to dance as if we were at a party. The director called a break and everyone stayed on set except me. I ran off to powder my face since I was getting sweaty cuz that ain’t cute! I got my compact and ran to the restroom. When I came out Jackson was right outside with a few staff members. I said hey and he said it back. We smiled, shook hands, and he thanked me for coming out to help. I thanked him for having us and I went back on set. I went to A and told her what happened. Some girls around us were being so nosy and had salty looks on their faces when they heard about me running into him off set. lol Stay pressed!

    We began shooting again then had another break. This time a little longer. Many people went off set to take a seat and get some water. Me, A, and Kai went over to get some water by the water cooler and chat. I noticed Jackson kept walking past us. So I stopped him and asked him about his mv. He told us it would be released first on WSHH some time in August. We all stayed there and chatted for a bit. He asked us a few questions about ourselves and we started joking around. A asked him if we could get a picture and he said sure. He insisted he take the picture so he took my phone and snapped away. We chatted some more then they called us back on set. You could tell he didn’t want to leave. We didn’t either. ^^

    We ended up forming basically a Soul Train line and some people did their little solo dances. One of which is a friend whose a staple in k music videos. She did that! So a bunch of us girls were praising her afterwards and pumping her up. They stop us again and check the video. We continue talking about how this girl just killed it and A shouts “Jackson who?!”. Ben can’t hold it in and he cracks up. We were all laughing. We noticed Ben had Trump on his shirt so we call him back and light him up. We say “What’s all this?!” 

    He tells us it’s actually an anti-Trump shirt. We tell him, even so, he shouldn’t be giving him any spotlight. He says it will be censored out anyway. lol Jackson walks over and jumps in the convo, obviously not hearing our sentiment on Trump, and asks A if she likes Trump. A puts her hand up and pretends like she’s going to backhand him. Jackson puts his arms up in guard motion and pretends to shriek. lol

    We go back to shooting then they stop to check the video again. The girl who organized getting the extras together comes back over to the set and tells everyone that Jackson will come around dancing with people, and for everyone to basically not dance all up on him. Then she comes over specifically to our group, singles us out and says “Especially you guys. I know y’all!”. 

    Uhhh, no she didn’t! We took it in stride and joked it off. I said “I can’t make any promises! ;)” A said “Does he have insurance?” She gave us the saltiest looks XD.  

    We go back to shooting some more and I got tired. I needed to cool down. Again, this sweatiness ain’t cute. The camera was still rolling, but I figured the camera wouldn’t catch it if I went to sit down at the table on set since everyone else was standing up and dancing. Jackson was in the very back talking with some of the other extras. I sat my happy self down and pretended to pour myself some champagne. Jackson comes over from behind me, grabs the seat across from me, and sits down. It was only us two. We started chatting again for a couple minutes.^^ 

    We get another break. This time it’s even longer since now they’ll be bringing in a car to change the setting. EVERYONE leaves off set except my group. There were around 6 of us. We sat at the table in the middle of set joking and playing around with each other. When I say the set was empty, I mean it was empty! Guess who decides to come for dinner? Jackson leaves the video table and walks up to us, grabs an empty chair and makes himself comfortable. I was in the seat across from him. We all start talking and joking around. Boy, you’re not supposed to make it so obvious! At least pretend to mingle with everybody else XD. He remembered me, A, and Kai’s name even tho we had told him only once about an hour before at the water cooler. Well, he remembered 2 of our names. He called my name, then A’s, but when he got to Kai he called her Kyle. Bruh! lol I told him to try again. This time he says Kylie. Boy, I’ma need you to leave those Kardashians out of this lol. I loud whisper cough “Kai” and he finally gets it. He says he was close. Kai says “Yeah, you were in the vicinity.” We all laughed about it. More joking around and he starts jokingly mimicking one of our friends British accent back to her. This boy is so lovable. Some other people off set obviously didn’t want us to have his jflawlessness all to ourselves so they started creeping in -_-. One girl comes over to me, asks what time it is, all while looking at Jackson not bothering to look at me while asking, then stays put -_-. A couple others start creeping in too. His manager is now with us on set. I run over to get my phone and come back. I ask his manager for his instagram so I can follow him. I saw Jackson staring at me from my peripheral. I knew he was gonna tell me something. He calls my name and us two briefly talk about music. You can tell who was clearly his favorite. 

    Toot toot!

    He really liked another girl in our crew too. Later on he poured her some soju and they drank a cup together quickly. He took pictures with a couple more girls in our crew, then people started rushing over to get one too. The staff came over to break it up.

    Anyway, Jackson is now a part of my bias list along with Jay, Taeyang, and Dean ^^ He is so cool. He is the most humble, down-to-earth, relatable celeb I’ve yet to meet. Me and my crew had a great time with him. I’m officially #teamwang!

    anonymous asked:

    Hi! Can you share which fics you've recently read that you liked? Or currently reading.. I'm so desperate to find something new to read.. Lol thanks :)

    Recently Read Fics

    This Wicked GameAn AU in which The Bachelor is gay, Louis is a contestant, Harry is the bachelor, everyone drinks a lot of champagne, the entire world gets to watch them fall in love, and no one plays by the rules.

    Hush. : An au where small towns suck, Louis is losing it, and Harry’s just too perfect.

    Shake Me Down : Harry’s new to college, fresh out of Catholic school and conversion therapy camp, and Louis runs the campus LGBTQIA organization.

    My heart is breathing for this moment in time : When Louis first saw Harry at the 2010 X Factor Auditions, he thought he was watching a peculiarly special stranger. But Harry has known Louis ever since he was five years old.Because Louis has a rare genetic disorder that causes him to Time Travel to important moments in his past and in his future - and to Harry, always to Harry. When they’re put into a band together, it seems like everything Harry has been waiting and wishing for has finally come true. Except for the small fact that Louis doesn’t know that Harry is in love with him- that Harry’s always been in love with him. Fate, it would seem, is just getting started.A story about growing up and growing together, and the impossible love that makes it all worthwhile.

    Down : Sometimes all Harry really wants is to play with Louis’ arse.

    Outwit, Outplay, Outlast : A Survivor All-Stars AU in which Harry and Louis are just in this game to win the million dollars, but they end up with something better.Featuring Harry’s yellow swim shorts, Louis in snapbacks, and OT5 

    Give Me Truths : Louis is a psychology student with a tattoo count as high as his genius IQ. Harry is in a (sort-of) relationship with a homophobic man and hates himself a little more every day. Things fall apart and Louis puts him back together.Or, the one in which Louis falls in love with a fragile boy and tells him every beautiful truth in the world, as long as it makes him happy. shenanigans.

    Through Eerie Chaos :  For as long as anyone can remember, Old Hillsbridge Manor has always been believed to be haunted. Everyone in the village agrees and keeps a respectful, fearful, distance. New in town after a bad breakup and an internship that led to disappointment rather than a permanent job, Harry Styles figures taking pictures of the decrepit building could be a great new creative project. Or at least a much-needed distraction while he searches for a job and crashes at his parents’ new house. No one warned him about the apparitions though; about the music, the laughter, the people who flicker and vanish when you call after them, the echoes of a past that should be long gone… Harry has never believed in spirits but even he can admit that there’s something weird going on. What starts as mere curiosity evolves into a full-blown investigation and soon enough, Harry finds himself making friends with an aristocrat from the 1920s and struggling with finding the best way to tell him that he’s dead.

    To Read Fics

    Like an Endless Summer : Louis is a riding instructor at a summer camp, and Harry is a fellow counselor who he’s been successfully managing his crush on for the last two summers. That is, until Harry shows up this year leveled up and lethal, and all Louis’s formerly perfected veneer of nonchalance melts like a popsicle in the sun.

    Carry This Feeling :  Harry knows, objectively, that he shouldn’t try to get his ghostwriter into bed. He knows. But…he finds it hard to resist temptation when Louis waltzes into his home and his life and turns everything upside down. And, as it turns out, Louis might just need a little turning upside down too.

    Ace : The sexuality crisis you probably haven’t read.

    I want a little sweetness down in my soul : Harry wants Louis to ride his face and it takes a bit of convincing but eventually he comes around. It’s glorious, control is lost, steaminess ensues. Quite hot.

    Allies in Heaven, Comrades in Hell : A Catholic school!AU where Louis is finishing sixth form and will definitely be famous someday if Harry has something to say about it, Liam is the racist homophobe that Zayn is dreadfully in love with, and Niall teaches guitar.

    Say Your Prayers : The one where Harry, head counsellor at a Catholic summer camp, dedicates his time to what he loves most, year after year. It’s mostly the same every summer; the place, the topics, the games. This year, however, there’s a new assistant counsellor stumbling into his camp, and possibly his heart.

    Cold : Harry Styles hated the minister’s son.Louis Tomlinson was brash, obnoxious and possessed all the attributes that Harry deemed unlikable in another person. Unfortunately, they attended the same Bible studies class at church and their mothers were best friends, so avoiding the other boy was impossible

    Let Me Put On A Show For You Daddy : Harry is an art (per)form(ance).

    Why Can’t It Be Like That : A fashion AU with a royal twist, where Louis doesn’t need a stylist, Harry’s thrilled to have a real life Barbie doll, and they’re both very wrong about each other.

    When We Were YoungerSixteen year old Harry Styles’ world turns upside down when he logs on to gay teen chat to discover somebody has stolen his photos and used them as their own.

    Touch : Harry’s shy and virginal with a past, new on the football team; Louis’ the (experienced) popular star of the team and Harry’s new mentor.

    Flightless BirdAU where Louis Tomlinson is a principal dancer with The Royal Ballet. When his rival from ballet school, moody dance prodigy Harry Styles joins the company, old wounds are reopened and old passions reignited. During the company’s production of Swan Lake the secret that doomed their love is finally revealed, but will it be too late?

    Now you know me (for your eyes only) : au where harry and louis are solo artists and they’re not exactly friends per se but they’re friendly, know each other from industry parties and things like that and there’s always been this weird unspoken sexual tension between them and louis’ always kinda confused bc isn’t harry the biggest ladies’ man in the industry?? and one day harry asks louis to collab with him and of course louis says yes even tho he’s kinda surprised and harry plays the song for him and louis is completely blown away by how beautiful it is and it’s a love song and he’s like damn whoever this is about is lucky as fuck bc it’s clearly written from personal experience so they spend all this time together recording and it’s super bittersweet bc they click right away and it takes louis about three seconds to realize he has a huge fucking crush on harry but on the other hand harry clearly had someone in mind when he wrote the song so the last day of recording comes and louis’ like “thanks for having me on the song” and harry just shrugs and is like “well it just seemed fitting bc the song is about you”

    All You Can Eat : The one where human Harry seduces his hot teacher professor Tomlinson, who happens to be a vampire

    Where we belong Chapter one

    Plot: 7 guys, 7 girls, 1 dream
    They gathered in the white practice room the day before the concert, one of the many concerts the guys had, the first for the girls.. they prepared so much and worked so hard, they were happy.
    Genuinely happy, besides the tears and the sweat, besides all the things they gave up: friends, family, youth.
    They all felt like this was it, this was exactly where they belonged.

    Hope you like it


    GIF is not mine

    Originally posted by greenoasis

    It was a beautiful sunny Sunday in Seoul, most of the people were out eating and just enjoy the warm weather.

    From their dorm’s window, Mira could see some couples, walking hand in hand through the streets of Seoul. Watching the shops and eating some street food, she was immersed in the view when the blond maknae interrupted her.

    -Unnie, I’m going to the pool with Lizzie, ok?

    -Oh..sure Yoore

    The eldest smiled widely, remembering how they all used to go together to the beach in Brighton every Sunday morning, enjoying the rare sun in England.

    She missed the smell of the sea, she remembers how she could just open the window and feel it..

    She could still feel it, if she just closed her eyes, God knew how much she missed it.

    She missed the beach, where she could just go and walk freely; she missed the seagulls that kind of scared her.

    Mira always loved walking and nature, so that’s why it was so hard for her, to live in a big city like that, not being able to just breathe fresh air and free her mind how she used to.

    It was 10 in the morning when she decided to start cleaning the house; the others were sleeping and she didn’t want to wake them up, so she just started by herself.

    The girls and the boys decided to have lunch together because they were both free after their concerts.

    As many times before, the girls would have made lunch and the boys would have cleaned after, this time it was girls dorm turn so they had to settle the table for all 14, and prepare something.. probably something simple and fresh.

    Just a few meters away, behind their living room’s wall, there were one of the boys’ room.

    -Hyung, are you going to take a shower first?

    A dark hair Yoongi, sitting on his bed with his laptop on his legs asked his roommate Jin, who just woke up.

    Still not able to properly talk, the oldest got up, scratched his head and just walked in the bathroom.

    Yoongi was already awake since 8.30, not being able to sleep properly because of his upset stomach who has been torturing him for a few days now.

    He massaged his belly and put back his headphones on, opening the program he used for his music and playing a bit around.

    The sun hitting his milky skin, underlining his soft features.

    Passing a hand through his hair he got up, deciding to open the window due to the nice weather outside.

    A warm breeze caressed his skin while he did so and he couldn’t help but smile a little, he really enjoys this weather.. it was not too cold but not too hot.

    He could hear some birds singing, people talking in the crowded streets underneath him.

    Already feeling a bit better he sat back on his bed, closing his eyes and resting his head on the bedroom’s wall.

    And then he heard it.

    A voice.

    Her voice.

    Every time they had a free day, every morning to be precise, he could hear it.

    Her. Singing.

    Her sweet soft voice, singing the same song every time.

    He looked for it, it took him a while but he did find it googling the words he could get.

    Only hope, by Mandy Moore

    Not his style, but definitely hers.

    A love song, with a beautiful lyrics.

    He wishes he could write something so sweet, maybe for her.

    He secretly wished he could hear her singing that not just behind a wall. Yes, he heard her a lot of time singing, he was their producer after all.. but this song.. this was her song.

    And the way she always sang it, it was something different..

    He kept smiling while she was singing, enjoying every single word and just imagining how her messy hairs were probably bothering her..  how she was keeping putting them behind her ear and how her hazelnut eyes would have been wondering around the living room, looking for something.

    Mira was like a beautiful art piece, impossible not to admire and hard to take the eyes off.

    -Yoongi, I’m done you can go..

    Startled, the boy just got up quickly opening his eyes and nodding at Jin, who looked at him confused.

    -Are..oh..what’s this? Who is singing?

    -Dunno.. gonna go and take a shower hyung, it’s already 11..

    -Yea..we should go to the girls by 13 more or less


    He closed the bedroom door behind him and walked to the bathroom.

    Under the cold water of the shower, he couldn’t stop thinking of her voice.

    Her angelic voice.

    He kept playing it in his head while he just stood there, thinking of her beautiful face, and her smile that took his breath away every single time since the first time.


    Lizzie and Yoore were back from the pool and already took a shower.

    XinYu, Mira and Kanda were cooking lunch, while the others were about to set the table.

    The door bell rang, and Soosun runs at the door to open.

    A smiley Hoseok was waiting, with all of the boys behind him.

    His big dazzling smiled replaced by a weak one, almost fake.


    -Jiminie!! Come guys, we’re almost done!

    -Hyung move!

    The blond boy moved the dancer to get in and made his way in the dorm.

    The others following him.

    -We’re almost done, guys! Sit!

    The leader took the plates and served lunch.

    -Have a nice meal everyone!

    They all sit together and enjoyed the food like they’ve been doing for almost one year and a half now.

    The girls have been training since they came in Korea for one year before debuting, and since they were the only trainers who would have been debuted for sure, BTS just wanted to take care of them and they got close pretty quickly.

    Even if their culture were a bit different, everybody tried their best to respect the other traditions and habits and learn from them.

    -Sunbaenim, could you please pass me some water?

    Jin, who was sitting beside Mira, did as the younger girl asked with a big smile on his face.

    Mira was such a sweet heart it was hard to say no to her, the two always joked around and the man had a sweet spot for her, like everyone could tell.

    On the other side of the table, some dark eyes were looking at the two, observing every single move but trying not to be noticed.

    Everybody was so absorbed in other conversations, like the new video game Jungkook played or the latest choreography they had to learn, that it was an easy job for him.

    In his eyes, Mira and Jin were in their own word, and it was impossible for him to get in or even close.

    Resigning himself, he just looked at his empty white plate, his stomach began to hurt again.

    -I’m going back to the dorm guys, thanks for everything girls..

    -Are you feeling sick?

    The blond makae looked at him with her big eyes, questioning if the rapper who looked paler than usual, was ok.

    -Yea, just sleepy..

    He smiled a bit so that maybe they would have been less worried and just walked out.

    While he was putting his shoes on, he felt a hand touching his shoulder, he turned around to meet her eyes.

    -Sunbaeinm..you forgot your phone

    She was holding it in her tiny hands, her long fingers around it.. her nails painted in a pretty pastel pink that Yoongi thought suited her really well.

    -Thanks .. Mira

    Her name escaped from his mouth, he almost whispered it.. and he enjoyed how it sounded..how her name sounded so good said by him.

    -You’re welcome!

    She smiled at him, and he just stood there with a shoe and a half on, admiring the view.. trying to print it in his memory until he could.. until he didn’t have to just let it go.

    Mira got back to the table, a bit worried for Yoongi.

    -Is he ok?

    Asked Jin, noticing how the young girl kept touching her hands

    -Mm..yea.I think..

    -He probably is just a bit stressed.. don’t worry

    -I..I wasn’t


    That night, Mira couldn’t really sleep so she got up and went to the living room.

    Opening the window to let the night breeze in, she thought of how strange Yoongi was, he looked at her with his annoyed gaze when she gave him his phone back.

    Sighing, she looked down at the empty streets, everyone got back early today, Monday was just a few hours away.

    There’s a song that’s inside of my soul 

    It’s the one that I’ve tried to write over and over again 

    I’m awake in the infinite cold 

    But You sing to me over and over and over again 

    Yoongi couldn’t sleep either, he was staring at the white ceiling



    -Are you awake?



    Do you like her? This was the question he wanted to ask..but he wasn’t brave enough to ask..or maybe he was just scared of the possible answer.

    -What Yoongi? Are you feeling bad? Mira was kind of worried for you..you looked sick

    -Was she?

    -Yea..you looked really bad

    Was she worried about him? Why? Millions of questions running in his head, making him feel dizzy.

    He turned around to face his roommate who was now awake.

    -No I.. just an upset stomach..

    -Rest..we have some recordings tomorrow..than Japan..

    -Yea..she..said something?



    He whispered her name, again loving how it sounded said by him, his Mira..

    -No..but you know she doesn’t talk much..

    -She does..with you..


    The ugly truth..Mira was always happy and bubbly around Jin, but who wouldn’t? His hyung was able to make everybody feel comfortable.

    His opposite, the Yoongi he always wished to be.

    -Yea..night hyung


    He just interrupted the conversation, not wanting to feel worse.. it was just a phase..it would have passed.. he would have forgotten her..

    So I lay my head back down 

    And I lift my hands 

    and pray to be only Yours 

    I pray to be only Yours 

    I know now you’re my only hope 

    -Mir..are you ok?

    -Lizzie..I am ok, why are you awake?

    -Thirsty..You sure everything is ok?

    The black hair girl looked at her while heading at the fridge and taking some fresh water out to drink.


    -Doesn’t seem like it..

    -It’s fine.. nothing serious..

    Mira wasn’t able to hide anything from the girls..

    They tried to protect her since day 1, she was such a naive girl.. netizen would have eaten her in one bite if she wouldn’t have been careful.

    -Mm.. Did you have fun today with Jin?

    -Yea..he’s funny..

    -He takes care of you pretty well..

    -He’s just nice

    -I guess so..

    The two looked at each other, Lizzie who was the youngest between the two, smiled at her and got back to bed after kissing the top of Mira’s head.

    Sing to me the song of the stars 

    Of Your galaxy dancing and laughing 

    and laughing again 

    When it feels like my dreams are so far 

    Sing to me of the plans that You have for me over again 

    A few weeks later, after BTS Japan’s concerts and Cherries on Tops’s album promotions, the two groups could finally have some free time.

    As usual, Yoongi was laying on his bed, half awake and half asleep while the morning sun was warming his body.

    Jin got up early and went to the kitchen to start cooking for everyone.

    The boy, who got skinnier than usual due the intense schedules got up to open the windows, finally deciding to get up.

    And then he heard it.


    That voice.

    That song.

    Unconsciously, he started to sing it too..his deep morning voice matching her sweet one.

    I give You my destiny 

    I’m giving You all of me 

    I want Your symphony 

    Singing in all that I am 

    At the top of my lungs I’m giving it back 

    So I lay my head back down 

    And I lift my hands and pray 

    To be only yours 

    I pray to be only yours 

    I pray to be only yours 

    I know now you’re my only hope

    Love, Hope, and Misery: Chapter 6

    Alec looked down at the large scar over his chest. It was huge and pink, healed by Magnus’ capable hands but it would never go away and he knew it. He was lucky it hadn’t gone through any of his runes, although his other wound had. 

    He glanced down at the bandages still covering the knife wound around his iratz rune. Izzy had stitched it and Magnus had used some spell to ease the pain but the scar would forever stay and the rune could never be used again. 

    He wasn’t exactly sure why, but the knife the seelie had used, and the way she’d cut him, made the rune useless. Now that his permanent iratz rune had been destroyed, he couldn’t create another that would stay for more than a few hours. 

    Izzy was trying to figure out what she’d done to cause such a strange reaction, but for now everyone had agreed that Alec could not get hurt again, and that, he’d have to heal the slow, mundane way. 

    Alec pulled his shirt down on his chest carefully, trying not to jostle his broken ribs too much. He was still badly bruised from Izzy’s CPR, as well as his brief fight with the seelie before he was drugged. 

    But he was feeling much better than he had before, and Izzy deemed him healthy enough to leave the medical wing, so he was going straight home to Magnus’ apartment. 

    The warlock came in then, holding a glass of thick green sludge and a handful of pills, with a black hoodie wedged under his arm. 

    “Here, drink this and take these." 

    Alec grimaced at the concoction in the glass as he took the small handful of pills. 

    "What is that? Is that alive?" 

    Magnus made a face and pressed the drink into his boyfriend’s hand. "Of course not, I killed it first. Would you just drink it, please? It’s to promote healing and calm the mind. And those pills are from Izzy, they’re antibiotics." 

    Alec groaned in annoyance but did as he was told, suppressing the urge to roll his eyes as Magnus pressed a hand to his forehead. 

    "I don’t have a fever, Mags." 

    "Calm down, I’m just making sure. Put this on and then we’ll get going." 

    Alec took the hoodie offered to him and accepted Magnus’ help putting it on. He was still weak and healing, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t do anything himself. 

    He went to get off the bed, only to have Magnus stop him with a hand to the chest. 

    "Are you sure you’re ready? Maybe you should just for a little longer." 

    Alec groaned, throwing his head back. "Magnus! I’m fine! We’re just going home so I can go back to bed, it’s not like I’m going on a hunt or anything." 

    Magnus raised an eyebrow. "That’s right, you aren’t going on a hunt and you won’t be for a long time. You’re going to stay with me forever and never go back to those dangerous missions." 

    Alec was about to protest when the warlock placed his hands-on Alec’s cheeks, being careful of the graze still healing over his jaw.

    "You can’t so no to me Alexander, you love me too much." 

    Alec laughed as magnus used his kitten look, that ‘up through the eyelashes’ with a little pout, look that Alec could never resist.

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    (A/N): This story was first published on my old Tumblr page (Foxxy-stories). Don’t panic. 

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

    Warning: language, dirty talk but no smut (it can count as a bit NSFW-ish)

    Edited: July 27, 2017

    Words: 2463

    Originally posted by blackinjustice

    Who is she? – Bucky Barnes
        Sometimes, even the greatest heroes on Earth needed a time off. Being away from the tower - which represented their home - for several days, and risking their lives for the people was hard. That’s why, when they had the opportunity, they would go to their favorite club and spend time together as a family. There was nothing better than a good music with special light effects and the best drinks in the city. The girls, Natasha, (Y/N) and Wanda would mostly sit behind their own table and talk about girl stuff. The boys, Tony, Steve, Bucky, Vision, Sam, Bruce, and Clint were mostly sitting near the bar, drinking beers and talking. But it wasn’t like that the whole night. When the girls had finished their small talk, they would join the men and enjoy the rest of the night with them.

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    The Step of Two

    Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

    Published: January 4th, 2017

    Word Count: 2,808

    [Sorry for the rough editing I only went through it once. Enjoy!]

    You bobbed your head carelessly to the music playing through your headphones as you just barely registered the voice of your ballet teacher, from across the room, calling out the names of pairs for the Pas De Deux end of year assignment, one of the most heavily graded performances of the year of the year.

    “Emily and Jungkook,” your teacher called. You glanced up from your phone with a smile as you saw your best friend stand up awkwardly and walk over to stand next to her crush, the two of them now inseparable for the next few weeks. You smirked and threw her a glance that she knew well. She rolled her eyes and blew you a kiss “lovingly,” knowing that you would be teasing her endlessly once you were both out of the classroom.

    “Anna and Scott,” the voice of your teacher came once again and you sighed. Of course, the class sweethearts would be put together, again. No teacher dared to put Scott or Anna with any other partners for fear that Anna’s father, the school’s president, would make them pay dearly.

    You rolled your eyes as the love birds jumped into each other’s arms, as if they hadn’t already known that they’d be put together. Your gaze found Emily’s across the room and you both simultaneously fake gagged.

    “Y/n and Jimin.” Your teacher let out a large breath as she finished calling the name of your partner. Your head snapped up at the sound of your name and your eyes grew wide. You looked to see a familiar silver haired boy leaning against the wall of the studio opposite you, looking at you. You scowled at him in return and stood up, pulling your headphones out of your ears impatiently and leaving them behind, before walking towards your teacher. You watched as everyone else around you begin talking to their partner, trying to become familiar with the person that they would be spending the next month working with.

    You saw Jimin begin walking towards you out of the eye and you began walking faster, getting to the teacher before he got to you.

    “Can I please find a new partner,” you pleaded to your teacher as you stood before you with your hands clasped together desperately.

    Your teacher looked at you, confused. “Why? Jimin is a great dancer, y/n; you should be thankful you got him as a partner,” she said as her eyes fell on someone behind you. You looked around to see Namjoon on the other side of the room with his partner, already practically stepping on her toes while standing. Namjoon was unanimously thought to be the worst dancer in the class, but you’d always admired his constant hard work. You sighed in defeat before tensing up as you felt a body suddenly appear behind you.

    “You don’t want to be my partner, y/n?” You clenched your jaw at the sound of an arrogant voice coming from behind you. You spun around, ready to throw a quick retort, only to be startled by his close proximity.

    The words in your throat died as you saw how easily you could see Jimin’s facial features from so close and you gulped. “No. I don’t,” you finally pushed out. Jimin pouted, a clearly fake pout, and looked up at the teacher sadly. She wouldn’t buy it, would she?

    You turned your head slowly to see your teacher nodding solemnly. “I’m afraid Jimin has no one else to dance with, y/n. You’ll both have to suffer through any resentment you have towards each other and learn to work together for this assignment. If either of you initiate a split of partners, you’ll both receive a 0% on the assignment.”

    You groaned before spinning on your heel and going back to collapse in a cross-legged position next to your bag.

    It wasn’t long before the shadow of your partner fell over you. “What do you want, Jimin?” you spat.

    Jimin crouched down to sit at eye level with you and you scowled again. “I want to be your Pas De Deux partner,” he said light heartedly with a grin.

    “I would rather do Seokjin’s traffic dance in front of the whole school.”

    Jimin chuckled. “That can be arranged.”

    You let your head fall into your hands as you contemplated the options: dance with the boy that had broken you small fragile 9 year old heart and had forever named you the first girl dumped in your small school, or receive a 0% on an assignment for the first time in your life.

    You looked at the stunning boy before you but could only see the boy that had broken your heart so many years ago. After that day, resentment had lain between you two and neither had tried to mend the rift.

    Although his outward persona was similar to the actual playboys around school, you’d never seen Jimin with a girl on his arm. He’d always seemed to stand or sit by himself and keep a closed personality, not letting anyone close to him.

    But now Jimin sat giving you a playful smile with his hand outstretched, waiting patiently for you to take it. He knew that you wouldn’t let yourself get a 0% on an assignment and he was your only option.

    It’s just like tearing off a band-aid, y/n. Just get it over with you told yourself. There was no point delaying the inevitable.

    You stared at the small hand before you, studying it. Despite the callouses on it, from what, you didn’t know, it still retained an incredibly soft appearance.

    Slowly you lifted your hand from your side and slid it into his, surprised by the sudden warmth that spread from your hand through your body, all the way to your toes. Jimin’s smile grew and you hesitantly quirked the sides of your mouth upwards.

    You gasped as you were suddenly pulled to your feet by Jimin’s hand and stumbled forward, falling against Jimin’s chest.

    Your eyes widened as you realized what just happened. Your mouth spewed random sounds and letters as you pushed yourself off of Jimin and attempted to tear your hand out of his. You tugged, but his grip was too strong and he didn’t seem like he planned to let go anytime soon. You stood, uncomfortably, with your hands together, staring at him; you were about to ask him what he was doing when he held up your intertwined hands.

    “We’re in it together, Partner,” Jimin said with a smile.

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    Kiss Me Slowly - A Gabe Brown One Shot

    Inspired by this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km75Pc0YzdQ

    It was your first time staying the night with Gabe in Brown Town. Sure you’d visited before, but you always left before dark fell. He was always insistent that he get you back to your apartment safely. It was a big step in your relationship with the middle Brown brother. The two of you had been seeing each other regularly for one month exactly, and you were falling head over heels in love with him. Over that month, you had become extremely close with Gabe’s younger sister Birdy. According to her, Gabe was falling just as hard for you.

    But if he was falling for you too, why hadn’t he kissed you yet? You and Gabe had been on a few of dates to local diners in Hoonah and you visited Brown Town twice since the start of your relationship. He had had plenty of perfect moments, but each time he’d simply peck you on the cheek instead. As the days passed, you grew more frustrated with him. Gabe was very shy around you when you first met, and it took two weeks to even get a hug out of him. Things never went past holding hands and cheek kisses.

    You were working on preparing dinner in the main cabin with Birdy and Rainy. Since you were staying a few days with the Browns, you brought your iPod and speakers so you could give them a little taste of modern day music. While the three of you prepared a meal, you danced in their small kitchen to Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, and a little classic rock, since that was their favorite.

    “Sugar! Yes please! Won’t you come and put it down on me? I’m right here, cause I need a little love and little sympathy!!” you sang loudly while chopping an onion.

    Birdy and Rainy were cracking up at your dance moves. All of you were getting your groove on, putting on quite a show for anyone passing through wondering what was for dinner.

    When you hit the chorus of Sugar by Maroon 5 again, Bear walked into the cabin. He was immediately drawn to your voice. Without any of you noticing, he sneaked in and sat at the table and watched the three of you make complete fools of yourselves. When you turned around and noticed him, you could have died from embarrassment.

    “How much of that little dance session did you see?” you asked.

    “Enough to know that you’re an awesome dancer! Does Gabe know you can dance like that?” he responded.

    You raised an eyebrow at him, “I can’t dance to save my life, Bear, but thanks. And no, Gabe’s never seen me dance.”

    “She’s pretty upset with Gabe right now,” Rain said.

    Bear gave you a confused look, “Why? What did he do?”

    You turned back to your vegetables, throwing all you had been chopping into the skillet on their new stove. You didn’t want to tell Bear why you were upset, so you pretended like you didn’t hear him.

    “He hasn’t kissed her yet,” Rainy continued.

    You sighed.

    “What?? You’ve been seeing each other for how long now? A month? Hold on, I’ll be right back,” he said. Before you could stop him, he bounded out the front door, off to who knows where.  You, Birdy, and Rainy worked in silence for a few minutes before Bear popped his head in the front door.

    “Hey Bird, Rain. Mom wants you guys to come outside and help her with something,” he said. The two girls looked at you and shrugged before exiting the cabin, leaving you alone with the food. You mindlessly tended the frying vegetables, your iPod still playing loudly in the background. You heard the front door open again, and you assumed it was just the girls. Your iPod switched songs to “Kiss Me Slowly” by Parachute.

    You sighed. If only Gabe would kiss you slowly, you thought. Suddenly you felt a familiar pair of strong hands at your hips, swaying them back and forth to the beat of the music.

    “Bear says you’ve got moves. You should show me sometime,” Gabe said.

    You turned the heat down on your skillet of vegetables before you turned around to face him. While his hands were still at your hips, you wrapped your arms around his neck and started moving your feet to the music. You swayed back and forth for a few moments just looking into each other’s eyes. God he had the most beautiful eyes, you thought. They were the most piercing shade of blue, like the ocean and the sky blended together.

    The second verse of the song started playing and you piped up, singing directly to the handsome man in front of you. You didn’t have the best voice in the world, but Gabe hung on to every word that came from your lips. You belted the chorus, still swaying to the beat of the song. Gabe’s eyes never left yours even when you got lost in the lyrics.

    “Taste your lips and feel your skin, when the time comes baby don’t run, just kiss me slowly,” you sang the last line of the chorus with your eyes closed, focused on hitting the right notes. When you opened them, Gabe gave you a huge grin.

    “Looks like I’ve hit the lottery. A girl that can dance, sing, and likes me!” he said, “Not to mention beautiful.”

    You laughed, “Thanks babe.”

    You continued to sway back and forth until the final chorus of the song came on. You laid your head on his chest and wrapped your arms around his waist, bringing him in for a hug. As the song faded out, you raised your head to meet his gaze.

    “Stay with me, baby stay with me,” he quoted the song.

    “I am staying with you Gabe. I’d stay forever if I could,” you said.

    “You really mean that?” he asked.

    You nodded, “I really enjoy spending time in Brown Town. I love your family. I love how quiet it is here. I love spending time with you. I love you, Gabe.”

    That last part slipped out accidentally. You’d only been dating him for a month, so you weren’t sure how he’d react to “I love you’s” so soon. But it wasn’t a lie; you really did love him.

    He flashed a quick smile before replying, “More, babe.”

    After a month of waiting and anticipation, Gabe finally brought his lips down on yours. The kiss was warm and soft and everything you had wanted for so long. Your lips parted and his tongue danced with yours. Fireworks exploded behind your closed eyelids. When you finally pulled away, you couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face.

    “I’ve been waiting for that,” you admitted.

    “I know. I was waiting for the right time,” he said. You were brought out of the blissful moment by the smell of something burning.

    “What’s that smell?” he asked. Your eyes grew wide.

    “My vegetables! Damn it!”

    Stripped Favors [Part 2 / ?]

    Alternate Universe Series (Stripped)

    [ Read Part One ]

    Pairing: Fake-Boyfriend!Steve x Reader

    Characters [in order of appearance]: Reader, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Kyle (OC), Lindsay (OC), and Mentions of Other Characters.

    Warnings: Explicit Language, Strong Sexual Reference, Offensive Terms, Suggestive Character Occupation, Use of Alcohol, and Suggestive Themes.

    Word Count: 4.9k+

    A/N: The awaited part two is here! I wrote over 3,000 words all today and so happy late birthday Steve! x. T

    Your name: submit What is this?

    Manhattan, New York

    .  .  .


               You had an hour before you usually left for work and you were seated at the dining table, sipping on a steaming cup of coffee. The TV was off so it left you in a silence that you could only stand for so long, but it wasn’t like you didn’t enjoy the peace before you were thrown into the hustle and bustle of the office.

               At the thought of the office, you stopped staring at the dark liquid in your cup and wondered how you were supposed to go to lunch with Kyle and Steve. You flipped your phone over as it lie on the table, and pulled up the message thread with your brother. You sent him a quick text about how your lunch break was from 1-2:00 PM and prayed he was awake to get the information.

               After Steve had left yesterday, you hadn’t seen or heard a peep from the man and you had some time to kill to let him know about your lunch break. You hoped Wanda’s sarcastic comment about Steve “waking up to the birds” was somewhat true, because you’d feel like a complete asshole if you woke up the devilishly handsome man.

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    FICS REC (updated)

    Basically this is a way for me to keep track of all the fics I read so I’m going to update it from time to time. This is only the start! (I have pretty much stolen the summaries already written by the authors cause I’m lazy, but anyway lmao)

    >>>MOVED HERE<<<

    210 Days - Harry is in the army and Louis is back in New York. Together, they get through Harry’s six month leave by sending a series of letters back and forth. 16k

    And I’ll Be Yours To Keep - Louis is a teacher and Harry is one of the best ballet dancers he has ever seen. Louis has a responsibility to keep Harry at arm’s length, but with every day that goes by, he feels his control slip a little more. It’s risky for everyone involved, but somehow…Harry seems worth it. 59k

    A Long Way From The Playground - Series. Harry and Louis eloped but neglected to mention it to anyone. Meanwhile Lottie is getting married and the only way for them to not steal her thunder is by pretending they’re just friends for the weekend. Featuring Harry and Louis as terrible liars who don’t know the meaning of the word platonic and some Tomlinsons and Styles’s who definitely don’t believe them, plus a prequel. 63k

    A marriage of true minds - Four weddings, a funeral, speeches, karaoke, cocktails, cake, a healthy dose of heartache, and a love that just doesn’t know how to quit. 46k

    Ain’t going backwards, won’t ask for space - They’ve been best friends for eight years, but have never acted on the sexual tension that’s existed between them. And when they do, it’s completely impossible to stop the feelings that arise from denying themselves of what was always meant to be. 17k

    Amazing Sin - the story of Louis ‘Steal Your Man’ Tomlinson. 56k

    And I’ll Be Yours To Keep - Louis is a drama teacher and Harry is one of the best ballet dancers of the school. 59k

    And your light’s always shining on - Series. Louis sends him lots of messages with exclamation marks and so proud of u haz !! and that save was brilliant ! and u look so cute when ur angry :p. Harry replies back with lots of heart emojis and pictures of himself shirtless and still in bed, grinning like an idiot, and Louis saves all of Harry’s pictures. 16k

    As loud as lions - fetus coming out fic. 26k

    Baby how we spoon like nobody else - Harry comes out to visit Louis in Los Angeles and it’s easy, to pretend that things could stay like this. 15k

    more under the cut!

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    From The Sidelines

    by: YetAnotherPhanBlog

    Genre: mostly fluff, some angst 

    Description: Dan plays piano for Phil’s dance class.

    Warnings: idk none i guess

    Words: 1942

    Chapters: 1/?

    Something was a miss about the way his fingers danced across a board of ivory coloured in black and white. So precise and calculated in the way that there was never a wrong note. Never a sway in the slow and steady timing of the song.

    Nothing too slow or fast or even remotely off key of the pianist, yet everything seemed so wrong. Maybe it was too cautious, too calculated, giving an inhuman sort of air around the boy. Maybe it was the way the light from the window bounced off his hair and on to his sheet music. Maybe it was the look in his eyes.

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    Yulia Tikhonovna, 1771 - 1929

    Perekhvatkina Yuliana “Yulia” Tikhonovna was one of the most notable members of the Koschei Ballet, an all-wizard ballet troupe that came to prominence in Russian communities. A strong dancer but a rather weak witch, Yulia was starkly determined to take place in one of the new ground-breaking shows, which strongly incorporated transfiguration. At one point in this production, the ensemble Yulia was a part of erupted into multicolored birds and flew around the theater, a trick that would dazzle all. Yulia prepared to be put in this ballet for months, working tirelessly with a tutor almost every night to help her master the transfiguring arts, and in the very end she did transfigure – into a bat.

    Mortified, Yulia was prepared to be ousted from the troupe, and showed her unbecoming transfiguration to the leaders and director. However, choreographers thought she was such a strong dancer, they reimagined the ballet to include a beautiful antagonist – incidentally, one that could turn into a bat. Yulia was so grateful for her chance, she again tirelessly worked to make her dance sinister and full of life, often practicing long after the rest of the girls had gone home. AsIt paid off in droves; her part became renowned within the ballet community, both in Russia and eventually world-wide. Though she was the villain, her face was put predominantly on most of the advertising for all to see.

    After this production, Yulia decided to take a year break, traveling to Romania with her then-fiance. When the year became two, and then three, the public and the police of the Russian magical community had found that Yulia and her lover had seemingly disappeared without a trace. Finally, after the fifth year of her disappearance, and as the Koschei Ballet was finally phasing out of mourning, she returned to Russia, still just as beautiful and determined – and, unfortunately, bitten by a vampire under what is still extremely hazy circumstances. Though little is known about what happened between the five years she left –other than the fact that she came back with her fiance dead, her hair cut off, and cursed by vampirism – it is recorded she came back with the full intention and capacity to dance again.

    And dance she did.

    A new ballet was retooled, not only to have her playing the evil role once again, but this one being a vampire. Though some historians suggest she disliked being typecast, others said ballet was ultimately her passion, and she could barely detract the grin from her face at each curtain call. Each night, without fail, she would pop into a vampire bat, and the audience would be in awe at each graceful movement, and she became known as the beautiful Yulia the Bat.

    Not everyone was a fan of her, however. A vampire, as it was, had to eat, and the fact that Yulia never took another lover sparked rumors of her seducing and then drinking the blood of men who came to her after the show. But the largest claim was that she would fly out as a bat, go into the villages of Russian peasants, and feed there. This rumor holds the most weight, as around the time of her exposure, the rumor of vampiric bats began spreading around the European mythos.

    Yulia danced well into the 19th and 20th century, her signature of transfiguration and vampirism always making it’s way into several evil roles, all of which were treasured by those who saw her. Her death in 1929 was a great accident – she had been so exhausted after a particular show, she fell asleep in her garden, and the rising sun made her go into an easy vampiric heatstroke.

    Yulia’s legacy in the muggle world may just be attributed to that of the vampire bat, the whisperings of those winged creatures being so closely linked to the blood sucking undead. But her legacy in the magical world, moreover magical Russia, saw more of an impact – on October 31st, 2013, the ballet “Полет летучей мыши”, or Flight of the Bat, was opened by the modern Koschei Ballet troupe, on the very stage Yulia had gotten her start. The ballet was a strong, romantic, and received story of Yulia’s illustrious life. Critics who came to it’s opening night praised not only the ballet, but Yulia’s portrait, hung in the lobby of the troupe’s theater. Some say it was because her legacy cast her as the protagonist, and not the antagonist – others say the assumptions of what happened in Romania she found sickly humorous. But no matter what happened, Yulia’s portrait began to smile, a smile she still holds every night she hears a performance.

    Mrs. S. Wandsworth, 26th of October, 2014

    benaya-trash  asked:

    Sterek ballet or dancing fics?

    Yeeessss! I love when they dance. Here you go, @animestalkerit. - Anastasia

    Originally posted by apirouette

    This tumblr fic.

    If You Want Me To Stay by orphan_account

    (1/1 I  2,314 I General I Sterek I Art School)

    The one where Derek is a fine arts student and Stiles is a dancer, practicing in the same Beacon Hills Police Department shirt his mom used to wear when he watched her practice in the living room.

    Dance Inside by tryslora

    (1/1 I  5,453 I Teen I Sterek I Dancer!Derek)

    Dance has music. It has music similar to what Paige played, and maybe, just maybe, it can lift the darkness from around his heart and give him back the soul that her death took away.


    The one where Derek dances in NYC and when life in Beacon Hills calms down, maybe he can dance then, too.

    Hanging on Your Tips by Nyx Nur (Pamndora)

    (4/? I  6,536 I Teen I Sterek I Dancer!Stiles, Photographer!Derek)

    Laura Hale is a ballet instructor for a big studio in San Francisco, she lives with her brother Derek Hale, photographer.
    Derek visits Laura’s studio for a few shoots, one of the students there has his attention.
    Laura wants to help and so does all their family, how will that work out?

    The Lights of the City Are Too Heavy (too heavy for me) by sterek_halinsking

    (1/1 I 6,821 I Teen I Sterek, Scira, Allison/Isaac, Jydia, Berica I Dancer!Stiles)

    Stiles has a secret. Well a secret he has only told his father and Scott, he hasn’t told the pack. He’s afraid of what they’ll think of him. Stiles is a dancer, well to be precise a ballet dancer.

    The Chance to Come Through by clio_jlh

    (8/8 I  7,569 I General I Sterek I So You Think You Can Dance AU)

    Derek’s auditioning because Laura talked him into it, though he’s not sure a ballet dancer is really what a televised dance competition is looking for. Stiles is auditioning because it seemed like a fun thing to do with Scott on a Saturday morning, and maybe he’d get to dance with Comfort, his favorite female hip hop dancer. They both end up getting a lot more than they were looking for.

    You Can Do It (Put Your Back Into It) by p1013

    (1/1 I  10,324 I Teen I Sterek I Save The Last Dance AU)

    “Oh, ballet. I used to dance, when I was a girl. Are you a dancer?” She’s looking at the magazine he’d grabbed at JFK and stuffed haphazardly into his carry-on on his way out. You can barely see the title, but BALLET is in full block letters on the front.

    “I used to,” Derek says, then stuffs the magazine further into the bag.

    “That’s a shame,” she says, smiling. “You look like you’d be a wonderful partner.”

    “Yeah.” He feels himself flushing and turns away. “Not anymore.”

    Dancing With The Moon by starsandgraces

    (2/2 I 10,882 I Explicit I Sterek I Dancing With The Stars AU)

    Dancing With The Stars AU. Stiles Stilinski, former child star, has been strong-armed into participating in a reality show by his agent in an attempt to raise his profile and actually get him some work as an adult. With champion dancer Laura Hale on his arm, Stiles might even stand a chance of going all the way. Their only obstacle (aside from Stiles’ complete inability to cha cha cha) is Lydia Martin and her professional partner—Laura’s brother, Derek.

    Beacon Hills En Pointe by Moit

    (8/12 I  12,884 I Teen I Sterek, Kate/Derek, Scallison, Jydia I Ballet AU)

    Beacon Ballet’s season begins with a new artistic director, Derek Hale, a retired dancer. He’s the ex-boyfriend of the company’s prima ballerina, Kate Argent, and that, among other things, has convinced Stiles Stilinski, a soloist, that Derek is trying to find a reason to fire him.

    There’s already bad blood between Derek and Kate due to an accident that befell his older sister, Laura, but Kate seems content to put that all behind them. She’s not going to let anything get in her way, certainly not a young little upstart like Stiles.

    Birds of a Feather Fuck Together by calrissian18, maichan808 (maichan)

    (1/1 I  26,144 I Explicit I Sterek I Dancer!Stiles)

    Laura is a crusader without a cause, Stiles dances like the whole world’s betrayed him and Derek’s having trouble getting both feet outside his door.

    Twinkle Toes by Prince_Po

    (7/? I  27,483 I Mature I Sterek, Stisaac, Steter I Ballet AU)

    In which Stiles gets accepted into his dream school, the New York School of American Ballet, where he intends to study dance, primarily ballet, and child education and Derek is the primo ballerino, prodigal dance son, that has been idolized by Stiles since he made his mark in the dance world. Derek ends up needing to fill in as one of the dance teachers and Stiles’ lucky freshman class ends up having him, but his weak ankles can’t stand the force of Derek (who, funnily enough, gives him weak knees) and it ends up being less than an ideal situation where he needs extra, one on one sessions with the man. And no one seems to understand how hard it is to hide a boner in a tard (that’s short for leotard, which Stiles’ father still can’t understand).


    @scruffysterek found us another one.

    I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife. by Sterekismyotp

    (1/1 I  2,132 I General I Sterek)

    Derek’s trust issues had gotten him into trouble multiple times through the years and he should learn that if there was someone he should trust it was Stiles. Especially after everything they had been through in the years.

    But he had always felt like there was something that he was holding back from others, some secret that he was afraid of people finding out.

    At first he had thought it might be that he was gay or bisexual but once he came out, his behavior still did not change.

    When he returned from college with the rest of the pack, Derek had been surprised at the changes in the boy now turned into a man.

    He had filled out and seemed much more comfortable in his body, his fashion sense changing from loose fitting t-shirts and plaids to much more fitted clothing, his posture much more straight and confident.

    Gone was the hyper spaz that he knew and replaced was a much more smooth and focused version of himself. Sauntering into the room with a Confident grin, not quite aware of the sexuality he oozed. He didn’t think Stiles would ever quite grasp exactly how gorgeous and breathtaking he was, but he was much more comfortable in his own skin and no longer hunched his shoulders like he used to.