put away your phones at live shows

This Is War [2]

Request: jealous!bucky where he tries to outdo the guy in everything and its just ridiculous and funny (Again, wasn’t sure if this was an ACTUAL request, but I thought it would be fun as one :p) 

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 755

Warnings: None; Bucky is kind of an ass I guess.

A/N: Here is part 2! Please let me know what you think so far!! xo

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BTS React to their S/O using  chopsticks with two hands

@mymisstina :  Can you do a BTS reaction to their S/O using chopstick with two hands? thanks

Definitely one of the weirder requests I’ve gotten lol, but I appreciate it! Thank you, and sorry for the wait. :)

- Admin Crys


“… You do realize that’s now how you use those, right?”

“Oh my fucking god, you’re an adult just ask for a fork instead of struggling like an idiot. I know toddlers that can use chopsticks better than you.”

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He would gently take them out of your hands, setting them aside. 

“I think it’s cute how hard you try jagi, let me help you.”

He would just use his own chopsticks and feed you himself, making cute faces at you the whole time. 

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Would lower his head in shame. 

Honestly would make a point to take you out to places where chop sticks are not required, or would request a fork on your behalf if he has too. 

“I love you baby, you know I do.”

“But it’s kind of embarrassing that you have so much trouble with chopsticks. I think you should just stick to silverware you’re used to.”

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He would think it’s very cute of you, and when you give up trying to use them (even with two hands) and just start using one chopstick to stab your food so you’re able to eat it, he would laugh. 

He wouldn’t try to help you or scold you about it, he would just find it really entertaining. 

“You know, I’ve been thinking about throwing all of the forks we have at home away.”

When he sees the color drain from your face, it would make it that much more fun. 

“I really want to get back to my Korean roots, ya know? Chopsticks are such an important part of Korean culture.”

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He would take pity on you, and help you out. 

“Give em here.” He would hold out his hand expectently, waiting for you to deposit your chopsticks into it. 

“I’m going to show you a trick all parents use in order to train their kids to use these things.”

He would take a rubber band and wrap it around the tips, demonstrating how to use them. 

“There ya go, problem solved. Just use them like this for a while until you get used to it, it’ll let you learn properly.”

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He would think it’s really adorable. He would covertly try and take pictures/film your chopstick failure to put on social media/ show the other members. 

Every time you turn to him, he would quickly shove his phone away, acting as if he wasn’t being sneaky. 

“Hmm, what did you say?”

“My phone? Oh I was just reading a text, Tae’s being goofy.”

“Don’t worry about it love, just eat, you’ve barely had anything all day, you must still be hungry.”

*slowly slides phone out of pocket and hits record*

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J Hope:

He would laugh at you outright, giving you so much shit for not being able to use them. 

“How long have you lived in Korea? How long?”

“You still don’t know how to use chopsticks. Your hand-eye ordination must be terrible.”

He would grab the disposable chopsticks from your hand, and throw them in the trash. 

“Hey, we’re the only ones around right now, just use your hands. It’s cool.”

When you try to protest he would wave away your concerns. “The pieces are big so just use your hands.”

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Christian woke up to the loud ringing of his alarm. He blindly reached for his nightstand but there was nothing there. He didn’t want to get up yet so he let the noise continue knowing it would eventually shut off on its own.

The sound only got louder making you groan. “Make it stop,” your voice came out groggy and tired.

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Punch-Drunk Love (chapter 3)

Pairing: Jungkook x OFC

Genre: fluff // smut // angst (tbc)

Summary: Being a famous idol isn’t easy, but so isn’t falling in love when you get caught in a web of lies.

@jaxonah thank you for reminding me to write lmao💓 ilysm


Chapter: 3 - You Had Me At Hello

[chapter 1] [chapter 2]

Warning: none

Wordcount: 2167

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Chapter 3 // You Had Me At Hello

Jungkook didn’t know what to do; he just stared at his phone in shock. She was coming over. She would be here soon. His heart started to beat faster and his palms were getting sweaty. “What did she say?” Jimin asked, his eyes filled with curiosity as he was trying to get a glimpse of the texts. “She’s just getting ready and then she’ll be on her way.” He muttered, still trying to process that it was actually happening. “Awesome, I’m proud of you.” The grin on Jimin’s face froze when he realized how pale his younger brother was. “I’m not ready. My room is a mess, so are the kitchen and the living room. I need to shower and get ready. I don’t have time.” He jumped up and ran out of the room. “Kookie, wait.” The older one followed him into his bedroom where he quickly tried to pick up dirty clothes off the floor. “Let me help.” Jungkook smiled. “Thank you hyung.” As they were picking up empty water bottles and stuffing things in drawers, Taehyung came in. “What are you doing?” He leaned against the doorframe, eyeing both of them suspiciously. “Jungkook asked his girl to come over, so I’m helping him tidy.” Jungkook rolled his eyes, while hanging up some of his shirts. “She’s not my girl.” The others started to giggle. “Not yet, Kookie, not yet.

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anonymous asked:

Howdy! I was wondering if you could do the RFA + the minor trios reaction to a MC that loves to record things just in case something funny happens or always seems to be taking pictures of embarrassing things their S/O is doing. I hope this is explained well enough ✨

don’t worry, this is explained plenty well enough! :)


  • He’s all about it because HE’S TOTALLY LIKE THAT TOO
  • More than anything it turns into a blackmail war
  • Posting embarrassing pictures and videos to the chatroom
  • Placing fake spiders in the bathroom for that reaction money shot
  • Don’t you dare fall asleep in the car, because that picture will be out of your hands before you even know it
  • Phones are always within grabbing distance
  • Because you never know when Saeyoung will sneeze into his food
  • Or fall asleep onto his keyboard
  • And you’d be a fool if you thought Saeyoung would ever play fair
  • You’d better get that picture out quick, and hopefully someone’s there right away to see it
  • Because it’ll be gone the moment he sees it
  • With no traces left and a million CCTV screenshots of you to make up for it


  • Oh man he loves it
  • Did you really expect anything different?
  • Whenever he sees you with your phone out he stops what he’s doing to smile for the camera
  • Even though he still looks good from any angle
  • damn beautiful handsome narcissist
  • “Hey babe no do it again I wasn’t looking”
  • “That’s the point, Hyun”
  • Mr. Selfie King loves snapping a quick one with you while you’re posting it
  • Or even while you’re filming him
  • This post comes to mind immediately LMAO
  • Don’t do it MC you’ll only feed his ego


  • Boy is so embarrassed by it
  • Covers his face and turns bright red whenever he notices that you’re filming/photographing him
  • The infamous “Noooo delete itttt”
  • Honestly though, you keep pretty busy
  • Since everything Yoosung does is either cute or embarrassing or both
  • At the very least you agree not to post it anywhere online
  • Your camera roll is enough to keep you warm
  • But you can’t resist posting pictures to the group chat when his mom comes over
  • and forces him to make kimchi


  • Can you even catch Jumin Han doing anything embarrassing enough to record?
  • “You can certainly try”
  • On the rare occasion that you do he’s not even fazed
  • You find him lying on his stomach in front of Elizabeth the 3rd and imitating the sounds she makes at him
  • He catches you in the act
  • But he’s more shook by the quality of your picture
  • “How did you take that picture, MC?”
  • “What do you mean?”
  • “It’s so… clear.”
  • You spend the next half-hour teaching Jumin Han, Department Director and Chairman-in-Line, how to use his fucking camera phone


  • Like Yoosung, she’s embarrassed by it
  • But she covers it with feigned frustration
  • Exasperated sighs and little eyerolls
  • “Oh, don’t post it”
  • “Pleeeease put your phone away”
  • You can’t help that you want to show the world your cute girlfriend
  • And you are never never ever going to let her know about your album of Jaehee-asleep-on-her-desk photos


  • V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Even if he kind of misunderstands the intent of it at first
  • “I think it’s amazing how you see life as living art, MC”
  • “…Jihyun, I just record everything hoping I’ll catch you doing something embarrassing”
  • He laughs and hugs you
  • “Well, that’s art too.”
  • He’s just so excited to see you having an interest in photography
  • So even though you don’t have a need for anything fancier than your smartphone
  • You indulge him when he tries teaching you about cameras
  • “The Olymbus is better quality if you’re just taking pictures, but a higher-end Sonya will give you great 1080p video, even if you’re sacrificing some of your picture definition”
  • And that’s all before he starts getting into lenses
  • Little does he know that you’re recording his passion rant


  • You have to be sneaky around this guy
  • Because if he catches you in the act
  • He’ll straight-up bat your phone out of your hand
  • To be honest you’re not even trying to get him to do anything embarrassing
  • Even regular pictures and videos of him are fascinating
  • Keep in mind that he’s just as good of a hacker as his brother
  • So you’re pleasantly surprised that he hasn’t deleted your stealthier souvenirs
  • You make the smart decision to avoid bringing it up
  • Really, he loves that you love taking pics of him
  • He just hates knowing that it’s happening while it’s happening


  • Ohhhh boy
  • They are PISSED
  • “Are you dense?! Did you forget that I can’t have any digital records of me?”
  • Grabs your phone and starts deleting the pictures and videos off
  • But once they realize you’re genuinely hurt they soften a bit
  • “Hey… hey look, I didn’t mean it, okay?”
  • They make what is, essentially, a hi-tech disposable camera
  • Still really prickly when you use it, though
  • Vanderwood does not like being made the fool

Oh, i think i kinda ran away with these ^^;; Sorry!!


A/N: idk what this honestly but Yoonoh is my weakness. and i live for fluff. and this is also roughly edited because i don’t really give a rats ass about perfection at the moment. please enjoy.



Annie my beaut, 

GET REKT. love you xoxoxo. 

your hoe-dude/platonic girlfriend,




Soft Yoonoh, Dimpled Yoonoh, Fluffy Yoonoh.

The first time he kissed you, you almost broke his foot.

In your defense, you weren’t expecting him to kiss you goodbye, you honestly didn’t even know that he liked you having just been friends for so long. He went to send you off after a group hangout making sure to linger around even after you shut your car door and just before you were going to drive away, he taps on your window.

“Hey, I forgot to give you something.”

“What did you–”

His kiss stole your breath and your thoughts all in one go. Thank goodness his foot wasn’t any closer to your tire because as soon as he pulled away you slammed on the gas pedal. When you got home you called him and apologized profusely for scaring the shit out of him and he apologized for not making it more romantic.

The second time he kissed you it was after he took you on a real date a few weeks later.

Yoonoh should win a medal or something for the amount of perfection that runs through him because your date was so cute it could put Ryan the Lion out of the job. He had dance practice in the evening so he planned for brunch in the late morning followed by a walk through the local museum. He never once let go of your hand or failed to tell you how beautiful you looked.

When it was time for him to go, he walked you to your doorstep, thanked you for giving him the chance to go out with you then watched you walk inside and close the door only to knock on it a few seconds after you close it.

“Hey, I forgot to give you something.”

Not giving you a chance to respond, Yoonoh pulls you gently by the arm back out onto your doorstep. He wraps one arm around your waist, places his other hand on your face, dips you and gives you the best kiss you’ve ever had in your life and you clung onto his shirt for dear life as you took in the softness of his lips. When he pulled away he couldn’t help but smile, which kind of killed you because his dimples were on full display melting your heart into a puddle.

He left after telling you he’d call you, taking again your thoughts and breath away.

The third time Yoonoh kissed you was at midnight new year’s day.

The two of you had been seeing each other for a couple months but kept things at a slow pace. He invited you to be his plus one for a friend’s new year’s eve party and you couldn’t say no to those huge dimples. You made him nervous from the moment he picked you up.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you’re trying to mess with my head. How is it that you manage to look more beautiful each time I see you? What if someone tries to steal you away from me?”

He tried to stay close to you the whole night and made sure to introduce you to all of his friends. Ten minutes before midnight he pulled you away from the crowd and into the fairy-lit backyard for more privacy, being that there were less people than the main room of the house. The clock ticked down as he held both your hands and his.

“We’ve known each other for years, and I’ve be infatuated with you for more than half of them. I smile so much my cheeks hurt when I think of you, even when I think of how you almost ran my foot over.”

You scoff at him teasingly but all he does is laugh and bring you closer placing his arms around your waist.

“You’re really cute and I like making you happy and I like that you make me happy and I want us to keep making each other happy, so will you be my girlfriend?”

You can faintly hear the sound of everyone counting down when your world slows and in this moment nothing but the dimpled thief that’s stolen your heart matters.




“Yes? Holy shit you said yes …”


He leans down to kiss you as the sounds of cheering and fireworks go off. One of his hands gently framed your face and your arms are wrapped around his neck.

You’ve gotten used to not breathing or thinking. 

You’re also glad he didn’t forget this time.

The first time he knew he was in love with you was five months later.

He had to leave suddenly on a cloudy day in June. Summer rain doesn’t come often, and when it did, it brought bad news. One of his closest family members passed away in a car accident. His cousin whom he grew up was hit by a drunk driver and killed instantly. The only comfort Yoonoh and his family had was that it was quick. He had to leave to help with arrangements and have alone time with his family.

You understood. Losing someone is hard on the heart.

When he returned after his two weeks away you were the one to pick him up from the airport. You didn’t ask how it went, and he didn’t want to talk about it. Instead, he asked to stay with you for a few days, he needed some time away from his family to just be with you. You held him tightly as he cried every bit of sadness out and you wish you could’ve done more. He fell asleep in your arms that night as you ran your fingers through his hair, doing your best to sooth him. That night he slept the best he’s ever slept in his whole life.

The second time he knew he was in love with you was early on a friday morning.

You woke him up with a phone call in the middle of the night and told him to put on a sweater. You arrived fifteen minutes later with a thermos of hot coffee and a big blanket then force him into your car despite the pout on his lips.

“Why are we up woman!”

“Shoosh you, there’s something we need to go see.”

And so you drove away from the city you two lived in and away from all the noise to a beach just a few hours away. The sky began to show the slightest colors of morning just as you two arrived.

You two watched the sunrise sitting from the bed of the truck you drove with the blanket wrapped around your bodies and your head on his shoulder. He was happy you forced him out of bed.

It had been 11 months since the two of you began dating and Yoonoh was still just as infatuated with you as the first time he seen you all those years ago.

It was a sunday when he woke up next to you, around seven maybe, and though you love to sleep in on the weekends, he wanted to tell you something that’s been on his mind since that somber day in June.

He turned over carefully on his side to face you. You looked peaceful and beautiful.

Slowly he brought his hand up to card his fingers softly through your hair, just enough to get you to stir awake slowly. His breath hitched in his throat as you twitched slightly before you blinked a few times. Your tired eyes fought to stay open as you flashed him the smallest smile and he melts a little.

“Baby, please wake up.”

At the sound of his morning voice you twitched again then stretched your limbs out until they’ve popped and took a big breath. In your half asleep state you turned over towards him and cuddled into his side, your face coming to rest by his neck. He chuckled slightly as he wrapped his arm around your waist and began to rub circles into your back.

“I have to tell you something.”

You hum in response, your voice just as sleepy as you are.

“____, I love you.”

Your breath caught in your throat and your body stiffened against him and there’s a pause before you react. Yoonoh feared he might have just spoiled everything but before he could try to say anything you pulled away from him and kissed him.

He was as surprised by it as you were the first time he kissed you, only he has no car to speed off with. This time it’s your turn to steel his breath away, to steal his thoughts.

“Yoonoh,” you say against his lips, “I love you too.”

The Good Parent - Part Three

Summary: After taking a long break at work and finally returning, you were already working overtime on your very first day. You happened to be the kindergartener of the son of Dean Winchester, a busy hunter, who would turn out to be the reason for a lot of trouble for you.

Words: 1685

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Originally posted by retaliada

Warnings: blood mention, language

A/N: This is still a rewritten part. Including Part 7, everything will be rewritten forms of the old parts.


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home videos - part 1

Pairing: lee jeno x reader

Summary: “A daily dose of Lee Jeno’s home videos.”

Part: 1/?

“Uh, why are the older members in the Dreamies dorm?”

“Especially when it’s this early?” Jeno asks, yawning and checking the clock as the two of us come out from his room. The rest of the Dreamies look up at us, laying around and shrugging while the older members sit around the tv.

“They woke me up earlier to open the door, but didn’t explain why,” Mark mumbles, rubbing his eyes. I narrow my eyes at the older members, wondering what they’re up to. They look at me with innocent smiles, but there was a mischievous glint in their eyes.

“What is that you’re hiding?” I ask, taking a seat next to Jeno on the floor in front of Yuta and Winwin.

“Nothing, but!” Taeyong pauses with a grin.

“But?” Jeno raises an eyebrow.

“We got a gift from Jeno’s parents,” Doyoung says.

“Why did you get it instead of Jeno getting it?” I ask.

“Reasons that cannot be explained right now,” Johnny says and Ten nods.

“Let’s just appreciate this beautiful gift,” Yuta says, smirking.

“Why do I have a bad feeling that this isn’t going to be good?”

“Just trust us,” Taeil says.

“Last time I did, I got locked out of the dorm for two hours because you forgot where you put the key.”

“That was one time and it was Haechan who had the key last,” Yuta says.

“I did not! It was Mark!”

“I didn’t have it!”

“Can everyone be quiet? I’m tired,” Jisung whines.

“Everyone, settle down. Y/N, Jeno, you’re going to love this,” Taeyong says and I sigh before it registers in my mind.

“Wait, why me too?” I ask, my eyes widening and Doyoung raises a finger to his lips. I gulp, nervous as to what was going to be on the screen. The content of the video loads, making me grip Jeno’s hand for support. He rubs shapes onto my hand with his thumb to keep me calm.

It’s beginning.

“Time for bath time! Jeno, Y/N! Say hi to the camera!”

As those words come from our mothers’ lips, both Jeno and my jaw hang open. This isn’t possible.



“TAEYONG, GIVE ME THE REMOTE!” I exclaim as I lunge for him while Jeno sits, shocked at what was on the screen. Jaehyun holds me back from nearly strangling their leader.

“Ah, can’t do that.”


Jeno and I are placed down in the bathtub, squirming around. That was until we find entertainment in the toys floating around us.

“Aww, they’re so cute,” The older members coo as the younger ones giggle, smirking.

“We can use this as blackmail.”

Jeno and I splash each other with water, making us erupt in giggles. Our mothers coo at how cute we are, putting our hair up into mohawks. Jeno grips the side of the bathtub, trying to stand up and escape.


“Aw little Jeno’s trying to stand up,” Haechan taunts as we’re exposed to something. My eyes widen, making him cover them in a hurry.

“Come on!”

I follow after Jeno, holding onto the side to stand up. We turn to each other and grin. Stomping our feet at the same time, we attempt to put on a little dance.

“Ah, they’re so cute.”

“Maybe they’ll end up together one day.”

“I hope so,” Jeno’s mother says and ruffles my hair. “You already make my Jeno so happy and you’re barely two.”

“Mother, please,” I say, watching the video in horror.

“Did my mom just say-”

“Yes, yes she did,” Renjun says.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening,” I say, hiding my face in the crook of Jeno’s neck. I wrap my arms around his arm, giving it a squeeze.

“Why? You don’t have to be so embarrassed,” Doyoung coos, stifling a laugh. I turn to him and glare. He laughs.

“I bet you and Taeyong are probably enjoying it more than you should because you’re both such moms.”

“You two were so cute,” Taeyong hums.

“You were so chubby back then, how cute!” Ten grins.

Slightly moving towards Jeno, I hold onto his arm. Since he wasn’t stable himself, we fall back onto our butts and water splashes everywhere. We stare at each other before bursting into laughter.

Adding in a bottle of soap, the water starts to form bubbles around us. Jeno grins and grabs a handful, smearing it around my mouth. I copy him and put some on his chin, then his hair. We continue smearing soap onto each other until we’re completely covered. We stare blankly at the camera before grinning widely.

“Say bye bye!”

“Ahh!” We squeal and try to reach for the camera.

“Wow, you guys were really cute,” Winwin says, his mouth hanging open.

“Finally, it’s over.”

“You think this is the only one that was sent?” Yuta snorts.

“What-what do you mean?”

“There’s a whole stinking pile of them, baby.” Johnny says, revealing the huge pile in the corner. Jeno and I stare in disbelief, wondering why our parents would possibly do this to us.

“No, no. This is just a one time thing. This is not happening ever again.”

“Tomorrow will be another day to view these masterpieces,” Hansol says.

“Hansol!” I whine, pouting at him. He smiles.

“So this is going to be an everyday thing now?” Jeno asks and everyone nods.

“We need to see more videos of the both of you,” Jaemin laughs.

“I wonder what else they could’ve done that was embarrassing,” Chenle says.

“I heard Jeno and you had your own talk show,” Taeyong says, making everyone immediately sit up in excitement.

“Did you really?” Hachaen asks. Jeno and I sigh, nodding.

“We thought it would be fun, so we made one in his living room.”

“We have to watch that one tomorrow,” Kun says.

“You have practice tomorrow, you’re too busy to watch these.”

“We can make room, trust us,” Jaehyun says.

“Please don’t.”

“I just texted our manager to see if we could watch a little in the studio as well,” Johnny says, putting away his phone.

“I’m never coming to the studio or the dorms ever again. Friendship canceled.”

“Oh please, you love Jeno too much to leave him,” Yuta scoffs.

“I’m sorry, Jeno, but it looks like I may have to sacrifice our friendship.”

“Stop being so dramatic.” He chuckles and presses his cheek against my shoulder as he pulls me into a tight hug.

“I’m so going to love holding these against you and Jeno.”

“That’s it. We’re no longer friends either, Haechan.”

“It’s okay, I treasure these videos more than our friendship anyway.”


How to Behave at a Stand Up Comedy Show

I was listening to Chris D’Elia’s podcast and he was telling a story about having to throw a fan out of his show for heckling. Not someone who was having a bad time, a fan who was thrilled to see him. Chris pointed out that when it happens, the audience member is stunned to learn that what they were doing is wrong.

Some people don’t realize the unspoken (or sometimes clearly stated) rules of attending a comedy show, but they are very real, and they are enforced. Here’s what you can do to ensure you’ll never find yourself sitting outside on the curb while your favorite comic makes fun of you.

Rule 1. Don’t Heckle

A stand up comedy show is a one-way conversation. The comedian has meticulously prepared a comedy monologue that they want to deliver without interruption. Shouting up to them can derail a bit, and it’s the easiest way to get thrown out. There’s a misconception that “heckling is part of stand up comedy”, but it isn’t. You WILL get thrown out and called names by your favorite comedian if you do it.

Heckling is defined as pretty much any sound an audience member can make outside of laughter and applause. Other reactions to jokes like “Wooo!” or “Awww” are fine. Heckling can be negative (“You suck!”) or supportive (“You’re my favorite comic!”) but both will get you into trouble.

Not often, but sometimes, a comedian will poll the audience about something, that will lead them into a prepared bit. If the comedian is looking at you and asks you a direct question, and then urges you to respond, ONLY THEN is it okay to talk to the comedian. This is a rare exception, and the comic will make it clear they want you to answer.

Heckling is against the rules at every comedy club. Don’t do it.


Seriously. It’s that important. The comic talks, the audience listens. That’s how the show works.

If I didn’t get the point across the first time, heckling is not tolerated at any comedy show. Don’t get embarrassed and tossed out of a show for shouting. Best-case scenario is your favorite comedian will tell you to shut up and you’ll feel bad. Worst-case scenario is you’re thrown out of the show with no refund.

I know this no heckling rule makes it sound like comedians are prima donnas, but getting a room full of strangers to laugh is already so challenging that having to compete with people who are yelling makes it nearly impossible. The comedian can’t do their job if you’re shouting.

Rule 3. Don’t Get Blitzed

Stand up comedy requires a little bit of mental energy on the behalf of the audience. If you’re so drunk that you’ve regressed into an infantile state, you won’t be able to follow the show, your brain is going to shut down, and you’re going to have a hard time not breaking the “no heckling” rule.

If you want to get blackout drunk, stay home and piss yourself in your living room. “Buzzed” is the way to go. Have a few drinks, space them out, and be sober enough to enjoy the show.

Rule 4. Don’t Record the Show

I’ve written about this at length before, but to summarize: under no circumstances is it okay to record a comedy show. In order for a comic to make a living, their act needs to be unseen by the next audience they perform for.

When you record a comedian, you are quite literally hurting their ability to earn money. It’s not just rude, you are spoiling their jokes for future audiences. Don’t record the show.

Rule 5. Put Away Your Phone

Speaking of phones –

Turn your phone off, and enjoy the show. Be connected, and live in the moment. Checking your phone in a dark club is like switching on a flashlight and waving it around. To make matters worse, not only have you just annoyed everyone in the club, now they know exactly where you are.

If you absolutely have to look at your phone for something, get up and walk out of the showroom, or go to the bar and look at it there.

Rule 6. Be Quiet & Understand Rhetorical Questions

Stand up comedy is a verbal art form. Just like heckling disrupts the show, having a conversation at your table is going to distract other patrons, and possibly the comic. You’ll get more warnings for talking during a show than heckling, but the end result is the same: you’ll be forced to leave.

When a comic asks a question, they typically don’t want 400 people to shout back an answer. It’s not “Jeopardy”, they are asking the question rhetorically.

If a comic says: “Why does it take women so long to get ready?” that’s not your cue to shout “Because they have more stuff to do than men!” You’re still listening silently, and they are still performing a monologue. Nothing has changed.

Rule 7. You Don’t Get to Request Jokes

Good rule of thumb: If you already know a joke, the comedian probably doesn’t tell it anymore. Stand up isn’t like music, people don’t show up to hear the greatest hits. Audiences don’t want to hear jokes they already know, and comedians don’t want to tell jokes the audience has already heard.

And just because you want to hear an old joke doesn’t mean the dozens of other people that paid to get in want to hear it, too. Comics intentionally space out returning to cities to avoid telling the same jokes to the same people.

Also, the comic isn’t a jukebox: they don’t take requests.

Okay, remember to not heckle, and have fun.

College Years

At the request of @drinix, here is a fluffy story about Ben and the reader during their college years.  Enjoy!

It was the last semester of your senior year at Kingston University.  You were working long hours at your parent’s family owned bakery. You attempted to study whenever the opportunity presented itself, which was almost never, until a few days ago when you received a progress report that displayed a big fat “D” sitting next to the title of your creative design class.

You studied heavily over the past several days and had very little time for yourself, let alone time for the man you loved. 

Between writing papers, studying for finals, and working at your parent’s bakery right after school, you hadn’t seen Ben in days and it was eating you up inside. 

“Hello?” You answer your phone while taking out the half burnt pizza that you stuck in the oven before getting engaged deeply into your school books. 

“Shit!!” you yell out as you drop the smoking steel pan on top of the stove.

Ben chuckles through the phone.  He knew how much you hated cooking and was lucky if you prepared cereal without ruining it. 

“Is this a bad time, babe?” Ben chuckles as he hears all the ruckus in the background.

“Oh babe, I’m sorry.” You dump the pizza into the trash and place the smoking pan into the sink filled with soapy water.  Steam from the hot pan shoots upward towards your face.

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” you blurt out, wiping your big beautiful eyes with a dish towel.

Ben continues listening to you and the background commotion, shaking his head and smiling.

“How are you babe?” you finally ask Ben after settling down and plopping on your dark blue sofa.  You laid your head down on the seat and raised your feet atop of the sofa, touching the 5 ft British flag that hung on your ivory walls.

Ben smiles through the phone.  He knew that the past several days have been hectic for the both of you.  He was also preparing for finals and writing a mini-thesis for his drama and English literature class.  Ben always made studying look so easy.  Hell, he made everything look easy!  How does a guy who is a full-time student, is currently in two theater productions, a model and a community activist maintain an honor roll grade point average while still dedicating his undivided attention to you, the love of his life?

You lived in an apartment a few blocks away from the University and left home to show your parents how independent you were, although you were home at least once a week to visit, and maybe to borrow a few bucks and take food, amongst other things.

“I’m well babe, I just wanted to see how you were doing.” Ben responds.  “I miss you.  I haven’t seen you in days and I am dying to see my honey-bear.”

You smile through the phone.  Ben always knew exactly what to say to put that beautiful smile back on your face.

“Aww babe, I miss you too.  But you know I am struggling in professor Littleman’s class.  You know how badly I want to be a creative director, but I just don’t know if that’s going to happen if I fail his class.”

Ben took a deep breath.  He knew that you had the talent and knowledge to be a creative director, it was your passion.  It was hard for Ben to watch you struggle, while helping your parents with their bakery and trying to follow your own dreams.  Ben knew that you were stretched to the max and he wanted to do something to help you, to hopefully relieve the stress off of your shoulders.

“(Y/N), babe, we’ve gone through this before.  You are going to have to change some things in your life in order to make time to fulfill your dreams.  How can you pass professor Littleman’s class and graduate if you barely have time to study?”

You cross your lips over to your left cheek, smirking. 

“Ben, I know we’ve been through this, but I cannot abandon my parent’s bakery that we’ve had for so many generations.  I just have to continue making sacrifices by–”

Ben interrupts.

“By placing your career and life on hold?”

There is silence on the phone for a few seconds.

You take a deep breath.

Ben chuckles.

“What’s so funny?” You ask confused.

Ben laughs out loud.

“Babe.” You say, now smiling.

“We all know that baking is not your passion, (Y/N). They haven’t thought about promoting you to a baker, have they?” Ben asks trying to sound serious but blurts out laughing.

“Haha, very funny. Lucky for you, I’m not baking, because if I were, I’d bring home every piece of bread that I burned and serve it to you for dinner every night. Umm humm. Take that!” You fire back.

“Ouch.” Ben says, thinking of what torture he’d be under if you became a baker.

You both laugh before the conversation gets serious again.

“But seriously, (Y/N), this is your chance to do something that you love. Girl Effect has already made you a job offer, contingent upon your passing grade in professor Littleman’s class. It’s time to lay off working at the bakery and putting work into the books.”

You bite your bottom lip. Everything that Ben said was true.

“I know, babe.  I just need to make time to study more.  But how?”

“Well, for starters, you can let me help you a little more.  I can prepare dinner for you, and most importantly, I can help you study. You also need to talk to your parents about your dreams and contingent job offer. They love you so much (Y/N) and would be thrilled of this opportunity. I know they’ll support your decision to leave the bakery.“

You roll your eyes and let out a long exhale.  Ben was right and he was always willing to make sacrifices for you.  He was always willing to help you when he knew how desperately you needed it.  Although you appreciated Ben’s offers wholeheartedly, you refused them most of the time because you were trying to prove that you could handle things on your own and that you were independent.

But Ben knew that you needed him, desperately.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me, young lady.” Ben says while chuckling.

“How do you know I’ve rolled my eyes?” you ask while laughing.

“Because I know you.” Ben replies smiling, wanting to hold and caress you through the phone. 

You smile, biting your bottom lip.

“Oh babe, you are the best.  I guess I could use some help tonight.  Have you eaten yet?”

A large smile spreads across Ben’s face.

“No, I was hoping you’d ask. Your favorite take-out?”

You smile in relief.

“Yes!” You blurt out excitedly.

Ben gathers his coat and keys while holding the phone to his jaw with his shoulder.

“I’ll be there in a half hour.” Ben says while racing down the stairs of his bricked apartment complex and finding his way to his car.

You sink into your sofa and begin smiling happily.

“Thank you, babe.  I love you.”

Ben smiles as he feels his heart skip a beat.  You always has that effect on him.

“I love you too, babe.”

You smile.

“Get ready for a long studious night.  We are gonna get you a passing grade in professor Littleman’s class and your dream job at Girl Effect.”

You drop the phone and growl into your Union Jack tapestry toss pillow.”

“I hate studying!” You say to yourself.

But how bad could it be with the help of Ben Barnes as your boyfriend and tutor?

anonymous asked:

It seems like you know a lot about singing. Why do you think people say that H4rmony cannot sing? How can they improve? Dinah is always out of breath

H4rmony cannot sing?

People who say this are either haters or they just don’t know anything about music. I wouldn’t trust anybody that does not know how to clap hands on beat or know the difference between two notes on the keyboard!

WARNING: If I say that one of them needs to improve somewhere it does not mean that they are not already great singers! Also, I don’t want to get too technical because 1) that would be too technical; 2) even if I’ve been singing my whole life - not as a pro because I’ve never been interested but definitely in front of hundreds of people - and I have learned so many things from my vocal coaches, I am not a vocal expert. I can only speak as someone who has a trained ear.

I think that out of all the girls, Dinah has a different style of singing. She sings with that beautiful airy voice that Mariah Carey or Leona Lewis have. It’s called “open velaport” and it happens when you let air through - or before - your tone. You can hear this in Dinah’s part in

  • Better Together, “Now that you’re gone, and I sleep alone / I can’t help, I want you back cause I
  • Dope, her first verse (sorry I don’t know the lyrics, I don’t like this song that much :/)

It is unique but not everybody does it well. Dinah can get even more control with this technique. Her transitions from chest voice to falsettos used to be flawless. When you stop using certain parts of your voice, they became more rough. So she could work on her transitions again because they are something special. She has a powerful voice and a beautiful tone. She can really belt and still sounds good while doing it. She has a solid head voice. I think that she could master the way she growls so that she could do it more often. You can hear that in Gonna Get BetterI just want your love oh oh”. She was almost there in the last chorus right after the bridge in Who are you, when she sings literally “Who are you”, or even during the bridge “can make you feel so right, then bring you so much (pain?)”. Growling is really hard so Dinah is pretty much awesome for attempting it. Now, it’s true that she has some issues with breath control. I went to their concert in Paris last October and Dinah truly has the time of her life on stage. She has fun and it shows. Don’t get me wrong, Normani does engage with the public and slays every dance move. But Normani knows how to stay focused! Dinah can get carried away by her energy and the audience; that’s why she forgets how to breathe. But I promise you that it doesn’t sound as bad live than it sounds on TV. She just needs a good balance. But I won’t complain too much because she gives a good show. Some people say that she has asthma and that could also explain it. But singing on a treadmill will help her a lot.

Ally’s voice was made for Broadway. Ally sings perfectly. Her style of singing is free of unnecessary theatrics like adding runs at every corner of the song. Yet she is more able to do runs while she’s in her upper register and head voice. She has a beautiful and clear voice. It’s airy but it has some strong darker undertones. It’s dramatic and it has that spanish influence to it (it’s even funny how she sings with an accent but does not have one qhen she speaks). She has a strong upper register; she’s able to stay right up there and still sound good. That’s the register she’s more comfortable with and that’s why she tends to get to the other octave to sing. When you can’t change the arrangement of a song, every singer knows this trick: you just look for the same note in the upper octave. The way she sings “Can’t have my number put that phone away / Maybe you should just stay in your lane” in some lives of We Know is quite impressive. Ally knows how to do this and is successful most of the time because she knows that she does not sound as good in her lower register. So she can either improve on her lower register OR she can keep on mastering her breathy tone. In the live acoustic version of Worth it she does it very well “Uh huh see me in the spot like, “Ooh I love your style” / Uh huh show me what you got, Now come and make it worth my while”. She does it very well so it could be good if she was able to sing more in that tone, it suits her voice. She has a gorgeous head voice that she does not control at times. She can also be out of breath and when it comes to her, I don’t know if I care that much. She really tries with the dancing so asking her not to be out of breath while she sings is just being mean for no reason. I think that while Dinah’s voice is most versatile, I think that Ally’s persona is more versatile. It means that she can get into character in an instant and her voice will be able to convey that.

Normani is the one that has the most improved over the years. She is truly the example that hard work pays off. She has a soft voice, that sounds really soothing at times. Her voice makes me think of being in a boudoir. It is sexy in its own way and it requires silence to truly appreciate it. She has found her voice thanks to vocal training. She does not have a powerful voice like the other girls and that’s okay. She has the soft voice of Solange Knowles or Jhene Aiko. Her voice is interesting in the sense that she has a beautiful lower register (when she controls it), nice falsettos, sometimes a nice head voice and even a whistle register… but nothing in between. She does not have a solid middle and no upper register in her chest voice. She can reach a higher note but she does not sound good while doing it. And in my opinion that’s okay! We have enough voices that can belt so we can also appreciate those who sound better when they don’t belt. So I think that Normani can improve on what she has learned over the years: her lower register, her falsettos and maybe a better pronunciation (if you want to be picky). I think that with better control of her vibrato in the low notes, she’ll have a true solid low register. In some of her live version of Better Together, you can hear her vibrato is in “Baby I’m a-looking back now / And I really should’ve worked it out / Yeah, I really should’ve worked it out”. A vibrato is beautiful when controlled. She is also good at doing runs but again, sometimes they go off key because of a lack of control. Normani can sing! Their performance on Like I’m gonna lose you may be her best live ever! This is proof that this girl sounds incredibly good in her lower register and falsetto. Some people want Normani to whistle more but that thing is unpredictable! It may come out right, or fail you at the worst time ever. However she can keep practicing because once you stop… Let’s say that it’s been quite a few years since I was been able to whistle. Last thing, in my opinion, Lauren and Normani are the ones who run the less out of breath during their performances which is funny, because Normani dances her a$$ off; while Lauren does not dance with that much energy.

Lauren’s voice might be my favorite voice next to Dinah. I think that because they have such a strong voice, with amazing abilities, their vocal failures are more noticeable. It happens with the best singers. It’s really frustrating but that’s what vocal training is for. When somewhere along the way they stopped giving Lauren bigger parts in Fifth Harmony’s songs, she should have kept with the vocal lessons. I think that this has made her lose confidence in herself. I can tell that at times she does not even like the sound of her voice (We’ve all been there at some point). In Like I’m gonna lose you, she’s nervous as hell, she barely remembers how to breathe. When she finishes her part you can tell that she is relieved and seeks validation from Dinah. In different occasions when asked to sing, she either refrains from singing, or apologizes or looks sorry for the way it sounds. Why girl? You have a unique and beautiful voice: it’s husky, raspy, soulful, strong and round! You can hear Lauren even with a cheap microphone. She has a speaking voice that carries so it is really easy to hear her when she sings. When I think of Lauren, I think that her voice was made for Gospel. Go back to her live performances of Let it be, Silent Night, All I want for Christmas is you… Her voice immediately commands attention and fills the room. Not everyone has that. She is capable of melismas and I can’t think of any of the other girls doing that. Her first solo on Impossible at the Judge’s house was full of that. She can reach for big notes in her sleep. She used to have a beautiful airy voice/open velaport like Dinah. Actually even more controlled and precise than Dinah. You can hear that in their live rendition of Have yourself a merry little Christmas,Here we are, as in olden days / Happy golden days of yore / Faithful friends who are dear to us / Gather near to us once more”. Ally struggles a bit in that technique, Dinah gets better at it but Lauren used to be the best at it. She has lost it because of a lack of practice and a lack of confidence. I said this elsewhere but this girl has a strong and deep low register and she knows how to stay on key! In the acoustic live version of Brave, Honest, Beautiful she sings “I said you’re beautiful uh uh uh…” adding melismas while going very low. In some live performances of this song, she does not go all the way because for some reason she holds back! But in Paris and in another city (I can’t remember which one), she goes all the way down with no fear and let me tell that it is impressive! I don’t even have to talk about the way she sings the chorus in We Know, (”Yeah we”). It takes knowledge and incredible vocal abilities to be able to do that. Lauren has an amazing voice as it is, but she needs vocal training to get every tricks that she has lost other the years back. Her voice needs to go back to that muscle memory. She needs to find confidence in her voice. She needs to let her voice do whatever it wants to do. She holds back a lot when she is capable of so much! Her voice is not damaged! She just needs to train and take care of it. The strongest voices are most of the time more fragile (I’m talking to you too Dinah). She’s still young, she can get all of it back in no time.

I tried to be as brief and clear as possible. It’s still long. But I hope you’ve found some answers to your questions. I hope they will unleash the vocals on 5H3.

The Power Of Love

Part One

Request - Anon - Can you do a reader x Jensen story where you’re Jared’s little sister and have a job on Supernatural? Thanks!

A.N – Ok this was hard as I love Danneel and JJ so much and they are a perfect family!! So I went down the route of thinking of Jensen as a character. Or as if it’s all set in an AU environment, so the timing may be a bit off here and there, but hey it’s a story :P 

Anyway, hope you like Anon!

Part one, Part two, Part three,


You sit with your feet up in your trailer, eyes on the TV as you watch an old movie you’ve seen hundreds of times, as you pick at the sandwich on your knee.

You had to stay late as you, your brother and Jensen had a stupid o’clock shoot tonight. You yawn as you look at the time.

*I’ve got like 3 hours before I have to be in make-up, I could grab a quick nap, jump in the  shower…*

You turn off the TV, set a quick alarm on you cell grab a pillow and snuggle into it. Pulling the throw from the back of the sofa over you as you close your eyes. Thinking back over the last year since you got the job, smiling sleepily as you drift away. 

6 months ago

“Are you freaking serious?! Yes! YES! Oh my god thank you so much!” you say jumping around causing Jared to laugh. You hang up, still bouncing as he moves over to you. 

“Congrats little sis, I knew you’d get it” he says pulling you into a hug, kissing the top of your head. 

“You have something to do with this big brother?” your eye dropping to slits, you didn’t want to get a job because of him. You’d done just fine on your own so far. 

You had your own career but had been a fan of the show since it began 5 years ago. So when you were visiting the set and J and Jared mentioned they were looking to cast new characters you called your agent straight away. 

“Nope I didn’t say a word! I promised! I’m just glad I get to work with my awesome sister. I’ll go and tell Gen” you nod as you do a victory dance to the living room to get your cell to text Jensen.

‘I got the job :D’ you send, putting your phone in the table as you sneak up to the bassinet to see if your nephew is for waking up.

“Don’t poke him awake!” you freeze hand midway to the baby

“I wasn’t!” you deny “I was straightening his blanket!” Gen looked at you eyebrow raised 

You both burst into a fit of giggle, neither able to keep a straight face. She runs forward pulling your into an embrace. 


“Thanks, it’s a small role but hey, at least I can say I’ve been on Supernatural” you wink “Just like the rest of you” Gen shakes her head turning into the kitchen to ready Thomas’ bottle. You loved Genevieve, she had become an amazing friend and most importantly she made your brother happy. 

The buzzing of your phone pulled you out of your thoughts. You pick it up from the table, smiling as you see Jensen’s photo pop up. 

‘Fuck yeah!’ was the reply. You laughed to yourself as your brother bounded back down the stairs. 

“What’s funny?” he asks peering over your shoulder. You show him the reply from Jensen and he snorts, shaking his head.

An hour later you were sitting on the sofa, you nephew in your arms holding a bottle to his lips, when you all hear a knock at the door. 

“I thought I heard and engine” Jared get up to answer

You here loud greetings which could only happen when two certain people get together. You smile over your shoulder knowing who was about to round the corner. 

“Hey Gen” he said as she met him at the door, you places a kiss on her cheek

“Hey you” you smile as you nurse the baby. 

“Hey you” he replies, joining you on the sofa. He kisses your cheek, hugging you awkwardly as you were holding Thomas. “Congrats!” 

You laugh thanks as you were now trying to get Thomas to keep the bottle in his mouth. The small bundles eyes searching everywhere for the source of the voice. 

J leans over so he can see him, it was that second that Gen decided to take a picture. You both see the flash of a camera; you give Gen a glare to which she laughs. 

J leaned further over reaching to tickle his chin and he second green eyes hit tiny hazel ones, Thomas’s face lit up. Spitting out the bottle reaching for him.

“Oh charming, I’m surplus to requirements now huh?” you say teasingly as you hand the bottle to J, before passing over the now laughing baby. 

Gen was taking more photos; you walked over to her leaning over her shoulder to see the damage. She scrolls to the photo you want to see. 

It was the cutest things you’d ever seen. You smile, it was a lot better than you were expecting. She scrolls again and your breath catches in your throat. 

It was almost identical to the previous photo except, you and J were looking directly at each other; you could almost be confused as a couple with a baby. Both smiling madly as you gazed at one another. 

Gen smirks at you; you roll your eyes at her. She’d been on at your for years how cute you and Jensen looked together. He was your friend; yes you spent a lot of time together. You text often even when he was filming, and you skyped at least once a week, but still, isn’t that what friends did? Jared once joked you both spoke more than he and Gen did, but you’d always been like that, ever since you met. 

You ask Gen for copies, to which she nods. Jensen asks to see them; you go to check your phone again. You read several messages as you lean against the wall, before your feel a pair of eyes staring at you. You look up to see J looking at you; he’d clearly seen the same photo you had.

You feel butterflies under his gaze; you smile at him before looking back at your phone typing a few thanks as the phone is discarded back into your bag. You shake off the feeling, putting it down to embarrassment and walk back over to the couch with a smile on your face. 

The rest of the evening went by in a blur of wine, food and laughter. Jared and Jensen decided not to drink, Jared so he could watch Thomas and let Gen have some fun, and Jensen so he could drive.

After Gen almost fell over on her way to the bathroom, Jared carried her to bed before coming back down. 

“Y/N can I call you a cab sis? I would drive you but I don’t wanna leave Gen” he asks almost laughing at the state of his wife.

“Hey you leave her be! She hasn’t drunk in over 9 months! And yes a cab will be fine” you say gathering your things. The wine hadn’t hit you as hard as Gen, but saying that you hadn’t been 9 months sober. Although you did feel a nice buzz

“I’ll drive her home” J says spinning his keys on his finger.

“You sure brother?” Jared asked looking over at him 

“Yeah, she doesn’t live that far from me” Jared nods a thank you, before leaning down to hug you goodnight

“Love you little sis” you pat his back 

“Love you too Gigantor” you laugh together

J asked if you’re ready as he bids Jared goodnight himself, you nod in reply bag and jacket in hand. 

He runs to open the door for you, you roll your eyes. “Always the gentleman” you laugh

“You know it” he winks playfully, as he also opens the passenger door. You shake your head beaming, but those butterflies where back

*What the hell…*

The drive is quiet, except the sound of the radio. Jensen pulls over smoothly to the curb in front of your house. You smile over at him as you go to open the door.

“Hey! I don’t even get a hug? Honestly I go out of my way to help you and then this?” he teases you.

“Oh shut up” you say laughing as you lean over to hug him. You both holding on a little long than necessary. You pull back slightly looking at him, eyes not leaving each other. Neither of you moving, you just sat there watching one another, trying to decode what the other was thinking. 

The sudden vibration of J’s phone snapped you apart. It was a message from your brother asking if he dropped you off ok and to say he’d left his jacket there. 

You lean to kiss his cheek, as he types a reply. 

“Goodnight J” you say opening your door, sending him a wink. 

“Night Y/n” he said quietly 

You shut the door, pulling out your keys giving him a wave as you open your house. Shutting the door behind you, leaning back against it. 

*What is going on? This is Jensen for god sake!* you look out of the small side window, so see him sitting under the street light. He rubs his hands over his face as if trying to clear his head. Before slowly pulling away. 


You hit your alarm, smiling as you reply the memory in your head. Things had been different since that night.

You were still just friends, but it was like the whole dynamic of your relationship had changed. You jumped in the shower and quickly dried your hair before making your way to the make up trailer. It was going to be an interesting night.

To Be Continued….

Part two

#228: You Think He’s On Tour But He Surprises You


If it was possible, this day couldn’t get any worse. Trying to get over the fact that you had been yelled at, at work for almost a full on hour and later on spilled coffee over your white shirt, it wasn’t really how you had intended your day to be. Just when you had woken up alone this morning to the sight of horrible weather you just knew from that, that it wouldn’t be a day of yours. And now when you were finally home and had thrown your keys to the kitchen counter, hair sticky and all wet from the rain the only thing you could think about was to go upstairs and take a full on hour shower. You were so insanely tired and you just wanted the day to be over with because it wasn’t something that you wanted to remember. Opening the door to your bedroom you froze completely and felt how your breath hitched in your throat. You remembered having turned off the lights this morning but you couldn’t remember you had forgotten to blow out your candles. In fact, you hadn’t used your candles for days and it made a skeptically expression appear on your face but that changed completely when you opened the door fully to see Luke. He was standing at the dresser with a secret smile on his face and a small bouquet of roses. “I’ve had a really few crappy days.” He announced and gave you the flowers. “And I thought to myself, how am I gonna change this? By watching some movies or be by myself for a couple of days? No, I fix it by doing what I’ve wanted to do since the first day of this tour.” He grabbed your hands and linked it together with his, pressing a soft and lingering kiss to the palm of it. “I go home and visit my girlfriend even if it means it will only be for one night.” The smile on your face couldn’t compare to anything else, this was nothing that you had expected and when you thought about it, this was all you needed. “I can’t believe you’re here right now.” You almost whispered to not let the exhausted tears float out from your eyes, leaning up to wrap your arm around his neck and pull him down for a well-deserved and long lasting hug.


“I miss you.” The words seemed to be so common it almost sounded monotone, but it didn’t have less emotions as the others. The way he was looking at you spoiled everything, the way his eyes were tired and lingering with how much he just wanted to wrap you up in his arms. “I miss you too.” You softly said, leaning your cheek against the pillow and held your phone under your lamp to make sure he could see you fully. It was hard to see where he was because he wasn’t in his bunk, he was walking around, you assumed it was outside to lit a cigarette. He smiled back by your words and sighed carefully, but he also had an expression on his face that was hard to figure out. He was smiling, but in a different way than usual and it made you furrow your eyebrows confused. “Is something funny?” It wasn’t supposed to come out as offended but you preferred to have the conversation alone now that you were heading for bed. You did this every night, it had become a tradition of some sort. “No I was just wondering.” Lights suddenly came onto his screen when he walked through a door, confusion written on your face when he continued. “Do you recognize this living room?” He flipped the camera on his phone and made you sit up on the bed in a rush, eyes blinking twice by the sudden screen. He moved his hand up to make a small wave in front of the camera, definitely proving where he was and you ripped away the sheets to get inside. You didn’t get the chance to put on pants but it didn’t matter because all you needed right now was to prove yourself that what he was showing was in fact real. “Missed me?” He questioned when you came into sight, seeing him stand in his leather jacket and open arms. You almost couldn’t form words in happiness and felt how your heart was pounding so loudly, hurrying towards his form and let his cold fingers burry themselves into your hair. “You have no idea.” You shakily said and held onto him closer, letting your face burry into his chest and take in his smell that had seemed to be the only thing keeping you alive since he left months ago.


It was as if everything froze completely by the sudden puzzles of sounds coming from downstairs. You had literally just come out of the shower, steam still clouding out from the warm bathroom and your hair covered up in a white towel. At first you only thought it was yourself being paranoid being home alone and all that but when sounds of feet walking downstairs appeared once again your breath hitched in your throat. You still hadn’t gotten clothes on yet, another white wet towel wrapped around your nude body and you considered whether or not what do to. It must have been yourself imagining because you had made sure to lock the door, there was no possible way of someone breaking in. But when sounds came from downstairs once again you didn’t hesitate to grab your hairdryer laying on top of the dresser, plugging it out from the outlet and used that as your weapon. Truth was you had no idea what the hell you were doing because your fear was almost shown as sweat on your forehead and you could feel how your heart was beating loudly. It was the only thing that you knew would actually hurt in case you would have to hit someone in the head and you slowly walked down the stairs to the kitchen. It was as if it wasn’t real to you, a black hooded person standing with a phone in his hand and hovering over the counter. You were shaking so much you were sure he would hear and lifted the hairdryer in the air ready to hammer it right in his face but that was when he turned around with a terrified expression. “No, Y/N hold on it’s me!” You almost dropped the hairdryer in your hands when Michael pulled the hoodie down to reveal his dirty blond locks, a smile coming to his face by your reaction. “Michael what the hell!” You heart was still pounding harshly as he wrapped his arms around your shaking form, a huge smile on his face. “I was supposed to surprise you but then you apparently planned on killing me with this, couldn’t you have found something better?” “Shut up.” You mumbled into his shirt, taking in all the emotions he was giving you at once. You had missed the warmth he was giving you, the comfort and most importantly filled out the huge miss.


“Hello?” It wasn’t supposed to come out as confused as it did, your eyebrows furrowing and your eyes widening when there was no answer. Faintly you could hear the TV being turned on in the living room along with various voices coming from the kitchen, there was no doubt who was home but someone sure as hell was. Letting your jacket fall to the ground along with your shoes you felt how you were starting to grow nervous, you knew a few of your best friends had your key but it wasn’t that they had suddenly planned to visit you after work. You called out once again to make sure that it wasn’t actually home robbers giving you such surprise, and your eyes almost popped out of your head when seeing Ashton hum over the stove. He hadn’t taken notice of anything else but the radio playing out new Ed Sheeran tunes, his eyes glancing towards where you were standing coincidentally and his eyes widened in surprise. “You’re home?” You managed to ask, still too surprised to say anything and he looked a bit defeated towards the stove filled with food. “Your best friend said you wouldn’t be home until half an hour so I thought that I would do what I’m best at. Surprising you with a lovely dinner.” He smiled softly by his failure because just by seeing you couldn’t not make him stop smiling. “Aren’t you on tour?” You still questioned completely shocked, holding onto the doorframe to stabilize yourself. “I was, but we have a few days to rest before we go to Asia. The others wanted to spend the time in LA but I thought about it and really wanted to give my attention someone else.” He placed his hands in his pockets casually while speaking, feeling how he was blushing because of his small story. You shook your head almost in disbelief and felt how your heart was racing in a fast pace, hand coming up to touch your shocked mouth. He was literally standing there with his messy curls sticking to his forehead and his military sweat shirt that made him look like the cuddliest person ever. “You’re home!” This time it came out as a full on conformation to yourself, you couldn’t stop smiling and it took you seconds to be in his warm arms. “I’m home, baby.” He whispered into your hair, giving you a soft kiss.

Snippets of “Heart of Glass”

Okay so since my internet is currently MIA and it’ll be a few hours until someone can come out and fix it, I’ll post some little snippets of my bang fic that I wrote in my phone’s notes when I was away from my laptop (since I’m stuck using data for my phone but I’m already almost over my limit so I can’t use much and I sadly didn’t put the completed fic into a google doc so I could access it from my phone. sigh) either way enjoy :) 

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Kris : Mini Boyfriend Tag [Request]

You switched on the camera and smiled at it with a little wave as it started recording already.

“Hey guys!” You chimed brightly – you were currently making a vlog for your Youtube channel and yes, you are apparently a Youtuber with a bucket of subscribers that had already surpassed seven digits, which was incredibly insane for you. Making random videos and skits were just for fun but you’d never expect that more than a million of the people in the world would enjoy it - and it kept on increasing day by day.

Today was just a relaxing day at home in which, you wanted to just answer some questions from your fans but first, you’d like to bug your boyfriend currently lazing in the bedroom as you were in the living room.

“So today, is sort of a relaxing day for me where I will answer some of your questions!” With a cheeky chuckle from you, you took your camera off the stand to stand up, “But before that, let’s say hello to someone.”

As you creaked open the door, Kris’s head lifted from his book as he turned to look at you with a small smile, “Hey baobei.”

“Say hi, Kris!”

He waved at the camera lazily with a sheepish grin, “Hey.” He ended up laughing when you pouted, “Be more energetic!”

He got off the bed with a huff as he stood up straight. He waved his arms around, “Hey!”

“Better.” You commented. “Whatever.” He blankly waved a hand at you in attempt to appear as the ‘cool’ boyfriend as he fell back onto the bed. You then rotated the camera back to you, “He’s just acting.”

“No I’m not!” He shouted from the bedroom when you chuckled, walking away with a huge smile as you settled down on the sofa by the living room, putting your camera back on the stand filming you directly on the sofa. You lifted up your phone and decided to answer some questions when you could literally feel Kris peeking from the side. You knew that whenever you made a vlog, he would want to appear in to show the world who you belong to – especially when you’ve received fanmail from a few guys before and well, they’re not ugly. Considering Kris is someone who is very possessive, he’d like to state what is his.

And with that, you are going to make him blow his cover – on camera.

“First question,” There wasn’t any question that you opened from Twitter yet, “When are you breaking up with Kris?”

“What?!” He shouted from the side, definitely blowing his cover as he stormed out, bumping beside you to sit down on the sofa in front of the camera as he took your phone from your hands to see which bastard had asked you that but the deep realization hit him like a ton of bricks when he realized it was just a trick. “Who the f-!” The look on his face was priceless when he went speechless, eyes flickering at you. “Baobei!” He then frustratedly handed your phone back with a huff. You snickered, pinching his cheeks cutely, “Aw, someone was afraid of losing me, huh?”

“You’re such a tease.” He rolled his eyes at you, finding that you were so cute that he had to hug you right after he said that. “Just say you wanted to be in my vlog, Kris. Then we could answer some questions together.”

“Really?” His eyes widened with glee as he looked down on you, eyes sparkling. You nodded with a small laugh, “Of course.”

With that, he had made you settle in between his legs on the sofa while you decided to turn this into a mini boyfriend tag before you’d vlog about the rest of the day when you would go out with Kris later. “Are you aware of what the boyfriend tag is?” You asked Kris over your shoulder and he nodded once with his arms around you, “It’s where the girl asks the boyfriend a few questions about her and I’ll have to answer it correctly, right?”

“Right but not right.” You snickered and he furrowed his eyebrows at you. “What?”

“It’s more than just ‘a few’ questions.”

“Just ask me the questions, baobei. I’ll get it all right.” He smirked at you cockily, earning a shrug from you, “You may never know…”

“Go on and ask.” He used his chest to nudge you by your shoulder and you handpicked a few questions that you’d want Kris to answer as this wasn’t a full tag video. “What is one unique talent she has?” You asked and put your phone down, looking into the camera while Kris thought about it for a second.

“Being my girlfriend.”

You leaned back against his chest with a huff, “Kris…!”

Fine. Hmm… You’re really good at making me smile.” You rolled your eyes at his answer but the moment you felt his arms tugging your waist tightly, you ended up breaking into a smile, “C’mon baobei – give me a right.”

“Fine…” You grumbled, lifting your phone for the next question. “Who’s her best friend?”

“Me.” He answered quickly, earning a cheeky laugh from you, “Apart from you.”



“Tao!” He answered properly this time, earning a smile from you. “Good boy.”

“Next question.” He mumbled, after planting a kiss on your cheek. “You bake her a cake-“

“Chocolate.” Kris didn’t even need to wait for you to finish the question and you looked over your shoulder to scrunch your nose at him. “You didn’t let me finish.”

“Sorry, baobei. But I’m right anyway.”

You narrowed your eyes at him, shifting away a little to look down on your phone where he couldn’t see, “She’s sitting in front of the television, what is on the screen?”

“Horror movies.” He answered with a groan, causing you to snicker as you faced forward to the camera, “That’s true.”

“She’s definitely an alien.” He commented and you shrugged, “This alien is yours anyway.”

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He snickered, resting his chin on your shoulder where you read the next question. “What is her eye color?” With that, you shut your eyes tight and he stifled a laugh, “I already know the answer even way before you close your eyes, baobei.”

“Then what color is it?” You asked, looking over your shoulder to see him where your eyes were still closed.

“Dark brown.”

Your eyes opened with a low whistle you gave him, “Wow, you’re good.

“One more question – then we’re heading out.” He gave a pinch on your nose as you read the last question, “What is something she does that you wished she didn’t?”

With that, you put your phone away to look at him with a grin, “What is it?”

He tapped his chin, “There are just so many…”


“I’m kidding!” He laughed at your expression of disbelief because really – he was just kidding and you knew that. You placed your hands on the arms around your waist, “Tick tock, Kris.”

“I’m thinking!” He looked back at you and as he stared into your eyes, he couldn’t help but answer with, “Nothing. Everything she does is perfect – even if sometimes we have our arguments, I wouldn’t want her to change unless she thinks it’s really needed because to me, she’s already just the one for me.”

You smiled at him before you faced the camera, “This is getting really mushy, isn’t it, guys?”

Kris growled beside your ear, “Don’t act like you don’t like it.”

“We’re going to get ready and go out now so, see you!” With that, you lunged forward, out from his grip to stop recording where you would continue later but for now, you stood away from Kris who had his eyes narrowed at you. “Come here, baobei.” He motioned you with a finger but you stood there with your arms crossed. “Make me.”

“I’ll come after you then.” He shot up from the sofa and you went straight to the bedroom where you would need to hide yourself because based on the look he gave you – you knew he was going to do something and you didn’t want to wait for it to happen. 


Word count: 957

You sighed in disbelief as you watched your boyfriend treat your special day just like an ordinary day.

“Its our second anniversary and he forgot…” You texted your best friend. “The poor bastard is gonna get the cold shoulder isn’t he?” she replied. “Damn right.” You thought.

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Fall Extravaganza (Bucky x Reader)

Request: None! Just something I came up with for you all, and I know it’s not Fall, I wish it was, but lets just pretend that it is Fall for this imagine! So this is a few little clips of the reader giving Bucky the full “Fall extravaganza” experience!  

Words: 2,121 

Warnings: None! Fluff fluff fluff! I haven’t edited it for mistakes yet! 

I’m sorry for not updating in a while, I’ve been extremely busy! So I was gonna try to update an requested imagine today but once again, time slipped away from me. So I decided to give you all a little something I’ve been working on here and there. Don’t worry, next week I don’t have too many plans so hopefully I’ll be able to update a couple imagines. Love you all bunches! 

And for those celebrating the Fourth on Monday, have an amazing day and be safe, don’t like get in the way of a firework or set your hair on fire. That would be very bad. (One year my dad almost set my neighbors house on fire..they never found out though. We moved the next year.)

It was your favorite time of year. You loved everything about the season of Fall. It was the time to bring out the boots, sweaters and leggings. The pumpkin spice latte became available at Starbucks, the leaves turned into beautiful mixtures of yellows, oranges, browns and reds. Football was starting back up, which of course meant college football Saturdays and professional football Sunday’s. There was so much more that made your heart pump with excitement and your happiness grow high.

This year was the first time Bucky would be around the Avengers during Fall. He had moved last winter and had warmed up quite a bit since then, a part of him was still gone and it probably wouldn’t return. However, a part of him had came back. His cheekiness, of course had made a comeback. Along with slight attitude and a humor. All of that you could deal with, it was the flirting that made your cheeks flush and your heart beat a little faster than normal.

So it was true; you had developed a crush on Bucky Barnes. It had started when he first moved in, there was just something about him that made you attracted. He was highly attractive, that was an obvious factor. But it wasn’t just that, there was something else that you couldn’t put your finger on.

Nat had caught on to your crush and always tried to find ways to push the two of you together. You found it slightly annoying, yet slightly nice. It was always an excuse to be near Bucky, anyway. His presence made you calm, even on your worst days. He made you feel safe just by being in the same room as you, which you loved for when you came home from a mission. The first thing you always did after a mission, was linger in the rooms Bucky would be in. You’d watch TV or play a game, sometimes you would just find an excuse to hang around the gym while he would work out.

Nat had came up with a plan to push you and Bucky together this Fall, it was a plan she’d been waiting since the beginning of Summer to put into action.

You, Bucky and Natasha were lounging in the living room one afternoon. You were painting your nails, your back was leaning against the couch as you used the coffee table to rest your hand on, you were being careful not to spill any. Bucky was sitting on the couch, only a few inches away from where you were leaning, he was playing some game on his phone. Natasha was watching one of her favorite show’s season premiere, one you had already seen the night before.  

“Hey Bucky,” Nat turned to look at him, she was sitting crisscross in a chair. The show had just went to commercial. Bucky tapped away at his phone for a couple seconds more before looking up at her. “When was the last time you properly spent your Fall?”

This caught your attention and you paused your nail painting, the brush lingering over your pinkie finger.

“What do you mean?” Bucky’s brows furrowed in confusion.

“Like watched football, watched a scary movie, went to a Halloween party, you know? All the fun things people do in Fall.” Natasha explained, her eyes flicking over to you for a brief moment, seeings you hesitating in continuing your nails. She knew you were listening in.

Bucky chuckled slightly, “Not in a very long time.”

You turned around and gasped jokingly, “As in the 40’s?” Bucky’s eyes snapped down to look at you and he grinned, nodding his head.

You looked over at Natasha and narrowed your eyes as she grinned, of course this is what she’d been planning. She knew you would drag Bucky into your Fall extravaganza. You looked back over at Bucky and flashed a smile, your eyes dancing with excitement which made Bucky smile.

“It’s settled then!” You went back to painting your nails. “You’re doing the perfect Fall bucket list and I’m going to assist you, I’m like the Fall Queen.”

“I’m not even going to resist.” Bucky laughed, going back to his game and Nat went back to her show, a smirk clear on her lips.

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Love contract >> Suga, You (Part 7)

PART 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5  | 6

A/N: prepare some tissue next to you please while reading! Thank you!

You let out the breath you were holding the whole performance.

The fresh air hit your face as the realization hit you too hard.

You never knew anything about him, why did you feel like this.

Like you have been deceived.

A while ago, on the stage, Suga took off his innocent look and turned into a super-hot rapper who could spit a lot of words in a second. So unlike him, since he wasn’t really that talkative with you.

Who are you?

What do you want from me?

Why modelling for you when you are…?

What was his job exactly?

“Producer.” Said jimin when he saw your expression. “He produced a lot of my songs.”

You just nodded, as you were so absorbed with the performance. You felt that you were so far away from him. The boy who was sitting next to you a while ago and shook your heart was out of reach.

Sighing, you grabbed the railing and took a deep breath. The sky was so dark, but there were no stars only the moon was the only visible bright star up there.

You couldn’t wait any longer in the hall as you excused yourself out. Jimin gave you a worried look, but you just smiled at him and walked away.

You felt like this was no longer your place. Your place would be in a fashion runway, walking over the stage like a robot to display clothes. You were displaying yourself, not your talent like them. You felt completely out of place.

What am I doing? You thought, brushing away a loosen strands away from your face.

You felt your phone vibrate in your bag. Clicking it open, you grabbed the phone one. A name showed over your phone screen, making you frown a little, hesitating whether  to take it or not.

You swept the phone, putting it over your ears.

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 32/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 31


“What time are you meeting up with Buck?”

“In about an hour,” Steve called out to you across your room, the sounds of his shower muffling his voice.  “Did you want to come along?  I’m sure he’d love to see you.”

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Yoongi; luckily

❝i just felt like writing this when the boys messed with Yoongi in this video, sometime 5:43. YOONGI IS SO PRECIOUS WHEN HE SLEEPS (all of them are omg)  /this is something for fun. badoop
►914 words | mini scenario, stylist!au
© (photo credit)

By the time you got approved as a stylist under a label that needed you to attend to boys that are always rowdy, forever noisy, a bunch of troublemakers who seem to have fun all the time but are sweethearts at the same time, yeah, you were prepared for all of that.

Not to mention, with all the flights and jet lags from one country to another, you’re still wondering how these boys have so much energy when you feel like curling up into a ball and sleep all the way but right, you’re here to work and so you are.

But then, yay there’s always break times in between before the next event and here you are, occupied with your phone with your attention on Jungkook when he’s hosting another V-app live streaming in the other room and you’re far too lazy to see it in person that you resort to seeing it through your phone. You set it to the arm of the sofa, picking up your toolbox because you need to sort out your brushes, outline pencils, blush and everything you possibly need to make the boys look pretty damn fine on stage and later on because it always gets messed up because of the flight. You’re rearranging them the same time Jungkook’s wandering around and you’ve given him enough hearts to shut him up if he asks later on and he acts as a background music because it’s too quiet here when you’re alone and the rest of the stylists are off walk around before coming back later.

Just as you’re putting the colors of the blushes together, according to the darkness, it seems like the cool spray earlier on they’ve been using in the van is somehow useful to being a play toy. His first target is Seokjin who runs away after being sprayed, squealing and he holds onto his DS as he escapes—then he goes after Hoseok and Yoongi and you snort—this has got to be good.

He announces that it’s a live streaming and the both can’t seem to be bothered, well, except Hoseok because he wakes up but Yoongi mumbles a soft do well and then he’s dozing off. Thank God that they’re leaving Yoongi to rest or else you’d give them a piece of your mind later on (or Yoongi would’ve showed them a lesson on his own after everything) and you’re smiling when Jungkook focuses on Yoongi a while more, showing how he’s curling up with the chairs to use as a bed and he’s still sleeping so you put your phone away with the thing still streaming but you’re putting your attention to your materials, keeping things in check and then setting your box aside. You lean back and let your head rest, eyes closing briefly the same time you hear the door opening and closing. It doesn’t bother you because it’s normal for people to go in and out but what makes you jolt is the fact that the sofa is being dipped down and a head settles on your lap.

You look down to see Yoongi curling up to you, legs sprawled out to the end of the sofa, his arms idly placed around your waist and he mumbles a soft let me sleep here and you know saying no is inevitable when he’s already so comfortable and his breathing stables within five seconds—he falls asleep just like that.

You’re about to question what happened or why he resorts to coming here but it seems that the buffering on your phone is lagging and you’re taking your phone, lowering down the volume when Yoongi groans and oh, he’s still on the screen…

Yoongi’s trying to sleep in the previous room but apparently, the younger people around him seem to find him as an amusing target. Not only did they use the cool spray, Jimin’s confirming his death with a hairdryer and it makes you smile out of pity, mumbling poor baby when all he wants to do is sleep but the boys are being too playful—it’s not a bad thing, it’s just that when someone wants to sleep that badly, more so when it’s Yoongi, it makes your heart swell.

But, hm, he’s here now and he seems to be contented here so, it’s alright.

Don’t touch me… his voice in the video groans and you snort, just about to stroke your fingers through his hair and it seems like he’s still awake enough to murmur, “You can touch me…”

“I thought you were sleeping,” You whisper, switching off the app before the room grows quiet while there’s a riot next door, your fingers threading through his blonde locks and he smiles against your thigh, “I was about to… but then those idiots are asking for a beating…”

“I mean now,” You say, your other hand rubbing circles on his lower back as he slumps on you and he inches forward to kiss your clothed stomach before muttering, “What time is it now…?”

“You have enough time to sleep—I’ll wake you up for makeup and Namjoon will know where to find you,”

He heaves a sigh and keeps his eyes shut, humming in approval when you dip down to kiss his forehead before you usher him to sleep and he says quietly before he does, the boys are so lucky you’re here or the fans would have to meet Bangtan with three members short.

Yeah, luckily.