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Pairing: Irene x Reader

Genre: Fluff

REQUEST:  irene + motherhood (not single, but she has a wife)

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“One time, one time your mommy leaves me alone at home with you and you decided to misbehave.” Joohyun huffed as she cleaned up the mess after her son, Jihwan. The little boy sat on the couch, swinging his legs back and forth, giggling at his mother´s words. At the sound of her son´s laugh, the female turns around with a stern look on her face that soon fades into a smile. She walks over to her son after putting away last one of his toys and picks him up.

“Just like her, acting innocent.” Joohyun says more to herself than her son, her mind filled with your images. Little Jihwan suddenly grows serious, making Joohyun turn her attention back to him. He then raises his small hand and boops Joohyun on the nose, making her laugh once again as he throws his arms around her neck, saying,

“sorry eomma.”

“How could I not forgive you.” She grows silent for a little while, trying to think of ways to entertain Jihwan without making more mess in the house. One look in the direction of the door leading to the backyard was enough for Jihwan to start running towards it, more laughs filling the air. Joohyun playfully rolls her eyes at the boy, following after him as he keeps calling for her.

“Eomma, hurry!” She finally catches up to him, unlocking the door at the end of the hall as Jihwan keeps on stepping from one leg to other impatiently. Joohyun wasn´t even able to open the door fully before her son ran out, making his way further into the big garden belonging to your house. Joohyun sat down on the bench on the porch, watching Jihwan from afar and making sure he wouldn´t get hurt as he kept on running around the grass field, away in his own little world. When she noticed him sit down on the grass, obviously out of breath from all the running, she allowed herself to look away for a moment. Sun was beginning to set, the trees surrounding the lot casting shadows, sun beams making their way in between them. 

She smiled at the memory appearing in her head, almost wanting to hit herself for not wanting to buy this house at first. However, you and your great persuading skills made her agree and now she couldn´t agree more with the choice of the house. It was a perfect place to call home, having enough space for literally anything. When the estate agent showed you the house, Joohyun could see you were amazed at the size, location and the feeling it gave off. Despite the cost not being overly expensive, Joohyun couldn´t seem to imagine living in it. Yes, sharing a home with you was something she had always dreamed of but just for the two of you, it was simply too big. 

At least until you came with the idea of adopting a child. Joohyun knew you always dreamed of having a child of your own, but due to health issues, you wouldn´t be able to have one even with the choice of artificial insemination. Adoption was the only choice you had left and she didn´t have the heart to take it away from you. The two of you had talked many times about it before actually deciding to do it, fully realising that Joohyun wouldn´t be able to be there all the time, her idol life taking up most of her time. And after one too many speculations of how and when you should do it, you brought Jihwan home. Suddenly, everything felt more in place and Joohyun was beginning to grow accustomed to the new way of living. She never imagined herself as a mother but now that she was one, she couldn´t imagine not being one.

“Eomma! I picked some flowers for mommy, will she like them?” Jihwan snapped her out of her thoughts, shoving the small, hand-picked bouquet of flowers into Joohyun´s face. She gently pushed his small arm further away from her nose, nodding with a smile. “Of course she will, they´re beautiful.” Satisfied with the answer, Jihwan made himself comfortable in his mother´s lap and joined her in staring off into the distance. Joohyun was amazed at the number of facts he was able to tell her, at the wise words coming out of him despite his age. Moments like these were when she truly realised how well you managed to raise him. He was polite, smart and rarely caused trouble. A quiet, yet still audible yawn ringed in Joohyun´s ears, making her look down. 

“Someone´s sleepy. Come on, let´s tuck you in bed.” With droopy eyes, Jihwan nodded and slowly raised his arms up making it at least a little easier for her to pick him up. Shortly after she changed him into his pj´s, Joohyun noticed he had already falled asleep and couldn´t help but chuckle to herself as she pulled the blanket over him, lying down next to his small body. After minutes of her silently lying next to her son, eyes staring into thin air, she felt her eyelids become heavier with each second. Giving in into the exhaustion, she let them fall and before entering the land of dreams, she mumbled,

“I´m sorry for being here so little, I love you.” If only she had the slightest idea that you were standing in the doorway, hand placed over your mouth to keep quiet and tears prickling at the corners of your eyes, threatening to spill. This was a view you rarely got to see, but it was the most beautiful of them all; a view worth waiting for.

A/n: Here it is anonie. I felt so at ease writing this scenario, you don´t even know. I hope you guys liked it and I would make me really happy if you gave me some feedback, either by commenting or sending me an ask with you opinion. Lots of  love – G

After Midnight - Snowbound Extra

Does this count as a blurb? it’s the shortest piece yet, that’s for sure, so maybe. Thank you as usual to everyone who reads and enjoys and to those who don’t – you’re part of this all, too – and thank you for writing in when you’re able to, because you make me smile. Thanks as usual to @inkedferns who helped me figure out what I was posting this week. 

Update August 2, 2016: If this were released in line with the rest of the story, it would come about now, just after Memory Bound. Take a peek if you haven’t before and let the rest of the story fill you in! x

This borrows the setting for another yet-to-be-posted story, so now you’ve got a sneak peek at something that’s coming down the pike eventually. There’s fluff, there’s smut, and there’s allusions to Harry having a family (Dad Harry ftw). It stands well alone, though, and I hope it amuses. x. 

Harry freezes almost the moment he steps into his apartment. It’s quiet, but there’s a very lived-in hum floating through it, and he’s instantly on guard. This was his weekend to have you and his son over, but he’d found out he had to be in studio late and had called you with a heavy heart as he told you he wasn’t going to be able to make it. You hadn’t sounded very disappointed, and he had sworn to you that he’d make it up to you both on Saturday and Sunday, and you could even stay an extra day if you wanted (he sorely hoped you would – five days was starting to stretch and feel impossible).

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Father Figure |Kalin White Imagine|

So sorry that this is late babes!
Requests always open!

I went into my three year old son Derek’s room. He was currently putting away his toys and packing up his backpack for him to go over to his dads.

I weakly smiled, leaving the room and went to the bathroom to brush out my hair. I heard footsteps in the doorway and see my boyfriend for two years, Kalin.

He came up behind me holding onto my hips, resting his chin on my shoulder. “May I help you?” I asked.

“Does he really have to go?” Kalins face now became serious something I am not used to seeing. I gave him a confused look in the bathroom mirror.

“What do you mean baby?” I turned around. His jaw clenched slightly and his eyes became darker.

“You know yourself he is never ever there for him Y/N,” He sighed, “I was always more of a father too him even if we aren’t blood.”

I put my arms around his shoulders. “Kalin if you want to come with me to drop him off, it’s okay.”

“It isn’t that!” He huffed sitting at the edge of the bath. “I just…” He looked back up at me.

I knelt down in front of him. “Are you scared?” He shock his head. “Worried?” He looked up at me. “Jealous?”

He sighed in frustration and pulled me closer. “I just feel like I got really attached to him lately, he is like my little buddie now.” He shyly smiled.

“There isn’t no need to be jealous! Derek loves you K, last weekend he asked me when Dad is coming over. He meant you!” I pulled him off the bath. “And that won’t change.”

He put his hands in his pockets. “Mommy?” We heard that little voice from the doorway.

“Yes babe?” I said picking him up in my arms.

“Is Kalin going to be here when I get back?”

I looked over at Kalin who looked at me to Derek. He came over to us and hugged my other side.

“Of course lil dude!” He shouted.

I gave Kalin and Derek both a kiss on the cheek. “My little mans!”

“Hey I am not little!” They both said at the same time causing Kalin to laugh.

I rolled my eyes and put down Derek. Kalin then got my car keys off the counter. “I will go buttttt…”

“What now?” I rolled my eyes playful.

“We stop at In n Out after.” He gave me a puppy dog face.

“You are worse than him!”

The sweet scent of rain hints in the air tonight… Perhaps it is my imagination, but it reminded me. We pray together as a family every night; giving thanks for the miracles of the day, for those we love, and asking for our needs and desires. Tonight we prayed for rain to come soon.

A few days ago, I had put away.. in a safe place…a toy that my son has wanted and earned, so safe that I couldn’t fund it. He has been struggling with going to summer school and anything different. I very much want him to know that he can receive guidance and direction. So, after he and I searched fruitlessly, with a prayer in my heart, I called him to me where we prayed together. We then began looking again and found it immediately. After a prayer of thanks, we were off to school to show his teacher the toy he earned.

We each have guidance available to us, should we listen, to give direction and comfort in life. I know as he practices asking and listening his life will be enriched.