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Lmao ir kid wants to be like daddy so he grabs a knife from the kitchen. Mommy daddy look )! *hold knife and poses* I'm just like daddy! *holding chappy doll underarm and wearing towel as cape. Rukia: X-X Ichigo: huh he looks coo.... X-X Rukia: baby put the knife down irbaby: you can't take my zanpacto away I need to save the girl Rukia: honey pls give mommy the knife irbaby: makes a break for it Rukai: Noooooooooooooooo Byakuya: ...did you hear something renji?

KLSDFJLDKSJFLD nooo poor bby

Our Little Secret-Part Five

Summary: You and Dean figure out how to tell Sam. Later the two of you try something that Dean hasn’t really done


Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Square Filled/Kink: Face Fucking for @spnkinkbingo

Word Count: 4300

Warnings: Smut, fingering, oral, rough sex, squirting, language

A/N: I’m sorry. I was going to wait until tomorrow afternoon to post this, but I couldn’t help myself. Thank you so much for reading. I absolutely love writing this series and sharing it with you. Any feedback is always appreciated.

“You want to tell Sam?” He’s got that crease on his forehead, “I thought you didn’t want him to know.”

You smile, stretching your neck, kissing right below his ear, “But you do.”

“You’re okay with it?” He’s confused, “You’re sure?”

“Yeah,” you nod, “I’m sure.”

You’re not sure, not at all, but you kinda need to take the chance.

Dean pulls you up, pressing his lips against yours, kissing you deeply before breaking away.

You giggle, “I guess it will be easier too, we won’t have to come up with excuses for getting a different room.”

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Bill, Stan, Richie, Eddie: Scrapes and Bruises

Request  “Can I ask for Bill, Stan, Richie and Eddie getting patched up by their crush/gf? Maybe they had a run in with the clown, or the Bowers gang and got a little roughed up or something.” 

A/N   I re-read this like 100 times trying to see just how repetitive it got and I zoned out every time. My bad rip

Pairing → Bill Denbrough x Reader, Stan Uris x Reader, Richie Tozier x Reader, Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader (She/Her Pronouns)

Warnings  → description of injury, blood


↳ Bill bit his lip and tried to stay quiet as you looked at the wound on his side. He sat on the side of his tub, which you had filled shallowly with warm, clean water. You dunked in a cloth and got to work.

He hummed in pain. He mentally smacked himself upside the head, but at least it was better than crying out in front of you. “Sorry” you murmured. You found some antiseptic balm and uncapped it.

You had both been caught off guard by It. Jumping you both on the way home and landing a long cut on your fearless leader. Your blood boiled as you remembered the strike, and Billy going down, and Bill’s blood boiled as he remembered the fear It had caused you, and your scream.

“Bill” you called “Billy?”

He was trying so hard not to wince that he had zoned out. “Uh-Hm?” he said quick “Wuh-what?”

“This is gonna sting” you gave him an apologetic smile “Sorry”

It didn’t really. And that wasn’t just Bill trying to lie to himself for the sake of saving face. It burned a little, sure, but he was distracted by the feeling of your fingers on his skin. Looking down, he saw you, putting all your effort into being as gentle with him as possible.

His heart swelled.

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My dear lgbt+ kids who bind their chest, 

If you think you have injured yourself while binding: 

1. Take off your binder, no excuses. You can cause serious damage if you don’t take it off. Take it off and don’t bind again until your symptoms are gone. I’m sorry to sound harsh but your health and safety is priority number one, so please listen to me. 

2. Are you in significant pain? Do you have difficulty breathing? Do you cough up blood or any discharge? Does it hurt badly when you try to touch the painful area? If you say yes to any of these questions, go to the hospital. You need immediate medical attention. You may have broken a rib or something worse. 

3. If you are able to breathe normally, you don’t cough and it only hurts a little, cool the area for 20 minutes (put ice in a ziploc and wrap a towel around it, don’t put ice directly on the skin!), then rest for 20 minutes, then take a warm shower, then rest again. While you rest, don’t lay down flat - keep your chest elevated! Do not put your binder back on. 

4. Does the pain not go away? Do you develop more symptoms? Do your symptoms get worse? Go to the hospital. 

More information and sources

General safety tips to prevent injury

Important: I’m not a health expert and do not claim to be one. Any health information on my blog is for educational purposes only and does not replace a doctor’s opinion! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Eye Contact (M.)

Originally posted by rapgodv

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: smut

Word count: 3.7k

Description: Your boyfriend Jungkook was still a virgin, until one night both of you got heated up and it turned out a lot better than you ever expected.

Info: This is my first smut ever posted. I tried to make slightly sub!jk but my heart can’t lmao. Still I hope you enjoy it and please leave any feedback! And sorry if my english isn’t always correct, it’s not my first language. Enjoy y’all <3

Parts: 1 | 2 

You were laying on your bed, watching TV and getting more and more bored. Jungkook has been in the shower for only 3 minutes but it seemed like a whole hour. You just needed to do something exciting, to try something new and to spice yourself up a bit. Especially your sex life. Even though you and Jungkook were together for almost a year now, you still haven’t had sex. And that’s because he’s a virgin. Of course you respected him wanting to wait and you don’t want to rush into it if he’s still not ready. You love him, he loves you and that’s basically everything that matters. But every time he was lying next to you, kissing you, touching you or even just looking at you, you would immediately feel yourself heating up. “Why are you blushing again, honey?” he would always ask laughingly, finding it cute actually. You shook your head every time, even though you wanted to moan into his ear and tell him how much you wanted, no, how much you needed him. He is so adorable, sexy, hot and incredibly beautiful. You still couldn’t believe you got yourself a boyfriend like him. You know you’re hot yourself too, but still. You were such a lucky girl. Sometimes you entered the bathroom “by accident” when he was showering, so you could get a little sneak peak of his manly body. God damn, when you saw those shoulders the last time, you could’ve just cum right there by only looking at it. And those thighs…

“Y/N? W-what are you doing?” you heard a serious voice saying. 

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how about a bts reaction to y/n getting out of the shower and purposely dropping her towel trying to get their attention because they've been working all day? (only of you feel up to it!!! i totally understand if you'd rather rest💕) shy anon~🐻

Im going to tweet this juust a tad.


His eyes would immediately widen and he’d be out of his seat so fast. ‘Y/n what are you doing?’ He’d say looking around even though there wasnt anyone else there. ‘Nothing.’ You’d say turning your back to walk back into the bedroom. He’d pick up your towel and follow you into the bedroom. He’d wait for you to say something but as you purposely took your time looking through his collection of t-shirts he wouldn’t be able to wait much longer and would walk up behind you and spin you around so he could kiss you with your back now pressed against the wall.

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He’d know you were upset that he was in the studio all day, but you swore you understood. Still it had been a week too long without being intimate. He would smile seeing you surprising him and would instantly put his pen down and turn to you. But his smile would fall slightly as you locked the door behind you and turned off the over head light so just the lamps in the corners made things visible. He is slight frown would turn into a smirk as he watched you untie the belt of your jacket. 'I saw this done in a movie once.’ you’d say softly getting nervous as the jacket fell to the floor. He would have forgotten all about his work and turn to give you his full attention.

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He promised you he would never bring work home with him, it was enough that he was spending extra hours in the studio but to bring it home with him made you worry for his health. He needed a break to regroup. When you got out of the shower you could hear him in the living room, smiling that he was finally home, but when you walked out to see biting on the end of a pen and staring at his lyric book. 'Joon…’ You said startling him a little and making him look up to you. 'Im so close babe, please.’ He said knowing the rule. You looked him and crossed your arms over your body. You stood there and watched him for another minute before dropping your towel. When he didnt notice after another moment you put your hands on your hips and cleared your throat. 'Namjoon.’ The moment he saw you he’d stand up and hit his knee on the table before half limping over to you. 'I might have to bring work home more often.’

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He was late but you didnt mind. He was working hard and you were just happy he was sleeping all night and eating well. But when he came home an hour later than he was supposed to you he surprised you with the way he was already laying on your bed causing you to drop your towel. 'Wow.’ He’d say in a long excited voice. 'You scared me that was an accident!’ You said reaching down to grab the towel. As you stood up wrapping it around your body he’d approach you and pull it off again. 'You know I’m tired, but not that tired.’ He’d say with a wink.

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He was in your living room with Jungkook, Taehyung and Jin practicing when you stepped out of the shower. You loved the boys but it was late and you were naked and just wanted to get a cookie and get to bed. Not caring, since they were the ones intruding in your apartment, you walked in your towel to the kitchen, waving as they sent you hellos. From the fridge you could see Jimin looking at you disappointed that you would walk out of your room in a towel but his face immediately flushed and turned to shock when you opened the towel and wiggled your body at him, closing it just before the other boys noticed. As you walked back into your room you heard Jimin kicking the others out, making you smile before he was running in behind you and wrapping his arms around you.

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He didnt mean to be on the phone with his manager so long, it just happened. Dinner was cold, you were showered and now walking out of the room in nothing but your towel to see if he was finally done. 'Tae?’ You said crossing your arms, it was way to late for this. When he held up a finger to you your eyes rolled and you looked around you before smiling smugly and opening your towel, waiting for him to look at you. When he did all he could say was a, 'I have to go.’ Before hanging up and closing the space between you two.

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He didnt mean to take over your bedroom, its just it was a lot bigger than his and you had a full sized mirror. You gave him an hour while you showered to blast their music to work on his choreography but when he was still turning and hip thrusting when you got out of the shower you told him it was time to turn it off. 'Just ten more minutes, please.’ he begged. You sighed and looked at him before undoing your towel. 'Thats to bad, Im ready now.’ You pouted letting the towel fall and laughing slightly as you got in bed at Jungkooks wide eyed look. He immediately came up behind you and fell on the bed with you in his arms. 'Kook your sweaty.’ 'And ill be even sweatier when I’m done with you.’

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Spencer x Reader.

“Ouch, ouch OUCH.“

"Stop being a baby!” you said to your best friend and colleague. 

“But it hurts,” Spencer complained. 

“Well of course it hurts you idiot, you’ve broken your leg." 

"Can you just drive more carefully please?" 

You were in your car driving back from the hospital where you’d spent the last four hours. Spencer was laid out across your back seat, his leg in plaster. You’d been with him when he’d fallen out of the tree, an image you still couldn’t get out of your head. 

Spencer Reid. In a tree. You couldn’t wait to tell the others. You’d taken pictures. 

"This wouldn’t have happened if you’d listened to me. I told you those branches couldn’t take your weight.” You couldn’t help but gloat. 

“Yes well, I was trying to be nice. That little girl wouldn’t stop crying.”

The two of you had met up for coffee, having returned from your most recent case the evening before. It was a pleasant day so you’d decided to take a walk through the local park. 

You’d come across a young mother trying to calm her crying child, her kite stuck in a tree. 

Spencer, being the gentleman he was, had offered to climb up and get it. You laughed telling him there’s no way those branches could take his weight but he’d ignored you. 

Less than 30 seconds into his climb, you heard a cracking and a loud girlish squeal as he came crashing to the ground, landing on his leg at an awkward angle. 

You couldn’t not laugh at him even though he was clearly hurt. The little girl’s mom had been mortified, especially when you told her what you both did for a living. “It’s fine,” you’d assured her. “He got shot in the leg last year, he’s used to being injured.”

“Can you stop laughing at me and call an ambulance please?” Spencer had piped up from the ground. 

“Let me just take a picture so I can show the team.” You pulled out your cell. “Smile.”

He’d glared at you. “ Ambulance. Now Y/N.”

“Fine, fine. No need to get so tetchy.”

Four hours and multiple photos later, you were on your way home, you having followed the ambulance in your car. You were taking Spencer back to your apartment as yours had an elevator and his didn’t, stopping by at his on the way picking up the list of items he’d given you. 

You drove over another pothole hearing him whine again. “I beg of you, please just drive carefully." 

You signaled, pulling to the side of the road "Get outta the car Reid.” You spun around in your seat. 

“Wait… No! I’m injured.”

“Criticise my driving again, and you can walk home. And I won’t let you stay at my apartment meaning you’ll have to call Morgan and tell him how you tried and failed to fly today.”

He pouted at you. “I’m sorry, you’re not a bad driver. It’s just the pot holes nudge my leg and it freaking hurts. It’s not so bad until you go over one.”

He’d refused painkillers at the hospital, you understanding why, and suddenly you felt bad for taking the piss out of him. 

“I’ll try and avoid them okay. I’m sorry.”

“Thank you.”

You made it home with a few mores groans from him and you helped him into your building making it to your apartment with only a few stumbles. 

“Stay here, I’ll make up the couch now so we don’t have to do it later.”

“Aww you’re giving up your bed for me Y/N?”

“Fuck no…. I don’t give up my bed for no-one. You’re having the couch.”

“But I’m injured… And your pull out isn’t very comfortable.” He stayed on it before during your many movie marathons when he couldn’t be bothered to drive home. 

“I’m not giving up my bed Spence. You’re my best friend and I love you to bits but just no. Not happening.”

“But I gave you mine when you had strep throat and demanded I take you home and look after you.”

“And that, is because you are a much nicer person than I am.”

He tried to give you his puppy dog face which he knew almost always made you break. You shook your head at him. This was one thing you weren’t budging on. 

You made up the couch for him and put his bags on the chair. Deciding you were both starving you ordered pizza, watching an old episode of the Twilight Zone when it arrived. 

When you finished up, you tidied your mess away feeling Spencer watching you. He went to speak, stopping before any words actually left his mouth. 

“S'up?” You turned to your friend. 

He screwed up his mouth, his hands nervously playing with his tee shirt. 

“I need a shower.”

He did….When he’d fell he’d landed in some mud and although you’d managed to wipe most of it off whilst you were in the hospital waiting room some of it had matted into his hair, making it even messier than usual. 


“I…..um, I’m not gonna be able to pull my jeans off. And I probably won’t be able stand for long in your shower by myself.”

“Can you wait until tomorrow and I can get Morgan to come and help?”

He shook his head. “You know how funny I am about showering everyday. I won’t be able to relax if I don’t. Please?”

Right… Okay. 

“We’ll have to cut your jeans off.” The doctor had already hacked them off at the knee in order to plaster him up so they were ruined anyway. “And… We’ll work the other stuff out as we go. Your boxers are staying on by the way.”

“Well duh….”

You went into your kitchen pulling out a roll of black bin liners, duct tape and your kitchen scissors, grabbing some towels from the basket of clean laundry you’d yet to put away. 

“Move it hop along.” You motioned towards your bathroom. 

“It kinda looks like you’re getting ready to murder me or something Y/N.” He pointed to the bags and scissors. 

“Oh Spencer… I’d at least wait until you were asleep. Now come on.”

He pulled himself up using his crutch as leverage and hobbling into the bathroom behind you. 

Flipping the lid of your toilet seat down, you instruct him, “Sit.”

You took his crutch off him propping it up against a wall. Twirling the scissors around your fingers you smiled menacingly at him. “Do you trust me?" 

"I don’t really have much choice.” He stuck his leg out. “Just…. Don’t cut through my boxers okay.”

Raising your eyebrows at him you joked, “Spencer, if I wanted to see your dick I would have seen it by now. Trust me on that." 

He flushed slightly as you reached for the bottom of his jeans, starting to cut up the side of his leg pulling the fabric apart as you did so you could easily see when you reached his underwear. 

"Pink boxers Spencer? Really?”

He shrugged at you. You continued cutting reaching the top. “Lift your butt off the seat slightly.”

He did and you quickly yanked the jeans from under him so they settled around his thighs. He rested back down. You removed his other Converse and sock, tossing them into the corner of the bathroom and pulling the jeans down and off his other leg. 

“Act one complete. Now onto Act two.” You started humming the Green Hill Zone music from Sonic the Hedgehog as you pulled a black bag from the roll, opening it up and lifting his leg inside it carefully. 

“I never knew you were a Sonic fan Y/N.”

“Up down left right A B C start, you know it baby.” You winked at him. “Now hold the bag around the top of your cast please.”

He gripped the plastic and you reached for the duct tape, taping the plastic flush to his leg and laughing at the finished look. 

“You’re probably gonna lose a few leg hairs getting that off.”

“Shit. I hadn’t thought about that.”

“Call yourself a genius Dr Reid….. ”

You stood up from your spot on the floor, leaning over and flicking the shower on. 

When you’d turned around, Spencer had pulled his tee shirt off. 


You’d seen him shirtless before when you’d hurriedly changed in front of each other when out on cases. In fact you’d seen all of the team in various states of undress, but you’d not seen him with his top off in about four months. 

He’d changed. Not massively, but his tummy had more definition and tone to it and you could make out the start of a V nearing his hips. His shoulders and arms had more muscle. You’d always thought he’d had nice arms but now they definitely looked like they could do a lot more damage. 

“Trying to impress someone Spencer?” you teased. His cheeks flushed. “OMG, I was joking but you actually are. Who? As your best friend I demand you tell me.”

“It…. It’s n-noone.”  He hardly ever stuttered around you now, he had when you’d first met eighteen months ago but he’d stopped when you’d become closer friends. 

“It’s clearly someone… Tell me!”

“I can’t.”

“Pffft. Lies. All lies. Well you’re looking very sexy Dr Reid, even with the bag wrapped round your leg.”

You actually meant this too. You’d always thought Spencer was attractive with his messy hair and deep brown eyes but you’d become such good friends that you’d pushed those thoughts to the back of your mind. You teased him all the time and faux flirted, loving watching him get flustered trying to come back with a retort. He rarely managed it, him being fairly awkward around girls. 

“Although Spencer?”


“Whoever she is, if she doesn’t like you for you then she’s not worth it. Don’t change yourself just to impress someone else. You’re perfect just as you are.”

He blushed the deepest red you’d seen on him in a long time, muttering out a thanks. 

“Now, let’s get you wet sugar!” you drawled earning a chuckle from him, his awkwardness at your compliment fading. 

He inched into your walk in shower using one hand to steady himself against the tiles, while he tried to get under the spray and not get his leg wet at the same time. Although the cast was covered, you still had to be careful.

It was funny to watch and every few moments he’d wobble, letting out a little screech and you’d reach out your arm to steady him. 

Seeing you laughing he flicked his arm through the spray, water droplets hitting you.


“Stop laughing then and help me wash my hair. I can’t do it and steady myself at the same time.”

“How exactly am I meant to wash your hair for you? You’re a good seven inches taller than me Reid.”

His brow furrowed thinking, and suddenly you had a brainwave. One that would make this all so much easier. 

“Be right back.” You ran into your kitchen spying one of your bar stools and taking it back into the bathroom with. You reckoned it would just about fit. Motioning him to move out the way you placed the chair in the shower with him. 

“Ta daaaa!! Now sit.”

Pulling off your hoody and your own jeans you stepped into the shower behind him leaving your tee shirt and underwear on. You unhooked the shower head from its holster on the wall, handing it to him hold. 

You grabbed your shampoo from the rack, squirting some onto his messy hair. “Head back Spencer.”

He did as instructed, holding the spray of the shower away from you both and as you ran your fingers through his locks, massaging the shampoo into a lather. 

“I swear you have nicer hair than me Spence. It’s really not fair." 

He laughed and you took the shower head off him, rinsing it through and repeating the same steps with the conditioner.  

His eyes were closed and you swore you heard a light moan coming from him as you massaged his scalp lightly. 


Handing him your body wash and a spare sponge you held the shower head above him, the water sluicing down his back as he washed himself. “Y/N…. Close your eyes please.”

“I’m not looking, feel free to give yourself a good ole scrub down there. Just remember; once is fine, twice is okay, but three times…. And I’m leaving the shower.”

He laughed announcing a few moments later that he was done. You shut off the water, helping him up and moving the chair out. 

“Think you can hobble back and get dressed yourself whilst I have a quick wash?”

He nodded wrapping a towel around his middle, grabbing his crutch and heading out of the room. 

You stripped, quickly shaving your legs and washing your own hair. When you’d finished you dried off, dressing in the same pajamas you’d left in there this morning. 

Spencer was laid out on your bed propped up with your pillows against your headboard. He’d managed to dress himself in a pair of loose pajama pants and a tee shirt, you noticing the wet towel and his pink boxers lying on top of your wash basket. The black bag had gone as well. 

“He hey hey, I said you weren’t having my bed.”

He grinned. “I’m not, just let’s watch TV in here for a bit. It’s more comfy.”

You relented, he was right after all. You chucked him the TV clicker, climbing on to the bed next to him. 

“Thank you by the way.”

“Huh? For?" 

"For um… Letting me stay here and helping me in the shower and stuff. I know it was a bit weird.”

“Don’t be silly. You’re my bestie and you’re hurt. I may take the piss but I genuinely don’t like you being in pain…. Except when it’s caused by me.” You reached out and pinched his arm.  “Oh and Spence, I don’t really find anything weird with you. I feel comfortable when I’m with you. Kinda…. At home?” The last part came out like a question, more because you weren’t sure how else to explain yourself. 

He glanced at you. “Me too Y/N.” He got what you meant. 

He flicked through the channels, settling on some teen movie that had not long started. 

Fifteen minutes in and you were exasperated with the storyline already. 

“For fucks sake, her best friend is clearly the better option and he’s obviously head over heels for her. I can’t stand these types of movies.”

“Why not?” Spencer shot you a sideways look. 

“Just the whole dynamic. If you have feelings for your best friend, then freaking tell them. Or show them somehow.”

“Like how? Maybe he’s shy. What if he’s scared?” Reid’s voice sounded weird. Slightly strangled somehow. 

“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “There’s ways of telling someone without actually saying it. Take her hand whilst you’re out walking or something. If she pulls away, she’s not into you like that and you can just pretend it never happened. No harm done, no awkward conversation.”

He went quiet and you resumed watching the movie. 

Twenty minutes later, you felt his arm twitch on the bed. You turned to look at him, his eyes intently focused on the screen. 

Another few minutes later, the same thing. His hand actually leaving its spot on the bed this time before putting it back down again. 

A full ten minutes later you heard him inhale a deep breath before moving his hand and wrapping it around yours. 

You jumped but didn’t pull away, just staring at your hands for a moment, thoughts running through your head, replaying the conversation you’d not long had. 

Oh… OH. 

This was new.

But not horrible. Definitely not horrible. In fact….. 

You liked it. Like really liked it. 

Spencer went to pull his hand away, obviously scared by your lack of response. 

“No….. Leave it Spence." 

You turned your hand face up so you could interlace your fingers with his, enjoying the warmth and strangely fuzzy feeling it gave you inside your tummy. 

He liked you? Like that?

He liked you. 

And given the butterflies you could feel dive bombing in your stomach, you liked him back.

Well, he was hot. And he knew almost everything about you. 

And you did spend almost all your spare time with him. 

And he was funny, and caring and kind. He was your favourite person in the world. 

You liked him. Why had you never realised?


This was completely unexpected. 

You gave his hand a soft squeeze, raising your eyes to his. His beautiful eyes, looking so nervous and unsure. 

You smiled at him, slightly unsure yourself. 

He returned your grin, releasing the breath he’d been holding and squeezing back. 

Okay. You could work with this. 

You wriggled closer to him, lifting his arm up and placing it around your shoulder before resting your head against his shoulder. You heard a sigh that you could only describe as contentment coming from him. 

Yes, you could definitely work with this. 

And that’s how you fell asleep. 

Boundaries [m]

Genre : Smut / Angst
Summary : You work for Zhang Yixing as the nanny of his kid. In a moment of idiotic judgement you both break the invisible boundaries you’d both set. Was it for the better or the worse?

Sequel : The Blurring Lines

Your eyes were threatening to close at any moment, but you couldn’t so you willed them open. Just a few more minutes and plus it’d be dangerous to fall asleep right here. Jie could wake up any second and she’s lately been prone to  the odd night terror here and there.

As you worked through another slice of apple, you saw the orange light from his car streaming in through the curtains. Finally, he was here. You thought to yourself as you placed the slices into Jie’s container. You’d resorted to late night prepping for you and Jie’s day out, out of boredom.

You heard him hanging up his coat before he came into the kitchen. “Hey, thanks for staying. Sorry for being late, the traffic was just playing games.”

You waved your hand, “It’s alright, I don’t mind staying.”

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Dark Nights (Part 3)

Originally posted by spnfans

Summary: Dean brings the reader back to the bunker where they realize the Alphas are a much bigger problem then they thought…

Dark Nights Masterlist

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 2,800ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Some thoughtful, protective Alpha Dean for ya…

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Love Confession - Isaac Lahey Imagine (SMUT)

A/N: I wrote this sometime last year but never posted it for some reason I don’t know… So I thought it’s about time I do it haha. I hope you guys like it, I’d love it if you let me know what you think. Oh and sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc. Other than that, enjoy!(:


Pairing: Isaac x Reader
Warning: SMUT! Unprotected sex, use protection guys!(:
Word count: 1556

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Twin Telepathy

Warning: Smut

Requested: Yes. 
Anon: Can u do an imagine where Grayson and you just meet and you have to spend the night in his room since it’s stormy outside and it ends up becoming sexually?

Tagged: @dolantreehisser Thank you for helping me start it love <3 I really appreciate you. 

@grayson-bailey-dolan-owns-me Here’s your Grayson Needs ;)

Words: 7 pages, 4,276 words total

The sound of thunder rolling through the clouds made you jump. You growled and kicked the wall near your hotel room. The stupid sock on the door meant Aileta had already met up with her guy. Of course she hadn’t bothered to tell you that she was going to fuck the dude in your shared hotel room. You stomped your foot and glared at the sock once more. “FUCK!” You screamed as you heard the giggles on the other end of the door.  

This was so not happening. You hated storms, you hated that you didn’t get your own room when you had a chance and now they were all booked up. Your eyes watered as you pushed your back against the wall and slid down it putting your face in your knees.  

Footsteps sounded down the hall making you look up. You sucked in a deep breath. An Adonis was making his way down the hall. His hair fell slightly in his face as he dug in his pockets looking for his keycard. He stopped at the room just across from yours. Your eyes trailed over his muscular back, those huge arms, thick thighs. Your cheeks began to flush. He even had a nice ass. You ducked your head and groaned softly. “What the fuck was I thinking going to NY with her?” You mumbled to yourself.

“Hey, You alright?” His voice was deep but soft as though he was afraid of frightening you. You nearly snorted to yourself, nothing about that man could scare you. You’d just looked up into the most gorgeous hazel eyes when another round of thunder clashed making you squeak, your heart rate increasing. “F-Fuck!” You stuttered out. “ Here, where’s your room I can walk you there.” You watched him clench his jaw realizing he could see directly down your dress. You sighed softly.  

“This one right there, but my lovely best friend is too…” You paused trying your best to not sound bitter. “She’s busy and I can’t get in. Probably won’t until tomorrow..”  

He straightened up a little as though thinking this over. This once again gave you the full view of his thick thighs in his black skinny jeans. They fit snuggly making you wonder just what kind of working out did he do. “ Well my brother won’t be back until probably tomorrow so You can crash with me just across the hall.”  

You tilted your head back and forth gnawing your bottom lip. Spend the night with this godly being or sleep in the hallway and probably be dragged away by security. You rose to your feet giving him the full view of your black and white cocktail dress that stopped mid thigh. You’d left your silver heels on not wanting to touch the carpet in the hall but as you stood you wished you’d taken them off.  

“That’s a cute outfit.” He complimented a little twinkle in his eye. You didn’t know if he was just trying to distract you or  if he was actually interested in your outfit. You took a hesitant step towards his room then a few more. He now stood off to the right as he slipped his key into the slot. The light turned green, the door beeped and then he pushed gently at the door allowing you to go in first.  

“I’m Grayson by the way.” He introduced himself as he closed the door behind you two. The room was beautiful, even the view from outside was amazing. You moved closer towards the balcony and looked out at the night life that still seemed to be going on. While you were looking out the window however Grayson’s eyes were raking up and down your body. He shook his head reminding himself that he was just helping someone that needed it. He glanced at the two beds, “ I can take the bed closest to the door.”

You turned to face him, the sound of the rain pattering against the balcony behind you.“I’m Y/N, I didn’t mean to be rude Grayson I just..this view is beautiful.” You told him softly just before lighting lit up the sky making you jump and yelp. He chuckled softly but soon the wind picked up.  

“Sorry it’s not funny it’s just..” He trailed off making you sit down on the bed cursing yourself for what you’d gotten yourself into. “You’re adorable when you do that..” Your head snapped to face him your face growing hot. “Grayson..” You said shaking your head laughing a little. “Now why would you even..” You began pulling your shoes off. “Lets not go there because you are so beyond adorable.”  

Where that confidence came from you had no idea, but once your second shoe was off you sighed softly. “ Is it okay if I borrow one of your shirts? I can send it to like a PO Box or something when I can get home to wash it.”  

“Yeah I’ll grab you one, you can take a shower too if you want.” He told you making you wonder if he was being polite or if he really just wanted you to be comfortable. Deciding it was both you watched as he squatted down and grabbed a suitcase. He pulled out a button up shirt and laid it on the bed.  

You pushed yourself up slowly then padded your way over to the other bed. You reached over and grabbed the shirt. You leaned over to kiss his lips just as he turned to look at you. Your lips  brushed against soft plump lips making your eyes flutter closed briefly. “I…I’ m sorry..” You tittered out as he blinked several times before he shook his head and cupped your cheeks.  

He didn’t think twice before he brushed his lips once more against yours. You wanted this, hell you needed this. It had been two years since you’d been laid. A one night stand wasn’t the end of the world. He slowly  began to stand as he licked and nipped at your bottom lip asking for entrance. Both of you began breathing just a little harsher as his right hand went to your waist while his left stayed on your cheek.  

The heat of his body soaked into yours leaving you the warmest you’d been in a while inside and out. You were so wrapped up in Grayson that the thunder and lightning didn’t even register to you, no you were already seeing bright lights just kissing him.  

“I am not sorry for that. I definitely enjoyed that.” He told you clearly unashamed. You laughed softly you arms sliding up his toned chest. Your arms moved up and rested on his shoulders, “I..don’t regret that either.Um..Maybe you should join me in the shower?” You asked your cheeks burning once again.  

He grinned and the view alone made you forget to breathe for a few seconds. “I’d be happy to Y/N.” He leaned down and brushed his lips against yours once more before he pulled away. “I’ll grab something to put on after the shower. I’ll meet you in there.”  

Slowly he pulled away from you as though it was a hard thing to do. You bent down and picked up the forgotten button up before you made your way to the bathroom thankful you’d gotten a bikini wax despite how fucking brutal it had been. Once in the bathroom you immediately turned the water on mostly hot because you loved a good hot shower. You grabbed a towel, and what you assumed to be his shower gel.  

You tugged at the dress thankful that it could be easily pulled over your head. You folded it neatly and put it on the counter. This left you in your favorite lingerie. An Emerald green bra and thong. It always made you feel beautiful. It was as you pulled the bra off that the door opened to reveal a flustered Grayson. His eyes ran over your curves hungrily. You hadn’t even covered your breasts as he openly stared at you. “Fuck…” He whispered moving further into the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and tugged at his shirt from the bottom. You watched your eyes glazing with lust as his bicep rippled.  

As the shirt pulled over his head you nearly moaned. He was so toned that you swore you could wash clothes on his abs. “What the hell do you do Gray?” You asked unknowingly calling him by his familiar nickname. “I just work out, I take care of my body.” He told you as he moved closer to you. The bathroom was beginning to steam up from the hot water.  

You swallowed thickly the closer he got the more you clenched your thighs as a familiar ache began to settle between them. “Just a shower right?” He asked as he stopped within arms reach of you. You nodded slowly though as you watched him slide off his belt you quickly began shaking your head instead of nodding. You watched as he smirked a little his cheeks red. He unbuttoned his pants and pushed at them. As those thighs of his came into view you bit your bottom lip. But it wasn’t the thighs that made you moan and look to the floor.  

No the man was in box briefs that showed off a very nice package that was so obviously hard. Hearing the moan he looked up at you and offered a small smile. You couldn’t not touch him. You glanced up at him through your lashes and placed your hand on his chest. “Gray..son this will be a one night stand right?” You asked as he studied your face with desire. “Doesn’t have to be. We do have all night.”  

You slowly sunk to your knees then looked up at him as you began kissing and licking at his abs. There was a small hint of salt from him possibly sweating but that was nothing compared to the shiver his body gave from the feeling of your lips on his skin. He looked down at you with his mouth open. His hands moved to pull his briefs down but you slapped at his hands. “You’re going to let me…do this."You whispered up to him, "Please..Grayson..”  

You drug out his name purposely, your voice taking on a slightly sultry tilt. He nodded as though any and all of his thought process was gone. You slipped a dainty finger into the top of his boxer briefs as your lips began to kiss at the head of his member through his briefs. He groaned softly and you could feel him throb already against your lips with each kiss.

You giggled softly as you began tugging down his briefs. “And what you are you laughing at y/n?”  

“You’re eager..but I just want to savor you..” You blushed at your words and continued dragging his briefs down his legs. “I want to savor you too.” He told you earnestly though his voice was so husky you could barely make out the words. You wrapped your fingers around his length then began tugging at him gently noting just how veiny and thick he was. You wrapped your lips around the head making him drop his head back and lean against the countertop to keep himself from falling over. You took your time bobbing your head up and down his length pulling groan after groan from his lips.  

You were already soaked before but this just seemed to make it worse. The noises he was making, the way he throbbed between your lips. You moaned loudly around his length making his hips jerk and his fingers go to the crown of your head. He hit the back of your throat and suddenly he pulled away, “Nuh uh. Not yet. I can’t.” He began to gently thrust into your mouth. “Y/N…” He moaned softly as you hollowed your cheeks. This continued for a few more minutes before he pulled away entirely and leaned down to pull you to your feet. He kissed your lips passionately, his hands cupping the back of your head.  

This kiss made your toes girl, his touch so strong made you feel safe and wanted. This was what you were missing, this was what you needed. “On the counter babe. I want to fucking taste you.” He easily hooked a finger into your panties and slid them down your body. Once they were off he began kissing at your neck.“I want you to jump on the count of three..and I’ll put you on the counter.”  

You nodded slowly, “One.” He said now biting gently at your earlobe and pulling. “Two..” He muttered as his lips began to trail down your neck and to your shoulder. “Three.” He said as he grasped your waist tight and hoisted you up onto the counter. He didn’t waste another moment. He parted your thighs, even going so far as to push you back a little. “Tilt baby.. I want to get all in you.” He wasn’t thinking about what he was saying anymore. He was simply speaking and the way he spoke was intoxicating.  

You leaned back a little giving him a clear view of your dripping sex. He started off just flattening his tongue and licking up and down your folds his hand going to one of your breasts. He gripped your breast firmly and massaged it as he teased your folds allowing the tip of his tongue to slip between them briefly. Pleasure zipped through your which each and every lick making you arch more. “Gray…you’re teasing..” You mumble just loud enough to be heard.  

“Of course I am. I did say I wanted to savor you.” He glanced up at you and once again you were lost within those eyes of his. You watched his eyes as finally parted your folds and gave you the longest lick yet. Your eyes almost closed, your mouth opened as a loud moan left you. The amount of pleasure with that single lick told you that you were in for a long night. He leaned further into your legs adding pressure to his tongue against you.  

He began tracing letters into your clit. “G.” You moaned softly your hips rocking gently against his tongue, your core needing more. “R..” You called the next letter your mind trying to finger out what he was spelling while your body was just trying to get more pleasure. Your left hand went to his hair which you curled your fingers into and tugged making him groan as he slid the next letter over your clit a little rougher. “A.” You barely managed to say that letter but it seemed he would draw a letter then lick up and down your folds four times before the next letter.  

That of course didn’t give you nearly enough time to recover and he knew that. You tried to remember the first three letters Gra. You were sure he was spelling his name but your eyes rolled back as he drew the next letter as slow as he possibly could. “Y.” You squeaked making him chuckle softly. This sent a deep vibration up your clit. “FUCK!” You yelled as your hips began to roll against his tongue as he gave you another four lick lashing. You weren’t sure of up or down or what fucking month it was anymore.  

He started on the next letter your fingers tugging more at his hair making him growl as he traced it. “S..” Your breathing stopped altogether as he used a finger to part those lower lips. Your legs spread even wider to give him more access. “Grayson..” You moaned making him chuckle but he continued his letters. “O.” Suddenly you knew what he was spelling and that made it all the more hotter. It was like he was claiming your body for his own. “N..” You said just as he began to swirl that letter in that.  

His finger began a slowly slide in and out of you making you cry out more and more as he now sucked on your clit while his tongue flicked dangerously fast against it. You didn’t get to warn him as that warmth spread through your body and you came hard all over his finger. If that single finger could work you that way you had to wonder how well the rest of him worked you. Fingers, and tongue had already drove you mad. He took his time licking you clean. Eventually he pulled away and moved towards the shower allowing you to catch your breath though only for a moment.  

Your body was already singing his praises. You’d hadn’t had an orgasm like that since the last time you’d took the time to take cre of yourself which was more than three months ago. You watched as he adjusted the temperature. You wiggled your toes a little and smiled as you slid off the counter. Your legs tingled quite a bit but you managed to make your way to stand just behind him. You wrapped your arms around his back and began rubbing at his chest gently. “I’ll definitely remember every moment clearly.."You told him as your lips caressed his back gently while your hands worked their way down his body memorizing each and every swell of muscle until you got to his cock.

He groaned and put his arm out to stead himself. "You’re awfully hard there baby."You told him as you began to stroke him, your hand barely fitting around him.  

His hips jerked and he took a deep breath,"I need you like now.” He told you as you pulled away from his body. You ducked your head down and climbed into the shower. You watched as he grabbed the wash cloth and hung it behind him after he’d climbed in, “It’s pointless to clean now and then have sex.” He told you as he moved to stand in front of you the water washing over his body.

“Oh my fuck.” You mumbled as he gave you that boyish grin yet again. He pulled you towards him but then pressed your back against the cool wall of the bathroom wall. The warmth of his body and the coolness of the wall were a stark contrast that made you hum softly. Whatever you were thinking however was stopped in its tracks as he lifted both your legs and pressed himself as close as he could be to you. “I’ll pull out.” He told you as he began kissing and sucking at your neck while his hips rocked and rolled against yours.  

He was teasing your entrance which felt so good that you let your head fall back against the wall giving him even more access to your body. He sucked and nipped all over your neck and shoulder leaving you a panting moaning mess. It was then that he finally began to work himself into you. You gave the longest moan as he slowly began to push himself inch by glorious inch into you. “You’re so tight..” He moaned in to your ear. You bit your lip but he wasn’t having that. He slapped your wet ass cheek making you yelp.  

“Y/n don’t hide those moans from me. Scream my name.” He told you making you nod slowly as he began rolling those hips. He rolled them up causing the head of him to hit this sweet spot that made you squeak loudly. Soon his hips was pulling back and he was rolling up with each and every thrust. You leaned forward squashing any room that had been between you previously. Your nails clung to his shoulders leaving an imprint in them as pleasure seemed to flood your every nerve ending which seemed to come to life.  

His groans and the sound of skin slapping filled the entire bathroom. “Grayson…” You called out as that was the only thing that came to mind. The only thing that seemed to be burned into your memory be it from saying it multiple times already or be it from him spelling it on your clit. You were sure you’d never for get his name.  

You began nibbling and biting at his neck and shoulder leaving your own hickies on him. You began rolling your hips  with each thrust of his. The way his smooth chest moved against yours left you nearly screaming. Your nipples were already sensitive but the feeling of his hot flesh against them left them feeling twice as sensitive. “ Please..Please Please Please.” you began betting.  

“Please what baby..tell me…tell your Gray what you want..” He seemed to also be lost in the moment because yet another slap sounded through the bathroom before he pushed as deep as he could within you. “ Please..I..I want to cum..” You nearly cried at just the pleasure alone he was bringing. You knew sex wasn’t always like this, hell you’d had your fair share of romps but nothing had been this amazing. “Then cum. Cum all over my dick.” This must have  been what you needed because cum you did, hard. You clung to him, your tighs quivering as he continued thrusting through your orgasm drawing it out even farther.  

Just as your orgasm ended however he stilled and gave the lowest but longest moan of the night, so far as he spilled himself into you. “Shit..” He groaned as his hips jerked and his head fell back. You weren’t thinking about that though. Instead you were kissing and rubbing at his body as he came dwon from his high.  

Slowly he pulled out of you and let you wobble back and forth a moment before he wrapped an arm around you to steady you. “Mmm I still want more. "He told you as he reached for the washcloth. He quickly lathered it up and began taking his time in washing your body being sure to be extra gentle at your lower parts since he’d already abused them once. He washed your body twice before moved you both back under the stream of the water having somehow worked yourselves a bit farther back to the shower. By the time it was your turn to wash him you most certainly took your time making sure to tease him the entire wash often alternating between your hand and his wash cloth.  

The rest of the shower seemed to go by quickly with giggles and nudges here and there. Already the hickes were beginning to show on both of your bodies but you weren’t concerned about that. Instead you turned the water off and climbed out wrapping one of the towels around your body. You turned to see him watching you biting his bottom lip. "You might as well leave the button up right there..you won’t need it.”  

He scooped you up not even bothering with a towel as he carried your giggling form from the bathroom. He stood you upright at the end of the bed closest to the window. His left hand tugged at the towel freeing you from its grasps that hid the rest of your beauty to him. “I like seeing all of you like this..makes me feel good.”  

You laughed softly and nodded, “Well..I like seeing you like this too..now…it’s my turn.” You told him as pointed for him to get on the bed. He chuckled softly dropping the towel. Still dripping water he climbed onto the bed put his arms behind his head, those biceps flexing, abs flexing . Your eyes trailed over the droplets of water, “God certainly new what he was doing when he made you Grayson..”  

His cheeks tinged red but whatever he was going to say died on his tongue as you climbed up his body. You straddled his waist, a leg on either side of his hips. His hands went to your hips and you rose a little using your right hand to put his length right where you wanted him. You were still soaking wet making this that much easier to continue. You pushed slowly down his length while rolling your hips. His mouth hung open slightly though one of his hands left your waist and went to your beautiful breasts. He began pinching and teasing that nipple as you started to ride him.  

You set a fairly slow pace so that you could enjoy the feeling of him within you. So that you could look back and remember this night when you needed extra motivation. The rest of the night continued much like this. It wasn’t until as the sun was setting that you both fell asleep tangled in the sheets in pure exhaustion.  

It was about 11 am when the door cracked open and in tiptoed Ethan looking to sneak by and not wake up Grayson. Though what he saw shocked him. Grayson was sprawled out in the middle of the bed with a sheet covering his lower half while a smaller woman lay with an arm around his brother’s waist with her head on his chest. The door closed behind Ethan but they didn’t budge. He chuckled and then grinned. He showered and got dressed. Once dressed he entered the bedroom to see Grayson looking around the room thoughtfully. Ethan leaned against the doorway, “Wow  we really do have Twin Telepathy. And here I thought it was just a bullshit myth. I’m going to get breakfast.” He threw a wink at Grayson as he left making him groan and drop back onto the bed hugging the woman closer to his body. “Twin telepathy my ass..” He mumbled still tired.  

Untitled wincest

Wincest, well, duh, it’s me. 

Sam kissed Dean for the first time when he was fourteen.

It’s ‘bout time you tried some beer, right kiddo? Dean had grinned as he’d put a sixpack on the table and flopped down onto the motel room’s couch. Two beers in, and Sam’s liquid courage had him crawling onto Dean’s lap, nuzzling against Dean’s warm throat, breathing in the intoxicating scent of his big brother. “Dean,” he’d mumbled, sheer want bleeding into his voice, and Dean had gone stiff with resistance beneath him.

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For the first time in a while, normalcy, or the closest thing they could obtain to true normalcy, returned to the Avengers Tower. Steve, Wanda, Sam, and Clint were welcomed back after hours of debating with the Accords. Perhaps since Bucky didn’t return with them, it was easier for the government to forgive them, considering their acts of justice in the past.

Even when they returned, tensions were high between some of the Avengers. Steve could tell Wanda was still facing hardships and obviously Rhodey’s accident made the people who sided with Steve feel awkward, despite their apologies. Steve knew that it’d be a while until they felt like a true team again. It was understandable, after all. He just wished he could at least help with whatever Tony was planning, yet refusing to reveal.

He had no idea that the plan was involving you. Of course, he hadn’t seen you since his accident in World War II. You didn’t make yourself known if you didn’t have to. You couldn’t stand violence and only used defensive moves to stop someone. The British government contacted you to protect the country from time to time, but you tended to help people with a shadow to hide in. It was an amazement that Tony Stark found you. You did work with his father, so Tony took the information from his father’s things.

A box was waiting for you when you arrived at the apartment that you were currently staying in. You left Themyscira younger than your mother had wanted for you to fight in the war alongside the soldier that landed his plane on the shore. Regardless of your appearance matching one of a teenager’s, the government covered for you. Obviously going to school for the rest of your life would just be tiresome so you were jobless when you saw the box.

The familiar logo jumped out at you when you opened it. Stark Industries. You hadn’t seen any of the Starks since World War II, yet you heard that Howard and Maria had died. It must be from Anthony then. Inside was a picture that you forgot about. There you were, looking the exact same, standing among the soldiers from World War II. People wouldn’t believe that you fought with them, since you looked young, but there’s the proof. There was a little note. I found it among my father’s belongings. We should talk. - Tony Stark

Finding a flight to New York where the Avengers are located was less than ideal, but it didn’t stop you from booking a flight. The flight was particularly boring as you thought about what Tony Stark might want from you. From what you heard about the Avengers, they were just recovering from their own personal fight. Captain America, or Steve, was as passionate as he was in the war, although this time, his passion was not welcomed. Thinking about the possibilities, you looked out the window. The plane ride reminded you of what brought you to humanity in the first place.

When you landed, you weren’t entirely surprised how easy it was to find the Avengers. It had been a while since you were in New York and it was quite busier than you remembered, but you acted casual as you approached the Avengers Tower. It wasn’t everyday that people connected to your past requested your presence.

F.R.I.D.A.Y. announced in the kitchen, “Mr. Stark, a woman is outside, claiming that you invited her. Would you like to see who?” Steve looked at Tony curiously as Sam asked, “Who’d you invite?”

“No one,” Tony dismissed before responding to F.R.I.D.A.Y., “I know who it is. Let her up.”

Steve didn’t like being kept out of whatever Tony was planning. He asked, “Do we know her?”

Looking at him, he laughed a bit at his own inside joke. Steve looked at him like he had lost it until he turned to the elevator opening. Looking the same as you did on the battlefield, Steve was shocked to see Y/N Y/L/N standing in the Avengers Tower. Of course, you weren’t wearing your battle gear, sticking with casual clothes, but your golden tiara still rested on your forehead and your bracelets were peeking out under your sleeves. He was shocked at how casual you looked, since Steve remembered you from the war. You had led the rescue mission from Hydra with him. Despite all this, he did recall one nickname you were rather fond of.

“The Star Spangled Man with a Plan,” you stated with a small smile, “I did hear that you got out of the ice.” You talked to Agent Carter every so often, but you didn’t bring the sensitive topic up.

“Y/N of Themyscira,” Steve greeted with a respectful nod. You used Y/L/N, but it wasn’t your true last name. Of course, when Bucky left, another old friend looking exactly the same came back. “Always a pleasure.”

Tony looked between the two with an almost bored expression, before cutting in, “Now that the reunion is over, I’d prefer to talk with Miss Y/L/N.” He looked at the small group who had gathered and added, “Cap, since you know her, you can stay.” The group dispersed at the mention, some looking at you curiously before they left. Steve glanced at you and nodded with a knowing smirk about what would happen.

Turning to Tony, your eyes weren’t necessarily angry, but they were ablaze with passion as you spoke in a tone commanding respect, “If you wish to be formal, call me Princess Y/N of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyte.” You hated being called Miss, since that wasn’t your title. Although your preference is no formalities, if people are adamant about using a title, you will not settle for anything less that who you truly are.

Tony was shocked for a couple of seconds before appearing casual about it. Your appearance always threw people off, but Tony appeared to be reminded. You didn’t want to add that you knew his parents before he was even thought of, since it made you seem like a bitter old person. Your stance was like your tone. It demanded respect. You learned that people wouldn’t listen to you unless you didn’t give them the option of ignoring you.

After your conversation with Tony Stark, you had quite a lot of consider about your future. Not that it looked different from now. The only thing that could change would be whether or not you accepted his invitation to join the Avengers. Personally, you knew Tony’s emotions could make him fight first and talk later, if the fighting between the Avengers proved anything. You also knew of the benefits of actually being an Avenger.

You’d have to uproot your life and leave behind your background in England once the soldier took you from Themyscira. When you arrived at England with him, he was the one to convince the others to let you fight. You thought of him as your closest friend. He had been dead for many years and, whenever you visited his grave, you realized how much you were forgetting about him slowly. To leave England would be as if you were officially letting him go.

In order to give you time to think, Tony and Steve let you be, giving you some places in the tower they thought you might enjoy. That’s how you found yourself floating in an indoor pool. Technically, you could swim with your tiara and bracelets, yet you took them off. After a while, your hair fanned around your head as you floated on your back.

The water was slightly heated, reminding you of the water in Themyscira. You closed your eyes and it all came back. The forestry and buildings. You could almost hear the training and smiled sadly when you remembered your fellow Amazons fighting for goodness in humanity. Your mother, Hippolyte, looked over the community with pride.

Then the memory changed to the water you dived in to save the soldier who crashed his plane into the ocean. He had began to close his eyes as he lost all oxygen by the time you got to him. Your mother was wary of the stranger, not willing to send anyone to help the humans in the war. You tried to sneak out with him, only to be caught by your mother. She looked at you, her greatest joy in the world, and let you go, to save humanity. What you were told Amazons did.

The war was truly terrifying, yet you charged to stop the cruel enemy. You led soldiers with the soldier that crashed on Themyscira. There were times that he doubted the full extent of your powers, but you earned his trust regardless. You found out your true lineage after the war, when you discovered that aging didn’t effect you like it did other people. That’s when the government decided to protect you and you continued your mission as an Amazon at night.

Your recollection of past memories was interrupted by someone entering the room. You immediately stood up in the pool and faced whoever walked in. It was a boy, probably a teenager, with a backpack and school books in his hand. He seemed just as shocked to find himself there. “Mr. Stark told m-me to welcome the guest t-t-to the tower,” he stuttered slightly before clearing his throat, “You’re Wonder Woman.”

You felt complimented by his awe and only nodded. His eyes wandered to the table where your tiara and bracelets were placed. He immediately went to them and hesitantly touched a bracelet. Getting out of the pool, you wrapped a towel around yourself and stood by the boy. “I’m Peter, by the way,” he stated, still looking down. When he looked up to see you beside him, Peter jumped out of shock and rambled, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to-I mean, it’s not that you’re scary- I’m not easily startled, but-”

He stopped when he saw you put on your tiara so he picked up a bracelet and began talking again, “Bracelet of Submission, huh? I always wondered why you wore these. They’re great deflectors, but why not a shield or something with a larger surface to block?” Peter tried to put the bracelet on you before you quickly pushed him back so he couldn’t fasten the bracelet on you. “Oh, am I not supposed to do that? I’ll just put it down.” He hastily placed it on the table.

“We wear them to remind us of our slavery under Hercules. They’re to lower our ego,” you explained carefully, not wanting him to think you didn’t like the boy you had just met, “Aphrodite made them indestructible with metal from the Aegis, making them have the surface area of a shield.” You looked at him cautiously as you fastened on the bracelets to your own arms. “I pushed you away because our strength is lost if a man fastens our bracelets.”

Peter stuttered a bit more, “Y-y-yeah. I won’t touch those t-then.” You were even more of a legend then the Avengers to Peter. The demigod has been a constant for Europe long before the Avengers formed. You had survived through so much. He expected you to be stoic so he wished that he’d stop being a stuttering idiot around you. “I’m Spiderman, by the way!” His outburst slightly shocked you so Peter continued in a calmer tone, “I mean, it’s pretty cool.”

“Oi, Spiderboy,” Tony called as he walked past and stopped at the door, “I sent you to say hi, not scare our guest.” He turned to you with more respect than he had originally presented you with. “Y/N, we’re planning a patrol at nighttime. Would you like to join us?”

You nodded firmly. “If I can be of any assistance.” Tony nodded back and left the two by themselves.

“It’s not Spiderboy,” Peter meekly called after him. Of course, he met one of his favorite heroes and looked like a complete fool throughout the entire meeting. “I have a bunch of homework,” he excused himself, “That I have to get done before the patrol. Nice meeting you, Y/N.”

“It was nice meeting you, Peter,” you replied politely, planning to swim once he left. When Peter left, he couldn’t help but wonder what it must have been like. Your true age is hundreds of years old and you were stuck in a teenager’s body. He wondered if you ever acted like a teen.

The stories revolved around a fun loving Amazon helping humanity from itself. Years of wars and helping certainly wore down on a person. While you lost the reputation of carefree, you helped humanity time and time again in countless wars and battles. You’d sometimes hear the parting words uttered by your mother as you gave up your life on Themyscira.

“They do not deserve you.”

Fuck This Depression Cleansing Bath*

Cause I’m sick of this depressive funk and I need to be CLEAN now.

Pink Himalayan Salt
Epsom Salt (I used the one mixed with spearmint and eucalyptus)
Baking soda

This is your base. You want these things in there.
Now it’s time to customize.

I added:
Lavender-to calm the fuck down
Rose petals- to feel good about myself again
Dandelion petals and fluff- to remember being wistful and full of energy
Sunflower petals- to bring back harmony and happiness
Half a cinnamon stick- for comfort and peace
Lemon essential oil- for zest and love of life

Add the stuff in a jar in whatever amounts you need.
All the while thinking about how shitty depression is and how that shit needs to GTFO!
Done shaking?
(*get in that motherfucking jar you shitass depression! Get in there*)
You tired of shaking? Ok. That might be good.

Now add this shit to your bath. (If it’s been a while since you shook it, shake some more. Not as much though. Unless you want to.)

If you don’t want petals and stuff floating in the water you can use a satchet. It’s cool (I’m gonna). But swirl this in the water so the salt at least gets dissolved.
Wash your ass. Get your head under water and just feel all that funk fall off you into the water.
Stay in the tub as long as you can.
You want to get as much depression off as possible.
Drain the tub and rinse yourself off with plain water. Wash all the funk down the drain.

You don’t have to air dry but if you want to that’s cool. Maybe put your hair in one of those towel hat things.

Alternately, you can add this to a spray bottle and squirt yourself in the shower or add to a pitcher of water and pour over yourself in the shower and then wash like you normally do. Some people don’t like baths and that’s cool too.

Go eat some ice cream or something. You deserve it. Have fun.

*this is not intended as a cure or treatment of actual depression.

Sexy times in the bathroom.

Hello, Love bugs! 

Dan x Reader

Warnings - Smut. 

I asked you guys if a fic about yourself and Dan attempting to have sex in the shower but it turns out to be a fail would be something you would want to read. It was an overwelling yes so you know. I wrote it. Enjoy!

“I’m going to jump into the shower!” You had yelled to Dan to make sure he knew you hadn’t been kidnapped or anything. You didn’t hear a response but that could just be from his lack of response. You pulled your head back into the room as you unwrapped the towel from your body. The water had been running for a little bit so it was the perfect temperature. You normally would go head first and let the water wash completely over your head down to your toes. It was freezing in London and the fresh soft snow that flew through the sky didn’t help your temperature. Just as you were about to put the shampoo in your hair you heard a knock at the door.

“Who is it? Also, what’s the password?” You couldn’t help but ask in a sing-song voice.

“It’s me. Danisnotonfire. The password is probably something about branding. Can I come in? ” you laughed a little before telling him that he could come in. It was always weird for Dan to see you in the shower. It’s not like he hadn’t seen you naked before. Dan had in fact been one of the few people who had seen you in such a way. It just seemed to be a place for you to think and let go. You turned to see Dan standing near the shower eyeing you up.

“First I think you missed the memo that we changed the password to. Hello. My name is, Dan.” You raised your brows in a teasing I got you. This made Dan roll his eyes. “Second do you like what you see?” You were never one to be so blunt but you were in a teasing mood and wanted to see where this was going. Dan nodded as you smiled at him. “Well come on in the waters great!” Dan quickly got undressed as his clothes joined the little pile on the floor with yours. You decided to rinse your hair quickly as you didn’t really want soap in your eyes or kisses.

“Do you remember the last time I was in the shower with you? Because I distinctly remember that someone is a water hog.” You could only open your eyes a little so the last of the soap wouldn’t try and attack your pupils but you were determined to give your best girlfriend you’re in trouble eyes.

“I was a water hog because I was attempting to shower before work and Someone was being a pain in the ass.” You flipped your hair out of your face before being pulled close to Dan for a kiss. “What made you want to come and join me in the shower?” You could feel the smile on Dan’s lips as he went in for another peck.

“Well to be honest he decided more than I did.” Dan was looking down then looking back up to you hoping you got the message. Sedulity was never his best.

“I see. So you figured you would invite yourself in and join the shower party?” Dan had somehow flipped the both of you so he was now standing in the warm water and you were the one with the cold bum. “How do you do that?” Dan, of course, pulled his best-shocked face to try and convince you he had no idea of what you could possibly be talking about.

“Whatever do you mean pet?” Dan started to place little kisses all over your face to try and distract you. It wasn’t working.

“How do you so smoothly make it so I am in the cold while you have all of the warm water?”

“Well If I was knowingly doing it I would tell you. But since I don’t know what you’re talking about I am going with the answer that you moved me into the warmth because you figured I was cold. In that case you’re the best girlfriend.” Dan spun the two of your bodies so the water was now over the both of your fronts.

“Are we going to fuck in the shower? Because if we are I want to put in my conditioner now so it can sit in my hair for the quick five.”

“Quick five?” Dan says with almost a growl. “I would like to think I could make you cum even faster my love.” This made you giggle as his lips started to attack along your jaw and down your neck. You reached down to find Dan’s already hardened cock. Just as you started to stroke his member you paused quickly pulling away from him.”Do not tell me you’re really going to put conditioner in.” You couldn’t help the large smile on your face as you reached around dan to grab the bottle.

“Hey fucking you is near the top of my list. If we’re being honest with each other then I really want to take this opportunity to deep condition.” You placed a quick kiss to Dan’s pouty lip. Before quickly running the coconut smelling cream into your hair. Taking a pony tail from your wrist you quickly pulled the hair from your face into a little bun.

“I love when you pull your hair away from your face.” Dan was waiting pretty patiently as you continued to do your normal shower things as if he wasn’t standing in front of you with a hard cock.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you that patience is a virtue? I am now ready for the both of us to ravage each other’s bodies. If you would still want to.” The both of you couldn’t hide your smirks before carrying on from where you left off. This wasn’t the first time things got heated in the shower between the two of you. Usually, things continued back in Dan’s room as the shower isn’t the easiest place to fool around. You guys would be damned if you weren’t apparently going to try again this time.

“Hey I know you’re new here but at fight club one of the biggest rules is we don’t talk about our mothers during this time.” You gave Dan a quick shove before locking your lips with his in a mini battle for dominance. It didn’t take Dan long to win this little battle mostly because you let him. Just as you we’re becoming very consumed by kissing you down you let out a little gasp when you felt Dan’s hand find it’s way down to your clit. “Something wrong love?” Dan made you blush slightly from not only his sudden movements on your clit but also from still being a bit embarrassed at how much his touch or even presence affects you.

“If you’re trying to impress me with your masterful sex skills then I suppose I should tell you that it is working.” Just as you thought you had regained your composure you felt one of Dan’s long fingers slide into you. This, of course, made you release a little squeal from the surprise. You felt Dan’s other hand reach for your leg to help you rest it on the ledge to give him a better angle to play with you.

“Not so lippy now? Are we princess.” You couldn’t help but lean into Dan more as he inserted another finger into you as him thumb pressed into your clit with small slow circles. You we’re letting little whimpers out as he started to kiss your forehead being carful not to get any of the crap in your hair in his mouth.

“Please, Dan. If you don’t stop soon I’m not going to make it and I really want you to fuck me.” You we’re almost breathless as you begged for him. Who was Dan to deny a beautiful girl her deepest wishes.

“Only since you asked so nicely. Here can you put your leg a little more this way?” You couldn’t help but whine a little as Dan removed his fingers as he tried to move your leg in the direction he wanted it in.

“Can you turn the water up a little. It’s getting kinda cold.” Dan nodded as he reached around you, stretching to turn the tap a little more to the warm. The both of you waited a few seconds as the water started to reheat. Just when you both thought it was better it quickly became scolding hot. That’s what you get for trying to do this in the shower with the touchiest taps ever. Dan once again reached around you trying not to move you from your position as he dialled the water back to colder.

“I’m making a decision that this is the water temperature we are going to deal with.” You smiled and kissed him quick as you felt the coolish water splash your shoulders.

“Ready love?” You nodded silently as you prepared for Dan’s cock to fill you up. Dan skillfully filled you sending little shivers through your body. If you we’re being honest however the shivers were half him and half the cold water. “Hold on love. Something’s not quite right.” Dan tried to move your leg on the ledge for you again as you stood on your other leg like a flamingo. Just as Dan found a comfortable position and started to make little thrusts you felt the tell tale signs of a cramp in your calf. You tried to push the pain aside and focus on the amazing feeling of Dan now thrusting faster than before. You, however, couldn’t hold on anymore and had to try something different.

“Baby I need to move. My leg is cramping up.” Dan pulled out of you so the both of you could try something new.

“What about you bend over and I take you from behind so I can look at your ass.”

“Good idea.” You bent over before remembering that your head would be in the water and you still had product in it. “No, you on this side. I can’t be in the water.” Dan sighed as he rolled his eyes before shuffling past you to move to the other side.

“Fuck why didn’t you tell me this water is icicles.” Dan was now closer to the water to try and make it a bit better. You couldn’t help but take the opportunity to stretch a little. Dan saw this as he turned to tell you the water was better before laughing.” Getting ready for me?” You smiled as you turned to look at him and push his curly hair out of his face. Your fingers felt gross like raisins against his soft unwrinkled face. You made a face of disgust as you finished moving Dan’s hair.” You that exited to fuck?”

“I really do want to fuck you it’s just my gross fingers. I hate when you get all pruney in the shower.” Dan smiled as he pulled you into a hug.

‘I also hate it. Shall we?” Dan kissed the pads of your fingers before you turned around to face the opposite way. You bent over before feeling Dan tease your entrance with the tip of his cock. Just as Dan started to push further you attempted to put your hand on the wall for support before slipping a bit. “Are you fine love?” You nodded as he continued to start to thrust in and out. You could tell he was just finding a rhythm but you still couldn’t help it. This was not working.

“Dan?” He stopped as he knew that tone of voice.

“Not good?” You agreed before turning around to face him.

“Last idea. I lean against the wall and put my foot in the soap dish?” You know maybe we just aren’t meant to be shower sex people?” Dan looked offended like you just told him there was no more Yuri On Ice.

“Y/N how are we supposed to be parents one day and sneak sex in whenever possible because little Timmy is knocking on the door?” You smiled as you leaned into another kiss. It started out sweet but quickly the both of you we’ve filled again with lust and desire. Thankfully the both of your bodies reacted to each other. You both got in the new position where your foot was raised a lot more than the last time. You we’re standing near the curve in the tub as you felt that you were precariously perched. You, however, we’re not a quitter. Dan had you place both of your hands on his shoulders for support. One more for the old college try. The both of you worked together to line up and let the both of you find a somewhat comfortable position. Everything was going very well until you become a little too lost in the feeling as your foot slipped away from under you. Thankfully, Dan, had his arms stretched on the walls behind you as he was able to support you before pulling out.

“Oh fuck please tell me you are okay?” Dan was attempting to suppress his giggles as he helped you up from your little slip.

‘I’m fine. Really.” You couldn’t help but start to laugh at the whole situation. You only wished you could see the two of you bent over in the shower. Dan with his wet curly hair all over the place. You with your falling out bun leaning against the wall trying not to slip again.

“Look at us. We are so not sex in the shower people.So how about I wash this crap out of my hair and we try again in a non-slippery place. I’m thinking your bed.”

“Sounds like a good plan to me. I was really sick of feeling like a raisin.”


Summary: “Could you maybe write something inspired by the song ‘Bloodsport’ by Raleigh Ritchie? About the reader and Eggsy.”
Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1187.

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Second base.


He drove home like a madman thankful for the police ID in his pocket that would get him out of any traffic tickets or minor infractions.

Walking through his flat he started shedding his clothes, dropping them on the floor as he moved.  Jacket.  Shirt.  Belt.  Shoes kicked off in the hallway. Trousers and boxers shucked on the bathroom floor.  

He turned on the spray.  Ripped off his socks.  Stepped into the shocking cold flow.

Don’t think of her.  Don’t think about her.  

But he couldn’t help himself.  Claire was never far from his thoughts.  

He bent his head against the tile.  Body wound tight.  Frustration pulsed through him.  He was painfully aroused.  Again.  She wasn’t ready, and that was fine.  


One minute with her in his arms, one minute with his mouth on hers, one minute of her grinding on him, and he was fit to bursting.  He knew she wanted him. They’d get so far, and she’d freeze.  He could feel when the sexual tension turned to psychological torture.  

He’d never been this in tune with a woman.  


He turned towards the spray.  Lifted his wrists so the cold hit his pressure points. He was shivering now.  Good.  Far away, a sound penetrated his ear.  

He stuck his head out of the shower.  His mobile was ringing.  Stepping out he fumbled through his trouser pockets for his cell.  So much for not thinking about her.

“Claire.” It came out huskier than he meant.  

“I’m sorry.”  She sounded small.  Ashamed.  

He cleared his throat.  “Nothing to be sorry for.  It’s fine, Sorcha.”

“It’s not, Jamie.  It’s not.”  She sounded angry.  Despairing.  “It’s teasing.  And I hate myself for it.”

“Nay.  It’s just makin’ out.”  The puddle on the floor was expanding. Jamie reached to grab a towel.  

She didn’t respond.  He could just picture her, sitting in the middle of her disheveled bed.  Riotous curls.  Fingers twisting the hem of her shirt.  He started to stir again.  He ignored himself.  

Cold water was plentiful.  

“Claire,” he spoke simply, his tone soft.  “I’m a grown man.  I can handle this.  Yer worth the wait.”

“I’m not very good at this,” she whispered. 

“Ha!” Jamie genuinely laughed.  “If tonight was ye not being good, I won’t survive when ye bring yer A-Game.”  He heard a slight chuckle over the line. “Besides.  I’m no’ worried.  We’ll get there.”  

She was silent.  He wished she would say something.  

“Ye do realize my end goal is to get in yer pants, aye?”

Claire laughed.  There.  All better now, he thought. 

“But -” Claire hesitated.  Could she tell him?  Honestly?

“What, mo nighean donn?  Tell me.”  He ran a frustrated hand through his wet curls.  

“It’s just,” she rushed through the rest, “you seem angry when you leave.”

Jamie was surprised.  Is that what she thought?  Truly?  He tucked the ends of the towel he was holding tighter around his waist.  

“Angry? Nay, Claire.  Shaking with want, yes.  Desirous, yes.  But no’ angry.” 

He put the lid down, and sat on the toilet seat.  “How do I get ye to see?  When yer in my arms, yer like fire.  Ye press, and ye grind, and ye want.  And it’s fantastic.”  He licked his lips, his tongue searching for words.  

“But, what happens, Sorcha?  Yer fine when I kiss yer breasts.  When I take yer nipple in my mouth.”

Claire made a small sound.

“But yer not fine when I….when I slide my hands inside yer jeans.”  He lowered his voice to the tone he used with witnesses.  Witnesses who needed to feel safe, and at ease.  “Tell me Claire.  What happens?”

“I’m just…I’m not good at this.”  Her voice was clipped.  He was losing her. 

Jamie sniffed, controlling his anger.  So many thoughts were running through his head.  He’d been a police officer a long time.  He’d had cases where married women were victims of their husbands.  For about the thousandth time he thanked God that Frank Randall was dead.  

“Claire Randall, let me make this perfectly clear.  Ye kiss me, and I shake.  Ye run yer hands under my shirt, and I burn.  And when ye lay on top of me, and press yer hips into mine I harden.  Yer more than good, and if we’re bein’ honest ‘tis I who worries about pleasing you.”

He heard her gasp.   

“So.  I’m gonna head back into my arctic shower,” he said as flippantly as he could, “and I will see ye tomorrow.”

He imagined her nodding, since she didn’t answer.

“Oh!  And Sorcha?”

“Yes?”  Still tentative.

“Pray for a really great case so I’ve an excuse to be in the morgue.  D.C.I. Grey is on to me.  He knows I’ve a wee crush on the M.E.”

Claire giggled.  “’Night, Jamie.”

“Good night.” 

He disconnected the call.  The desire to throw his phone against the wall was very strong.  Damn it to hell, he hated how she hurt.  Instead, he flicked off the towel, turned on the spray once more, and stepped one foot into the shower.

Before he could submerge himself his phone rang again.

New Scotland Yard.

God willing it was a case that would provide a massive distraction.

Cringe (Reddie) Chapter Two

Summary: “I WILL NOT HAVE A FAGGOT AS A SON.” Mrs Kaspbrak’s palm struck Eddie across the face, silencing him.

I guess you don’t have a son then.” And with that Eddie, hand pressed to his burning cheek, walked past her, out the front door and into the night.

Warning(s): Self Harm, Sad Boys, suicidal thoughts, period typical homophobia, abuse of alcohol, (I will add more for later chapters)

Authors Note: This is my first offical fic! The title is from the song ‘Cringe’ by Matt Maeson. The characters are aged up, probably around 16? Feedback is much appreciated  ❤ 


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Match Maker (Steve Rogers x plus size reader)

Prompt: You and Steve both like each other but have never done something to tell one another. Natasha and Lila help with that. Warnings: like one curse word. Hope you enjoy:)

Originally posted by unchartedghoul

You and the other Avengers had just reached Clint’s houseshead. The others looked very confused of where they were as you all walked in. You, Natasha, and Clint were the only ones who actually knew what was going on and where they were. Then we were greeted by Laura which made the other even more confused. Soon after Clint introduced everyone to Laura Cooper and Lila came running in greeting their father.

“Did you bring auntie Nat and auntie y/n?” Lila asked, you both smiled at her as she ran up to Nat giving her a big hug and then you. You picked her up in your arms and kissing her on the cheek. Steve looked over at you and smiled to himself. Of course she’s good with kids she’s perfect. He thought to himself.

After everyone got settled you and Nat were sitting at the couch and Lila was coloring at the coffee table. Steve was in the kitchen stealing many glances over to you. Lila stood up from the coffee table and walked over to you and sat on your lap.

“Hey sweetie.”

“Auntie y/n I have to ask you something,” she asked, and you nodded “are you and Steve in love.” You almost choked on the water you were drinking and Nat started to laugh.

“No we aren’t in love we are just friends.”

“Well I think he loves you, he is always looking at you.” You started to blush.

“I think love is a little more complicated than that sweetie.”

Nat picked up Lila and sat Lila on her lap “They’re totally in love.” Nat said to Lila and she started to giggle.

“No we aren’t.” You argued as you got up off the couch “I’m going to go take a shower.” You said as you got up and kissed Lila on her forehead. Steve was staring as you walked past him in the kitchen and up the stairs. Steve then turned towards Nat smirking at him, and Lila making kissy faces. Then Lila whispered in Mat’s ear “totally in love.”

You walked out of the bathroom with a towel rapped around your body. You walked over to the bed and saw a note. “Meet is at the kitchen at 6:30. P.s. Wear something pretty.” As you read the words you knew it had to be the work of the match makers, Natasha and Lila, non the less you put on a simple but pretty dress that complimented your figure and put on some makeup.

You walked down the stair to the see the kitchen decorated with fairy lights and Nat, Lila and a nervous looking Steve standing in the kitchen. There was a small radio playing some slow music.

“Nat and Lila what is all of this?”

“It’s a date silly.” Lila giggled.

“Well I guess we better leave you two alone.“ Nat said as her and Lila left the kitchen.

“Wait guys is this a good id…” they had left before you could finish. You huffed. “I’m sorry Steve. They just think we should be together and I know this probably isn’t a good time to be having a date with everything that is happening so I’m just going to leave.”

“No y/n it’s fine please stay,” Steve pushed one of the chair out for you to sit on “you-u look-k lovely.”

“Steve seriously you don’t have to do this to make them happy.”

“Who said anything about making them happy?” You furrowed your eyebrows “it was my idea to do this, they just helped with it.”


“Yes I know it’s probably not the right time to say it but I really like you.”

You blushed “I like you too Steve but why me?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you could have any girl you want.”

“Yea I guess and I want you.” He said kind of confused of why you were questioning him about liking you.

“There’s nothing special about me and-” he cut you off.

“You’re very pretty y/n and you’re not like every other girl you are totally, excuse my language, badass.” You smiled at him, sitting in your seat deciding to stay. At the beginning of the dinner Steve was more than nervous about screwing up his chance to be on a date with you but then he started to relax more.

After the dinner a new song came on the radio and Steve stood up “Will you dance with me?” Extending his hand for you to take it which you did. He placed his hands on your waist and you placed yours on his shoulders, swaying back and forth. You were looking down at the ground too nervous to look at him in the eyes.

“This is probably the cheesiest thing I have ever done on a date.”

Steve chuckled “We’re doing it 1940s style.” You laughed looking up to Steve’s eyes, his already staring into yours.

“Y/n after we win the war with ultron will you be my girlfriend?” He began to lean into your face.

You smirked “What if we don’t win the the war?” You questioned as you leaned into Steve’s face

“Good thing it seems we always win.” He answered before he connected his lips with yours.

“Yes!” You heard Nat and Lila shout from the other room causing you to jump apart from each other. When Nat realized she ruined the moment she said “oh sorry.” She picked up Lila and running up the stairs and giggling with her.

You huffed sitting back in seat. “Hey the moment isn’t completely ruined,” Steve said as he took your hand and pulled you up so you were standing again, capturing your lips in another kiss.