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Got any supercatcorp headcanons? Especially with relationship dynamics?

Ahhh, well…. I have a few.  :)

Kara and Cat are the earliest risers.  Lena, deep in her heart, is a night owl who has only adjusted to the early-rising thing out of necessity because she runs a company now.  She’s prone to staying up late, reading, writing code for her own amusement, gaming, researching, looking at financials, just about anything.  Financials are the best way to get herself to fall asleep.  Since Kara is usually the first to wake, she puts the coffee on.  She’s insisted on proper breakfasts for everyone, since she needs them anyway.  Cat and Lena both protest at first that they don’t need anything more than a bagel, but Kara makes stacks of pancakes and bacon and Lena and Cat simply surrender after a while and just eat the huge beautiful breakfasts she makes.  Cat usually helps with the cooking and setting the table.  Since Lena’s the last one out of bed, almost always, she contributes to their morning routine by pulling out clothes for all of them and finding Cat’s favorite shoes (murder heels), which are usually *somewhere* odd.  Sometimes Kara’s blouses are a little rumpled so she runs a steamer over them.

Kara and Lena are the neatniks.  Cat is the messiest of the three by far.  Her mind goes a mile a minute and she doesn’t necessarily keep the reins on it.  So sometimes there’s a bit of detritus in her wake; empty coffee cups or martini glasses, pairs of glasses, the soft black cardigan that she’s put on and taken off seventeen times while she paces the living room, ruminating about something. They have someone who comes in and cleans/tidies up every other day, but Cat leaves a bit of her chaos everywhere, so there’s always a little something for that person to do.  

Lena and Cat are sometimes a bad influence on each other.  As intelligent and sophisticated as they both are, every once in a while, they bring out something childish and mischievous in each other.  They prank call Maxwell Lord.  They compose trolling emails to the CatCo board together.  They wrap a dildo in foil and stick it in the meat drawer in the fridge and then tell Kara that they’d like some sopressata with dinner and that it’s wrapped in foil in the meat drawer and then sit there snickering like ten year olds when Kara unwraps it and turns around with her hands on her hips like, “You two assholes, you know, if you want me to fuck you with this thing, you can just tell me so.”   And either Cat or Lena grins evilly and says, “But where’s the fun in that?”

I have lots more but I’m fond of these…. :)

Eight Pancakes

Destiel + anniversary | Human!AU, Domestic!Destiel, floofiness

“Shit!” Cas hissed as hot pancake batter spat and landed on his arm. He swirled the batter round but huffed as it went into a less than attractive and less than circular blob. “fuck it,” He tossed his fourth misshapen pancake onto the plate beside the pan and poured in the batter for the fifth.

Eight pancakes later, stacked one upon another Castiel was about ready to go back to sleep. He rifled in the cupboards for Dean’s favoured topping, Nutella, maple syrup and crispy bacon. Cas shook his head, he couldn’t believe Dean ate his pancakes like this but it was the way he’d made them for Dean for the last eight years and he doubted Dean was going to change now.

He sighed as he put the plate on the table tray with a coffee for Dean, and for himself – even though he’d had two already – and began his trek upstairs. His pancakes were abysmal, he hoped Dean wouldn’t mind. There was a reason Dean made pancakes on Sunday morning and not him.

He knocked the door open with his hip, minding that the coffees didn’t spill and entered the dark room. Laying the tray on his half of the bed, Cas flicked on the bed side light.

He heard Dean grumble beside him. “What are you doing up? You’re never up before me.” He commented. It was true, Castiel only ever got up to the smell of coffee or Dean pulling him into the shower.

“I made pancakes.” Cas replied cheerily, caffeine buzzing through his system.

“Is that why I heard swearing?” Dean chuckled sleepily, sitting himself up against the headboard.

“Maybe,” Cas said. He smirked, setting the tray on Dean’s lap and taking his coffee.

“Eight pancakes, huh?”

“Eight pancakes for eight years,” Cas set his coffee on the side table and leant over the bed for a kiss.

“Happy anniversary, Cas,” Dean’s lips tasted of maple syrup and salty bacon.

“Happy anniversary, Dean.” Dean cut another slice of pancake and held the fork out to Cas, he’d passed him a section with less topping on, knowing Cas preferred his either plain or with blueberries.

“You know, I ain’t gonna be able to eat all eight of these perfect pancakes.” Dean commented, giving Cas a wink.

“Well, I wouldn’t call them perfect… I don’t know how you make them so round. I’ll take some of the bottom ones though,”

Pancakes eaten, they settled back under the warm covers, Dean pressing kisses to Cas’ jaw and neck until Cas was practically purring from the contact.

“I love you, Cas.” Dean whispered.

“I love you, too.” Cas breathed.

"Better than a birthday cake" Part 1

This is part one of “Better than a birthday cake” requested by the lovely @stilesstilinskicool

Hope you enjoy ✌🏻️🌸


“Happy birthday!” Dan and Phil both screeched at the top of their lungs, kicking open my door. Yes today was the 18th of August or in other words, my birthday.

I didn’t really like birthdays whether it’s mine or somebody else’s. Not that I’m jealous or I’m scared of growing old. It’s just it becomes more boring when your a fully grown adult.

But when you live with Dan and Phil, everything that happens in this house, is very very childish indeed.

Phil put down the stack of pancakes that he had brung in onto my bedside table while Dan gave me a kiss. Me and Dan had been in a relationship for over 18 month now and things are just perfect.

When we told the fans about us being a thing back in 2014, they weren’t so happy that Phil’s “Boyfriend” was taken by some other girl. They basically wanted to kick me off the face of the earth.

However once they got to know what my interests were, what I liked and what I wanted to vanish out of existence, they started warming up and finally excepted me to be the girlfriend of Daniel howell.

“Thanks guys!” I said after my hug from Phil “But really, you didn’t have to do this!”

“Umm, Yes we do! We’re your best friends and we love you! Especially me” Dan smirked, raising his eyebrows.

“Plus if we didn’t, you would have killed us” Phil laughed. These two were the cutest and I couldn’t wait to spend the whole day with them.

“Dan, we’ve got to go now if we don’t want to be late!”

Both jumped up at that minute, rushing to put shoes and coats on, while I was standing in the doorway, confused and a bit sad. Where were they going? Were they gonna leave me home alone on my birthday with nothing to do except scroll through the deepest depths of tumblr? I don’t mind doing that but I wouldn’t have Dan or Phil with me to lazy about with

“Where are you guys going?” I asked, curiously but sadly too.

“BBC rung us up this morning and said that it was an emergency and that we had to take the radio show for today, but we’ll see you when we get back and we WILL bring the cake” Dan kissed my cheek and flew out the door nearly tripping on his way out.

I guess it was just me and my laptop for today..

••Time skip••

It had been 2 hours now and I still haven’t moved from my position. God, I’m just like Dan. Lazy but always looking good doing it. This went on for a few more minutes until there was a knock at the door.

From there, I jumped up quickly, shutting my laptop and throwing it on the sofa during the process, ran down the stairs. And flung open the door. Maybe, Dan realised that he couldn’t leave his princess home alone on her birthday

But to my disappointment, It was only Carrie, Zoe and Louise all huddled up on my doorstep. They were carrying 2-4 bags which I think was filled with makeup and one big bag which I had no idea what it had inside. Don’t get me wrong, these girls are some of my best friends. But I missed Dan and his nice, warms hugs that he gave while snuggled up on the sofa watching a movie.

“Hey guys, what are you all doi- ” I asked being cut off my Carrie

“Don’t ask any questions until it happens”


Should I carry on?

Tell me if I should!

Bailey had her earphones in as she moved around the kitchen, mouthing along to a word here and there, and an odd dance move every now and then. She’d finished Cheer for the day, and was still running with high energy, so as usual, Bailey was putting it towards baking. Plus, with a new room mate to impress, Bailey liked to bake for them, to hopefully have them in a friendly relationship, at the very least. She sprinkled some cinnamon on top of her homemade chocolate chip pancakes, grinning to herself as she turned off the stove now. The pancakes were stacked high on the plate, and they looked delicious, if she did say so herself.

Tearing off a little bit of one of the pancakes, Bailey turned- and promptly shrieked, sending her bit of pancake flying up and sticking to the ceiling. Bailey yanked out her earphones, her heart pounding away. “Oh! Rivan, i’m so sorry- i- i didn’t even hear you. I didn’t know you were right there.” She let out a breathless laugh, still clutching a hand to her heart. “I was um- just making us something to eat?”


random headcanons
  • maya driving and lucas in the passenger seat learning that maya can be a really angry (and bad and vulgar) driver
  • maya has to grade everyone’s papers while she’s in detention and she always crosses out/erases lucas’s last name and puts “FIRE”
  • lucas giving maya a stack of pancakes after a fight
  • lucas getting caught smiling at the back of maya’s head by mr. matthews and running out of the classroom
  • maya calling lucas a tall drink of water
  • lucas calling maya sloppy joe once when they start dating and she’s absolutely clueless (he only realizes it because farkle told him)
  • zay always shoving lucas closer to maya “accidentally” whenever he walks by the two standing next to each other
  • lucas correcting maya’s grammar when texting just to annoy her
  • maya and lucas folding the laundry and she throws her socks at him
  • lucas making sloppy joes at every family+friends bbq and everyone gets it except maya
  • maya and lucas waking up one morning to a (burnt) breakfast in bed courtesy of their kids
  • maya painting her favorite lucas moments and one day (while lucas is out of town) goes to his room and hangs them all on his wall
  • lucas getting a papercut and maya laughing
  • maya hugging Clutterbucket (the stuffed panda Lucas gave her) at night whenever she gets nightmares (or because it smells like Lucas and she hates it when he’s gone)

just picture lucas and maya studying for the SAT in high school. maya’s the easily distracted/’fuck it i’m just gonna wing it type’ while lucas is constantly studying in any free time he has, attempting to quiz maya in between classes. whenever she catches him in the halls with his head in a book, she’ll sneak up behind him and jump on his back piggy-back style, put her hands over his eyes, and exclaim ‘guess who!? and DON’T say a short stack of pancakes!’ while giggling the entire time. they’ll be hanging out after school in maya’s room with maya blaring the loudest music she can possibly find just to annoy her huckleberry. an exasperated lucas will finally broker a deal with her: for every question maya answers correctly, he will remove an item of clothing. of course, maya eagerly agrees grinning ear to ear commenting ‘never thought i’d see the day good ol’ hopalong let loose’ lucas, having underestimated her dedication to getting him naked, never thought he’d lose more than a few pieces of clothing but here he was a couple hours and many shots later in nothing but his boxers and a smug maya chortling ‘never underestimate the snarky blonde’


“Ryan?” Zara asked and Ryan looked over at her, a smile on his face. “Is papa ready to play with me now?” She asked, cocking her head. He nodded. “Why din’t we go to your papa’s room and pay him a visit?” He asked. Ryan was not sure how Zaidin would feel being in the same bed as him, but he was sure the man would explain to his daughter far better than he could. Ryan plated up a stack of pancakes. If Zaidin would not eat them, he would. He sprayed a bit of whipped cream on and told Zara to follow him. She took up her favorite movie-The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe-and followed Ryan to her father’s room. Ryan laughed as she took a running leap and landed on the bed. “Papa! Will you watch Narnia with me? And can Ryan stay here? And can I put a flower crown on you later?”


 I love this fandom <3

What I know

I knew since the first time I saw her, she was different from all the other girls. She was bold, daring and had such a strong character. She scared me a little, ok a lot.

I knew from the start she was going to be a hard one. She wasn’t gonna make it easy for me, that’s why I spent hours thinking about the perfect comeback for her teasing. How I liked to see her all riled up. “You’re not playing this right” “I’ll break you”.

The nicknames. All those cute names she would give me. All just for me. I know she really put time and effort into our little game. The ONE time I called her a short stack of pancakes and she flipped. That was the day I realized how much I like to be teased by her. How I enjoy our game.

The dance, the first time I danced with her. She was so beautiful in that red dress. I know no one asked her to the dance because of me, we were seen as a couple even when we weren’t and I didn’t refute or said otherwise. That day, I know I almost lost her. She tried to change herself to be more likable, if only she knew I like her just the way she is.

I know that the day everything changed between us was the day she admited she liked me. I lost almost all control over my actions. All I know is I really wanted to kiss her. I almost did. But I stopped myself before I went to far and scared her away. She is not that kind of girl, you can’t push her to do something she’s not ready. That I know.

I know those two dates were the most fun for her. She got to pour both our shakes in my head. I couldn’t blame her, I really sucked at starting conversation. I was too nervous, she was finnaly on a date, with me. I didn’t mind as long as she was happy.

The last thing I know is I was gladd she was standing next to me at midnight that new year’s eve. I was waiting for that moment to finish what I started in Texas. I know I was supposed to kiss her. But I never got to. Our friends made sure that moment never came up. I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but not kissing her that night, is the one I regret the most. Because I know, she’ll never let me kiss her now.

All I know is that I want her. I choose her. But I can’t just tell her. No. She’s a girl of actions. She stands up and acts. I get that. I need to show her. I know she’ll understand what I mean. I’ll show her what I feel. And then she’ll know too.