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Caller From New York


Over the past few weeks, things have been going really great for me. I’ve been bringing in a lot of money since i opened my salon suite which was amazing. I was working like non stop during the day, but i loved the dollars it brought. Since i had been working so hard and stacking my paper, i decided it was time to treat myself to something nice. So i settled to get what i’ve been wanting for a while, a new Mercedes. I figured, what the hell right? Gotta ride my pretty ass in style so why not?

I made my way over to the dealership, looking bad and boujee of course, as i pranced my excited ass through each car until i found the one that was perfect for me. It was a pretty, white, little two-door that had a lot of power. I could just see my ass beaming and gleaming down the streets in this lil baby and i had to have this one. It was clean and perfect and was pretty spacious on the inside for Cam and his long-legged ass. I wanted to consider Cameron too because he drives my Jeep all over the place every time we’re together now but i wanted him to be able to fit comfortably in my new car.  

When i finally came to a decision, I went inside to fill out paperwork and run my information. I sat at the available salesman’s desk and pulled out my wallet and phone. I looked and saw that i had missed a call from a random number but me, not paying much attention because i was too excited about the car, i didn’t look at the area code.

When I began to give Steve (Salesman) all my info, my phone kept ringing back to back from this unknown number. I finally turned it over and saw that the number was from Brooklyn, New York. My heart sank into my fuckin stomach. All the people i still kept up with in New York were saved in my phone so i knew this could only be one person. Why the fuck was he calling me now? I haven’t heard from this nigga in over 7 months. So i guess he feels like he can just pop back into my life when it was convenient for him? He was a selfish asshole and i wasn’t falling back into his trap so i let that shit ring. 

Obviously distracted by the multiple phone calls, i wasn’t paying attention to the questions Steve was asking me. I was lost in my thoughts as i watched the phone ring yet again. Steve paused with his questionnaire and asked if i wanted to take a moment to take the call. I snapped back and shook my head and placed my phone on silent then tossed it into my bag, hoping that nigga would get the point. 

Later that evening (Cameron’s POV)

I had just got back in town from base and all i was really wanting to do was be with Kala tonight. I didn’t care what we was doing just as long as i was doing it with her, but i guess she sensed i was tired and so was she so it ended up being a netflix night at her apartment, which was cool with me. We had been binge watching Vampire Diaries (Her choice not mine) for the past few weeks. We agreed not to watch it without each other so I guess you could say it was our show and since i had been gone for two weeks we had to get our fill of Stefan, Damon and Elena. 

We were laid up on the couch and i was holding her tight and kissin all on her like i always do. Normally, Kala would be the same way but tonight she was quiet. I noticed that Kala had been a little off tonight, she wasn’t as clingy as she usually is when i come back to town. I was not sure if she just wasn’t feeling well or what. I knew she was excited earlier about her new car but I could tell something was on her mind but she wasn’t ready to share yet and i wasn’t gonna force her to tell me. So we laid there not saying much. 

Our phones were laying on the coffee table next to our leftover pasta i had brought over and Kala’s phone just kept going off. It was turned face down and all night long when it would ring she would silence the call. I figured her and one of her little girlfriends might have gotten into it and she was avoiding the call or something. That would explain her mood tonight. i didn’t wanna be pushy and ask. i figured if she wanted me to know, she would tell me but at the same time i didn’t want my baby sad over some bullshit. 

When the phone rang again, Kala didn’t move. I reached over and silenced the phone myself and looked to see if she was sleeping. She was awake but i could tell her mind was somewhere totally different. 

“You okay babe?”

“Oh…Um.. yeah i’m fine. Just watching the show. Can we take a pause break, i gotta pee real quick.” she said while untangling her legs from around mine and getting up from the couch quickly. 

I sat up on the couch stretching my legs for a second. It was getting late and i was getting tired. i was ready to move this back to her bedroom. I was about to pick up my phone to see what time it was when her phone started ringing once again.

Annoyed at the fact that they had been calling all fucking night, i flipped the phone over to reveal a number with a location of Brooklyn, New York. I knew Kala had lived up there briefly last year but i was curious as to who would be blowing her phone up like this. 

I sat there and thought about letting the phone go into voicemail once again but i wanted to tell whoever was fuckin with Kala to calm that shit down. I watched as the phone seemed to ring forever. I figured, what the hell right? i mean, we not official but we been together for like 4 months now. I think i’ve earned the right to answer her phone. I reached down and clicked the answer button and placed the call on speaker. 

“Yo, Who this and why you keep calling this number?”

“Awww, Shit. This must be K’s New nigga huh? Damn, that bitch move on fast.”

“The fuck you talking bout bro? Who is this?”

“Calm down lil nigga. Where Kala at?”

“I’mma ask this one last time and then you gettin clicked on nigga, Who the fuck is this?”

“Chill out chump. Nigga its Stefon. Tell Kala to hit me back. I need to speak with her.” He said as he hung up the phone. 

I put the phone down, pissed off. Who the fuck is this nigga to Kala? Ignorant ass muthafucka. I sat there heated as i waited for Kala to come back out the bathroom. When she did she saw that i was mad af. She sat down and look to see her phone turned over and unlocked. 

“Who is Stefon?”


YO Setfon really got some fucking nerve man!! omggg! this was me yall!

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Rambo Remx


“I just signed a deal so big that it’s a secret
Victoria’s Secret Angels dancing round me for a reason
Spread your wings for me like I’m Freddie Mercury
But baby, you should call me king, you know that it’s my season”

My team making moves on the low; I’m on top of the world right now, surrounded by some of the most beautiful women on the planet who wanna show off for me because they know I’m a big deal. But this my time, when they know I’m in my prime, so I cant be anything less but the best right now/

“I’m out to re-up, made another killing in Reno
I couldn’t leave her until I paid a visit to P.O”

I came up on a tasty lick over seas and even fucked a few goddess’ there, but I couldn’t leave without taking care of business first

“Too much tequila, I had too much tequila
They cuffed me like I was single, fuck it I’m back to Henny”

But of course, I got the best of myself, and lost control. I never drink clear liquor, I’ll stick to brown.

“Thank the lord, didn’t kill me in the elevator
Wasn’t my time, saved my soul, save it for later
Cheat death that day, never played fair
Roll stress all day, blow it in the air”

And because of my foolish actions, I was arrested, but knowing this world, if I wasn’t who I was, I would’ve dies that night. I was spared and lived to see the sun the next day, but I ‘ll tell you, that shit really fucked me up.

“Had to kill the pop game so they know what’s up
Now I’m popping back swift, had to shake it off”

I had come into a new game and win over all these other lames thinking they know who I am and what I can really do. I shut all these lames up real quick and flexed one time for the haters.

“Sobriety is an enemy, I’m sorry momma
Society now accepting me, pray for the young ones”

I gotta keep the flow going, so I gotta stay in my zone, and I know you don’t always like it but it’s what I have to do. Now they love me, and it’s because of the poison. I can’t let that go now.

“I’m from the Scar town, city no love
From the town where a nigga never ever blow up
Now they love me cause I shine, shawty”

People from our city don’t make it out, but I did. I’m not gonna let this life go, I can’t. I refuse. It’s tough and it’s painful but I love it and they love me. They see me blowing up, and they want to be a part of that. I’ve never had that before.

“If you ain’t fucking, then it’s time, shawty
I see the truth inside your eyes, shawty
If you don’t love me then you lied to me
If you don’t love me then you lied to me”

So lay up one time and do what I say. I’m giving you what you wanna hear, now give me what I want to feel. Don’t sit there and lie to me and tell me you don’t love it, don’t want it, don’t need it. I can see it all over your face; you’re addicted to me.

“Swallow all your pride for me
Or you can swallow all the time for me
Now you can tell me how that taste, girl”

Swallow your pride, get over yourself, then swallow my load and tell me that you want some more.

“Gene Simmons tongue but I ain’t down for the kissing”

My tongue game on 12 but I ain’t sticking it down your throat.

“My nigga got a scope, and I ain’t talking bout the rinsing
My nigga’s hitting notes and I ain’t talkin bout the singin”

M niggas are killers and hitters. I ain’t gotta worry about shit.

“I’m breaking billboard in my city, got me thinking
I’m a motherfucking villain in my town
Heath Ledger, bout to O.D”

I’m doing incredible shit; no one from my city has ever made it this far; that means I’m unrecognizable. They know me as a bad guy because of all the shit I do but I embrace it because they didn’t care when I was tryna do good. Now I’m stacked up on all these drugs, these drinks, these bitches, and everything they see is a nightmare.

“Married to the game, I ain’t never getting cold feet
Killing all these lames, lot of motherfuckers owe me
I just stay quiet, I just let the money climb high”

I know I’m committed to this; I’ll never stray or run away, this is my baby. And I see a lot of hating ass niggas tryna come at my neck and put me down, but you know, I keep to myself. Cause at the end of the day the only thing talking is the money, and I have sky scrapers…

there was a time I couldn’t even fathom the thought of bringing my girl to the bar or club with me. wanting to just hang with the guys and just talk to women to appeal the thought that I still had it. Overthinking what would happen if i did, wondering what guy would hit on her. Years later, I don’t even have a great time less she here partying with me. Yea hanging with the guys is cool. But when ya girl is pretty much ya road dawg, bangs out to hood shit, and would probably swing on a nigga before you can even put yo drink down… the nights without her are just bleh…so s/o to @livinginvirtualinsanity

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If he respond to my DM, bitch you fucked up.
So keep it cute, keep it cool, and shut the fuck up.
If thats your man, I can’t tell. That shit don’t add up.
I fuck him good dm him the pix with my ass up, uhh.
Uhh, it goes down in the DM, it go down in the DM, uhh.
It go, down. It go down in my DM. It go down in my DM.
Uhh, yeah . Snapchat me that dick, ooh. Or FaceTime me that dick, if it grew.
Yeah my DM poppin’. Uhh. My DM just caught a body. Woah. It’s going down in the DM, so tell these wanna be players I’m the GM. The Model Garrett Green, I dunk on all y'all.
Think this pussy made in China, I got great walls.
Yo girl bald-headed, like a fucking monk.
Like the sixers you been taking l’s every month.
Tired of grown men acting like they young boys.
The wagon with the lease and it make the most noise.
Now and days, niggas wanna be housewives.
Ask for money then they waiting with they mouths wide.
Got your hands out, nigga put your hands down.
Bulls-Eye, shots fired, this is man down.
Bitches talk shit then they wanna change tunes.
Clap back season, welcome to my shade room.
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An epiphany I had

Everyone out here like

“Dont hate fat people”

“They cant help being fat”

“ fat is cute ”

Like hey if you thicc, embrace that shit.

But if you looking like the evolved version of whalelord….

put down the big mac, Big Mac.


A thicc nigga who once looked like snorlaxs cousin but saw the error of my ways.

👌😂 😩😩

Robert, come on all you had to do was put money on his books and hold him down!

Like come on nigga you had one fucking job!Plus that little ass fight did not spell out a break up at all!

So I wish he would stop saying he thought they were over and using it as an excuse to cheat because every time he does I get a Ross vibe screaming:

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Get your life together you messy ass bastard.Also who takes what a crackhead says seriously?

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( I know Aaron’s not a crackhead so don’t come for me lol)

I just watched the Chris Brown Welcome to My Life on Netflix. I’m not going to lie I had mixed feelings about this nigga at one point. But after watching that I really changed my perspective about him. To anyone that has ever hated on him period. Watch that shit it shows his side of everything that went down through out his carrer. It legit almost made me cry at certain parts. People legit put this nigga down and tested him so much when he was vulnerable. He really hit some low points and even when he was rising to back up on top he got knocked back down. Yet he still managed to be on top depsite all the odds against him. A lot of people try and hate on him but behind closed doors I bet y’all listening to and singing his music. I have the up most respect for him.

I hate a nigga who got a mind set like a bitch. A nigga who always bitching. I hate a nigga who try to control me. A nigga who think he’s that nigga when he’s just another nigga. A nigga who think you gon cry and wait by the phone for him. I hate a nigga who only talks abt the bad shit and then speaks little of the good shit.
I hate a insecure ass nigga. I hate a nigga who wanna put you down BC they don’t know how to put themselves up. I hate a nigga who get mad when I speak my mind. And if you that nigga please stay yo complaining ass far from me.

Chapter 3: Do Better.


I sighed, as I got out of bed. I didn’t want to do anything today. I had been crying all night, and I looked horrible. Good thing it was Saturday. I should still get out of the house though. I hated being lazy.

Last night, I walked to Ty’s house, and asked him to go back and get my stuff, because I couldn’t. Ty’s house was the closest, anyway.

Chris had came over last night, but he didn’t know I was here. Him and Ty got into an argument I guess, so Chris left.

My phone vibrating on the night stand broke me out of my thoughts. I wonder who it was, I don’t talk to anybody. I put my passcode in, and went straight to my messages.

August :) : You str8?

I smiled, and replied back to his message. It’s nice to have someone be nice to you. It’s amazing, actually.

“TY!” I yelled, and a couple of seconds later he barged through the door with wide eyes.

“Nigga, I thought something was wrong with you!” He said, placing his hands over his chest, making me giggle.

“What are you doing today?” He shrugged, and sat next to me.

“What you wanna do?” I thought about it, then I realized that I haven’t been to the beach in a while.

“Let’s go to the beach!” I squealed. He chuckled, and got up.

“Okay, start getting ready. And please go clean up your face, cause you look ugly as fuck.” He admitted, making me gasp.

I reached for a pillow, and threw it at him. He chuckled, and ran out of the room. That was so rude. I know I looked a mess. I blame Chris.

Rolling my eyes at even thinking about him, I pulled one of my boxes and all of my swimsuits were in them. Ty organized everything. I really owe him.

After grabbing the two piece out of the box, I grabbed my tooth brush out of my bag and went to brush my teeth. Searching around for a hair-tie, I found some in the cabinet and tied my hair around with one.

Now I just have to take a shower, then I’m done. Hopefully Nae and Ty will get ready fast.

When I got out, I threw my cover-up over my swimsuit.

I grabbed my bag, leaving the room. When I got down stairs, Ty and Nae were already down there making out. “Are you okay Nae?” I asked, and she immediately stopped making out with Ty.

“What do you mean?” She asked, tilting her head to the side.

“Because Ty…” I admitted, causing both of them to bust out laughing.

“I’m fine Raye, come on.” She grabbed my hand, and skipped with me outside to the car. I loved her personality, she was so nice and bubbly. I see why everyone wants to be her friend.


Nae and I rushed out of the car, and ran to the sand. I loved the beach, and I haven’t been since I was 14. I love Ty even more for taking us.

“Can I take a picture of you Nae? You look so pretty!” I smiled, and she nodded. I pulled out my phone, and snapped a picture of her before posting it to instagram.

rayeisbae: @naenaenae is so freaking cute! :*

“Okay, your turn!” She said, reaching for my phone. I tossed it to her, and posed.

She handed me my phone back, and I added a filter, before posting it to instagram.

rayeisbae: beach with @naenaenae

I put my phone away in my bag, and got up. “Race you to the water?” I asked Nae.

“Um..” She mumbled looking behind me. I looked behind me, and I was face to face with someone’s chest. I looked up, and immediately looked back down when I realized it was Chris.

Who the fuck invited him? I cant ever have any fucking fun!

“Can you go home?” I asked with a frown.

“Get the fuck out my face. Nobody came here for you bitch. I could careless about you.” He said, pushing out of the way to go hug Nae.

“Chris stop fucking doing her like that! You ain’t like when them niggas was doing it to your sister, so don’t do it to her!” Nae yelled out of frustration.

He had a sister? Where’s she at?

“How dare you bring that shit up Nae? I thought you were my best-friend, but you taking up for that weak bitch!” He yelled back.

“I am, but she’s not a bitch Chris. She’s my friend, and I will not sit here like the rest of these niggas and continue to let you humiliate her.” She admitted. He shook his head, and looked at me.

“See what you did bitch? You got all my friends turning against me! Happy now?” He stated, pushing me to the ground and kicking sand in my eye.

That’s fucking it! I’m tired of him. I’m tired of all this shit. Fuck everything. Wiping the sand out of my eyes, I got my shit and ran.

I didn’t care if Ty and Nae were calling my name. I’m fucking tired of Chris bullying me. I just want fucking peace in my life for once, but I can’t have that because of him.

s house, I held my chest. I was so tired. The rest of the way I walked with tears streaming down my face.

When I reached his house, I grabbed the spare key out of my bra and unlocked the door.

I can’t believe I’m about to do this, but It’s worth it, right?

I ran to Ty’s closet, and grabbed his gun that was sitting at the top. I sat on his bed, and stared at it.

I should do this. Nothing’s stopping me, this is the right time and the right place. If I don’t, then Chris will keep bothering me. It’s not like I have anything to live for anyway. Everyone is right, I’m weak.

Picking up the gun, I placed it on the side of my head and was about to pull the trigger until someone barged in.



“Nigga, just go up to my room and get my phone so I can see where she is.” I rolled my eyes, and jogged up the steps. Fuck they so worried about this bitch for? Pushing that thought to the back of my head, I opened Ty’s door and saw Raye with a gun up to her bed, about to pull the trigger, and my heart dropped.

“RAYE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! PUT THAT SHIT DOWN!” I yelled. She cried, and threw the gun across the room.

Suicide was a really hard thing for me to talk about since my sister did it. Well, we don’t know if she did exactly. She was being bullied and one day I walked in her room and blood was all over her bed, and a note saying she was tired of life. Her body was no where to be found. So there’s a possibility that she could still be alive, but just assume she’s dead. We told this police and everything, but they ain’t do shit.

“I fucking hate you Chris! Get the fuck out, why wouldn’t you let me do that?! You know you would’ve wanted it that way anyway! I was trying to do you a favor! Ugh, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! You big ass fucking bully!” She screamed, punching my chest.

And that’s all it took for me to realize that I fucked up. I ain’t want this girl to kill herself. I swear I didn’t. And for her to even think that made my heart hurt. I’m not that damn evil.

“Raye, I’m sorry.” I mumbled, wrapping my hands around her as she cried.

“No the fuck you’re not! Get the fuck away from me, I’m seriously tired of you!” She yelled, pushing me away. I walked up to her and sighed, throwing her over my shoulder.

“What the hell..” Ty mumbled as he saw me carrying Raye. She hit and kicked me, but I didn’t care. Ignoring Ty, I walked outside to my car and put Raye in it. After getting myself situated, I sped off and drove to the beach.

“Where the fuck are you taking me?!” She yelled, only for me to ignore her. A couple minutes later she let her window down, and started yelling out of it.

“RAPEEEE! RAPEEE!” I sucked my teeth, and pulled up to the beach. Luckily nobody heard her ass.

“Come on Raye, we about to talk..” I said, holding out my hand for her to grab.

“Why should I come? You put me through hell for 4 years, and just because I try to do you a favor, you start being nice? Nigga no.” She said, with her hands on her hips.

“Raye please..” I begged. She huffed, and followed me down to the sand.

“Why are we here?” She asked.

“To talk.”

“There’s nothing to talk about, Chris.” She half yelled. I guess she was getting annoyed with me.

“Why were you so weak Raye?” I asked, and she looked at me like I was crazy.

“What you mean! This is all your fault!” She screamed. Luckily nobody was here but us.

“Nah, you was acting like this before I even met you.” She sucked her teeth. “Fine, you really wanna fucking know?! My dad raped me when I was in 9th grade, and you bullying me made it even worse! So that’s why I’m so fucking weak, because you and my dad!” She stated, making me feel even more bad.

“Why did you do it Chris?” She asked, and I heard sniffles afterwards. I sighed, and began to speak.

“Ion know. I guess cause my sister died around the time we met, and I hated the world and wanted some one to feel bad.” I realized that I was wrong as hell. I remember the first day I saw Raye, I was a complete dick to her. She was just walking in the hallway walking one day, minding her business, crying. Me being the idoit I was, I told her stop to being a pussy while everyone laughed.

“Chris you still shouldn’t have treated me like that. I still can’t even believe I’m talking to you right now. My sister Bri went through the same thing I did, she was raped by my dad and ran away, but you ain’t see me being mean to you.” she stated, making me feel like complete shit. I guess I deserved it.

“And I’m sorry Raye, I truly am. If I would’ve knew that you was gonna try to kill yourself, I would’ve stopped. I should’ve learned to stop when they were doing it to my sister, but I didn’t and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being mean, I’m sorry for hitting, I’m sorry for calling you put of your name, I’m sorry for everything, just don’t please try to do that again, It’s not worth it.” I ain’t realize I was crying until I felt Raye wipe my tears. See how nice she is? I treated her like shit, and she’s wiping my tears.

“You ain’t gotta be nice to me Raye..” my voice cracked.

“Yes I do, I’m not a mean person, I will be nice to you regardless of what you did to me. ” She stated, causing me to chuckle and look up.

“You shooting slugs?” She chuckled, and shrugged.

“A little, but Chris?” “Wassup? ” I replied, giving her all my attention.

“Can you promise to always stay like this towards me? I like this Chris way more that mean ass Chris.” I smiled.

“Yea, I promise. Don’t ask me to pinky promise cause I’m not doing that gay shit. Just know that I ain’t a liar.” She laughed, which made me laugh, because he laugh was weird.

“It’s getting late. I think I should go. Take me back to Ty’s house?” I nodded, and held my hand out for her to grab, so she could stand up.


“I’ll um, see you around..” Raye said before walking away. Before I could even respond, she slammed the front door in my face. Well damn.

I’m real disappointed in myself. Just a couple of hours I was being mean as hell to Raye. I still feel bad as fuck. I don’t know what came over me. I should’ve listened to everybody. Now I gotta apologize to Nae. She was more important than anybody.

Pulling out my phone, I searched for Nae’s number and composed a message to her.

Me: Yooo Nae, I’m sorry for spazzin’ out on you earlier, I should’ve listened to y’all when y’all told me to stop :/

whiterice 😍😘😜😂😇😎🙏👌💑❤: stop lyin. don’t talk to me you mean bitch.

I chuckled, and shook my head. She always sent that picture when she was mad at me.

Me: shutup im not lyin. im deadass, ask raye. like fr, ima make it up to yall tomorrow. love you 😘❤

whiterice 😍😘😜😂😇😎🙏👌💑❤: mm, love you too. but ttyl, ty bout to make love to me 🍆😉

I sucked my teeth, and threw my phone in the back-seat. She just fucked up my whole mood. Nobody needed to hear that. What does she see in Ty’s ugly ass anyway?

Now all I could think about was Raye. I sat there and bullied her for 4 years straight without a care in the world. I cant even imagine how she’s feeling.

I saw my sister come home crying everyday, because she was being bullied. Unlike Raymond , I stood up for her. The only problem was that she was way younger than me. I remember the last day she was at home like it was yesterday.


“Chris, I’m tired of all of this..” Christina cried. Sighing, I wrapped my arms around her, trying to show her some kind of comfort.

This shit was getting out of hand. Christina was only in the 6th grade and she went through all of this. I tried to help, but those niggas just wouldn’t quit. I even beat up the lil niggas and got arrested for it, and the police didn’t even seem to care that they were bullying her.

“Christina, you cant give up. Don’t let them get to you.” She wrapped her arms around my waist, and cried in my chest.

“I’m trying, but it’s hard.” She sat, up and wiped away her tears.

“Well, I gotta go take care of something. I’ll see you when I get back.”

“I doubt it..” She mumbled. I rose an eyebrow, and looked back at her after getting up.


“Nothing, just go.” Shrugging, I walked out of her room and left.


I walked back in the house tired as hell. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I promised Christina I would come back and take her some where today.

“CHRISTINA!” I yelled, jogging up the stairs. No response. Her ass must be sleep.

“Come on, I got your favorite ice-cream!” I chuckled. When I reached the top of the steps, I walked down the hall to her room and opened her door. She wasn’t any where.

After looking around, one thing caught my eye. There was big spots of blood all over her sheets, and a note. My heart dropped.

Rushing over to the bed, I snatched the note and read it.

I’m sorry Chris, I just cant do this anymore. You don’t know what it’s like to go to school everyday and have people talk about and laugh at you. Everyone loves you, but everyone hates me. So I’m doing you and mom a favor. Mom’s already struggling, at-least she’ll have one less mouth to feed. I love you and mom.


When I finished reading the note, tears were streaming down my face.

*Flashback Over*

I really need to go apologize to Raye tomorrow. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. I wish Raymond cared for her the way I cared for Christina.

He could’ve lost her today.



a 1999 animated children’s educational film about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the American civil rights movement. Two friends travel through time, meeting Dr. King at several points during his life. It featured an all-star voice cast and was nominated for an Emmy award in 1999 for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming More Than One Hour). It marks John Travolta’s voice acting debut. It was the final release under the CBS/Fox Video name.


This is one of the big ones, folks, one that most certainly isn’t forgotten because I’m pretty sure all of us in America have seen it at least once in school.

Where do you start when it comes to Dr. Martin Luther King? Now that I’m thinking about it, where do you even end? If I started  talking we’d be here all day but I’m just going to be a total downer. With all the recent civil unrest in America and crimes against humanity perpetrated by a faulty system kept in place by crooked criminals in seats of power, we’re not living in the future that he strived for. There’s that and the uppity white people who use his name to put down black people who use the word nigga and have a problem with that previously mentioned government power designed to keep them down.

Fucking hell…

Ahem– well, since this is a blog about cartoons and not politics, I’m going to proceed with talking about cartoons.

This is a great movie that features an absolutely star studded cast  in which we get  to see a collection of key points in the life of Martin Luther King. Not only that but we also catch glimpses of America and the Civil Rights Movement and I feel that from a directorial standpoint, that’s the film’s strongest point.

Let me try to over-explain.

We the audience, and the main protagonist meet Martin as a young boy, and catch a brief glimpse at where the institutionalized racism of America begins. A white mother pulls her sons away and tells them they can’t play with colored people, reaffirming what we, the young audience know that racism, violence, and abuse starts at home.

We then meet Martin as a teenager and while also getting to meet his family we see racism and segregation as a normalized community thing. We see it all; colored only communities, water fountains, schools, other public works facilities, etc.

Next, we come to Martin in his twenties as a pastor, organizing the Montgomery Alabama Bus Boycotts and dealing with the infamous day when someone tried to burn down his house and his family. This part might be a little aggravating to some since Martin tells his supporters not to retaliate and to “love thy enemy”. It’s another one of those bits of fuel for uppity white people to “follow Martin Luther King’s example” and not riot against silly things like police brutality or being treated like animals by the media.

Yeah… it’s kind of a white-wash of his philosophies since he did in fact say that if people have a reason to riot than it’s a damn good reason and totally justifiable. Not his words exactly but my paraphrasing.

With that in mind we next see the Birmingham, Alabama Riot of 1963. To the movie’s credit it does get pretty gritty in showing how the protestors we’re dealt with by authority; having hoses, dogs, among other things turned on them. As a kid I knew it was a really chilling sequence.

We move onto the March On Washington Movement and get actual footage and recordings of Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech.

I would say the movie ends there but it proceeds into a sequence in which the protagonist rips Martin away from his timeline only to come to a grim a future in which segregation and the terror of institutional racism still exists. It’s a really striking sequence because we see how everyone and everything is different from the protagonist’s school, to his family, to his friends, literally the whole atmosphere has changed.

Everything turns right in the end and to say the least, everyone involved, the audience included learns a powerful lesson and I love that. I love that it wants to teach and be entertaining at the same time, and it does both in spades. It doesn’t really get into the really really nitty gritty of some of the more child-unfriendly aspects of Martin Luther King’s life and philosophies but it works well enough.

A solid movie, and a must watch. It’s got great animation, a great cast, and is a great story.


Theodore Borders - age 12

Jaleel White - age 15

LeVar Burton - age 26

Dexter King - age 34


I’d say I’m sorry for getting into some really touchy subjects and probably stepping on a few toes, especially for a month of positivity, but I ain’t. I’m not afraid to speak my mind and give my honest thoughts about important issues, at least to the best of my ability since I’m not 100% aware of everything involved.

I’m not the kind of guy to make waves but I hope we all took something from today.



Walking in my house I looked in the living room to see if Brandi was in there but she wasn’t so I went up to the bedroom and saw her sitting in front of the mirror doing her hair. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“What are you talking about?” She turned towards me with a confused look on her face. “You’re away with another bitch but you have the nerve to have an attitude.”

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But I won’t put that down to the fact that these niggas are out here creeping
Im just finding it harder to label women as decent
Hit the switch to my season.

I have my own place , my own business , another job and a child you feel me . I just turned 22 I’m a kid still my damn self . I worked for every single thing I have. I’ve gone from trapping and robbing folk to actually tryin to make something of my life . To be honest if it wasn’t for my daughter I would have never changed and that’s just me keeping it a stack . I made enough life threatening mistakes for me to know not to look down on anyone in a struggle . Yall talk about how horrible hood niggas are and act like Yall care but then I see 20 consecutive posts talking down on them. I’m pretty sure most of you on here ain’t from the hood because I don’t see many people who actually come from those environments on here constantly trying to put niggas down. Niggas in the hood are that way for a reason . Most of us come from broken homes ,violence and chaos that’s gonna make you view the world and people differently . It’s a fucking miracle I’m even here right now so instead of me being on here talking down to people all day I interact with my hood . I show niggas in my hood love no matter what . There’s always gonna be folk that have reached a point where their environment has swallowed them whole and they no longer give a fuck about anything that’s just how shit goes . I was one of them and that’s how I know that if we get the help and leadership we need it would be a different story . I’m just tired of seeing folk on here pretend to care and then rip the same dudes down . A lot of mothers in the hood don’t have the tools to be the mothers a lot of us needed . A lot of our fathers get taken from us . We learning most shit on the fly . Either be patient with us or leave us alone . Stop faking .