put a nigga down

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If he respond to my DM, bitch you fucked up.
So keep it cute, keep it cool, and shut the fuck up.
If thats your man, I can’t tell. That shit don’t add up.
I fuck him good dm him the pix with my ass up, uhh.
Uhh, it goes down in the DM, it go down in the DM, uhh.
It go, down. It go down in my DM. It go down in my DM.
Uhh, yeah . Snapchat me that dick, ooh. Or FaceTime me that dick, if it grew.
Yeah my DM poppin’. Uhh. My DM just caught a body. Woah. It’s going down in the DM, so tell these wanna be players I’m the GM. The Model Garrett Green, I dunk on all y'all.
Think this pussy made in China, I got great walls.
Yo girl bald-headed, like a fucking monk.
Like the sixers you been taking l’s every month.
Tired of grown men acting like they young boys.
The wagon with the lease and it make the most noise.
Now and days, niggas wanna be housewives.
Ask for money then they waiting with they mouths wide.
Got your hands out, nigga put your hands down.
Bulls-Eye, shots fired, this is man down.
Bitches talk shit then they wanna change tunes.
Clap back season, welcome to my shade room.
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Okay I already knew Reiner was the colossal titan cause they looked exactly alike, just like Annie’s did. The whole time I’m watching it my suspicion goes away and then he reveals it. I HAD A HUGE FREAKING CRUSH ON REINER WHAT THE SHIT? WHAT A FUCKING DICK HEAD, I KNOW THERE’S AN EXPLANATION FOR WHY HE WANTS TO WIPE THE HUMAN RACE OUT BUT I’M WITH EREN ON THIS ONE, YOU GOTTA BE PUT DOWN MY NIGGA.

the thing im the worst at is absorbing other ppls art bc ill get halfway thru someones thing and then be like oh word ok fuck niggas and i put it down to go make my own things. im the comicsz version of niggas who try and freestyle over the music u got on in ur car

I have my own place , my own business , another job and a child you feel me . I just turned 22 I’m a kid still my damn self . I worked for every single thing I have. I’ve gone from trapping and robbing folk to actually tryin to make something of my life . To be honest if it wasn’t for my daughter I would have never changed and that’s just me keeping it a stack . I made enough life threatening mistakes for me to know not to look down on anyone in a struggle . Yall talk about how horrible hood niggas are and act like Yall care but then I see 20 consecutive posts talking down on them. I’m pretty sure most of you on here ain’t from the hood because I don’t see many people who actually come from those environments on here constantly trying to put niggas down. Niggas in the hood are that way for a reason . Most of us come from broken homes ,violence and chaos that’s gonna make you view the world and people differently . It’s a fucking miracle I’m even here right now so instead of me being on here talking down to people all day I interact with my hood . I show niggas in my hood love no matter what . There’s always gonna be folk that have reached a point where their environment has swallowed them whole and they no longer give a fuck about anything that’s just how shit goes . I was one of them and that’s how I know that if we get the help and leadership we need it would be a different story . I’m just tired of seeing folk on here pretend to care and then rip the same dudes down . A lot of mothers in the hood don’t have the tools to be the mothers a lot of us needed . A lot of our fathers get taken from us . We learning most shit on the fly . Either be patient with us or leave us alone . Stop faking .



Walking in my house I looked in the living room to see if Brandi was in there but she wasn’t so I went up to the bedroom and saw her sitting in front of the mirror doing her hair. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“What are you talking about?” She turned towards me with a confused look on her face. “You’re away with another bitch but you have the nerve to have an attitude.”

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I hate a nigga who got a mind set like a bitch. A nigga who always bitching. I hate a nigga who try to control me. A nigga who think he’s that nigga when he’s just another nigga. A nigga who think you gon cry and wait by the phone for him. I hate a nigga who only talks abt the bad shit and then speaks little of the good shit.
I hate a insecure ass nigga. I hate a nigga who wanna put you down BC they don’t know how to put themselves up. I hate a nigga who get mad when I speak my mind. And if you that nigga please stay yo complaining ass far from me.



a 1999 animated children’s educational film about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the American civil rights movement. Two friends travel through time, meeting Dr. King at several points during his life. It featured an all-star voice cast and was nominated for an Emmy award in 1999 for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming More Than One Hour). It marks John Travolta’s voice acting debut. It was the final release under the CBS/Fox Video name.


This is one of the big ones, folks, one that most certainly isn’t forgotten because I’m pretty sure all of us in America have seen it at least once in school.

Where do you start when it comes to Dr. Martin Luther King? Now that I’m thinking about it, where do you even end? If I started  talking we’d be here all day but I’m just going to be a total downer. With all the recent civil unrest in America and crimes against humanity perpetrated by a faulty system kept in place by crooked criminals in seats of power, we’re not living in the future that he strived for. There’s that and the uppity white people who use his name to put down black people who use the word nigga and have a problem with that previously mentioned government power designed to keep them down.

Fucking hell…

Ahem– well, since this is a blog about cartoons and not politics, I’m going to proceed with talking about cartoons.

This is a great movie that features an absolutely star studded cast  in which we get  to see a collection of key points in the life of Martin Luther King. Not only that but we also catch glimpses of America and the Civil Rights Movement and I feel that from a directorial standpoint, that’s the film’s strongest point.

Let me try to over-explain.

We the audience, and the main protagonist meet Martin as a young boy, and catch a brief glimpse at where the institutionalized racism of America begins. A white mother pulls her sons away and tells them they can’t play with colored people, reaffirming what we, the young audience know that racism, violence, and abuse starts at home.

We then meet Martin as a teenager and while also getting to meet his family we see racism and segregation as a normalized community thing. We see it all; colored only communities, water fountains, schools, other public works facilities, etc.

Next, we come to Martin in his twenties as a pastor, organizing the Montgomery Alabama Bus Boycotts and dealing with the infamous day when someone tried to burn down his house and his family. This part might be a little aggravating to some since Martin tells his supporters not to retaliate and to “love thy enemy”. It’s another one of those bits of fuel for uppity white people to “follow Martin Luther King’s example” and not riot against silly things like police brutality or being treated like animals by the media.

Yeah… it’s kind of a white-wash of his philosophies since he did in fact say that if people have a reason to riot than it’s a damn good reason and totally justifiable. Not his words exactly but my paraphrasing.

With that in mind we next see the Birmingham, Alabama Riot of 1963. To the movie’s credit it does get pretty gritty in showing how the protestors we’re dealt with by authority; having hoses, dogs, among other things turned on them. As a kid I knew it was a really chilling sequence.

We move onto the March On Washington Movement and get actual footage and recordings of Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech.

I would say the movie ends there but it proceeds into a sequence in which the protagonist rips Martin away from his timeline only to come to a grim a future in which segregation and the terror of institutional racism still exists. It’s a really striking sequence because we see how everyone and everything is different from the protagonist’s school, to his family, to his friends, literally the whole atmosphere has changed.

Everything turns right in the end and to say the least, everyone involved, the audience included learns a powerful lesson and I love that. I love that it wants to teach and be entertaining at the same time, and it does both in spades. It doesn’t really get into the really really nitty gritty of some of the more child-unfriendly aspects of Martin Luther King’s life and philosophies but it works well enough.

A solid movie, and a must watch. It’s got great animation, a great cast, and is a great story.


Theodore Borders - age 12

Jaleel White - age 15

LeVar Burton - age 26

Dexter King - age 34


I’d say I’m sorry for getting into some really touchy subjects and probably stepping on a few toes, especially for a month of positivity, but I ain’t. I’m not afraid to speak my mind and give my honest thoughts about important issues, at least to the best of my ability since I’m not 100% aware of everything involved.

I’m not the kind of guy to make waves but I hope we all took something from today.

Chapter 52: Reveal


I felt my veins thump against my skin as I punched the large punching bag in Idris’s gym. Yeah I don’t call that nigga Big Daddy because he ain’t no daddy of mine. He threatened my family’s life if i leave. Talking about having more guys in L.A that are willing to shoot on command. For now, I have to act like a good little assassin then hit him when he least expects it.

Hunter walked up in front of me. I tried to ignore him still punching the swinging bag.

“You know I missed you, Rue.” He smiled at me as he watched me punch the bag.

I sighed stopping. “Hunter, go away before you replace this punching bag. ” I got in fighting stance again.

He held up his hands in defense.”Still feisty.”

I walked away and felt a sharp smack on my ass. Oh no he didn’t. I turned around to his stupid chersire cat grin.

“Good set, babe.”

I walked up with a seductive look and once I got in front of him, I grabbed his crotch hard. His dumb grin faded away and a look of agony came. I stared up in his eyes and held up my fingers on my other hand counting down.

“One, don’t you ever touch me. Two, I’m not your fucking babe. Three, leave me alone. If you fail to follow the above, you will become a dickless son of a bitch. Understand?”

I twisted a little and Hunter quickly nodded. I smiled releasing him and walked away.

“Damn Rue.” Thomas blew air out of his mouth. “Anyway, Boss has a mission for you and me.”


“We have to steal drugs. 300 pounds of cocaine from a warehouse.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “I’m an assassin.”

“Yeah. But you’re an assassin with sex appeal so you could be a distraction while I load the coke.” He explained.

I shook my head. “T-drop-”

He cut me off. “Look I know and we will get away out. Right now, he expects to us to leave. The best time to attack him and leave is when his defenses are down.”

I sighed looking at my left ring finger with the beautiful large rock resting on it.

“I want to go back to my baby.” I felt my heart break.

“I want to go back to mine too. But we can’t risk them getting killed.”

I nodded getting out of my trance. “Fine. Let’s do this.”


“Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Rueche! Leave a message and I’ll get to back to you! Deuces!”

“Kae, boo, please call me back and tell me you’re ok. Im worried as fuck right now.”

I hung up after i left the message and placing my hands on my face. Those guys…..they could’ve done something to her. Shit, I should’ve known those guys weren’t legit.

“Did she answer?” Ty asked with a sandwich in his hand.

“Yes she answered and I told her to call me back.” I spat in sarcasm then looked at his sandwich. “Nigga, why are you eating my shit?”

“Look, nigga. I’m worried about my sister and I’m an emotional eater. So shut the fuck up and let me eat my PB&J.” He took an aggressive bite out of his sandwich.

I sighed putting down my phone. “Nigga it’s been a day. I can feel her feel pain, you know?”

Ty swallowed hard. “What about calling the police?”

I scoffed. “Those niggas ain’t gonna do shit. Kae’s not a little girl or a teenager. She’s a grown ass woman so they ain’t gonna believe she got kidnapped.” I sighed again. “It would kill me if something happened to her or Ang-” my eyes widened as I shot out of my seat.

“Angie! Ty, did you see her?” I asked him.

“No. Was I supposed to?”

I shook my head smacking the sandwich out of his hand. My heart raced as I looked up and down for her. I looked into the bedroom to see her sitting on the bed crying and.eyes planted on the TV screen.

“Aww baby girl what’s wrong?” I held her to my chest and I saw the video of Fancy by Iggy Azalea playing. I chuckled bouncing her.

“I don’t blame you. I would cry too”

I turned off the tv and she continued to cry. I shushed her as I went back inside the living room and took my phone. She needs to listen to some real music. Playing Loyal, she quickly stopped crying and began giggling and dancing in my arms.

“Let me try calling her.” Ty pulled out his phone

I sighed. “Be my guest.

There was a knock at my front door. I answered my eyes landed on Carla. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Hi, Chris. You got a minute?

I ooked back inside the living room where Ty sat with his iPhone 5s pressed to his ear and Angie in his lap touching his face and he pretended to bite her fingers.

I shrugged my shoulders turning my attention back on her. I froze for a second realizing her usual green eyes were now brown. Maybe she’s wearing contacts.

"I guess…”

“Goody!” Carla brushed past me and went to Ty. “Hey Ty!”

Ty gave the finger indicating one second and Angie just stared at her.

“Hi baby!” She cheesed at Angie.

Angie kept that blank, stank expression on her face. I picked her up and looked at her.

“Stop mean mugging company.”

She turned and mean mugged me too as if she knew what I said. She’s only 1.

“Can I hold her?” Carla stretched her arms towards Angie.

“Uh, sure.”

She took Angie in her arms and bounced her up and down.

“She’s a cut-”

Carla was cut off by Angie vomiting on her hair. I took Angie back and Carla squealed.

“Eww she threw up on me!” She screeched in disgust.

Angel just giggled looking at Carla freak out.

“Bathroom’s upstairs.” I sighed and she ran up the stairs. I looked at Angie who played with my chain seeming satisfied with what she did.

I pressed against hers and shaking my head as she did the same.

“Bad girl.” I took my forehead off and she kept shaking her head as if she was saying no.

I traveled upstairs and went inside the bathroom not knowing Carla was already in there.

“Oh sorry I-”

I was cut off by seeing Carla with a long brown wig in her hand and her long blonde curls out. Looking at her face, I shook my head as all the pieces came together and everything made sense.

“Oh hell no! Bria?!?!?”


I popped my lips after applying ruby red lipstick. I donned on a medium length jet black wig with a black dress and my leather utility belt around my thigh which contained a handgun and a knife. I sighed staring at my reflection.

“You’ll be back home soon.” I reassured myself as images of Angie and Chris flashed through my head. Tears began to slowly roll down my cheeks.

Thomas knocked entering the room. “You ready?”

I wiped my fallen tears quickly. “Yeah. *grabs black clutch and stands up* Let’s go.”

“Were you crying?” He questioned as we made our way to the red mercedes parked in the garage.

I looked at him and replied bluntly:

“Yes. I miss my husband and my baby girl. I miss my life. Everytime i try to get away, that bitch ass nigga I once called my father pulls.me back in.”

He sighed deeply and his phone began to ring and my eyes widened.

“They didnt destroy your phone?” I questioned as joy filled my heart.

“No, they did. But i had to get a new phone in order to keep in touch with the Boss.”

I smiled wickedly. “Then give it to me so we can leave.”

“I would but he monitors calls.”

“I dont give a fuck!” I snatched the phone and dialed Chris’s number. Unfortunately, he didnt answer.

“He didnt answer.” I sighed as his voicemail played.

“Leave a message.”

“Chris barely checks his messages but it’s worth a shot.” Once the beep played, I spoke.

“Chris, baby, it’s Rueche. My love stretches from West to East. Where I am, it’s sent from Jets. Never abandoned, love is building. 1809 feet high, Alec Baldwin, and every avenue. Love you baby.”

I sent the message and handed Thomas the phone. He looked at me.

“What was that?”

I sighed. “Dont worry about it. Its a poem.”

He shook his head trying to comprehend what I said and I got into the passenger seat. What I didn’t tell Thomas is that me and Chris came up with a code so I pray to God Chris checks his messages.

Chapter 9 ( 2 Pov's)


“ Aug ” Lexi said In a raspy voice, tapping the side of my face .

“ What” I asked trying to go back to sleep. After her ass put it down last night , a nigga was tired as fuck .

“ Get your phone, that shit been going off all morning. ” she mumbled . Groaning , I didn’t want to move .

I was currently laying on her titties and them bitches is soft as fuck . They will forever be my pillows . ” i don’t feel like getting up Alexis ” I grumbled , burying my face in between her breast .

“ August for real ! The shit is annoying , get it ” she gritted .

Sighing I turned over & looked at my phone. I had 3 text messages from an unknown number. Who can that be?

+1225-454-6789:hey august

+1225-454-6789:oh this Mariah

+1225-454-6789: wyd today?

The Mariah chick blew up my phone . I laid there contemplating on if I wanted to txt back right away or not .

Sighing I got out of bed & went to take a well needed piss. While I was peeing I decided to text her back & save her number.

Me:nothing. Why wassup?

Mariah😍: I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today

Me: we can do that. What time?

Mariah😍: how about in a 30mins meet me at chimes?

Looking at the time it was 11:00 . Damn we slept long and late . I hope she didn’t have to go to work or anything of that sort today cause if she did , her ass is grass . Flushing the toilet , I brushed my teeth and replied to Mariah . Letting her know that 11:30 was fine .

Walking out of the bathroom I went in the drawer & found some clothes that I left over here. Throwing my v-neck over my head , I slipped on my sweats .

Bending over , I slipped into my J’s . Looking for my wallet , I spotted it on side of the dresser , on the floor . When I turned around I saw Lexi limping to the bathroom.

“ Where you going ” she asked walking completely in and taking a seat on the toilet .

“ Chill with some friends. ” I lied right off the bat . At that moment I knew I fucked up . But I wasn’t about to turn around and say the truth .

Nodding her head she turned the shower on. ” I see your friend is standing at full attention this morning ” she smirked .

Dropping my eyes to my ” morning wood ” well technically evening wood , I looked back at her , questioning her with my eyes . Chuckling , she turned on the shower water & used her pointer finger to silently tell me to come here .

Kicking off my sweats & pulling off my shirt , I stepped in behind her , kissing behind her ear softly .” Goodmorning beautiful ” I whispered . I didn’t properly greet her , so that’s why I just did what I did .

“ morning my handsome baby ” she smiled turning around in my arms . Kissing her lips , I felt her hand come in contact with my member , slowly stroking him .

Grunting , I tilted my head to the back and closed my eyes , savoring the feeling. Pushing me down on the mini seat that sat in the back of the shower , she lowered her self on to me .

“ you must have really wanted it huh ?” I groaned once she clenched her walls around my dick . Bouncing up and down slowly , she clenched her walls everytime she came down .

“ fuck you feel so good ” she cried out . Rolling my hips into her , I slammed her down , causing her to yelp . Popping her right nipple inside my mouth, I licked and sucked on it for a few seconds before switching to her other one .

“ yea baby , bounce just like that ” I moaned in her ear as she was now going at a medium paste . Feeling my nut building up , I started to grunt more than usual .

“ I gotta cum ” she screamed . She placed one hand behind my neck and the other on my thigh . Slamming her down , I stood to my feet as the rush to bust in her sped up .

A few strokes and thrusts later , I was busting all in her , just as she was cumming down on me . Standing there with her legs wrapped around my waist , I tried to catch my breath from our shower quickie .

“ what a way to get the day started ” she smiled faintly .

Kissing her cheek , ” we not done here baby ” I stated . Smirking , she hopped down and lead me back to her bed .

Looks like ima be a little late!

After Alexis and I had about 5 rounds , I quickly showered up and made my way over here to this restaurant . I knew Mariah was gonna be upset that I’m 2 hours late but oh well . When ya girl giving you pussy , nothing else matters .

Parking my truck in the first available parking spot that I found , I hopped out and made my way inside . My eyes scanned all over the people , in search for Mariah but I didn’t see her no where .

“ Over here august ” I heard the familiar voice say. Turning around , I seen Mariah standing next to a booth in a sundress & some sandals. Looking good as ever .

Pulling up my pants a lil , I made my way over to her . Stopping directly in front of her , I have her a small side hug . Taking in her sent she smelled like strawberries and pineapples . My favorite .

“ Hey ” she said once we sat down.

“ Wassup ma ” I said causing her to blush.

“ you always blushing when I’m round ” I laughed at how red her cheeks were .

“ I know , I don’t why tho ” she giggled . Lil mama was cute , and she looked mad familiar , but I couldn’t seem to put my finger on it.

“ I’m sorry I’m late ” I apologized , even tho I really wasn’t .

“It’s ok "she smiled , showing all over her pearly white teeth .

” so you been here before ? “ I asked , looking over the foldable menu .

” yes a few times , why you need help with ordering some food  ? “ she asked leaning over .

” I really do “ I chuckled out of embarrassment .

” well let’s see , how about chicken fingers and fries “ she cackled . This girl was mad goofy , but I liked it .

” that’s funny , but I’ll take that ” I mumbled .

” good , so where you coming from ? “ she questioned with one eyebrow raised .

” My friend house “ tf she was questioning me for .

Nodding ,” oh okay ..” She wasn’t good at making conversation , I could tell . But it look like her sex game is the truth .

” You know you’re really cute “ she smiled at me .

” thanks ma , so what’s good witcha what you do for a living ? “ I asked taking a sip of my water .

” well , I’m a spoiled brat so daddy gives me what I want when I want it , but I do have a job imm uh “ she paused .

” you a what ? “ I asked curiously .

” a stripper “ she mumbled putting her head down . Smiling to myself , I kew for sure I was fucking with a certified freak .

” don’t be ashamed baby “ I said lifting her head up . Looking at me with a confused expression , she waited for me to say something .

” I can’t judge you . That’s how you getcho money . But I got one question" I muttered , sitting back in my seat .

“ and what is that ?” She questioned , Resting her head on top of her folded hands .

“ you gon show me what that pussy bout ? ”

“Come to Magic City tonight and find out” she smirked getting up from her seat.

“You finna go?” I asked mirroring her actions.

“Uhh yeah and get ready for tonight” she said walking towards the door.

“Guess I better do the same” I said smiling , walking out the restaurant .turning around , she pecked my lips before winking .

Chuckling at her pettiness , I made my way to my car and got in . Locking the doors , I pulled out of the parking lot and drove back go Alexis house or shall I say ” my friend ”

Thinking about the double lies I told in less than a few hours , I knew from this point I had to be careful and make sure shit didn’t hit the fan .

Turning on the radio , I tried to drown out my heavy thoughts and look at the positivity in it all . I’m getting free pussy and you can’t go wrong with that .

Rubbing my free hand over my growing goatee , I called Chris on the speaker built inside of my car . Waiting for him to pick up , I tapped my fingers lightly against the steering wheel .

“ hello ” his sleepy voice blared through out the speaker .

“ nigga wake tf up. It’s late ” I chuckled . Smacking his teeth , I could hear him getting out of bed .

“ I had a crazy night last night boy , that’s why I’m sleep this late ” he groaned . Twisting up my face In confusion , it didn’t sound like Chris so that only meant one thing . It was Caden.

“ Caden what’s good nigga ?”

“ shit . Laying under Jaylin like a big fucking kid but it’s bout time I get my ass up ”

“ look at chu , Jaylin got your nose wide open . You can drive a truck up them bitches ” I stated , making him laugh .

“ ha ha ha very funny . What you called me for man ” he asked with a slight laugh .

“ I wanted to know if you wanna roll with me to magic city tonight ”

“ Nope . I’m staying with Jaylin & not leaving her side . Try someone else ” he answered immediately & hung up . Looking at nothing in particular like it was crazy , I couldn’t do nothing but laugh at his rude ass .

Nigga could never say bye or talk to you later . He just hang up . I wonder what happened with him last night that he’s all up under Jaylin . He’s never under a female unless he’s scared to be alone and yes I said scared cause that’s exactly how
He be.

One thing people does not know is , even tho Caden is this hard gangsta nigga who people think is evil , with his condition at certain times in his life he needs some one more than anything .

Someone to be up under to keep his spirits up cause if not he’ll blackout and cause havoc . Caden wants to know the feeling of having someone to love him , support him , take care of him and most of all , never leave him . & I think that’s what he’s looking for In Jaylin . If he hasn’t already found it .

I just hope for both of their sake that they know what they’re doing . Jaylin the most . Once Caden has it in his head that you’re his , he’s gonna stick to that and if you try to leave him , he’ll find you . Sighing , I thought about how my poor cousin goes through what he go through .

But for the night , I have better shit to be worried about . Like getting my dick wet with a random walmart hoe who works at Magic city & not get caught by my girlfriend .

Later that night

“You ready?” Aaron asked walking in the bathroom . Since Caden ain’t want roll with me , I called my nigga Aaron .

“Yea nigga” I said spraying on my cologne , walking out the room.

“Let’s go then” he said walking back out . Slipping my Rolex on , I put my grill in my mouth & licked over them .

“How you got in my house?” I asked curiously , following him out to the car.

“I got a key remember” he said getting in. Sitting back , I had to think about it .

“Oh yeah. I be forgetting” I muttered .

“But like anyway When ima meet yo shorty?” He asked as He pulled out of my driveway .

“Soon” I said smiling

“Why you over there smiling like that?”

“Thinking about my baby man” I chessed . Just the thought of her beautiful ass made me want to go see her .

“You? august? Over there smiling and shit behind a girl? never seen no shit like this come from you.”

“You gone love her when you meet her”

“Mama met her yet?” He asked , parking in the back of the club .

“Na not yet hopefully soon” I said getting out the car.

“Who invited you here again?” He asked walking up to the door.

“This girl named Mariah that I met.” I informed .

“Mm yo girl know you here?”

“Yea” I lied .

“She know another girl invited you? A dancer at that” he mumbled the last part.

“Na she ain’t need to know allat” I said nonchalantly .

“You gone learn one of these days” he said taking a seat at the stage .

“Man whatever” I said smacking my lips . Just then this girl named bubbles with some big ass tits and an ass to match came out on stage with balloons on her body.

Licking over my lips I watched how she worked the pole and how the niggas were popping all the ballons she was wearing , leaving her down to one .Then She climbed all the way up & came down in a split. Shit was sexy as fuck.

She must have noticed me watching cause she came over and put her legs on my shoulder. Smirking at her. I popped the last ballon revealing her pretty pink pussy. Licking my lips at the sight ,I wanted to taste but thought about her being a stripper ! Aids

After I gave her 3 stacks she disappeared off the stage and to the back where the other dancers were located . About five girls later I saw this girl walking towards our table.
“You August?” A thin girl with a accent asked.

“Yea that’s me why who wants to know” I asked curiously,

“You were requested to go in a private room” she smiled .

“By who?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t know just go see” she said before disappearing .

Getting up from my seat I made my way towards the private room. Walking in it was dark and there was Music playing.

“Have a seat” she said pointing towards the couch. That voice was all too familiar .Doing as she said I never once took my eyes off her.

“Missed me?” She ask walking over to the music player.

“A little” I said watching her every move.

“Just a little” she pouted walking over to me as the music started playing
She was doing all kind of shit. Baby girl was gifted. Now that I think about it Lexi did some of this shit the other night.

“What you thinking bout” she asked clapping her ass in my face taking me out of my thoughts

“Just how blessed you are” I said smacking her ass.

“Uhunn no touching” she moaned

“Shit I can’t help it” I mumbled.

“You won’t have to resist much longer I promise” she said doing another move.

“Enough of this dance shit is you gone show me what this pussy bout or nah?” I asked licking my lips.

“You so impatient” she said grinding on my already hard-on.

“Stop all this teasing and ride this dick girl.” I said causing her to giggle.

Smacking my lips “You laughing but I’m serious got a nigga thinkin you scared of the D”

“Oh trust I’m not” she said as she started unbuckling my pants and taking my dick out. She licked over her lips as she looked up at me.

“Do you” I said sitting back .Feeling her lips wrap around my shaft, I closed my eyes enjoying what was going on.

I couldn’t help but grab her hair as she started deep throating my shit.
She started humming while she was playing with my balls and gagging on my dick causing me to let out an satisfying grunt .

“I’m finna bust” I said pushing her head up and down faster .All she did was suck harder as she kept going.Feeling my nut coming I pulled my dick out her mouth , skeeting all over her face.

Pulling out my wallet I grabbed my magnum condom out and slipped it on.
She cleaned her face off and returned to finish taking care of me. I watched as she took off her clothes and hopped right on my shit.

“There you go baby. Good girl.” I grunted .She started riding the fuck out of my dick. Good thing I got a condom on I think she got to much experience.and I’m Not Trynna catch nothing.

“Fuck papi” she moaned going faster.

“Just like that baby don’t stop” I demanded , smacking her ass hard.

“I’m not” she moaned .

“Good I like this shit” I stated .

“I think I’m finna cum” she said clenching her walls. Damn already ?

“Cum then” I said thrusting my hips up wards and slamming her down in the process.

“Oh fuck here it comes ” she screamed .

“Let it out” I grunted speeding up a little as I felt my nut building up.

“I’m cumming ” she moaned as she came all over the condom . just as she was done I released inside it.

“Fuck” I said trying to catch my breath.

“You good?” She breathed.

“Yea” I mumbled.

“I’m tired now” she yawned .

“Me too I need to go home and rest” I said taking her off of me and taking the condom off.

“We should have more nights like this” she said putting on her clothes.

“We’ll see” I said fixing mine.

“You know you want to” she smirked .

“Ima think about it and let you know” I said walking out , going to the bathroom to get rid of this condom.

Flushing it I couldn’t help but think if I have more nights like this what’ll happen if Alexis catches me.But I doubt she ever will.


“ That’s enough ” Jaylin giggled as I continued to throw icing at her . We were being two big ass kids in the kitchen , making a mess like we had no home training .

Thank god aug wasn’t home cause that nigga would have had a fit because of icing covering our new freshly painted black walls .

“ that was fun ” I chuckled , licking the icing off my fingers . Nodding her head , she walked up to me and licked the left overs from off my chin .

“ it tastes even better when being licked off of you ” she said in a sexy tone . Smirking I pulled her in close to me by her shirt . Leaning down to kiss her , her stomach growled , causing me to scrunch up my face .

“ my stomach hurts ” she whined .

“ you can go lay down baby ” I told jaylin . She was saying how her stomach hurt for the past 5 minutes now so I just volunteered to clean up the kitchen from the mess we made .

A little wiping down the walls & few dishes wouldn’t hurt . I needed something to keep my mind off shit anyways .

All day we’ve baked all kinds of goodies . Cupcakes , cakes , peanut butter cookies , brownies , and even some weed brownies . Any thing that had to be baked , we made .

A few times I felt like I was being a pussy but when you really feeling somebody , you do what you know would make them happy . And if baking cupcakes make jaylin happy , then that’s what I’ll always do to keep her that way .

“ thank you baby , I’m so full ” she huffed , sluggishly walking up the steps . I even made her ass some dinner & that’s something I’ve never did for a female before .

I whipped up some chicken Alfredo , since she love pasta & a fine T-bone steak . My mission was to make her feel better because she was still down because of last night .

Mm last night, clenching my jaw at the fact I couldn’t find Tyga pissed me off . My jaw clench quickly turned into a frown as the previous actions from when I was in the car kicked in.

“ die already ” Ryan’s voice blared throughout my head . Ever since last night I couldn’t stop thinking about my brothers death . It was an on going cycle in my head and just speaking on last night brung the voices back . My breathing started to pick up rapidly and I could feel an asthma attack coming on .

Grabbing my asthma pump out of my duffle bag , I inhaled the medication until my body began to feel like it’s self again . Sighing , I placed it in my sweat pants pocket & made sure the kitchen was spotless before jogging up the steps .

Walking back into my room , Jaylin was curled up in a ball on my side of the bed . Slipping under the covers , I pulled them up on her body as well cause I I knew she was cold due to her light shivering .

Wrapping my arms around Jaylins waist , I held her close to me as my anxiety started to kick in some more . Taking a deep breath , I let go slowly , trying to calm my nerves .

I’ve been under her all damn day and she hasn’t complained yet & that I’m grateful for . Kissing her nose , she giggled softly and continued to watch the movie that was currently playing on hallmark .

Playing in her wild curly bed hair , I watched her as she watched her movie that had to be damn good since that was her choice of words a few minutes ago . Chucking lowly at her interest of what’s going on , she looked up at me with questionable eyes before fixing them back on the screen .

Smiling to myself , I enjoyed being in her presence and was silently praying this didn’t become a bad habit of mines with her like it was with Tracy . I didn’t want to depend on another woman to be able to live .

” look at her baby bump Caden ” she gushed turning my face to the tv . Looking at the tv boringly , she sucked her teeth and dropped her hand from my face .

“ it’s ok I guess ” I mumbled before tucking my face into her neck . My back was starting to hurt from being in a twisted up position to allow her to see tv .

“ open up baby ” I tapped her legs . Spreading them , I laid in between them , letting out a groan as the warmth radiating from her kitty surfaced to my hands since they were currently planted on her lower thighs so I could push her body up .

Once I was comfortable in between her legs , I rested my head on her breast & watched as she searched for something new to watch . ” put on the game ” I chirped . I had missed last weeks episode and they were currently running a marathon , so I should be able to catch up.

“ I hate watching that Chris ” she whined . Rolling my eyes at the name she just called me , I jacked the remote out her hand and cut the game on anyways .

Huffing , she started playing in my curls . ” stop being a little baby ” I mumbled .

“ but Chris I don’t watch this ” she whined into my ear . Ignoring her , I watched as Tasha went into labor .for some strange reason , after watching Tasha have her baby it made me want to have a baby . Weird because I never felt this way before .

Rubbing Jaylin stomach like she actually had a baby in there , I couldn’t stop thinking about putting a baby in her ultrasound .

“ you ever wanted to have kids ? ” I questioned , looking up at her .

“ I always wanted to have kids . Like 13 of them” she said seriously . Only bringing a big cheesy smile to my face . I’ve always told my family that when I got older I would have a dozen kids but it’s like every girl I talked to only wanted 1 but here jaylin ass want 13 that’s more than a dozen .

“ I think I found the love of my life ” I whispered but she heard me . Pulling me close she kissed my lips . Kissing her back passionately , she grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my face closer .

Pulling away from the kiss , I suddenly had energy to do something fun . ” you wanna go bowling ? ”

“ I don’t know how to bowl ” she said shyly .

Chuckling ,” it’s okay baby , I can teach you ” i assured sitting up . Rolling from under neath me , she stood to her feet and planted her hands on her waist .

“ fine , let’s make a bet though ” she smirked .

“ what’s the bet ” I questioned with sudden interest in this soon to be bowling game .

Shrugging her shoulders , she waltzed into the bathroom ” I don’t know yet . Let me think about it while I shower ” she mumbled while undressing her self .

Licking over my lips , I stared at her perfectly round ass . Rubbing my hard on through my sweats , I was becoming Hornier and Hornier for her by the minute . ” you standing there , you not gonna get in ? ” she asked , looking over her shoulder .

” yea baby I’m getting in ” I grunted , knowing what was about to happen . Taking off my sweats and sweat shirt , I hopped in right behind her. Considering I didn’t have on boxers , it didn’t take me long to undress .

Shaking my head ,” I don’t wanna do this here ” I grumbled picking her up , slightly getting her back wet .

“ what are you doing ? ” she asked . Ignoring her question , I threw her on the bed and pulled her down to me by her ankles . Kissing down her spine slowly , she let out a satisfying sigh .

Smirking , I flipped her body over . Burying my face in her pussy , she wrapped her legs around my neck while she shook viciously at my sudden choice of movement .

” oh god ” she moaned in a high pitched voice . Sticking my tongue inside her opening , I wasn’t trying to make her cum . I was just warming her up .

“ Ima cum baby ” she moaned rotating her hips on my face. Pulling away she looked upset until I plunged my fingers inside her and aloud her to cum all over them .

“ you better not cum again until I tell you to ” I demanded , sticking my fingers in her mouth so she could taste herself . Lifting her body up , I stood in between the door frame and sat her on my dick .

Bouncing up and down she held on to the side wall while scratching my back as I slammed into her repeatedly . Grunting at her wall clench , she pointed to the dresser . Walking over to it I continued to bounce her up and down .

Sitting her on the dresser , I pounded her pussy non stop , causing her to scream out in pleasure . Moaning in her ear , she felt so good wrapped around me . ” fuck baby ” I moaned once again . I wanted to be deeper inside her and this dresser was stopping me from doing so.

” oh god baby ” she moaned as her eyes rolled to the back of her head . This was it , I was addicted to her pussy . Sliding down , I pulled out and carried her back to the bed .

Laying down in between her legs , I pushed my self deep inside of her . I mean balls deep. Hiking both of her legs up , I have her long deep strokes .” You’re in my stomach baby ” she screamed trying to push me away .

“ don’t move my arms , keep your ass still ” I gritted , continuing to push myself inside her stomach . Scratching at my arms , she closed her eyes .

“ uh uh open them baby ” I whispered in her ear. Opening her eyes , she bit her bottom lip , all while still trying to push my body back .

Flipping us over ” since you can’t take it , ride me ” I smacked her ass . Riding me slowly , I squeezed her breast in my overly sized hand while the other one held on to her waist . One simple wall clench made me want to bust deep inside her shit but I knew she wasn’t having it .

“ can I go back deep inside you baby ? ” I grunted . Nodding her head yes , I flipped us back over and went deep as I could . Bringing her close by her shoulders , I started moaning like a lil bitch as her warmth brung me satisfactory .

Placing my hands on each side of her , I went back to giving her long deep strokes . ” I gotta cum baby , let me cum ” she begged .

Shaking my head no ” no wait for me” I groaned . Clenching her walls , she was trying to hold it in . Pulling out , I laid down with my hands behind my back waiting for her to suck me up.

Getting in a comfortable position , she lowered her mouth on to my dick . Licking the tip in the process . With my dick being too big and her mouth being too small , she couldn’t take in all of me but what she was doing was just fine .

“ Fuck . Just like that baby ” I groaned , moving her hair out of her face . Coming back up , she slammed her head back down and deep throated me . Moaning and groaning , my toes curled as my eyes closed .

“ you taste so good ” she hummed bobbing her head up and down . She was trying to make me cum and I didn’t want to do that without being inside of her .

“ turn over baby ” I mumbled . Sliding my dick out of her mouth , it made a popping noise . Laying her down softly , I entered her , Intertwining our fingers .as she kissed my shoulder , I kissed her neck , making this moment even more intense .

Resting my head in the crook of her neck , I bit , licked and sucked on it to refrain from moaning . Clenching her walls , she turned to the side and lifted her leg up . Placing her leg on my shoulder , I hammered her shit .

“ Ima bust ” I warned going faster . Feeling my cum on the tip , I pulled out and nutted on her stomach .replacing my dick with my fingers , I pumped them in and out of her quickly before dropping my face back down below .

Pulling her on top of my face , I ate her nice and slow . Her hard breathing could be heard as well as her small panting for me to keep going and never stop . Wrapping my arms around both thighs , I slowed down my paste even more .

Slowly , she began to ride my face . Once my tongue flicked against her spot , she sat in that position so it would always hit it . Sucking on her clit , she tugged on my curls. My nose slighty brushed across her clit , causing her legs to shake .

With me Nibbling on her clit and sticking one finger inside her opening , she came all over my face . Me being the greedy nigga that I am , I licked up every drop . Fixating her opening directly on my mouth , she dripped continuously inside my mouth .

“ Oo ” she whimpered when I started to French kiss her second set of lips. Gently removing her from off of my face , I kissed her top set of lips .

“ that was amazing ” she smiled . Smirking I tapped her butt for her to get up .

“ come on , we have to shower so we can go bowl ” I mumbled getting a fresh pair of boxers out the draw . Running into the bathroom , she locked the door.

Shaking my head at her childish ass , I finished grabbing my shit that I would need for a good bath and marched my way downstairs to the guest bathroom . As I was in the shower I felt like what Jaylin and I just did was making love .I’ve never felt that way during sex before and this made me feel like the man , like I was on top of the world . Like I won me a trophy .


Getting our 10 bowling balls from the rack , I chose 5 blue and 5 pink . Blue was for me and the pink was for Jaylin , even tho I knew she hated pink , she wasn’t getting blue .

Placing them on the bowling ball holder , I punched in our names on the computer screen . Looking up at the tv , I was team one ’ Breezy ’ and she was team two ’ Jay ’ .

Tapping my back , I turned around to see Jaylin standing there with my bowling shoes in her hand ” nah baby , we gon ball with our J’s on ” I mumbled taking the shoes out of her hand and throwing them under the table .

“ Trifling ass ” she chuckled . Shrugging my shoulders , I sat down and pulled her on my lap .

Turning to me I began to tell her the obstacle of bowling , as well as the do’s and donts of the game . Before we started our serious game , I taught her how to hold the ball properly .

It took her a few tries before she could get it right and actually knock down two bowling pins . Laughing lowly , I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but baby girl really can’t play for shit . This bet was gonna be easy as fuck for me . Speaking of the bet , I don’t even know what it is .

“ Jaylin what’s the bet ? ” I asked as she rolled the ball down the lane like a little kid .

Smacking her lips and stomping her foot ,” if I win I get to tie you up and ride & you have to eat me in the kitchen . If you win , you can fuck me all night and bust inside me ” she said making my dick Jump at her last few words .

“ you know you’re about to lose right ? ” I questioned , pressing start on the screen .

“ whatever buddy ” she mumbled , taking a seat at the table . Rolling my first ball , it hit all the pins . Turning around , I raised my hands in the air and stuck my tongue out at her.

“ like taking candy from a baby ” I pointed at her . Rolling her eyes , I took my second turn and once again , I got a strike .

“ your turn baby girl ” I smiled taking a seat . Getting up , she pranced over to the balls and picked one up . Positioning her fingers the right way , she rolled the ball with ease and also got a strike .

“ but I thought you couldn’t play ? ” I questioned with a confused expression . Picking up her other ball , she rolled again and knocked them all out .

“ things aren’t always what they seem are they ? ” she smirked taking a seat next to me .

“ close your mouth and play buddy .” She cackled closing my mouth for me , but it only seemed to fall back ajar . This girl really played me like , she can actually bowl . That’s why she made the bet what it is now .

Getting up to take my turn , I scored a spare , pushing her ahead of me . Sucking my teeth I tuck my second turn and only knocked down three pins . Turning around to face her , she was weak laughing . ” like taking candy from a baby ” she mocked .

As the game went by she won the first round and I won the second . Now we were in the third & final round and so far we were both tied with 380 . Picking up my last blue bowling ball , I slung it down the lane and knocked all the pins down . Wiping the sweat beads from my forehead , I impatiently waited for jay to play .

Taking a deep breath , she picked up her bowling ball and waited a few seconds before throwing it down . With my hands on top of my head , I waited in anticipation for the ball to get to the pins . ” shit ” I yelled , she had knocked over all the pins .

“ I won , I won ” she did her happy dance . Getting ready to speak , out the corner of my eye , I seen one pin left over .

“ uh uh not so fast . What is that down there that I see ? ” I asked with a creepy smirk . Sucking her teeth , she knew she had lost . Just one more strike and the game was mine .

“ try again next year baby ” I chuckled .

“ shut up stupid ” she grumbled smacking my arm before folding her own . Laughing obnoxiously , I rolled the ball and boo Yah , strike it was .

Walking up to her , I spread her legs and got in between them , slowly grinding into her . ” I’m trynna get freaky all day all night ” I sung into her ear . Thank goodness it was only us at the end . You would think because it’s 12:00 in the morning kids would be in the bed getting sleep for school but they weren’t .

“ you won , so you get what you want” she pouted . Kissing her lips , I heard her stomach growl .

“ you hungry ? ” nodding her head yes , I reached out my hand for her to grab . Gladly taking it , we walked over to the food court and stood in line . Looking over the menu , I tried to decide on what I wanted to eat .

“ what you wanna eat ? ” i asked .

“ get me two slices of pizza and a coke . I have to use the bathroom ” she said letting my hand go . Nodding my head , I kissed her cheek and watched as she walked down to where the bathroom was .

Ordering our food , it was fixed in no time . Grabbing a hold of the pizza box and two bottles of soft drink , I headed back to our table . Sitting our food down , I didn’t wait for her to come back to eat .

As I was eating my slice of pepperoni pizza , my phone vibrated in my pocket . Unlocking it , an unknown number sent me some pictures . Looking through them all , they were naked pictures of Jaylin .

Slamming my fist down against the table , I looked up to see Tyga sitting across from . I could feel my eyes changing colors and by now I knew they were a piercing Grey .

“ I’ve been searching for you ” I spoke in an Icy tone . Eyeing him carefully , he chuckled and leaned forward .

“ so I’ve heard . But I’ve been looking for you too , to show you those pictures ” he said pointing at my phone . Staring back down at my phone , I squeezed my eyes shut at the possibility of my girl sending Tyga nudes . Showing off what’s mine and mine only .

“ yea , that’s the reason why I hit Jaylin . How she gon send me those but she with you . That’s that fu fu shit ” he continued, taking a slice of pizza out the box . Looking down at the pizza and back up at him I wanted to slap him but I was too upset with Jaylin .

“ when did she send these ? ” I questioned , still staring at the pictures in unbelief .

“ two nights ago ” he shrugged , wiping his Hand with the napkin . Grinding my teeth together , I downed my sprite and angrily stomped my way to the restroom . Soon as I was about to walk in , Jaylin was coming out .

“ What I was tak- hey what are you doing ? ” she asked . I pushed her body back inside the bathroom and locked the door . Backing her up into the corner , she had no were to run . Good .

“ so you a hoe ? Huh ? ”. I asked . I wanted to do nothing more than bash her fucking face in .

“ what are you talking about ? ” she asked with wide eyes . Raising my cell phone up to her face , she covered her mouth in shock . Throwing my phone down on the ground , the sound of it shattering made her jump .

“ any words ? ” I asked placing my hands on each side of her head .

“ that’s not me ” she shook her head .

“ that looks exactly like you and you’re gonna lie to my face ” I snarled , yanking her hair .

” I promise , that is not me ” she began to cry . I didn’t feel bad because I kew for a fact it was her nasty ass . Slamming my fist against the wall , I was an inch from hitting her precious little head .

“ you ain’t nothing but a nasty ass hoe ” I spat in her face . Wiping her eyes with shaky hands , she picked up my shattered phone from the ground .

“ L-look at this picture . I don’t have my nipples pierced ” she cried . Backing away from her , guilt instantly sunk in as I accused my lover of being a hoe . Taking a deep breath , I checked the picture out and like she said , she didn’t have nipple piercings , yet the girl in the photo did .

“ baby I’m sorry , I ju-”

“ save it Christopher , if you think that much of me . Then we are over ” she yelled , walking around me.

“ what do you mean we are over ? ” now it was my turn to get choked up .

“ you heard me , OVER ” she repeated . Unlocking the door , she walked out to god knows where while I just stood here and thought about everything that just happened .

Building up the courage to walk out of the bathroom , I seen her talking it up and laughing with that nigga Tyga . How tf you talk to a nigga who hurt you . Walking up to them , I turned his body around .

“ so it was a set up ? ” I barked .

“ I don’t know gat you’re talking about ” he chuckled lowly . Punching him in his face , he fell to the ground . Jaylin squatted next to him , trying to play doctor .

“ oh so it’s like that jay ? When he the one who hit you , he’s the one who sent me them naked pictures and said it was you ” I pointed out .

“ her lying Jaylin ” Tyga said wiping the blood from his nose .

“ so you gonna believe him over me Jaylin ? ” I asked in unbelief . Shaking her head at me , she helped him in the seat .

“ cool I see how it is . Fuck you then ” I yelled storming out of the bowling alley . Running to my truck I stopped in front of it and kicked it until it was covered in dents .

” Ima kill him ” is what I kept repeating to myself over and over as I drove around for my next victim . & I just want everyone to know , when I say Ima kill you , I mean it . Mark my word .

Chrianna Interlude: WTF

A/n: for @thenotorioussob 😊

Rihanna took a break from her photo shoot and politely excused herself to her dressing room. Plopping down on a couch, she sighed as she went through her recent contacts for a well-used number. Clicking on the FaceTime option, she waited as it rang a few moments before a face filled her screen.
“Hi Gorgeous.”
“Hey Babe, what you up to?” Rihanna replied with a soft smile.
“Getting ready to go to this party. What about you?”
“Photo shoot, I’m on break.”
“That would explain the hair.”
Rihanna scoffed, “what’s wrong with my hair?”
“Have you looked in the mirror?”
“Fuck you. You just talking all that shit because you have a hat on.”
“I can take it off.”
“I’m scared if you do.”
Chris frowned causing Rihanna to laugh, “you ain’t shit.”
“And ain’t never gonna be shit.”
“Running your mouth while looking like Lorde. Don’t play me.”
“Ooh Nigga, you got so much fucking mouth. Take your hat off.”
“Nah, you ain’t ready.”
“Chris, take your hat off.”
“Aight, you asked.”
Chris slid his cap off his head and Rihanna burst out laughing, “Oh my god, Babe what did you do to your hair?”
“Nothing. I was just playing in it.”
“You going outside like that?”
“You went outside like that.”
Rihanna flipped him off and Chris chuckled, “Don’t get mad at me because you look like that girl from the Exorcist movie. I waiting for your head to start spinning.”
“I know you ain’t talking looking like an obese Wiz Khalifa.”
“Obese? Really?”
“Yes really. What the fuck are those supposed to be? You look like you got blunts growing out your head.”
Chris stifled a laugh and Rihanna chuckled, “gotcha to laugh at yourself. Ha-ha.”
“Oh fuck you.”
“You need to, to be honest.”
“If you would bring your ass home then I would.”
“I’ll be there soon. I gotta get my Christmas presents from you.”
“That’s all you care about ain’t it?”
“No, I want some of Mama’s good cooking too.”
“Oh just fuck Chris then. My company ain’t worth shit huh?”
Rihanna chuckled, “Nigga, you just told me I look like Lorde, ok? You lucky I ain’t hang up on your ass.”
“Pssh, you love me and you laughed, so stop being fake mad ok?”
“I don’t like you.”
“You like me, you love me, you wish you were with me right now.”
“Nigga please.”
“You gonna quit with all this attitude, Robyn.”
“Come fuck it out of me then.”
“Keep playing and I’ma find a gig in Paris just to do it too.”
Rihanna laughed, “Don’t waste the energy, I’m leaving tonight anyway.”
“You coming home?”
“Maybe. Maybe not.”
“Oh, that’s how you gonna play me.”
Chris pouted and Rihanna let out a soft aww, “Babe, I was just playing. I’m not sure what else I have to do before I head back your way.”
“You don’t gotta make up any excuses. It’s cool if you don’t wanna see me. I’ll be alright.”
“Chris, don’t be like that.”
“Nope, I’m not your friend no more.”
“What about if I flash you?”
Chris’s face visibly perked up and Rihanna laughed, “you’re such a pervert.”
“It’s your fault.”
“Yea. No, it’s not. You’ve been like that way before you met me.”
“Nah. I got it that first time and I’ve been fucked up ever since.”
“Cause I got it like that.”
Chris rolled his eyes, “you sprung off me too, you ain’t gotta say it.”
“You wish.”
“You ain’t never had a nigga put it down like me. Don’t play.”
“I think whoever did your hair, rolled that shit too tight because you wildin’.”
“You just pushing me to have to teach you a lesson when you get home, huh?”
“You ain’t gone do Shhhhiiiittt,” Rihanna mimicked Kevin Hart and Chris burst out laughing.
“Robyn, I can’t deal with you no more. I’m supposed to be the silly one.”
“You love me though.”
“You don’t love me so I don’t love you.”
“Yup. I’m taking it back.”
“You taking back ten years?”
“Nigga please. Did you see my picture earlier?”
“From yesterday?”
“Yea, I saw it. You look good in those Tims.”
“Thank you. My best friend bought them for me,” Rihanna replied cheekily. Chris chuckled and wiped his hand down his face, “I’m glad you like them.”
“You wore yours yesterday too.”
“You must’ve been peeking in my window.”
“Nah, we telekinetic, Robyn. Always reading each other’s minds.”
Rihanna chuckled, “Babe, we’re just too much alike.”
“But it’s a good thing. I like being in sync with you.”
“Aww…aren’t you sweet?”
“I’ll be even sweeter when you bring your ass home.”
“I’m coming back, no worries.”
“Good. I got some of your gifts the other day.”
“Oooh what you get?”
“You’ll find out when you open them.”
Rihanna pouted and Chris mimicked her, “I love you, Robyn.”
“I don’t like you.”
Chris chuckled, “oh cheer up, I’ll think about giving you one of them early.”
Rihanna danced around in her seat, “Yay!”
“Just so childish.”
“Don’t you even go there.”
“Baby Girl, I miss you.”
“I miss you too. Keep my side of the bed warm for me.”
Chris chuckled, “Robyn, that’s my line.”
“Well since I’m the one out of town, it’s my line now.”
“Whatever Baby Girl.”
“Go have fun but not too much.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
Chris chuckled and blew her a kiss, “I love you Robyn Rihanna Fenty-Brown.”
Rihanna laughed, “I love you too Christopher. See you soon, Baby.”
“Ok. Talk to you later.”
Rihanna blew him a kiss just before ending the call.

Chapter 3: Do Better.


I sighed, as I got out of bed. I didn’t want to do anything today. I had been crying all night, and I looked horrible. Good thing it was Saturday. I should still get out of the house though. I hated being lazy.

Last night, I walked to Ty’s house, and asked him to go back and get my stuff, because I couldn’t. Ty’s house was the closest, anyway.

Chris had came over last night, but he didn’t know I was here. Him and Ty got into an argument I guess, so Chris left.

My phone vibrating on the night stand broke me out of my thoughts. I wonder who it was, I don’t talk to anybody. I put my passcode in, and went straight to my messages.

August :) : You str8?

I smiled, and replied back to his message. It’s nice to have someone be nice to you. It’s amazing, actually.

“TY!” I yelled, and a couple of seconds later he barged through the door with wide eyes.

“Nigga, I thought something was wrong with you!” He said, placing his hands over his chest, making me giggle.

“What are you doing today?” He shrugged, and sat next to me.

“What you wanna do?” I thought about it, then I realized that I haven’t been to the beach in a while.

“Let’s go to the beach!” I squealed. He chuckled, and got up.

“Okay, start getting ready. And please go clean up your face, cause you look ugly as fuck.” He admitted, making me gasp.

I reached for a pillow, and threw it at him. He chuckled, and ran out of the room. That was so rude. I know I looked a mess. I blame Chris.

Rolling my eyes at even thinking about him, I pulled one of my boxes and all of my swimsuits were in them. Ty organized everything. I really owe him.

After grabbing the two piece out of the box, I grabbed my tooth brush out of my bag and went to brush my teeth. Searching around for a hair-tie, I found some in the cabinet and tied my hair around with one.

Now I just have to take a shower, then I’m done. Hopefully Nae and Ty will get ready fast.

When I got out, I threw my cover-up over my swimsuit.

I grabbed my bag, leaving the room. When I got down stairs, Ty and Nae were already down there making out. “Are you okay Nae?” I asked, and she immediately stopped making out with Ty.

“What do you mean?” She asked, tilting her head to the side.

“Because Ty…” I admitted, causing both of them to bust out laughing.

“I’m fine Raye, come on.” She grabbed my hand, and skipped with me outside to the car. I loved her personality, she was so nice and bubbly. I see why everyone wants to be her friend.


Nae and I rushed out of the car, and ran to the sand. I loved the beach, and I haven’t been since I was 14. I love Ty even more for taking us.

“Can I take a picture of you Nae? You look so pretty!” I smiled, and she nodded. I pulled out my phone, and snapped a picture of her before posting it to instagram.

rayeisbae: @naenaenae is so freaking cute! :*

“Okay, your turn!” She said, reaching for my phone. I tossed it to her, and posed.

She handed me my phone back, and I added a filter, before posting it to instagram.

rayeisbae: beach with @naenaenae

I put my phone away in my bag, and got up. “Race you to the water?” I asked Nae.

“Um..” She mumbled looking behind me. I looked behind me, and I was face to face with someone’s chest. I looked up, and immediately looked back down when I realized it was Chris.

Who the fuck invited him? I cant ever have any fucking fun!

“Can you go home?” I asked with a frown.

“Get the fuck out my face. Nobody came here for you bitch. I could careless about you.” He said, pushing out of the way to go hug Nae.

“Chris stop fucking doing her like that! You ain’t like when them niggas was doing it to your sister, so don’t do it to her!” Nae yelled out of frustration.

He had a sister? Where’s she at?

“How dare you bring that shit up Nae? I thought you were my best-friend, but you taking up for that weak bitch!” He yelled back.

“I am, but she’s not a bitch Chris. She’s my friend, and I will not sit here like the rest of these niggas and continue to let you humiliate her.” She admitted. He shook his head, and looked at me.

“See what you did bitch? You got all my friends turning against me! Happy now?” He stated, pushing me to the ground and kicking sand in my eye.

That’s fucking it! I’m tired of him. I’m tired of all this shit. Fuck everything. Wiping the sand out of my eyes, I got my shit and ran.

I didn’t care if Ty and Nae were calling my name. I’m fucking tired of Chris bullying me. I just want fucking peace in my life for once, but I can’t have that because of him.

s house, I held my chest. I was so tired. The rest of the way I walked with tears streaming down my face.

When I reached his house, I grabbed the spare key out of my bra and unlocked the door.

I can’t believe I’m about to do this, but It’s worth it, right?

I ran to Ty’s closet, and grabbed his gun that was sitting at the top. I sat on his bed, and stared at it.

I should do this. Nothing’s stopping me, this is the right time and the right place. If I don’t, then Chris will keep bothering me. It’s not like I have anything to live for anyway. Everyone is right, I’m weak.

Picking up the gun, I placed it on the side of my head and was about to pull the trigger until someone barged in.



“Nigga, just go up to my room and get my phone so I can see where she is.” I rolled my eyes, and jogged up the steps. Fuck they so worried about this bitch for? Pushing that thought to the back of my head, I opened Ty’s door and saw Raye with a gun up to her bed, about to pull the trigger, and my heart dropped.

“RAYE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! PUT THAT SHIT DOWN!” I yelled. She cried, and threw the gun across the room.

Suicide was a really hard thing for me to talk about since my sister did it. Well, we don’t know if she did exactly. She was being bullied and one day I walked in her room and blood was all over her bed, and a note saying she was tired of life. Her body was no where to be found. So there’s a possibility that she could still be alive, but just assume she’s dead. We told this police and everything, but they ain’t do shit.

“I fucking hate you Chris! Get the fuck out, why wouldn’t you let me do that?! You know you would’ve wanted it that way anyway! I was trying to do you a favor! Ugh, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! You big ass fucking bully!” She screamed, punching my chest.

And that’s all it took for me to realize that I fucked up. I ain’t want this girl to kill herself. I swear I didn’t. And for her to even think that made my heart hurt. I’m not that damn evil.

“Raye, I’m sorry.” I mumbled, wrapping my hands around her as she cried.

“No the fuck you’re not! Get the fuck away from me, I’m seriously tired of you!” She yelled, pushing me away. I walked up to her and sighed, throwing her over my shoulder.

“What the hell..” Ty mumbled as he saw me carrying Raye. She hit and kicked me, but I didn’t care. Ignoring Ty, I walked outside to my car and put Raye in it. After getting myself situated, I sped off and drove to the beach.

“Where the fuck are you taking me?!” She yelled, only for me to ignore her. A couple minutes later she let her window down, and started yelling out of it.

“RAPEEEE! RAPEEE!” I sucked my teeth, and pulled up to the beach. Luckily nobody heard her ass.

“Come on Raye, we about to talk..” I said, holding out my hand for her to grab.

“Why should I come? You put me through hell for 4 years, and just because I try to do you a favor, you start being nice? Nigga no.” She said, with her hands on her hips.

“Raye please..” I begged. She huffed, and followed me down to the sand.

“Why are we here?” She asked.

“To talk.”

“There’s nothing to talk about, Chris.” She half yelled. I guess she was getting annoyed with me.

“Why were you so weak Raye?” I asked, and she looked at me like I was crazy.

“What you mean! This is all your fault!” She screamed. Luckily nobody was here but us.

“Nah, you was acting like this before I even met you.” She sucked her teeth. “Fine, you really wanna fucking know?! My dad raped me when I was in 9th grade, and you bullying me made it even worse! So that’s why I’m so fucking weak, because you and my dad!” She stated, making me feel even more bad.

“Why did you do it Chris?” She asked, and I heard sniffles afterwards. I sighed, and began to speak.

“Ion know. I guess cause my sister died around the time we met, and I hated the world and wanted some one to feel bad.” I realized that I was wrong as hell. I remember the first day I saw Raye, I was a complete dick to her. She was just walking in the hallway walking one day, minding her business, crying. Me being the idoit I was, I told her stop to being a pussy while everyone laughed.

“Chris you still shouldn’t have treated me like that. I still can’t even believe I’m talking to you right now. My sister Bri went through the same thing I did, she was raped by my dad and ran away, but you ain’t see me being mean to you.” she stated, making me feel like complete shit. I guess I deserved it.

“And I’m sorry Raye, I truly am. If I would’ve knew that you was gonna try to kill yourself, I would’ve stopped. I should’ve learned to stop when they were doing it to my sister, but I didn’t and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being mean, I’m sorry for hitting, I’m sorry for calling you put of your name, I’m sorry for everything, just don’t please try to do that again, It’s not worth it.” I ain’t realize I was crying until I felt Raye wipe my tears. See how nice she is? I treated her like shit, and she’s wiping my tears.

“You ain’t gotta be nice to me Raye..” my voice cracked.

“Yes I do, I’m not a mean person, I will be nice to you regardless of what you did to me. ” She stated, causing me to chuckle and look up.

“You shooting slugs?” She chuckled, and shrugged.

“A little, but Chris?” “Wassup? ” I replied, giving her all my attention.

“Can you promise to always stay like this towards me? I like this Chris way more that mean ass Chris.” I smiled.

“Yea, I promise. Don’t ask me to pinky promise cause I’m not doing that gay shit. Just know that I ain’t a liar.” She laughed, which made me laugh, because he laugh was weird.

“It’s getting late. I think I should go. Take me back to Ty’s house?” I nodded, and held my hand out for her to grab, so she could stand up.


“I’ll um, see you around..” Raye said before walking away. Before I could even respond, she slammed the front door in my face. Well damn.

I’m real disappointed in myself. Just a couple of hours I was being mean as hell to Raye. I still feel bad as fuck. I don’t know what came over me. I should’ve listened to everybody. Now I gotta apologize to Nae. She was more important than anybody.

Pulling out my phone, I searched for Nae’s number and composed a message to her.

Me: Yooo Nae, I’m sorry for spazzin’ out on you earlier, I should’ve listened to y’all when y’all told me to stop :/

whiterice 😍😘😜😂😇😎🙏👌💑❤: stop lyin. don’t talk to me you mean bitch.

I chuckled, and shook my head. She always sent that picture when she was mad at me.

Me: shutup im not lyin. im deadass, ask raye. like fr, ima make it up to yall tomorrow. love you 😘❤

whiterice 😍😘😜😂😇😎🙏👌💑❤: mm, love you too. but ttyl, ty bout to make love to me 🍆😉

I sucked my teeth, and threw my phone in the back-seat. She just fucked up my whole mood. Nobody needed to hear that. What does she see in Ty’s ugly ass anyway?

Now all I could think about was Raye. I sat there and bullied her for 4 years straight without a care in the world. I cant even imagine how she’s feeling.

I saw my sister come home crying everyday, because she was being bullied. Unlike Raymond , I stood up for her. The only problem was that she was way younger than me. I remember the last day she was at home like it was yesterday.


“Chris, I’m tired of all of this..” Christina cried. Sighing, I wrapped my arms around her, trying to show her some kind of comfort.

This shit was getting out of hand. Christina was only in the 6th grade and she went through all of this. I tried to help, but those niggas just wouldn’t quit. I even beat up the lil niggas and got arrested for it, and the police didn’t even seem to care that they were bullying her.

“Christina, you cant give up. Don’t let them get to you.” She wrapped her arms around my waist, and cried in my chest.

“I’m trying, but it’s hard.” She sat, up and wiped away her tears.

“Well, I gotta go take care of something. I’ll see you when I get back.”

“I doubt it..” She mumbled. I rose an eyebrow, and looked back at her after getting up.


“Nothing, just go.” Shrugging, I walked out of her room and left.


I walked back in the house tired as hell. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I promised Christina I would come back and take her some where today.

“CHRISTINA!” I yelled, jogging up the stairs. No response. Her ass must be sleep.

“Come on, I got your favorite ice-cream!” I chuckled. When I reached the top of the steps, I walked down the hall to her room and opened her door. She wasn’t any where.

After looking around, one thing caught my eye. There was big spots of blood all over her sheets, and a note. My heart dropped.

Rushing over to the bed, I snatched the note and read it.

I’m sorry Chris, I just cant do this anymore. You don’t know what it’s like to go to school everyday and have people talk about and laugh at you. Everyone loves you, but everyone hates me. So I’m doing you and mom a favor. Mom’s already struggling, at-least she’ll have one less mouth to feed. I love you and mom.


When I finished reading the note, tears were streaming down my face.

*Flashback Over*

I really need to go apologize to Raye tomorrow. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. I wish Raymond cared for her the way I cared for Christina.

He could’ve lost her today.

Y'all.... part 4 !!!!!

I ran into Tony at LA Fitness this morning !!!!! I felt somebody watching me while I was doing squats. I wasn’t tripping cause niggas usually do that anyways. So I kept doing my thing or whatever and I feel a light tap on my shoulder.

I turn around and there Tony is standing like the God of Beauty he is. I was so struck. One, cause damn nigga like you really here and two, he ain’t have no damn shirt on. Lawd have mercy on my hoe soul. I kept my head forward. Didn’t show any facial expressions. I just said “Wassup” he laughs and says.

“It’s been a minute. How have you been?” I shrugged. “I been chilling.” He nodded or whatever. And says “I know we didn’t leave on a good note.” I rolled my eyes. No shit. “Yeah last time I saw you , you were getting your ass beat by lumberjack.” I said.

“Who lumberjack?” He says. 👀 oops lol. Welp. Um. “The girl. Who was hitting you.” I said. He laughed. “Oh that. That’s dead asf now. She a crazy ass ex. I didn’t even know she was coming over.” He said. I was silent. Nigga you lying.

Then he says. “I came over to apologize though. I’m really not that bad of a nigga. Shit just came out of nowhere.” He said. Awwww. How sweet of him. So I said “thank you. That’s really nice of you.”

He then proceeds to say. “I really wanna know, is you as freaky as your friend ? She put it down.” ………….. Nigga. What? I should punch you in your balls right now? Who the fuck ? Says that ? Why would you ? 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

So I say. “Wait y'all had sex ? Damn. That’s fucked up.” I said picking up my gym bag preparing to leave. He laughs. “It was a one time thing. You wouldn’t be a one time thing to me.” He Said. I laughed. “Oh nah. That’s not why it’s fucked up. She was supposed to wait till her results came back. She wasn’t supposed to have sex…. But I mean she grown… I’ll just let her tell you that. But it was nice seeing you again.”

LA fitness gone have a fun time mopping his mouth up off the floor I know that much. He tried to follow me to my car but I locked the doors and sped off on his ass. Yeah I’m petty.

GD: *says nigga, does blackface, puts down other artists, constantly appropriates black culture*

Fans: ……..

GD: *acknowledges Eric Garner’s death*