put a nigga down

I hate a nigga who got a mind set like a bitch. A nigga who always bitching. I hate a nigga who try to control me. A nigga who think he’s that nigga when he’s just another nigga. A nigga who think you gon cry and wait by the phone for him. I hate a nigga who only talks abt the bad shit and then speaks little of the good shit.
I hate a insecure ass nigga. I hate a nigga who wanna put you down BC they don’t know how to put themselves up. I hate a nigga who get mad when I speak my mind. And if you that nigga please stay yo complaining ass far from me.

I have my own place , my own business , another job and a child you feel me . I just turned 22 I’m a kid still my damn self . I worked for every single thing I have. I’ve gone from trapping and robbing folk to actually tryin to make something of my life . To be honest if it wasn’t for my daughter I would have never changed and that’s just me keeping it a stack . I made enough life threatening mistakes for me to know not to look down on anyone in a struggle . Yall talk about how horrible hood niggas are and act like Yall care but then I see 20 consecutive posts talking down on them. I’m pretty sure most of you on here ain’t from the hood because I don’t see many people who actually come from those environments on here constantly trying to put niggas down. Niggas in the hood are that way for a reason . Most of us come from broken homes ,violence and chaos that’s gonna make you view the world and people differently . It’s a fucking miracle I’m even here right now so instead of me being on here talking down to people all day I interact with my hood . I show niggas in my hood love no matter what . There’s always gonna be folk that have reached a point where their environment has swallowed them whole and they no longer give a fuck about anything that’s just how shit goes . I was one of them and that’s how I know that if we get the help and leadership we need it would be a different story . I’m just tired of seeing folk on here pretend to care and then rip the same dudes down . A lot of mothers in the hood don’t have the tools to be the mothers a lot of us needed . A lot of our fathers get taken from us . We learning most shit on the fly . Either be patient with us or leave us alone . Stop faking .

GD: *says nigga, does blackface, puts down other artists, constantly appropriates black culture*

Fans: ……..

GD: *acknowledges Eric Garner’s death*


Man Texas got some good ass music, fuck y’all! Y’all know damn well we had Pimp, Bun, Moe, Screw, Pat, Hawk, too fuckin many to name! I love this down south shit! We had none but trill ass niggas put it down for us! Rest In Peace to all the fallen soldiers 🙏 we still holdin it dine In this Screwed Up Houston Tx & fuck you if you hatin!