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Hey there! I loved you Non-binary MC headcanons! They warmed my lil trans heart, I was wondering if maybe you had some ideas for happy confident chubby MC who felt a little self concious seeing all these thin/athletic boys and girl of the RFA and what they would think of them when they found out MC was a little tubby~

I put two together because you asked for the same thing so I hope you both see!!! Thank you so much for the support, and thank you for the request, lovers!!! Also ps I was listening to the song Intoxicated by The Cab while writing this and it made me feel super warm and fuzzy??? - Mod 606

You’re happy in your skin. You really, really are.

You love admiring yourself in your wall length mirror, love running your hands down your sides and brushing your fingers along the grooves of your curves. You embrace all that you’ve been given to work with and dress yourself in clothes that flatter your luxurious figure. 

Yet still, as self-assured as you are, as each member of the RFA reveals each of their separate appearances to you through the chat, you can’t help but to begin making comparisons. You’re becoming more and more emotionally invested, and you worry about how your chosen one will react to your physical appearance.

707: Seven knew before any of the others that you’re not pencil thin because he watched you through the CCTV. He loves touching you, loves having you in his arms and holding you tightly against him. Luciel is more than happy to remind you every single day that your body is an absolute treasure. He loves to grab your bum and give it a cheeky squeeze when you’re least expecting it!!! 

Zen: HEAVILY into body worship. This guy thinks of you as his God(ddess). From the second he first meets MC he’s all over you. Makes you feel silly for ever worrying in the first place. He does the best thing he can do for the both of you- he brushes off and ignores the rude comments, only stopping to make sure that you’re not hurt. Zen’s favorite thing to do becomes watching you admiring yourself as you get ready in the mornings.

Jumin: MC is his life through and through. Also into body worship. Jumin can sit and listen to you list off everything you love about yourself for hours, and then still have some of his own things to add. He loves watching you lounge around in lingerie or just your undergarments. He thinks your confidence is incredibly sexy and he wouldn’t change you for the world.

Yoosung: Incredibly loving. As soon as you mention your worry, he’s all furrowed brows and hands cupping your cheeks, reassuring you that you’re all he’s ever wanted. He wishes he had taken V up on his offer to teach him how to take beautiful photographs because he wants to make a scrapbook dedicated to you and your hot, beautiful body. Loves kissing your tummy and your thighs!!!!

Jaehee: Jaehee admires you more than anyone else. She’s always thinking of ways to improve herself and is always so go go go that she doesn’t have any time to really sit down and think about herself. But you… MC better warn people not to get Jaehee started on you, because she wouldn’t be able to shut up even if she wanted to. Your positive outlook and the way you feel good enough to rock just about anything inspires her. She looks up to you and cherishes you with her whole heart.

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Can I please request a HC where Saeyoung has to save MC after she has to use her taser he gave her for VDay?! Please and thank you!


TODAY was the oh so fabulous not very terrific Tuesday of the WEEK. Today, MC has gotten captured by one of their ex’s (oh snap). Luckily MC had always carried their taser everywhere they went. As well, they told Saeyoung about her crazy ex. 

Little did MC know, Saeyoung had put tracking devices in her clothes, Saeyoung noticed that she went out far from her home and INSTANTLY began following. 

Suddenly when he got to the house, there was a manly scream, few moments pass and MC walks out with the taser Sayoung got for them, he then praised his MC and smothered them with kisses as they drove home




Mc had to give him a warning shock if he didn’t keep his eyes on the road.

                                                   THE END