put a girl in it

Black Pink debuts: They’re copying 2NE1

CLC has a comeback: They’re copying 4Minute

Red Velvet debuts: They’re the walmart version of F(X)

Gfriend debuts: They’re Apink wannabes

Apink Debuts: They’re copying SNSD

Twice debuts: They’re just trying to be SNSD

Seohyun has solo debut: She’s copying Ariana Grande

Girl/Girl Group does anything = being criticized

Boy Groups: Literally do the same shit over and over again

You guys:



Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’


Did anyone else know about Ten’s childhood friend Primmy? It’s a really cool story actually. In the first pic, Ten and Primmy drew on their phone cases what their dream was. Ten wanted to be an Idol and Primmy a model. Now both of them were able to achieve their dreams years later! Don’t let your dreams be dreams fandom!

can we get rid of the idea that women liking wrestlers always has to do with looks?

i’m a fan of people like tj perkins, finn balor, kenny omega, and marty scurll (just to name a few) because of their WRESTLING. their WRESTLING is what makes me like them.

as attractive as they are, that doesn’t have shit to do with why i like them. ring work comes first. dont fucking assume just because i’m a female that i only like finn because of his abs or something fuck outta here with that