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Having an exit plan.

Hello, love bugs !!

Dan x reader

 Warnings – anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety, Claustrophobia. 

Could you please do a Dan x reader that has Agoraphobia? Thanks:)

Vid-Con it can literally be the best or worst time in your life. Meeting your favourite You Tubers and meeting all sorts of new friends was a given. The biggest problem for you, however, was the crowds of people. Dan and Phil always made sure you felt as safe as possible. The security team was the best that you could ever ask for. The biggest problem for you was the sheer amount of people. Even though you could always take a break from the crowds you felt this weird sense of duty to meet and talk to anyone that wanted to talk to you. Having tons of people waiting just as long to talk to Dan and Phil just to talk to you made you feel terrible if you heard that someone was upset they didn’t get to meet you.

 Ever since your relationship become public your life changed more than you ever expected. Your Tumblr and snap chat were the only social medias you had public. You would spend hours at night just talking to people on Tumblr. People would send you asks about your relationship with Dan to questions about anything and everything. Meeting all of these people in person was weird. They knew so much about you while you were just getting to know them. 

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The Step of Two

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Published: January 4th, 2017

Word Count: 2,808

[Sorry for the rough editing I only went through it once. Enjoy!]

You bobbed your head carelessly to the music playing through your headphones as you just barely registered the voice of your ballet teacher, from across the room, calling out the names of pairs for the Pas De Deux end of year assignment, one of the most heavily graded performances of the year of the year.

“Emily and Jungkook,” your teacher called. You glanced up from your phone with a smile as you saw your best friend stand up awkwardly and walk over to stand next to her crush, the two of them now inseparable for the next few weeks. You smirked and threw her a glance that she knew well. She rolled her eyes and blew you a kiss “lovingly,” knowing that you would be teasing her endlessly once you were both out of the classroom.

“Anna and Scott,” the voice of your teacher came once again and you sighed. Of course, the class sweethearts would be put together, again. No teacher dared to put Scott or Anna with any other partners for fear that Anna’s father, the school’s president, would make them pay dearly.

You rolled your eyes as the love birds jumped into each other’s arms, as if they hadn’t already known that they’d be put together. Your gaze found Emily’s across the room and you both simultaneously fake gagged.

“Y/n and Jimin.” Your teacher let out a large breath as she finished calling the name of your partner. Your head snapped up at the sound of your name and your eyes grew wide. You looked to see a familiar silver haired boy leaning against the wall of the studio opposite you, looking at you. You scowled at him in return and stood up, pulling your headphones out of your ears impatiently and leaving them behind, before walking towards your teacher. You watched as everyone else around you begin talking to their partner, trying to become familiar with the person that they would be spending the next month working with.

You saw Jimin begin walking towards you out of the eye and you began walking faster, getting to the teacher before he got to you.

“Can I please find a new partner,” you pleaded to your teacher as you stood before you with your hands clasped together desperately.

Your teacher looked at you, confused. “Why? Jimin is a great dancer, y/n; you should be thankful you got him as a partner,” she said as her eyes fell on someone behind you. You looked around to see Namjoon on the other side of the room with his partner, already practically stepping on her toes while standing. Namjoon was unanimously thought to be the worst dancer in the class, but you’d always admired his constant hard work. You sighed in defeat before tensing up as you felt a body suddenly appear behind you.

“You don’t want to be my partner, y/n?” You clenched your jaw at the sound of an arrogant voice coming from behind you. You spun around, ready to throw a quick retort, only to be startled by his close proximity.

The words in your throat died as you saw how easily you could see Jimin’s facial features from so close and you gulped. “No. I don’t,” you finally pushed out. Jimin pouted, a clearly fake pout, and looked up at the teacher sadly. She wouldn’t buy it, would she?

You turned your head slowly to see your teacher nodding solemnly. “I’m afraid Jimin has no one else to dance with, y/n. You’ll both have to suffer through any resentment you have towards each other and learn to work together for this assignment. If either of you initiate a split of partners, you’ll both receive a 0% on the assignment.”

You groaned before spinning on your heel and going back to collapse in a cross-legged position next to your bag.

It wasn’t long before the shadow of your partner fell over you. “What do you want, Jimin?” you spat.

Jimin crouched down to sit at eye level with you and you scowled again. “I want to be your Pas De Deux partner,” he said light heartedly with a grin.

“I would rather do Seokjin’s traffic dance in front of the whole school.”

Jimin chuckled. “That can be arranged.”

You let your head fall into your hands as you contemplated the options: dance with the boy that had broken you small fragile 9 year old heart and had forever named you the first girl dumped in your small school, or receive a 0% on an assignment for the first time in your life.

You looked at the stunning boy before you but could only see the boy that had broken your heart so many years ago. After that day, resentment had lain between you two and neither had tried to mend the rift.

Although his outward persona was similar to the actual playboys around school, you’d never seen Jimin with a girl on his arm. He’d always seemed to stand or sit by himself and keep a closed personality, not letting anyone close to him.

But now Jimin sat giving you a playful smile with his hand outstretched, waiting patiently for you to take it. He knew that you wouldn’t let yourself get a 0% on an assignment and he was your only option.

It’s just like tearing off a band-aid, y/n. Just get it over with you told yourself. There was no point delaying the inevitable.

You stared at the small hand before you, studying it. Despite the callouses on it, from what, you didn’t know, it still retained an incredibly soft appearance.

Slowly you lifted your hand from your side and slid it into his, surprised by the sudden warmth that spread from your hand through your body, all the way to your toes. Jimin’s smile grew and you hesitantly quirked the sides of your mouth upwards.

You gasped as you were suddenly pulled to your feet by Jimin’s hand and stumbled forward, falling against Jimin’s chest.

Your eyes widened as you realized what just happened. Your mouth spewed random sounds and letters as you pushed yourself off of Jimin and attempted to tear your hand out of his. You tugged, but his grip was too strong and he didn’t seem like he planned to let go anytime soon. You stood, uncomfortably, with your hands together, staring at him; you were about to ask him what he was doing when he held up your intertwined hands.

“We’re in it together, Partner,” Jimin said with a smile.

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Twinkle Little Star

Summary: Yoongi gets a phone call to come pick up his intoxicated bestie.
Pairing: Yoongi (Suga) and reader (as friends…?)
POV: From Yoongi’s POV
Genre: Angsty fluffness
Warning: Don’t drink kids!  Some minor swearing.
Word Count: ~3,300

This may be a one shot, but I have designs on maybe a second part, but only if I get requests for it. We shall see…

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder what you are…

“What does she want now?” Yoongi sighed when your name flashed across the screen of his phone. He thought about ignoring the call, even as he swiped the screen to answer. As tempting as the thought was, he knew he would never not answer your call. Twenty plus years of friendship will do that to a relationship.

“Yah!” He yelled in way of greeting. “I’m working right now.”

“Uh, hello, sir,” It was an unfamiliar man’s voice on the other end of the phone. “Do you know the owner of this phone?”

“Who are you?” Yoongi went from irritated to worried in a heartbeat. He demanded to know where you were.

The man on the other end of the phone told Yoongi where you were and what the problem was. With a heavy sigh, Yoongi hung up and put on his coat. He stormed out the front door having a strong suspicion he knew what this was all about. To say he was not happy was an understatement.

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