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         let me start of by saying HOLY CRAP , i cannot believe what started as kind of a joke because i was ready for halloween a couple months back ( i think ) && now here we are ! i’ve only had this blog maybe like two months tops and i’ve received so much love for thackery binx —- it’s INSANE. i’m just super grateful that you guys love my smol cat son as much as i do.

       onto my spoopy biases ! here are just a few of the people i totally admire on my dash every day. some of you guys, i have not interacted with just yet, but i’d honestly  L O V E  to , so please hit me up & make my dreams come true !

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enoumatic  asked:

it is half past ten. the sun has set, the moon was out. daniel has long since checked out of the seoul hilton hotel, unsure of where to go and what to do. he can't return home. he doesn't want to sleep on the streets. with both ruled out, he was left with but one option: seek help from a friend. it's led him to thomas' front door. he sets his luggage onto the tilted floor, his free hand reaching forward, knocking on the door once, twice, then a third and final time, awaiting the owner's arrival.

Scattered through the surface of an old wooden table are pictures of his latest set of events, entangled for the sake of work among snob entities and its perfect perks – yes, Thomas happens to be a perfectionist performing the passion behind his work, however pressure escorts exasperation and peace has always been the key to perform in an exceptional shape. Across the shape of his lap is a sleeping white siberian husky, Yuki, the overgrown puppy whose mind does not recognize its size, meanwhile by the edge of the sofa behind his figure lies a sprawled black and white cat, Leo – quiet companies, those necessary when his lover is driven deep into slumber by singing angels and tender blankets.

An echoing disturbance disrupts a precise allocation of the physic forms of imagery printed from the memory of his camera, obligating the elongated shape of pale fingers to delicately move a numb pet from the comfort of his thighs and away from his path so the tall built of the young photographer may ascend from the floor where he has found comfort. The source is identified as the collision of a certain mass against the front door of his apartment, leading lethargic steps towards the wooden material so the simple shift of a key may unlock the object in the way. It’s late and so it leads curiosity to spark by the guts.

The slide of the opening door is accompanied by a short-lasting cracking sound he may have forgotten to fix, however little does the reverberating timbre matter when hazel orbs fall upon a the figure before him – it’s a familiar face, a friend. ”Daniel?” The latter’s name flows past the fissure of rose tinted lips as both a surprise and an inquiry for it is unveiled to be an unexpected visit, unleashing a set of puzzle pieces to be established back into the correct form.

Observant pair of hues rake along the latter male, a habit, in search of a certain demeanor able to expose exactly the reason behind the sudden appearance, and yet zero information resumes to be gathered, resulting on the logic questioning by the second an object resting by the male’s feet comes to sight. Luggage. There’s curiosity itching under his veins and a need to understand the situation. ”What are you doing here at this hour? And with a suitcase.” Despite the words, his figure slides to the right in order to open a passageway of invitation into his residence. Under any circumstances, a friend is always welcome under his roof.

Another sin (update) to my actor X cafe au

- Arthur getting sick so he and Alfred just end up snuggling on the couch all day but Arthur ends up making Alfred sick too

- Whenever Alfred gets bored and is at Arthurs work he can tend to randomly start acting like its a football game and start cheering for Arthur, thus making his boyfriend extremely flustered

- After the ‘milk to the face’ incident where Alfred and Arthur met, Arthur was taking his little brother Peter out to a premier where Alfred was at and the American greeted Arthur like they where old friends and said 'Hey you are that attractive guy I hit with a gallon of milk!’

- Arthur putting on fake cat ears and a cat tail for Alfred

anonymous asked:

What is your opinion on putting animals (dogs and cats) through chemotherapy? Especially if it's more to extend their life vs. cure it. Something about it just seems... wrong? to me. Like, a dog can't understand why they feel bad all the time.

Depends on the neoplasia you’re treating.

In dogs and cats, chemo is a different ball game. We’re not aiming for a 20 year remission, we’re aiming for 6 months to 3 years.

Our patients don’t lose their hair, typically maintain their weight, and if we are making them sick we back right off. The aim of chemotherapy in many cases is to prolong a decent Quality Of Life (QOL).

Take haemangiosarcoma for an example. If it’s a solitary mass at the time of surgery, average survival time is only 40 days. That’s not great. Couple surgery with single type chemo, or oral chemo protocols, and you could extend that life by up to six months.

Compare that to lymphoma. A nasty lymphoma is a non-surgical cancer, because once you’ve got it, it’s already everywhere. Without chemo, the dog’s looking at about 6 weeks good QOL. With prednisolone you might extend that to three or four months. With chemo you will probably get 6 to 9 months, but there’s a 20-30% chance that you will get 3 years, which is pretty good for an older pet in any circumstances. A colleague of mine managed a lymphoma dog who survived 4 and a half years, before dying of something else.

Osteosarcomas, after amputation and chemo often only extend life by days or weeks, but there’s a small chance of a cure.

So it’s a matter of what odds are acceptable to you? This will depend on your personal beliefs and experiences with chemotherapy, and whether you think a 10%, 20% or 30% chance sounds like good odds. The age and temperament of the pet will affect your decision as well, as will whether there are kids or pregnant people in the household.

There are some decisions I can’t make for people, only advise of the odds. I can also advise when I think we’ve done enough, when the patient isn’t tolerating treatment anymore. A few hours of nausea we can manage, there’s drugs for that, but severe HGE isn’t really fair for the patient.

So it really depends on the type of neoplasia, and the patient.

Heartbreak pt2 - LONGER REPOST

Sorry!  I ended up adding quite a bit.  Fair warning, I got choked up while writing this part.  But I swear, things will get better for our dear couple.


It has been over a week since the last time you work the blue and red suit that used to mean so much to you.  It is hanging neatly in the far back of the walk-in closet you share with Cat.  She told you once, when you were putting it away, that the color wheel monstrosity had grown on her.  Then she had kissed the grin off your face and you’d dropped the suit and it had lain crumpled on the floor for several hours.

You con’t care if you never wear it again.  You would gladly give it up, give up Supergirl, give up your powers, give up anything, if it would make Cat healthy again.

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There Is a Cat Running for President, and Its Name Is Limberbutt McCubbins
This is what demeowcracy looks like.

Limberbutt, a stern-faced tabby, professes belief in a fair tax code, a strong middle class, affordable health care and gay-cat marriage rights. As his slogan puts it: “The time is meow.”

He now has nearly 12,000 fans on Facebook. And he’s officially registered as a candidate with the Federal Election Commission.

we are inceptionkitties and we endorse this candidate.

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FAVORITE FANDOM: I’ve seen so much shit in kpop for 7 years now but shawols were always so nice and chill, so yeah… but since I started to like Seventeen, I noticed that carats are freaking awesome too. I’d say both carats and shawols are my favorite.

LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK: Lithuanian, English, Korean, Japanese, can understand some Russian.

FAVORITE FILM OF 2016: I only watch anime and dramas, so I have no freaking idea.

LAST ARTICLE I READ: “This Guy Takes The Most Epic Photos Of Maine Coon Cats You’ve Ever Seen” *hides* I love cats, alright

SHUFFLE YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY AND PUT FIRST 3 SONGS HERE: Seventeen - Mansae, SHINee - Juliette, Taemin - Drip Drop.


ANY PHOBIAS OR FEARS: Fear of height and being in crowded spaces.

HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU: Depressed burrito with a lot of mixed feelings. Always talking about the damn music because for the longest time music was my only and best friend.

HOW WOULD YOUR ENEMIES DESCRIBE YOU: Well I was called a talentless bitch before, so probably that. And depressed. Because apparently it’s an insult, lmao.


IF YOU HAD MONEY TO SPARE WHAT WOULD YOU BUY FIRST: I’d pay for my studies and do something nice to my parents since they have to put up with all of my bullshit and I’m surprised that they still think of me as their child.

TAG TEN PEOPLE YOU’D LIKE TO GET TO KNOW: @fullofloveforeveryone  @riy-dox @woanu @jeonghanismyangel and don’t know, this is my new tumblr so I don’t want to annoy people since I literally don’t know any people I follow. But yeah, thank you for tagging me, I was really pleasantly surprised♥

Sony NEX-7 at ISO 100, shutter speed 1/250. Using the Hartblei 150mm and Metabones Speed Booster.

This is my new cat Chester, nicknamed, Cheese Puff. His hobbies include: tipping over his food bowl, splashing his paws in his water bowl, climbing trees, hiding under blankets, and peeing on everything. In this picture, he is sporting a very nice, blue dog harness, as he thinks he is a dog (also its easier to put on than a cat harness). 

kinda disappointed that i’m not already a reclusive beekeeping novelist who lives in a cottage in the french countryside, only interacting with other people when i call my annoyed editor and sell honey+honey-related products to local villagers

bath-bath-Cat Zitao and his graceful high-jump…
[video cr.: CherryTAO]