put a bird in it


This young dove was brought into us after being found on the ground with no nest visible. Its feet had curled up on themselves and it could not stand up.
Emma, our vet, examined it and found the young bird to have a calcium deficiency. Luckily, this is easily treatable and, after being put on a course of supplements, the birds feet were bandaged in the correct position to help keep the toes and feet aligned.
The little boots have proved quite popular!

Rhys: *throws stars* Dog goes woof
Lucien: no
Rhys: *drapes over piano* Cat goes meow
Rhys: *puts rose between teeth* Bird goes tweet
Lucien: nO
Rhys: *Kicks leg up* and mouse goes squeek
Rhys: *kicks other leg up* Cow goes moo
Lucien: *beats head against wall* pleASE
Rhys: *winnows* Frog goes croak
Rhys: *kisses feyre* and the elephant goes toot
Lucien: stOP
Rhys: *winks over shoulder* Ducks say quack
Rhys: *flaps bat wings* and fish go blub
Rhys: *shoots up and twirls* and the seal goes ow ow ow ow ow
Rhys: *throws more stars* But theres one sound
Lucien: by thE CAULDRON RHYS
Rhys: *winnows* That no one knows
Rhys: *in Lucien’s ear* What does the Lucien say 


i knew that chord progression was familiar

We are trying to rescue a hostage taken by Goblins. 

Elven Wizard OOC: I cast Light on a crossbow bolt and fire it into the cave so we can see. [rolls a nat 1]
DM: You know, I wasn’t even gonna make you roll for that. But, since you did… well, the bolt goes wide. You hear a pained screech and a thud as the passing bird you just speared hits the ground. 
Elven Wizard OOC: I pick up the bird and put it in my pack.
It’s a bloody, mangled-
Elven Wizard OOC
: I pick up. The bird. And I put it in my pack.
DM: …its blood soaks through your belongings.


Elven Cleric OOC: I’m going to try and see if the Goblin leader intends to keep his word [rolls a nat 1]
DM: You suddenly realize that the one you have been staring at isn’t even the one your party is talking to. Your companions seem confused by your intent stare at a random Goblin. Said Goblin picks its nose.
Half-Orc Monk OOC: I try to intimidate the guy we are actually talking to. I pull a scary orc face and snarl at him to surrender in a matching voice! [rolls a nat 1]
DM: You grimace like you shat yourself and your voice breaks. He is not impressed.

idk, Winter is coming for Sinjir Rath Velus (from Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath series)