SUPERNATURAL in the “CW’s 2016 Fall Extended Sizzle Reel” (x)


On an unrelated note, the latest food supplement was discontinued


The Sam Crisis of 2k16 continues @lipstickandwhiskey @waywardlullabies you’re welcome. 


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NEW VIDEO: “Cut Creases Are Of THE DEVIL!”

This week I tried Cut Creases and ended up in a pile of SIN! Or something like that.

Splashdown! A black-footed albatross lands in the #MontereyBay to resupply after a long journey from remote breeding atolls in Hawaii. 

Black-footed albatrosses—the only dark albatrosses in the Northern Hemisphere—frequently visit the area. This individual was found closely tailing a pod of orcas in the hope of catching some scraps—these birds are also commonly seen in association with ocean sunfish! 

Makana, our resident Laysan albatross, is a close cousin to these birds, and both species nest in the same remote atolls of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. We can help both species by limiting our use of single-use plastics!

On the subject of Tragedy

This great piece of meta just made it click for me about why for the past several days I’ve been faintly irritated by “oh but it’s so perfect for the character” arguments without quite knowing why.

(Below is a short ramble on the subject of Vox Machina and tragic characters that have been dragged kicking and screaming out of a tragic narrative. Major spoilers for Episode 68.)

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