Feminutcase Hates Hippopopalous!

Equine “biographer” and feminist slag Diane Nguyen has hitched her pussywagon to the backs of colts like Secretariat and BoJack Horseman in order to make a name for herself, and now her pussywagon’s itching for a hitching to a horse of a different color: a horse-popotamus! Old Dry-ane is dragging our beloved Uncle Hanky’s name through the mud to get airtime for herself and her bull-hating agenda.

Are any of the allegations against Hippopopalous true? Nobody knows! The fact is: Hanky is worth $800 million billion probably. Plenty of incentive for numerous chicks to peck this hard-working hippo with accusations and hitch their pussywagons to his fame. Diane is just the latest bitch to dig for his hippopot o’ gold! Fight club is club is a good and important movie.

i am spanish so my parents don’t know a lot of english so the other day my dad asked me how to say a word in english, i told him and now he is 24/7 yelling ’PUSSY’ through the house. He also made a connection with the pussywagon from Kill Bill and every time we see a wago, he yells PUSSYWAGON, through the window.