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There was few fics on tumblr when jughead had panic attack and betty comforted him so could you write about jughead comforting her when she's got panic attack (sorry if sth is wrong with grammar but I can't speak English clearly)

Here it is! I had so much fun making this. This prompt was super fun to work with! 

 “Nothing else makes sense Jughead!” Betty exclaimed, as she reviewed the alibi’s and all of the physical evidence they collected. She began rubbing her temples, trying to think of anything that would clear her parents as suspects. 

Jughead noticed that her voice began to strain, something that she only did when she was going to cry. He walked over to the blonde, holding her hand reassuringly. “There’s other routes we haven’t explored, Bets. Your parents are probably not the killers, just relax. Everything is going to-” he explained, trying to ease Betty’s mind. 

“…But what if they are? When they get arrested, I’ll be the one who turned them in! I’ll have no where to live, because my parents haven’t finished paying off the house. How will I pay for college? What about Polly? Oh my God, Polly. She’s pregnant, and she’s gonna have to deal with the arrest of her parents because they killed the love of her-” Betty interrupted, as she began to feel her throat closing, each breath of air becoming more and more rapid. 

Oh no, Jughead thought as she did the opposite, breathing heavily squeezing her hand as hard as possible. He noticed that small drops of bloods began falling from her hand. “Betty, breathe with me inhale and exhale” Jughead’s expression becoming more and more worried by the second. 

He placed both of his hands by the sides of her face, only repeating the words that came to his mind. “It’s going to be okay, Bets. I’m here.” The raven-haired boy became consumed with the one thought that echoed in his mind. 

Is Betty going to be okay?

Her breathing soon became more steady, and she began trying to muster up some words. “But-”,She didn’t sound very clear, but Jughead knew what she was trying to say. 

“Shhh, it’s going to be okay. Just breathe with me” Jughead said, trying to comfort her. He began breathing rhythmically, inhaling and exhaling to show Betty. 

Betty began breathing just like Jughead said, looking into his eyes. He pressed their foreheads together. 

“I’m okay now-” Betty said in a hushed tone, pressing her hands against Jughead’s face.  “Thank you, you’re of the only people who’s been able to calm me down from one of those.” Betty continued, smiling shyly. 

“All that matters is that you’re okay-” He said, removing himself from Betty’s grasp. He kissed her forehead, engulfing her in an embrace. Jughead wanted her to know he cared about her, heck he loved her. 

“May I ask who was the first?” Jughead continued, pressing his lips against her forehead once more. 

“It was Polly, she helped me calm down after getting a B minus on a science quiz. She even told mom for me, while I watched from the hallway.” She smiled, thinking fondly of the memory. 

“And Betty?” Jughead said, now looking down at her. 

“Mhmm?” She replied, fixing her ponytail. 

“If it does turn out to be them, I’ll be there. I’ll help you find a job, and maybe we can find a place to rent out together, and you’re super smart. You’ll probably get a lot of-” Jughead explained, scratching the back of his head nervously. 

Interrupting him mid sentence, Betty smashed her lips against his, feeling complete. He cared for her, He cared about her family, and She couldn’t ask for more. He was perfect for her, and she knew it.  

“Juggie?” Betty said, detaching their lips from one another.

“Yes, Juliet?” He replied, feeling flustered from their last kiss. 

“I love you, Romeo.” She said with rosy cheeks and nervous eyes. 

“I love you too.” 

The night ended with endless shared kisses, and the newfound love between the two lovebirds. 

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O KA Y but can we talk about the fact that matsuhana would COMPLETELY BE ALL OVER EACH OTHER TO PLAY WITH USHI but at the same time theyre protecting their little oikawa. Like they act like theyre doing it just to screw with ushi but its for oiks too

IS THIS ABOUT MY RECENT MATSUHANA SEIJOU MERMAIDS COMIC? BECAUSE YOU ARE 1000% RIGHT. They’re totally doing it to be little shits and make Ushi’s life difficult, but also because they know Oikawa doesn’t want to deal with Ushi getting all up in his business about being the figurehead of the Shiratoizawa ship and they want to shield him from that. Like, I think the rest of the Seijou mermaids would take turns being on lookout at the entrance to the lagoon to head off Ushi and his crew, but Mattsun and Makki would be there the most.  

I just love love love Mattsun’s and Makki’s relatioship with Oikawa. I know Iwa-chan is the most prominent relationship in his life, but they definitely can’t be discounted. That scene where they start calling out ramen orders just before Oikawa’s serve? They’re obviously trolling, but at the same time they’re giving him reassurance that it’s okay if he fucks up/isn’t perfect all the time because they care for him and believe in him totally - the worst that will happen is that Oikawa has to buy them dinner, and they’re not going anywhere. 

For Oikawa, someone who is harshly self-critical to the point of damaging his own body in order to eke out improvement, that kind of support system is really important.

OKAY WOW we went waaay off-piste there but I have a lot of feelings about the Seijou third years whoops

As winter sets in and the dungeons get colder, Draco finds that his Quidditch sweaters keep going missing. Much as he grumbles, he doesn’t really mind.

I hope to finish this soon, but I’m having trouble with my wrist (which is making me a bit panicky, tbh) and I don’t want to aggravate whatever the issue is. I’ve got a ton of important stuff to finish before I can indulge my true love. Which I surprisingly draw very little of these days…

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Can you imagine if each team had an office overlooking the area where Iwa and his crew were working?? I think Daichi and Bokuto would be on Iwa’s crew, and possibly Kyoutani, Asahi, Lev and Kuroo? Feel free to make suggestions lmao

Suga would 100% be Oikawa’s gossip partner from the building across the way asdfghjkl; they would be on the phone ALL THE TIME like “DID YOU FUCKING SEE THAT?? [fans self aggressively with a stack of reports]” 

This is the trashiest thing ever and I LOVE it. 

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OMG KEITH!! ♡ WELCOME TO VOLTRON HELL!!! Does that mean klance hell too!??Will you be drawing some nsfw LancexKeith in the future??? AHHH I'M SO EXCITED!??!!

Does this answer your question about sinful Voltron fanart? 

I’m glad you’re excited about more Voltron fanart from me! And yes, I’ve fallen into the klance trap - am I that predictable? Everything about the pairing dymanic ticks my boxes god dammit. I’m so weak for rivals to lovers and banter with UST. Throw Shiro into the mix on occasion and I am a happy piece of trash, honestly.

OK, brand-new 8Track mix has been completed and is live for you to listen to right now on yer computer or smartphone. It’s all-female, super uptempo 1990s low-fidelity bashing, which loyal Dynamite Hemorrhage readers know is one of our musical calling cards. I’m calling it “Object To I-Dent”, after the Pussycat Trash song included in this mix. Whatever that means. Sounds gnarly.

Half of the 17 songs here come from the riot grrl primordial swamp, the other are rooted more in learning-to-play, third-wave garage punk. Where you draw the line is up to you. You’ll hear quality entertainment from a variety of whooping and screeching young women plying their rough trade two decades ago. I’m especially proud that it’s 17 songs in 27 minutes. Pure blitzkrieg.

Come listen to “Object To I-Dent” here


  1. SALLY SKULL – Tear Out
  2. PUSSYCAT TRASH – Object To I-Dent
  3. SKINNED TEEN – Dance All Night
  4. THE RONDELLES – Backstabber
  5. BUDGET GIRLS – French One
  7. LUNG LEG – Theme Park
  8. MAN TEE MANS – Man Tee Mans (Theme)
  9. HENRY’S DRESS – Zero Zero Zero
  10. SKINNED TEEN – Secrets
  11. MICRAGIRLS – Neki
  12. GOLDEN STARLET – Boy Scout Club
  13. THE GORLS – Tracie
  14. THE RONDELLES – Safety In Numbers
  15. PUSSYCAT TRASH – 1,2,3,4
  16. KITTY CAT SPY CLUB – The Searcher
  17. LUNG LEG – Rock Song

Artist: Pussycat Trash
Album: Non-Stop Hip-Action
Year: 1995
Label: Slampt
Length: 30:26
Location of Acquisition: Streetlight
Price: $2
Format: CD

There’s nothing quite like a sweet find in a discount bin. British, female fronted, noisy, ambient, artsy, and hostile, this album will probably become a favorite weird punk album the more it grows on me. The lyrics are on a myriad of subjects, though are also often indecipherable, I also just have a weakness for punks who like sci-fi (see: I Need Science Fiction). It’s riddled with 90’s riot grrrl energy, and the internet offers me almost nothing as far as band biography beyond that. Delicious punk rock mysteries.

Recommended tracks: 1,3,4,6,7,8,10,11,12,14