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This is a usual day for us. Going gaga over Puspos.

This is for you, Brian! A little message from your Puspossies as we get ready for Manor. 

Everything in here is from the heart… and down below. HAHAHAHA!

Never mind the ‘kubscoutz’ thing at the end. It’s naaaaaaaaasty (just like everything in this video. Haha!)

My Life As A Stalker...

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Well, never really considered myself as a stalker. But I’ve been proving myself since 2009 that I’m actually good at it. lol

But don’t get me wrong, I’m no creepy ass stalker. I just enjoy seeing my prospects (if you will) during their candid moments which mostly happen inside the clubs. Its for my own personal pleasure (not in a sexual way…..lol)

Accompanied by my ever so fun and NASTY friends, I actually learned how to party at night. But that’s not a bad thing! Its actually fun. I don’t get to go out like that with my other friends ‘cause well…most of them don’t really have the time and interest. But its not like their no fun or anything, I just find it more fun around these people (holla at #puspossies).

It all started with the Jabbawockeez but we all know it didn’t end well. Lol

Anyway, our most recent victim/prospect is Brian “I-can-make-you-wet-in-a-matter-of-seconds” Puspos (note: that came out…randomly). It went down on a Saturday. My friends (puspossies) texted me, telling me that Brian just touched down in the Philippines and asked if I could have my friend put us on the guest list at Palladium. And I was so obedient, gullible and outrageously excited about the Pussboss that I immediately texted my friend from Palladium. That was also my last day with the April Rodriguez 6-day Workshop so its no wonder that I have a lot of baggage with me which I don’t give a crap about.

After the workshop, my friends, Donna and Tazee (a.k.a. Nasty Girl #1), fetched me at the studio and we were off to meet Roxy (a.k.a. Nasty Girl #2) and Bhi who was waiting for us at Greenbelt. If you’ve read Bhi’s blog about how we met Brian Puspos, then maybe I could skip that part already. But if not… This would probably help you out.

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So after that we have to control ourselves for the next time they party 'cause well… we have our life… and our jobs… and for some of us… school. So we waited till Wednesday the following week to party once more (we actually forgot the words work and school that night). We didn’t give a crap 'cause that night was the first time we actually saw Brian Puspos dance in person. We were on a fuckin cloud that night that it didn’t matter if we only ordered one beer for each of us and there we were acting drunk and shit.

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(I still wonder why I didn’t go for it… the kiss, I mean. lol)

So the next time wasn’t really stalking, 'cause we attended their workshop. And even though I was a bit frustrated with Ailyn’s routine ('cause it was an amazing piece but it was so hard 'cause it was too fast for my level), it was fun… and tiring. But most of all I wasn’t able to learn Brian’s piece properly thanks to the people who were hogging all the space in front (my middle finger salutes you guys… there went my 2,500Php). I didn’t even tried to take a photo with him 'cause people just wouldn’t leave him alone.

But no matter how disappointed I was at the first day of the workshop, it all paid off on the second. The Puspossies are on the offensive 'cause we asked Brian a favor for a friend who’s about to celebrate her birthday and he said yes. It was epic 'cause I had a lot of random (or in Tazee’s words; candid) moments with Brian. I experienced first hand how random he could be, I’m also a random person like him and that’s what I think we have in common.

I also gave him a customized shirt which I’m not sure if it fits him but he said he’ll wear it even though he hasn’t replied when I tweeted him asking if the shirt fits or not. Well, whatever, as long as he doesn’t throw that away, I’m happy. I’m sure he wouldn’t do that.

Anyway, when the workshop was over, and we were preparing ourselves (including Brian) for the birthday surprise, we was all like: “Step away from the Pussboss bitches! He ours!”

You should’ve seen Tazee’s face. She was so happy its adorable.

Before we left the studio, Brian gave us a group hug (a group hug I will NEVER dare forget in my life). Tazee was so happy she even paid for our late night dinner at McDonald’s. lol. And we all couldn’t even shut up about that day’s events.

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What Other People Assumed That I Wish Was True...

It all started with this picture…

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I really don’t remember who first asked the question but its all the same thing. Every time they see this picture people would ask (especially the ones who don’t know him): “Is he your boyfriend?”

As I was typing the last sentence, I remembered, it was my mom who first asked the question. lol. Just sayin…

I’d always answer with a “no” or “Ha! I wish! But naw…” (got that naw thing from Pat Lam)

Even my brother asked me that question when we saw each other at his son’s Christening last Saturday (with eyes glaring and everything). He saw it on my phone’s wallpaper. Lol. I’m that addicted.

So this morning, my co-worker, Miggy, asked me the question. So I said, “no”….again. Then said, “Are you sure?” I was like, “yeah. I’m sure.”

And after rehearsing, me and my other officemates were chilling on the couch then Camille asked me if I have a boyfriend. I shook my head and then she said, “Then who’s that guy on the picture you were with on Facebook?” (YES! This picture is EVERYWHERE!!!) I shook my head again and said, “he ain’t my boyfriend…” Then she asked me again… “Then why do have tons of pictures together?” I was like staring at her for like 5 seconds trying to figure out how to say it without sounding too much of a fan girl but then DMs (a.k.a. Bruno Mars look-alike) asked me who it was, thankful for that comment, I said, “Brian Puspos”

He nodded and so the conversation about this photo has officially ended on that couch. But no matter how many times I looked at it, I don’t see a loving couple there. Or is it because of the fact that Brian Puspos is hugging me so tightly in this picture (I swear, not to brag or anything, I was literally smashed into that chest of his) that they assumed we have a thing going on.

Oh God, I wish it was true. I’d be the happiest creature alive. lol