au where jimin and jeongguk have just gotten married and are on their honeymoon. they’re in a city they’ve never visited before, so it’s not surprising that they do get lost when trying to find places. but they’re young and they’re in love, they don’t mind getting lost as long as they’ve got each other.

“come on, this way. let’s go, baby.”
“are you sure it’s this way?”
“yes i’m sure! 100% sure!”

I have to laugh this am.  We were 100% correct. Will in Clovis, seen with Hannah.  Chris stans lose their minds and world order is restored.

But I will give Chris, he did surprise me with his party bus and entourage. Almost like he is trying to prove a point about partying with PR friends.  Equalizing the “crime” once again?  Hmmm…. I have to think maybe.

He certainly has earned spending some time with his friends as the tour winds down. I just find it amusing.

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Can I give Connor a hug?

 spencer  &  autism.  this  is  something  that  is  incredibly  important  on  my  blog,  it’s  a  huge  part  of  my  characterisation.  if  you  don’t  watch  the  show  then  would  wouldn’t  see  how  spencers  whole  being  revolves  around  certain  habits,  routines  &  compulsions.  

 i  think  this  is  a  hard  headcanon  to  explain  so  i’m  going  to  try  &  do  my  best  at  it.  although  it’s  hard  to  pinpoint  spencer  is  on  the  spectrum,  there  are  certain  things  that  run  parallel  to  my  nephew  who  has  been  diagnosed.   one  being  focused  interests,   spencer’s  is  sci-fi.  doctor  who  &  star  trek  to  be  exact,  you  get  a  little  peak  into  this  in  the  show  but  he  has  doctor  who  collectables,  not  to  mention he  can  quote  star  trek  word  for  word.  he  could  ramble  for  hours  about  either  show,  he  even  went  to  the  doctor  who  convention,  this  is  his  comfort  zone.  if  you  ever  spoke  to  him  about  it  you  would  get  a  word  in  edge  ways,  anything  there  is  to  know,  he  knows.   when  he’s  feeling  anxious,  he’ll  turn  doctor  who  on  at  3  am  &  just  absorb  every  little  detail.  no  matter  how  many  times  he  watches  it  he  always  see’s  something  new,  if  you  ever  quoted  it  wrong  he’d  correct  you.  if  you  tried  to  change  the  subject  he’d  change  it  back.   

 carrying  on  from  that  last  point.  on  many  occasions  people  have  interrupted  spencer  &  he’ll  just  continue  to  talk  about  the  subject  he  is  on,  you  see  it  also  when  people  slide  the  convo  into  another  subject  &  he  slides  it  right  back.  i  had  a  thread  with  @  dokkstjarna  once,  where  jane  changed  the  subject  &  spencer  changed  it  right  back,  he  remains  in  his  comfort  zone,  it’s  unintentional  &  not  malicious  but  you  need  to  understand  that  this  is  what  he  does.  

 social  interaction  is  another  point  that  comes  from  this,  it’s  very  clear  that  spencer  has  social  anxiety.  although  i  think  this  is  mainly  down  to  the  fact  he  was  an  only  child  &  ostracized.  he  admits  that  he  was  bullied,  that  he’s  always  been  an  outcast,  to  me  that  is  a  bigger  factor.  purely  because  i  want  you  to  think  about  the  times  people  have  shown  interest  or  even  in  circumstances  where  he’s  been  excited  to  meet  someone,  aka  rossi.  these  people  are  neutral,  they’ve  given  him  no  reason  to  fear  or  be  intimidated.  when  it’s  people  like  that  he’s  incredibly  forward,  it’s  complete  word  vomit.  another  example  with  this  is  spencer  with  natasha  (  aka  viduamor ),  spencer  rambled  to  her  when  he  first  met  her,  an  out  burst  of  facts  on  the  black  widow,  it’s  because  natasha  didn’t  shut  him  down,  okay  he  was  a  little  static  &  stuttered  alot  but  he  was  very  forward.   also  maeve,   god  i  hate  her  but  he’s  also  very  open  with  her  on  the  phone,  very  sure  of  himself  in a  social  situation.  like  i  said,  yet  i  think  having  autism  would  cause  this  but  his  past  only  intensified  this.  the  bullying,  the  way  he  was  outcasted  from  school,  the  fact  his  mother  kept  him  very  close  to  her  side.   &  it  hurts  me  to  say  it  but  i  also  think  the  team  bully  him,  the  way  they  cut  him  off,  the  way  they  make  fun  of  his  facts,  it  seems  like  a  laugh  &  a  joke  but  i  personally  feel  that  it  hits  home.  it’s  why  he  doesn’t  always  trust  his  team,  i  feel  like  sometimes  he  truly  believes  he’s  not  part  of  it,  lie  he’s  not  part  of  the  team. 

 he  will  never  disclose  his  feelings  without  being  provoked,  only  when  people  probe  him  does  he  finally  open  up  &  sometimes  not  even  then.  he  bottles  it  up,  for  the  longest  time  he  hid  his  drug  addiction,  he  kept  all  the  pain  hidden  away.  the  same  when  maeve  died,  he  locked  himself  away  in  his  apartment  &   just  wanted  to  be  alone,  even  now  he  doesn’t  really  talk  about  his  problems.  he  hardly  ever  opens  up  about  his  past.  

 this  is  only  brief,  there  is  so  much  more  i’d  want  to  write  but  for  now  i  feel  like  i’m  overloading  you.  i  want  you  to  take  this  all  in  when  you  thread  with  me,   when  you  plot.   please  don’t  treat  him  differently  but  please  be  aware.  being  that  i  look  after  my  nephew  alot  i  try  to  subtly  put  his  little  habits  into  my  threads  because  he’s  my  world,  so  it’s  important  for  me  to  express  this  to  you  guys.  because  i  think  it’s  overlooked.  you  can  also  watch  this  video  because  it’s  very  accurate.