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Midnight Luxe

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(Part 2) (Part 3)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: University AU/ Angst / Smut

Summary: Your life was nothing but a drag until you met Jeon Jungkook. The alluring and beautiful fashion design student who asked you to model for his upcoming runway show, the man who turned your life upside down. Soon you find yourself pulled into his eccentric group of friends and their enticing world of fashion, sex and music, a world that may ultimately leave your heart in pieces.

Inspired by the anime/manga paradise kiss :)

You can still remember the first time you saw Jungkook, standing under the tacky neon lights of the nightclub, cigarette planted firmly in his hand. His black tousled hair, deep smoky eyeliner and tight fitting ripped jeans made him look like the human embodiment of lust. Even in the poor lighting, he was simply radiant. His perfection and beauty so overwhelming it was almost like a deformity, separating him from the rest of the world, making him seem alien.

You had been walking back from a late night study session at your friend’s house, clutching your phone tightly in your palms out of fear. You’d always hated walking home alone at night. It made you feel vulnerable, like someone could jump out at you at any given moment. 

Of course, your fears weren’t entirely irrational but deep down you knew it was unlikely that anyone would harm you. However, you always got particularly nervous when you walked through this area of town, “the shady area” as you liked to call it.

Your footsteps echoed through the street as you quickly walked, wanting to get home as soon as possible. Thankfully there hadn’t been many hanging around outside the bars and clubs, one girl had her arm around her friend as she vomited into a gutter and a few people stood around in small groups talking and smoking. Just as you had reached the end of the street, when the few people present had thinned out you saw him. Standing outside the very last club.

As you walked passed him, he gave you a look and smirked slightly. You don’t really remember exactly how you’d felt at that first look, but you can recall how it seemed like he knew everything about you, like with one quick glance he could analyse every detail of your life and stare into your very soul. Even then, you could tell his eyes were an endless riddle, filled with possibilities and emotions that were near impossible to read all at once.

Your pace quickened even more to escape his gaze and out of the corner of your eye you saw him chuckle to himself, drop his cigarette onto the floor, stump it out with his shoe and head back inside.

It was meant to end there. You were never meant to meet Jungkook again. He was only ever meant to be a stranger.

Of course, fate always had a way of intervening.

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Margaery vs. Cersei Replies

None of my (few) book reading followers told me if they found the Easter Egg. Here it is:

The two knights are Margaery’s cousins, the Redwyne Twins. I tried to show green wine leaves on their bordeaux coloured outfits.

On the left we see the Blue Bard.

@dreamywritingdragon Ooooh!! I loved that scene so much in the books! Great job recreating it!

Thank you! I don’t know why but we always love the same stuff. Must admit that Feast is my favourite book. And this scene! Well, it is not the most dramatic but I love those tiny moments.

@omgdoubleume:  aw.. she is a pushy mum :‘O

Oh yes! She is. One of my next posts will include a flashback that reveals her reasons for being so bitchy with Margaery and overprotective towards her son.

@treason-and-plot: I  love looking at your screenshots and all the small details. Like the sailboat in the first pic. So gorgeous

Thanks for noticing the small things. I’m a real perfectionist. Always build a whole surrounding with lots of decoration. Most of it does not show up in the final pictures. But I must admit: The ship was simply there in Hidden Springs. I only saw it when it was too late to remove it. Good, if it does not destroy the scenery.

@declarations-of-dramaWhen a proud woman falls from her pedestal is what I took from this - also, I would love to see more about the woman who married that dwarf - if you are ever lost for ideas :)

Proud woman falling? You really get what Cersei’s story is about. I’m not sure, yet, if I portray her ultimate humiliation again. (It was one of my earliest posts. Maybe I’ll redo it).

As for the dwarf marriage - It was only short-lasting. The moment it ended was my final 2016 post. But maybe there’ll be more Sansa or Tyrion alone stuff.

@declarations-of-drama I also love the little cupid statues you coloured to make it look like part of the building - very neat :)

Just done with OMSP. I always searched for statues to be placed on the railing.

12 Marcel/Louis Harry/Louis Fics

Two years after the video and here is my list of Marcel/Louis fics. These are all really good. More lists here.

Accidental Magic    by  Afailureofheart  —4k

Marcel is really excited about prom, but he’s more excited about the prospect of seeing Louis Tomlinson. Hair wax, pushy mums, and Liam Payne cause some bumps along the road.

Blinded Me With Sweater Vests   by    Veterization —14k

  Marcel really is the geekiest person Louis has ever seen with that gelled hair and that horrendous sweater vest, so it sucks that Louis really, really wants to get to know him.          

But If You Close Your Eyes Does It Almost Feel Like  by  Pukeandcry  —13k

Marcel’s not sure what the draw is for Louis, but he finds himself looking forward to it, glancing out into the hall several times an hour to see if Louis might be walking by. Louis is just – he’s magnetic, like he’s got his own gravitational field around him, and it makes Marcel’s stomach jump around nervously just being around him, but it only takes him a few days to realize how much he likes that feeling, the hitch in his chest he gets when he spots Louis across the office and smiles at him.                     

But Why Wonder, Why Wonder?  by    100percentsassy —15K

The one where Marcel Styles has improbably landed a job in the fashion industry, and Louis Tomlinson is the actor-turned-lingerie-designer he’s been infatuated with for years.

Four Minutes   by Rorycroft

Marcel asks Louis to prom, and Louis can’t believe he’s actually serious

I hear you calling in the dead of night   by   Thelonelycoast  —72k

No one really notices Marcel Styles.  In fact, Marcel’s so invisible that if his teachers don’t call on him in lessons - and they rarely do - Marcel can go whole days without speaking to anyone other than his mum, his sister, Gemma, his cat, Dusty and the school librarian, Alma.  And if he just so happens to have a tiny, miniscule crush on the footie captain, Louis Tomlinson, well, that’s no one’s business but his own.   Until Louis notices him back…

Kings    by  Dolce_piccante 

Marcel receives an invitation to his ten year high school reunion, which brings up some painful memories of his youth. His lifelong best friend and roommate, Louis, is as supportive and kind as ever, but Marcel still has hesitations. Louis was Prom King. Marcel…was not.

Will Marcel make the reunion a night to remember with his former classmate, Zayn, who is newly wealthy, handsome, and reveals his childhood crush on Marcel? Or will Louis finally realize what everyone else has known all along?

Louis’ Dare   by  HopeIsEverything94  —3k

Niall dares Louis to take Marcel to Zayns pool party. Louis, never one to deny a dare goes along with it only to come along some pleasant surprises. Also, Zayn has a bit of a thing for Marcel’s friend Liam.

Or the one where a Louis’ dare gets completely turned upside down and he is quite happy with the outcome.

Straight into my heart and stole it   by   Love_Me_Dead  —6k      

Zayn and Niall dare Louis to ask the dorky secretary out. Louis falls in love.

Study Date  by   amayaramseyxox  —3k

What starts as an innocent study session becomes a not-so-innocent “science” experiment.

We’re Only Watching the Skies  by   Amyuh —3k

marcel au where harry asks soccer captain louis to homecoming.       

You smile like the sun   by   softspoken  —2k    

   Based on: Marcel would make you a PowerPoint presentation on reasons why you should go out with him