Doodlebug July #2 (oops I am missing days)

Pushpin and Limerick from my Fishsticks book… though, technically, Pushpin doesn’t show up until book 2, which I haven’t written. He DID find a cookie in the window, though. Aaron suggests that children put it there, and since this is at the huge mansion/hotel, I… I could see that happening.

Also, drawing window blinds… .. .. not my strong point LOL 

*double-checks the MBTA* anyway, SO

there are friends, and then there are friends you wish you could share the ASMR experience of hand-skinning a small, slippery animal with. 

(Also I am a very good and careful and patient MBL, whose inventory is now +1 tiny naked starling body, +2 tiny starling feet, and +1 Expertly Skinned Starling Pelt.)

gae-bolga  asked:


Rococo: Is your bedroom full or trinkets and pictures? If so, which pictures adorn your walls?

The bedroom is actually pretty sparse when it comes to decoration. But my office…those walls are covered.

What’s not blocked by bookcases is covered in novelty witchy signs (I collect “The Witch Is In” type signs), photos of my family, Llewellyn calendar pages, hanging plant bundles (pushpins make simple drying racks), artwork, and a set of wooden shelves that hold jars of my frequently-used herbs for witchcraft and medicine. The house besom also lives over the window, along with a little witchball ornament.

It sounds busy, especially for a small room, but it’s really quite relaxing, especially now that it’s been tidied up a bit and there’s room for a chair.

so there was this kid at my old school who was your everyday annoying kid. but the one thing about him, to me, that stood out, was the fact that he would take a pushpin and put it between his middle finger, and his index finger with the sharp part pointing out, and ask for a high five from everybody in my class. you can guess how that shit turned out.

anonymous asked:

are.. are you saying wearing images of our lady of guadalupe is cultural appropriation? it's catholic. catholics wear it.

tbh i’m laughing more at the white boys and the short pushpin bangs, i stole this meme off instagram.
i guess what they’re trying to get at is “most hispanics are catholic➡hispanics believe in the La Virgen➡it is exclusive to hispanics” which is pretty ignorant on its own, but i think its also taking a jab at girls who wear religious attire for “aesthetic”