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This was a really long request, so im probably gonna make it into 2 parts (could be more), but here’s a summary:

You and Isaac have been childhood bestfriends. When a new girl is transferred to Beacon Hills High School, you immediately don’t like her. Isaac tries to reason with you, but after you don’t show up for a week at school Isaac gets worried. You make sure he knows that you were right when he finally finds you. (part 2 will be the rest of the prompt)

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Not Again (part two)

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Word count: 1702 words (holy shit!!!!)

Warnings: minor argument, kidnapping, torture, unsure about anything else.

a/n: this is part one, there will be a part two soon. i loved writing this one so much! :-)

“Isaac, look at me.” You held your best friends face in your hands, forcing him to look at you. You were careful to make sure your claws were retracted. “Isaac, just listen to me okay. You can control this, just focus.”

“I’m going to hurt you,” his voice was rough as he was trying to control his breathing.

“You’re not going to hurt me, just focus your mind on something else,” you let go of his face, moving to check his restraints.

“Why aren’t you restrained?” He asked, looking up at you.

“I’ve found how to control it. You have to find your anchor,” you sat down in front of him, pulling a bag of lollies from your bag. “It can be a person, thing, feeling or even saying. Just focus on whatever it is.”

“It’s… too much…” Isaac’s breathing was getting shorter, his claws coming out.

“Isaac Lahey. You will listen to me,” you said, shoving your lollies and bag aside. “Don’t you dare shift. There’s a few more hours until dawn, you can do this.”

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“Far fetched” metas I’m still not ready to let go of:

Malia and Liam are siblings. Their mother is the Desert Wolf, who lives with Liam. She gave up Malia, potentially still Peter’s daughter, for adoption to a local shifter – Mrs. Tate as potentially a Hale cousin? (As Tate is her married name.)

Liam’s mother, who married the new head of the hospital for Beacon Hills, is actually the (reformed) Desert Wolf. (Cliche “I fell in love and settled down.”) Peter Hale is still supposed to be dead.

Malia herself IS the actual Desert Wolf, but confused and deaged after she got stuck in the coyote shift for so long. Which means that the girl who was in the car crash is dead. (Introduces more problems that it solves in terms of making sense, but it’s still fun.)

Mrs. Tate IS the Desert Wolf, and mother to both Malia and Liam. She didn’t die in the car crash, but she thought both of her daughters didn’t make it. Her older daughter ends up early shifting because of this event. Which is caused by:

The car crash was when someone attacked the Tates. The scratches on it were an adult man’s hand. Scott has a memory of attacking child!Malia – and we know he’s seen Peter’s memories before (although not since season 1). A left over memory event, like Jackson had Derek’s (or Peter’s) memories of the Hale House? (I still think Derek makes more sense, as he was the one who pushed wolfsbane and werewolf blood into Jackson’s neck. This is why he looks concerned when he sees Peter do the same thing but on purpose.)

Liam was born “Baby Malia” and intersex, and is Peter Hale’s child. He lives with his mother, the Desert Wolf (in disguise). *actual theory

Braeden post-season 4 time travels to season 3A to warn Alpha McCall about what the Alpha Pack does, possibly because something happens in Season 5 with Deucalion. (”Fun” tip: “You’re Allison” - Pre-time-travel-Braeden never got to meet Allison because she was dead in her timeline.)

Deucalion, at some point, did an Alpha Mind Fuck on SOMEONE other than Isaac. 

Isaac wasn’t only worried about the Alpha Pack, he saw that something else was coming to Beacon Hills. 

Jennifer Blake/Julia Baccari was also Nurse Jennifer, and was a former resident of Eichen House after her attack by Kali and the resulting loss of identity. She was encouraged by Dr. Vallack/Void who teaches her how to control moths/beetles like he controls flies. 

Agent McCall has someone surprising waiting for him back at home. Options include a pregnant wife, a new girlfriend, another son, a boyfriend.

The Moment On The Stairs that Void!Stiles taunts Melissa with, saying that Stiles heard everything, was more serious than anyone remembers because Agent McCall is an Alpha or knew an Alpha who Mind Fucked the memories of Scott, Melissa and the Sheriff.  Everyone involved says it was a complete accident. So why did Stiles think it was such an huge secret? Was it really that they just never told Scott how drunk his father had been? Did Stiles just assume it was an attack on purpose, and had been sitting on that? Or did Stiles hear Melissa tell the Sheriff that Rafael wolfed out and (most likely still accidentally) knocked Scott down the stairs and to come over and help her, and Rafael took their memories and left in shame that he lost control and hurt his family?

Jordan Parrish is a Time kitsune. This leads him to deage himself to 24, and possibly he messes up and forgets who he is – leading him to believe he is actually 24. His powers, like Lightning Kira, would still include super strength and glowing eyes. However it means he is NOT immune to fire – instead he turned back his clock to a time right before he started to burn. He remembers burning because he DID burn, he just reversed the effect on his body. This is why his hair and nails are intact. 

Teen Wolf Time Tangle. At some point in season 5, they go back in time due to a Time Kitsune. These moments may include the Hale fire (Derek and Laura not being there - although it would make sense for this to be a fixed point, or to gain Talia’s claws), Malia’s car crash, Jackson’s parents car crash, the werewolf Packs big meet up, the Glen Capri when Alexander Argent shoots himself (the man and woman going down the stairs being Scott and AllisonKira), Deucalion knowing that Lydia or Danny were important to the ending, and when Braeden goes back to save Isaac and warn Alpha Scott.)

Danny was the Monitor. The Benefactor plot line had 3 components : 1. Peter - The Plan. He was the one who organized the whole idea of a dead pool for supernatural beings. 2. Lorraine - The Means. She created a machine that could locate supernatural beings. 3. Meredith - The Knowledge. She was the link that pulled Lorraine and Peter’s ideas together. BUT under HER was: 3A. Brunski - The Force. He did the physical parts that she couldn’t do and 3B. Danny - The Monitor. He handled the technological aspects of it. Brunski was still using fucking cassettes. He wasn’t equipped to respond via technology the way the money needed to be transferred. Meredith was never shown with an aptitude for manipulating technology, only that she had Telepathy. It was Danny who turned all the Printers on by force of will, even when they were not plugged in. It was Danny who was arrested at 13 for a crime committed with Technology. It was Danny who received the texts about the death, and might even have just confirmed by checking technology around the event. (Hacking into the camera phone, etc.) Using laptops to trap the person confirming Scott’s death was never going to work.