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Hello! I was wondering if you could help me find a way to get rid of someone in my life. They're really triggering to my past, and just basically push all my buttons. I end up feeling drained after them, and as a fairly new witch I would really appreciate some help!

After a quick search of banishing on my blog, I have found a few things that might be helpful to you!

Breelandwalker’s Banishing Powder
“Please Leave” Banishing Powder
Banishing Masterpost (lots of goodies)
“Can you not” Spell Jar
Letting go Banishing Spell
Paint The Mirrors Black: Banishing/Binding Thing
Removing toxic friends
Restraining Order Bottle

You can also check out my curse tag, if thats your thing! Lots of goodies for getting someone the hell out of your life for good there.

Also, on the mundane side of things, a “get the hell out of my life, I never want to see you again ever” works pretty well too on most people. Good luck!

I should really shut up about this but I’m tired of the cherry picking

MatPat was NOT SAYING that the gamer community was equivalent to the oppression of actual minority groups.  He was using the gamer community as an EXAMPLE to explain his point about heuristics and about how people in an out group make assumptions about an in group, about how generalization works.

He NEVER compared the bad rap that the gaming community has to what happened in Orlando.  He used an analogy that MADE SENSE to his audience to explain what he was talking about, how the brain has evolved to make assumptions about groups that are different from it.

And yeah I saw somewhere someone said that he claimed the brain was evolutionary disposed to be anti-Muslim?  not what he said.  What he did say was that the way that the media frames Muslims causes the brain to create assumptions about the group as a whole, which is something the brain does for EVERYTHING.

He was emphasizing that the brain automatically creates assumptions about people and groups that it doesn’t belong to and doesn’t take the time to examine.  It IS an evolutionary tactic: the brain doesn’t want to devote time and energy to things that are different so it makes quick connections for the ease of processing. 

He was doing the thing that Tumblr claims it believes in: encouraging people to think critically about those assumptions your brain makes and put in the effort and work to overcome them.

And now I will finally be done talking about this issue.

Junhong is such an amazing dancer. I could watch him dance for days and never get bored. He reminds me of a calm flowing river most of the time. His movements are very fluid and it’s very easy to move from one spot to another without tripping over his own feet. Honestly, when I went to LOE and it turned out to be Junhong dancing most of the time without any of the other members singing or anything, I wouldn’t be extremely upset. Sure I’d be upset that I didn’t get to see the original dances and hear everyone singing and everything, but getting to watch him dance, no singing or rapping, just him and the music, I would sit there and watch him do the chicken dance for 5 or 6 hours and still be entertained, because he’d manage to change it up so that it was still the chicken dance, but it would be different and unique only to Junhong. And I feel that since Pillow Talk came out, that’s all some of us, me included, can think about and I don’t want to forget about any of this other amazing dances because of Pillow Talk. I mean, sure I’ll still spazz about Pillow Talk, but I’m going to make sure I remember the other things he danced as well. I don’t know where I was going with this, but I just had to say something about it.

today I bought the 5 y/o I nanny this toy at the beach for like $1.50 ….. it’s one of those hand games where u push the buttons and it blows the little plastic hoops in the water and u try to get it to land on a spoke, right….. and then she sat on my lap & played it (for like half an hour) (a long time for a 5 yo) & said and I quote: “I love this toy. this is my favorite toy I’ve ever had. can I bring it home? I’m going to keep it forever. I love pushing buttons. pushing buttons is my favorite thing to do. buttons are the best. they’re so pushy! do you like pushing buttons? if I could I would push buttons for the rest of my life.” then she got really sad and said “but I can’t…”

Just a few of the reasons I love you as much now as I did back then…

You know how to handle me. When I’m sad, you cheer me up and when I’m angry, you find a way to calm me down.
I always enjoy our time together and I never want it to end. It doesn’t matter to me where we go or what we do as long as I get to spend time with you.
Oddly enough, I like how you push my buttons. You know what to do or say to get to me and I find that amusing because you do it playfully.
You always teach me things. I like how you tell me about cars and the Zulu wars and life in general.
I also like that you’re so different from me. You’re spontaneous, adventurous, and strong, all qualities I find attractive.
Sometimes I think you need me as much as I need you.

Who else knows what Big Bad Beetleborgs is?

Because I used to watch it as a kid and was kinda bonkers for it. I found it on Netflix a couple weeks ago. Finally decided to watch the first episodes to see how it actually is (tbh I only really remembered some fight scenes and a couple funny slapsticks).

Well, people, it’s bad. The acting is bad, the dialogues are bad, there is so much slapsticks and stupid jokes. The characters are also ridiculously cliché (except maybe Jo, the girl and the youngest, who also happens to be the strongest of the group. Gosh I loved her as a kid. I wanted to be her), .

This show is so so bad and so so… 90s. So 90s, in fact, that they made 90 episodes of The Big Bad Beetleborgs.

I fucking love it.

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why does bill hate being called 'demon'?

Excellent question! I’ll answer this one or my triangle’s gonna throw a fit.

Simply referring to him as ‘demon’ is disrespectful in Bill’s eyes…well, eye. Calling him “a demon” or something like that is fine but just giving him the name demon doesn’t really go over big with him. Mostly it’s the way it’s said, but let’s face it Bill’s got an ego as big as the universe. He calls himself a “dream demon” if only for simplicity and to describe his general mischief, but in reality it barely scratches the surface of Bill’s capabilities and who he is- he’s more along the lines of a ‘Chaos God’. Bill in general is a bit of an enigma- it’s difficult to fully comprehend what he is.

He only allows certain people to call him “demon” like Rocker and ER because he knows it’s not out of disrespect. Most others who have approached him with the word have made it so it’s synonymous with “beast” or “animal”, and that’s the last thing Bill wants to be thought of as. So basically it’s all in how it’s used and who it’s used by.

1. “Will you please just give me a hand?” HAPPY

Cleaning the house from top to bottom was a stress reliever for me.

Momma Lowman was making her first visit to mine and Happy’s place and I wanted everything to be perfect. Happy had told me that I was over doing it but I didn’t want to hear it.

Hap currently had his ass glued to the couch with an ice cold beer in his hand just watching me clean.

For some reason that just made me stress even more.

Taking the Windex, I began wiping down the windows. After I finished that task, I went and got the broom and dust pan.

He still sat there, watching as I swept. When it came time to sweep under his feet, he didn’t want to move them, just to push my buttons.

I gently kicked his leg, then cocked out my hip, holding myself up with the broom.

“Will you please just give me a hand?” I asked, throughly aggravated.

Hap gave me a dark smile as he put down his beer, then sat back into the cushions.

I scoffed, “C'mon Hap. Work with me here!”

Like a snake striking it’s prey, Hap reached out, grabbing me at the waist and pulling me onto his lap.

I shrieked, catching myself by grabbing his shoulders. I felt him, completely erect under me.

“Umm, well, hello there.” I said, caught off guard.

He slipped his hands underneath my tank,  unhooking my bra and pulling it off like I’d done it myself.

“You need to fucking relax, baby.” He voice  rasped.

I rolled my eyes, “There’s alot to do Hap and you’re not helping me!”

He yanked me closer to him, his hard on brushing against me through his jeans.

He leaned in, laying wet, open kisses on my neck.

“I’ll give you hand, baby.” He chuckled darkly as he slipped his hand into my shorts.

My eyes rolled shut, a moan escaping from me.

What was I saying about needing a hand?

I’ve fallen into a pit of faberry feels thanks to re-reading some of my favorite fics.

Send help pls


Fuck nonblack parents who have black kids and don’t learn shit about their hair.

Just…fuck those people. I don’t care if you’re tired or overwhelmed, if you’ve had the kid for MONTHS, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

Boys are easy, too. Yeesh. This will always be a thing that pushes my buttons because it is so little and so big at the same time. Am I an expert? Fuck no but I am learning because it is a goddam priority because it matters.

Everyone in my fam is pissed at me cause I said I was busy writing something. LIKE WHAT THE FUQ. Like they had a conversation about something and I had no fucking clue what the hell anyone was talking about because I didn’t hear shit so when they asked me a question about something I didn’t even hear I snapped because fuck I don’t know so now everyone is god damn pissed at me and what the actual fuck….. Like I want to cry. Fuck this.

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All of this voting is getting to me. I woke up with my hand down my pants "pushing buttons" trying to vote in my sleep smfh. Anyway keep pushing kru we can do this!!!

HHFJSJFKSNCKSJC GOOD MORNING EVERYONE. We got some good numbers overnight…but so did they. We’re getting incredible numbers…but so are they. We can’t vote just as fast as them, we have to vote twice as fast so we can close the gap and take them!!! There’s exactly 24hrs left. We can do this.