pushing me away

“So that’s it,” stated Dean, his eyes glistening with tears. “You’re not even going to try?”

You sniffed, wiping the tears from your cheeks. “That’s the problem, Dean,” you choked back a sob. “I have tried. You always manage to push me away somehow.”

Dean sighed and looked at you helplessly. “Please,” he pleaded. “Please just…hold on for a minute. Let me-”

You shook your head, a new set of tears threatening to fall as they blurred your vision. “I can’t, Dean. I’ve been holding on for so long…I don’t even know what I’m holding on to anymore.” “I can change, Y/N/N,” he mumbled. “I swear. I can change. Just let me figure out what to do with this damn Mark of Cain and-”

You shook your head. “It’s never going to stop. And as long as this goes on, I don’t want to be near it. I love you so much, Dean. I don’t want to see you get hurt.”


“Goodby, Dean.”

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I never regret the day that I met you. I never regret the day that I love you. I never regret that I’ve waited for you. But then, you pushed me, slowly, I walked away. I hope you never regret what you did, because this time I might not regret leaving you after all this time that I stay.


“So how was your first day of school?” I ask trying, while slowly inching closer to her. 

“It actually wasnt too bad, it’s a lot harder then high school.” Her face lights up as she tells me about her classes. 

It’s so simple but this is what I’ve missed most about her, she’s just so happy and easy going, no shit I could listen to her talk about something she is passionate about all day long.

I end up sliding close enough I get a whiff of her scent, she still smells like something citrusy, I used to love how after we’d hang out II’d go home and still smell like that. 

“Whoa.” her hands come up and push me away,”You’re a little close there.”  

I bit my lip to stop the smile from breaking out on my lips, she’s just so cute. 

“Can I ask you something.” 


“Does your girlfriend know you’re here.” 

My eyes fall to my lap, of course she’d bring up Soleil. Instead of speaking I shake my head no. 

“She’d lose her shit you know?” 

“Yeah I know.” 

“Then why bother Bentley. You had a choice, you chose her.” 

“What if I chose wrong.” I ask finally raising my eyes to meet her’s.”What if I made the biggest mistake letting you go.” 

She exhales, her breath fans across my face, sweet and warm just like her. Her eyes well up with unshed tears and I fucking hate myself for making her cry. 

“Em I’m sorry.” I try to reach for her hand but she pulls it away before I can get a grip on it. 

Then she’s standing up, her arms cross her chest again, closed off and defensive,”I think you should go know.” 


I don’t know how to fix this, I wish I did because I would do whatever it takes, I want to demand for her to tell me, I want to beg for her to give me another chance. but I Don’t, I silently follow her to the front of her house. 

    '' Tea Party ''
pushing me away/acoustic
  • pushing me away/acoustic
  • Jonas Brothers

Okay, so try to listen and don’t cry. It might be a really old song but if you were there to sing this song when it was new and if you’re still here it means that you’re more than just a fan, you’re part of the JB family. I honestly can feel all the emotions possible when I listen to them, and specially this song. Their acoustic voices makes me go to another world, i feel better. I know everyone say this but I’m still alive because of the Jonas Brothers, when I felt like I didn’t have anyone I knew that I had them and I’ll always will.

I don’t and I won’t believe that they might broke up, why? cause I believe in them. I believe that family are forever, I stayed and I’m not going anywhere.

Sincerely yours,

A Jonas Fan.


We don’t make  e y e s  …

           ready, love? *makes eyes*