pushing limitz

Fierce N Foxy

At Pushing Limitz we fully encourage and support our female athletes. This album is dedicated to all of those female athletes that have a “fierce” passion on the inside and keep it “foxy” on the outside. Here’s to the women that are out there crushing, conquering, and pushing the limitz of both the action sports industry and the world’s idea of female athlete stereotypes.


                  Do you remember those glorious days when school was cancel because of a “Snowday”. Maybe some of us have never had those days, but that’s ok.  Whether you have been in, seen, or hear about snow, we all have a very clear visual of what a good time in the snow should look like. From good old-fashioned snowman building, to the traditional sledding, snow can be peaceful or something extreme if your into action sports. This album shows what happens when the action sports industry takes snow and does something with it.