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Not Northside Material - Part 1

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A/N: It’s me, back from the dead and this time… sweeter. Anyway, here have this. The next few parts are already written, I just have to edit them and I’ll post them depending on the reaction to this one because its been a while and I’m rusty, ya kno? so pls let me know what you think.

Summary: There’s a new girl at Southside High and that means new entertainment for the Serpents. 

Word Count: 2,625

Warnings: Swear words, Serpents, and that’s all so far

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“It’s apparently chronic pain awareness month, and I just have to put some stuff out there…

…Please stop advocating for policies that aim to reduce opioid addiction. Because while it’s a noble concept to want to help those in the thick of an opioid addiction, there’s some things you should know:

1. The policies that end up getting put in place are often ones that prevent chronic pain patients from accessing opiates for their pain. The uncomfortable truth is, for some of us patients, opiates are the only meds that consistently provide relief for our pain.
And what ends up happening when you make it harder to access opiates isn’t really that drug addicts stop finding sources for their additions, it’s that chronic pain patients have to fight 1,000 times harder to get care. They are also often accused of "drug-seeking behavior” and thus left in pain *and* stigmatized.

2. When you *do* make it harder to access opioids, and more and more chronic pain patients are denied care, this actually makes the opioid epidemic *worse*. By denying pain patients care in doctors offices, this can inadvertently push them to seek drugs on the street, which means they might end up getting what they *think* is, say, Norco, or Percocet, but it’s neither. It can also push them to use drugs like heroin simply because it’s the only thing they can access to manage their pain.

The risks of this are exponential. When a pain patient seeks care outside of a medical environment, they risk addiction, overdose, and death. If we simply allowed doctors to treat pain, no holds barred, pain patients would be far more likely to adhere to a pain plan, and stay safe.

3. Be honest with yourself– do you actually care about addicts or do you just want to make it harder for them to get opiates? Because as far as I’m concerned, policies like the above do nothing for addicts or pain patients. Addictions thrive in secrecy. If we decriminalize or legalize all drugs, the secrecy element is suddenly unnecessary. In turn, there will be less risk or shame perceived by addicts to seek care for their addictions.

It’s also important we do not rush the process of detoxing addicts. The chemical dependency of a given addiction should *always* be given precedent and due concern above the learned behavioral elements. Also, 12-step programs work for some, but definitely not most. Alternatives should be offered.

4. Finally, and I stress this– many addicts are also chronic pain patients. We do neither population justice when we refuse to treat their pain. I deem it far more reckless to deny addicts *and/or* pain patients care than to openly acknowledge that may be a concern for them, but prescribe them meds under your supervision and care. That way, the risks can be effectively managed, along with the pain.

Just please stop restricting care for those who need it.“

Let’s Talk About ADHD

Of all the mental disorders out there, none is taken less seriously than ADHD. Lots of people believe that it’s made up. Some people believe that ADHD is nothing more than bad parenting. And plenty of people believe that it’s an excuse to medicate otherwise normal children. But here’s the thing:

ADHD is a very real disorder, and it profoundly affects the lives of those who have it. 

Let’s look at some facts about people with ADHD:

- 35% of teens with ADHD will not complete high school - that’s double the dropout rate of average teens.

- 30% of kids with ADHD will fail a year of school, or be required to repeat a grade.

- 45% of kids with ADHD get suspended from school at some point.

- Only 5% of teens with ADHD will earn a college degree, compared to 28% of the general population.

- Only 0.06% of people with ADHD will earn a graduate degree, compared to 5.4% of the general population.

- They have four times as many car accidents as the general population.

- They are 4 to 9 times more likely to go to prison.

- They are 11 times more likely to be unemployed.

- 61% will be fired at some point, compared to 43% of the average population.

- They earn, on average, $2 less per hour than their non-ADHD counterparts.

- They run a significantly higher lifetime risk of depression, anxiety, and antisocial disorders than people without ADHD.

ADHD is not a made-up disorder; it is a very real thing that has a profound effect on the lives of people who have it. 

So what other myths about ADHD are floating around?

- Contrary to popular belief, ADHD is under-diagnosed. While there is some evidence to suggest that little boys are being over-diagnosed with it, girls are being grossly under-diagnosed. Teachers and parents’ are quick to recognize the disorder in boys; girls with ADHD, on the other hand, are dismissed as ‘ditsy’ or ‘spacey’, preventing them from getting the help they need. Doctors estimate that ADHD occurs equally in boys and girls, but boys are six times more likely to be diagnosed and treated.

- ADHD is not a childhood disorder. Studies have found that anywhere from 30% to a whopping 80% of childhood cases of ADHD continue on into adulthood, affecting sufferers for the rest of their lives. Even when cases don’t continue, the education gaps created in early years can affect a person long into adulthood.

- ADHD is not caused by diet. The vast majority of cases of ADHD are genetic. Other major causes include prenatal exposure to alcohol, and traumatic brain injuries. No cases are caused by food dyes, or excessive consumption of sugar.

- ADHD is not a “short attention span”. People with ADHD do not lack attention spans, they lack the ability to regulate their attention. When people with ADHD discover an activity that highly interests them, they can focus on it single-mindedly for hours, ignoring all other activities, much like you’d see in autism. 

- ADHD medication doesn’t turn kids into “zombies”. At least, not if they’re on the right one. The medications prescribed for ADHD are not addictive or dangerous. In kids with ADHD, the proper dose of of the right medication can ease symptoms and allow children to regulate their attention and control their impulses. Untreated children with ADHD are more likely to grow up to be drug or alcohol addicts; medication significantly reduces that risk. 

ADHD is one of the most common mental illnesses that any of us will encounter, but despite that, it remains poorly-understood, and is not treated as a serious disorder. People have grown skeptical of the disorder entirely, and look down on cases of ADHD as poor parenting or simple ‘drug-pushing’. The reality is that ADHD can make it extremely difficult to lead a normal life or achieve goals, and no one should look down on the treatments that make it possible for so many people to function. 

Teacher cold: it’s like a man cold, in that you bitch to anyone who’ll listen about how shit you feel, but you insist on going to work anyway, because THE KIDS. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE KIDS IF I TAKE THE DAY OFF???

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Why are you pleased with Lydia going back into the arms of her abuser? Do you forget that he emotionally and verbally and possibly physically abuse her? He belittled her. Didn't let her be strong. Or smart. And she grew. She has had so much character development because of what Jackson did to her. And you're "glad" she's going to let it all down.

Ok, please move to another inbox if you want someone to lament with you about how evil Jackson abused poor, innocent Lydia. This is absolutely not what happened in canon and it’s completely inaccurate to either of their characters.

They were a toxic relationship. Let me put that out there straight away. I also want to say at the start of this that I genuinely quite like Lydia. That said: yes, initially, they were incredibly toxic and if I imagined them continuing on the way they were at the start then I’d absolutely not be shipping them. But that’s not because of poor Lydia and how “Jackson was abusive.”

I mean… please. Please go rewatch s1. Lydia was every bit as bad as Jackson: emotionally manipulating him, making him feel worthless and replaceable with very pointed and specific threats to leave him if he didn’t constantly perform, constantly win, constantly outpace every other person on the team. She pushed him to take drugs despite his doctor’s suggestions, because she “doesn’t date losers” and needed him to win a lacrosse match injured. Hell, she went and made out with Scott just because he performed particularly well in lacrosse one day (you can blame the full moon for Scott’s actions there; you can’t blame anything for Lydia’s. And if caring about Jackson doesn’t move you, remember that Allison, her best friend, wasn’t even a consideration to her there).

She is honestly a large part of the reason Jackson was so hostile toward Scott and why he sought out becoming a werewolf in the first place –– because in his eyes, in Lydia’s eyes, he was totally replaceable if he wasn’t the best; he wasn’t good enough if he even tied for first.

Does this excuse Jackson’s behavior? No, he was a dick. But I hate when people try to make him out like this abusive villain, when Lydia was there Lady Macbeth-ing Jackson’s rivalry with Scott, getting him to overmedicate and play sports injured for the sake of her image… and don’t tell me Lydia wasn’t consciously playing on all of Jackson’s insecurities. Don’t insult Lydia’s intelligence like that. We know that Jackson didn’t feel connected to his parents, know that Lydia was his anchor and literally the person who confirmed his entire sense of identity at the end of s2. Her opinion mattered to him, and the thought of being left by her would have been shattering to him, and Lydia absolutely knew that and played Jackson’s strings to make sure he stayed as “presentable” as she needed him to be.

And why in the world are you saying that Jackson didn’t let Lydia be strong or smart? It’s not like Jackson knew how brilliant she was and told her to hide it. These were Lydia’s personal choices because at the beginning of the show she was policing herself and her own image just as much as Jackson’s, and thought that she needed to be the dumb pretty girl while he was the jock, king of the school. Lydia grew up and became more confident in herself and realized what really mattered throughout the seasons, but her playing dumb early on isn’t in any way because Jackson made her.

In short? They were both manipulative, insecure, selfish jerks in the early seasons. You say that Lydia’s grown since then and I absolutely agree. But I also absolutely believe that Jackson’s grown since then. Do you think he went through the kanima experience and didn’t grow, humble, settle into himself, and generally become a more secure (and therefore better –– since really most of his dickish behavior was based on insecurity) person?

I’m not in any way saying people have to ship them. And I’m not in any way dismissing how toxic they were early on. I ship these two because of their potential, and how well I can see them both working once they did a lot of growing up and rediscovering themselves, and each other. And if you don’t, that’s fine.

But please don’t reduce early Lydia to a victim or Jackson to her abuser. That’s just… insulting to both of them, honestly.


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Shawn and the boys were out at a club, celebrating someones birthday. 

He didn’t care about the party, the only thing he cared about was the girl that was holding his hand. 

Y/n was able to get off last minute, and he convinced her to come with him. 

She’s been holding his hand since they walked in and he couldn’t be happier, he didn’t want her to leave his side. 

“You look amazing.” He whispers into her ear.

“So you’ve said.” She giggles, sipping on her drink. 

“I’m gonna say it all night.” He says moving his hand from hers and pulling her to him by her waist. She looks up at him, face red, eyes a bit glazed from the alcohol. “I hate to leave your side, but I have to pee.”

“I’m okay Shawn, promise.”

“I’ll be back in less than five minutes.” He says kissing her cheek. He rushes off to the bathroom, leaving her standing alone at the bar.

His friends are on the dance floor with their girls, but she doesn’t quite know them yet. She’s digging into her purse, looking for her chapstick when a guy walks up to her. 

“Hey their Beautiful.” He slurs, crashing into her. She looks up, confused, and starts to back up a bit. “I got you a drink.” 

“Thanks.” She says warily as he sets it in front of her. It looks the same as the ones she’s been drinking all night, but she doesn’t trust it. 

Brian looks over, noticing this guy getting too close to her. He then starts to look around for Shawn, confused as to why he left her alone. 

She discreetly dips her pointer finger into the liquid in the cup, stirring her finger around. Her eyes go wide as the polish on her finger changes color, indicating that this drink has been drugged. She pushes the cup away and starts to try to get away. 

But he grabs her wrist roughly. 

“It’s rude to leave a drink untouched.” He growls at her.

At this time she doesn’t want to do anything but get away from him. 

“Leave me alone.”

“Drink your drink.”

“No thank you.”

“I said to fucking drink.” He leans in, gaze angry. His grip on her tightens and she winces in pain. 

Brian watches the interaction, pushing people out of the way to get to her. He arrives as Shawn does, both of them pulling this guy away. Shawn starts shoving him, yelling at the guy and Brian stares at her. 

He’s asking her if she’s okay, if she’s hurt. But she can’t focus on anything. Her minds mush. 

“I just want to go home.” She stutters out. 

“Shawn.” Brian says getting Shawn’s attention. But Shawn’s seeing red, ready to beat the shit out of this guy. 

As both of the boys are distracted Y/n gets away. She wants to be away from everyone, be by herself. She rushes outside, leaning against the wall, breathing heavy. 

The paparazzi are outside, probably heard that Shawn is here. So she slips to a near by alley. She stands in the dark, breathing hard. She’s trying to control it, to calm herself, but she can’t. She needs Shawn to help. 

“Y/n!” She hears from out by the front. 

Brian and Matt rush by the opening of the alley where she is. They are both calling for her. Then a familiar giant starts to walk by. She reaches out, grabbing his arm. His head snaps to her, his frantic eyes searching her face. 

“Baby.” He sighs, pulling her to him. “Fuck I was so scared something happened to you.” 

She still is in shock, or panic. The panic is over taking her body, she can’t speak, can barely breathe.

He notices, taking his jean jacket off, throwing it on around her shoulders. 

“Breathe Y/n.” He says holding her up. “Breathe.” He’s scared again, she just can’t get enough air.

“I….can’t,” She struggles.

“Breathe with me, deep breaths.” He says, slowing his own breathing and taking in deep breaths.

She nods, watching him and follows his pattern of breaths he’s created. 

Within a few short minutes, she’s breathing normally again.

She looks up at him, a car drives by causing a light to flash on his face. She inhales sharply when she sees the dark bruising forming around his right eye. 

“Shawn.” She whispers, bringing her hand up to lightly touch his bruise.

“I’m okay. Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” He asks, looking over her body to check if she’s okay.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” She stutters over her words.

“What happened?”

“You left, and he walked up telling me he got me a drink. I was skeptical so I tested the drink and it turned out to have some sort of drug in it, as I tried to get away he grabbed me. He got mad that I didn’t drink the drink and as he got in my face you and Brian stepped in.”

“He tried to drug you?” Shawn asked, voice shrill. 


“How did you know?”

“My nail polish changed color.” Is the only explanation that she could come up with. 

“Your what?”

“My nail polish.” She held up her finger with the changed polish. He still looks confused. “My nail polish, when submerged in a liquid will change color when the water has been drugged.”

“Yeah yeah yeah, that’s the invention those college guys came up with. Have you been drugged before?”

“No.” She says confused.

“Then why do you have the polish?”

“Because it made me feel better when I went to parties with my friends.”

“Yeah, but what made you wear it tonight?”

“It has become a tradition that I wear it whenever I go out and alcohol will be involved. I don’t know, like my security blanket. This was the first time I’ve ever used it.”

It was then that they both hear the sirens. 

“Who called the cops?”

“Geoff, we couldn’t find you.” Shawn says taking her hand and walking her back to the entrance.

“There you are.” Matt says, walking past the cop.

“Is this the victom?” The cop asks Brian.

“Yeah.” Brian nods pulling you into a hug.

“Are you okay ma’am?” 

“Yeah just a little shaken up, just needed some air.”

“He tried to drug her.” Shawn spits out.

“What?” The cop asks. “How do you know?”

“I have the color changing polish.” She explains and the cop decides that he’s gonna take the guy in. 

She goes through the process she needs to, when finished with her statement they tell her she can go home. She goes over and finds Shawn who’s being examined by another cop. 

“I’m fine sir.”

“Make sure you get that cleaned soon, it’ll get infected if you don’t.”

“I’ll make sure of it.” She interrupts. Shawn grabs her hand pulling her into his chest. 

The cop walks away and goes back to his partner.

“Can you take me home?” She asks softly. He nods, taking her back to his jeep. 

They leave and go home. It’s silent in the car, both still in shock to discuss it. When they arrive they both get out, embracing each other as they walk to the door. 

They walk in and he goes to the kitchen, grabbing a water. He stands by the sink, bracing himself against the counter. 

She goes to the bathroom, grabbing a wash cloth and the cleaning alcohol. 

She walks back to find him, and leans against the door frame holding the cloth and bottle. Shawn hangs his head, tugging at his curls. She walks up to him, resting a hand on his back, rubbing her hand up and down. He sighs and shakes his head again. 

“Shawn.” She whispers. He doesn’t respond, just grips the counter harder. “Look at me.”

He turns slowly, keeps his gaze down. She presses herself against him, dipping her head so she can look at his face. It’s then that she sees the tears in his eyes.

“Shawn.” She says, setting the cloth and bottle on the counter next to him. She takes his face into her hands. He sighs, closing his eyes letting a tear fall. She wipes it away. 

“I’m so sorry.” He whispers.

“You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I left you alone.”

“You had to pee, it’s not like you purposely left me there.”

“But if I had been there, you, you wouldn’t have been attacked like that.”

“But I’m okay.” She says softly. 

He rolls his eyes, taking her hand in his, looking at the bruises on her wrist from the guys death grip on her. 

“You’re more bruised than I am Shawn.” She huffs taking her wrist away from him. 

“Are you bruised anywhere else?” He asks roughly. 

“No.” She says shaking her head. “Not that I know of.” 

“Not that you know of?” He mumbles shaking his head.

“Hey.” She says catching his attention. “I’m okay, I promise.” He just stares at her as she dabs some alcohol onto the cloth. 

She turns back to him, staring into his eyes as she brings the cloth up to his face, hesitating before touching him. He just stares at her, so she starts to clean his cut face. 

He hisses when she touches him. 

“I’m sorry.” She whispers, continuing to clean his cut.

“Can you kiss it better?” He grins. She rolls his eyes at him. “But you’re okay though?”

“I’m fine.” She says nodding. “Pretty good actually.” She grins making eye contact again. His eyebrows come together. “You’re hot when you get protective.” 

“Well, no one gets to touch my girl like that. And then to try and fucking drug you, he’s lucky I didn’t kill him.” Shawn growls.

“Hey.” She says cutting him off. But he keeps going, so she kisses him to shut him up. He takes a second but kisses her back. 

“I love you.” She says pulling away.

“I love you too.” He says staring at her. “I should check on Brian.” He says grabbing his phone.

“Yeah maybe I should kiss him Thank you too.” She teases. 

“Too soon for teasing.” He says grabbing her waist, pulling her back to him. 

“I wanna take a bath.” She says slumping against him.

“Can I join you?”

“I was hoping you would ask.”

“We’re okay?”

“Yeah Shawn, we’re great.”

“I love you to much, the thought of losing you makes me feel sick.” 

“You are not losing me, ever.” She whispers as he hugs her. 

“Ever.” He repeats.

some otp (or character) tags for u inspired by my playlist,

i know what you’re thinking…. ANOTHER tag masterlist?? we get it!! however, in my personal opinion there can never be enough of these bad boys. plus a lot of my favorite songs and lyrics haven’t been used in any posts ⏤ so, here’s my contribution to the thousands of pre-existing posts just like this. hopefully this could be of some help to you!!

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Series: When you’re born, you can’t see a color until you meet the eyes of your Soulmate for the first time. Bangtan is known as one of the most infamous gangs around. This series will focus on the lighter side of things, their soulmates- Well, maybe they’re lighter. Maybe. 

Genre: Angst, Mafia!AU, Soulmate!AU, Fluff

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, mature themes, strong language, drugs, sexual themes

Word count: 4,591

Summary: Taehyung was the drugs guy for Bangtan. Back when they’d first started up, he knew he had to go to a bigger drug dealer and thus met you, The Talon of the mafia world.

In the world of gangs, you had a nickname. Well, you had many but mostly you were known as Talon. You weren’t quite too sure as of why, but the leader of SuJu found it fitting. You didn’t belong to any gang, you just supplied most of them with the drugs they needed. You were in and out all of the time, your loyalties lay scattered around the mafia world. You didn’t betray, you simply assisted everyone.

Taehyung prided himself for being the reason Bangtan was able to take off. He was the drugs guy and the reason they were able to put their feet through any door in the mafia world. Back in middle school, he’d been introduced to something as simple as pot. Then he’d loved it. He was addicted for too long before he was pulled away from it. Nobody tried to stop him, they just let him rock for a while.

The thing that made Tae stop was money. He realized if he pushed drugs instead of smoking all of them, he could pull more money in than he needed. So, now he was known about the drug dealer around school and eventually as the upcomer in the mafia world. However, he knew as they began he’d have to raise the stakes a bit with more than just simply weed.

So, he worked his magic and there you were. Waiting for him at this shady warehouse on a dock as he walked in lax as ever by himself. There were probably around a hundred people who had their eyes on him, but they were simply focused on you as you stood there with your eyes on the ground, waiting for his feet to come into view before peeking up.

As soon as the two of you made eye contact, a cocky smile appeared on his face as you kept up your strong demeanor. The inside of your mind was filled with racing thoughts. How could he be it? Sure, you didn’t seem too much older than him, but he was a child. You were even higher up than him in the Mafia world (Obviously) and you’d never depicted the man you’d be with as someone who matched your own power.

“V.” you greeted him with a tiny smile, not letting the other people in the room aware of the sensation of the color brown you’d both just felt. You cleared your throat before raising your voice. “I need everyone else in this room to scatter. Now. Everything is fine here, now go.” Then they ran like little rats, abiding by your every order.

You led him over to a couch in the back of the room and he sat onto it, immediately making himself comfortable with his feet up. “You’re breathtaking, Talon.” Those were the words you’d always remember as the first ones your Soulmate would ever say to you. “Glad you’re my baby girl.”

You scoffed at his cocky words. “You’re just a child, Taehyung.”

His eyes moved a bit as you spoke his real name, but he tried to keep his cocky attitude up. “I know you’re merely a year older than me,” he paused for a moment and turned his full attention to you, locking his beautiful hues with your own. “Y/N.”

You squinted your eyes at the informality of this situation and chuckled. “How do you know all of these things?”

“I have my connections, princess.” he chided himself on getting you a little bit irritated with him already. “Are we going to make this deal or not?” He sat up straight and clanged his feet onto the ground beneath you two.

You were surprised that he was quickly went back to the drugs after this whole Soulmate debacle. It was a strange indention on society with how you were almost morally obligated to drop everything you did for the event. You met his straight stance now and found yourself inching closer to him on the couch, unknowingly to yourself. “Yes, the Coke’s all here. You have the money?” you prided yourself on being able to hop back into the business act.

All you wanted to do was talk to him about- him. Not drugs. The one fucking time you brought your attention away from work it popped back up. You were all about the money and making sure everything was going good for your needs.

He plopped a load of cash into your hands from his bag and still sat with that cocky smile. “Here you go, princess.”

That nickname stuck as you saw him once a week to make this exchange. The two of you hadn’t spoken about the whole Soulmate thing until probably about two years into the dealing when he’d asked you if you could get him some meth. You were taken back by the request and in the lone warehouse you stood up in front of him. “Are you fucking joking?” you spat in his face as he buried himself deeper into the couch he’d found comfort in for a bit. “I know you and Bangtan think you’re tough shit, but that’s a fucking load of shit. You’re taking from EXO and other people’s markets and they get fucking pissed, Taehyung. Pissed.”

In one swift movement he reached forward and swept you off your feet onto his lap. You kept your legs tight together as he pulled you against his chest and moved your head so it rested in the crook of his neck. “Oh, Princess.” he crooned. “I know you know the world better than me, but I know Bangtan better than you. Trust me. We can handle it. I can tell you stories sometime, if you’d put some time aside to speak to me outside of our weekly meetings.”

You were too taken back by his boldness to even speak. You knew your face was beet red and you couldn’t move your body to even meet the eyes you’d dreamed of staring into for a while. “You- You can’t just do that!” you stuttered, not moving position. “You can’t see me once a week to sell you drugs and let me get to know you- Break my fucking demeanor and expect me to just simply settle for it!” He was chuckling behind you but for the sake of your anger, you chose to ignore it. “It’s not my fault we don’t speak, it’s you, Taehyung! You’re busy getting your nose into a dark and twisty world-”

“Well, that’s you right? Or the persona you’ve built. Sexy, dark, and twisty Talon.  The girl of every Mafia guys dreams.” You moved around so your body was facing him, your legs on both sides of him now. He licked his lips and looked you over. “But nobody knows you’re mine.”

That was your first kiss with your Soulmate. The smug fucking son of a bitch kissed you and it was a long kiss. He nipped at your lips a few times and you could feel a smirk heavy against your own with every teeth mark. It was a passionate kiss that you got so lost in until knocking broke your trance as his tongue traced your bottom lip. You pulled away and got off of him, dusting yourself off. “Enter.” you held your hand above your mouth to cover your swollen lips from your subordinate. “Yes, along with the usual order please calculate for meth as well. Thank you.” The door slammed heavy as your subordinate walked out to gather Taehyung’s supplies.

Tae was suddenly in front of you again and pulled your hand away only to lace his fingers with your own. He used his other hand to swipe across your lips and stopped at the slightest bit of blood that was drawn. He wiped it away and brought his finger to his own mouth, leaving you unsure if you were turned on or just confused. “Did I take your breath away?” he joked and let go. “Come over tonight, to Bangtan. I won’t let them know you’re the drug dealer if you don’t want- I’ll just say I ran into you at a bar and you’re my girl. My Princess. My Soulmate.”

You dropped your head only for it to be brought up with his fingers to make the eye contact you both severely enjoyed. “Yeah, I’ll come. However, I don’t know where you live. Bangtan is the only base I don’t know the coordinates of.”

“So you know every other one?”

“Don’t get any ideas, V.”

“Don’t call me that- C’mon Y/N.”

“And don’t call me that.” you snapped at his use of your name. Even if it was your own private warehouse, these walls were rarely ever safe. “I can’t leave here with you.” you crossed your arms over your chest and began to pace around.

Taehyung was fidgeting around from the loss of contact with you. He always felt the heat from your body radiating near him and it was one of his favorite things about the connection you two shared. “So sneak out and hop in my truck.”

You stopped your movement and turned to face him, rolling your eyes. “They won’t think it’s weird you stopped at a bar on your way back from a fucking drug deal?” He simply shrugged and you sighed. “I’m not helping you load your truck. I’m going to leave and go down to the bar on 42nd when you’re off of the docks. I’ll go get a little fucked up to make your story believable. You better think of a story.”

Then you walked out. You always managed to leave him speechless and a bit turned on. Taehyung licked his lips as he watched you leave, eyes scanning every sway. Your men helped him with the drugs to his van as you walked down the docks, earning every passerby’s looks. You were captivating to say the least and everyone seemed to want to know you.

There was this aura of intenseness that always flowed around you. There never seemed to be a dull moment and even with the way you walked, people were intimidated. It was never a thing you intended growing up, but you’d just simply been sucked into it like most people seemed to be when it came to the world of gangs. Instead of being scared, you simply embraced it and it soon became your world.

The bar was booming full of people and you made sure to separate yourself from the calls and noise. The bartender was automatically in front of you as you took a seat on the stool in front. “One gin and tonic.” you ordered, pulling out your phone to keep yourself distracted. The drink was in front of you within seconds and you were lost in your own world.

It was only a few minutes until you could hear your Soulmate’s voice floating in the bar. He was quickly making small talk upon entry in his own way which happened to be extremely loud and boisterous. He strode up to you and placed his hand on the small of your back. Instead of bothering with a hello he took a sip of your third drink and kissed your cheek, leaving a bit of wetness on it. “Ready?” he whispered and you rolled your eyes, nodding. He extended a hand to you and you just shook your head at it as it retreated back to his side.

As strange as it was for two people that had barely talked about more than drugs for years, the car ride wasn’t nerve wracking. Taehyung was very easy to make small talk with and on top of that full conversations were enjoyable too.

You joked for a bit about how far his home was and how dangerous it was to go this distance. You began to list off closer drug dealers and you just watched his eyes turn to your lips every second the road allowed. He rambled on and on that he could never let you lose your favorite customer and then about how much he wanted to “fucking kiss you so hard right now” and you could feel yourself blush, sadly.

“You know I have a cop badge, right?” he ended up bragging to you about it, but refused to tell you how he’d gotten it within his grasp. He said he couldn’t expose them and for some reason that made you laugh. In your head you ran through names and sort of figured out who it was, but for his little ego, you decided to drop it.

His smirk widened as you pulled into an extremely wealthy area and up to a home with a large fence around it. He pressed the intercom button and with only a nod was let inside. It all became clear as to why nobody had ever found the house of Bangtan and it was because it was too blatantly obvious. Most gang bases were kind of- shitty. This however, seemed lavish and extremely tasteful.

The gates slowly opened and in front of the house there were cars littering the giant driveway. He pulled up as far as he could go and slammed on the horn of the van. You collected your bag and before you could even open the door, he sprinted around to open it for you. He had this cute smirk on his face as you rolled your eyes getting out of the van.

“Oh princess, are you in for a treat.” he chuckled to himself and extended an arm that you refused. Before the two of you could take a step about five men barreled out of the house towards the two of you. Of course you recognized them as the rest of Bangtan, minus the leader that normally stalked off to the hospital at all times of the day. “Hey! This is Y/N! She’s my girl!”

If you were this “girl from the bar” persona that he wanted you to be, you would have been embarrassed at what Taehyung had yelled. Maybe she would have turned red and hid behind him, away from the pressure of meeting his “friends”. Except, you knew all about them and you knew who they were, despite you being a total stranger.

The only thought that truly loomed in your mind was if you were going to let them know you were their source for drugs. You knew Bangtan didn’t take too much advantage of others, but you didn’t even want to lead them on thinking you would. Putting Taehyung in the situation where Bangtan could get mad at him for not using you to get better deals of the drugs they constantly acquired.

“Ahh, she’s pretty.” the youngest one that you knew as Jungkook had a smirk on his face and Taehyung instinctively pulled your back into his chest as a defense mechanism. You could feel his hand tense around your waist where they had settled and you could only guess the look that was on his face right now. Probably annoyed.

“I know.” his voice wasn’t wavering but you could hear the slight bit of annoyance within it. You looked up at him since he basically towered over and there was a shit eating grin on his face. His other hand snaked down your backside towards your ass and you moved out of his grip before he could do just that. “Anyways, get these inside boys. We have a bunch of orders to carry out before the day ends. I’m not doing deliveries.”

He wrapped his arm back on your free party and pushed you along with him towards the front door. None of the other Bangtan boys said anything to you as you strode on past, they just scurried over to the van to get to work. There was no reason why Taehyung would be in charge of them in this moment, they were probably just trying to convince you he was possibly some big deal when you knew he lacked the power he was pretending to have.

“Why are you ordering them around?” you asked, raising an eyebrow as he shut the door behind you two.

He swept his free hand through his hair and bit his lip, obviously trying to get some kind of reaction from you. “Maybe they want me to impress you so you stick around.” he shrugged and you leaned your head onto his shoulder for a moment, feeling a smooth heat float over your cheeks. “Let me show you around.”

Surprisingly the Bangtan base was very much like a home. If it wasn’t for the drugs and guns laying all around there was no way to even tell that a gang lived here. There were stories of how tight knit they were and just this whole appearance justified it. Rumors were shot around about how they were formed but about a year ago Tae had let you in on the reason for it. The endearing nature of it could almost send flutters through your stomach of the magic of friendship. Just almost.

“My room is the first one on the left. We could go in there if you like.” He didn’t have to wink or make a face for the sexual intentions to come across. He wreaked sex and it kind of turned you on a bit. Even with the look that you shot him after he didn’t back down. You just rolled your eyes and stepped inside.

The room was decorated with drug labels and photography lining the walls. He had a desk that was piled with paper and with your expert vision you could make out the words on the top paper. It was a ransom note that was so obviously written by him. Obviously only you would know that as you knew his handwriting by now from the little note you’d find all over your warehouse from his visits.

“You left your lights on.” Was the only thing that you pointed out. He chuckled a bit and shut the door behind you. He took a seat in a rolling chair by his desk with his legs wide and his elbows leaned onto them. His dark eyes watched your movements as you made your way to a picture of a field with a boy standing on it on the wall.

The way the scene was framed was amazing. The lighting and even the pure intensity of it really caught your eye. “This reminds me of The Catcher In The Rye.” you didn’t turn to face him but the chair squeaked as he moved a bit closer to you. “The boy in it kind of seems like he has a purpose- but the cliff just looks so tempting.”

Your painted nails scratched at your lips as you leaned into your hand to study it even more. The paint was a bit chipped, but you hadn’t even had the time to fix it. Your orders had been filled to the brim and even this excursion would put you behind, but you knew it was time to take the leap to spend time with him.

There was no point in even denying that you didn’t want to get closer to the mystical V.  He was your soulmate and even with that you put off having more than a hour long conversation with the man. Even just the burning of his eyes on your back was enough to send sparks through you and you couldn’t imagine spending another day without it anymore. He would never know about it and he probably wouldn’t even ask.

“I never read that book.” he chuckled and his voice was directly behind you. “I don’t really read.” you turned to face him and caught him mid shrug.

“You should.” Before he could attempt to even touch you your feet were off to study another one. “Reading isn’t too bad. It’s nice down time.” Your eyes landed on a painting this time that was reminiscent to Van Gogh.

“And now you’re gonna tell me you like math too.” he laughed and stood up. With just a small push the chair flew back into place as he came to your side. You didn’t make a face at his comment but as your eyebrow raised, he seemed to notice it. “You do like math? That’s new. I’ve never met anyone who enjoyed that.”

“I was always good at it.” you crossed your arms as you walked away from him to focus on another piece of art. “So, when this whole thing came around it was just an exceptional bonus I seemed to have to make a lot of things easier. Also when I was spur out random numbers when I’m lying about prices, people are intimated.”

He was so focused on everything you were saying and it made your stomach do little whirls as he followed you around. As you came to the last photograph by “Vante”, you couldn’t help but wonder who the photographer was. Something about the way he was looking at you made you realize they were his photos. There was no way his ego would pass up the chance to speak on the matter, but there he was doing so.

You’d heard every step of him coming up behind you. Even if his light chuckles confirmed he thought you were sneaking up on him, you were aware of his every movement. As you always were. Even though you weren’t directly tied into a gang, you’d picked up small things from the men, woman, and such that had walked into your warehouse. Things such as how to hear things most normal people wouldn’t pick up on and how to undo knots and such. Casual things, of course.

Taehyung placed his large hands on your waist, dipping them into the pockets of your jeans. He leaned a bit into you and placed his head upon your shoulder. Without even realizing you were doing so, you curved your head atop his and the moment you realized, you jerked it back up. He snickered to himself, but kept in place. You wiggled a bit to try to shake him off, but instead his placed small kisses on the inner corner of your neck. The only response you could manage was keeping yourself quiet and tilting your head the opposite way to give him more room.

For a moment you could feel him smile into the skin before he began to suck on it, as harshly as you expected from Kim Taehyung. After a bit, he pulled away to look at the fresh bruises he’d just left on your skin. He unattached him longer limbs from your frame and reached out for your hand. You looked away for a moment but followed after him as he led you to the dark sheets that covered his queen sized bed.

There was no way you could be exactly prepared for how rough he was. The way pushed you onto the bed even was breathtaking. Even more so was the sight in front of you. He stood above you and slowly took off his shirt. His eyes never left your body for a split second as he bit his lip and stared down at you with dark eyes. His chest was toned and you figured he worked out, but knowing him he’d never admit it.

The walk towards you was frustratingly long as he licked his lips, but you moment he was above you his lips were beggingly on your own. With no time passing his tongue had slipped into your own mouth and began exploring your mouth. His kiss was full of little bites where he would just tug on your lip for a moment and chuckle to himself at the change of color before hungrily continuing. Your hands roamed from his light brown hair to his bare skin and all you wanted to do was simply touch him.

The moment a door was slammed, Taehyung was immediately off of you. He picked up your body and sat you up straight, fixing all of your moved clothing and loose hairs. Once you were all neat, he ran for his shirt and threw it on, fixing his hair in the mirror. Your face was blank and you were simply confused on why you were yanked from your euphoria.

“Rap Mon is home.” he whispered into your ear in case anyone was in the hallway. “I don’t want him to walk in here while my di-”

Then with perfect timing with your sour face, the door was busted open to reveal a tall man with blonde hair and a smile in the frame. In an instant, you recognized him as the leader of Bangtan. Little was known about the man Kim Namjoon, but all of the information you had on him brought him out to be a kind man. It was almost strange to find those within this world of criminals, thieves, and mercenaries.

Although the stories of him having a heart of gold were there, tales of him being a ruthless man existed as well. Bangtan had only been around for a short while, but the nefarious torture stories rang through the crowds and you’d overheard most from people who came for pick up. You always seemed to be prying for information.

“V.” he started with a small statement before stepping forward with an extended hand towards you. “You must be Y/N.  It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Kim Namjoon, a friend of your soulmates.”

He was being very subtle and it was almost concerning. The fact that he didn’t know who you were was the most concerning. There would truly be no reason for any of them to know your face, but the trust they had in Taehyung with a stranger was impressive. Most gangs that you knew barely had any faith in each other, as much as they prided themselves on being tight knit.

“Likewise.” you smiled and took his hand into yours. You tried to make your handshake lighter than your normal heavy hand that intimidated most. “This is a beautiful home you all have here.”

“Ah, thank you. Thank you.” his head dipped forward with every word. “V- can I speak to you for a moment?”

Then the two were gone and you could hear muffled yelling from outside the door. You took the time alone to lean back onto his bed, propping yourself up on your elbows. Once the screaming ceased, Taehyung walked back in with his casual smile on like he didn’t just get completely reamed out.

“He’s mad.” he shrugged and took a seat next to you. You cocked your head to the side to ask why. “He said he doesn’t want another girl caught up with our shit and then I did somethin’ stupid.”

“You told him.” the look on his face confirmed your words. “Should I leave?”  

Taehyung extended his hand towards you and placed it on your thigh. He rubbed it for a moment before catching your eyes. “You’re welcome with Bangtan. We aren’t like other gangs you may know… Y/N. We won’t use you.”

Before you knew it you laughed in his face, but the look he was giving you was convincing you otherwise. Your tendency was normally to deny the kindness that was normally fake- but this psychopath was genuine. The bubbling in your stomach only confirmed it all as his touch spent affirming sparks through your body.

Bangtan was trustworthy and so was Kim Taehyung.

Author’s Note: Hey everybody! Yes, I’m still making these! I hope you all enjoyed this part! This is Taehyung’s installment in my soulmate mafia au series! You can see Yoongi’s, Jungkook’s, Jimin’s, and Hoseok’s right there! Please, let me know your thoughts and feedback! Feel free to ask me any questions you have ! Thank you!!

Riverdale: Ethics & Archetypes

Cultural Signals and Actual Behaviors

@onceuponamirror has a fantastic meta that points out how Betty is held to such high standards as a character because she’s “literally several angelic tropes come to life, particularly in her appearance and demeanor.” And my brain went, Holy shit. That.

I’m fascinated by the intensity of some of the reactions to Betty blackmailing Cheryl in 2.02 and how, for some, this has fundamentally changed their view of Betty as a character.

I’ve said it before, but Betty’s behavior in 2.02 is in keeping with a long track record of similar actions, most memorably breaking into Ms. Grundy’s car to steal her gun and drugging then assaulting Chuck. She’s never been an Ideal Hero who always does the right thing for the right reason. From the start of the series, she’s been a pragmatist who, while generally well intentioned, is willing to do illegal or unethical things and prone to letting personal attachments drive her behavior.

I want to focus on two of Betty’s most problematic actions as examples: Betty drugging and assaulting Chuck in 1.03 and Betty blackmailing Cheryl in 2.02. In both cases Betty is acting to protect others and to right what she perceives to be a systemic injustice. And in both cases Betty’s actions have the primary intended effect of harming someone and forcing them act against their own interests. Both, too, are illegal.

So why such different reactions from the audience?

One simple answer for this difference is that many people like Cheryl and nobody likes Chuck.

(Sorry not sorry, Chuck.)

Or that the girls Chuck hurt were blameless while FP certainty isn’t that, whatever you think of the harsh 20-year sentence.

However, I think the way Betty is presented in these scenes is the key difference to understanding this gap in audience reaction. My take is that viewers react differently to Betty doing unethical actions that cause direct harm when her appearance and demeanor invoke that angelic, good girl archetype that @onceuponamirror identified as an important factor at play. How Betty looks and the cultural signals she’s projecting at the time she takes an action influence the standards that her behavior is held to.

The problem doesn’t seem to be Betty taking harmful, ethically problematic actions. The problem is that she looked like the angelic girl-next-door while she did it.

So let’s talk about Betty when she isn’t appearing so angelic.

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Im Yours | Part 6

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Rating: Drama, Angst, Smut, Fluff

WARNINGS: Language, Eventual Violence, Lots of Smut Later on

‘What do you mean Pavliukov is in town. Tell me you did not interrupt my night with y/n to play a stupid trick.’ Jaebum yelled at the men who already sat around the table in his home conference room.

All the boys looked at one another and pressed their lips together, wishing they were joking about the notorious Russian leader of the Bratva mob snooping around their city. He was ruthless and just as ugly on the inside as he was on the out. There was always talk about him randomly showing his face in Seoul since Jaebum had taken over for his father but they started years ago. They thought the threat was empty at this point.

“We were given a tip that he was at Park’s club uptown. We’ve found out he’s pushing drugs, trying to expand his business.’

‘On my turf?’ Jeabum said softly, eyes exploding with anger. 'On my fucking turf!’ He then screamed, slamming his fist on the table and making everyone jump at his sudden outburst.

'We’ve become aware that he finds you weak since he knows nothing about you. His father was scared of yours but he knows nothing about you. Nothing to make him stop.’ Mark said after a few minutes.

'The good news is Park respects us enough not to go through with the offer Pavliukov gave him. He had one of his men assure us that he wouldn’t break the trust he had with you in hope that you would help protect him if the Bratva clan came for him. Jaebum rolled his shoulders and relaxed a little.

'Send him my word, and thank him for staying true. It won’t go unnoticed.’ He said nodding.

'What do we do about the Bratva, Boss?’ Jackson asked, leaning forward onto his elbows.

'Keep an eye on him. Every time he does something I want to know about it. I want to know when he blinks. I want to know when he breaths, when he shits. Jinyoung, send a message to Choi and Howan, make it very clear they are either with us or against us. Nothing in between. I don’t know if Bratva are going to be reaching out to anyone else but we can’t let them even consider it.’ Jaebum said. He looked around at all the boys and hit the desk with his fist one more time before storming out of the conference room.

You hadn’t been able to sleep all night, Jaebum having to up and leave your couch at midnight due to a frantic phone call left you worried. As BamBam came to pick you up the next morning you couldn’t help but think something was wrong. His normally goofy smile was replaced by a pressed grimace and he seemed to look at you a little longer than usual. You tried making conversation with him but it wasn’t worth it, he just kept ignoring you. Thankfully as you walked in the house, no one else seemed to be in the same piss poor attitude.

The only thing missing was Jaebum. Jackson let it slip that he was working upstairs but every time you tried to make you way up to see him you were stopped either by a slight shake of Jinyoung’s head or Jackson’s hand wrapping around your arm to bring you back. You didn’t like that you weren’t able to go see him, but something told you that as bad as you wanted to see him, today was just not the day.

“I tried something new today. Cured kingfish with bok choy and dashi dressing.’ You said with a sad smile as you placed the dish on the long table surrounded by all the boys. Except for Jaebum that is.

You wanted to sit and enjoy the meal with them but it was just to weird. You didn’t feel comfortable anymore eating without Jaebum sitting next to you. You made your way back into the kitchen and began to clean, might as well get everything you could done before BamBam came to take you home. You couldn’t help but huff as you washed out the pots you used. You were getting jittery and even though it had only been two weeks you craved to hear Jaebum’s laugh and feel his arms around you again.

You huffed once more and dropped the pot, the loud bang startling you out of your thoughts. Even though no one was around your cheeks still reddened in embarrassment, but after a few minutes when no one came running you picked it back up and continued to scrub. You jumped again when a pair of arms wrapped around your waist and a head pressed against your shoulder. You didn’t have to look down to know who the arms belong to, the smell of his cologne alone was enough confirmation for you to know.

"Ive missed you.” He said deeply, squeezing around your waist tighter.

“You’ve been busy. I understand.” You said turning and wrapping your arms around his neck. “Im just glad I got to see you at least once today.”

He smiled and brought his hands up to cup your cheeks, squeezing slightly before dipping his head down to kiss you. But before your kiss could deepen the sounds of chairs scrapping and footsteps coming towards the kitchen. You groaned and pulled out of his kiss, turning to the boys who all filed into the kitchen.

“I have to go back to work, but ill try and come see you tonight, alright?” He said kissing your cheek. You nodded and BamBam caught your eye.

“Leave in 10?” He asked handing his plate to Yugyeom.

You nodded and turned back to Jaebum, placing a kiss on his lips and making him smile slightly before you turned to start packing your things up, your knives now cleaned and your apron already wrapped up. All BamBam did when you turned to him was nod and start to walk out the kitchen. You looked back to Jaebum with eyebrows pressed together.

“Were all just a little uptight today.” He said as the two of you walked out of the kitchen. He held onto your hand until you found the door and your eyebrows pressed again.

“Are you sure nothing else is wrong with BamBam?” You said as you watched him walked around to the other side of the car and get in.

“I got after him right before he went to get you, he might still be mad at me.” He shrugged, stopping in front of the door.

“Ill se you later tonight?” You asked softly turning to him.

“Ill call you I still have some things to do.” He said kissing your cheek and opening the door for you.

The ride back was just as awkward and although the feeling of Jaebum’s lips on your cheek lingered you couldn’t stop thinking about BamBam. Your eyes looked over to him more than once, his eyes were cold and looking straight head. Clearing your voice you rubbed your hands together and looked from him to the driver and then back to him.

“Okay seriously, what is wrong with you. Did I do something wrong?” You asked turning your body towards him. His lips pressed together and he turned to look out the window, still ignoring you. “BamBam I’m serious. What is wrong?” You asked reaching for his hand.

He looked at you and his eyes were burning. Something covered his face for half a second but it was gone long before you could read what it was. His head shook but to your surprise his eyes met yours again and he sighed.

“Im sorry I didn’t mean to-”


There was a ringing in your ear and you had no control over your body. Eyes blinking your heart began to race as they weren’t getting any clearer. You tried to rub your eyes but something around your wrists pulled and you groaned as the pressure tightened. Thats when you realized there was something holding your hands together and something covering your eyes. Your heart began to race, panic setting in so fast your head began to spin.

Struggling you began to cry, not sure if you should scream or keep quiet. You pulled your wrists away again but the ropes just tightened even more. Tears streamed faster as you tried to turn your head to the side to see if you could get the bag off of your head but the feeling of something tightening around your neck made you gasp in surprise and stop. You turned your head the other way and let out a sob as there was another tightening feeling. The only thing that wasn’t tied together were your ankles but you weren’t dumb enough to try and move them.

As hard as you tried to calm  yourself down you couldn’t contain the panic that was rising in your chest. The fact that you couldn’t do anything about it made the panic even worse. If you moved, you strangled yourself and if you didn’t… well you didn’t even know what would happen. You had no idea what was going on.

Thats when the sound of a parade of footsteps echoed. Your ears perked, they seemed to be on the other side of a wall which meant you were in a room, and by the fact that you were now half laying on the flood, the room was all concrete. The sound of a door opening made you jump again and the ropes tightened around your neck even more causing a sharp gasp to leave your throat as you tried to move in a way to cause a slight slack.

You jumped and yelped out of fear when something kicked your feet to the side.

'You said she love for Im?’ A husky voice said in english. There was a pause and then a slow, deep, hair curling laugh was admitted. 'Ah, she very cute? Maybe be my love.’ The voice made you whimper and then grunt slightly when a strong hand gripped your chin as the bag was ripped off of your head.

'I bet you sound very pretty in bed.’

Your eyes darted back and fourth as a fat scruffy man chuckled again slowly, his alcohol coated breath making you need to throw up. Tears ran down your face, you still had no idea what was going on but all that you did know was it wasn’t good. You tried to look to the side but the strong hand on your chin tightened, shaking your head vigorously to make you look back at him. Your bottom lip trembled but you tried your hardest not to let out a sob. Finally, when a man to your left whispered something in Russian his hand let your chin go. You head fell forward harshly making the ropes tighten faster than you realized they would. Your breath became staggered, hard and rapid as you choked for air, the feeling of the oxygen leaving your head causing your throat to burn.

'Take off so poor girl can breath.’ The man said and instantly the feeling of the ropes loosening around your neck. You gasped for breath as you fell forward, your body heaving as you tried you slow your body down, you’re face all but pressed to the floor at your hands still tied behind your back made it impossible to prop yourself up.

“Whats happen-” Your question was cut off by a sharp blow to your stomach, sending you across the floor with a loud groan.

'You speak when spoken to, bitch.’

You couldn’t help the body curling sobs that were leaving out of your body, the pain that now struck your side making it even harder to breath. Your eyes opened slowly, trying to blink away the mascara that had seeped down into your eyes when something caught your attention. Right in front of you were a set of shoes, a set of shoes that were far to familiar. Painfully you rose your head taking in the red suit. You didn’t even have to get past the knees to know who it was, but your head continued to raise until you were looking at him in the eyes. There was so much hate in his eyes it seemed like and your heart broke. How could he hate you. How after all the time you two had spent together, all the advice and the love he made you feel, how could he do this to you.

“BamBam.” You cried earning you another blow to the ribs. You endured this blow, your eyes not leaving his as he watched you hissed in more pain.

“Now what.” He spat, his eyes not leaving yours either.

“Now we wait. Let Im come to us. Then? I Kill him. Take over his reign.” Your eyes widened and you tried to move but the pain in your side made you grunt.

“I think, princess, That its time to tell who is your boyfriend.” The man said squatting in front of you, taking your chin once again. “Who you think is Im Jaebum? Hmm? Business man?” He said with a deep chuckle.

“Im Jaebum is bad, bad man.”

“Fuck you.” You spat, how could he say that. You groaned again as he let go of your chin to slap your face.

“You know nothing stupid girl!” He scram, spit flying out of his mouth.

“You think he just sit in tower all day? Talking on phone and signing paper?” His voice rose before dipping into a scary chuckle again. “No, Im Jaebum kills. He kills everyone who say no to him. If you make him mad, you die too.”

“How you not know Im Jaebum is big mafia boss, little little girl.” He smiled meanly. “But me? Im much, much more mean.”

Your eyes moved back to BamBam and you could have sworn his eyes softened for half a second, but the moment it registered that you were looking at him he stiffened. Your eyes watered again, anything that being said to you about Jaebum didn’t matter. It wasn’t registering. All that was, was the fact that you were laying there, hands tied behind your back while a Russian man punched you around with the person you had been the closest with watched.

“I have to get back before Jaebum finds out I’m gone.” BamBam said suddenly, his voice making you jump.

“BamBam please.” You whispered, your body shaking now in fear of being alone with this man. “BamBam don’t leave me here, BamBam. BamBam!” You screamed as he walked away without looking back, the door slamming behind him.

The feeling of your hair being pulled back to force you to sit back made you scream, your side bursting in pain, your eyes zoning in on the pool of blood that started to stain the concrete.

“I come to have fun with you later. Just wait.” He growled in your ear before letting your head go so you fell onto the ground, this time the impact a bit to much as you lost the strength to fight back as he stepped over you and out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Stay in Drugs, Don’t do School (V.2)

So one of my players is a member of a thieves guild, and I have some plans for a rival group to start pushing drugs onto the streets. These take the form of discount potions meant to hook people.


When a creature ingests an addictive substance, they must make a Constitution saving throw. Each substance has a different DC, depending on how potent it is. On a successful save, nothing happens. On a failed save, the creature becomes addicted. While a creature is addicted, they must consume the substance each day, or risk going through withdrawal. For every day a creature goes without taking a substance they are addicted too, they must make a Constitution saving throw. For every failed save, they gain one level of exhaustion, and cannot rest to reduce their exhaustion. After acquiring 3 successful saves, the creature is no longer addicted. A lesser restoration spell or similar magic also removes one addiction from a creature. Constructs and undead are immune to addiction.

Residuum Potion. A creature that ingests this must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or become addicted. For 1 minute, any spell slot you expend to cast a spell counts as a spell slot of one level higher. 

Fey-touched Food. A creature that ingests this must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw or become addicted. Fey creatures and creatures with the Fey Ancestry trait do not become addicted to this substance. While a creature is addicted to this, planar travel is unavailable to them. Creatures that consume this food are immune to poison and the poisoned condition for 24 hours, and the food provides enough nourishment to sustain a creature for one day. 

Addictive Potions. Some crime syndicates make cheap and easy to produce facimilies of actual potions. These potions are usually made with addictives to ensure repeat customers.

The Past Gives A Present

This is for @multi-villain-imagines challenge

I took the prompt: Catching up: We all have that one person, from the past we rather not meet again. But what happens if we do?

I did not go very heavy on the AU, really the only thing different is Negan’s past and we are in A/B/O territory.

Words: 3k
Part 1 of 2
Warnings: Swearing, abuse, A/B/O
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A/N: I really wanted to do this in one! But I felt like this was a good place to stop.  I’ve never seen Uncaged, but felt like this prompt fit what I know about the movie and I’ve always wanted to write a story on this Gif:

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“This better be good.”  Negan held Lucille over his shoulder as he followed Simon through the Sanctuary.

“I don’t know if it’s good.” Simon shrugged. “I told you it was weird.  Some guy showed up at the gate demanding to speak to who was in charge.”

“And you don’t recognize him?” Negan glanced behind as his number two shook his head. “And you didn’t kill him?”  

“He doesn’t seem dangerous.” Simon stepped in front of Negan and pushed the door open. “He’s a Beta and you said all new recruits are filtered through you now, but I don’t think he wants to stay.”

“You know the rules, you know where the Sanctuary is, you either assimilate or we decimate.” Negan grinned at his rhyme.

It was a pity the guy was a Beta. Alphas were harder to keep in line, but once they settled they were a hell of a lot better warriors. Negan needed his army large and strong if the Saviors were going to keep on saving.  

They strode in silence towards the fence. Negan wished he grabbed a pair of sunglasses as the sun blinded him.  

“Well boys, who do we have here?” Negan twirled Lucille in front of him.  


The name made Negan freeze.  

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Spinraza Update #23895

Well, I’m typing this with my toes because my arms are too busy doing push-ups, so the drug must be working!

Hello All,

It has been about 1.5 months (2 injections) since I began receiving injections of Spinraza, and I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed with how I’m feeling.

As of today, I have not yet experienced any noticeable changes in strength since starting the drug. I’m pretty attuned to changes in my body, and I’ve been analyzing my movements and abilities closely in recent weeks, but so far I have not begun my transformation into StrongShane 2.0™.

From what I’ve gathered by reading hundreds of personal accounts of others going through this same treatment, there is a wide variety of “how much” strength is gained and how long it takes to begin noticing that change. Some people woke up the day after their first injection and found they had noticeably gained back lost strength and function. One girl, for instance, found that she could once again wiggle her ankle, an ability she lost years before. Some people noticed changes after a few months. Others have gone a year or more before noticing any sort of strength improvement. Then there are those like me who are in the midst of their first year and are still waiting to see if anything changes. The outcomes are widely varied, but if I had to give a rough “average experience,” it would be that ~most~ recipients saw some sort of strength increase within the first year.

Once I knew that a chunk of people were seeing great results in the early stages of getting the new treatment, it was impossible not to secretly yearn for that, so the waiting has, at times, been emotionally tough. This feeling is amplified back at me by family and friends who were also hoping for immediate results. I’m trying not to feel like a letdown, because I know that’s insane; everyone is just excited and hoping for the best possible outcome, like me.

Right now the line I’m repeating to myself most often is: give it time. I’m still well within the average timeline to feel strength improvements. And even if I don’t gain back physical abilities that I’ve lost, the drug should still halt the progression of my disease, meaning I won’t be any weaker a year or five or ten down the road. That type of “result” will still go down as the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me, but it’s going to take time and patience to notice.

My next injection is this coming Friday, and I’m ready to go! Thank you, everyone, for your ongoing love and support.

Study Claims that psychedelic drugs push people into a 'higher state of consciousness'
Increased brain activity was recorded in scans of people who had taken magic mushrooms and ketamine, psilocybin and LSD by neuroscientists from the University of Sussex.

Increased brain activity was recorded in scans of people who had taken magic mushrooms and ketamine, psilocybin and LSD by neuroscientists from the University of Sussex.

(excerpt - click the link for the complete article)