Valerie June is a Tennessee-born singer-songwriter who made a splash a few years ago with her 2013 album Pushin’ Against a Stone. On her new album, The Order of Time, Valerie June reaches back to her roots in Southern gospel, reconciling it with her current life in Brooklyn, New York. Rock critic Ken Tucker says: 

“June’s sense of time as fluid and multi-dimensional is all over this collection. It’s something close to what science fiction writers call a “time-slip,” a notion she gets at on a soul ballad here called “Slip Slide On By.” Yet for all this, Valerie June resists becoming too airy or ethereal. She also understands the way certain pop genres, certain ways to phrase and shape a lyric, can break and mend a heart at the same time.”


Valerie June - The Hour

There were times he raised his hand
And I could not understand
But you know my memory
We never could agree


Valerie June gave us one of the best albums of 2013 in Pushing’ Against A Stone. Kyle Meredith caught up with her at the Austin City Limits Music Festival to talk about the album’s beginnings, her love of older blues, the allure of spirituals, and how she fits in with the folk resurgence.

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you should look up Cherri Bomb, they were an all girl punk group (they aren't together any more). too many faces and the pretender (a foo fighters cover) are great. Hey Violet is the current version of the band but with some guys in it also and a different genre

Thank you anon!!! I’m going to round up the suggestions thus far here, with thanks to you, first anon, @anemonensblog​, @candybarrnerd​, @frecklebombfic, and @serpensthesia​! I listened to whatever was on youtube first unless y’all mentioned specific songs, and linked to those, and I added some of my own. These were all so good??? There was not one thing I hated and it was really nice to listen to so many women’s voices and discover some new things??? You are all wonderful humans thank you!!

 Women Who Rock (for when certain pop star type men…do not)


Crazy cool Valerie June

June’s debut album, “Pushin’ Against a Stone,” which came out Aug. 13, relies on trumpets, fiddles and those banjoleles from the 1920s. Her music could be described as some kind of hybrid of country-blues-Americana- Appalachia-Brooklyn. Over sushi in Greenpoint, she called it “an amalgamation of blues and folk and country and gospel.” Or “organic moonshine roots,” in shorthand. “It’s a little bit of Memphis,” she told me. “I went to two churches — one was black, and one was predominantly white — and I learned about all kinds of music.”


Valerie June’s soulfulness reminds me of my Grandmother. It’s full and beautiful like a Petunia. Thanks Jan-Dore.


My Favorite Albums of 2013, in no particular order except for my absolute favorite of the year being HAIM’s ‘Days Are Gone’.

  • Janelle Monae - Electric Lady
  • Lorde - Pure Heroine
  • Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City
  • Neko Case - The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You
  • Beyoncé - Beyoncé
  • Kacey Musgraves - Same Trailer Different Park
  • Valerie June - Pushin’ Against A Stone
  • Best Coast - Fade Away
  • Ashley Monroe - Like A Rose

Other Favorite Albums, but ones that don’t get played as much as those top ten:

  • Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience (both albums)
  • Ariana Grande - Yours Truly
  • Arcade Fire - Reflektor
  • CHVRCHES - The Bones of What You Believe
  • Sleigh Bells - Bitter Rivals
  • Cults - Static
  • Demi - DEMI
  • Local Natives - Hummingbird
  • Rilo Kiley - Rkives
  • Shout Out Louds - Illusions
  • Sky Ferreira - Night Time, Right Time
  • Kate Nash - Girl Talk

Albums I’m just getting into and could potentially be favorites:

  • Mavis Staples - One True Vine
  • Blood Orange - Cupid Delux
  • One Direction - Midnight Memories
  • St. Lucia - When the Night