Gif request meme: pietromaximvff asked Pushing Daisies + favorite platonic relationship
↳ Ned & Olive

- How was your convention?
- Conventional. How’s Digby?
- A little neurotic. He’s a very needy dog. Do you pet him? Maybe if you pet him every once in a while, he wouldn’t be so neurotic.
I pet him. I’m allergic, so I don’t actually touch him, but I pet him.

  • jews:hey, things are really bad for us right now as per usual and it'd be great if people would at least talk a little about it and try and help
  • tumblr:jews are white so??? no???
  • hetalia:germany strongly dislikes the ideals his leaders are trying to create just like many people. accurately depicts wwii and only in the english dub are there any anti-semetic jokes that aren't in any original translation. only incident of incest is a one sided relationship which is literally never ever going to be acted upon. no pedophilia in canon and only thought up by 11 yr olds on deviantart four years ago tbh. and again, nothing sent to be cruel towards jewish people or poc.
  • tumblr:jews we care about them!!! you're trash for laughing at jews struggles!!! scum!!

Friendly reminder that industry publicists often band together to have multiple clients push the same narrative. Remember that the next time a bunch of celebs start tweeting about the same thing, pushing a specific narrative. In many cases it’s not even the celeb doing the actual tweeting. Stay woke!

@soraruru 悪く言えばゴリラでよく言えば彫りの深いイケメン(本人談)

Soraru : Badly speaking it’s a gorilla,goodly speaking it’s a ikemen with clear cut features ( personal view)

@soraruru ちゃんぎが好きそうかも…

Soraru : Chan-giga might like this….

@Gigamozuku 弟さんをください 

GigaP : Give me your brother

@soraruru ひ孫の顔見たがってるおばあちゃんが泣くからだめ

Soraru : My grandama who wishes to see her great grandchildren will cry so no

@Gigamozuku  それは罪悪感に苛まれるやつだからやめとこ

GigaP : I’m a guy who feels guilt so i better not

@soraruru ちゃんぎがもおばあちゃんにひ孫見せてあげて

Soraru : Chan-giga ,you should show your grandma her great grandchild too

@Gigamozuku ホモ治さなきゃ。。。、、。、。、、、、。、

GigaP : I better cure my homoness …„,…„,

riversong809 asked:

Nico or will

This is hilarious.

Nico of course! ^D^

We barely know anything about Will, and most of what we do know is created by the fans. He got barley any screen time, it’s sad. But what we did get was glorious. So by canon, of course Nico. Even though I adore what we got to see of Will, there’s no way in hell I’d choose him over Nico.