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Of course Abigail would be Chuck, though less the romantic angle and much more the poor girl got offed by her dad and Will felt bad. Uncle Jack is not amused.

Will as the Piemaker, Abigail as Chuck, and Jack as Emerson!

The Freds, Alana and Margot, Will the Pie maker.

He’s figured out that while jerking his paw away won’t stop me from doing his nails, slowly rolling onto his back and gently pulling his whole leg away will stop me immediately because I cannot handle the cute.

*it looks like he’s baring his teeth but he’s not. His top lip got stuck on his gums.

i like to think that in front of everyone jimin loves to rile jjk up and push him to his limits (partially on purpose too) cos he knows jjk cant do anything (ok except that one time he manhandled jim and slapped the booty irl lmaos) but behind closed doors jjk’s got him caged between his arms “hyung i think you’ve been a really bad boy” and jimin’s whining for forgiveness but really he loves it (it being punished ofc)

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31 and Stiles Stilinski :-*

Stiles Stilinski - “You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.”

While the credits of your favorite movie on Netflix were playing you had your eyes closed and laid on the couch. Maybe you shouldn’t have watched the movie to the very end. Maybe you should have gone to bed halfway, like you had promised yourself you would. Now you knew that it was already way past midnight even though it was a normal school day tomorrow.


Your eyes flashed open when Stiles rushed into the room, his voice filled with panic, his veins visibly beating in his neck.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay?” He was out of breath and he almost tripped over his own feet while he kneeled down next to you.

“Stiles?” You frowned your eyebrows. “How the hell did you even get in here?” You shook your head and pushed yourself up. Your body felt a little sore because the couch was clearly less comfortable than your bed would have been.

“I got myself a key made…” He lifted his keyring with countless keys up and you took a deep breath while you sat up completely. “I wanted to be able to rush in when something would happen or when someone would attack you.”

“Like right now?” You widened your eyes and your lips curled up into a slight smile. “I was just watching Netflix and failing to keep my eyes open. Nobody was here to kill me and nothing happened.”

“I got a weird text message from you!” Stiles took his phone from the pocket of his jeans and showed you the message that had been sent a couple of minutes ago. “I thought someone had come here to take you or hurt you or kill you or even worse!” He was still screaming and you pressed a finger to your lips.

“My parents are still sleeping, Stiles…” You shook your head. “And that message was clearly sent by my wonderful, smart and amazing behind.” You stood up from the couch and held up your phone. “I don’t think it had the intention to kill me or even worse, whatever that might be.” You couldn’t help grinning though and took a deep breath. “Why didn’t you just call me to check what the message meant?”

“Yeah, I could have done that, should have done that maybe.” Stiles licked his lips before he started grinning too. “But when I think that something is wrong with you, I all of a sudden turn into a complete idiot.”

You smiled and you wrapped your arms around his neck so your nose could touch his. “You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.” You kissed his lips. “It’s still a little creepy though that you got yourself a key to my house.” You cocked your head and Stiles started to blush while his arms slid around your waist.

“It’s not going to make it better when I say that I have a key to the houses of all my friends too, is it?” He licked his lips and you smiled once more before you tapped his nose.

“No, not really.”

“Yeah, I already thought so…”

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Ok so I had this thought and nobody to share it with of a 'bot with a human who refuses to take two trips when getting bags out of their car (because nobody got time for that) and the 'bot keeps saying stuff that they're being stupid and their car isn't even that far away from their house, but the human just says stuff like "two trips are for the weak". It's even better if you imagine it as a smol human carrying like ten heavy ass bags, and before you ask yes this is somewhat based on me.


The lil human is struggling under the weight of the ENTIRE grocery list like “I got this! I was the third-place push-up champion in fourth grade! I’mma bench you next!” 

And the bot just sighs, transforms, and picks up the groceries and their lil human. 



exercise 03232017

  • 4 x 20 decline push ups at work

bike ride to the gym

  • 8 x 10 incline sit ups
  • 6 x 5 strict neutral grip pull ups
  • 8 x 10 air squats
  • 4 x 5 incline press machine @235# w/ wide grip
  • 4 x 5 incline press machine @290# w/ narrow grip
  • 22 minutes on the elliptical

bike ride home

  • 2 x 5 strict neutral grip pull ups at home
  • the gym workers received mini Reeses and some lime candies..
  • top pic = Sandy enjoyed some time outside for National Puppy Day
  • bottom pic = join @trivialsheila ‘s Tough Mudder team and conquer fear along with us
Shu Headcanon (His Powers Edition)

You came home and yawned as you entered the mansion. You chose to walk home in hope the boys would be busy or asleep by now.
You drag your bag along with you up the stairs and down the corridor.
Your legs hurt and it had started raining on your way home. Maybe you should have tried to persuade Shu to walk with you?
‘Ah, I can smell that dirty scent anywhere.’
You turn and find Reiji glaring at you, he pushes up just glasses and frowns.
'It’s a disgusting smell..that of my brother..’
'W-what? What do you want Reiji? I have done all my chores?’
He smirks, 'I know. I was just thinking what a waste it was that you were so taken up with HIM.’
Reiji was slowly walking towards you, the atmosphere sent shivers down your spine.
'Reiji..I-i really should go..’
'To Shu? That ignorant bore?’
You blush, maybe it would be safer to go to him. You wouldn’t want to be on your own after this.
'If you go to him…I won’t forgive you.’
It sounded more like an order, with serious intent.
Either way, it made your blood run cold.
You spot Shu’s bedroom door only a few metres away. You wanted to be safe in his arms.
You run as quickly as you can, Reiji right behind you.
You push Shu’s door open and yell for him. Reiji was about to grab your arm but the bedroom door slams shut by itself. Reiji bangs on the door in annoyance.
You pant and run to Shu on the bed, tears streaming down your face.
He cuddles you to him and wraps the sheets around you both.
'It must be bothersome…facing stuff like this everyday.’ He sighs and buries his face in your hair.
You calm yourself down and thank him for stopping Reiji.
You haven’t witnessed any of Shu’s powers yet. But you guessed that was only a small amount of what he was able to do.
'They say your powers are greater than all of your brothers? Because your the eldest right?’
Shu sighs, 'Why do want to know unimportant things…?’
'Huh? But Shu! Powers are important! If you need to use them..’
'I’ll never need to use them, unless..’
His blue eyes met yours, 'So just stay close to me from now on.’
Ah, did he mean he would only use them for you? I
Or was you just wishful thinking? You recall Shu and Reiji could use swords. But they were only for sport.
You hear him sigh again, 'I can blow things up..but only if I have to. If I’m angry enough..’
Was he finally answering you?!
He opens his eyes and stares at the ceiling, 'But…I can’t set fire..’
You sense he is remembering his friend and cuddled him more tightly.
'It’s ok Shu.. I believe your more powerful than you or anyone think.’

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Could you do tree bros for the prompt where it's cold and one of them tries giving the other a ride? I cant tell which would be better. I can see Connor trying to make up for pushing him and Evan refusing bc he doesn't want to burden him or I could see Evan trying to be nice and Connor being like "no. Im a bad ass. I walk this lonely road-" but then again I can't see Evan really insisting on anything

Update: I see more Connor offering the ride trying to reach out and make up for pushing him (mainly changed my mind bc I saw the “get in the DAMN car” and can’t see Evan just driving next to somebody “pestering” them

Hmm yes yes yes this is good

I wrote another version of this too! Its w evan driving haha and here it is if any one wants to check it out it is here 

and this is just a short lil bby thing!!! 

Hope you enjoy!!

Evan walked in a precise way. He seemed to carefully pick up his feet and place them in front of him like every step mattered. He didn’t step on the cracks, and he carefully avoided ledges or weeds.

Connor would know, because every time he drives home, he sees Evan walking. It has become a thing now, for Connor to ignore everything that he learned in drivers ed to stare at the cute boy as he walks by. Connor has liked Evan for a few days now, and Connor was an impatient person. He craved getting to know Evan, he needed to.

How Evan hasn’t noticed him yet, Connor doesn’t know. Connor tried his hardest to not slow down as he drove past even though he got less time to look at him. Sometimes Evan would bring music, and he looked really relaxed (and cute) as he walked. Now, though, Connor had an excuse to talk to him. Plus, he had to apologize for pushing him a few days ago.

The weather was now nearing negative numbers, and Evan looked freezing as he walked. He had a jacket on, but from here Connor could see him shivering. Connor swerved the car to the side, scaring the boy half to death. Connor rolled down the window.

“Get in the car.”

Evan looked into the car, obviously petrified. He softened a bit when he saw that it was Connor, but still didn’t move.

“Why?” Connor could feel the cold air from outside and shivered.

“Because it is the literal definition of freezing out there, and your house is just on the way to mine. Come on.”

“I thought you didn’t like me?” The statement seemed more like a question. Connor rolled his eyes.

“And why do you think that?”

“Y-you shoved me?”

“Yeah, well, this is my apology for that. Now get in the damn car.”

“C-can’t.” Evan was nervous now, he was stuttering. Connor turned the car off.

“And why not?”

“Because I don’t know you!”

Connor extended his hand. He couldn’t reach out the window, but it would have to do.

“Hi. Connor Murphy. I have a car that can drive you home. Nice to meet you.”

Evan stared at Connor’s extended hand for one second. Two. Four seconds passed before Evan stepped down from the curb and got into the car.

He grabbed Connor’s hand. Connor tried to ignore the flutter in his stomach when he realized how soft (and cold) Evan’s hands were.

“Hi. Evan Hansen. I would like to not walk home today. Nice to meet you.”


Stephen Amell (Push Up Complex)

Tickle Symphony (Belly Tickling)

I started studying music theory when I was 14, and ever since I always thought of tickling like playing a piano. They’re quite similar when you think about it. You are the piano, laying on a soft surface. As you lay there waiting for the tickling to begin, you feel a rush of excitement and nervousness. Your whole body feels warm, tense, restless; you know it’s coming and all you can do is lay there and wait as you embrace the suspense. This feeling is the same as the jitters you get before you go on stage. Finally you begin the performance. The first step is to uncover the piano. You can feel the butterflies do loop de loops and backflips in your stomach as your shirt slowly lifts up. You can feel all ten fingers graze against your skin as they push the shirt up and rest it comfortably at the top of your ribs. The next step is to warm up. You stare as the fingers wiggle above your bare stomach, with the sensation that they can start at any moment. Finally as you just want it to happen already, the first song begins. It’s a slow song, you squirm and giggle as you feel the fingers rest upon the keys, then crawl around your stomach. Up, down, left, right, in circles clockwise and counter clockwise, they move so gently. Your ticklish spots are the keys, and your giggles are the sweet melody that plays. The next song is a little faster, the fingers now move in a spider motion as they explore your entire belly, leaving no inch of ticklish skin un-tickled. As your laughter fills the air, the teases begin. “Tickle tickle” “coochie coo” “Is someone ticklish?” “You’re too cute when you blush”. Your laugh and the teases mix to form the perfect harmony. Finally comes the final note, the highest note in the concert. You squeal as you feel one finger dig into that one sweet spot. It could be your hip, your side, a rib or your belly button. At last, the concert ends. You lay there in satisfaction with a sense of accomplishment. You did it, and all you can think is “encore”.

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What are your favorite glute exercises and also back day?

Hip abductors
Cable pull throughs
Hip thrusts w a dumbbell
Curtsy lunges
Cable kickbacks
Reverse hyperextensions
Good mornings

Straight arm pull downs
Face pulls
Pull-ups (assisted or not)
Reverse hyperextensions
Good mornings

Wooing Annie

A prompt for the lovely @lechatrouge673 for her birthday. She asked for fluff with Essa and Bull and well, I’m always willing to write those guys. We also got an unexpected appearance from Cullen as he and Es both seemed a little annoyed with me for having neglected them so long. So here you go. Have some adorable domestic fluff from three of my favorites for one of my favorites. I hope you have a lovely birthday, dear. <3

Spring was yet a soft, new breath upon the Frostback Mountains. Smoke’s Valley was shading from winter grey to pale green, tender shoots pushing up bright and greedy through lingering snow. There were crocuses blooming in the flowerbeds in front of Cullen and Essa’s cottage, purple and gold scattered like jewels. Already there was a small bud vase on Cullen’s desk filled with treasure and memories and promises long kept.

The house was quiet in the morning’s late hours. Sunlight slanted through the open kitchen windows, left patterns of lace and shadow dancing across the long wooden table that doubled as a prep counter. Essa stood at the far end staring at a trio of different sized mixing bowls, the same scowl of militant scrutiny on her face that Cullen had watched so often across the war table. She was wearing a sleeveless tunic, and a soft, padded mageweave  “sock” she and Vivienne had worked out for the end of her left arm once they all realized Essa was going to still use what remained in one way or another.  At the moment she was holding a small basket of eggs between her arm and her body.

“You’re staring,” Essa said, without looking up as she took an egg from the basket, cracked it smartly on the edge of a bowl , fingers sure and certain on the shell. She wasn’t much of a cook, not like her sister, but she was still proud of having learned to crack an egg with one hand.

“I am,” Cullen admitted easily.  He leaned in the doorway, crossing his feet at the ankles and letting a smirk tease his lips. She would look up eventually.  “It’s not every day I catch you being quite so domestic.”

Essa’s scowl deepened, but she mostly ignored him, cracking another egg into her bowl as she fought not to crack a smile.

“Is Bull awake yet?” she demanded, setting her basket down with little trace of awkwardness.

Essa eyed the bowl of eggs for a moment and Cullen knew she was considering stability. He wasn’t entirely surprised when she picked it up and nestled it high against her side, holding the outside firm with the end of her arm. She gave another thoughtful frown before she sat in the chair behind her, using her knee for extra support. When she looked up, triumph a glint of silver against the smoke of her gaze, Cullen could only grin back at her. She had come so far in the last year and he was so damned proud of her that he could hardly stop himself from telling her most days.

“Something like that.”

The grumble was low and sleep-rough, and saved Cullen and Essa from the daily profusion of his adoration. Her lips twitched before they puckered, beckoning Cullen across the room.

“Any tea left?” Bull asked. He had gotten in so late the night before morning had been a pearly tease on the horizon.

“About half a pot.” Essa nodded to the small iron teapot in the center of the table. “Let me know if it’s gone cold.”

She lifted her face to Cullen as he approached, something teasing in her eyes despite the scowl.

“You have to stop looking at me like I’ve done something grand every time I manage a menial task,” she reproved without heat, brushing her lips against his. “I’ve spent months unhorsing Michel and most of the fall beating you and Krem in practice ring. You start mooning over me baking, General, and I might take exception.”

She caught his laughter with a deeper kiss and Cullen gave into impulse, taking her face in his hands and kissing her properly despite their bleary-eyed audience.

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No Place Like Hohm (2/5)

She didn’t want to give in to the Doctor’s manipulative tactics.

All the same, she had to admit she was curious about why he might be trying to manipulate her.


(Aka the obligatory post-GitF fic, for anyone else who ever wondered what might have taken place between a trip to France and an adventure in a parallel universe. Ten/Rose, all ages, full of angst, fluff, a pinch of romantic bickering, a dash of mutual pining, and a dollop of swashbuckling adventure!)


Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Rose stared.

This was not home.

The landscape outside the TARDIS was utterly unfamiliar. Instead of the usual cracked asphalt and grey estate buildings and rubbish bins pushed up against graffitied walls, Rose found herself staring out at a colorful cobblestoned street, surrounded by the walls of a huge, sprawling ivory-white city. Its willowy tall structures sat stark against a jewel-blue morning sky, spires reaching and twisting into cotton clouds up above. Strung across ramparts and between walls, paper streamers and lanterns swayed gently in the breeze. Three moons glistened overhead, only just visible in the sunlight.

“What’s this?” Rose asked, turning to the Doctor. “This isn’t home.”

“Of course it is, what are you talking about?” the Doctor replied, leaning back against the TARDIS.

“What are you talking about?” Rose shot back.

“This is the planet Hohm.”

Rose blinked. “The planet?”

“Aww, yes, an alien planet!” said Mickey, stepping out of the TARDIS with a great grin on his face. His eyes grew huge, drinking in the sights all around them. “This is an actual alien planet, right? Tell me it’s an alien planet!”

“This, my incredibly perceptive Mr. Smith, is an alien planet!” the Doctor said happily, clapping Mickey on the back. “Or alien to you, anyway. I’m sure it’s rather domestic to everyone who calls it home. But don’t worry, we’ll blend right in. In addition to the native Hohmish (horse people, can’t miss ‘em), they’ve got a healthy blend of humans and humanoids here—you lot, really, you end up everywhere—even if a couple generations of species-mixing has given half the lot a bunch of tails and nictating membranes.”

“Nic-whatting what-what’s?” Mickey asked.

“The planet Hohm!” the Doctor continued, one hand sweeping wide in a gesture that encapsulated the city before them. “Seventh-largest planet in the Uraael cluster, about four-thousand years in your future.”

“Excellent,” Mickey breathed, his grin stretching impossibly wide.

“You’ve got to be joking,” Rose told the Doctor. “You said you’d take me home!”

“No, I said I would take you to Hohm,” the Doctor replied.

Rose glared at him.

“No place like it,” the Doctor said with a wink.

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