pushed the wrong dude

Simple Accidents (Pt 8)

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Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Language, slight sexual tension

Word Count: 2,188

Y/E/C= your eye color

(A/N: Pretend the shirt is black instead of white. You’ll understand later.)

After you admitted your hunger, Jensen requested you to put on something nice  as you walked back to your room.

Searching through your closet, you pulled out a black sweetheart neckline, covered in lace with short sleeves that hung off your shoulders. The dress ended just below the halfway mark of your thigh. You let down your tousled curls, shaking it out with your fingers. You fixed your eye make up and added a light coat of subtle, soft pink lipstick.

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            College was the last thing on Ben’s mind these days but with Jase and Sophie taking the road less traveled, his parent’s had been adamant that he start looking early. It wouldn’t be too difficult, there were really only eight schools that were good enough for a McCallister. While he didn’t have much interest in any of them, he did have friends at Brown. 

            Ben wasn’t sure what he’d been expecting. College parties always seemed larger than life when people talked about them but this one was nothing special. Slipping out of the main room, he wandered down the hall in search of the bathroom. Pushing open a random door, he realized he’d chosen wrong. “Sorry dude,” he apologized, “I was just looking for a bathroom.” 

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