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The White Dress.

This story is about my friends MIL, and her wedding. Strap in guys, this is a wild ride in which I did THE THING that got me banned from any of her family functions. (Plus a few threats of dismemberment and bodily harm)

A good friend of mine from university was getting married! They had been a couple since Junior year of college, through her 2 years in the peace corps and currently her return to this continent. 6 years in total. She had been to all manner of family functions and always came back with a strange story about how she thinks her MIL secretly hates her. But she being a very quiet and sweet person pushed those thoughts aside.

Point 1: She is vegetarian and jewish, husband is not. She was invited and went to Christmas dinner and figured she would just eat sides, as well she brought a vegetarian casserole. MIL, after knowing her for THREE years, and being told by husband a few weeks before about not to forget friend doesn’t eat meat…proceeded to put meat in every dish. Friend drank water and ate her casserole the whole night while MIL cried to everyone that friend was so rude for not eating her cooking.

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  • Ino: what's the purpose of training bras?! what are we trying to teach the boobs?!
  • Sakura: they are trained to be the very breast
  • Hinata: like no one ever bras
  • Tsunade: to catch them is my real chest
  • Temari: to train them are my tata's
  • Anko: I will browse across the store
  • Tenten: trying on every size
  • Mei: need training bras to understand
  • Sakura: BOOBEMON
  • Ino: gotta hold 'em all
25 things I learnt in the midst of my suffering
1- when push comes to shove you always only have yourself.
2- Those who promised to always be by your side through thick and thin are going to leave.
3- No boy is going to swoop in to come and save you, when it doesn’t work out you will be left crying harder than before on your bathroom floor.
4- You’re going to want to give up, but don’t.
5- Quit holding back, say what you need to even if you make a dick out of yourself at least you know you tried.
6- Put down the fucking bottle, why are you doing this to yourself? Do you really think drinking yourself unconscious is going to help.
7- Other people’s opinions do not define who you are, don’t let what they say about you get you down.
8- It’s okay to want attention but don’t go exploiting yourself for it.
9- Stop putting on an act for everyone, you don’t have to pretend every moment you’re around people to be happy, all you are doing is damaging yourself even more.
10- Your mood is going to go up and down, let it. Feel whatever the hell you’re feeling.
11- It’s okay to take a few days off school for your mental health, you come first, education second.
12- Love isn’t the way media portrays it to be, there is no happily ever afters only a broken heart and damaged trust.
13- You are not your depression or anxiety. It does not define you. There is so much more to you than the mess inside your head.
14- As you get older you’ll notice more people starting to leave, let them. You never need someone who doesn’t need you.
15- You don’t have to be like her for someone to love you, the right person will love you for who you are.
16- Not everyone’s intentions are good always remember that.
17- It’s not the end of the world just because a boy left you.
18- Never wear your heart on your sleeve, unless you want to get taken for granted.
19- Get up even when you don’t want to, get in the shower, life goes on.
20- Just cry, stop being so ashamed of your emotions, let it out, if you feel like you’re needing to hold it back you’re with the wrong people.
21- Don’t push people away because you’re scared, you can’t expect everyone to come running back.
22- Friends lie, boyfriends cheat, your parents will break you, it’s all apart of life.
23- Don’t beat yourself up to much over one bad grade, you are doing the best you can.
24- If you’re waiting for your phone to light up turn it off and leave it off for awhile, your unnecessarily breaking your heart every minute that goes by without their name coming up.
25- Try not to let fear paralyse you too much. Life is about taking chances.
—  B.L letters I never sent

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  • Lena: respects Kara since day 1, pushes her into elevating herself as a report, constantly praises her articles and reminds her of how talented she is, overflows her office with flowers, calls her Hero, her, not Supergirl, treats her so right.
  • Writers: lol friendship
  • Mon-el: chokes Kara the first time they meet, criticizes her as a person and hero, making her feel less important and worth it, let's her constantly down, dumb ass who thinks an excuse will solve it all, treats her like an object he can possess
  • Writers: yes! Groundbreaking romance! Damn 👌🏻 look at 👅that 💦